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Full text of "A vocabulary, Persian, Arabic, and English; abridged from the quarto edition of Richardson's dictionary"

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IS 10. 





THIS VOCABULARY is intended for the use of Gentlemen in the 
Army, in the Service of the Honourable EAST INDIA COMPANY, 
and others, going out to India, who may think RICHARDSON'S 
DICTIONARY too bulky or expensive; but to those Gentlemen in the 
Civil Service of the Honourable Company, or others who may wish 
to attain a proficiency in the Arabic or Persian Languages, " by 
zehich they are rendered eligible for Offices of Trust and Responsibi- 
lity" the Proprietors recommend the edition in Two Volumes Quarto. 

1 Jan. 1810. 


THE following Extract from Mr. WILKINS'S Preface to his Edition of 
RICHARDSON'S Dictionary, will explain the system of orthography of the 
Persian and Arabic words adopted in that work, and which has been fol- 
lowed in this Vocabulary. 

u It is presumed the student is acquainted with the Persian and Arabic 
alphabets, and knows the intention and importance of the several diacri- 
tical marks, sometimes used when they would point out the precise form 
and pronunciation of words, as is the general practice in grammars and 
copies of the Kuran. 

a, i, w, (short), as initials ; are used to express the powers of [ \ ], [ 1 ], 

[1] respectively; and, as medials or finals of ['], [,], [ ' ]. 

c^ o / 

Examples. \ agar, If; \&j\ ibtida, Beginning; ^j\ uruz, 
Earths \jJ*\ ushtar, A camel. 

a (long), as an initial, is used to express the power of [ I ], and as a 
medial or final, of [ !] preceded by its homogeneal character [ ' ], 

o *>* 

the two, coalescing, forming one long vowel. Example, 
aftab, The sun. 


f (long), as an initial, is used to express the power of a silent [ ^ ], 
preceded by [ \] ; and, as a medial or final, of a silent [ ^j ], fol. 
lowing [ , ], where, in both cases, the two characters, being homo- 
geneal, coalesce, and form one long vowel. Examples, l^U\ tnja, 
Here ; jjJu \j> gardidan. To turn. 

u (long), as an initial, is used to express the power of a silent [ j ] 
after [ \~] ; and, as a medial and final, of a silent [j ] following its 

homogeneal character [ ], in both instances the two, uniting, form 
/ / 

one long vowel. Example, ^ ulu, Lords, masters. 

o (long) and e (long), are used for [j ] and [ ^ ] when distinguished 
by the term ^^^ para, Persian, or ^y.s* majhul^ Unknown ; 
which terms are used in contradistinction to ^ij tazi, Arabic, or 

or t_j jt^6 matruf, Known, applied to^ and $ when pronounced 

/ "/ 

in the common way. Examples, j\ o, He : jjj roz, Day; ^Ujl 

eshan, They , jJ* sher, Lion. 

o (short), and e (short), are used when [ ' ] and [ ,*\, are directed to 

be so pronounced by the term /y^b or Jt^y*. Examples & beh, 

/ - "' 

Good;^v.j dokhtar, Daughter. .As initials they are seldom 


w stands for a quiescent [j], preceded by a heterogeneal vowel ; 

and also for the same letter opening upon a vowel. Examples, 

jjxaj tasazcwar, Imagination, fancy, idea ; jjj zcalad, Son 5 U-J^j 
/ / " 

mlayat, Country ; J^s-j wujud, Existence. 

y stands for a quiescent [ ^ ], preceded by a heterogeneal vowel, and 
for an open [,_$], followed by a vowel. Examples, +(A ayyam, 
Days ; (Ju\)yaflan> To get, obtain. 

a' stands for [ ^ ] final, when to be pronounced as [ \ ] , as is often 
the case in Arabic words. 


' An apostrophe is-used to show, that a letter, though written, is not 
prouounced. Examples, p~>\j>- kh'aslan. To want; ^^*- kh'an, 

b is used for ["</] 

p is used for < >] 

/ (with one dot under it) is used for LC->J. 

s (with one dot under it) is used for |J^->J. 

j is used for [_ J . 

ch is used for [_.]. 

h (with one dot under it) is used for \_>r~\. 

kh is used for [i] . 

d is used for jj. 

z (with one dot over it) is used for 3] . 

r is used for [ j] . 

2 (with two dots over it) is used for j] j]. 

j (with two dots over it) is used for the Persian [j ]. 

s (with two dots under it) is used for [^J. 

sh is used for [(J\ . 

s (with three dots under it) is used for \,jo] . 

z (with three dots over it) is used for [^j. 

/ (with two dots under it) is used for [Lj. 

z (with four dots over it) is used for [k] . 

fc. In the folio edition, this character had no substitute. I have, in 
imitation of Memnski, used it among our letters, to prevent the 
hiatus and confusion that would be the consequence of dropping 
such an essential character. 

gh is used for f ^ J. 

/ is used for [u_ j] . 

viii PREFACE. 

k (with one dot under it) is used for [jjj* 

It (with two doti under it) is used for c/l 

g is used for [cJ J . 

/is used for [J]. 

m is used for ..[-]. * 

n is used for L^. 

zo is used for j], when in a state to be considered as a consonant. 

h (with two dots under it) is used for [*]. 

t (with three dots under it) is used for \_X~\. 

y is used for [,_/] when considered as a consonant. 

Double consonants are used to answer to letters marked with [_~J. 

" It has not been my intention, by the foregoing scheme of orthography, 
to shew the exact pronunciation of every word, for that would have been 
a vain attempt, because, as many of the sounds existing in the Arabic Ian. 
guage are not known in our own, so we have no characters to represent 
them ; and I hold it next to impossible to convey the idea of a foreign sound 
through any organ but the car. All I have attempted, therefore, has been 
to select from our alphabet as many letters as do exactly correspond with 
certain letters in the Arabic, and by means of diacritical marks applied to 
more, to represent such other articulations as do not exist in our language, 
and for which, consequently, we have no appropriate characters. Thus, 
by furnishing an alphabet of letters with which the student is familiar, and 
in which provision is made for the short vowels omitted in Arabic and 
Persian, I flatter myself he will be assisted in spelling, though not in 
pronouncing correctly, the words in the original character, particularly all 
such as are formed of consonants only, and which differ in meanmg accord- 
ing to the vowels with which they are to be pronoimced, and which in his 
own characters are supplied." 



1 ALIF, is the first letter of the Ara- 
bic and Persian alphabets. In 
Persian, when added to a noun, it 
forms a poetic vocative. 

A (~j\ ab, A father. An inventor. 

p u->l ab, The month of August. 

A <_>! abb, Applying. Purpose. 

p C->\ ab, Water, liquor. Tear. 
Splendour. Honour. The lustre of 
a diamond. Custom. 

r \j\ aba (for b\), Strange. Spoon- 

A i'b\ aba-al, A reed. A plague. 

A<SbbV ababat, An institution, a rule. 

A J-jW abdbtl, A kind of bird, an 
owl. A herd. 

A &\j\ ibat (asz'irt), Abhorring, re- 

A djut tbalat, Passing the night. 

A jbl ubalir, A retired man- A 


A }\>\ ibdsal, Enquiring, examining. 

A ^M abasi, Camels at rest after 

A .b| Mahal, Publishing. Per- 

A Ai-bl ibdkhat, Extinguishing. 

P jb I abdd, A city, house. Peopled. 
Well done! Bravo! 

P- JjbT dbaddn, A dwelling, an 

P i3^V ubadantj A habitation ; po- 
pulation. Abundance. 

P jvjtXJlob] dbudtimdan, To cause 
to inhabit, cultivate, See. 

P ^4j'fc)bl abadayidan, To praise. 

p ^clj ^4\J\ abcidl /idghaz, A kind 
of silky paper. 

Pjbt abdr, Lead, when melted. 

A jbl ibar, The seed of the palm. 

A C^M ibarat, Fecundity. Ruin. 

A j\j\ abbai, The bounding of a deer. 
A ^\\J\ abaztr, Spices, sweet herbs. 

Seeds. . 

A j*JjM aba-Jim, The buckles or clasps 
of belts, Sec. 

A L^<>M ubashat) A crowd. Filth. 

A (jfl^ ubas, A shrew, a scold. 

A tjo\{\ ibaz, A fool-rope. 

A ]g\i\ tffta/, The arm pits. 

A J-kW a&a/z/, Trifles, vanities. 

A <Lz\s\ ibait, Buying or selling. 

p f\>\ abiigh) A mark made by burn- 


p L^JU o6<7//, A kind of cloth, 
A jtW z&a^, Running away, abscond- 


A .\\j\ abbal) A camel-owner. 

A ^-J^ abaKs, Devils. 

p A\J! aftam, Debt. A fortress. 

A jjbl aban or ^Vjl A/i, The tenth 
day of the Persian month; the 
eighth mnth of the Persian year. 

A jjG\ tftftan, A proper season. 

A l**j\)\ibatt*t t Friends. Disclosing. 

Removing. Dividing. 
A jH>\j\ abuhir, The feathers of a 


A c^ol aft/, Hot, swelled with drink. 
4j\zj\ ablubah, An ewer; a kettle. 
A c^?bj\ iblat, Cutting ; chopping 


Aj\ij\ tft/ar, Docking; disinheriting. 
A tej\ abtal, Warmth. Necessaries, 
A dAs^ iblihas, Enquiry, dispute. 
A \4cj\ ibtida. The beginning. 
A jlJcjl iblidad, Approaching to 


A j^Jcj\ iblidar, Running (to arms). 
A ^Jca\ iblida^t Invention, altera- 


A j! ^CJ\ ibtizu'z, Receipt. Breaking. 
A J^3uJ^ ibti'zal, Meanness. A com- 

mon garment. 
A^O! oft/or, Mutilated. Childless.* 

A \fJ>\ tblirad, Bathing in, or drink- 
ing, cold water. Coohiess. 

A sju\ abtarah, A disabled camel. 

A jVfj\ ibtfiui, Seizing, rapine. 

A A-iJ 1 -ibtisam, Gladness. Smiling. 

A ^j^ aft/at, All, universal. 

A \jcj\ ibtighH) Wishing, seeking. 

A J&J\ ibtikar, Rising early. Dc 
flowering a virgin. 

A \-^\ ibtild, Temptation. Distress. 

A zkj\ iblilat, Devouring, consum- 

A Jkj\ ibtilal, Wet. Recovering 

health. Timid. 
A \^A ibtina, Building, construct- 


A ~--\&)\ ibtihnj, Content. Joy. 
A Jl^j^ iblihal, Supplication. 
A ^-fjl ibtiyaL, Buying. Selling. 
A ti^o\ aft5, Nimble. Fervent. 
p <>U\$j\tbsas, Revealing, divulging. 
A jjlijl absan, Camels at rest after 


A \ abqj, Eternity. 
A Jl^^ ibjal, Contenting, suflicing. 
A j=sf\ abjar* A swelling at the navel. 
r js?\ abjar y Ebb tide. 
A fj**^ abjat, A vein in the for* 

foot of a camel or horse. 
A L<M ibhu, Cutting off, disjunction. 

A djr abhas, Disputes. 
A _l*rl ibhah, Making hoarse. 
A J^r\ ibhur, Sailing. Salt. 
A ua ffC^ abhas, Having thick heavy 


A jUM ibkkar, Tainting the breath. 
A JLs^l tbkhal, Finding or thinking 

one to be covetous. 
A ^\ abkhaki Blind of an eye. 
A Jo! abad, An age. Eternal. Timid. 

A oljj! ibdadj Dividing into parts. 

r JjljoT abdadan, Sick, infirm. 

p j^JoT abdar, Moist. Water- 

A \&)\ abtlat., Wonderful. 

A J^ Jo \ abdal, A pious man. A monk. 

p ^*AjT iibdan, A drinking vessel, 

p ^\jJ>JJl abdandan, Infirm. 

p (J^jT abdanz. The cultivation of a' 
place. A pleasant country. 

A c,'Jk^ abidafj A wild beast. A 
fable. Strange. A hard word. 

p L^-wJol abdasl, Ablution before 
prayer. Devotion. An ewer. 

p ^U;Jul abdaslun^ An ewer. 

p (jJk.! (ibdan, A pond, lake, See. 

P ^jJjJl abdandan. Weak, base. A 
pomegranate. A pear. A honey- 

A *Jo1 abtdafi, A babbler. A fable. 

A ^JJ^ abadi, Eternal, eternally. 

A L^-oJoi tibadiyuli Eternity. 

A \&\ abza, Speaking obscenely. 

t ji\ abar^ Upon. A lute. Sugar. 

A jA abr, A puncture, sting. De- 
faming the absent. Fructifying. 

p ji\ abr, or abar, A cloud. 

A \jj] tbra, Liberating, restoring 

A tj\jj1 abras, A plain ; level, and 
soft grounds. 

A ^ji\ ibrah) Conceited. Magnify- 
ing. Suffering distress. 

A j^j'i ibrad, Cooling. Inviting to 
a feast. Sending a berid. 

A j\jj\ abrar, Just, dutiful. Inte- 

**tt^W Mri'Mlan, A pepper-box. 

A j\jj\ ibraz, A proof. A document. 

A fjs\^\ ibras, Leprous; bringing 
forth a leprous child. 

A ^\j>\ ibraz, Producing young 

A \jj\ abra&, Stony. To frighten. 
Shining. Waving a Sword. 

A cJl j\ ibral;, Making camels kneel. 

A *\jA ibram, Solicitation, urgency. 

p iji\ abrah, A canal, pipe, aqueduct. 

A t>ji\ ibral , A needle, point. A 

A ~jA abraj, Fine eyed. Signs of 
the zodiac. 

p ^^ abrajan (cn>-J^), A bracelet. 

A J^ abrah, More or most grievous. 

A ~ J\ abrakh) One whose back bends 

A jj>\ abrad, Very cold. A hail- 

A i'j.^ ibridat. Causing impotency. 

A (Jjj>\ abrash, A dapple gray, or 
pye-bald horse. Variegated. 

p *-i r^ abrasham, Silk, sewing silk. 

^j^-ijjl abrashanii, A silk merchant. 
A silk worm. Silken. 

A ,jfl^ abras, Leprous. A lizard. 

A j)\ abral:, Pye-bald, black and 
white. Talk. A stony soil. 

p U^^ abar^a!;iya^ A cobweb. 

p jj^jUjjl abarmadaran, A sweet- 

\zjjj\ ibrinla, Preparing. 

p (jvsj>\ abranjin, A bracelet. 

p >r\&>j>\ abrandaj. Drest goat's lea- 

A JjliJ^ ibriashal, Joyful, flourish, 
ing. Expanding. 

p ^J\ abru, Dignity. }jl\ abru, 
Tlie eye-brow. 

p 4t3\ abrud, A hyacinth. 


t *jua i^fjji\ tibru-i.sanam, The man- 

p XJ\ abrah) The outside of a gar- 

A (j?^ ibari, Sharp. A needle-dealer. 
A te t j)\ ibriyat,The scurf on the head, 
p A.JLi^j! abteshini) Silk. 
A ( t j!\ a&r^, A bright sword. An 


AjJ\Wz, Leaping. Dying suddenly. 
AJ^JJ! abwr, Pot-herbs, roots. 
T (^)>J>U^ ab'idrdan^ A spice box, a 

A rj}\ abiakh, Having a lump on 

the breast. 

p t^j)] abzan, A bathing vessel, filled 
with warm water medicinally pre- 
p *^ I ub'-Mh^ Water flowing from a 

fountain. Pincers. 
A ir~}\ afoV, Rebuking. Subduing. 

Scorn. Rough ground. 
A ,L~J^ ibsar, Prematurely. Laying 

A ,jl '^ ibsat, The beestings in a 

camel's udder. 
p .JL. jj dbsdl, A vineyard. 
* Jl~j! ibsal, Prohibiting. Preserv- 
ing. Pawning. Killing. 
A /*"->-^ ibsam, Blooming, ripening. 
p (^L. : ( I absan, A bracelet. 
A (jL.jl ibsan, Being beautiful, 
p (^^ J I ubest, A pregnant woman, 

A foetus. Orange peel. 
p &Ju~j| abistanah) A caldron, vat. 
p (j>- j| iibislan, To be in labour. 

To be pregnant. 

p 4\xajt abistangah, A bed cham- 
ber for child-bearing. 


dbistam, Pregnancy, con- 

<fciJl abastah. Ground prepared 
for sowing. A pregnant woman. 
J~J\ absard,Jd\y, J- ,< >T a6- 
i-sard, cold water. 

absardan. The gonorrhoea. 
abstyah, Black water, tears. 
-ijl One who provides for guests. 
j\JL>! ibshar, Rejoicing. 
iLl c__ >\ or .Lij \ ib shar, A water- 
]oiL>\ ibshat, Making haste. 

l dbtshtan, To hide, conceal. 

or a&X^jT , A privy. 
p j*s~f\ abishkhur, A cistern. 
p *JLj1 absham, A cocoon. The re- 

fuse of silk. Coarse silk. 
p ..p-J I abishan, The bridegroom's 


P L-. "....I; I abshib. Flowing water. 
A ^/:)\ abis and (j~ \ , Swift, fleet. 
A -^ absat, All, universal. Fool- 


A ^sj! 6z, Binding a camel. Rest. 
A ijoLa^l z6H', Giving a little. 
A tUsJ^ t6za^_, Lotting for sale. 
A LJ! t'6/, The arm-pit. Small sand. 
A llaj^ ibla, Delay, protracting. 
A JllaJ^ ab/dl, Heroes. A monk. 
A J)\ ab/ar, Having a thick upper 


A ^ ab/at, Having the lips 
whitish. Toothless. 

ab/an, A vein near the foot- 

lock. Entrails. 

A ( Jz>\ abfii, Belonging to the arm-pit. 
A^jl abzar, Un circumcised. 
A \M\ abtdt Lending, a loan. 

A \xi\ ab^ad, Distances. Very dis- 
tant. Ibtfld, Removing far. 
A ^^*J\ abtffz, Parts of a thing. 

A \SM\ ibataf, Removing to distant 
pasture. Pride. Ignorance. 

A \M\ ibgha. Seeking one another. 

A u a\*]\ ibghd'z, Hatred. Hating. 

A ci^ol abghas, Dusty, dusky. 

A &SJti\ abghusat, Birds of prey. 

t \^Ju\ abaft, A kind of cloth. 

A XjSJ\ abfarah, A stallion. 

A <J.i\ abaii, Hemp. A run- a way. 

A Uul ibka, Confirmation, preserving. 

A ,jl^ ibkdk, Loquacious, Fruitfu^, 

A Jlw^ abkal, Pot-herbs, beans, 

A _(M ablat, Variegated, piebald. 

A jju\ ubkur, Oxen. Beeves. 

A ^Jut abka'j May he live, or be pre- 

p ul$o 1 abak, Quicksilver. Watery. 
The measles. Blis^rs. 

A L^jol abal; k, A severe season. A 
selfish man. 

A ^j\ ibka, Causing tears. 

p j&>\ abkar, A water-carrier. A 
wine drinker. A distillery. 

A jj\ ibkar, The morning. 

A (&A ibkam, Silencing. Abstain- 
ing from cohabitation with a wife. 

p <U^j! dbkamah, A kind of gruel. 

p s\j\ abgah, A watering place. 

# iKx>! abgazar, A ford. 

p jj}\ abgazar, A canal. 

A '&j \ abtashin, A bracelet. 

A +fj\ abkam, Dumb. 

p +j I abkam, A kind of serpent. 

p <U-JJl abginafi., A mirror. Foil 
set under gems. A decanter. 

A Jj^ ibl, A camel, the camel species. 
A ib! ibla Fatigued (camels). 
A <jL\ iblad, Fastening together. 
A /ib^ iblas, Vexed, sad, astonished. 
A ^L\ iblagh, Informing, reaching. 
A A\J\ abalat, Oppression of spirits 
(from indigestion or bad air). Bu- 
siness. A fault. A petition. 
A f!\ ablqj, Having distant eye- 

brows. Bright. Evident. 
A *.] ablakh, A proud man. 
A ^.\ ablah, Myrobalan nut. 
A jij! ablail, Having distant eye- 

brows. Corpulent. 
A j-M ablagh, More or most per. 

A (jk\ ablat, Pye-bald, party-co- 


A Jj^ ablam, Having swelled lips. 
A ^ Jjl abluj, Sugar-candy. 
p <JJb1 ablut, A hypocrite. 
p <dj\ abilah) A pimple, pustule. 
A L1 ablah, A fool. Bashful, vain. 
A t>/ ~M tbfis, The deceiver. 
A LJj^ ibRsa, Plain, smooth. 
p ajL^Jjl iblisanah, Diabolically. 
p <LJj! ablisah, A husbandman. 
A *JjJ ibfim, Ambergris. Honey. 

A *)\ abamm, The bass in music. 
p ^^J^ ibmil, The coulter n of a 

plough. Ploughing oxen. 
A ^i\ ibn or abn, A son. 
A j\ abn, Suspicion. Clotting. 

A (^^\ ibnal, A daughter. A vice. 

stain. Fraud. 
p *Jix>T ab-notra/i, Quicksilver, li- 

quid silver. 

abnus, Ebony. 

,jXjjjiJ I abnoshulan, To be stu- 
pified. To drink water. 
<LjJl abraya'i, Edifices, fabrics. 
y\ abu, Education, p Abu, A 

*}\ abu, Father. Endowed with, 
possessed of. 

\j>\ ofccrtt, Milch ewes. Honour. 
JluJ arcV, Many. Urine. 
^Vj^ abubdn (or c^b^'l), A 
pen i teat. 

CJy! aiw/,- Warmth. Swelling 
with drinking. 

i3*)\ abud, Durability. Ages. 
y\ abuz, Leapingjbpriaging. 
^2\ abus. Swift, fleet. 

, Very swift (horse). 
aboottanjal) Witty, no. 
vel. A buffoon. 
(jUjJ^ abUmdn, A penitent. 
^W^ abuyan, Penitent. 
<>J\ abah, Attention, recollection. 
<r\-g\ ibhdj, Gladness, joy. 
Jl^M ibhdl, Irrigating, Coaxing. 
+\Qi\ ibhdm y The thumb. Doubt. 
U^ji ubhaf, Splendour, fortune. 

J^ 6/;ar, The back. A vein. 
J^jt ibhal, The juniper, or sabine 
tree and fruit. 

+g\ ibham, Dumb, stammering, 
jj,! abi, Watery, moist. A quince, 

^!K, ( for f*j\), Paternal. Abi, 
Averse, despised, 
l-j I abiyur, A waterer, sprinkler. 
i^WJ abyuri, Thin linen cloth. 
A dove. 

<Lj\ ibj/at, Retention of milk. 
A^jl 6J</, Sempiternal, durable. 
uj^ abidad, Tyranny, injustice. 

A j~)\ ubair, A small needle. 

p j-J\ abtz, Sparks of fire. 

A ^\ abish, (or ^i-j!), The 

bridegroom's shirt. 
p >JL-j! aK&ham, The flue of raw 

silk ; the cocoon. 
A ^jLA abyaz, White, bright. A 

sword. Silver. 
A (jLa-jl abi&an, Two days, t\vo 

months, &c. 
A J.o\ abil, A monk. A staff. Sad. 

A tU-Ji abllal) A bundle of grass or 


p (jj^t abyun, (or ^-J\) ( Opium. 
| jM ipar, Thyme, sweet marjoram. 

p j^i^ P^j A n urn s pitcher. 

A Cl^l a//, Convincing. Horse flesh. 

A lj\ a/a, Things floating on water. 

A blessing. Plenty. 
A e->l3l alab, Short breeches, drawers. 
A culil c/o/, Magnificence, equipage. 
A jbl alad, A foot-rope for a cow. 
A i.lj^ Marat, Beholding. Striking 

with a stick. Reiterating. 
A s\j\ ilalial) Drawing the arrow to 

the kead. Bending a bow. 
A <b'1 italtat) Plucking out (hairs, 

&c.) ' 

p <nlb1 atalah) Pottage, gruel. 
A (jjki\ a/a/?/-, Guardian, tutcr. 
A Lc\j\ ifamat, Bearing twins. 
A ^lil a/an, A she ass. A seat ata 

well. The seat of a camel's saddle. 
A a\j\ ilazsah. Tribute. Corruption. 
A i^ju\ ildzcl, Futurity. A guest. 
A c-^i'l Mab, A short shift. Drawers. 

The wrist. 

A < ?Li1 itbdb, Debilitating. 
A jUi'\ *V6ar, Separated, prohibited. 

A ^Uj'1 Jibuti, Following. 

A r : ^ : \ ittijiiji Burning, warm, hot. 

A J\ae*\ ittihad) Union, concord. 
A 4_j l oU//to/', A gresent, oblation. 
A ^\ itham, Black. 
A (V^*1 (it-harm, A striped cloth. 

A JU^! ittikhuz, A receipt, accepta- 

tion, choosing. 

A i-J\JJ\ itrub, Having much. Poor. 
A ^\.j\ alraf, Bestowing luxuries. 

Melting. Ruining. 
A y^ ulwj, An orange. 
A zj)\ afra^t Vehement. Filling. 
A i_ 9Ji\ alraf, Having a lump on the 

upper lip'. 

A f ji\ utrunj, An orange. 
A jj J\ ulrur, A tax officer. 

A r -s"\ tllisat., Amplitude. 

ittisak) Assembling. Com- 

plete. Absolute. 

A /u-Ji ittisam, A signature, mark. 

* ( JJ\ (ilish) Fire. ujCiJl, Light- 

ning. The French disease. A 

small fire. jlSLiJ'!, A firebrand, a 


r ,<ij '! alishij Hot, choleric. 
P SfJLj \ atishirah, Nocturnal heat. 
P c/CJ'l atisten, Fiery. 

- A uJLal'l itlisaf. Description, praise. 
Virtuous. Possessed of. 

A JLaJ'l iltisal) Conjunction, adhe. 
sion, contiguity. 

A \*aj\ illtzut, Humiliation, mean- 

A c_A*i1 it tab, Fatigue, lassitude. 

A \y\xj\ illitaa.) Receiving admonition. 

A jjUj'^ itlffuk, Union, consent. 

Chance. Perception. 
A liUi'1 iltifa/;an, Unanimously. By 

chance. Successfully. 
A \$j\ itttta, Avoiding. Seclusion. 

A ^\SJ\ ittt/tan, Knowing, ascertahi- 

A L&jl atkiyu, Devotees, bigots. 

A l^jl itiita, Leaning, reclining. 

A J^o'l itfital, Faith, confidence. 
A J3\ alal, Full, replete. All, 

Walking slowy. 
A jfa\ atldd, Riches, hereditary 


A uJib'^ itlaf, Consumption, loss. 
A +bj\ illam, Furrows, trenches. 
p j^lj! itlan, A deep cut. 
A aib'l itlah, Destruction, stupor. 
A *J\ atom, Delay. Utum, The 

wild olive, 

A JU&J ilmam, Perfection, end. 
A Ju^J'l //rnirf, The coulter, plough- 


A ^ atan, Standing, stopping. 
A jjliJ^ alnan, Contraction of step. 
A yl alii, Coming, surprising. Pro- 

ducing. jj'l a/a, Fresh. 
A Ijjl z'/;;-a, Ruin. 
P ui^ly^ a/zra/, A bell. 
A ^yl alwan, Avaricious, greedy. 
M/a6, Short breeches or 


A Sy\ a(wat, Coming. Ripped open. 
A ( jji\ utun, An oven. A school. 

A gy\ utub, Hard-breathing. 

A A^i'l ittiham, Suspicion. False 


A JT a/, Coming. Abolishing. 
Giving, Punishing. 

A yJUjfl ittiyas., Desponding. 
A ^Ij! %aw, Arrival, meeting. 
A LJ\ attyat, Future, futurity. Pus. 

A &LJ! ut lay shut, A knave, a low 

A dj! ow, Puzzled. Convinced. 

Luxuriant. Plentiful. 
A x^\ isa-at, Darting, shooting an 


A c^oUl isdbat, Recompense, 
A clAJ! asas, Wealth. Furniture. 
A !fj\j\ isaraf., The commemoration of 

traditions. Isarat, Scarcity. 
A $jj\ isarat, Raising dust. Raising 

a mob. 

A <J,IM isaft, A trivet. 
A JU! asal, Glory, nobility. 
A 2U! osa/a.if, Rooted. Of a noble 

race. Constant. 
A efljl^ asurun, The second day. 


A *j\jUsaa>fl$ Citing; calumniating. 
A L-^O! <w& Name of a tree. 
A e^l^ isbat, Confirmation, proof. 
A +>\ asbqj, Having the middle of 

the back high or prominent. 

-A c^oi <*??a?i Trampling under 

A^s^l asjar, Thick, broad. 

A J>\ asar, A mark character, trace. 
A history. Asir, Choice. 

A xj>\ asrat, Excellence. Remains, 

A ^j j\ 5/7, One who relates tradi. 

A (*Ju\ asif, Firm. A sectary, fol- 

<Lsjt asfiyat) A trivet. A multitude. 

A j!i astal, A branch bearing un. 
ripe dates. 

A jj^ol asAun, The same. 

A JJI asl, A tamarisk shrub. 

A ^-^\ isloji Victory, fortune. 

A J\j\aslat,Arool. Esteem. A fund. 
Chance. The tamarisk. 

A J! ism, A sin, any thing forbid- 
den. j\ asim, A sinner. Slow. 
Fatigued. . 

A <Lj! asimat, Slow-paced. Weary. 

A LJ! asnd, The middle. Monday. 

A (^lij^ isnani, Two. 

A J^j^ aswal, Foolish, slow. Us 51, 

A ^jjl assun, A furnace. 

A *jj1 asum, A sinner. 

A ,j) ait, An informer, slanderer. 

A <u51 asiyat, A crowd. 

A ui^*ji asis, Luxuriant. Large. 

AJ\J\ asir, Signing, stamped. Excel- 
lent. The sky. 

A J-J! asil, Radical, firm. Of a noble 

A +*3\ afim, A sinner. Wicked. 

A ( j^j\ asm, Radical, firm. Illus- 

A \ aj, Desire, avidity. 

A cuU-1 ija-at, Ruining. Protect- 

A < A>^ ijab, Answering. Consent- 

A ti-^W ijabat, Listening to, con- 
sent. Answering, 

A _C.l ajjaj, Burning. Making 
water bitter. 

ojajarat, Platforms, house 


A JU-! rt/0^5 A veil, covering. 
A jU-1 yrf, Like a narrow arch. 
A j\*-\ ijjar, Platforms on house. 


A i^U-1 ijarah, Price, emolument, a 

r dJjW ijaiaf, Leave. Taking 
leave, dismissing. 

r ^1=-^ ya, A plumb, a pruin. A 
friend, an intimate. 

p C/ls^ /<//, Earth, dust. 

A JJU^ ajdlid. Hard, solid. 

A t-^'l^ ajcinib, Foreigners, stran- 

A I^JU-I ijanat, A stone bottle, 
cup; water-pot. 

A c--*^ qjabb, (A camel) without a 

bunch. Flat-breasted. 
A j~>-\ y6r, Compulsion, con- 

A *->^ ajbah, Having a large front 
or face. 

A !L>-\ ajjat, Fervour, warmth. Con- 

fusion. Inflammation. 
A Li4 y/zifl, Choice, election. 
A \f^.\ ijtira, Boldness, endeavour. 
A ^Ui*-! tjtimat, An assembly; a 


A U^^ ijtina, Gathering, collecting. 
A c ?bo*-t ijfinab) Shunning, remov- 
ing, going far off. 

A jll^ ijlihad, Care, effort. A 

religious war. 
A li4 ajsa, Hunch-backed. 

A uJlsr^^ ijhiif, Affliction, oppres- 


A *sr?^ ajkam, Having large red 


A ijs-^^ ajkha', Lean, meagre. 
A ikiM yW, A word used to camels. 

Robust, compact of body. 

A ^iX>-1 ajuddun. Night and day. 

A t_JX>.l ajdab) Laden with years. 

Desert, desolate. 
p jJw>-l ajdar (forjjj^) A dragon. 

A &>-\ ajdat, Amputated, muti. 

lated in the hand, or face. 
A J&1 eijdal, A species of hawk. 
A J^j^ ajzal, The most eminent 

parts of a hill. 
A fJ>^*-^ ajzam^ Mutilated in the 

A j&-\ ajr, A reward, hire. A marri- 

age portion. A file. 

A j>~\ fl/i/rr, A brick or tile. 

A \.^-\ ijra, Causing to flow. Pro- 

ducing, satisfying. Performing. 
A <-r^f^ ajrab, Scabby, mangy. 
A 21' j*-\ ajarbat t Certain measures of 

grain. Provision-bags. 
A d-^>-1 ujral, Reward, hire, rent. 
A Jy-! ajrad, Bald, bare, barren. 
A \*Jj-\ ajranba, Unbolstered. 
A &)j>-\ ajrun, A brick, tile. 

ujra , Custom, manner. 
A v-V<yoz, Resting the body on the 

A Jj^\ afial, (A camel) galled on 

the back. 

-T fijaslan, To plant, to fix. 

A '.^ aj<hai; hoarse, with pain in 

the breast. 
A *p-f.J qjJiiral, Corn-sacks. Qui- 




A JU*-I ytiil, Doing, causing to be 
done. Promising and performing, 
A &A>\ ijfala^ A herd, flock. 

A J-i^ 1 ffil, Timid. An ostrich. 

A J^.1 ajal, Death, fate. Appointed 
time. Yes, certainly! 

A J^J ajl, ry'iV, ijl, Cause, reason. 

A J^ fl/7, Gain. Moving. Tending. 

A tJ^-t QJil> Futurity. Delaying. 
Concluding. Returning. 

A cJubi-i ijlab, Camel dealers. 

A i&>.\ ajlad, The body. Skins. Vo- 
lumes (of books)- 

A ^.JLf-i i/'/i/;?, Causing to sit. Seated. 

A u_s%^ "jlufi Mean ty ranis. A car- 
case of mutton. 

A J%^ ijlal, Grandeur, dignity, ho. 
nour. Ajlal, Housings. 

A *i>^ qjila(, Eternity, future life. 
ajrilah, Bald on the forehead. 

A JkL=J tijlad, Hard. 

A -1^ etjlat, Open-lipped. 

A fb>-\ ajlah, A bull without horns. 
Full, broad. 

*s*-\ ajam, Loathing, abhorring. Heat. 
A marsh. Ujum^ A castle. 

p . IA>-^ (/#>;', Farad is/. 

A ^W=^ ijmut) An assembly, collec- 
tion. Consenting. 

A (Jv*^-i ijmal) An abridgment, 
summary, synopsis. 

A &A&J r djamuli A reed-bed, ditch. A 
forest, den (of a lion, Sec.). 

A C5V*^ ty'matjn, All, universal. 

F J^f-t vjmud, Parsley. 

A ( j~\ ajan, Changing, corrupting. 
Beating cloths. Altered. 

A L^ ajna, Hump-backed. Having 
reversed horns. 

A L--u^ ajnab, Foreign, strange, 
Inclining. Obstinate. 

A t^o4 ajnabi, A. foreigner, stran- 

A i-l ujnat, y'nat, The cheek. 

A &^>-\ ujnud, Obsequious, obedient. 

A ujb^4 f'jnafi Unjust. Hollow- 

A i*i>-l (fin fy a ft, Genii. 

A ij~~^ *JM$ A stupid, dull man. 

A <J^j=*\ aJKanij A sort of spice. 

A i^;.^ (tjzcas. An arch. Arched 

A z*-\ ajiij, Much inflamed, red, 
resplendent. Brackish. 

A i_J>-i f &&afi Concave, hollow. 
Ample, large. 

A Jj*^, njicnk^ A downcast or dis- 
torted face. Thick-necked. 

A Jj*-t qjwal, Dusty ; dusty day. 

A A**-*! ajum, Severe. Haunts of 

wild beasts; marshes. 

A ^f^ ajurij Corrupted (water). 

A ^J ajhar, Squint or goggle- 
eyed. A beautiful cast. 

p Xj&>-\ ajharah) A kind of prickly 

A jf>*\ ajhu'z, Marriage portions 

A ,*i^-l a j[{ a 't Bald. A house with- 
out a roof. 

p ^\ t/J, The passover, Easter. 

A ^=*-l ujy-t Burning. 

A <X-1 ajyad, Having a long and 
. beautiful neck. 

Ajvd afir, A mercenary, slave, ser- 

p t_y^ ojirif Servitude, labour, 

A L^>-\ afd) Slow, deferring, tedious. 

11 %ft*\ 

A *.>o-\ ojtm, Heat, Avarmth. 
rj\&-\ achar, Pickles. Freshness. 
A J>\s>-\ achd?-, A frying-pan. 
p /^^ K-/M, A hawk. A vizir. 

A -\ ahh, Coughing. 
A icUJ ihasal, Digging up the earth; 
sifting or examining it. 


uliuh, Thirst. Rage, grief. 
^ iliadul, Driving camels fast. 

A o^U-1 ahadi, Independent pride. 

l iharal. Answering. 
ihuahal, Enticing. 
ihaiat, Surrounding, 
A <0 W ihalal, Passing by. One year 

old. Sly, deceitful. 
A ^W ah an, Angry, bearing a 

A b*4 ihta, Sewing. Plaiting. Mak. 

ing firm. 
AjU=t ihlar, Giving sparingly 

Tasting. Making firm. 
A ^LcLs-l ihlibus, Retaining, con- 

fining. restraining. Shut up. 
A c-jUr^l ihfijab. Seclusion, rs. 


A ^Is*^! ihlijiij, Bringing proofs, 

pleading a cause. 
AJ^X^\ ihtizar^ Avoiding, shun. 

ning, taking care. 
A fj-\fv>-\ ihlirasj Preserving, guard- 

ing, preserved, guarded. 
* J>]r<*~\ fylirat,' Conflagration. Ar- 

A Af+^ ihtiram^ Veneration, ho- 

nour, respect. 

ihtisab) Esteeming, 


A *x>- fhfisham, Pomp, having 

many dependents. 
A^Uss;*.! ihlnu'if Delight, happi- 

A l?'^^- 1 ihfifai, Taking care, guard- 

ing against. 

A J^sJ\ thlifar, Digging, excavation. 
A Uxs-' ihtikar^ Contempt. 
A .oJi^ ikliiar, Accumulating, reap. 

ing, hoarding. 
A J^a-1 thtilal, Reposing. Restrain- 

ing anger. 

A ^ti*5,p1 ihlimash, Enraged, rush. 

ing to battle. 
A JUa&-l ihtimal, A burden ; pati- 

ence. Suspicion.. Danger. 
A \j^>-\ ihti&a, Containing. Enjoy- 

ing. Collecting. 
A ^-l~o-l ikliyuj, Indigence. 
A ^Ux>-1 ihliyali Care, scrupulous- 

A ' ] b\~^-\ ihtiyalan. Cautiously, 


A JLo-1 ihtiyat. Fraud, art, deceit. 
A jjlM ihjum^ Receding from an 

A ..rS^ ahjan, Crooked, hawk. 


A j?~\ ahjuts, An enigma. 
ahady One. 

o-t ihdas, An hrsention. 
-\ ahda'f Ons. (iemin) 
>-\ ahadiyaf , Unity, Conoord.- 
afidab, Hump backed. 
ahdal, Paitial. Crooked^ 

A Jc^.^ G//OZZ, Thin, small. 
A J\ Jo-\ ikzar, Care, caution. 
A j\j>-\ uhrar> The free. Sallad. 
A \\9-\ ihrai, Obtaining a reward. 

hfali, Burning. 


ahram, Sacred places. Ille- 

gal. Interdiction. 
A tj^j^ (thrash, An asper. The 

mange . 
A +s?.>-\ ihrinjam, Tumultuous, 

A ,.) r&-\ ahirrun, Stony countries. 
A u&jS>\ ahrii, A species of saffron. 

,j^ ah'zam, Thick, rugged. 
A ,jU=^ ah'zan, Care, grief. 
A (j*.Uj>4 ihsas, Perception, sight. 
A ^L*-! ihsan, A benefit, gift, cour- 

tesy. , 
A Ix; >-! i/istnta, Inheritance, pos- 

ah ska, Bowels. Guards. 
ihshash) Foddering. 

A ^ > jos-i ah ass ) Having thin hair, 

few feathers. Parched. 
A l*o>-l iksa t Numeration. Writing. 

Ordering. Power. 
A jLasJ ihsar, Besieging, enclosing, 

forbidding. - 
A iLds4 ih'iar^ Producing, present- 

ing, citing. 
A 4_->'iis-i ah fab. Fire- wood. Very 


A jV&^i t/f/ar, Holding in contempt. 
A <_>U^ ahlaf, Hills of sand. 
A JjlJi^ e'A/tff, Knowing, acting 


A t_^As-\ ahlajb, A wild ass. 
A jj&J ih!ta t Tying firm, pulling 


A { J'*>-^ iMctfi Confused, perplexed. 
A A&S-] ihlam, Fortifying. Com- 

pleting. Strengthening. 
A A4&Jl ^\ uhJ-am ul haliniin, 

The judge of judges. 

A JaJ ahall, Feeble In the legs. 
-JSuying off. 

A 'h>-\ ihla, Becoming sweet. Re- 
leased. Anointing weak eyes. 

A <LiLs4 ihiabat, Assisting in milk, 
ing; milk ng. 

A ^-\ ihlam, Dreaming. Ihluvt t 
Mild: corrupted. 

A *2>-^ ahamm, Black. Near. 

A r^*-^ ahmar. Red. Barbarous. A 

new path. 

A j*>-\ ahmat) Pricked, tart (wine) . 
A (C4-i ahmasj Strong, constant. 


A ^**>\ ahmak, Foolish, stupid. 
A i_ p--^ ahnaf. Bow-legged. 
A ^j^ ahna', Crook-backed. 
A 4_ Jj*4 ahreazt, Alert, agile, ready. 
A jj^l ahzaar, Intellect. 
A cJ*/) 1 *^ ihzcari, Having a soft and 

shining skin. 

A <_jy^ ahaazi, Nimble, swift, 
A cfj^^ ahwasj Bold, undaunted. 
A \?f>.\ ahwa, Tying round. . 
A Jj>=>^ ahwal, Blind of an eye. Sly. 
A |ijj&^ ihzcizca, Of a ruby colour. 
A t5j-1 ahua. Black, dusky. 
A \*-\ ahya, The living. Tribes. 
Deserts. Ihya, Reviving. 

A liUfr-1 ahyanan, Sometimes. Ac- 

A <^tu^ %/"? A country where it 
does not rain. 

p i\ akh. Ah ! a sigh. A creator. 

A ^ oArA, A brother. Fly ! Ah ! alas ! 

A jU^ ikha'z. Stagnant water, pool, 
ditch. Taking possession. 

A 4>1>-1 f^haiat, A pool. Copyhold, 
A handle. Accepting. 

p jU-1 akhir, Thrown away. 

r JU-I akhiil, Any kind of rubbish. 


A A'!W ikhalat, Dubious, believing. 

p ^ JcJU- 1 akhuriidan , To cause to draw. 

A Xj\s\ ikhawaty Showing one's self 
a brother. 

A \J>-\ ikhba, Extinguishing. Pch. 

A i&Lfi^ikh&Sst Corrupting, vitiat. 

A L^-^ nkht, A sister, female friend. 
Equal. Congenial. 

A ^|bU akhlaj, A feudatory vassal to 
another sovereign. 

A +~&-\ ikhtilam. End, completion, 

A *U^i4 ikhliiam, Employment as a 

p j^\ ak filar, A star. Good fortune. 
A flag. 

A Uv>-1 ikhtird. Honour, reputation. 

A ?W>4 ikhfirat, Inventing. Con- 
trivance, artifice. 

A J^n^ ikhtirak) Tearing. Pervad- 
ing. Patching. 

A jLa^l ikhtisar. Abridging, abridg. 

A (jfiLa^i^ ikhlfsas, Friendship. Fa- 
vour, respect. Peculiar. 

A |Lii^ ikhlii,am^ Enmity, debate, 

A jLsx>-^ ikhlisar^ Cutting down any 
thing green. 

A c-Jlk^i-^ ikhtilaf, Seizing, carrying 

off by force. 

A Ui*^ ikhltfa, Withdrawing, con- 
cealing one's self. Ashamed. 
A yj*\ikktifa3, Seizing, matching. 
A tiL>^ ikh'ilu'. ( onfijsion, mixture. 

Intercourse. Friendship. 
A t__'}b^ ikhlilaf. Discord, contrast. 
Contradiction. Fals hood. 

A J-U-) ikhtilal) Confusion. Disor- 
der, tumult. 

p (^>\ akhlan, To draw. To hang, 
suspend. To lead. To play. 

p te^ akhtah, Drawn. Trained. A 

A jU^U ikhtiyur. Election, choice, 

A JU^ ikhliyal) Strutting. 

A ^jL^>-! ikhtiyan, Deceiving, be- 

*is-i akhsant) Flat-nosed* 

F <jj:;^*"i akhjaslah, The threshold. 
A purple flower, 

A c-Jc>-1 akhdab, A tall sliin fellow. 
A fool. 

A jJci-1 akhdar-, Dark (night). 

A jjJ^l ukhdud, A furrow. (A blow) 
cutting the skin. 

A J*>\ akhz, Receiving, taking. Ha- 
bit. Equal. Punishment. 
if Jo-1 akhi'-at) Rigidity. 

A ^-1 akhar, Another, a second. 

A j^\ akhir, Last. The end. 

r j>\ akhar^ A bason, reservoir. Yes, 

A r^j>\ ikhraj, Producing. Rushing. 

A Aj.\ikhrat, Astonishing. Tearing 
to pieces. Discouraging, 

9 f^y*-' akhirbin, Provident, be- 
holding the end. 

A C^y>T akhirat) Posterior, last. 
Life eternal, 

A .y^T akhirafan, In fine, at length. 

A -xj-\ akhraj, Varieg:.ted. 

A ^~;~\ akhras, Dumb. Silent. 

A J/>^ akhral-, Dull, sluggish. 

Pierced in the ear, and mangled. 


p uJU-1 akhara.6, A small stable or 

A *f\'akhram, Having the lips 

chapt. Pierced (the ear, See.) 
A /-.Lf.^1 dkrinmaS) Silence. 
A U>>t akhrut, A walnut. 
A yj>-\ ahhariina, Others. Posterity. 

A (_jr*-' akharuyi, Relating to ano- 

ther world. 

A l^-\ ikhrtyan,) At length, the end. 
p iol> s4 akhriyan, A stupid fellow. 

Household furniture. 
A tyaA t'khril, Peeled. Turned. 
A ,jf>\ akhr'm, The last, Posterity. 

p &x*-s-1 akhaslah, A threshold. 

akhsar. Expending. Suffer. 

ing loss. 

>1 akhsamah) Bajjleypr rice 

p ij^\ akhash (or ( -i^l), Price, 

A (__ ----^ akhshab, Harsh. Wooden. 
Impudent. Horrible. 

A v_j^tAl akhshaf, Mangy. Rugged. 

p ^*"*T akhshanj, Adverse. 

A c_jLa^ akhsaf) Variegated. 

A jLai-1 akhtur, Verdure. 

A .^i^-\ akh'iar^ Green. 

A ^s>] akkzat, Humble, submis- 
sive. Obedient. 

A jb&-\ikhtar, Remembering.Proud. 

A i_^uai-! akhfab, Of a russet brown. 

A t_sia>^ o&A/qf, Seizing. 

A Jiai-^ akhial, Flap-eared. A hy- 
ena. Foolishly talkative. 

A JLaU akhlam, Having a long nose. 

A \A>\ t'M/a, Concealment, hiding. 

A ^"1 akhfaj, A trembling in the 

A jlio-1 A Fire-brand, spark of fire. 


?-&>] akhgar, Charcoal. 
p JcJ3o>-! akhataland, A child's rat- 

tle, a timbrel. 
f J&i^ akhtul, Long-headed. Ear 

of corn. Chaff. 

A t&\ akhtam, The rim. A fillet, 


p *01 akhtamr, The crupper of a 


p 4J>-! aJcMubah, A button-hole or 

p j=>-\ akh/;ur, A wild pear. Un- 

ripe. A button-hole. 

P ifjjxi-l akh/ : u'~ah) As above. A 

shuttle. A button. 
r ,fj*-\ akhkiish.) Unripe fruit. 
p i.)*x^ akhkun, A button-hole, loop, 

a button. 
A .jS^-3-\ ikhlas, Candour, piety, 

truth. Friendship. 
A u. iL>-\ ikhlqf) Depravity, corrup- 

tion. Opposition. 
A i*j[\ akhlaf, Foolish. Mending. 
A >^>-\ akhliji An excellent swift 


A j*>\ akhmar, Drunk, intoxicated. 
A ^ v>] akhmas, Hard. Devout. 

A \ *^\ akhmisa [otL- -wi-l), Fifths 

r <U~*^ akhmusah) Barley or rice- 

A t^&*>-\ akhmas, The hollow part of 

the sole. Slender in the middle. 

A 1 akhann, Speaking through the 


A - nui Traducing, talking ob- 
scenely. Abolishing, Grassy. 

A C-jbo-1 akhndb, Tfie back, the 
knee-joints, Interstices. 

A . um >-L\ akhnas, Flat-nosed. A 
lion. An ape. A wild cow. 

v u lxi*-i akhangalf A sword. 

A (_p>-\ akhaiy A striped garment. A 
coarse cloth. 

A A^-I (ikhniyaly A stuffmixed with 

silk made in Egypt. 
# # 
A \i>-\ akha, (*>-1 or i'r-^), Brotherly. 


A (3y-1 akhvM?, Having a loose 

p jtf>\ dkhwr^ A stable. Litter. A 
cistern. A bathing-vessel. 

A ;*! akhuz, Growing sour. 

A ijCf>-\ akhTzas, Dimness of sight. 

A Jij^ akkica!;, One-eyed. Deep. 

f i^j>-\ akhun, A theologian, a 
preacher. A brother. 

p Jcjr^ akhund, A tutor. 

A L*>| akhcuci, Brotherly, sisterly. 

A ^>\ akhi) My brother. 

A jlo^ akliyiir, Good, the best. 

A L&-\ akhit/at, A halter. A stall. 
Protection. Brotherhood. 

A <Lsr?*~i akhlkhat., A kind of broth. 

A Ju^4 akhtz, A captive. 

A ^".9.^ akhyar, Better, best. Akhir, 

pjij>.| ukhi'z, The foundation. Ce- 
ment. An unburnt brick. 

A u?/^ akhayra', Another (fern, 
dim. ) 

t J>jv>~\ akhUzgar, A plasterer. 

P * --l akKsahy\ land.mark. De- 

P <^>-^ afchyah, Praise. Spittle. 

A \ add, Surprised. Braying 

Straying. Danger, difficulty. 
AP \S\ Payment, satisfaction. Ex. 

pression. Aid. Strong. Ready. 
A c-taT adab, Civilities, politeness, 

learning. Duties. Laws. 
A JiJl adabii', One who cares for 

A cyta) adal, An instrument, tool, 

utensil. A particle. 
A jljl adad, Power. Victory. 

j\3\ odor, The 6th month (March). 
A i^ljl idara(, Turning round, 
p uL; ^J^ ada!'i An island. A ford. 
A /1j1 tWam, Meat or fish eat with 

bread. Raining gently. Joining. 

A j\j) addani, A tanner, currier, 
p A^J! odaw, The celestial globe. 
P JUtal idSmal, A pension, tri. 

A i.^ <\^\ idamaty Observation, per. 

severing, residing. 
4 $J\A\ (idaKat, An ewer. 
A < )^\ aduby Civility, respect, mo. 

rality. A law. Abundance, 
p ti\j\adab.khana/t, A school. A 

Ajbj^ iddar, Disgrace, calamity. 

Retiring. Setting (stars.) 
p AiUj\ adabana/i, Civilly, wisely, 
- discreetly. 
A fc-*Jj1 adbab) Hairy. Having 

little hair. 
\ji3\adbar, Ulcerated, galled (cat. 

tie). Grass cut green. 
A (J.j! adabt, Polite, courteous, 



A Jjt Mdal, Adversity, grief. 

A J)j>\ adsar, Perishing, ruined, 


A U U-^ adjan, Cloudy, dark, rainy. 
A *>-j! adjatv, Hairy, having intan. 

gled hair. 
p jj adakh, Good, elegant. Alti- 


A ^U^ itftoar, Villifying. 
A jUol idlchal, Introducing, enter- 


A Ji J\ ocKrAo/, Interior, familiar. 
A j j^ ewfor, The rupture. 
A ,\jl /rar, Agitating. Giving. 
PJ^OI icfrar, Cloth sufficient to 

make a garment. 
p t/ji^l idrari, A pension, tribute, 

revenue. Complement. 
A tl/^jl irfro/f, Comprehension, 

genius. AJrak, Punishments. 
p /' ,j' adrain, A packing-needle. 
P *^J. adarat or wtfra/, The rupture. 

A A=^J^ adrujjat, The step of a lad- 


r 1 JL>-;<~ > 1 adarakhish) Lightning. 
p gt&jjt adarshakh, A pickle. 
v C^jl adark, A swinging bed ; a 


A A,J' adram, Fleshy* Toothless. 
p L^XjjJ 1 aJarang, Grief, sorrow. 
A ,j^J^ ({drawn, A' manger. 
p ^.J^ adas, Name of a grain. 
A *~:3\ tulsci'ii) Ash-coloured. 
A Ujl at/ju, Causing adoption. 

A IsJ^ iddita, Pretension. Inviting. 

Wishing. Asking blessing. 
A t-^cJ^ adiflbt Foolish. 
tffj, Black man. 

A iiy:^ udLuwat, An enigma. 

A JAJI adghar, A summer-house, 
p tJj! oJfff, A brother's son. 

j^UjI ot^aw, hid, covered. 
A ijol t/^a', A large tree. An 

A &s$4\ adaltchah) A cover, wrap- 


A jJjl adtat, Vehement, keen. 
A ^jjjj! or/.fara, Blackish. 

A cjjjt adaH-, Broad-backed. Level. 
A ^j' f'd/o, Throwing, letting down. 
A Jjl (uHain^ Swarthy, blackish. 


f *tl\ adam, A ruby. 
A |jl rtrfawi, Man, mankind. 
A ^LJ^ idmiin^ Exercise, practice. 
A <Uj1 adamat, The skin, membrane, 
p tjjr/Ajj adamgari, Humanity, va- 
P ^Ol adarrii) Human. Brown, 

p JL/L^iJl adamiyanah) Humanly, 

like a man. 

p c^-^ot.^ adamti/at t Humanity. 
P cl&J^at/an/-, How? Half a horse's 


p X\ adah, A roosting-perch. 
p jjui'ji adhafi, Haifa gold mohar. 
A *Jsjl ad/iam, Old, blackish. Red, 

A t^ojl adlb, Courteous, learned. 

A teacher. 

A Jojl arf^, A spring of water. 
p yt^jl oS5/i, Fire, 
p *jjl ocffm, The face, 
p yjajjj (u&ndahy The rainbow. 
P <U>j} adinah, Friday. 
A Jl iz, When. Indeed. If. Al. 

ready. L ! 


A i^\ azz, Amputatidii. 

A Ul z, Behold. 1 jt eia, Trouble, 

loss, tyranny, injury. 
A e^-vclj^ izataf, Publication, di. 

t) Liquefaction. 
A t-sUl :/, The ear. 
A <>ta^ izdkat, Giving one to drink. 

A &\J\ i'zullat Depression. 

A ^Ujl azan, Invitation, indication. 

-C-^J! coW, A wild bull, a long 

p j J I aior, Fire. Thunder, light- 

ning. An awl. The 9th month. 
p ^pl d'zarbu, Name if a red flower; 

also its root. 
p ^l^.JI a'zurkhash) Thunder; a 


p (j~jS( dzaras, A salamander. 
v j^-^JjiJt azarshab, The angel of 

fire. Fire, lightning. 
p ^_ -^-.M azarkushb) A worship- 

per of fire. 

p t^Ll;^ azarshin, A salamander. 
p ^ j ! azarltU) The leaves of the 

p \J~* Jl azarfish, A fire-worship. 

uzarrang, Bright, red. 

Confused. Difficult. Vexation. 
P (J*j>j^\ azarnosh, A place where 

they worship fire. 
A ^i\ i'zra^,, Talkativeness. Em- 

bracing. Measuring. 
w fj\ (draw, Equity. Respect. 

Courtesy. Dignity. Proving. 
P y^j^' azarin, A canopy. 
p Uvij-^ azaryun) Red. flame-co. 


A ^{s.^ iztan, Obedience. Intellect. 

A^jl^jl azkar, Piaises of God. 

A Ji!o! izluly Contempt, misery. 

Mode, state. 

A ^jj! azla/i, Pointed. Eloquent. 
A t yi\ uzn. An ear. A handle. Leave. 
A &jj\ azanat, A leaf, blade of corn. 

Small. Savoury (meat). 
A 1?^ j\ azzca/j Having a short chin or 


A c-Aao^ i'zhab, Going, ordering. 
A ^Jl ci?, Vexed, injured. Loss. 

Skittish (a camel). A wave. 

A L^-oJ^ ttzii/at t Oppression, hurt, 

loss, wrong, 
p jjij JT azish, A piece of wood at 

the threshold. Fire. 
p ^jJt azm, Custom. A solemnity. 
P fcJ<3\ azinah) Friday. 
P J\ ar, orjU, Bring thou. j\ If. 

*j\ irr, Fire. Arr, Kindling, 
Shouting. Compulsion. 

A \J\ ara, An ornamentor ; adorn- 

A Cl^y iraati Showing, exhibiting. 

A <Hj\J\ araba/i, A carriage, cart. 

p ^.^.c-J^i arabcht, A carter. 

A iy arubat. Acute, intelligent, 
skilful. Industrious. 

A ij\j\ iras, Fii-. Fuel. 

A ~\j\ arraj, A liar, sycophant. 

A j\ ara.tA, A wild ox. A deer. 

p L )^\J\ ard/chidan, To cease, de- 
sist, rest. 

4\j\ ardd, An angel, the lucky day of 
the month, i. e. the 25th day. 

A CJJ^ irddaty Desire, purpose, 
will, affection. 


arazal. Low. Banditti. 
arar, A sound to call cattle. 
T araslat; A swallow. 
arastagi, Ornament, order. 
'T arasjan, To adorn, polish, 
decorate, put in order. 

arfistah, Adorned, 8cc. 
A J^j] uralt. The yellow jaundice. 


A s\,\ iral'dl. Effusion, shedding. 
A %s\j\ ariiku, A species of wild 

A i^J\,\ ara/{, A kind of tree. 

A l| ,1 aralta, A kind of nut. 


p ,4^,1 arum, Rest. Sleep; a dream. 
A d-o\j\ aranril, Widowed. Dis- 
tressed. Single. The poor, 
p ^<Xjlxl^l aramariidan. To quiet ; 

to set at rest, to contend, 
p (o^ti! (iramdan, To rest, repose, 
p , 2~<\t\ aranrish, Quiet, repose. 
r j&sc\j] uramjifir^ A lazy person. 

A sluggard. 

p ilCc^l aramgaki A place of rest, 
p i*c\j\ firamt, Tranquillity, peace, 
p ( j+\j\ aramidan, To rest, cease, 

desist, settle. 

p &+*\ ,! aranitdah, Quieted, calmed. 
A j^)\j\ iran, Lively. Boasting. A 

bier. A den. A sword. 
A J$j\ uram, A kind of grain. 
A LJ\J\ aranh/at, (A tree' 'iavir\g a 

tall trunk. 
A \ab\j\ oro/ja/, A body c f men, under 

40, living without women. 
P (^^yV.^ orayumdanj To adorn. 
P \ t fj( araysh, An ornament. 
P ij\j\ aray, Decoration, 
p ^<XJ^I arayidan,) To adorn, 
p fcXjJJtl arayidah, Ornamented. 

A <^j\ arb, The fore-finger, index. 

Want. Sly, wise. Corrupted. 


A &jj\ irbat, Want, indigence. 
A &jii urbal, A knot. Business. A 

collar, or necklace. 
A <\)j\ arbad, Of the colour of dust 

(an ostrich). 

A jjij^ arbash, Various-coloured. 
A ^ij\ arbat., Four. 
A \M \ arbuf-a, Thursday. A tent- 


A u^o^ arbatfina, Forty. 
p jjjj^ arbud, A guava (fruit). 
A ^j>\\ urban. Earnest-money. The 

A i^U^ irbiyun, A kind of fish. A 

pot-herb. A prawn, lobster. 
A <Lj ,1 urbiyal, The top of the 

A tj\ irat, A fire-place, chimney. 

A CJjl arolft Stammering. 
A c\jj\ or/at, A multitude. 
A b\Jt\ irtibalj A connexion, chain. 

A IssrM /;, Hope- Hoping. 

/{;/, Speaking extempore. 

A (Jls*^ irlihal, Emigration, death. 
A Jj\ arlakh, Dry, parched (skin). 
A A\&jj\trlidad, Apostacy. Refusing, 


A ,Lj,^ irlisam, Distinguished. 
A liy irtisha. Corruption, bribery. 
A jLjl irlisad, Expecting, strength. 
A LdJjl zr/jza, Acquiescing, approv- 


A L-j[*Jj\ irtif&b, Frightened. Alarm. 
A t\jjj\ irlifat, Elevation. Ab- 



p Uu^ irtika. Addition, increase, 

A tJj} irlikab) Expectation, un- 

A ^pUiJ\ irtitdsh, An engagement, 
joining in battle. 

A &j\ irtika, Confidence, trust, 

A c- &>j\ irtikab, Commission, un- 

A Jjj! artal, Worn, consumed. 

A &jj\ artant, A shop. A bro- 
thel. A library. 

A c-A-J^ artiyab, Doubt. 

A -tej] vrtfyah, Gladness, alacrity. 

A ij t \ Vs, Inheritance. A root 5 
firmness. The residue. Ashes. 

A jj\ ursat, A limit, boundary. A 
plain. Fuel. Pie-bald. 

p j\ arj, Price, value, esteem. 

A .j\ arj;, Fragrant. Causing quar- 
rels. An aera, 

A <--j\-j\ arjab, Intestines. The 7th 
month of the Mahometan year. 

A %\?-j\ irja^, Return. 

A ^U-;^ arqjan, Causing strife. 

A j>j\ aiy'az, A weak camel. 

A &>-j\ arjilal, Infantry, 

v ^j\ arjan, A fabric. A hay-fork. 

p Jkx*>^ arjimand, Rare, precious, 

p ^*>"^ arjazsun. Purple. Meal. 

A 4>-y~/ arjuhat) A small image or 

p d&J>-J\ archang, Defeat. 

A -j\ arahh, Broad or large-footed. 
A &~s>-j\ arhiyati A mill, mill-stone. 
A ~j\ urkh, A bullock. 
A \j\ irkha, Giving the reins, re- 

\ arkftat, A heifer. An epoch. 
S-j\ arkhandah) A red dye. 
p Jjl ard, Flour. Ard, The 25th of 

the Persian month, 
p Jjjt arda-a, Unbelieving. 
A uJ!^ /rrfrtf, Riding behind. 
P j!j>l ardaW) A demon, evil genius, 
p 'uj^l ardba, A kind of pottage. 

A <L 1 J^ irdabbat, An aqueduct, 
p jJ J;1 urdabur^ A kind of green co- 
i> i^-vL^ ardabafiisht, The 2nd 

W ^/ 

Persian month, April. The third 
of the month. 

pj-jjj^l ardbtz, A sieve, scarce, 

p ,j/, ardi?, Juniper. 

p tj^4j\ ardajan, Certain figures in 

p <!JWj;T drdahalah , A kind of milk- 

p d,24j\ arddulah, A beautiful green 

P JV""~/ (Strong lion, milk and 
flour). A king's name> 

A *L)J\ ardam t A skilful seaman. 

p .^j\ ardan, A strainer. Raw silk. 
The oxyacanth. A fruit. 

A *6j\ ardanj, Black leather. Vi- 

F j^j\ urdu, A camp. 

p ^^j\ardwan^ (or ^bj,!), (Strong 
guard), A prince's name. 

p xjj\ arda/i^ A mill-stone. A mill. 
Flour. A kind of gruel. 

p 4b>jJ ardahdlah^ Milk-pottage. 

p <^JJ;1 ardtnah, A kind of gruel. 

A jj\ ar'i, The pine, cedar, pitch, ju. 
niper. Ariz, Contracting. 

rjy\ari, Price. Quantity. Esteem. 

A j^t tr*s,^razj), Rice. 

A $jj\ arzat, Riches, effects, move- 


A +\jj\ irzam, Murmur, rattle, 
p ^jj* arzan, Of small value. 
p ^&>\jj* arzamdan, To be of value. 

To be bought cheap, 
p jjJuili^ arzayanidan, To render 

valuable. To make cheap. 
A C- ijj\ irzab, Short, compressed. 

A L]\ ir'iabbat, A large mallet. 

A 'xjj\ arlat, Cedar, pine. A lynx. 

r tp> \j\ariish, Price, value, Sec. of it. 

A jjijW'zflJ, Azure, cerulean. 

' UJJ* ar * an > Millet. A name of a 
hard tree. Stars, sparks. 

p ^ru \\ arzanm, Bread made of millet. 

p jjjT ar'zu, Desire, will, love. 

p &~c*jj\ ar'iumand, Desirous, eager, 
fond, avaricious, wishful. 

p ^iX^jjjl ar'zumandi, Desire, wish. 

p r>Jj^ ur'ilr (or Ujj! arzti) , Tin, 

A jjjj\ ir'zK, A trembling. Hoar- 
frost. Small hail, sleet. 

p j^ijjjl rzM, Price, value, esteem. 

p {*ftejji arztdan t To be worth. 

p tgyj* arjan, A species of bitter 

p j^yl aro5, The juniper tree. 

A ^-,1 array, The bank of a river. 
Ars, Ploughing. 

A \*j\ trsfi, Firm. Fixing. Land, 
ing at a port. 

A c- A-J;^ zrjtod, Having sunk eyes. 

A Ls^ arsagh) The footlock joints. 

A JL,^ fr5/, An embassy, expedi- 
tion, dispatching. 

p ,^~4j\ arast, The upper part of 
pack-saddles, Plump (hips). 

p j>X~.-j\ arasldan, To adorn. 

p tA-;\flra5/an, To dispose, regulate, 

p ~ij\ arrsju, A domestic swallow. 

A ^j\ arsahy Meager. Deformed, 
ugly (woman). 

p ijLy] arslan^ A lion. A surname. 

p ( j^j\ arson. An assembly, com- 
pany, congregation. - 

A **i*)\ arsusat, A cap, hat, bonnet. 

A ^ij\ arsa'y May God confirm. 

A ij2>j\ arsh, A mulct ; an expiation. 
Quarrel. A bribe. Instigation. 

p ^>j\ arish, A measure. The warp 
of cloth. 

A 3\J*j\ irshad, Directing, convert- 
ing. Guiding. Ordering. 

A ilXi^l arshal, A soporific herb. 

P ,.r^ arshan, A cloud. 

A ^f>J\ arass, Having the thigha 

close. Having the teeth shut. 
A Ju>j\ arsad, Observations. 
A <Ley&j\ arsusal, A cap in the form 

of a melon. 
A fjo^arz, The earth. Low. Rheum. 

Tremor. Country, region. 
A \&j\ iVza, Satisfying, gratifying. 
A &*>j\ arazat, A worm. Eaten by 

worms or rust. 

A ^ej\ irzat, Milking, suckling. 
A ^j\ cm, Terrestrial, earthly, 


A \yj\ aril, A reddish colour. 
A 13^,1 r/a, Marriageable (woman). 
A 3bj\ trial, The tree so called. 
A Jiy or/a/, Fleet horse; feeble. 

A t/^ artaw, Griped (a camel). 
A jj^iar/a', A bitter tree, 
p Jj^irjl arfaj/un, Intelligent, sly. 
A J^J\ artflt, Foolish. A weak 


A *s.jt a?'tff?z, Loose, lanquid. 
A y*J=;1 ar'tiisat, A stone in or near 

a well, on which they sit. 
r %j\ aragh, An apricot, a full nut, 

>l arugh, Belching. 

p c-jU^ arghab) The bank of a 

p ^^ arghaj, Yarn, the \voof. 

A jU^ irghad, A windlas, capstan. 

A ,j^\i-j\ arghamun, A web in the 

A (J.ycli^ arghumurii, The wild 

A jFj\ arghaj, Bind- weed. P A long 

. thread. 

p <^j\ arghadu, A long rope. 

p iXc,^ arghad, More or most plea- 
sant. Arghada* God grant. 

p *.j\ arghadah, Covetous. Atten- 
tive. Savage. Confused. 

A Jjijl arghal, An easy, agreeable 

P ^*^ arghamjt A long thread. 

P f^**S^ arghamchl) A long rope. 

P ^f-} arghan, A musical organ. A 
virgin unblemished. 

P ^^ arghanjy A long thread. 

p &*i.j\ arghand, Covetous. Intrepid. 
Testy. Desirous. 

p *3~j\ arghandah, The same 


r i^li^ arghanb, A shop, library. 
Brothel, seraglio. 

y-^ ctrghanun, A song. 
p (J\jzJ\ arghazvan,A tree. A flowery 

'j>\fy\ urgha&arii, Red, purple. 
i^jzj\ arghun, A musical organ. A 
wild horse. 

jj.Xi/! arghldan, To quarrel. To 
become hard, to wax dry. 
A uJ/1 wof, Land-marks, boundaries. 
A \Jj] irfa, Bringing, drawing near. 
A Jdj\ irfiid) Assisting one another. 
A u*\ij\ irjash) Luxury, intemper- 

A %\jj\ arfagh, Plain, level ground. 
A y\jtj\ iffuh, Enjoyment. Bestowing 

affluence : cherishing. 
A tej\ wfat, A boundary, land-mark. 

A knot. 

A Jj^ arfal, Dressing or doing awk- 

p Jij! ark, A canal. Arab, sleepless. 
A lii^ irkd, Causing tears, perspira- 
tion, &c. 
p j)\j>j\ arkutu, A sort of long shirt or 

A t-J\Jj\ iriqf, Tremor, trembling, 

terror. / 

A +\jij\ arkam,) Books, writings. 
A ^>j\ arakan^ Mildew. Jaundice. 

king's evil. 
9 t,f\-*j\ irlayi, Rebellion, disobe. 

A c--^ arkab t A lion. Having a 

thick neck. 
A ^j\ arkash) An insect. A ca. 

ravan, A specked serpent. 
A \3$j\ arkat) Variegated (a goat, 8cc). 
p ^j\ arktin^ Dew, misling rain. 
A &s>j\ ar/ichah t A compound of per- 

A C-. tjj\ artub, A troop riding upon 


A <3,| urJat, Solitude. Does, deer. 
P +j\ warn. Fabulous gardens in the 

East, celebrated by the poets. 
A *j\ arant) A vine. Iram, A target, 

goal. Gravel. Arim, Any. 
A U^ arma, Desert, empty. Urma, 


^ armaS) Old, worn out. 
armat, A species of cinna- 
p ^jl^.! drmdn, Desire. A sigh. 

Penitent. A Old, rotten. 
r ^JujUjI drmdrudan, To sigh. 
A <Lj\ arimat) A tooth. 
A J^ armad, Ash coloured. Hav- 
ing pain in the eyes. Hurtful. 
T (jtX^I aramdan. To rest, 
p j*j\ Urmuz, A name of the planet 

p U U*^ flrwjagAaw, A present, gift, 

p ilCe^l aramgah^ A place of rest. 

Delight. A mansion. 
A J*ej! armal, Widowed. Poor. (A 

year) barren. Indigent., 
p ^anrian, (for ^/tj, If. 
r XM*<J\ armandah, Rest, peace. A 

mediator, a peace maker. , 
p uyeji armun, Earnest. The prime 

cost. Experience, 
p iJw^l araniidah, Quiet, rested, 

r ^&~oj\ aramidagt, Rest, quiet. 


p (j&~<j\ dramidan^ To rest, repose. 
P ^J\ dran (or ^) A cubit, the 

elbow. Arin, Brisk, lively. 
A u\jj\ irnan, Resounding, crying out. 

>\ trnab, A hare. 
arnabTz, A kind of herb. 

A &Jj\ urndt, New cheese. Drinkable. 
A grain. Den. 

p *j\ dranj, The elbow. 

p iJJ^l drandah, A porter, carrier. 

p L-&j\ arang, Colour. Manner. 
Like. A victory. 

A t (i! uru, Deception, fallacy, im- 

p jj\ dru, (or ^1 ), A honey-bee. 

p ~-jj\ aroj, Juniper tree. 

p i^$])j\ ar&dyi, A species of paper. 

A j%>! aruz, Firm, steady. Covetous. 

p ^1 arugh, Yawning. A large 
owl. A day. Belching. 

^Jjjl arwaTit A kind of fine paper. 

A AJJ] arwwz, An origin, stock. 

A <i*)j\ arumat, A kind of tree. A 
root, stock, origin. 

p jjjjT arwn, Choleric. 

A (.)jj\ arun, Cheerful, active. 
Poison. Elephants' brains. 

A ^Ujjl aneandn. Sound. 

A dj\j*,\ arvtandnat) Severe, painful. 

p J^jj\ anzand^ Care, prudence. 
Proof. Price. Notice. Elegance. 
Height. Proportion. 

p i^t^.^jl ar&andidan. To be lazy, 

A ^J\ arwa', Drink, pure water. 

A &)J\ arsiyat^ The same, also bag- 
gage ropes. 

p *j\ ara/i, The root of the teeth. 

p *j\ arrah) A saw. 

p (ji^ arrahlash, A sawyer. 
A \bj\ irhd, Supplying with meat and 

A C-Albi! afhabj Timid birds. Irhdb, 

Frightening (camels). 
A -Afc^/Mq;, Raising (dust). Rain- 

ing much. Smoky (house). 
A ^Ijbi! irhas, Building. Propping. 

Lame. Bestowing. 
A i Jl&i! trfyttfi Making thin, shar- 

pening a sword. 

ha!;, Bringing near. Com- 

pelling. Troubled: dilatory. 
A *lfcj1 irhnm, Pledging. Estab- 

lishing. Burying the dead. 
p Jub,\ irhad, A species of grain. 
A ,Jbj\ ar/tam, Better watered. 
p i_;! an, (or $j\), Yes, so also. A 

A jCjl try, A stable ; a manger. Ary, 

(A bee) making honey. Binding. 
A u_jL'j1 arydf, Planted, improved. 
A L_-^-|J' arib, Intelligent, cunning. 
A Ljj\ aribat, A large kettle. 
A j\ ar/j, Diffusing odours. 
r Jo^j itojl arid band, A kind of 

drug like a cut onion. 
A jjj\ arir, A shout of victory, 


A jjj\ ariz, Frost, hoar-frost, rime. 
A ,~) \ arts, A ploughman. A 


A ^j-Jj^ arisi, A ploughman. 
P (j^O arish, The warp of cloth. 
A (jai^ ariz, Broad. Worthy. Pure. 
A \sJ_J\ ant., Begetting no children. 
? ^Jj\ arigh, Aversion, abhorrence. 


A uJo t\ ariA, A throne, sopha. 
F tyUJ tjj\ aritah, nasJun, Sitting 

on a throne. 
A '&ij\ arilal, Health, healing. A 

throne, alcove, sopha, 

A ^j\ arim, One, any one. 
p Jl az, Desire, love. Avarice, 
p j\ az, From, of, for, by, out of, 
with. A J i A bear. 

A j\ a'zz, Shaking. Burning. Fire, 
Power. Pulse. Mixture. 

A \j\ aza, Supporting life. A situa- 
tion. A canal. A cause, prop. 

A s t \j\ azahu, From his country. 

p ^->Ut azab, A bachelor. A re- 

p ^lu-j^ azabistan, New levies. 

p J^jl azad, Free. Noble. Innocent. 
A maid. 

p XA\j\ azadah, Free, without care. 
Excellent, liberal, noble. 

p t/^)jU azadi, Liberty. Praise. 

p j\j\ azar, Trouble, sickness. 
Chiding, affronting. 

p A J\j\ tzar, A veil : covering. A 
woman. Chaitity. A sheep. 

p jjj^jl azardan, To hurt, offend. 
Oppress, vex, injury. 

P (j^jty azdrish, Molestation. 

p ^\*J\j\ azarmand, A sick or in- 
firm person. 

p c^jjl azari, Like azar; also Sick, 

A \\j\ azaz, A bubbling noise. 

p \j\ azagh, Any thing black and 
viscous inside. 

A c^-JU izalal, Removing. Causing 
to efface. Recovery, cure. 

p JOxc^j I azarnand, A miser, covetous 

p ^\ jT az an, Without honour. 
(JJ\)\ dzdhilt, A fleet horse. 

p ^ijjjT azdytsh, A trial, proof, 


A C-^ azt&> Illiberal. Tall. Tib, 
Short, contemptible. 

A t^>j\ azabb, Hairy. Luxuriant. 
A <5jj1 azbat, Calamity, sterility. 
p Jj\ dzbar^ By heart. 
T j>j\ azbaz, Ingenious, sagacious. 
A ,fJ\\ ctiba', Exorbitance. Uzbt, 

An evil. Swiftness, alacrity, 
p -j\azaj\ An arcade, petulant. 
A ^j\ azak, Ah ! alas ! a sigh. 

p j\ azakk, A led horse. A wart. 

P (J^l dztask, Lightning, a thun- 

A \jj\ dzda, Acting equitably, de- 
serving well. 

A /Wt>j! izdaham, A concourse, 
crowd, mob, multitude. 

A \)<3j\ izdira, Scorn, contempt. 

p \j u^wjjl dzdast, fara, Unlea- 
vened bread. 

P uJj^ a'zdaf, A medlar. A black 
wild plum. The hare catcher. 

P ^Jj\ aidan, To sew, to prick. 

p jjt>jl tzdan, The oxyacanth. 

p jjj\ didu, The sweet gum of a tree. 

p (^)<^jJj^ azdudan, To polish. 

A -\jJ^ izdizcaj, Matrimony. 

p *Jj! azdah, Any thing pierced. In 
letters of gold. Empty. Darkness. 

A jbiJjWz<%ad, Increase accession. 

r jj\ azar, Fire. A quarrel. Value. 
The back, loins, waist, 

^ jj\ diar, A circuit, cincture. 
Strength. Weakness. Aiding. 

*jj\ izar, A root. The middle. 

r (j^^^j' azurdanidan, To cause 

f (z)3jfi ttiurdan, To injure, vex, 
rebuke, disgust, offend. 

A JiJjI azurdagan, Injured, af. 

llicted persons. 

A fj$jj\ azurdagi, Grief, pain. 
A *jyl aiurdah, Afflicted, 
p ^jj\ dzrat, Blue, blue-eyed. Lim- 
P (jj^j' aiargun. Yellow, bright, 

ruddy, flame coloured, 
p *.jl aiarm, Modesty. Courtesy. 

Probity. Excuse. Justice. 
A *j\\ a'.ram, A cat. A kind of 

A bj\ dzaf, Beardkss. 
A (^.**Cj\ dz^abt Short, mean. 
P j! dzugh, Lopped off. Rotten. 
tj\i\ dzghar, Ignoble, vile. The 

A Jlcjl izghal, Flowing. Voiding. 

Feeding (as a bird). 
A &ji\\ diifat) The day of judgment. 
A aljjl dzfalati A crowd, troop. 
A i_J;l az<^, To approach, haste. 
P (L\&J>j\ azfandal, The rainbow. 
A ^j] u'ifa') Haste, expedition, ala- 
A ^j\ aztt, Trdubled ; overpowered. 

Distress. Short. 
A (j\Jj\ dzkan, Assisting (in carrying 


p jjvj] dzkan, Grief, anguish, 
p ^j\ iiltan, Teaching. Guessing. 
A Lj1 (izltya, The good. Conve- 

A Jjl dial, Eternity, (having n 


p Jjl azzY, Distressed. Scarcity. 
A ( Jj\ dzalt, God. Eternity. Eternal. 
A +j\ dzim, Abstinent, Barren. Ad. 

hering. Avoiding. Biting. 
p Uj\ aimat Skilled, experienced. 

p ^bjl uzman) Penitence, regret, 


P <J>\^>j 1 azmatii, Anexperiment, proof, 
p ^JuJ vc;| azmamdan, To regret, to 

cause to regret. 
i> i^tcjl azmayish, An experiment, 

proof, endeavour, trial. 
p tjj**;! azmayi, Experience. 
A ^>j\ azamal, An entrance, a gate. 

One meal. Distress. 
p sjf*j\ azmurdah, Desirous. Lazy, j 

Lost, left, dismissed. 
P J^eji LTzmuzd, Jupiter. 
A <^cj\ azmal, Sound. *LJ\ dzma- 

lal, Many, much. Worn out. 
p iXi^cj! azmand) Desirous, covetous. 
P (J?^f*j\ azmudage, Experience, 

skill, ' 
f ()f<j\ uzmiulan, To try, prove, 

A itV<j! azmudak) Tried, proved, 


A dycj\ izmazcl, Bleating (as a goat). 
azmun, A proof, trial. 

A (J-^ei! azmil, A paring-knife. A 
pike. A mallet. 

A \jj] Ana, Causing to fly for refuge, 
to mount or ascend. 

A ,^jl azankh, A pennant, band- 
roll or streamer. 

P *j\ azu.) The grinders or fangs. 

A J\jj^ a'zzcal. Elegant, ingenious. 
Active, strong. Wonders. 

P uf^J^ azzsayt, A black, bitter In- 
dian earth used in medicine. 

A ^ azuh. Restive. Narrow- 
minded. Failing, falling. 

A jjj! azzrar, An army. 

A ^rjl^ lizwash) Proud, conceited. 
J^j^ u'ja/',Approaching, hastening. 

p <*Jjjl uzuJiah Provisions, victuals. 

A ,jji azum, Adhering. Champing. 
Hard. Barren. Attached. 

p 8j\ azah, Lime, clay, plaster, 

A J\*>j\ jihad. Conjecturing, estimat- 
ing. Poor. 

A^b^ azhar, White, brilliant, evi- 

A ^jj \ d'zl, Vehement, sultry. Shrunk, 
deceiving. Comprehended. 

A <-JL>J^ aiyuf, Clipt or bad monies. 

A t-^Vj^ dzyab, Alacrity. Cheerful. 
Terror. A bastard, Water. 

p \jj\ a'itra, (for \j ,), Because. 

p Xj)j\ a'zirah, A mattock, beetle, 
smith's hammer. 

A.Jjl fl'wzi A thunder ing, ( crashing. 
Thunder. Frigid. Rapidity. 

A *.jjl a'iaytj A sign, flag. A di- 
rection-post, a mile-stone. 

A j-Jj^ dzigh, Aversion. A saddle 
cover. Loathing. 

A *jj^ azyam, (A camel) having no 

p <Ujj! a'zmah) A hammer. A small 
file. A beating; pulse. 

p j| ajj Ingenious, learned. Absti- 
nent. ?1 aj, Rest, ease. 

p j\ ajakh, A wart or mole. A cut- 
ting of a vine. 

p ,4j\ ajdar, A dragon. Fabulous 

P *j\ ajdum, A felt-cloth put under 

p ^j\ ajdan, A variegated eagle. T 
sew, pierce. To dye. 

p +\s>jj\ ajdaham, The variegate 

A ^j\ ajlian^ Grief,' anguish. 



p d~j\ ajfil, The medlar-tree and 


p &\ aj'gan, A slip. Lazy, dull. 
P liAt$' ojSahan, Like the foregoing : 

also vain, false. 

P fgj\ tijunj, Rheums about the eyes, 
p jJ^T ajand, Plaster. Crooked. 

Muffled. A frown. More, 
p /j'^^'tl ajandariidan, To cause 

to sew. 
p jJt! ajandah, Bruised, brayed. 

Perforated. Excavated. 
p (^J}1 ajandan, To prick, dig, 

sew, file, fold, understand. 
p tlj;l /"-' -^ wrinkle, frown. 

Hatred. An image, 
p tjj\ ajanah, A fore-tooth. A loose 

p jjJ^ *3;1 ajanah liar dan ^ (Steraere 

lectum). To cover the table, 
p j^jT Hjur 5 Ingenious, perfect. 

p Pjj I ajugh, Mouldiness, hoariness. 


p <*J;?t tijunahi Contrary, inversely. 

p ^Jbj\ ajhan, Lazy, idle. A trifle. 

p f j\ ajikh, Gummy exsudations 

from the eyes 

p ji/ ' 

shrewd. Swift. A kettle. Boil- 
ing. Pious ; chaste ; a virgin. 

p ij~\ 05, Soft, tender. A mill- 
stone. Hairy. Pointed. 

A (j-\ M55, A basis. The heart. The 

p LJ| asa, Gaping, yawning, stretch. 

A Lsl as a. Curing. Making peace. 

A medicine. 

<wa-o/, An offence, crime, 

A &J~i\ isadat, A cushion, pillow. 

4ssadi, One of the tribe of 

/w", Intelligent, learned, 

A iU, MOT, Binding, captivity. Tak- 

ing prisoner. A chain. 
A Sj\~i\ isaral. A leathern belt or 

A ^jjU, asarun, Wild spikenard, 


A ij~\~:\ 0505, A foundation, basis. 
A ^Lt\ asasaniit A wild strawberry. 
A u^scL;! isatal, Proposing. Caus- 

ing to observe. Letting loose. 
A uJU osrt/, Name of an ancient 

idol of the pagan Arabians. 
A U asafat, Grief, pain, servitude, 

A <3U 05a/a<, Projecting, promi- 

A ALi\ isalaJi, Diffusing. Granting, 


A cwcLsl asamaf, A lion. 
u ^L:^ asami) A defendant, debtor. 
p ^L-l a5ow, Easy, commodious. 


p (JLJ 5a/2<, Facility, ease. 
A C^jU nsiueat, Medicine, the me- 

dical art. 

A (jrtLd 5/irri, Grieving, sad. 
p ,^UT asayj Like. Ease, quiet. 
p ^JuibLT asayantdan t To pacify. 

To praise. To lift up. 
p yljLT asayish, Ease, rest, repose, 

p (^Ow-LJ asayidan. To rest, to 

p t_^ s6 (or c-^-.-l a/./') A horse. 


l &&, An effort. A nail, claw, 


A c-~->~j isb t The fundament, pubes. 
A ^l*-^ isbaL, Completing, finishing. 
p ^l^-jl asbatan, The seed of the 

wild rue. 
A iSj^s-rH asabjunah, A foal. A 

wild ass. 

A 9**~>\ asbut, A week, 
p Ll/UL*1 ispanaf;, Spinnage. 
p J^1 isparad, Coagulated, curdled. 

Jelly. " 
p ^J^^A us parish. Complete. Per. 


P *Zj*~*\ ispargham, Name of an herb. . 
P C^rtMil isparit, A dying herb. 
P <->^wji asparud) A species of aquatic 

p t^j+d t'spari, Complete, entire. 


p ^^j^Ji as parts, A race-course, 
p ^~-~jl u ?JP u lt A. louse, A small 


P cu --el us pus t, Trefoil, clover. 
P jjyc*^ ispaghul, Seed of flea- wort. 

The water-lilv. Glue. 

p <Jj-u^ aspala/f, Whistling. 

p <Uol aspak, A colt under one year 

P <X-^ e'i^erf, White. 

p yJu*J tspedba, A kind of broth. 
P (jj U.-VMJ! 05 pz 56z, The Hippopo- 


p ^5^:1 aspayush, Indigestion. 
P (C^w! Z5/, The buttocks, hips. 
A ui^-j^ as I, Former ages, eternity. 
P c^v-ol asl or lx-j^ ^f5/, Praise. Ista, 

Supine. Naked. Falling (wall). 
P \z~i\ Usta, (Avast a) t A commen- 


ista^ The warp in the loom. 


istakh, Impudent, bold. A 


P jlx-s! ustad, A master. An artifi. 

cer. Ingenious, celebrated. 
p j.jjuitatul istadanidan, To fix, 

make to stand. 
p ^J\^J\ ustadgt, A trade. Mas- 

p jjjb--j^ tstadan, To stand, stop, 

p ^jls*^ ustadi, An art, trade, 

p jk~i\ astar (orji~>\), Lining. A 

p &>~jz~i\ tslarjah; A spark of fire. 

p &j\z~t\ islarah, A star. 

p JTJJ^sJl istaiandah) A book ascribed 

to Abraham. 
A (_JUJ </5/o/, Scentd. 

islal&Sj A kind of long 


ustagar, A master, a skilful 

p +\z~}\usjam, Faith. A prop, pillar. 

A prince, patron. 
p jjlxu! asldn, A threshold. A royal 


istandan. To stand. To 

take, accept. To bear, bring forth. 
A i _ wturf! islanif, Beginning, renew- 


A <^U*J tstibahalj Indulging. 
A <cLxi! tslibd^atj Exposing to sale, 


p .jLwMdl islabdn^ Seed of the wild rue. 
A jlJux^-1 islibdad, Despotism, usurp- 

ation. Obstinacy. 

A JlJuxJ istibdal, Changing, desir- 

ing to change. 
rj^\ istabar^ Great, thick. A 

weight of 4000 drains. 
A \jzJ\isiibra. Discharged, released, 

T ^sj* i^c*-:!, To produce, to ex- 

A Jf*1 istabrali, A thick shot 

A jLiwO^I istibshar^ Instructing. 

A ja-x islibsar, Looking closely. 

Examining," considering. 
A \bg&~>] istibla, Delaying, expecting. 

Dull, lazy. 
p (jJ/ Uux^ To preserve, keep 

A Jli&xJ istiskal) Oppression, im. 

A UicJ isltsnU) Exception, distinc- , 

tion. Praise. 

A c-As-M istijab, To be worthy. 
p e^ols-M isjijabal, Receiving a 

petition. Consenting. 
A ^IsM isttjarah, Hiring. Asking 


A ajlscM islijazah, Asking leave. 
A t fLs*" 1 ] istylab) Attraction. 
A ^U^-'l isltjmat., Convened, as- 

A ijls?^! islihatoh, Declining, shun- 

ning, flying from. 
P jjjJi JlsHl To be impossible, to 

be absurd. 
A c_. JUar^l fslikbab, Contracting 

friendship, loving. 
A jjL^s-M istihsan, Approving, 

A tJLzsr-'l tslihsaf, Confirmed. A 

stitch. Adversity.- 

A JLaLsr~' istihsaly Acquiring, col- 

A jUisr^l Calling, citing, summon. 


A sr isjihfaz, Remembering. 

A^Us^l istiMdr, Despising, villi- 

A jUsH istihltat!, Merit, capacity. 

A jlisr"^ istihkari) Prescribing a 

A A&sr-'! islihkam^ Strength, de- 

fence, securing, promoting. 
A \sz~>\ islihlii, Happening, agree- 

ably, agreeable. Dressing. 
A uJils:"*! islihlaf, Adjuring, swear. 

ing solemnly. 
A JlsT"! istihlal, Holding or making 

A JUsr^l islihmal, Toleration. Pa- 

tience. Resignation. 
A ,*Usr -- ^ isiihmam, Washing the 

body, bathing. 
> LsM istihya, Blushing. Letting 

live. Modesty. 
A 'jf~*\ astakh, A goat. 
A fe&*\ istikhar, Praying for suc- 

cess, petitioning. 
AjUsrH istikhbar. Interrogating, 

desiring advice. 
A j^Jki-H islikhdam, Employing. 

Asking employment. 
p J s~ H >\ istakhr, A lake, pool, ditch. 
A ^js~*\ istilchrqf, Extracting. 

Choosing. Expelling. 
A uJUsr-"*] istikhfiifi Despising. 

A ^isr-'l islikhlas, Liberating. 

Pure. Purity, integrity. 

A (.Jls?-^ islikhlaf. Leaving pos- 

terity. Leaving behind, 
p jlfcS-"-"'! uslukli(in t A. bone, kernel. 

Furniture. Skeleton. 
A $^Jo~j\ istidarah, Surrounding. 

Round, circular. 

A wJ^JoJ istiilarat, Comprehen- 
sion, penetration. 
A ci-vJjc-J istidamat, Assiduity. 

Steady, eternal. 
A &j\ te~t\ istidanah^ Asking payment, 

desiring to borrow. 
fcjUjoJ islidbfir, Returning, retir. 

ing, following, 
p ^,Jc ;! istidraji Advancing by 

degrees. Removing, letting fall. 
A j\j<\~~.'\ islidrar, Sending hastily 

one after another. Giving. 
A u/^JC>1 istidrd^ Comprehending, 

obtaining, restoring. 
A Ir-Aw^ tslidtfi, Praying for bless- 
ing. Blessing. 
A J^Jo-j^ isjidlal, A demonstration, 

proof. Perception, 
p ^Jfi.J istadan. To arise, stand, to 

work standing. 
A J^JCw^ islizlal, Disgraced ; hum. 

ble. Despising, 
pyua! astar. Lining of a garment. 

A star. A mule. A harrow. 
A U^*4p**! islirahat, Quiet, repose; 

pausing. Ceasing. 
A (j^n*-^ istirmi;^ Stealing, robbing. 
p \>j<~>\ aslarbd (r (jb^Ls'J, A 

A Is-n-J islirja, Begging, supplicat- 

ing, requesting. 

A ^f^^^ *f^0b Applying to God 
in affliction. Asking or taking 
back. Returning to a pUce. 

? U--L-4 istirkha, Languid, loose. 

A ^js\s>-^i\ istirkhaS) Leave, dismis- 
sion, asking leave. 

A JW/w! islirdad, Demanding resti- 
tution. Repelling. 

p j^J^-sl uslurdan. To shave, erase. 

p b J,-uJ isfiridiya, An oyster. 

A l^fWii isHrza, Wishing or endea- 
vouring to please. 

A a\jj^i\ islirfah, Reposing, rest- 

A JjlJs/u^ istirial/i Captivity. Tj|in. 
Condoling. Debasing. 

A d/^puj^ istii'Ka^ Slender, weak. 
Silly. Unwholesome. 

A *\*cfd~i\ istirmam, Requiring re- 
pair. Wishing to amend. 

A (jJ^usi astarmult) The ostrich, or 
camel- bird, 

P L-^J/UW! istarang, Mandragora, 
mandrake. Barren. 

p ^jj*~>\ istarun-t A barren woman. 
The eglantine. 

p ^uJ aslurah, A razor. 

A jljx-il isli'iadj Desiring increase. 

A J^jX-j\ istfzlal, Stumbling, or 
making stumble. Ruining. 

A j^iX-^cl islisdad, Shut, closed. 
Right, straight. 

A U-&J islistii, Striving or endea- 
A jW.Mj..,.^ isttstfld, Deeming lucky. 

Desiring happiness. Fortunate. 
A uJU~.xJ istisfuf, Taking (a hand- 
A liL.-...J wjfc/'fl, Desiring water, rain, 

drink. The dropsy. 
A -L-i~:1 islislam, Submitting, giv- 
ing way to another. 

A &j(^z~i\ islisharat, Consulting. In- 

A clb^uil isltshfat, Asking, begging 

A AW4iv! fsltshmam^ Smelling, per. 
ceiving, investigating. 

A tdfi&J] islishliad, Taking evidence. 
A martyr. 

A Afrjj^ is/tshhar, Wishing for 
fame. Publishing. 

A C-AaS^^W/^-Aaft, Sociable, fa. 

JLsS-J istisah) Ratifying, con- 

\ja~i\ istisrah) Complaining, la- 

A jlaLax^ islisghar, Despising, hold, 
ing low. 

A U^zx-;^ isjisfa, Choosing the best 
part, exhausting. Conciliating. 
islislatt Breaking. 
islisnat) Requiring. 

A L r f\ tM 2^J\ istiszcab, Approving. 

A clAs^-'"*'! isttzttaf, Laughing at, 

A uuoUaaJ isti{abal) Approval. 

Ajlkvrfl islitar^ Delineating, draw. 
ing, writing. 

A ^lkxjl tstitaraty Dispersing, dif- 
fusing. Fleet (horse). 

A LMsQafttJ is/ila-tflf) Power, pos. 
sibility. Dependent. 

A JKfe&Jj islifalat, Extension. Pre- 
vailing. Extolling one's self. 

p jVLi"..-i istilrad) Aiming at one 
thin and getting another. 

A ^k^j! islilla^ Sight, vision. 

A jjiOai-j^, Favour. Divorce. Inde- 

A JiliixJ tslUlal^ Sitting in, seek- 
ing the shade. 

A j(z*Ji istiJiar, Remembering, re- 
citing, instructmg. 

A c^lxi-ii isjizfib) Eradicating. 

A *jlxx-s1 islit&dat, Begging ene to 
repeat.- Turning back. 

A if JUxJ zslitffzat, Flying from evil 
to good. Asking protection. 

A jUxJ isfitiir, Building, erecting. 

A ^U^-j! islitsirat) Borrowing. Dis- 
eased. Building. Solitary-. 

A c^jle^] islitfinal, Asking help. 

A jLaxJ fslitfbdd t Receiving into 
service, subjecting. 

Ajljc^l isf it-bar, Taking a good 

A c-lijl islit-faby Reprehending. 
Requesting. Retiring. 
C-Asf^-M islitjab, Astonishment, 

A jLs*--*! istit-jal, Hastening, im- 

A dsP 5 ""! islitjam, Stuttering. 
Speaking badly. 

A jiJoc^l isli%dad, Skill, worth. 
Skilfull. Worthy. Numbering. 

A <*,AjX^\islitrab, Speaking badly, 
mixing unskilfully two languages. 

A j^Jce^ istitwr, Apology, excus- 

A lkX-j1 islatta, Desiring the male. 

A uJlia*^ islitfaf, Conciliating, 

A A\ia*xJ islitZam) Becoming proud. 

Admiring. Respect. 
A (suc~i\ isjitfa, Asking pardon. 
A uJUjc^i! islitfaf, Abstaining, re- 
straining one's self. 


A iUX-j) isji'jdy Superiority, desiring 

.U-cJ isf.i'z}uj'. Curing, seeking a 

A A^Le^J islitldm, Asking advice, 
or news. 

A ,l*i~j1 tslitfdn, Divulged, made 

A JUx^J fstitmdly Use, usage, 

A ^*xz~i\istifjiay Practising. Asking 

A <^Ui~:\ istighasah, Calling for 

A c-jUjix-:' isjighrdby Admiration, 
amazement, wonder. 

A j ^. ic*J\ islighrdtylmmerjrtd. En- 
grossed. Contemplation. 

AJJJtz~i\ islighfdr, Repentance, de- 

A LixJ islighna. Acquiescing, con- 
tented. Affected, ceremonious. 

A <UxJ islaghah, Pregnant. 

A ^jlc^l tslifadafy Profit, fruit. 
Giving. Pointing out. 

A iLjlcw-;^ islifSzat, Profusion. Re- 
vealing. Flowing. Dying. 

r AjLiUx^ ist-ifaianahy Profusely, Ice. 

A ^U^jl istifan, A wreath. A net. 
tie, thorn, pointed stake. 

A (iiux^i isiifataty Recovering from 

r <UixJ istqfbahy A pregnant woman, 
(or animal). Satan. 

A tux-;! tstiftd, Consulting (a learned 

A jjsjb-ij isliftdky Asking assistance. 
Demandingsurrender. Conquering. 

A LviXirii istifduhy Finding a thing 
difficult or intricate. 

A 6\jfs*A isfifrad, Solitary, fond of 

solitude, singular. 

A j\j&~i\ istifrur, Absconding, flight, 
A ^/^** *. s J*f r aski Vomiting, re- 

jecting. Straining every nerve. 
A jLxxJ istifsar t Asking explana- 

tion, enquiring. 
A f\#c*J\ istifham, An interroga- 

p <L^:! istafih) A pregnant woman 

(or animal). 
A <OUx-:1 istttalai, Wishing to speak 

or to cancel a contract. 
A c^^clii^jl istUamat, Rectitude, 

truth, religion. 

p ^Liix^^ fslilbtih, Detesting, hating. 
A JL^-1 isti/ibal. Futurity. Oppo- 

sition, meeting. 
A fJ\tF*^ istitbdlij Belonging to fu- 

A ^^i^ia-ol istildam, Preceding, ex. 

celling, emulous. 
A jyixJ islttra, Following, travelling. 

A j\jii2~i\ islilrar, Confirmation, stop- 

ping, resting. 
A ^lyix^l istitraz, Borrowing, ask- 

ing to lend. 
A AL.s'.'^J isliksam^ Demanding one's 

portion. Swearing. 
A UaJo-jV istilrsa^ Curiosity, eager 

search. Earnest prying. 
A jLau-1 istifoar, Diminishing, ab. 

A ..g'uai.'^:1 isMsaij Fining. Desir- 


A i.. M M..i istilt'idy Demanding pay- 

ment judicially. 
A jlioia^l t'slMar, Distilling, drop. 

ping, raining. 


islittal, Sovereign authority. 
Independence. Despotism. 

istilanat^ Submission, 


'i isjttbar, Arrogance, pre- 

sumption, pride. 

1 istilitam. Keeping or desir. 

ing one to keep a secret. 
A Jtz~t\ islihar, Increasing, asking 

much. Adding. 
A &\j&i~i\ is till rah. Abhorrence. 

Hating. Abomination. 

A cJll&x-j! istikshaf. Discovered, 

cleared up. 
A JU:~1 istiltmal, Completion, 

wishing finished. 
A ^L.G~?1 isliknan, Concealed, hid. 

covered up. 
A ih^l istila, Boiling, melting, puri- 

fying (butter, ice.). 

istilabj Seizing, ravishing. 


istilah. Language, idiom. 


slilafr Asking information. 

A JhJ\ islilal, Drawing (a sword, 

A ^LJ\ islilam, Submitting, assent- 


istilanat) Soothing, using 
A ()\ jJcu-1 isli&at. Delight. 

istilzaZ) Deeming elegant. 

Pleased. Tastin. 

stil'zam, Necessity. Mak- 

ing necessary. 

Supine. Facing an- 

other. Wishing to see. 
A Jcudl istilam. Trouble. 

-islimat, Listening, hear- 

A e^lUxJ isJimalal, Caressing, en- 
couraging. Comforting. 

isfimlat, Enjoying, de- 
lighted. Reaping the fruit. 

istimdad) Asking aid. 


istimrar, Perseverance. 


islitnzaj, Sounding the 


islim/ial, Asking a delay, 

wishing opportunity. 

A jU^J istinad. Leaning against. 
Stopping. Wishing proof. 

istina-tflt t Preceding. 


islinba, Enquiry, informing 

one's self. 

istinbafj, Extracting (from 

the Alcoran). 

istintal Leading, preced 


A Ur \ isliiyij Removing. Wash- 
ing, cleaning. 

islinjas, Leading forth 
against, attacking. 

istinjah, Wishing for 

istinjad, Asking aid, or 

protection. Recovering. 
A L.;.."..J islins&i Desiring to wait, 

asking a delay. 
A ~^z~}\ islinsakh, Copying. Eras- 

ing. Correcting. 
A jjLiL'.x^ istinshak) Snuffing up the 

air, 8cc. 
A jLiix-s^ istinsdr, Asking, succour. 



A jaxt^ istinzar, Begging delay. 

Wishing to see. 
A jUiX-ct isjinfary Running away 

A (js'juxJ islinkaS) Cheapening. 


istinkah) Marrying, desi- 

rous of marriage. 

islinl'ur, Refusing to ac- 


istinliaf, Declining, re- 
jecting. Blushing. 
A ^eliiX-j' isliiihai, Exciting, rousing. 
A \^:\~isliica, Equal, parallel. Pre- 
vailing. Stopping. 

uslwK-ar, Firm, brave, for- 


usfuwtin, Firmness, stabi- 
lity, strength. 
p ^**\ uslutcan, Firm, strong, 

secure, compact, solid, 
p AiljpMfti usluzcanah, A cylinder. 
v ^f~>\ ustubaj) Ceruse, white lead. 
istirsa'i Equality. Being 


p if*** ^slur t A horse, any beast of 

P Mtl isturmun, An ostrich. 

P H3uJ ustum, A bullrush. 

P ^^ asluriy A column, a beam. 

A kinsman. 

<tL-;l astah) A kernel, stone of fruit. 
-d istihal, Flux, flowing. 

isfahrush, The bone- 
breaker (a kind of eagle). 
A \jf~\ istih'ia, Derision, joke, jest. 
A t^l#-i\ islihlat, Ruining. Wish- 
ing ruin. 

Glad. Giving 
the first cry (an infant). Drawing 

(a sword) . Appearing (as the rievr 

moon) Flowing (tears, &c.). 
p jj^J asfi, A heap. The sleeve .of a 


^'d-.x^.-l isfisatii Strength, firmness. 
A "^**^ u ?f f ji A weaver's shuttle. 
A c_>Uz-~M isfijab, Worthy, deserv- 

ing. Approval. 

A j[sr*~"\ isttjar, Hiring, renting. 
isfidtidj Covering, being 


islidan, To stand. To be- 

gin. A beginning. 

isfidah, Standing, Sic. 

islizan. To ask leave, li- 
berty, dismission. 
p j-O*^ isttr y Lining of a garment. 
p X~~i\ tstizahi Contumacious. 

A j\~z~t\ islisar^ Easy, in good train, 
well arranged, obtainable. 

A La-xJ isfistty Making a will. 

A Jl>^.,..".....^ istisal. Destroying, era- 

A jjlkgXJ islifan, Dwelling, residing 
isti-tab, Asking. Tak- 
ing. Destroying. 

A j^-j istl%ad t Fearing, appre- 

A IsLxJ i&Jtt) Paying or receiving the 

whole. Warning. 
A J\JL^\ isli&ad, Kindling, lighting 

A tU-a-j! tsMaz, Watching, awaken- 


istUa, Victory, dominion, 
power, authority. 
*-i~j7 aslim, A sleeve. Sheath. 


asftl, Half a pound. Six 



A j\*+*>} isttmar, Consulting, deli, 

A jjU-xJ istiman. Begging protec- 
tion, quarter. Taking refuge. 

F ivcJT asftn, A sleeve. 

#?. Familiarity. 



islihab, Asking in a pre. 

?.jah) Pardoning, acquitting. 

A jUH asjdd, Tribute. 

uh, Fine, well propor- 

tioned (face)* 
A ps?^ asjam, Dry in the mouth (a 


Aa/, Destroying, extir- 


A +s?\ axham, Black. A horn. The 

nipple. A cloud. A bottle. 
A jj\j^*l ushuzcartj A glutton. 
A Xs! asail, A lion. The sign Leo. 

Going the right way to 

A .XJ 


A 4 i!<Xrft isdaf. Unveiling. Open- 
ing. Showing light (as the aurora). 
Growing dark (night). Sleeping. 

A *Jwji asidal) An enclosure. Trained 
to hunting. 

A uJJwi! axdaf, Black. 

A Jjwl asdal, Pendulous, dangluig. 

A i*$&^ osdi, A kind of cloth or 

A j**\ cwr, Taking prisoner, binding. 
Fetters. Form, stature. 

AJ\J~>\ israr, Concealing, discovering. 

A uJl^-s\ wro^, Prodigality. Ruin. 
F ^^^*ri1 israfidan, To surround, 

t Lead. 
A tjJi usraf, An impenetrable coat of 

mail. A fortress. Kindred. 
A t^J vyuf, Lead. 
p <f~j~>\ israty, Cinnabar, vcrmillion, 

red lead. 

isriruKi) Oppressed. Supe. 

rior, overbearing. 

kind of worm 

among pot-herbs. 
A 8~i\ asrah) The vowel point ka*. 

rah, (J or If short. 
p tJ^ijJ\ asrish, A course or place 

for exercise. 


A \s~>\ asatt, Having long feet. Beard- 

slnr^ A fable, any thing 

A lhJ islubbal, The refuse of cot- 

ton, flax, &c. 
A JJa-j! istaMt A- stable. 
p jj.jkir-'l istakhdur, Rosemary. 
A trJ3a->1 istofin, A carrot. Long- 


.! is/a/is, An element, prin- 


A ,JnJ uslumm. The sea. A place 
where bees swarm. Right. Noble. 

A tJ\aJ\ ustwesanah) A column. A 

A jjjkJ usiurah, A fable. Story. 
w/un f A carrot, having a 

long neck. 

f/, Making happy, bless. 

ing, aiding, favouring. 
A cJl<cJ is&fi Promoting or finish- 

ing business. 
AJ*~>\ wtflT, Lean. Angry, furi- 



A cJ* astflf, (a camel) scabby 


f *Jk*J asghadah, A firebrand. 
A ujLsl a?rt/, Anger, vexation. 
A^jU^i is far, Dawning. Bald. 
f ^.UlL1 isfanaj, Spinnage. 
A t^aj isjit, Clover, trefoil. 
A ,jl^Lj] is Jit an, A thorn, prickle, 
p dijLsi asuftah, A rag somewhat 

burnt. A fire-brand, 
P fijicj asfadih, A duty of one in 

forty (in Persia), 
A {T>*~^ isjtraj. Asparagus. 

ft-*^ isfarud, A large water-fowl. 
wy* A sponge. A kind of 

P .fc*J ts/aw<f, Rue. A kind of 

drink. The 3d of the Epagomena. 
p iXx^AijL.^ isfandmand, The 21st 

day of spring. 

P ^Id-JLJ asjandan, Mustard. 
A laxLjl as font, Drink made of the 

seeds, 8cc. of grapes. 
A jj*~^ t/5/r, Modesty. Honour. 

A badger. Worth, desert. 
P t&JLt! w/eJ, White, bright, splen- 
P |^XJL>1 isfediy'j White water, 

ceruse. A female paint. 
P ^&*&) isfiwash, Indigestion. 
A U-sl M/O, Watering, sprinkling. 
A jU-l w/'flrf, Extenuated, emaciated. 
A l?U-:\ M^O/, To fall. Miscarrying. 

Dying. Taking away. 
A JUu! iskal, A weed. A shrimp, 


A ^jU-s! flf^an, Extenuated. Polish- 
ing (a sword). 
A c-g.Li\ as/-fl/, Tall, large-boned. 

Crooked. Meal, l/5/af, Mean. 

p <UJiJ tsfdnbah, Satan. 
A (^jjyJ-^ Dross, particiu 
larly of iron. 

A UJ?'JJ*~^ *fa r yu n > Germander 

A JJiJtsfi/, A sea weed. A prawn. 

A u>l1 <w.^, Having no ears, small 

A c-JJ asjtab) A shoemaker. 

A cirlSLl as/'c/, Soothing, silencing. 

A c_ioLj1 isjiaf, A shoemaker. 

A J!J 5f a/, A kind of large black 

A (j&~i1 isjtajiy Causing to stay. Ren- 
dering poor or miserable. 

p <u^L\ isjtanafi^ The calf of the 

p J\ J^l usjudar, An envoy, messen- 
ger, courier. 

A .J astar, Drunk, intoxicated, 

p ^PW astardan, To bruise, grind. 

p ^Csl usjiurah, A saucer, little plate. 

A ^iCl usjvfai., The threshold. The 
edge of the eye-lid. 

p JuCJ astand, A rope-dancer. Rope- 

A iiUiL1 iskanah, The thigh. 

A t-^yLj^ usJiA, Ligktning. A row 
of palm-trees. , 

A JJ too/, A bull-rush. A prickle, 
thorn, point of a spear, &c. 

A JU islal, Extracting gently. A 
bribe. Theft. 

A JUYsfizm, The true faith. Turn- 
ing Mussulman. Healthy. 

A &~>\ asalat, A bull-rush. Any 
straight tree. The tip, point, Sec. 

A _LJ aslat, Cracked in the hoof. 



A i_LJ aslagh, Tough flesh, unfit for 


A <_j>jL' uslub, Order, means, mea- 
sure, method, manner, form. 
A IjLJ uslufat, The husband of a 

wife's sisters. 
A -M w/zA, A species of herb. 

Froth. A camel's bunch. 
A f^\ ism, A name, noun, 
p \*~i\ asuma, Heaven. High, 
A^l*^ asmar, Nocturnal assemblies. 

The myrtle. 
A ^U-s\ asm&tj The ears. Isma& 

r jjU~j! astnan, Heaven, the celestial 


A j*~>\ asrnar, Brown, tawny, dusky. 
t *~i\ asmand, A lie. Giddy, con- 
founded, frightened. 
A VftpAntl asmusa, Marjoram. 
p dU~s! asmah, Astonished, stupified 
A .*>] asan, Changed, corrupted (as 
'Water). Asin, Left. Corrupted 

(water). Usun, Disposition. 
A \i~i] tsnd, Exalting. Staying a 

year. Suffering from droughth. 
A t;lxJ tsnal, An unequal match. 
A jL~i\ isnad, Accusing. Causing 

exertion. Climbing. Steepness. 
A ^xJ asnat, Long and tall. 
A *~t\ ajiZ, Curing, healing differ- 
ences. P &wi1 asp.) A boot, buskin 
jJO^l asuttadak) The ermine 

white weasel. 
A jltV uszear, Walls. Is&ar, A 

horseman. Archer. Bracelet. 
A Cl>vrf\ inert) A chief. Comfort. 

Comforter. Equality. 
r 6jJi aszcad, Black. A sparrow. 
Night. A serpent. 

\. asicadat, The female large 

black serpent. 

f ^<3i*J\ asudagl, Quiet, rest, repose, 
p ,jj!j-sT a sudan, To rest. To pacify, 

p sjj-jl asudah, Peaceable, at rest, 


A <__ ijJi asuf, Sad, tender-hearted. 
A /U~^ usul, Flagging, pendulous. 
A ^j^i\ usun, Corrupted. Kicking, 
p <Lj| asuh, Yawning. Hairy, bristly. 
A < >U-^ ishab, Talkativeness. Gal- 
lopping. Losing one's senses. 
A iMf*j is-had, Lying awake, watch- 

Ajl^l i$'har, Rendering watchful. 
A J^-*^ is-holj Loosening, purging. 
A ^jJ asa' , A pillar. Vexing, 
p L-J! asiyd, A mill. 
A j^U-J^ asydn, Sad, mournful, 
p ijUj\ Gsiydnah, A whet stone. 
A <-v-sl a6, Trouble, injury. 

Discord. Struggle. 
A L*Ji astyal, Sad. A female sur- 
geon. A prop. A fortress. 
*~>\ aitr, A captive. Making cap- 
tive. Chained. 

asis, A substitute. Found- 


asifal, Grief. Servitude. 
A ApJ aid, A flux of water. A tan- 

kard. Smooth. Prominent. 
A J-*J usaylam, The vein between 

the 2nd and 3rd fingers. 
p <U- \ aslmak, Astonished, insane. 
A JU*^ astnal, A strong cord, bow- 

string, kc. Firmness. 
A v.y**\ asyus, A stone producing 

nitre. A flower. 
p ^t\ ash (or ^ when added Jo a 


noun or verb), His, him, as aj 
U?i\, His house; (j+'jty His 

A ,\ ash, How? what? for what ? 

p ^il ash, Meat, victuals. Dressed. 

A ^J*\ asksh, Opposing. Petulance. 

Dry bread. 

p \\ asha, Like, resembling, as. 
A \\ asha, The dwarf palm tree, 
pjbli) ashabaz, The 26th day of 

the month in the Persian year. 
A i^bLi^ ashabarii, Red, rosy. 
A <JjlM ushabat, A collection, a 

crowd. Wealth. 
A _U^ ishah, A. belt, adorned with 

jewels, and worn by females. 
A C^liij isharat, A sign, token, 

A u*(>\ ashash, Agility, mirth, sau). 

A teUil ishatflh, Publication, dif- 

p -*ll| asham, A drinker. Like. 

p sJcX/eLi! ashamindah, A drinker. 

p ^Ju^it ashamidan, To drink. 

p (,jjw<til ashairiidani, Any thing 

A c -~>i ashb, Mixing, involving. 
Abusing, despising. 

P !--*> 1 ashib, Trouble, perturbation. 

A fL\ ishbat, Satiating. Saturat- 
ing. Dying (cloth). 

A JL&\ Mat, A wolf. 

r ^ysrr^l ishbakhun, Vomiting. A 
kind of herb. 

p ^U^I ashabgak, A privy. 

p (vJjX*> &~>\ ashbafii maghrab't, 

P C."vy^il ishpat, A kind of weazel. 

p j*L\ ashpai (J--l! or ^-Jil), A 


p ,j~+>\ ushpus, A louse, 
p j^~*\ ashpaghur, Seed of the 

p ^^^j'2Lij! ashpalaiusj A shrub with 

many prickles, 
p jlxi^ isktad, The 26th day of the 

p ^IxA^ ishlaflan, To understand, 

p L-Jl^ tihtalang, The leg, 


p -bJ>! mhlah, Appetite, desire. 
A <^>Ux<ilji ishtibafi) Confuaion. 

A t\~J*\ ishtibah) Doubt. Compari. 

son, resemblance. 
A j^JcJil ishtidad, Fortifying, con. 

firming. Force. Greatness. 
rjj*\ ushlur, A camel. 
A \j>J*\ ishtira, Commerce, trade. 
A i^\fJ*\ ishlirat, Company, part- 


A iS)i*A ishlira't Commerce, &c. 
A Jl-i>1 tsklital) Burning, lighting. 

Hoariness. Blazing. 
A JUi.ll ishlighal, Attention, study, 

endeavour, employment. 
A U^-il isklifa, Recovering health. 
A g\JaJ*\ ishttlal, A-derivation. Di- 
vided into two parts. 
A &^ ishltia, Lamentation. Re- 

UjJ^l ishlalhiina, A sceptre, 
p Jal ushtalum, Firmness. Impo. 
tence. Fear. Impatience. A groan. 

A jUxil isktimal, Containing, em. 
bracing. Comprehension. 


A >U^1\ ishlimam, Smelling, snuff- 
ing up. 

p *Ul^i1 ashlangah, A necessary. 

p ti\fj*\ ushtuwunah, A ring. 

ir +f*t>\ ashtitm, Pease stubble, or 

>\ ashluh, A bitter thorny plant. 

A [p\ ishtika, Appetite, wish 
hunger. Thirsting after. 

A j\f\ ishtihar, Fame, publication 

p ( Jp>\ ashti, Peace, concord. 

A JjV-s-l! ishtiya/f, Wish, longing 

p g>\ ushaj, Gum ammoniac, galba- 

num, assa fcetida. 

A (s~>\ ishja, Strangling, throttling. 
sH ashjgr, Abounding in trees. 
ashjat, The metacarpal 


A fjlsH ish-han^ Angry, prone to 

j\s**\ ashkhar^ Lixivium, potash. 
A *s? > \ ashkham, Shining. Barren 

(soil). Black nosed (an ass). 
p Jyb*t ishkh'an, Flowering. A 

graff. A flower. Opulence, power. 
A <yc"1 ushkhiib, The sound made 

by milking. 
f &)*Z*\ ushkhutiy A plant, plant. 

ation, a herb. 
A t^-Jc^l ishkhls, The white ca- 


A \&\ ashidda, Strong, brave, se. 

vere. Avaricious. 
A j \Juil askdal, A large mouth. 
A j\ ashar, Exulting. Flashing. 
^ Exultation. Ashr, sawing. 

4 \j&\ ashirrS, Filling (a dish, &c.) 

A C-^-tl zs&rafi, Drinking, water- 
ing. Announcing. Tin^irj" 1 , 

A <^i| ishrad, Driving away. 

A gj\j&] ishrarat, A perforated 
wooden vessel. Dried flesh. 
>\ ishras, A kind of glue. 
At {shrub. Splendour, lustre, 
beauty. Rising (sun). 

A C/Lit tshral, Participating. 
Ashralf, Partners. 

A \J\jZt\ ashran, Exulting with joy. 

A 'ijj^\ ishrat, Any thing notched. 

P jji^-i t ashardan, To bruise, knead, 
bake. To wash. 

A ^j*j2t\ ashras, Depravity, malig- 


A f^1 ishrat, Opening a door. 

Pointing a spear. 
p J^ oshrafl, The gold mhor of 

A j\j\ ishiar. Twisting a cord 

wrong; untwisting. 
A ^L-il ishsdtt Putting on shoes or 


A Lo^ ishsa, Looking up, fixing the 


s&Sj Going far. Refus- 

ing. Barren. 

A Uai! tshta, Shooting forth branches. 

A ^ILll ishlan) Removing to a dis- 

A b'Jail ishiai. Fastening a sack. 

A U*ll ish%a. Sorrowful. Attacking 
an enemy on every quarter. 

A c->U^>! zshtab, Separated from 
friends, dying. 

AjU^! ashtfir, Poesy. Sciences. 
fsh&ir, Indicating, advising. 

A JU^ isktjil, Kindling. Sending 
towards. Spread about, flowing. 


A ^Ui! ishlaa, Dishevelling the 

hair. Attacking the foe. 
A ci-v*\ ash^as t Dishevelled (hair). 

Soiled with dust. 
A j*Ji>\ ashlar, Hairy. More intelli- 


p jUi! ushghar, A badger. 
? JtJ*\ ushghar, An aquatic bird. 

An animal like a wolf. 
A &jj*>\ ushgurah, A kind of animal. 
A (j*-^ ashghd, Having redundant 

unequal 'teeth. An eagle. 
A \Lti\ iskfa, On the brink of any 

thing. Recovering, reaching. 
A .jU-i^ ishfa/i) Pitying, condoling. 

P jjJuJlyLiit ashuftamdan, To con- 

found, make mad. 
p ^JcjLi! ashuflagi) Perturbation, 

confusion. Tumult, sedition. 
r erulil ashuftan, To disturb, 

change, become foolish, insane. 
A j\j\Att\ ishfilrar. Separation. 
p ^J-u>\ ashu//y Gum ammoniac, gal- 

banum, assa foetida. 
A ^\JL*\ isMah t Going far off. Ri- 

pening, reddening. 
A jtai! ishlaz, Driving away, re. 

A JSULt! isMalul, A species of wild 

ishfalang, The leg, 


A J^\ ashJiali) Of a clear bright red, 

A ripening date. 

A jsJ*\ asht-ar, Of a fine bright red. 
A Jij&A vihlfirilt) A sigh, sob. 

lt, A tear. A drop. Dew. 
A \&J*\ isMa, Complaining. Check- 
ing or causing complaints. 

A J&il isMad, Giving, bestowing. 
p J$J*T ashtar, Clear, manifest. 

Clearly, visibly, undisguisedly. 
A ^ly^il ish/fdfantan, A species of 

A v.jlxl! isMafy Ceasing, rejecting, 


p jLl asMbar, Lamenting, weep- 

p x^J*\ ashtarah, A hunter, fowler. 

A hunting-hawk. 

A jZ>\ usht'u'zi, A girth, belt, sur- 

p v\~^>\ ishtasjan, To break, com. 

press, bruise, strain. 
p u!jXi1 ishlat, A rope, ligament, 


p JC&! ishjal, A fetter. 
A <&! tohtaht, Mode. Want. 


p jfcCil isMam, The belly, womb. 
A gjC&ifeAlim, The extremity. What 

belongs to hunting. 
P <Ux$1 ishkambahi The stomach of 

p ^~"\iahttay\ The ulna. The hand, 

p *sf^l ishtanjak, Torment, torture, 

p .^JcXi! isfilandan. To break, crush, 

oppress, strain. 

<ui! ashltanahi A crack ; musical 

note ; A sort of bread. 
p c.j>jl iishhib, A balcony, open 


ashltur t The seventh hea. 


tijJ+\ ushtufak, A vomit, vomiting^ 
A bud. Flourishing: 


p JjyCi! ashgunah) Inverse, reverse. 

Fear. Absurdly. 

p &&j*\ ashkuliah, A sigh, a sob. 
p ^JL^ ttAjfo Vinegar. 
A J^il a,sW, A measure of about forty 

p Jjil cw/zo/, A disjointed or paralytic 

A \~t\ cwWtf, Members of the body, 

p *-! iskam, Breeches. Asham, A 


P +!*\ ashamm, High. Aquiline nose. 

A C^U-ll ishmat, Rejoicing (at the 
distress of another). 

A t\*J*\ ishmar, Making one to pro. 

A jj-U^ tshmas, Bright, clear (as 
when the sun shines). 

A ^U&l ishmat, Giving ligkt. 

A jU-! ishmal, Blowing from the 
north. Gathering fruit. Giving 
clothing. Wrapping up one's self. 

A *U^ ishmam. Perfuming. Walk, 
ing erect. Diverting from. 

p UA! ashna, A friend, comrade. A 

p (^jU^ ishnaflan, To hear, under, 

A jU^I ashnal, Mulcts (for man- 
slaughter) . 

A ( J^>\ ushnan, The herb alkali, and 
the ashes made from it. 

p <J^-> I ashnayi, Knowledge. Friend- 
ship. Swimming. 

p (^^J*\ ashnab. Having a clean 
mouth and teeth. 

A ^-1\ ashnal Deformed, ugly,' hi- 

p JLi^ tishnal, A knot, excrescence, 

also moss, 
p ju^,l a&Jinud, The 362d day of the 

year, or 2d of the Epagomena. 
p ~iyJL\ ushnusah, Sneezing. 

p <Ui)l ashnah) A friend. Acquaint. 

ance. A swimmer. teJt\ t Moss. 

p jJui-1^ ishmdan, To hear, listen. 

p ul\ ashu, Heaven, heroic. 

p c-Jwl! ashub, Terror. Grief. A 
storm. A rioter, impostor. 

A t-Jj-i>! ashub, A poker, a coal-rake. 

p ^Jjij-il ishurdan, To mix, fer- 
ment. To wound. 

A ijSj-^ ashzcas, Squint-eyed. Bold. 

p -Axi^-Ibl ushuflagi, Disquietude, 

p ^yjj-isl ashuflan, To be disturbed. 
To disturb. 

A ,J*^ ashzcal'i Inflamed with love. 

p (jj-ii ashuii) A poker. 

A Xj>\ ashisah. Deformed. Evil- 

A <Ll1 ashah, Gum ammoniac. Assa 

A \*^~>\ ash-hob, White. Clear. 
Frosty. Shining. Barren (year). 

A ^t\ asha\ A star on the forehead 
of a horse. Ashl, Feigning. 

p L-i 1 whig a, A nest. Like, as. 

A ^U-il ashiyan, A nest. The 
blessed in Paradise. 

A y_^^^.\ ashyab) White, grey haired. 

p *tC*l ashigah, Secret, a privy. 

A +*&\ ashyam. Having a mole or 
other natural mark. A fish. 

p ^r-lT ashtn, A cook, a baker. 

A <Ui\ ashi/ah, Base, shameful. 

A ^js\ IM, The root, origin. 


A t*^~j\*ff\ isabat, Rectitude. Reach- 
ing, forwarding. Contagion. 

A jL?! hail, A morass, marshy 
ground. A course. 

A j*&\ isur, A tent rope. 

A j^L>t isurat, Filling with desire. 

A L^JUl /iJ/o/, Firmness, solidity of 

A <UjL^ asubiyuh, Attaining. 

A -r*l asbah, Black, inclining to red. 

A L>.^>\ tisbuhal, The morning, 

A <Uxs! ustummat, The greater part. 

A conflux. The middle. 
A \?\ asihha, Complete, perfect. 

Right. Unblemished. 
A L_-xSf! aS'hab, (An ass) white, 

inclining to red. 

A i^^sf\ ashal, True, just, right. 
A jlss* 1 as.khad) Basking in the sun. 
A \a\ asdci) Black mixed with red. 

A jlad isdad, Averting, hindering. 

Purulent, issuing. 
A j\0\ isddr^ A production. Pro. 

ducing. Publishing, issuing. 
A ]ju>! asdagh, The temples. 
A jJuzi asdar. Having a large breast. 
A i^$^y\ asJa, Skilful in camel. 
A^>\ O5r, Returning. Containing. 

Forcing. Breaking, persuading. 
A C-J^! israb, Giving, bestowing. 
Aj^tfl is.rar, Perseverance, obstinacy. 
A tje\isra^ Affinity. Astral t Good- 

A *j*>\ asram Poor, destitute. 
A ^U^l asramdni, Night and day. 
4 ftnLtfl isfa/lr, The stater, a coin. 
isltbur, Patience, toleration. 

A <Lktf^ isfabb'M, Hemp, tow, oakum. 
A J-Ja-c! ts{abii, A stable, stall. 
A Jarf! us fur, A pound troy. 

A C^latf^ isiuraft) A sweet gum 

called storax. 

uslura'i) A Troy balance. 
istifu^ Choosing, electing. 
A gpUUtfl iaififlini A carrot. 
A ^^z-st astafu\ Purity, epithet of 


A <J/Kk^ M.ft?o-f , Collision. 
A ^^Lktf' /fYa/i, An idiom; a correct 

style. Correctness. 

A 'V+q- uslummat, The greater, or 

middle part, conflux. 
A cLla-st islina^, A favour, benefit. 

Receiving favour. 
A jU-sl (5^o</, Distilling. Travel- 

ling. An ascent. 
A c^*d astab, Difficult. 
A Jt*a\) Turning the face obliquely. 
A jfctfl astar^ Wry necked or mouthed. 
A Uc! t^Aa, Hearing. Inclining. 

AjlLsl >^/jar, Lessening. Sewing 

with close stitches. 
A ,f*\ osgha'j Having the head 


A ujl*l asaf> The caper-tree, or root. 
A \A*a\ isfd, Choosing. Failing. 

Making clear. 
A -\&*a\ isjah, Refusing a petitioner. 

A jW isfdt, Shutting the door. 

Milking once a day. Consenting. 
A j*\ as far, Yellow, pale, livid. 
p ,^\^Ls\ isfahsular^ The general of 

an army. 

A \Ju>] asfya, Pure, just, holy. 



A C-AM is!tab 4 Stealing upon game 

to seize it. 
A ^UL*\ istat, Covered with hoar 


p J-Ju?^ /5/i/, The shrimp. Sea weed. 
A J-tfl as/, A cause. Root. Lineage. 

A JL>! aslan, Not at all, by no means. 
A JLc\ islah) Correction. Rectitude. 

Making peace. 

A &e\ aslad, Hard. Solitary. 
A ^*Ls\ zy/a/', Sounding loud, croak- 

ing, harsh. 

A (^Lsi aslan, A lion. 
A <L?1 asalat) Universality, the whole, 


A ^\ aslajj Very bare, or bald. Deaf. 
A *\aslakh, Deaf. Mangy (camel). 
A _Ltf^ as/at. Bald. Unproductive. 
A *L*1 aslant, Having the ears cut 

close. The close of a verse, 
p iW^j*^ asalsus, Liquorice-stick. 
A ^a] a^fi, Radical, original. Noble 

by birth. 

A +*e\asamm, Deaf. A dreadful kind 

of serpent. The 7th Arab month, 
p C^>U*p1 asmdl, Silent. Solid. 
A ,jb^ i smalt) Shutting. Spoiling. 
A t*z~**ff\ tsmat, A desert, Solitude. 
A fe+*\ ismat, High. Elegant. Sharp. 
A cli-tfl isnats Assisting. Studying. 
A (^U-?! isnan, Tossing the nose, 


A (J^-^ tsnak t Careful for another. 
A .jf^yc} astzdbiyafi) Melioration, 


A JJ^ a $* s:ar i Desirous, eager, keen. 
A \fye\ Robust, firm, stout (cameK).. 
A (-J*a\ asicaf, Bearing wool. Clean, 

pure, sincere. 

A .J *sW;S/, A mode. Atone. The 

A \jfO\ is-ha, Galling (a horse) on the 


A H~>\ asyat, An inevitable evil, a 

u^l asyad, Carrying the head high. 
A king. 
A aJu^ asidat, A sheep-fold ; any 


*.jbA asir, Near, neighbouring, ap- 

A J~e\ asil, Rooted, firm. Noble. 
The evening. 

p <u*>\ asiyahi A kind of gruel or 

A \*a\ aza, A gravelly pond. A marsh. 

A 4i>,l^ izd-at, Shining, lightning, 

A i\*o\ azat, Stagnant water; a marsh. 

A (jflUj! iza-z, A sanctuary for health 
or safety. 

A c^cUi Jzatfll, Ruining. Having 
many farms or fields. 

A e^viUl fzafat, Addition. Attri- 
bute. Construction. Setting. 

&a\*\izafat, Increase; stipend, salary. 

A liUltzoft, A relative ; relating to. 

A (jL?l izan, Abounding in sheep. 

A L^ izba, Concealing, retaining, 
suppressing. Impending. 

A tj\**\ izbarai, A collection of books, 
a miscellany. 

A \i~A azbat, An ambidexter. A lion. 

AjU^i iyar, Being vexed, languid. 

A tls^l izjat, Causing to recline. 
Thrusting down, depressing. 

A i->^\ t-jat, A wife- hater. 

A .^\ fyam, Distorted ia any mem- 

A Is-*! izAa, (A horse) vrhite or 

grey. Clear. A festival. 
A Ll/ls^l z'-Aojf, Making to laugh, 

A Kjsrl iKhutal, A ridiculous thing, 

a jest. 
A <USr1 fzhiyat, (A night) serene, 

clear, cloudless. 

A /%-s^ 5 ^ izkham, Corpulent, fat, big. 
A LctS?} azkhumaf, Any stuffing of 

the petticoats. 

A 6\&e\ i'zdad, Angry, passionate. 
A *)f(f1 azrah, Removing, averting. 

Corrupting. Spoiling a sale. 
A (jjj*! i'zras, Striking, confound. 

ing. Silencing. 
A \j*\ UrdL) Making submissive, 


A \a\j&\ dirut, A quiver. 
A t>\j>\ izrdm, Inflaming. Being 

set on fire. 
A j&\ firy, A yellow garment of 

silk. A high bred horse. 
A \jlj*\ izrira, Having the stomach 


A jta\ aza'z'z, Ill-natured, passionate. 
A t^jtjjLiffi iztirab, Agitation, pain. 

Being poor, defective, acid. 
A j\Jb*s\ iztirar, Violence. Despair. 

Being forced. 
A uJU^ aztfff, Alike, equal. 

Double. Intervals in a book. 
A \x*a\ iigha, Forcing one to cry out. 
A l*J\ izghUgh, Having plenty of 

provisions. Succulent. 
A j^ az/-o/, Naked. 

A J-i! azatt, Misleading. Deviating, 


Strong thick. 

A Jltf! l7a/, Causing to err, leading 

astray, seducing. 

A dljLal tiilulal, Error, wandering. 
A **>\ azm, Anger. Azam, Angry. 
AjU*tf! fzmar, Hiding, concealing. 


A /U*s! izmiim, Joining. 
A <LeL*c! i'imamal, A pile (of books), 

a crowd, herd, troop. 
A Jls^H Kmihlal, Vanishing, car. 

ried off. 

A \^a\ iHna, Fruitful, prolific. Ema- 
ciating, destroying. 
A_^!, The windings of a river. 
A yi\ azzcaf, Foolish, silly. Having 

a small jaw. 
A jl^Jl izhad, Oppressing, treating 

cruelly and unjustly. 
A Jl^e! iz/tal, (A palm) bearing ripe 


A jjL^ a&ya&i Narrow, confined. 
A )\\A ifabat, Soothingly, giving 

good words. Agreeable. 
A l^ ifahal, Loosing the hair. 

Ruining, destroying. 
A jlM i/r, A circle. 
A CI^IW i/orof, Putting to flight. 
A &l^ z/a/^f, Sound, voice, hunger. 
A L^scU?! i/atftl, Obedience, rever- 
ence, worshipping. 
A AslSsI, Surrendering, encircling. 
A jl!^ a/a/-, House, habitation. 
A ijll?! t/a^t Being able, powerful. 
A 31W t/o/ff/, Prolonging, extending, 

A ^U?! /fl/i^i A- master, guardian, 


A A\Ss! /////, Costiveness. 
A <ulL?^ if anal, Bedaubing \v ith mud. 
A i^g] a/ctb t A physician. 


A (*b\ ilba, Turning from, removing. 
A T^ afbath, Foolish, stupid. 
A j\iU itsar, Numerous, copious. 
A AS^ it-hah, Throwing, letting fall. 
A j\s?\ it har, Circumcising. 
A JUr 3 ! a'-hal, Of the colour of dust. 

Turbid Flying about (dust). 
A &\ a fad, Box-thorn wood. 
A -M air, Bending (a bow). Sur- 
rounding. Guarding. 
A \Ja\ t/ra, A hyperbole, exaggeration. 

Renewing. Pickling. 
A j-\k\ *lr a h) Throwing one's self. 
A ^J&\ ilrdd, Ejecting, banishing. 

Rejecting. A sequel. 
A u-Jyb* afraf, The head. Eminent. 
A Jf^ *{.r a ''i dumb. Looking down. 

Lending a camel-stallion. 
A *\Js\i[r(im, Dirty (teeth). Stink. 

ing breath. 

p xje\ ulrah, A pot-herb. 
A sja\ ulrat, Seasoning. Cement. 
A ,.jl. j\ utruwan, The fountain-head. 
A ^*J^\ ulr'tsh, Deaf. 
A LJy\ Uriyal, A kind of vermicelli. 
A UxrM ilsam, Indigestion. The 

ocean. Justice. The middle, 
p ,i^ ufshi, A flint stone. 
A *UU ittlim, Feeding. Imbuing. 
A UM ifgha, Seducing. Making 

proud. Making excessive. 
A Uy, Extinguishing, smothering. 
A C UW ifjati, Over-filling. 
Ajlit^ it far, Making (a horse) to 


A <J^> The side, the hypochondria. 
A *$b\ ilja, Anointing. Submitting. 
A <-JNs\ itlab, Granting a petition. 

Being far off. Interrogating. 
A -.1LM *lKh) Fatiguing (a camel. 

cL, Imparting. Intelligence. 
Deserving well. Vomiting. 
A (jk--\ i/la/t, Releasing, liberal, di- 
vorcing, poisoning ; fructifying. 
A J&>\ a/lal, Life, existence. 
A jjJ-W atlas, Bare, smooth. Satin, 

The sphere. A stain. A thief, 
p ,<~i^ a/laii, An eunuch (black). 
A LJ!!^ iilinsa, Sweating all over. 
A ULilM itlinshu, Removing from one 

house to another. 

A Uiiy, Being fixed to the ground. 
A o\ utunt, A castle, or fortress. 
A !?UM a>'mal, A species ol Indian nut. 
A f\*ls\ f/inati Inspiring. Alma^ 


A Jl^UVwiaf, Erasing (writing). 
A UM itmam, (Hair) fit for cutting. 
A ,jlx~y, Rest, repose, content. 
A U!l z>, Poisoning, stinging. 

Permitting to live. Reclining. 
A JyliU itnubal, An umbrella, an 

arbour. A tent. 

A iLM itnakh) Having an indigestion. 
A u \>\ ifnan, Making any thing to 

sound or ring. 

A *\*~\ alwal;, The milk of an In- 
dian nut which inebriates 
A jo\ alum, A turtle, or its thicker 

shell. A wild ox. 

A l^W i/Jia, Being industrious, skilful. 
A c-Jl^ il.-haf, Making light or 

smooth, easing. Despising. 
A^nW afir, A sin, crime, fault. 
A L.U a///, Making a creaking noise. 
A J?1 a/iffzo/, A grate, fire-hearth. 

A jtl oi-iar, A nurse. 

A j^a\ azfar, Spiceries. To conquer. 

A&\, (A man) having long nails. 


A j^a\ azfur, A nail, claw, talon. 
A J^\s\ uzlufat, Ground covered with 

sharp stones. 
A U20Wma, Making thirsty. Panting 

after any thing. Aitna, Thirsts. 
A ^e\ uzma, Brown (lip). Black 

(cloud). Pale. Small. 

A jjUkl linan, Suspecting, rendering 

A j\4f&\ izkar, Proof. Revealing. 

Feigning. Exalting, slighting. 
A %\ t\ at at, The sound made in 


A \s\ ttff. A sheath, purse, bag, chest. 
A jW itffd, Reducing. Recalling. 
P W)W i%ada/i, Returning. Repeti- 

tion. Revising. Reduction. 
A i' j(c\ fCa/, Flying for refuge. 
A iilci itjirut, Lending. Blinding. 

Appearing. - Exposing, chasing. 
A ^0.1^ afcfliiz, Poetry. 
A <LiiL:1 ititshat, Living, leading a 


A yj\\ itjzzat^ Poor. Making poor. 
e1, Entangling, perplexing. 
A l*le! itffzqt. Recompensing, ex- 


A liJlc' itfilash, Coming. 
A iilc! itfl/ioA, Help, aid, favour. 
A^U\ atfimir> The founder of a town. 
A Lt^ afca, Loads, bales. Like, 


, Receiving, or purchas- 
ing as a servant. Fatigued. 
^pUel z?^5, Bedaubed with dry- 
dung (tails of camels). 

c] z'fc/afl, Contenting; making 
one to consent. 

c>li^ i%Jad, Making numerous, 
enumerating, arranging. 

A uJlxcl it? of, Going in a crooked 

wry way. 

A jksl ill at, Setting at liberty. 
A |*kcl, Becoming dark (night). 
A j^U^, Being severe (to a debtor). 
A J\id, Enslaving. Devotion, 
A j~+z\ ittibar, Esteem, honour. 

Confidence. Comparing. 

A \J>Z\ ittida, Injury. Excess. 

Prevaricating. Hostility. 
A J1 Joel itlidal, Equity. Propriety. 

Moderation. Equality. 

ittizar, An excuse, apology. 

A \j^s.\ itltra, An accident, chance. 

A contagion. 
A U^HJ^ if^liruz, Opposition, obsta- 

cle, resistance. Reviewing. 
A t^j\*,.\ itliraf, Confession, ac- 


A lite ittirak, Compression ; an 


A ?' kxcl, Excelling, overcoming. 
A Jl^xcU'^ft'za/, Abdication. Schism, 

A |*i*^, Application, at- 

tention, endeavour, resolve. 

A (_J~ic ttlisdf, Oppression, in- 

A *LL"--T! itttsam, Placing lambs near 

their dams, 

t.lisam, Preserving one'i 

self from sin. 
A jUiXil itlfiad, Begging- aid. 

Propped. Supported. 
A jUxtl it-Mad, Faith, confidence, 

A Jli^ iLtikal, Seizing. Binding. 

Being bound. Tripping. 
A uJao-t^ i%Jitaf t Restraining. Con- 

stantly praying. 


A ILe! i't/f/0, Height, exalted. Ex. 
alting. Advanced (day). 

itfilaj, Pasturage, pas- 


A JLe\ iUilal, Weak, sick. Seek- 
ing a pretext. Diverting from. 

A oU^*-! tfLttmiid, Faith. A support. 

A \Z\ ijjind, Prosperity, wealth. 

A <LfcXci ufilubatj Altercation, expos- 

tiLtiyad) Accustomed. Re- 
turning. Repetition, receiving. 

A A-^ Causing one to look down. 

A Jjl^l *&tt/<) Fertile, abounding in 

<A +\$\ itfdm, Sewing slightly (a 
purse) . 

A (jllcl itean, Smoaking (fire). 

A ^LsF\ itjqj, ( Wind) high. Windy, 
stormy (day). 

A jlsfU'fcjoz, Disappointment. Im- 
potence. Wonder. Oppressing. 

A irjtsf! itjdzatj Any stuffing, quilt, 
ing, or hoop for the hips. 

A <_Jls? \ itjaf, Emaciating, making 

A J^ff \ itjal, Hastening, ripening. 

A fU^ tiLJani) Speaking or writing 
Arabic incorrectly. 

A ^j^^ itjdn t Going on board a ship. 

A t_ ^sf \ itjaby Wondering, asto- 
nished. Pleasing. 

A j~\ atjar, Large. Corpulent. 
Full (purse). 

A L-Ay*^ atjiif, Emaciated. 

A *-\a%jam, A Persian. A barba- 
rian. Dumb. Brutish. 
A^^s^^ atjami, A Persian. A bar- 
barian, ideot. 

miracle, prodigy. 


A \^.\ itda, Infecting. A redresser 

of wrongs. Galloping. 
A JjltXcl itdak) Irresolute. Agitating 

the hand in water. 
A A\<\Z\ iuJdm, Annihilating, ruia- 

ing. Wanting. 
A L-!JJ^ zti6, Tormenting. Sweet 

(water). Preventing. Clearing. 
A vagabond, wanderer. 
ayaf, Purgatory. 
A jc\ atraj, Lame, cripple. 
A (^jC.\ a&qf, Crested. 

js.\ afc/zHz, Dear, esteemed. 
A <--i\2\ a&ab, A batchelor, maid. 

A j\j-\ itJoH, Magnificence, honour. 
A /oU^ i&an, Dividing and sharing 
any thing. 

'ial) Unarmed. A cloud 

without rain. 
A c-A-^ ztsiib. Running away (the 


A jLjil ib?r, Exacting a debt. Suf- 
fering pain. Offending. 
A +\- ,j^\ tf-tfini) Stiff in the joints. 
A _x! a^sor, Sinister, left handed. 
A iLci itfhd, Making purblind. 

Supping, giving supper. 
A c >lisc| tiishab) Grassy, luxuriant. 
A ( t-v- < *-! z'tehaf, Indisposed from 

A jiL3\ iijdd, Bending, twisting 

(the neck). 
A uJUic! iZ-?.aft Stormy. Bearing 

leaves. Passing swiftly. Killing. 
A AUii! t^sSm, Attached. Steady 

(on horseback). 
A -\-~ r\ ifisan, Distorted, difficult, 

intricate (business). 


alsaj, Bald on the forehead. 

A J-o^l at;"//, Much distorted. 
Crooked. Bow-legged. 

A *>oc a 

, Marked with white. 

A c >Uic| icza#, Breaking a horn (a 

A >Wc1 *tHa^, Accusing falsely. 

A kc-1 afcfltf, Long. 

A \kcl z'C/a, Giving, offering. 

Tractable, obedient (camel) . 

Ruining, destroying. 
4 ^Iktl ttfa;&, Thirsty (cattle) . 
A ^a^.\ itffcaz, (God) making strong. 
A (Jii&t i&am, Honour, respect. 


A u,.^r atZabb, Large in body. 

A ^elicl /? Stopping the mouth 

of a vessel. 
A t9\&s\ itjaf, Making one to ab- 

stain (from things forbidden). 
A Jjlid itfdl, Moving unnecessarily. 

at/fl/, Foolish, heavy. 

A t*i-JUl fc/a.5, One who greatly 

exposes himself. 
A \A.\ ac^a, Very bitter. Spitting 

out what is bitter. 
A t_Ac^ at$ab, Posterity. 
A jUU^ itfarf, Thickening. Tying. 
A^iUil itf-ar, Astonishing. Possess- 

ing much. Attir, Barrenness. 

c/a/-, Making water bitter. 


A J'Ji^l i&at, Informed. 

shadow. Learning wisdom. 
A *li^ i'tjam, Rendering the womb 


Dead. Thick, bunchy. 

, Making dirty. Having 

many camels. Dark. 
A (Jj Ixcl z't/a/f, Changing the colour 

of the hair. 
A ^\ ajja', Thick on both sides. 

Bunchy. Dead. 
A c^U! at/a/, Fixed, unsorted, 

A Jjlsl (tUdt, Terror. Applying 

leeches, /fc/a^, Fastening. 
t uU >lc!, A proclamation. 
A jjlcl z/an, Publishing, making 


A >Lc! ailcvti, Wise, learned. 
A LiLcl tflanka, Threatening. Brist- 

ling up. 
A tjolcl itlandd) Being corpulent 

A (j&b] iUantas, Being black 

(hair of the head). 
A jjbd t/o', Superior, supreme. 

A *i1 a^amm, Most common, concern- 

ing all. Universal. 
A itmad, Supporting, sustain- 
ing, propping. 

s, Hiding, concealing. 
^, Making deep, pene- 
A ^Ixc! a&nalilr, Blindness. 

A ^U^ i^rndn, Travelling to, enter. 
ing into, residing in a place. 

, An error, blindness. 

A blind man, 

A j iiz\ atma', Blind. A desert. 

An error. 
A d^lxc! ttndl, Breaking a fractured 

bone. Killing. 
A Lc1 i'cntij, Leading a camel, se- 

curing a bucket. 

A jxtfcttffd, Bleeding without ceas- 

ing. Vomiting much. 
A j\i\ itnaz, Causing to refuse, de- 

cline, or turn away. 
A (j-lxc! tt.nas, A girl above the age 

of puberty. Changing (by age). 
A ^\+&\ ztjias, Having few and scat- 

tered hairs. 
A cJLcl tt&af, Inconvenient, trou- 

A jjLcl a&an, Before the eyes. Bri- 

dling. Meeting. 

A c-^>xc1 a&iab, Having a large nose. 
A ^j^*-\ inash) Having six fingers. 
A ^.\ aifii, That is to say, viz. 
A j\j\ t'beaz', Indigent. Making 

poor. Hard to do. Difficult. 
A K\J\ a%wah. Suffering loss. 
A ^.jcl atwaj, Crooked. Of bad 


A .U^c.', Crookedness, curvature. 
Ajj\aZ&ar, One eyed, A crow. 

Weak. Wicked. 

A (j~*\ afczww, Polish. Polishing. 
r ,j< at&as, Difficult (verse). 
A \$c\ itha, Affected by a distemper 


A Jjl^cl i&ial, Doing with alacrity. 
A Lc! a^ya, Stuttering. Embarassed. 

p It! agha, A great lord, chief. 

A te\s.\ ighabal, Having her husband 


A 1^ ighasat, Succour, relief. 
A j\s.\ aghar, Wetting, solution. 

A vessel. 
A $j\c.\ igharal, Flowing down. At- 

tacking. Hastening. 
? i^UT, A slipper. The threshold. 

p i_^U aghari, A vessel. 

p ^*XjUT agharidan, To moisten. 
Macerated, dissolved. 

A ^yUjU!, Common agarick. 

A jlcl aghai) A beginning, com- 

P ijlcl aghaia, A tool, instrument. 

p ^iUt, Recorded. Accumulated. 

P cn>\.\ aghasfilan, To accumulate. 

A JujUl ighaial^ Making water to 
.decrease. Cheapening. 

A &U1 ighafri, Making one to stoop 
or submit. 

A Jlil aghal, Satiety. 

A <5U1 ighalal, Giving suck, or coha- 
biting with a man, while pregnant. 
Exposing a child to danger. 

p j^Ul aghaltsh, Inducing a fool to 
do wrong. Accumulation. 

p 4^-LilUl aghalishlan, To accumulate. 

A .^tSlc^ (or aghalulti] , Aloes. 

p ^jjli! aghafidan, To excite. To 
put to flight. To satiate. 

A 3i<\.\ ighamat) Cloudy (sky). 

A <GU! igkanat, Immersed (in grief 
or love). Clouded. 

A j^Ul aghayish, Seduction, cor- 

A \*c.\ ighba,) Raining slightly. 

A laLc! ighbal, Leaving unmoved. 
Grassy. Luxuriant. 

A cL>Lc! aghbas, Inclining to a dusty- 

A j^c] aghbar, A kind of eye-salve. 

A \ftz\ighbira t Indignation. Stained 
with dust. 

A ^p-c! ighbas, Brown (wolf). Bay 

A c-jj^i ighlirab, Becoming fo. 

A j]j^\ ighlirar^ Ambition. De- 
ceived, surprising. Foolish. 
A (^yj^z\ ightirafi Drinking water 

(out of the hand). Confessing. 
A JL^il ighlisal, Ablution. Sweat- 
ing all over. 

A c__?LaXcl ighlisilb. Seizing vio- 
A uJU-il ighlifuf. Having food 


A ^L^.\ ighlildm, Lasciviousness. 
A ltl zz\ aghfain, Speaking indistinctly. 
A jUiil ightimam. The being sad, 

A /uxii igh'.inuni) Getting spoil or 

A C >>~^ ighiiyab, Traducing (the 

absent). Descending. 
A Ju&l igktiyiil, Assaulting. 
A L>li^) i.zh?i;si Lean (cattle). 

Wicked, obscene. Inquisitive. 
A JltXcl ighdud, Seized with the 

plague. Angry. 
A uJitXi! fghdaf, Dropping (a veil 

or net). 

A JjiAil ighdal', Being copious (rain). 
A J^ikil ighzuz, Accelerating. Di- 
A fcOk0| aghliyut, Any kind of aliment. 

Aji\ agharr, White, noble. Wise 

and good. Sultry. 
A (mff\jC\ ighrab) Strange, foreign, 

travelling abroad. Filling ( a 

bottle). Disordered. White. 
A i)\j| ighrad, Singing with loud. 

ness and action. 
A ijV^ ighrat; Drowning, immerg- 

ing. Filling (a cup). Drawing (a 
Attracting (woman). 

*\j\ ighram, Mulcting. Ruining. 
Making fond. Fond. 

aghirus/ts, Grass. 
aghral, Easy (life). Un- 
circumcised. Plentiful (year). 

r Xj\ ugkrab, A circle. A protu- 
berance, wen, sore. 

p ',] aghaz, A rivulet from floods. 

A \j\ igh'iii, Sending to war. Grant- 
ing time to a debtor. 

Aj^c! ighzaz, Multiplying. Con- 
ferring many benefits. 

A Jl 'j.\ igh'zal, Twirling the spindle. 
Gallantry. Making love. 

A \~.\ighsa, Being dark (night). 

A uJLx! ighsaf, Walking in dark- 

A jljM ighsal/i Darkness. The 
hour of prayer (at sunset). 

A IwM ighsha, Covering. Surpris- 
ing. Covered. 

t (^ruLc! aghishlan, To macerate, 
wash. To be grieved. To sleep. 

p fcxJLr.l aghishiah^ Mixed, moistened. 

p { '_ (-"-] aghashaft) Turpentine. 

p L ^Ls.\ aghishlage, Alloy. 

A (jolflf! *gh$<i$i Choaked. Vexed ; 

il aghsan, Marked with white 

on the tail. 

A La\ ighza, Knitting the brows. 
Dark. Silent. Bitter. 

A < )\*i\ ighzab, Provoking, in- 

A JUii^ ighfial) Moistening. 

p ^jLail aghzadan, To invert. 

A cJU^ igJizaf, Obscure, dark. 
Soft (cotton). Cloudy. 

A 4_^il aghzab, The groin. Most 


A J&i.\ t'gklash, Being dark (night). 
Making dark. 

^ aght<tf> Comfortable, easy. 

A Uc! aghfa, Chaff. 

A J\AC\ ighfar, Hiding, laying up in 

store. Forgiveness. 
r JiT aghil, A sheep-cote. 
A lil ighla, Growing high (grass). 

Of great price. Boiling (a pot) . 
A &>\\ ighfaat, One single ebullition. 
A O JU1 ighlast Dark at the close of 

the night. 

A \&s\ ighlaz, Using coarse language. 
A uJiU! igMaf, Sheathing. Prepar. 

ing a sheath. 
A *lc^ ighlam, Inflaming with 

A c-Jj^ aghlab, Superior. Lofty. 

A t-cUl aghlaf, Uncircumcised. 

Sheathed. Hard. Plentiful. 
A ( J^\ igUanla't Superior, con. 

A _^icl vgMi&t A little branch, a 


A aiLjic! ughlulat, A question, doubt. 
A Vi.\ aghmU) Fainting. 
A jUi\ ighmaz, Disparaging. Grow- 
ing cool. Handling cattle. 
A ( jo\>\.\ aghmai^ Low. Willing 

delays. Sharpening (a sword). 
A kl*t1 ighmal, Adhering, continu. 

ing (a fever) . 
x liil ighna, Enriching, contenting. 

Satisfied. Substituting. 
A u li\ ighnan, (A valley) verdant 

and grassy. Filled (a bottle). 
P ^AxiT aghandan, To fill, stuff, cram. 
A L^.\ aghniyat, Music, a musical 

mode. A song. 


A \*s\ tghtoa, Seduction, temptation, 


A \J*\ aghusa, A complainant. 
A jf\ aghizar, Any day on which 

disaster happens. 
P \Jif\ aghosh, An embrace. The 

bosom. An armful. 
p cAijcT aghoshlan, To embrace. 
A Jk^ Rushing upon suddenly. 
A <j*i\ ughzsiyal, Danger, difficulty, 


A *\Ji\ igh-yam, Being cloudy (sky) . 
p yiL*Ji\ aghlshlan, To embrace. 
To cut. To hang. 

aghlsKidan, To fear. To 

embrace. To cut. 
p J-ji^ aghil, A downcast look. A 

squint. Seeing. 
P t-J\ /, Pho I fie ! for shame I 

A (_Jl off. Paucity. Pusillanimity. 

Time. Uff, Nail-paring, &c. 
p UT qfa, The master of a family, or 

his eldest son. 

A ,W ifa-at, Changed, returned. 
C^U'i afat, A flock of sheep. 
A fc\J!\ tfataty Elapsing, losing an 

A to-Vi! tfajat, Hastening. Cold. 

Shedding perfume. 
A 2Ul tfahat, Diffusing odour. 

Boiling fa pot). Gushing (blood). 
A fe-d] tfakhat, Diffusing fragrance. 

Hissing. Averting. Weakened. 
A jU! tfad, Giving profit. Teach. 

ing. Doing good. 
A C~'jU\ ifadat, Profit, advantage. 
A Sj\j\ ifazat, Making safe or secure. 

A <LAi! ifasai, Making clear. Lucid. 


A <Ulsl ifdzak, Diffusing, augment. 

ing. Publishing. An effort. 
A <&U1 ifdiat, Killing, murdering. 
A cJU! if of, Timidity. Time, op. 


A s\i\ ifatat, Convalescence. 
A (J?^ tfafi, Horizontal, universal. 
v iJlil qfattya, A kind of acid liquid. 

A cL/G| affdk, Addicted to lying. 
A p\3\ afdm, Debt. 

A ^\J! iff an, Time, season, oppor- 

A u^sl o/a/, Misfortune, wretched- 

A tj>\ uffat, A poltron, a crvvard. 
A Ixs! ifld, Resolving a question. 

Ceasing. Voiding by stool. 
p bJl ttftd, Falling. 
p C-?taT #&, The sun. 
p^JobJt dfldbgir, A parasol. 
p <U\xi! aftabah) An ewer, a travel- 

ler's cup. 

A jfeij zj/a/i, Opening, subduing. 
P ^jUi! uftadan, To fall, arrive, 


P toUl ufladah, Fallen, Sec. 
A jljjjl (T/ar, Languor. Dim- 

p Uilxil qftqfiya, A liquid flowing 

from minerals, or acids. 
A Jjliil (f/a^, Enjoying a clear sky. 
P (jjJLM qftaTidan, To scatter. To 

tear, spoil, break. 
P Jzi\ uftan, Falling. Fallen. 

A fall. 
A ^\ if tan, Trying, proving, tempt- 

ing. Vexed. 

f ^(Xybjl uftanidan, To cause to fall. 
t *jLsT iiftawah, An ewer, &c, 

A -trJl iflitdh, A beginning, aper- 
ture. Conquest. 
A ils?" 5 ! iflihdr, Advising without 


A jjfllsr 3 ! if it/ids, Disquisition, in- 

*\ of lakh, Soft, limber. 
A .Isr-'t iftikhdr, Glory, honour. 

p Jc^ off ad, Strange! Admiration. 

p jjJcJl ufladan, To fall, happen. 

A \*j\ if lira, Calumny, falsehood, 

"A i3\fj\ iflirdd, Embassy, mission. 

A jtail tflirdz, Separation, discri. 
mination, division. 

A Jij/'j! tfttrak, Absence. 

p (_$fJ\ aftari, Blasphemy. 

A jUsbJl iflisdl, Disjunction, se- 
paration, dissection. 

A ^J\ ifti'idh. Disgrace, ignominy. 

A jUxil iftil-dr, Poverty, humility. 

A J&j^ ifttidl, Adverting, turning 
the mind to. 

p ^jtAZJ\ qfilimun. A kind of weed. 

P U^\ trflan, To fall. 

A ^Uxs! iftindn, Love, distraction. 

A Ci.'1-iJ'i iftiydl, Feigning. Dying 
suddenly. Singular. 

A JLsJl tfliyul, A happy omen from 
a name. A lucky name. 

p ^X.xM ufiidan, To fall, happen. 

A \ii\ ifsd, Weary. 

A ^-^^ C6^/> Striding, spreading. 

A ^s?\ afjlj, A valley, channel, 

A ^Is?! iSh^Ji Deviating, retracting. 
A medium. An interval. 

A (^U=M if hash, Speaking scanda- 
lously, obscenely. 

A *\z\ ffham, Silencing. Impeding. 
A jJ^, Making haste, approaching. 
p ,AiT afad, A nephew. Jfd, Strange ! 
v* \AJ\ tfda, Exacting ransom. 
r jJ>\ afdar, A nephew. 
U^-JijI ijdasld, Praise. Bright. 

A &\ afazz, An unfledged bird. 

A yT afar, Laughing. Growing fat. 

Running. Assaulting. 
A \ji\ ifra, Cutting. Paring. 

Blaming. Opening (a vein). 
A >g]f\ tfruji Discovering (amurderV 

Pointing out (the way). 
P y:>-\jS\ afrakhtan, To exalt, extend. 

To fall. To collect. 
A A\ji\ tfrad, Singular, solitary. 
A j\J>\ ifrar, Putting to Hight. 


A Xj\j3\ afrarah, Flame. 
p jlr^ a fraz, Exalted, erect. Height. 
A j\ji\ ifraz, Separating. Distribut- 

ing. Granting. Sequestering. 
r tf&4l\j\jS\ afrazariidan. To exalt, 

extol, extend. 

p U^l/^ afraidan, A spice-box. 
P t-ljl/^ Having large cheeks. 
P ^J\T^ / r ^ Elevation, extension. 
p &*)}$ afralidaii, To exalt, extol, 

trfrasfiamdaii, To cause 

to exalt. 

P 1^*4*' fffrashfagt, Exaltation. 
r cf-1^ afrashlan, To exalt. To 

be exalted. To fall. 
A u!/^ if r f Assisting, favouring. 
A yo^il ijras, Ordaining. 
A ^y! Jr5t, Being at the summit. 

Climbing, descending. 

i\ ifratat, Rest, convenience. 

A rag-, Throwing, pouring 

out, killing. 
A &\J>\ if rat, Ripe or ready for 

rubbing (corn). 

A *\ ,i\ if ram, Filling a vessel. 
A 'ijS\ u Jurat, A crowd. Adversity, 
p ajar tali, Young. Full of 

A JJ\ if rind, A sword. The lustre 

of a sword. 

A j.LJ J\ ijrinsakh, Dispelling grief, 
p LJ\Jji\ ajrang, Adorned, lovely. 

Grace, grandeur. A throne, 
p ^J^-jjs] ajrckhtagi, Combustion, 
p on>- J\ afrokhtan, To burn. To 

shine. To polish. To uncover 

the head. 

T j*J*\ (tfroz, Burning, polishing. 
? ^XJ^ j] ajroiaiudan, To set on. 

fire. To polish. 
p kJ\ji\ afrblandah, A polisher. 

One who sets on fire, 
v ^J ,j>\ afrozidan, To kindle, 

burn. To polish. 

p <tiy! ajrozhah, A kind of food, 
p &j*i ajrih, Fat after having been 

very lean. 
A ^^,J>\ ajriyat, An imaginary 

monster like a Medusa, 
p j^\j\ afndagdr, The Creator, 
p yi^J \J\ afridagan, Creatures, 

created beings. 

f \lPij*\ ajridan, To create. Creat- 
ing. Creation. 
A Jjyl afriij The coping of a wall. 

An eye-brow. 
P (j^yl afrin, Creating. A created 

thing. Praise. Well done ! 
p lijyl afrind, The Creator, 
p lijJt afrinash, The creation. 


A -j\ qfz, Assaulting attacking. 

A - qz, 
r \js\ afia, 

Increasing. A mover. 
PA j\-j>\ afiar, A trade, art. 
A j\ji\ if -UK.) Removing, tearing, 

banishing. Tripping up. 
A cljjl ifi<i%_, Frightening. Assist. 

ing. Awakejiing. 
t ^JkJ^i! qfiariidan. To add, in- 

crease. To grow. 

^ ftfiayamdan, To cause 
to add. 

p (jJuU1 af'iatdan, To add, to exalt. 
To fall. 

afza-ish, Abundance, in- 


A jj>\ af'zar, Having a protuberance. 
p jjJj^ qfludim, To add. To 

abound, overflow. 
p ^j-M c/iww, More, greater. 


v (j&jj^ af~Mnt) Encrease, abundance, 

, To throw away. 

To tie. To press. 
p u *XJ N Jjjsl afjulariidan, To cause 

one to drink. 
v ^jJjjil afjufidan, To fill, to 

quench. To stir up. 
p (./Jjgj^ afjidan, To throw away. 
A LJl afsaa, Deformed. 
A ^ 1\ ifsafii Being large, spacious 

A jUJl $></, Corrupting, vitiating, 


v J(~j\ afsar, A bridle, halter, rein. 
p (jjjLJi afsardan, To press. To 

, speak idly, obscenely. 
p uL-M cfsan, A whet-stone. A 

bracelet. Fascinating. 
p ^OuiliLJl, To cause to tell, relate. 

sanus, The ocean, 
afsana/i, A charm. Tale. 

p jjkJLJ^ afsariidan, To speak pa- 
rables, tell stories. 

p ^JuJbLJl afsayamdan, To cause 

to tell stories, 8cc. 
p j 9\ afsar, A crown, diadem. 
v ^j s\ afsurdan, To freeze. To 

grow faint. To wither. 
pJ>Mwii afsargar, A kind of swallow. 

p 4^0: M afsanlin, Wormwood. 
p ^Ji <^W) A fork, pitchfork. 
r jy~ j) q/5wr, Shame, bashfulness. 
p ^j^j! ^^f.j Irritation. Ridicule* 

Ah! alas! 

p ^j~-i\ ftfsiin, An incantation. 
A U-il tfsha, Divulging. Prospering. 
p jjjUJl afshadan, To strain. To 

speak obscenely. To press. 

Speaking idly. Pressing. 
ii! afshardan, To speak idly. 

To press. 

^UJl ifshagh, Striking (with a whip). 
A (jlijl, Dispersing, a disperser. 

p jJcJljliJl afshananidan, To cause 

to scatter. 
v (JoliJ^ afshandan. To disperse. 

p ^JkJliJ^ afshanidan, To cause 
to shed, &c. 

afshurdan, To press, com- 

press, express. 

p j^^^iJl afshurish, Compression, &c. 
A Lail z/ia, Freed from (evil). 

Ceasing. Retiring. 
A -LsJ\ ifsuh) Explaining clearly. 

Dawning. Clear. 

A U-LaJl tfsuhdn, Clearly, distinctly. 
i! ifsas, Producing, draw- 
ing out. 


A"JUSJ! zftawz, Ceasing (as rain, a 

fever) . 
A **sj\ tf/scw, Broken (bracelet). 

A LJ! t/za, Going out. Commu- 

nicating. Making broad. 
A -Lai! (jfza&i Dawning. 
A L=J\ if'iakh, Beginning to be ripe. 
A ff&(qfiah\ Of a whitish colour. 

A c^LaJl af'ialiyat, Pre-excellence. 
AjUpl */#', Breakfasting. Break. 

fasting late. Unseasonably. 
A j\kM t/l'am, Ready for weaning 

(a colt). 

far, Lame. 

A .-kj\ aftos, Flat-nosed. 

A ^ai\ (fiat, Troublesome (busi- 

ness. Entangled. 

A +*3\ if&im, Filling. Enraging. 
A O *J^ tftay, A large venemous ser. 

pent, a viper. 
A Uil (feAfl, Becoming poor. In- 

tractable. Inflaming. 
A J[ki\ tfghar, Opening the mouth. 
p jjU^ erfghun, Lamentation, groan- 

ing. Alas ! 

A uj\ a/a/, A little, a small matter. 
A fjs\ ufk, The horizon. JlfaJt. Ex- 

celling. Travelling. t 

A jlaj) *//'?, Destroying, ruining. 
A ilfijl ijJittr^ Making poor. 
A *l&j| Informing, letting know. 
A <0iil q/o/2/, Leather not quite 

tanned. Leather not used. 
A .Jij] w/u/t, One who has visited 

many climates. 
A u^sl ifht A He- Jfl, Inverting. 

Diverting. Rendering weak. 
A jil qf&al) Trembling, tremor. 

A troop. A green magpie. 

t j\&\ afgar, Crippled, wounded. 

jaded, A small rose. A plum. 
t <Ulxii (tfganah) A fcetus. 
p jjtXJlSo! afgamdan, To cause to 

p i ^j\ afgan, Throwing, casting 


p ^xXi! afgandagi, A falling off. 
p ^Ai^s^ afgandan, To throw, to 

cast away. 

A jjj! afritl) A sword broke, or notched. 

A C^lil /?a/, Escaping. Setting at 

A (jJli! f#/5, Bankruptcy, penury, 
want. Bankrupt, poor. 

A Lli! (/?/, Setting at liberty. Sur- 
prising. Attacking suddenly. 

A <fs^\ qflah, Cut on the under lip. 

A ^j Impairing the understanding. 

A Ui^ (fraa, Corrupting, destroying. 

A jLM ifnddj Delirious. Telling 
a lie. 

P Jail of and, War, strife. 

A ^yjl ufnun, A mode or form. 
Deceit. Delay. Misfortune. 

A jJt\ u/or, Leaping, abounding. 

A 9ii itfwagh) Having a thick nose. 

A /Jy^ uful* Setting (as the sun). 
A ijil ttfuah, Large-mouthed. 
A jl^il zy/m/, Filling (a bottle). 
A A^it if huh, (God) striking dumb. 
A fj^\ aftt, Leather not dressed. 
A <&Lji fffilat, A lie. 
A JJ] of?/, A young camel. 
A ^j! /7w, Dull, imprudent. Cor- 

P <j~j~i\ qfii/us, A wild raddish. 
P ^,j-j\ afyun,, Opium, poppy-juice. 


p UT, jT ak) a/tf, A master, lord. 

A xjti] iJiadat, Punishing. Preced- 
ing. Offered. Acceding to. 

A <3li! tkalat, Imputing. Breaking 
a contract. 

A >^~<\J\ ikamat) Stopping. Turn- 
ing off. Persevering. Intent. 

A _1J! if/bdh, Deforming. Acting 

A jlJ^ it-bar, Interring. Ordering. 

A i^l-J^ Mai, Making a handle. 

A JU1 ttbal, Felicity. Turning to. 
Consenting. Hasting, meeting. 

A ^IJ1 ikbalan, Prosperously. 

af-tj A definite time, a fixed 


it-tan^ Scarce. Emaciated, 


A L^Sl itliba, Dressing. Making up 

a garment. 


tttibab, Cutting off (the 

A (jjoa! ijttibasi Borrowing. Ac- 
quiring, gaining. Begging. 

A ^LsJil ikiibaS) Taking with the 
fingers end. 

A t\^i\ ilttbat, Turning a cup to- 
wards yourself. 

A c^lxol tttitut, Eradicating. 

A C-AiiSl, Tearing up, plucking. 

A j^ls:^ iktihash, Enquiring, ex- 
amining, exploring. 

A \&>\ tlltda, Imitation. 

Aj\&\tttidar, Power. Excellence. 
Boiling, or cooking in a pot. 

A A!JCJ\ M'tidum, Promoting, pro. 

\ itilirah, Any extemporaneous 
production. Breaking in. 

A j>j$\ Mrar,The fatness of a camel. 

A (j^^ ikliraii) Gompany, union. 
iktisam, Partition ; an oath. 
", Abbreviation, ab. 
ridgment. Restriction. 

A LaiS! ilttiia, Demanding. Im- 

A <*J'k^ tfti/af) Plucking, gather, 
ing, cropping. 

A UiS! itlifSy Following. Selecting. 

A \x\ ixtina, Acquiring, gaining, 

A (jflUi/i iktinas, Hunting, chasing. 

A \\ iha. Abounding in cucumbers. 

A A\i3! iksanti Giving a large share 
of any bad thing. 

A ^si\ alt-hah. True. Rude. 

A Lla! f?-Aa/, A great blow. Want, 

A JW 5 ! tfJiof, Making dry or 

A ^l^c^ ul-huwan. Camomile. Lo- 
vage. Crow- foot. Pellitory. 

A \ jjsl i/.da, Coming off a journey. 
ikdad t Cutting, cleaving. 
3! ikdafr Preventing. Prepar- 
ing. Threatening. Following. 

A A!JO! V-rfam,Care, effort. 

A t&s\ akddr^ Short (a man). De. 
fective (a horse). 

A ^jjt, Pure, most pure; holy. 

A +&i\ aldam, Former, first, noble. 
A lion. Antecedent. 

A &s\ al-azz, An arrow without wings. 
A J\JJ\ i&zaz, Putting wings to an 

A } \ J3\ iftzar^ Filth, 

Traducing, reviling, 



A.Js\, A valley covered with water. 

Communicating. Pious. Receding; 

blowing (winds) . Menstruosa. 
A c-jtjjl tkrab, Filling near full. 

Sheathing. Near. 

A -tjj'l Mrah, Ulcerating, ulcerated. 
A jjyi! i/trad, Speechless. Resting. 
A j\ji\ tirar, Affirmation, promise. 

Confession, Refreshing. 

Mrash, Abusing. Falling 


A ^e>\ji\ t Lending, accommodating. 
A %\J$\ ikra^j Casting lots. Lend. 

ing (a camel stallion). Giving 

away. Returning (to right). Sub- 

mitting. Rejecting. Checking. 
A t-J>\J>\ tfraf, Accusing. Near. 

A *\3\ itram, Honouring, Becom- 

ing master. 
A _ 3\ til-rah, Mankind, animals ; 

A c Js\ alrat., Valiant, strong. Bald. 


A *Jj! atram, A stallion-camel. 
A { ^\ af/ran. One whose eye-brows 

A ^Js\ ilrinbat, Contracting one's 

self from cold. Shrinking. 
A <*j>\ tirindah, Attached, or in- 

clined to any thing. 
A b\sjjS\ Urinfalj Drawing one's self 

A Jjjin afoul, Halting ungracefully. 

A wolf. 
A LJil itsa, Hardening (the heart), 


A \y\*~j\ ihat_, Just, equitable. 
A LcyJf\ uhumat) A part, portion. 

A \-UJ! z'Ma, Becoming poor, from 

being rich. 
A / itLiJi ikshash, Recovering from 

A c'JLj] H-shat., Dispelling. Dis- 


p &*tatf*&lO&, A pantry, cupboard. 
A -UJ^ Mat, Exalted. Noble, 

A LSJ! t/tsa, Removing. Extirpating. 

A jLzJi! aJtsad, Broken. Ifaad, hit- 

ting. Biting. 
A jUiil Msar, Delaying. Abstaining. 

Deficient, unequal. 
A yoUiil itsas, At the point of death. 

A u_c*flj| atwf, Having the teeth 


aJ^ af.^a, Far off. A 

A (joUiS! tfzoz, Cleansing. Hard. 

Of bad habits. 
A *\*o9) 

Giving corn to a 


A laS! dktj Dressing victuals with 

curdled milk. 
p c_- jlkal Htlab) Mixing (wine) with 

water. Assembled. 
A ujuajl iktaf) Near the vintage 

A ^.Ljil fd-lutj) Having the hand cut 

off. Dumb. 

A Jaj] attan, Crooked-back'd. 
A JLz^is\ uktii^al) A token. 
p Jpa\ otto', The elder-tree. 
A j\f$\ iktirar, Beginning to wither. 
A \*$\ ttta, Turned up. Checking. 

Uil Mbas, Prodigal, extravagant. 
A jlw! z7'_07-, Digging deep (a well). 
Sl >'1&K) Opulence, abundance. 


A jjfiUSj tttas, Killing suddenly. 

A \f\j\ tttffb Obscene. Despicable. 
Loud. Making despicable. 

A -jUiil M'Z&lj Expanding (as the 
vine flowers). 

A A\XJ\ t&, Biting, killing. As- 
cending the meridian (the sun). 

A A*J! o/Cflrf, Distantly related to the 
head of the family. 

A **j\ f/tam, Flat-nosed. 

A ^5] atta', Cock-nosed. Thin in 
the legs and thighs (a woman). 

AjlsJ^ iifar, Desert. Travelling a 
desert. Hungry. 

A ^3\ alfad, Walking on tiptoe. 

A Jisj\ it/Hal, Contracted, wrinkled. 

A (JL&Hi Destroying. Releasing. 

A 4>iU\, Ovenvhelming, drowning. 

A zkj\ ttlat, Extirpating. Divert- 
ing. Navigating. Intennitting. 

A uJ^Jii MB/I Cementing, gluing, 
locking, caulking. 

A J&i\ ttlak, (A camel) with a 
loose load and ready to fall. 

A j$3] allqf, The prepuce. 

A "i^J\ illazola^ Moved. Inclining to 
one side. Expediting. Climbing. 

A ^^s\ Man, The second heaven. 

p jJJ! ikM, A key. A jjj^ ikfid, 
Any thing crooked. A chain. 

A JuUJ ilGG, The whole. 

A ^Jjjl i/dim, A clime, a country. 

P U*Jjft HfKmiyai Ore, dross of gold 
or silver, litharge. 

A ^\*3\ tlmahj Taking a handful of 
grain. Raising the head. Putting 
in the pillory. Hanging the head. 

A \*i\itmad, Exalting (the neck). 

AjUjj\ ikmar) Having bright moon 

p JuJJi ilima'i) Acquiring, possessing. 

A ^.Ici! timuS) Plunging, dipping 
(one into the water). 

A cUj)! ikma^ Subduing one's self. 

A jltXg*]^ ikmihdad t Raising up the 
head. Dwelling. 

A Ui! iJi"iia t Killing. Enriched. Sa- 

A c__>Ua! iknub) Increasing a troop. 
Absconding. Perfuming. 

A fcpHiJfl it-nat. Earnest in prayer. 

A ftU! ttnat* Satisfying. Bowing 
the head. Gazing intently. 

A L-JLai if-naf, Having a large army. 
Firm, c able. Having flagging ears. 

A LJ] ut-nat, A structure of stone. 

A ^i] il<na\ Having a hawk nose. 

A !j) zfea, Deserted. Going into a 
desert. Contented. Poor. Strong. 

p J^jj! atzeal; The white poplar. 

A jy\ afaad, Having a long neck or 
back. Eminent. Greedy. 

A J\jfi tt*rar, Slender. Fat. Al- 

A (j~j>\ ?> Difficult. Crook- 
backed. High. Distant. Long. 

A ipy^ altush) A lion. Tiger. 
Leopard. Panther. 

A <_JjJl ahffaf) A chiromancer, for- 

A ij\ aM, Obedience. 

A 1^3 \ ilihii) Averse. Rendering 
averse. Drinking much. 

A J^\ t'Mar, Find ing one conquered. 

A Jl^^ ilhal) Interfering without 
cause. Bedaubing one's self. 

, Loathing,. Hungry. 




A \*j\ %a, Causing to vomit. 

A JU\ ilyal, Speaking, ordering. 

r (^y Ijl ih/anos, The ocean. 

A u/> ^j Warm, sultry (day) . 
A %\ ala, Putting in fear, terrifying. 
A ^>^\ itahat, Subduing. Giving. 

Immerging. Piercing. 
A J61 /-</, A rope, belt, girth. 
A ' <X> J6\ ajiadid, Dispersed here and 

A t->J^ a/;a-.ib, A liar. 

A .j& a/!/;ar, One who tills the ground. 

A tj& tlaral, Walking fast. 

* & <^ ijJ& \ abas, diha, A light-house, 
elevated camp. 

A &*J&\ ijtasal) Having ingenious 

A $\ ,ff, Food. Ukal, The itch. 

p d& atam, A mushroom, fungus. 

A J^\ ijtanat, Humiliating. 

A'C^L^\ i/<bat, Afflicting, vexing. 

A _.L^\ ijtbah, Checking a horse. 
Eminent. Conspicuous. 

AjL! Mar, Extolling. Becoming 

A ^^, Restraining (the tongue). 

A ^\ akbah, Strong (camel)'. 

A &*\ albad, Corpulent. Slow-paced. 

A j&\ albar, Most powerful. Su- 
preme. A Mogul Emperor. 

A 'yff\ albirrai, The nearest kindred. 

A \ aWc/, Heat, warmth. 

A jz\ iktar, (A carnd) having a 

great bunch. 

A \s\ z/'/at, A battle, conflict, 

Writing. Enrolled 
Anointing the eyes 

aS) i/ftidad, Tasking. Impor- 
tunate. Penury, ' Abstinence. 

A (__*L-'^j\ iktisub) Gain, acquisition. 
\x\ i/(lifa t Sufficient ; contentment. 
+\ atlam, Full-bellied, saturated. 

A *\Z&\ ilitinah, Scrutinizing, pene- 

A \j iktizca, Self praise. Stutter- 
ing, sputtering. Enraged. 

A C^\it ttsas, Having a thick beard. 

A jf\ ifaar, Increasing. Eloquent, 

A A\i^ thorn, Filling. Retiring. 

* J&\ ahar t Copious. Frequent. 

A t_.ii a/fsttri t For the most part. 

A *_i^ a/fsatt Having turgid lips a 
or gums. 

A fit\ aksanij Wide. Large bellied. 
Full. Saturated. 

A iZJfQ'afsut, Dodder. 

p \ a/;aj, A species of v/ild apple, 
a medlar. 

A /Us^' */?A5/, (Ground) when first 
covered with green herbage. 

A &\ a!:J>yd\ A belt, rope, girth. 
A J\3&\ ildak, Studying, exerting. 
A u-^j i ikdafi Making a noise with 
the feet. 


Firmly bound by 

A t-?l Jo] ik'zab, Detecting a lie, com- 

pelling to lie. 

A te)3&\ ukzubat, A lie, falsehood. 
A ji\ atr t Digging, delving. A 

A \J\ aira, Hiring. Delaying. In. 

creased. Decreased. 
A <>\J>\ ikrab) Afflicting, troubling. 


ilras, Oppressing, giving 


A ^r' y -' tfraj, The being corrupted 

mouldy (bread) . 
A \Jt\ ikrafr Exposed. Drinking 

water (lying on the belly). 
A cJ]/t Mraf, Corrupted, rotten 

(egg). Smelling. 

A ^\Jt\ if/ram. Honour. Liberality. 
A K\^\ i/ra/j, Aversion, horror, 


A *f\ ugrat, A well, ditch for agri- 

A *)fl ukrumah Honour, liberality. 
* ^^ z "/ r "^A A Persian balsam 

for wounds. 
A j\\ z/ ; zaz, Affecting with intense 

A +\J:>\ ifcam, Contracted within 

one's self. Eating till loathing. 

A j^jjfl altass t Having short teeth. 

A chissel. 
A jLJl ibsad, A dull (market). 

Msal, Laziness, cowardice. 

Making lazy. 

^\ alsah, Weak, lame, decrepid. 
1 atsatt Marked with white 

P <-_>j^ at-sub, Satin, particularly 

a black kind. 

A /5~^ oha\ Giving liberally. Bet- 
ter dressed. 

i //'jar, An elixir. Essence. 
A li^! atsha, Dressing (meat) till it 

is dry. 

A ^^\ i/tshad, Purifying (butter), 
p 1^!., Strong, firm, bound. 

A ujli^ atshqf, Bald. Having no 
helmet or shield. 

A ^t\ atsham, Diseased. A kind 

of wolf spotted and fleet. 
A CJji^ vtshut, Flax-seed. 
A ^L^! i$sas t Flying, putting to 

A j\x\ iltjir, (A boy) becoming 


Wearing. Checking, 

Mtfif, Rushing. Going 

away in rage. 
A j^U! ili^an^ Languor. 
A Ul z//a, Overturning. Filling. 

Inclining. Dividing live stock. 
A ^USl Mfahy Checking, bridling 

a horse. 
A jVoi //ar, Calling one an infidel. 

Fixed to the earth, 
p c^sSl a/fufty Grief, vexation. 
A ^1 akafih, Black. 
A J^t ai*l t Devouring. A tyrant. 

Uhuly Victuals. Prudence. 
A ill aj'/a, Lasting long, prolonging. 
A t-_J^' tf/a6, Irritating, provoking. 
A _K1 /'/aA t Austere in look. Re. 


A cii^l iltla^j Making dirty, soiling. 
A 1 jaiSl iklanda, Thick. Being con. 

tracted. Refusing. 
A J-KI f/-#/i A crown, wreath, 

^.JiT a/dtyun, Worked silk or 
A CuU! i&miit, (A horse) Of a dark 

reddish colour. 

A \*\ il<mahi Pulling the reins. 
Budding (a vine). Conspicuous. 
A j.1*^ ikmukh, Pride, loftinesss. 
,!l^t iZmul, Perfection, accom- 
plishing. Performance. 


man, Laying snares. 

A JU1 (ilamat. A hill, heap, rising 

A ir~*\ akmas, Any thing hardly 

A iJ^\ avmask, Short- footed. 

A <u^ attnah, Blind from the birth. 

A Uil i/;na, An allusion, metonomy. 

A c_A^ ikncib, An error. Harden- 
ing (the hand). 

A fj&\ itnash, Ordering to make 

A ^Ul /'tt.i Contracting the wings. 
Submissive. Convening. 

P ( ^\ alnan, A cavern, vault, 

A (jV^l /-mm, Concealing in mind. 

A *U! z'/na/j, Arriving at the end of 
any thing. 

r (j3* <bLl iknayah guflan, To 
hint, to intimate. 

A te\ ulnal, A bird's nest. 

A ^~\ alnatt Unfit. Disabled. 

P Uj\ alnun. Now, already. Whe- 
ther. For. But. Therefore. 

A \\ ilaa, Prohibiting, intimidating. 

P tff>\ akuj, A medlar. A crook, 
a perch. 

A jj^i a k^"i Gluttonous, corroding. 

A &\ aliidal, Separated. A fattened 

.A pflatsMBn, High, exalted. 

A (\ tt'Jia, Abstaining from (meat). 

A t>U^i ik-hadi Being fatigued, 

A p\\ i.Mwm, Weak, heavy, dull. 

A U~^*l aMiub, A brown camel. 

A y^^ Q.fyas, Purses. Sagacious, 

A t/* 1 ^ alyash, Twice spun; also, 
the refuse. 

A frs*l afoot, Rough, hairy. Gross. 

AP &~r\ afikh, A sausage. A nerve. 
Cat-gut. The intestines. 

A Ju'i ajtld) Strong, brave. Severe. 

A y-\ ah/as, Prudent, ingenious. 

A uX /'/-, Warm, hot, sultry 

A l ^\ a/z/, An eater. Food. 

p *l^t aga/1. Intelligent. Wary. A 

P ,bl$ I aga/ii, Knowledge, notice. 
Care. Vigilance. 

^(XJfcliT I aguhidan, To advise, ex- 
cite. Follow. To know. 

p \ agaj, A hook, crook, perch, a 
long pole. 

P J*\ cigar. If; although; unless. 

P &?-j>\ agftrcheh, Although, not- 

p ^yiUii ! aganbalin, Flocks of wool. 

p j? \ aganj, A sausage. Flocks for 

p jjJcf I Ugandan, To fill, stuff. To 
bury. Extol. Take. Fall. 

p ( j^'\ agnis, Stuffing of cotton, 
wool, fcc. 

p <Li 1 aginah , Stuffing, lining. 

p j '\ agur, (or /T), A brick. 

P yijin agosh, An embrace. An 
armful. The bosom. 

p jjd-.-iio'l dghoshidan, To embrace. 

p <6 1 aga/i, Knowing, wise, wary. 
Agali, A file. A rib. 

p i*ff\ "gate, Knowledge. Wa- 

P era) agin, Stuffing of pillows, &c. 

A J! al, The Arabic article answer- 
ing to the. 

A Jl a/, Offspring, race. 

A JT /, Fraud, finesse. 


P JT /, Ditch, wall. Laughing. 
Fiery. Fraud. Noise, beauty. 

A Jt all, Hastening. Bright. Dis. 
turbed. /#, A treaty, Near. 

A J1 a//, GOD : with the article, D. 

O. M. 

A W o/fl, A benefit. Holla ! ho ! 
A c-^'i alabib, The heart-string, or 

p d^ff o/o/, A thing which belongs 

to another. Sort, species, 
r <j>-^T alo/ol, A kind of tent. 
A L>$\ Mahal, Shin ing. Going away. 

Destroying. Avoiding. 
A <L>^, Turning about. Trembling. 
A jfi\ ilak, Shining, flashing. 
A j1 Ha/tat^ Sending. An envoy. 
A W! z/a/o/, Beginning the night. 
F *M\ ilalah, A tulip. 
A ^Ul'! tlaman, Grace, favour. Pity. 
A <L<$t Harriot, Worthy of censure. 
A ^\ alan, Now. Presently. 
A L$\ Hanoi, Pacifying. 
p &tfT alanah, A falcon, a nest. A 

shadow. A door latch. 
p $ \ alaw, A flame of fire. 
A jj^iH alaicd ', Negligent. 
A si\ ilah, A god, a pagan deity. 
A <5J&H! ilaliat) Worship. An idol. 

A serpent. 
A ^J&\ i/aAi, Divine. O my God. 

A hymn. 

p lJL$\ alaish, Corrupt ion, impurity. 
p ^^^1 alai/idon, To contaminate, 

A t--i 0/6, A crowd. Impelling. 

Heat. Poison, p A hero. 
A dAJ! albas, Hesitating, delaying. 
A \J! ilbah. Growing old (a man). 

A d/U! tibalt, Speaking badly. An 
error. Blushing. Shame. 

A <L)! alabat, Desire, anguish. 
Vicious. Ulbat, A crowd. 

p <J^J\ albtUlah) Certainly, necessa- 
rily. Whether. Altogether. 

A v.^Jl afat, An instrument, tool, 

P u^JT a//, Plump. 

A c-AsM f'//a6, Necessary. Eating 
once in the day. 

A ^Ls]! tllibas, Obscure, doubtful. 

A iJ! u//a/ A small present. Perjury. 

A *\&A\ tllisam, A kiss. Kissing. 

A ls!r! illiha, Becoming bearded. 

A i_Jlsrl tilthqf, The be ing covered. 

A jjls^l illihat, Being joined, ad- 

A *\s~\ iltiham, (A wound) healing. 
Sickness. Growing hot (battle). 

A 4\ Jol! il/izaz, Tasting, relishing. 

A *\jA\ iltzzdm, Undertaking. Hire. 
Lease. Embracing. 

A cuUiJ! Hfifaft Respect, benevo- 
lence, cherishing. 

p LZJ\z\altqfat) Conversion, turning. 

A v\JbJt ilftfdtj) Covering. Covered. 

A \xA\ UlHta, An interview, audience. 

A \y\xA\ illikatj Collecting, gathering. 
Stumbling upon.- 

A *lJ! titikam, Devouring, swal- 

A fj^^] illimas, Praying, suppli- 

A tUoJi illimat, Shining. Changing 
colour. Stealing. 

p lx*J\ allamgha,) Royal diploma. 
Tax. A freehold. 

A \jA\ illtaa, Complication. A fold. 
A c-jUJI iitlhabt Inflammation, 

A ,jJ! aloft, Who, which, that. 

/. 3UM altiyaz, Flying to, taking 
refuge with. 

A /*l3t illiyam, Obedience, agree- 
ment; affability. Concourse. 

A \il\*,Wet. Washing. 

A *-*-M Hsus, Urgent pressing. Ccn. 

A jW! ilsM, Wetting. 

A _ilt alsafr Stuttering in pro- 


A Ish t'^a, Compelling, forcing. 
A *lsh z(/aOT, Bridling. Bridle, 

y tUi\ aljamah, A garment red 

and gold. 
p &sh fl{/a^, A fruit. 

f u^vsrf^ dchakht, Desire. Hope. 

T (^^f^ ^cft, An embassador, envoy. 

A \.sz\ ilha, Traducing. Becoming 
bearded. Reprehending. 

A c-Asl^ ilfiab, Striking (with a 
sword). Impressing. 

A -^=^ Mhaji Compelling, forcing. 

A fls-M ilhah, Importunity. Fixed. 
Restive. Galling (saddle). 

A jUcI, Impiety, infidelity, heresy. 

A ^Isl! ilhas, Springing, sprouting. 

A (J^ls!) alhasil) Upon the whole, 
in fine. 

A uJls\ ilhaf, Sweeping the ground. 

A jUi\ ilhal, Addition, coupling. 

A JU?1 alhal, Now, at present. 

A jlsd! ilham, Consolidating. Gra- 
nulating (a wound). A grain. 

i 4^*5^ oWtaM,Truly, certainly, surely, 
r J^lsh ilk-halt^ A. shirt, under, 
garment. The Mogul coat. 

alkhujt Concupiscence, 

il alkhas. Having the upper 

eye-lid rigid, 
p ^s!\ alkhi, The jamb, pillar, or 

post of a door. 
A ^jsh alkha', Blabbing, talkative. 

Crooked. Wreathed. 

A <>!\ afadd, Quarrelsome. Five 
years old and long bod led (camel). 

A A!J^ ildani) Continuing to afflict 
(a fever). 

A #*x!! fldat, A daughter, a girl. 

A lcJ*l^ addutj-a, Farewell, adieu. 

A fcjJkH ofozzz, Who, which, that. 
A *\&\ ilzam, Fixing. Reducing. 

Joining. Compelling. 
t xj\ alrah, A pillar, or jamb of a 


AjJI c/z, Adhering, inherent, addicted. 
A \J\ faa, Filling. Feeding to satiety. 
A j^] U'iali) Joining, cementing, 


A /%M, Convincing, compelling. 
A ^\ alzan, Intensely cold or hot. 
A yj\ a/.?, Perfidious. Confusion, 

madness. A bad family. 

A LJ'i alassa, Desiring bread. 
A cLJ\ ilsat, Sowing divisions. 
A ,jUt ^.^> Joining, fixing. 

A ALJ! ilsam t Tasting. Silencing. 

Seeking. Ordering forward. 
A ^U^ asan t Forming in the shape 

of a tongue. Effecting. 



9 L^-wJ^ abut, A fat plump buttock. 
A ( j~A\ alsan, Eloquent. 

A y^ alatj, Teeth dropped out. 

A L>iyi alta^ Covering. Aiding in 

wrong. Joining. Shutting. 
A vUaJ! ilfat., Licking, lapping. 
A Hall *Tz, Burning, emitting flame. 
A Ijllal! iliaz, Assiduous, attentive. 
A c-?UJ! t7&z6, Slavering. Causing 

to play. 

A ~\s&\ iKjij) Kindling wood. 
A f\*\\ iltfit, ' Producing its first 

A &d\ ultfibal, Play, any thing 


p iJI ulugh, Powerful, great. 
A \j&\ ilgha, Excluding, irritating. 
A c-jUJ! ilghab, Fatiguing, vexing, 
p jUM alghar, Rapine, depredation. 
A u-JUl^ dlghaf, Mincing food for 

eating. Dispatch. Perfidy, 
A jjeyin algharaz. In a word. 
alganjar, Hate ; envy, 

alghanfidan, To gain, 
? JLij*M alghunak, Rose-coloured. 


A ^\X*ffi1, (Herbage) luxuriant. 
A \&\ilfa t Preserving entire. Finding. 
A ^-UJi itfaj t Flying for refuge. 


A ^iUW ufftish, A hyprocrite. 
A fc^-ju) ulfati Friendship. Aloft, 
A fool, a lover. 

aloft, Affliction, madness. 

alfatgari)- Friendship, 

Cruil aluftan^ To rage. To drive 
to madness. 

Li-*s^l alfakht. Acquisition, gain. 
trus~^ alfakhtan, To gain, to 

p ^1 alfaty, Gain. Gained. A 

p j^dxaJl alfandan, To gain. To do 

wrong. To palpitate- 
P ^JoJcJ-1 alfandidan, To gain. 

To envy. 

r <&~d\ alfinah, A pin. 
A (J\\ aUt, Shining. A wolf. Mad. 
A laS! il/ta, Projection. Infusion. 

Inspiration. Conjunction. 
A _U^ tl/tah, Rendering fruitful. 

Raining. Shaking (the wind). 
A \y\d\ alkat, Straggling, despicable. 
A c^?lJ>U]^ (dkakut, At once, alto. 

A *liu' iV:am t Causing to swallow. 

Trotting (a camel). 
A ^IsJI al/idn y Learning quickly. 
A i&\ il':dt, A she-wolf. Bold. 

A t^j\ji&\ Al&uran, Reading. The 

A iUaiil! attissah, In a word, to be 


A Jl) alf<a\ Mad, insane. To meet. 
A A.JJ1 tilkiyal, A question, problem. 
A cl^n alaJt, Champing the bit. 


p uJ^ aWt, A mule. Helpless. 
A t\xH alltad, Fixed, adhering to. 
A .$\ attan, Stuttering, a stammerer, 
p ^&\ ullf,an> Avaricious. Drunk, 

p . ^Q\ alffuni, Stuttering, stam. 


p &\ uUali, A province, dominion, 
i possession. 


<0j^ algunah, Rose-coloured, red. 
A J]\ alal, Groaning. Fie! pho! 

A &\ Allah, GOD : THE GOD. 

A Jl alam Grief, care, agony. 

A UMtVflia, Taking, choosing. Steal. 

ing away. Denying (a debt). 
A _Ui! tlmdh, Glancing at. Flashing. 
AP ^UJt almas. Kindling into rage. 
A SUN ilmat, Seizing. Shining. 

A *l*J! tlrnam, Descending, arriving, 

reaching. Offending slightly. 
A _4J| ilmat, Ingenious, keen, ju- 


r uy)^ ilimun^ A lemon. 
^\ o/mz, A pillar, or jamb of 

a door. 
r t^vs-l alnujtan, To take amiss, to 

be angry. 

A jjJI alandad, A formidable ad- 


p U^31, A sort of entrenchment. 
A J\ alu.) Failing, unequal to. Proud. 

r Sl O/M, Lean. The yam, or pot a. 

toe. A plum. 
A Ull ilwtty Moving. Denied (a 

debt). Seizing. 

A \jl! ilzed, At first. Possessed off. 
P JljN alwa'z, An asylum, a mountain. 
l^i ulzedn khurdan^ To 


p &\ji\ alwah, A kind of sweet wood. 
A C->^ alwab) Brisk. A high cold 

A &\ alrcat, An oath. 


f, Languid. Mad. 

r 4>jlT aluhah) A black wild plum. 

p Jy! dluil, Stained, polluted, dirtied, 
p ^^1 aludagi, Contamination, , 

p /ojJl (iludun^ To stain. Defile. 

Anoint. Covet. 

v j\ alur, The buttocks. The tail. 
A ^\ alus, A thing, any thing. 
A cj| alwafy Insanity, fatuity. 

b) Foolish. 

^, An embassador, legate. 
A J! alumat) Blame, reprehension. 
A ^j]] alwa, Crooked. Dividing, 

p <JT /aA, An eagle. The hare- 


A \\ ilhd, Employing. 
A <-->l^l tlhab, Inflaming. Heated 

(a horse). 

A jl^ll ilhdd r Acting violently. 
A \>\\ flhdt, Laving, washing. 
A uJl^!^ tlhaf, Greeding. Lamenting, 
A >lgH ilhdniy Inspiration. 
A ^\\ ilhan t A present from 

A ( -$\ ilahi, Divine, My God! 


A C^-^S^ ilhiyatj The divinity. 
A ^\ zVo', To, until, even to, as 

far as. 

A e^J! aftl, A nonpareil. 
A L]\ aliyat, An oath. Negligent. 
A gift. 

r dllkhtan, To take ill. 
p ^JulT aKdun, To transgress. To 

blame. To frighten. 
p j.j>Jj-lT dfiudan, To mourn. To 
shake. To blame. 

Is it not? Brave. A 

A -^, Foolish, mad. Stuttering. 

A fc J1 alif, A comrade, friend, fa- 
vourite, domestic. 

A <JJ] a/?/, Groaning, a groan. 

A *Ji alim, Grieving, painful. 

p aj^ aTih, A large tail. Aforesaid. 

A /jJl atyaum, To-day. 

A +\ am, Whether? Purpose. Wound- 
ing the head. Excelling. 

A +\ umm, A mother. The root, the 

primary cause. A house. 
P /*! owt, I am : when added to nouns 

it signifies My, or Me. 
A Loi uma, The mewing (of a cat). 

Ama^ Is it not? Ima, Mewing. 

A Lc! amma, But, however. Imma, 

But if, unless. 
A .Ucl amiij, Butts for shooting at. 

A sign: throne; spade; apart. 
p ^jjtel amadan, To prepare. To 


A jU! a/r, Time. A sign. Inquiry. 
A C^Ul amoral, A sign. A go- 
vernment. Dominion. Power. 
P l^jlol ama'fan, Prepared. Coming. 
p ^~Ue! amas, Blasted. Benumbed. 

Planet-struck. Tumour. 
P ^MMdtol dmasldan, To swell. To 

prepare. To rot. To be inflamed. 
P jjiUl amash, A roasting-spit. 
A <&>U^ imufat. Removing, crazing. 
A djucl imalal, Bursting into rage. 
A <2U1 tmalat, Bending, twisting. 
A xLct amam^ Before. Imam, A 

head, chief, prelate, priest. 
A <uW imumah, A tobacco-pipe- 
A jj\sc\ a/nan, Security, safety. 

A ^U^ ummany An ideot. 
A UJwl imanat) A deposit. Safety. 
Faithful. Religion. Confidence. 

p ^JuU! amandan. To be ready. 
A ,JU1 amarii, Security. P A client. 

Care. Avoiding. 
p iLci amah, A tumour. 

amd/udan, To swell. To 

be stupid. 

p ^Ul amayi, Fulness, repletion. 
A *->te^ amaytn, Blows upon the head. 
P ij n^cl ambarud, A pear. 
A i^-v<^ ama/, A female servant. 

Immal, Grace. A sect. 
A Uxi! tjw/o, Walking badly. 
A c\i^\ imtat, Enjoying, giving. 


A Jll^ imtfsdl, Obedience, 
A ^Isr*^, An experiment, proof. 
A jljc^cl imlidad, Protraction, ex. 


^ tmli'iaj, Union, mixture. 
c\ imtila, Repletion, indigestion. 
^cl imlildd, Aiding, helping. 
^e! imluiat, Abstinence, refusal. 
\^\ imlinan, An obligation, 

Gratitude. Reproaching. 
p \p*\ imti/ia, People, nations. 
A u l^l imlihan. Hiring. 
AjL^c\ imtiyai, Separation. Pre- 

A Jj2*^ umsul, A verse, sentence, or 

saying worthy of quotation. 
A f\ amaj, Heat, thirst. Very hot. 
A ^Ur^ ioyajt Travelling. 
A JU^\ amjal, Hard in the hand 

from labour. 

A *\ amah, Causing a beating pain. 
A _lss*\ itnliuh, Wearing thread-bare' 
A j^il^ im/ta&h, Burning, searing. 
A ^\s^\ imliasy Shining (sun) after 

an eclipse. 


A ^tflsr*^ imhai.) Drinking pure milk. 

Loving truly. 
A Jjlsr^ imhak, Despairing. Pe- 

rishing. Dying away. 
A LL^ls^ imhak, Morose, surly. 
A J^^ imhal, Parched (ground). 

Suffering scarcity. 
A ^as^\ amhas, Credulity. 
A <UJ..S^ umhuia^ Sincerely ad- 

A ^cUr*! imkhaz, (Milk) churned 

for butter. 

p ^^sr*| amakhlan, To leara. 
A Jc<!, The end, age, catastrophe. 
A 6\&\ imdad, Aid, help, succour. 
r <Sj\<XeT amadanali, Accidental. 
A i\X<!\ umdal, The remains, the rest. 
p ^X1 amadan, To come. Coming. 
A \^t\ irnza, Turning to grass. 

Diluting. Wife-corrupting. 
A j\<e\ imzar, Corrupting, rotting 

(an egg). 

A _iX<\ am'zafi, Chafing. Business. 
A jst\ amr, A business. Edict, com- 

mand. Commission, brief. 
A U*T, Softening, macerating. 
A \s\jsc\ imrut, (A palm-tree) naked 

(of fruit). 
A 9 \jdimragh, Spitting. Blabbing. 

Thinning paste with water. 
A ,j^l amran, The tendon of the 

A *j*\ amrat, A way-stone. A man- 

date. Prince. Government. 
A J^ amrad, Beardless, handsome 

(youth) . 
A \j*\ imirza, A prince, nobleman. 

A horseman. 

*' \jj*\ amunisk^ Remission, for. 

\ umurigar, A merciful man. 
I amiirixdan, To forgive, 

p ^j*e\ amnegh, A little, somewhat. 
Value. Profit. Power. Rank. 

r Jjj-cl amrud, A pear. Guava. 

p jjj*\ imroz, To-day. 

A is.*.*)] umrutfll, (Ground) cul- 
tivated and productive. 

i> %jj*\ amriigh, High. Venerable. 
A little. Somewhat. 

A *\j<\ im'iah, Training .(a vine). 

A y^\ ants, Yesterday. u ^o\ 

Amass, More or most ; principal. 
A \~~<\ imsa. Saucy. The medium. 
The evening. Unfortunate, 

A jj-L^ *msas t Touching, causing 
to touch. 

A cL? L*-^ imsak, Parsimony. Ab- 
stinence. Scarcity. 

r ,JL~<^ imsal, This year. So, thus. 

A lL! imsha, Ordering to walk or 
march. Causing looseness. 

A <\~<\ zmshash, Full of marrow. 

A j\JL<^ imshak, Lashing, scourging. 

p c_^JLx1 imshub, To night. 

A { JA^\ amis, Pickled meat. 

A CWK! imsa^L, (A camel) diminish- 
ing in milk. The box-thorn. 

A jJLo*l imsal, Exhausting sheep 
(by milking). Miscarrying. 

p ^a^\ amiz, A cup of wine ; a 

A \*aso\ im'ia, A subscription. Causing 
to pass. Dispatching. 

A _Li^ Diffusing rays. 

A (J o ( '^c\ irniui, Giving pain. 

A IL^C! amlii, Long. Jumenta. 



AJ^O\ im/ar, Causing to rain. 

* (J^o\ am/i, Proportioned, tall. 

A gum. A kind of tree. 
A blips' imzaz, Seasoning green wood. 

A ^,\ tmmat, Weak, imprudent. 
A U^>! awg/7, Intestines. 
A jtM tmtar, Destitute of food. 
A ^oW*! //taH, Enraged. Indis- 

posed, involved. 
A y**] imtflt', Making deep. 
A JU^i im'zffl, Diverting from. 

A iffixtA imt.un t Far advanced. 

Guarding. Gazing. Wealthy. 
AJ**>\ am~ur, Dropping off. Bare of 

A JaK^l am tat, A wolf bare of pile. 

A robber. 

A jfj** um%uz, The goat species. 
A jU^I imghad, Drinking much. 

A JU*e! imghiil, Suckling, whilst 

A jX*o\ amghar, Red-haired ; red- 

skinned ; dun. 
A J^cl amah, The inside corner of 

the eye. Amakk, Lean. Far. 
A jiLc\ imkar, Bitter, acrid. Insipid. 
A Jti! imlal, Ducking one another. 
A &<\ aml-at, Hateful. 
A ^^el imkart) Possibility. De- 


A (.^cl umliana, 'It may be. 
A J^l amok, Hope. Hoping. Large. 
P (J^ei Amil t A poet. 
A \*\ iwla, Completing, writing. 
A ^Lo\ imlaj, Milking. 

A JLc\ imlaz, Going away (with 
any one). 

A jjJLc] zmlas, Bare or naked. 

A ^ILc, imlas, Bringing forth a dead 

child. Abortion. 
A Lo\ imla^, Skinning a sheep. 

Walking fast. Suckling. 
A Lo! irnlagh. Mocking. 
A jLc\ imfat, Reduced to want. 

Stumbling. Escaping. 
A JLcl imlal, Wearied out. Dic- 
tating. Vexing. 
A *5U! imlah, (A girl) arriving at 


A ^*\amlaj. Poor. Themyrabolan. 
A jLo\ umlud, Delicate, tender. 
A u*Lo\ amlas, Even, level, steep. 
A kLc! amlaf, Without hair. 
A _L1 amlagh, Obscene (in talk). 
A Jjl1 umlud, Tender. Delicate 

(girl). Umludan,) A desert. 
A ^^Le' iinl'is, A barren desert. 
A i_/2.Lt! imlis, Bringing forth an 


A ^c\ amam, Near. Manifest. Easy. 
A ( ^o\ aman, Security, liberty. 


p ^ci amaii, Circumference, circuit. 
A u^ci imnah , (A camel) near bring- 
ing forth. 

A (^lx<l imnan^ Fatiguing (journey). 
p <U^ amanah, Split wood for sale. 
L~*^~<\ umniyat) Desire, wish. 

r *sc\ amu, Jo usy. 
P Xyo\ animal. Dead, 
p yv>-y*\ aniokhtan, To learn. To 
read. To swell. 
^J***! amudaii) To prepare. 
A jy<\ amur, A tumour. 

',-<l , Learned, skilful, teaching. 


P jjiXJij.^1 amozamdan, To teach. 

* U^.Jj-*' omoudan, To teach, to 

A ^~e1 amilgh, Gravity. Terror. 

A <L*yc\ umumal, Maternity. 

T ^t^\ amun, Firm, steady. 

A ^frj amazc'e, Servile. 

A <L\ ama/i, A female servant. Ob- 
livion. Amh, An ink-stand. 

A l^<! imfta, Grinding, sharpening. 
Diluting. Giving the reins. 

A {Jlg-<^ imhal, Prolonging, granting 
time. Expecting. 

A (^^1 iin/ian, Rendering con- 

A &<\ ummahul, A mother. 
A -*! amhij, Thin milk. 
p J.^ amhal, Popular. 
A t)e^c1 um/iud, A ditch for catch- 
ing prey, or for cooking food in. 

A j-| umrrii. Maternal. An ideot. 

A jL-<' imyuz, Distinguishing, se- 

A <U<\ umaiyat, A little hand-roaid. 

P ma**\ amekhlan, To mix, in- 

p <^c\ uniid, Hope, desire. 

*J*Z<\ amir, A king, prince, chief, 
lord, governor, commander. 

*Jfc*\ amir, A glutton. A lazy man. 

P &]fi*\ Imperial, princely. 

A 'i^\ amiral,An empress, princess. 

P H^\\j^a\ amir:<.adah, The son of a 

P i^U1 arriifi, A principality. 

r j^*\ ame'i.1 Mixed, mixing. 

p l^'MjJv ^ ameiantdfin, To cause 
to mix. 

p (Jf^\ amelishj Mixture. Com- 


p jjJojycl ameudan^ To mix, minjle. 
r ^<\ amegh, Mixed. Copulation. 

A J..^ affi^o/, Large. Full of bran- 

ches. Unarmed. Timorous. 
A +**\ amlm, A fractured scull. 
amin^ So let it be ! amen ! 

A (j^\ amm, Safe, free. Faithful. 
P (j"^c\ (inirn, A glutton. Mixing. 
A A^~<\ am'inuh, Wood split for sale. 
A (^~~c\ amirii, Security. Secure. 
A (^j^ umqyi, A little hand-maid. 
p (j! an, That. Beauty. 


A ^\ an, Time, an hour. ^\ aw, 

A ^\ in, If, if at any time, if so be. 

A ,jl anna, Since, because, but that^ 

A i.^ iMMt, For, truly, verily, indeed. 

A \j^, ana, I. Jna, A vase. Delay. 
A C^^lil ina-ul, Delay, slowness. 
A c.*lil a nab, Musk, perfume. 
A c^-oli! inabal, Penitence, con- 

version in religion. 
A i\j\ anal, Expectation. Delay. 
A j\j\ inakh, Pitching a camp be- 

fore a city, 

A Jo jl) \ anadid, Dispersed. 
p t\j\ anar, A pomegranate. 
A j\j\ anura, May God illuminate. 
A isj\!\ inaral, Illuminating. Fright- 

ening. Marking cloth. 
P (jlx^ljl anarislan, A pomegra- 

nate" garden. 
P ^ [j\J\ anarin, Rust. 
A L*\j\ inasat, Agitation, commotion. 

A Ls\j\ {'nosa/, Desire, will, choice. 
A ^ali! inaz. The ripe produce of 

a palm-tree. 

A <Ljlil inazat, Betraying ignorance. 
A s\j\ inafalj Increasing, projecting. 
A <jli\ unafe, Having a large nose. 
p jU! zwa^, Secure, safe, free from 

anxiety. A Tartar word. 
A&1>1 inaltal) Gracefulness, elegance. 
A &\j\ initial, Giving. Causing to 

follow. Swearing by. 
A *l)1 anam, Mankind, the world. 

A ijj\ inamat, Asleep. Killing. 

Enervating (old age.) 
A ^j\ anan, &J\J\ aniinat, A groan. 


A ^JUl ananiyat, Egotism, pre- 
sumption. Selfishness, 
p < ^vi! anab, A kind bf Indian fruit. 
A Lj\ amba, News. Relating news. 
A _.Ui! imbaj, Uttering confused 


A -Li' imbah, Making (a dog) bark. 
A ^LJ^ imbakh, Baking sour leaven, 
p jo^Lj1 ambakhun, A castle. 
A jLjl Granaries. Fodder, filth, 
p i){fJ\ ambari, A carriage on an 

p u^jLil ambaridan, To fill. To 

pull down. 

pjLj^ ambaz, A companion, associate. 
p ^jiXJljUjI ambazamdan, To form 

a partnership. 

p g^j\^j\amba::da/i, Glorious. Vain- 
p $j\*J\ amba'Jti A partnership, 

p uiJiJjV-Jl ambadan. To become a 

partner. To increase. 

p (^LtLit ambashlan, To fill. To 

sprinkle. To dilute, to supply. 
A tL)^ tmbat, Causing to How. 

Sweating. Vomiting. 
p ?Lj! ambagh, A concubine. A 

A ^LJl tmbagh, Frequenting. Sift- 

ing flour. 

p .jU-^ ambalt) A cuckold. 
A jj-JUj! ambalus, A vine. 
P cL&Li! ambanak, A kind of purse 

or scrip. Any thing concealed. 
A $Lj! imbah, Awaking. Forgetting. 
p t-^J! ambub, A root. A pipe, 

syphon. The knots of a reed. 
A f^ J \ unibaj, Confection. Sweet- 

meat. , 

A (jlacu^ ambajan, Fermented paste, 


A <3l^U^ ambqjant) Warm paste. 
A ^\ ambakh, Rough, hard, thick, 

opaque, unpleasant. 
A jjl^pl ambakhan, Sour (leaven). 
P J/yl ambrud, A pear. 
p Xjv\amburah, Without hair. 
p y~*J\ ambas, Austere (in look). 
p (ji-Jl ambush. Grain winnowed. 
A tU-j! imbisaf, Cheerfulness, 


p <M~~J\ Frigid, cold, stiffness. 
Ak-Jl ambal, (Ahorse) white bellied. 
A tl^U-JJ imbitas, Proceeding. Send- 
ing. Cause. Occasion. 

ambub, A knot, a root. 
J\ ambudan, To become tor- 

pid or abortive. To cast away. 

J\ ambusidan. To rot, decay. 
Large, ample. A crowd-. 


p A_ ^ I- . N. .'.* ambuhnagi Wide ex- 

r igij+J \ ambuhz, A ( crowd. Tu- 
mult, kurry. 

r ^A-JjJl ambuyidan, To smell 
sweetly, to perfume. 

A (-*J\ mnta, Thou. 

A Ixi! intij Retiring, or remaining 

A 'jr^jl infaj, Bringing forth. 

A %\sj\ intdgh, Laughing, Smiling, 

A ,jbjl tnlal-, Carrying an umbrella. 
Fasting. A lion lashing his sides. 

A (jta) intaii) Stinking, fetid. 

A jLxJl intibd'z, Retiring to one side. 

A c_> Lx)1 Eminent, published. 

A <^J\ intibatj Existing, living. 

A *Lx5t inlibah, Vigilance, consi- 
deration, animadversion. 

A C-As&l Lamenting, shrieking. 

A .jLsUt intihal, Falsely assuming. 

A t-iAs^ Election, select ion. 

A 9^/w^ inlizat.i Capture. Tearing 
up, extracting. 

A c_>U^Jt inlisab, Relation, con- 
nection, belonging to. 

A JjL^J^ Adjusting, regulating. 

A jU-xilA breeze, a soft gale. 

A jllxJl intishar^ Explanation. Dis- 

A jUa^J) inliiar, Desire, expectation. 

A *l!ix5l intiiam. Order, regularity. 

A; {^pvJl Recovering. Rising. 

A \fzj\intija, Repulsed, removed; 

A hJ\ inlifakh, Swelling, |)lown up. 

A ^IcJ^ intifdt, Utility, profit, gain. 

A JlJ\ initial, Carrying. Copying. 
Dying. Emigrating. 

A *lcj 1 zX//jfajtt, Revenge, vengeance. 
A i_J&j^ inttiafi Turning away. 

Shunning a blow. 

A Ux-1 inlima. Relation, or regard to. 
A [fj\ intihd) The summit, vertex. 
A C-jl^Ji inlihab, Rapine, spoil, 

booty. Made a prey of. 
A j^J^ inlihai) Searching, watch- 
ing for an opportunity. 
A ^jfll^J^ inlihui, Going ; rising. 
A l(fj\ inlihait) A violation. 
A ,^\^j\ inlfyash, Attacking one 

another. Leading forth. 
A \ii! unsd) A female. Disparaging. 
A r\ZJ\ insaj) Purging, voiding. 
A ( bJ\ insdr, Cutting off by sudden 

death. Levelling. Sneezing. 
A clij! insd^) Vomiting. Bleeding 

at the nose. 

A &*i\ a.nsiyah) A testicle. 
F \s^\ aw/a, There, in that place, 

A Us^ injdj Liberating. Revealing. 

Retiring. Enticing, recovering. 
A \&?\ injdh, Prospering. 
A t>Wr\ injdd, Helping, serene. 
A jW^ anjdr. The roof of a house. 
A jls^ injdz, Fulfilling a promise. 
A slsf^ injdt, Giving suck. Agree- 
ing. Efficacious. 

p ^JteiUr! anjiifta/i tardan, To.. 

A ^Ls^rT anjala/>, So that, by which, 

F ^jiXJl^M aiijulidan, To fill. To 

restrain. To fatigue, to signify. 
p +\af\ anjam, The end. An acci. 

dent. Grief. Occurrence. 
r t j>J&?\ anjaman, The end of any 



anjanudan, To finish. 
To be exhausted. 

p i pb i $at?\ anjayulan, To be anxious. 
To consider. 

A \^^c\ unjdbar^ A styptic plant. 

p i^^srf^ anjakht, Desire, lust. 

P ,-^srf^ anjukhtan^ To desire. 

A c^Jcs^ injizab, Affection, al- 
lurement. Becoming moist. 

A !-=f^ anjar, The anchor of a ship. 

A j\js?\ infirm*^ Protraction. 

A *\j=^\ anjurat, A nettle. 

P L."<*1 anjusUj The herb buglos. 

A tlX^i anjili) A kind of grain. 

p ^^JL^sT^ aryastidan, To return. 
To check. 

p (jJu^sr'l (mjalidan. See jJuC-j^i 

A Jjf^l aw//, Long. Open. Wide. 

A^Us^^ injila, Appearance, Apparent. 
Shining. Wiping away grief. 
Congelation, curdling. 
anjuman, A company, ban- 
quet, congress. A multitude. 

A LJS^ injina, Being crooked. 

P (J~^\ anchunan, Thus, so, in 

like manner, 
p ^(X.ijsr^ aryariidan, To divide. 

To afflict, to vex. 
P *sf\ anju. An island. 
A r^f^ unjuji The wood of aloes. 
P ^yf^ anjukh, A wrinkle. Flaccid. 

Dead, flat. Changed, 
p y:*jsf anjukhlan, To be wrinkled. 

To gain. To acquire. 
P ^*^\ (wjugh, A sigh. A wrinkle. 

A fold. Epilepsy. A weevil. 
P (je,C\ To become wrinkled. 

p J^T anchri, That whwh, Who. 

ever. What. 
p ^JusfiT'i aiyidan, To crumble. To 

eat (as a moth). To vex. - 
p j^f\ anfir, A hole. A fig. 
p Vj*af?\ Apparatus. Beaten. 
AP Ju=f^ injil, An evangelist. 
A ^a/zA, Breathing hard. A miser. 
A Jls^l z'rtA/, Making thin, lean. 
A <k&?\ anihat) A female miser. Short. 
A uAflfP) inhtraf, Declination. 

Deflexion. A disease, defect. 
A ys?\ A disease in camels. 
A LJa&jsrl anhafUna, The flower of 

the pomegranate. 

A Jib^'i tnhilal, Solution. Untied. 
A L^l inhina, Inflexion, respect. 
A u-Jl^1 inkhisaft Sinking in 

(eyes). Eclipsed (the moon). 
A <_->U^ inkhab, Begetting a brave 

son ; also e contra. 
A jjfllsH inkhas, Extenuated. 
A i_jU^\ inkhaf, Snuffing, sneezing. 
A J|j5^ inkhfcal, A rupture, ceas- 

ing, ending. 
A $\ inkhilaty Looseness in the 


A \AJ\ ifida, Moistening, ftiving. 
A ^jj! indakh, Travelling fast. 
p cr^JJl andakhlan^ To throw, 

cast, shake, eject, rush. 
r j\*j\ andai, Plaster. A trowel. 

Darting. A measure. 
p &j\AJ\ andai.ah, An ell. A mea- 

sure, mode. A belt. 
p <_j1<J^ andai't, A throw, a shot. 
.p ^JyJ^I andu-~idan, To do, make. 
v. andakhlan. Guess. 

indat., Following bad men. 



A ^Jjl indagh, Doing evil, 

A t_J^J^ indaf, Driving furiously. 

p +\AJ\ andam. Stature, figure, order, 


p <U^Jul andamah, Recollection. 
p ^Ju! andan, A term, mode. An 

ell, yard. 

p jljJl andazs, Cement, plaster. 
p jji^Ail andawish. Incrustation of 

a wall. 

p *.Ju1 andawaht A trowel. 
p Joj^ andazcidan, To plaster. 

A iJo^ andakh, A doltish man, one 

of few words. 
p ,<Aj\ andar, In, into, on. A 

A iyi^AJ) indirasj Erasing, defaced. 

A desert. 
PA LjCjjAj! andarbayg,{ Admitted) 

amongst the great. 
p &\>-iJu'! andarjah, An interior place. 

A supplemental day. 
p i- jJ\ andar khiir^ Worthy. 

p ^jiy^AJl andar khurdan^ To de- 

serve. To be proper. 
p jj&\ andardz, A testament, pre- 

p jj<*j\ andar u, Together. Desire ; 

v jjj&>\ andaruz, An explorer. Mor- 

tar. A court-house. 
A ^jj^J\ andarun, Within. The 


p JJo\ andiz, A bridle. 
p jjAJ\ anddzr, Doctrine. 
A ^LJJJ\ indifat, Repulsion. Re- 

pelled. Distant. 

p C&1 andaje, Little, few, small. 
p ^.Xi! mdafi t A little, littleness. 

p *jj| andam, Then, at that breath. 

A JUJO^, Recovering. Healing. 

p <uJu) andamah) Remembrance of 
past evil. A warning. 

p jj\ andaw, Plaster, cement. 

p (y^>-jJJ\ andokhtan, To gain. 
Gained. Profit. 

p jtju'l andud, Plaster. Smeared. 

p ^<JAJ^ andudan, To plaster. To 
collect. To fold, 

p JJu! andoz, Gaining, collecting. 

r ^Joj^Jj\ andozidan, See j^jJJt. 

r ijJu! anduzoa/i) Anxiety, grief, care. 

p ^Ju&jjjl andu/tidan, To mourn. 

P fc-5'Xil awrfJ, Especially, chiefly. 

p ^OcJJ^ andtdan, To be disturbed. 
To be lazy. 

P , jjJi andisl, A mode of writing. 

p ^^^ andesh, Thinking, me- 
ditating. N 

9 (( ^duH-ijdJl To cause to think. 

p Jki^JLjJul, Thoughtful. 

p aJLjJul andesha/i, Care. Thought. 

p ulx[V'1 awfff , A crowd ; therefore. 

p ujAil andlna, A watermelon. 

P^Ujltmzor, Exhortation, deterring. 

A jJ'Jol anzal, Mean, low. 

A cj'^jJ^ tnzi^ab, Flowing con- 

p jj\ ariz, A lens. 

A \jj\ iriza, Sprinkling with blood. 

A f\jj\ irizah. Exhausting, drying up. 

A j\jj\ mzar, Giving little. 

A j\J)\ inzaz, Nourishing, suckling. 

A z\jj\ msatjBald. Complaint, suit. 

A (_JU5 1 inzaf, Pouring. A well. 

A jjljjl inzal, About to leap. 

A JL^^ ini-aly Sending down. E- 

73 - 

A Tr^pl inzitfljj Agitation, con. 

p <jAt>^ ataman, Then, at that time. 

A ijjjl in-i'Ka, A solitary life. A 

A u~J\insj Mankind. Society, custom. 

A LJ! tnsagh, Beating severely. 

A JfLj! inwt, Speaking in rhyme. 

A *U. j i/rtsa/rt, Reviving. Dismissing. 

A (jLj^ insan^ Man, mankind. A 
ghost. The summit. The tip. 

A oLjU'rt-sa/K, Human. Courtesy. 

A L-Jl insibu, Related to. Of a 
noble race. 

A <uJl ansftl, Mankind. Cheer- 
fulness. Society. Custom. 

A ^ta }\ insiduh) Falling or lying 
on the back. 

A s 't\ insidakh, Expanded. 

A oU ')\ tnsidud, Shut, closed. 

A j\A )| insidar. Hastening, walk- 
ing fast. Having loose hair. 

A i^j$ 'i\ insilat', Entrance, ad- 

A JLJI, Snatching. Dropping. 

A .JjuJ1 ansilfi) A traveller. 

p j-Jl ansu, Thither, through. 
That side. From the olher side. 

P <, Familiar, domestic, tame. 

* ^ M inse, The interior part, inside. 

A c^-%- 'A, Familiarity. ^Custom. 

A UJl insha, Beginning, creating. 
Style. Composition. 

A jliJl inshar, Recovering. Dis- 
persing. Sprinkling. 

A ^cliJl inshas, Banishing. 

A kliJl inshaf, Making brisk. Loos. 

ing. Fastening. 

A f\L>\ insha^j Putting into the 
mouth or nose. Paying wager. 

A f|/ij^ inshira/i, Joy, gladness. 

A c-Ju^'l inshibab, Manhood. 

A jlLUi inshikal;, Divided, split. 

A tUsi! *'n.?C- Owing (a debt). Mak- 
ing clear. Disclosing, 

A t^jUtil w.Mfi Equity. Taking 
half. Adjusting. 

A /Jl^iJ^ insal, Taking off, or fixing 
the head of an arrow or spear. 

p C-jL*^! insibab, Being poured out. 

A A^a3\, Cut off; completing, 

A <^j\ fOJ\insfrqf > Sjetiringi returning. 

A LU3Jl ingifalj Fainting. Press- 
ing against. 

A Li)^ iriia, Emaciated. Diluting. 

A < )\^zJ\ mttf&, Pulling towards. 
Drawing a bow. 

A *bi>\ if&Oi Maturing, cooking. 

A j^sJ\ anzar, Flourishing. Shining. 

A j_Jli^ inzaf, Breaking wind. 

A Jtoil inzal, Fatiguing. 

A \s\~^J\ iniibalj Bound, firm, con- 

A^*i}l aiiiar, Vivid. Gold, silver. 

p LUdJ^ inzighat, Fainting. 

A *U*iJl inzimam, Increase. Lov- 
ing. Adjunction. Coercion. 

A \aj\ anal I ^ Distant. 

A uJliai! inffif, Accusing, mating 

A jUa^ in/at, Incircling. 

A *UoJ\ in/Mat, Obedience. Dis- 
ciplined. Complaint. 

A Ukit, Extinguished, quenched. 

A J&u\ initial, Dismissioo, de- 
parture. Divorcing. 

A j\!ai\ wizar, Exposing to view. 
Delaying. Aspect. 

A A Ha) \iffiMm, Arranging. Compoi- 
ing verses. A row of pearls, 


A ciXstM tntat, Having a fine figure. 
A uA*j] in&s, Proceeding. Pro- 

A i^-^-*^ intash, Exalting. Raising 
(the eye). A bier or coffin, 

A uJ\*J\intuf, Sitting on a declivity. 

A (JUJ^ '/, Shoeing. Putting on 
shoes. A wkite pastern mark. 

A *\M\, A gift, largess. 

A u^s*Jl tn%flaf t Converted, in- 
verted, bent. 

A <AiUjt in^ikad, Bound, fixed, 
agreed. Coagulated. 

A ^jJ*j^ in~ikus, Reflection, re- 

A U;^ tngha, Speaking intelligibly. 

A L>\J*J\ inghas, Making life painful, 
'zaz, Waving the head. 
inghal) Altering leather by 
tanning it. 

t <rj*J\ anghuh, A wrinkle. 

A t-J^ #/, A nose. A promontory. 

A i&S$\ infiiz, Transmitting, causing 
to pass. 

A \\jJ\ tnfaz, Trying an arrow. 

A ^lul infash, Allowing to pasture 
at night unwatched. 

A LViil inful.t Having the hand sore, 
from hard labour. Anointing. 

A c\X'l infant Selling walking-sticks. 
Profiting. Profitable. 

A jjUj! itifa/f, Expending. Becom- 
ing poor. Having a quick sale. 

A jJUj^ anfal, Plunder, spoil. 

A ^Ujl anfan, Large-nosed. Haughty. 

A L^~JU\ ana/at. Loathing, disdaining. 

A &j\ anfal. The exordium. 

A jlzJij\ infitalt) Dividing, breaking. 

A nafi Bursting out, gush- 

ing forth. 

A LJ,[S? J \ infajarit, Exceeding bounds. 
A tj i \infah at, Coagulating of milk. 
A ^\s* J \infukhan, Swelling with fat. 

anfakhl. Gain, any thing 


p ^s^>\ on/flH/awjTogain, acquire, 
p t&ij] anfadah) A boaster, a prater. 
A ci^ jjji infiruS) Swoon ing, fainting. 
A .j^/^ infiraji An interval. Glad. 
A J\.iJ\ infirad, Singularity, 
p V^Jl * w /o?/} A- spider's web. 
A ^Juiij! infisal) Separation. De- 
ciding. Completing. 
A *\*aij! infisanii Interruption. A 

fracture. Abstraction. 
A jjoV-ifijI, Separated, scattered. 
A /\iofij \ infilash, Broken. 
A jVx&Jl infital, Affliction, grief. 

p iAxiJl anfaghdafi, Liquid gold or 


p gjJ\ anfanj, Glue, 
p ^^su\ anfuj, Contracted, wrinkled. 
A Tlfajl infiham, Apprehension. 
A (jj\ ank, Joy, gladness. 
A \M\ in/ta, Choosing. Becoming fat. 
A Jjijl antah, Extracting marrow. 

A i$JQ\imlad, (A tree) shooting forth 

A J\A>\ inlaz, Setting at liberty, 

A J\AJ\ tjtlar, Sparing, setting at 


A jUu\ inkai, Killing (an enemy). 
A (jllail intash, Pressing a debtor. 
A (jeliu! inlas, Diminishing, injuring. 
A ,*e[ij\ inlfuzj Sounding. 


A & | !/., Dissolving. Diluting. 

Killing (a foe). Hollowing. 
A t_jUj! inkaf. Paring an apple. 
A Jlij I in/.al, Mending clothes. 

A j.Uj'1 inltuh.) Restoring to health. 

A jjoLSHi Detention. Security. 

A JJu! inkad, A hedge-hog. 

p jA&J\ ankadar, So many, so much. 

A j^yUi inkirai, End, accom. 

p ujyul ankiridiya, A sigh, a sob. 

A f ^ r J\ anlas, A bondman. 

A ^Ljijl inlisam, Dividing, sepa- 

A Laiil inliza, Finished. Termi- 
nation. Determined. 

A gUtfpl inl-i/at, Cutting off, se- 
paration. Cessation. 

A JLM ankat, (Drinking) too much. 

A I^JlStt fnkilab, Revolution, change. 

P <U&3i ankulah) China ginger. 

A icyjj\ wiluta.i, A cistern, furrow. 

A ^j&>\ anttun, A fetid rose. 

A ^JA+SJ\ ink'ti) A sweet-smelling 

P cl&! awc^, Behold ! lo ! Ant, A 
bee. A sigh. 

A ujC\ unuk) Lead, tin. 

A c_ i'XM an/;ab 9 Lame. Unarmed. 

A (^Jj\ ankas, Untwisted (rope). 

A ''XJi inkah, Marrying. 

ajj\ intdr, Denial. Refusal. 

Aj&i intai, Emptying. (A well} 
without water. 

A \<&j\ inkai, Accelerating. 

A <^j\ inka^., Removing quickly. 
Repelling, Withdrawing, 

A fJ^JUn.'fq/', Setting free. Remov- 
ing nuisance. 

A A&t anlad, Avaricious, covetoui. 

A j\j&\ tnlidar, Hatred. 

p y-ZSl ant-as, He, that person. 

A (_jUJo! intisaf, An eclipse. 

A jLjj! intisar, Fracture, rout. 
Contrition. Despair. 

A uJUX^ inlishaf, Detection. E- 
clipsed. Detected. 

p e^-i)\ anftshl, Coal. 

p ly.JL(,'>! antishtwa. Bread baked 
upon the coals. 

A *_&! anlat, Ruddy, blushing. 

A dAC \ mlitas, Precedence. Bold- 
ness, courage. Appearance. 

A JLC! inkilal) The transparence of 
a thunder cloud. 

t , -JJo^ anl'dlis, An eel. 

p A&! ankah. He who, that which. 

p /.jL-^Jl, Changing-coloured. 

p ^j.------01 ankisjtii) Of various co- 

p -j&\ angar, An account-book. 
An opinion. A tale. Glue. An 
event. Crisis. Reason. 

p ij*j\>\ angarish, Computation. 

p Xj\}\ angarah, A revenue-book. 

p l ^<&j\>\angaridun. To think. To 
paint. To extend, 

p ,j:!j^ angarin, A cash book. 

p jlxJl angaz, A weaver's comb. 

p (j&\>\ angushtan, To know, to 
think. To suppose. 

p t*&!\ angama/i, A tumult, crowd. 

p i\ljT anga/i, Then. Afterwards. 

p (^~>\ angubin, Honey. 

p *LJ*>\, The basis of greatness, 8cc. 

p ji^>\ ongikhlan. To produce. 
To cover, to overwhelm. 

p y\*J\ angaran, Asia fcetida. 



p j>\ angaru, A sheep-cote. 
r ijjtjf'fi angartzi, Tarragon. 

p jjj^ angrjad, Assa fcetida. 

p _^Ja1 angusiin, Cloth or garment 

of many colours. 
p L&\ angisa, Assa fcetida. 
p JUX\ ingishul, A disease. 
A <U-ik}1 angashpuh) Magnificence, 

A farmer. A peasant. 

p \^^~^J\ angusht, A finger. 

p ^Jtixrt angushlari, A ring. 

p <OjXiXil angushtKunuh, A finger- 

guard. A thimble. High. 
p tzJL>\angushluh. v. <UJL>ot . A 

fork. The thumb. 
p &~JL&\ angusliinah, Sublime. 
p t\>\ angula/i, A button. A but. 

ton-hole. Marrow. 
p ^j-l^-'t angilijun. The gospel. 

brocade. A shot silk. 
p ^Ju^jl (tngunjdan, To fill, cram. 
p j*j\ artgu,, Assa fcetida. 
p j>\ angur, A grape, raisin. 
p u jduijH ango-fiidan,To embrace. 
p Jxil </^/, A trifler, an idler. 
p d>! ungab, Then, at that time. 

Afterwards. Immediately. At 

length. By and by. Continually. 
p ^-jknX>\ angckhlan, To stir up. 
p (1 ,&\ (ingtdan, To fill. To seize. 
P jf*, Exciting. A coal. A croud. 
P \.yX.\J!&\* To cause to excite. 
P li ^j' T Jw'l angczidan, To excite. 
p <*'--iJc\ angithpah) Modestly. 
A W \ inma, Increasing, 

A \f\innamu, Because, since. Only. 
Then, therefore. Surely. More- 
over. Surely not, 

AjU^ inmar. Finding sweet water. 
A (j~\^"\ inmas, Sowing quarrels. 
A ^J^f\ fnmdsh, Calumny. 
A jjfilr 1 inmas, Budding, sprouting. 
A (JW"> inmaly Slandering privately. 
A u~*J\ anmas, Brown, tawney. 
p igy '\unmudaj, A symbol, sample. 
A J^U^ inmihlal) Just. Languid. 
A ( f'\ unnii, A cushion, pillow. 
p &J\ annah, A small number. 
A jj\ anu< Time, or part of it. 
A lyi inzca, Travelling. Killing. 
A ^jj\ anKuh, Lamenting,- wailing. 
A -y i anuh. A miser. 
jj\ anzcar, Bright, elegant. 
A u~iJ\ anus, Familiar. A domestic. 
p <Lijj', anusha/i, Fortunate, glad. 
A *y! anzcam, Sleepy. 
A tj\ anu/i, Breathing hard. 
f AJ\ anah, A coin, the 16th of a 

rupee. An adverbial particle. 
A <01 annhu. Because, perhaps. Since. 
A \qj\ inhu, Signifying, advising. 
A C-jlfil tnhab, Seizing. Yielding. 
A ~-\p \ inhaji Showing the way. 

Worn out. Oppressing. 
A >^)\ in/i ad, Extolling. Filling. 
A ^cl^il in/iazj Rousing. Going. 
A d/l^'l inhak) Punished, tormented. 
A Jl^il tn/ial, A tomb, grave. 
A o~U^ inhoj/ii Publication. 
A *\Ap\ in/ndam, Ruin. Dispersion. 
A^'l an'iur. Clear, serene. Lucid. 
A ArjifJilnAizam, A defeat, rout. 
A ul^i^J^ inhilulii Endangering, ex. 

posing one's self. 
A JlfT in/iildl, Pouring (rain). 
\ inhinia!;, Diligence. 
inhhnalianah, Diligently* 
A *- ttihimal, Delaying i 


A tjH on?j Time, a fit time. Patient. 

A jj\ anna , Every where. Whence. 

How* Wherefore? Indeed! 
p d--J^ fl/H?, Soft iron. 
A &>\ anisat, Fruitful, ground. 
p ^|/J\ amran. The 30th day of the 

Persian solar month. 
A y~>J\ ariis, A companion, friend, 
p ^L-J^ antf, False. Jesting. 

A frivolous story, 
p <U-.Jj anisah, Cold, freezing. 
A ^LJ^ unaysiyun, A little man. 
p cU-^ amsA, A little garden. 
A ( jA~>\ Tainted, spoiled (meat). 
A i_jLJ^ antf', Pained in the nose. 
A i j~j\ anil^ Beautiful, good. 
A yj\ anin, A groan, 
p 7 arc, Water. Good fortune. 
v j\ 5, He, she, it ; 
A \ arc, Whether ; or. 
p \\ azca, A voice. Fame. Food. 

A e. j>\*\ aze&ab, A true penitent. 
v ^\^\j\ azcadan, Cultivated. 
Pj\jT Tyranny. Heat, 
p k>-j\* \ a&archat: , A diary, journal. 
p &j\j\ aizarah. The outside. A 

tunic without sleeves. Injury. 

A tribunal. A vagabond. 
f t.5;\j' UKiiri, Idleness, 8cc. 
P U^jljT aizaridani To swallow. 

To stray. To walk. To weary. 
p J^l azcaz, A voice, sound. Fame. 

\\j\ arcaz, With. Against. 
p sj\j\ arzaiah. SceJ^U Festivity. 

A whisper. A buzzing sound. 
p \jfy atca'^, With. 
P ^-Joj^T axaz'idan, To cry out. 
A ^^ aicaiih) Laying many eggs, 
A JU ttcal, Returning, arriving. 

p *\*\ azccim, Borrowing. Lending. 

A /^j\ ?raff, Violent thirst. Smoke. 
Giddiness, A tendon. A bow- 

A ^U azcum, Time. P A palace. 
A tribunal. A mandate. A villa. 
A balcony. 

p j^jdu&l azariidaiii To sleep. 

p t\j\ azca^i, Echo, Burning. 

A iU azca-a//, A sigher, merciful, 
p (Jj\*\ azeat/i!-, A weaver's reed, 
p < M ojr6, A large serpent. 
A < ^T aa;6, Return. Repentance. 

Killing. A tract. Celerity. 

Rectitude. A way. The wind, 
p ,^ju \\ij\ azcbartdan. To lop. To 

throw. To groan. To swallow; 

destroy, disperse. 

p i~\J*\ azcbash, A soldier, champion, 
p i^viU! obushlan, To devour. To 

cut, to prune, 
p <^jl (izepchuk, An officer of the 


A ii)\ awzcal, Sorrow. Ah ! alas ! 
p ^JujUjl azcldrudan, To sleep. 

To hope. 

A Jjj^ azclal, Intoxicated, 
p ,j^ o/i, A kind of hot on. 
p jy archer, Enmity. 
A ,J^ arssam, How bare or barren ! 
A ^ OE?', The top. Altitude. Fate. 
A y- >-j\ aryV/5, An age. 
A J^^ orc?'a/, Timid, afraid. 
A *>^ azcjam, A large track of sand. 
A ,_ji wcA, A wager. 
A Jk=>-\ ate/tad, Singular, unique. 
A i/a-M, Ah! alas! 

, Crooked, ^zcrf, Bending. 
, Wood. Xylaloe. 


p %\6)\ odagh, A circular tent. 

r jjj] awdar, A nephew. 

p %j&$\ udrugh, Frost, hoar.frost. 

P ar-j.t udrah, A mountainous place. 

A cj.\ azcdat) A field-mouse. 

A ^jjl azcdan, Soft. 

p jJjT ii^or, A part. A journey. 

PJJ| ao?ar, Certainty. Possessing. 
The 7th heaven. 

A jj\ aatr, Hard. Awr, The N. 
wind. P Mr, Foam; froth. 

P j^y ^ll^ A P u blick officer. 

p j|^j! ateraz, Exalting. 

p jtj! ozcragh. See f^Jj^ above. 

p J^j^ or/a/-, A merchant. 

p &^y azcar/a/?, A journal, diary. 

p ^j1 award, A battle ; war. 

p ilij^ awardguh, A field of battle. 

p u^l azcardan, To bring, con- 
fer, move, throw, set, relate. 

p tjjy' azsardam, A present. 

P jj^\ orrfa, A king's court. 

p fjji^ ururgh, Frost, hoar-frost, 

p (J*/jj\ azcargosh, The hard part 
of the ear. An ear-ring. A bunch 
of grapes. 

P (jbj^ urman, Trouble. A forest. 

P &j*j^ ormuld, An angel. The 
principle of good. 

p ^Aj^jj^arorancTedan, To be lazy. 

p L fC iijl awrang, A throne, crown. 
Glory, power. Wisdom. Humane. 

P ijvj*\ azurangi, An air of music. 

P ^jjj^ ururf, A royal court or camp.^ 

p tyj$ uwarzcand, Caution. Ex- 
perience. Value. Height. 

P tjjt azcra/i, A canal. The surface. 

p U^-JJ^ azwrldan, To bring, to 
cause to bring. To suffice. 

f Jji}' awrez, A water-closet. 
P (^~?.jj\ a&risji, Set with jewels. 
v jj\ avsz, Calculation. C/z, Clever. 

A \*\ iwazz, A duck. Squat. Alert. 

A 3jj\ izcazzat, A goose, a duck. 

P <l^ awzal, A particular seal. 

T &Jjj\ a&zand, Armour. 

p jjJ^J^' tficizidan, To suspend. 

P qjijl aaojan, Strong, brave, 

p \*)&~jy azcjultdan, To rouse. To 

fill. To quench, To remove. 
p ijj\ aKJah, The handle. 
A j^l azB5, Giving. A gift, 
p ^b^jl uslakh) Bold, rash. 
p J\s-j1 o-j/arf, A master in any art. 
p ^jby^ usladgj, A trade, 
p /uutf1 astum. Trust. A prop. A 

prince. A threshold. 
v ^VM^I 05/aw, A palace. An en. 


p *j*~t*\ osiura/i, A razor. 
j A \3~i\ aasafj The middle, medium, 
p c-_;Lrfji aicslub) Order, mode, 
p j*sj\ usu, Grief, despair. 
P ^.Xjllj^ anshanidan, To scatter, 
p <5j4^xijl arsshandanah, A button, a 

loop. A button hole. 
A +oj\ aw soT) High ground. 
P yej\ usu, Grief, despair. N 
A J^^ a&'iar, Putrid^ rancid (meat). 
p \y\ a/, An ox. 
p ?U?^ u/agh, A can or jug. 
A jj\m a\//, A tent. 
A u.c3rjl aze/fl/, Hairy about the eyes 

and eye-brows. An easy life. 
A j(c.j\ a&pfcar, Rough, rugged. 
A jj] arstfir, Rugged. Intricate. 
A ^~z\ a&tas, Soft, sandy soil, 
p ^.1 oghun, An aqueduct. 


A <joW azvfa'i, Hasting. A crowd. 

p ^tJjl ufttidati, To fall. 

p ^JujhJ^ uflaiitdan, To cause 

to fall. 

A j\ azel; A load, trouble. A canal. 
A (j~lij^ azof'ds, Profligate. A mob. 
A ^\Jj\ aichuth, A vagrant. A mob. 
A ij\ awkat, An assembly, crowd. 
A juXiy a:c6adar, Only, so much. 
A (_/2Jjl diakas, Short-necked. 
A fjj\ awkal, Climbing a hill. 
A <UJ1 azckiyal, An ounce. 
A &j! c2>ta/, Anger. Affliction. 
A j\ azclah, Earth, sand, stones. 
P J}j\ aa>/'r, A weaver's trench. 
A ij~*\ awttas, A bad man. 
p i^)<^j\ azctandan, To fill. 
A Lj\ awliyal, A bottle chain. 
r j^j\ azcgui-f Loaded. Drunk. 
A Jj.^ ate/, Returning. Using well. 

A J^ awwal, First. Before, for- 
merly. The beginning. Prior. 

A ^j\ arc/a, Better, best. Preferable. 

A lJl)j //, An accomplished 
(woman) . 

A &j\ a&izealat, The beginning. 
r j\ azE/y, The little stalk of a 
grape. Ulanj, Nightshade. 

A ^j\ azszcalijak, Alittle before. 

A jJj\ axial;, Madaess. 

A .Juljl a&U'udar, Until, so far, 

A J.1 axiom, Is it not? 

A <^^ji ulujah, A little more. 

A (*z-~Jh\ uluzziyal , Superiority. 

p <Cy aicla/i, A pimple. An animal. 

A .Jil i7/?, Possessed of. 

A JLU awzcaliyai, Priority. 
A A^\ uwam, Misfortune. 

p ,-X^I wiq/, A mark. A paste. 

p &~<j\ urritd, Hope. 

A jjjl a, Convenient, peace, gen. 

tleness, lenity. A counterpoize. 
A \jj\ a&na, Advantageous, 
p j\jj\ arsnar. Burning ; a fire. 
A Jujl (izoand, Furniture. A club, 
p U-*Oj! azeang, A mortar, 
p (jl^jjl aaangan, Hanging, 
p ^AJjl awamdan, To sleep. To 

hope. To expect. 
A c_^jl oo?iZ6, (A camel) moving 


A t)j*\ u~:ud y Weighing down. 
A Sj\ awah, Ah! alas! aa>a/t, ho! 
p JJbj! awkad, Monday. 
A 'J^l awhdi, Walking gracefully, 
A ,_5j^ azol, Taking a house; residing, 
p \j > : J\ m/a, A lazy, idle fellow, 
p ^J,j\ uyun, A mountain. 
A L\\ izoayat, Condoling, 
i^ (J-j^~.^\ azcekhtan. To suspend. 
A Joj! aieid, Murmur, a buzzing, 
p i.)&)*\ azcidan, To twist. To weary. 
P jjjl azcez, Any thing suspended. 

A border. A flesh hook, 
p ^Juilj^t awezaritdan, To cause to 

hang up. 

p ../VjT awizgan, A dependant, 
p ^Ujl aoza/{, An ear-ring, 
p .^jJy -Jj! avezidan 9 To hang up. 
A j^jl ilzpoy*, A wolf, 
p ..pJ 3^ atcishin, Sight, 
p Gjj^ azs'ina, Pressed juice. 
PA /f ah, Ah ! alas ! A sigh. 
z'A6, A raw hide. 

o;j(, A drying wind. 

(Ground) producing dry plants, 
p ,\>\ ahar, Hot. Glue. A fringe. 
A c>v--jW ahalib, Rain. 


f ^W ahun, Glue. Fringe. De- 

A i^-oW ihanal, Disdain. Enmity. 
p <)jlil ah ana/i, The crown. The 

summit. House top. Villainy. 
A jLfc! z/i&os, Running, flying. 
A jLjil iftbur, Growing very fat. 
A IrL&l *Y{*".^ Throwing down. 
A JL&\ iAW/, Childless. Speedy. 
*jjb\ ihbar, Full of flesh. 
A <teh (that, Showing signs of grief. 
A ,U&! uhlaa, Crook-back'd. 
A JcJt>\ i/ilar, Delirious. 
A JLx&l ihlibaz, Hastening, flying. 
A ]jcJ&l ihlida, Finding the right 


A j\jUb\ ttlfcaz, Agitated. Exulting. 
A (_Jlso^ ihtifaf, Buzzing in the ear. 
A *fcjjit/ililam, Carrying off, going 


A *Ui&! ilitimam, Care, effort, study. 
A U\ t/ija, Feeding. Paying 

(debts). Satirizing. 
A jUW ihjad. Sleeping. 
A jLs?*l ihjar, Cutting, reviling. 
A 9\fP > \ ihju^ Satisfying hunger. 
A /*^^^ ihjam, Quieting. 
A }jyt?\ ihjlra. Custom, mode. 
A CJys?>l uhjmcat) A satire. 
I 1 (^Is^l ahikhtan,) To intend, un- 

sheath, hang, weigh, accomplish, 

educate, attend to. 
A 1*X&] ihda, Giving. Showing. 

y Curved, crook-backed. 
y Eminent. Exposed. 
A ^iiXfci ibdan. Making lean (a 


A jJJb\ oAcfar, Swelling (belly). 
A c->JJfc! atidab, Long eye-lashed. 
A J^>\ ahdal, Long-lipped (a camel). 

A \&t>\ ihza, Over.boiling meat. 

A <^j\Mi>\thzab, Hastening. Cleaning. 

A c )\j>\ ihrub, Urging. Quick- 

ening. Deeply engaged. 
A j!/^ ihrar. Causing to bark. 
A \j\ ihra^t Opening a door, 

clearing the way. Going fast. 


A (^j\j&\ ihrqf. Increasing in wealth. 
A jjLi>W/jr, Pouring out (water). 
A &j&\ uhurut) Household furniture. 
p (j-*/^ aharman, A demon. The 

principle of Evil. 
A ,^V. r^l ihriyak^ Diffusing. 
p \y\ afiza, Impelling. Bearing 


A J)\jJb\ ih'iat, Laugliing much. 
A ^J^j^ i/izal, Emaciating. 
A c ys>! i/t : M^j The last arrow. 
p ,^>x>-Jb| a/iisjagi, Lenity. Lan- 

p te fcl ahislah) Slowly. Piano. 

Soft. Grave, modest. Gentle. 
A \*z>\ ahsa, Recitative. A young 


A jJLafc! ihzal, Raining abundantly. 
A ^afc] aJrLam, Conspicuous. 

A \aJt>\ afycifjj A he-camel going well. 
A ^Ikib! *5t, (A camel) travell- 

ing fast. 

AP u^Cfc! af>al, Quick-lime, cement. 
A <>! ahl, People. The dead. A 

lord. A person. Spouse. Worthy, 

skilful. A domestic. 

A 1&1 uhlan, God be with you ; 


A j&&\ ihlak, Continuing speed. 
A -p^LM ihluji Hiding, concealing. 
ult, Ruin, murder. 


A Jii! ihlal, Observing the new 
moon. Beginning fa month). In- 
yoking. Crying (as a child). 

A i^Jj&l ahlab. Hairy. Rainy. 

A <0jfc1 ah la I. See Jjit above 

A c-juLal ti/itub) A sort. Mode. 
Fraud. Delay. Ornament. 

A ^JiJbl a/;/J, Domestic, gentle. 

A ui-*W a'ltiyat) Skill. Fitness. 

A U^ i/ima, Tearing, wearing. 

A c^l*Jbl ihmal, Laughing or speak- 
ing low. 

A ~\*J*>\ tf. m aj, Straining. Hiding. 

A jUal ihmad, Rest, Haste. 

A <J_/U&UVz ma/-, Enraged. Diligent. 

A JU&l i/imal, Neglect. Delay. 

A *vt^< ihmanit Solicitous, anxious. 

A |*%fe1 uhmum, Large headed. 

AF ^\ a /urn, Iron. 

JU]^ ( J&\ , Inheritance. 

A Lil ihna, Giving, bestowing. 

p liJLjjM alianbanah, The neck. 

p ^\ a/ianj, Throwing. Drawing. 
Peace. A tooth picker A wick. 
Chaff. Drink. Forceps. A rope. 

p ^.XJls- 4 !, To cause to drink. 

p y^Lsr*^ 1 ! ahanjalugh, Pressure. 

p t^c^T a/ianjafi, An iron ring. A 
weaver's comb. A weaver's rope. 

P ^Jwsr^T (iJiaryidan, To swim. 
Drink. Era/e. To vex. To draw. 
To fling. To weigh, gain, adorn. 

A JcJ^, Ahind) An Indian woman, 

p u^Oj^Jfc! a/iandijr, An iron ring at 
a gate. 

P L- Xjbl ahang, Concord. Design. 
Melody, Echo. Behold! 

p il>jJ^ aJianga/i, Then, after. 

p ^JsT ahangar, A blacksmith, 
p ^iXi^T afianttuh, A magnet. 

To intend. To strip. To 
swim. To break. To draw. 

p ^Jbl ahnu, Meat. Provisions. 

r j^J&\ ulinubar^ A stalk. 

p <JjJb! aJiancJi. See ahanjah. 

p c 1 ^' ahamn. Iron, made of iron. 

p y&l a//, A defect. Disease. A 
deer. Noise. Villainy. 

p ^y&t ahzcan, A fawn. 

A kX-lyb! ah-dsarul, The 5th Epago* 
rnena of the Persian year. 

p *>y>t fihubaraJi, A fawn. 

A ^jJ&t ahws.i Consuming. 

p /jy^l //, A vice, defect. 

F ^jyfc! aAan, A cavern. A thief. 

PA ^jsT ahi, A sigh. Ho ! hola I 

p cA^' uftyu* 1 ) The crown, the nape. 

p ^jL-.^l , To intend. To draw. 

p j-Jb| /<?:, Modestly.. Stop I 

A ^.MAJ ahyaSi Bold, strong. 

A i-Jil ahyagh, Fertile. 

A ^J-Ji^ akyBfi Long necked. 

A (J--J&! uhynl) Spread (sand). 

A ~J*\a/iyam t Dark (night). Thirsty. 

A ^j\ z, Yes, indeed, Ay^ To wit. 

A \A ayti) Ho ! Light. 

p l/f ya. Strange! O ! ho! 
Coming. Have a care. 

A C->U zj/a6, Returning. Sun-set. 

A jM z^/arf, A defence , castle ; a 
veil. The atmosphere. 

A \i\ qyai'i Brass. Air. 

A ju\ iyaraj) A medicine. Poor.- 

p a,l>j iyaraJi, A gauntlet; a register. 

A ^j-V. z ^' Despair. 

A Q\qyagk t A cup. Grace. A gift. 

A J'o\ y/, Returning, growing. 

A L^lljj ayalat, Dominion, province. 

A +\j\ aiyam. Times. Wind, wea- 
ther. The season of. 

> A\JJ ay am, A root. Debt. 
A ^\j\ aiyan, When ? 
A bM aiyaya, An exclamation. 
A Ujl zia, Disgusting. Pointing. 
A jlol ?rf, Separating. 

A 4_/--j ^5, Drying, withering. 
A (j-bj zbash, Hastening. 
A jjfiljjj z6a5, Shining. Glancing. 
A (Vl-M 2&a/-, Destroying, ruining. 
A aL^l F6a^, Considering, perceiving. 
A jy-jl y6zw, Dry. Having dry legs. 
A >1 oya/, A sign. An individual. 
A crowd. A verse of scripture. 

A <Li tyat, Compassionating. 
A tj\ z/a, A present, gift. 

A j-cJl Bringing a little present. 
A j\sj\iiakh, Conquering, excelling. 
A J\x>1 ?/</, Driving (a peg). A peg. 
A j u>! /or, Doing separately. 
A L>! 2/ff&, Ruining. Sinning. 
A ,bjj ?/;, Lacerating (a woman). 
A ^lx)J z/an, Wounded. 
r IcjJ ?/t'6a, The taste. 
A jLxtJ f/f6ar, Digging a well. 
A (joU^l tfibaz, Hurt in the hams. 
A J\ASJ\ zlisar, Obedience. Sadness. 
A oU^Jj tti/iad, Union, friendship. 
A Jlsil ilikhaZ) Fighting. Receiving. 

Cooking. Beginning. Adoring. 
A AteAliidam, Joined. Reviving. 

Watching perpetually. 
A jj/ui llirar, Making haste. 
A L/^/vJ tlirash, Demanding or tak- 

ing compensation for injury. 
A C*^ ilttakh, Intricate. Tall (her. 

b ge). Turning sour (milk). 

, Friendship, society. 

, Submission. Con. 

p JoJiJi ztand. An uncertain sum or 


A \&J\ aiyalaha, Ho ! hola ! 
A ll)J isa, Making soft, bruising. 
A <~J&\~tsabi Causing to leap, spring. 
A j&\ Isdr, Presenting. Choosing. 
A jjllA tsa/t, Binding, constraining. 
A ( j^\ isan, Giving liberally. 
A l=f^ ya, Repulsing. Giving. 


A c_ Asf^ tjab, Being necessary, 
A t>Lsd yarf, Invention. 
A jlss^i yar, Placing. Replacing. 
A j\sf\ yaz, Abridgment. 
A ^.Irsrl y5, Terrified, 
A ( iUs^^ yaf, Pushing (camels). 
A a\s^\ yah, Respectable, celebrated, 
p g?.\ ich, Any. Now. Fortune. 
A \se?\ ihd, Suggesting, revealing. 
A i3\^\ thud. Becoming unique. 
A jWr^ ihal, Plunging into mud. 
A (jol^ ikhas Sinking and rising. 
A tiU^ Defaming. Striking. 
A *\-\ tkhdm-j Indigestion. 
A Jo I ayd, Troublesome. Grave. 
A Jo^ ayd. Strength. Powerful. 
A \&\ ida, Assistance. Preparing, 
A c_->1(X>J tddb, Inviting to a feast. 
A -^<X>t tdah, Submitting. Clean. 
A clJo! zrfac, Intrusting (secret). 
A jjliXj! idak, Raining. 
A ^\^\ tdan, Macerating, dissolving. 
A i^Jol Idali) Prohibiting, checking, 
p j*A zffor, Always. Here. Time. 

The world. A foot. Alone, On 

this side. Solitary. 
A c.jM aydafi, Saffron. Redwood. 
P ,jjjj zd5r, A carpenter. 
P ^&J\ aydun, God. 
p ^t&j] aydun, Thus, so that. 


p *Ju1 aidah, Flowing, sweating. 

A iX,! qyza, Whether, when. 

A IJL|! tza, Injury. Affliction. 

A *!tX>J izarn, Collaring (a dog). | 

Fastening a chain to a bucket. 
A ^\ jyj izan, Explaining. Twitching, 
p _ I ayar, An eruption on the body. 
A _M oyr, A scorching wind. ?r, 


A j)\ ayyir, A hard stone. 

A \.j\ ira, Coupling. Hiding. 

A \ji\ Ira, Since, because that. 

P t^UjI Frfli, Finding joy or a 


A vij|jj MYI5, Making one an heir. 
A jly! zracf, Producing, alleging. 
A jlrj! irar, Emaciating. 
A \s\J\ iral, Driving to destruction. 
A j^jj iro/', Producing leaves. Rich, 
p cl/^-'i "/? Because that. 

jj zrc/, Round about, although. 

p io** zrman, Penitent. A 

hostage, or substitute, 
p jjjjjj^t Iran, Here. Now. 
A \ -J\ tzd, Propping. Plastering. 
A <-'|;J^ 5 Wandering, travelling. 
A J\ji\ liar, Assisting. Binding, 
p iJj\jA t'zari, A handkerchief. 
A z\%\ zzat, Division. Exciting. 
A ^JV^ tiagh) Sprinkling, dropping. 
A i_ S\'J\ tzaf, Causing to hasten. 
A ji\jj\ r-ali, Causing to leap, 
p 4j)\ zitd, God. 

p t5J}j1 =Vd, A gift for God's sake, 
p jjjjl liur, Now. 
p iM oyijj Sparks of fire. 
A u~j\ ays, Despairing. Force, 
p \~j\ wa, Now, already. 
A c->t*JJ wa6, Grassy, luxuriant. 

A -1 ^ isaji Making (a camel) 

go faster. 

A fkiA tsatj Enlarging. Affluent. 
A Jjt-jJ isa6, Loading (a camel). 
A ^L-jt ?5ff, A man. Causing to 


p b j! w/a, Standing. 
p ^/jU-^J isladagt, Stability. 
p jjjli-^j! tstadan. To stand, stay. 
p ,-AJ^"--^-^ tslandan. To place, to 

stir, to stand, to rouse up. 
p ^JujU jj, To place in the middle. 
p jjjifcpJwjl tstldan, To stand. 
A -j\ aysar. Left, sinister. 
A ^LjU^Aa, What? how? why? 
A UL>J w/JO, Breathing, trying. 
A jj\ isAar, Sawing. 
A jlijl wA.5 Flourishing. 
A Uj\ ishagh, Voiding slowly. 
A jllJ^ "Ao^, Adhering closely. 
A d/U-JJ wAa/', Making haste. 
A JlljJ w/io/, Procuring a little 

(water), drop by drop. 
p <)jlij\ ishanah) Hatching chickens. 
p tjJ\ ayishah) A spy. A flatterer. 
A Util wa, Counselling, ordering. 
A (>\*3}\tsab, Continual. Constant. 
A Jlfljt Mod, Shutting (the door) . 
A uJ^ wf> Of age for service. 
A JUi>j MO/, Sending, causing to 

arrive. Killing. Acquiring. 
A jaj\ aysar t A short rope. 
A yoA ay-t Returning, repeating. 
A Li>j ayzan, The same, Again. 

Also. Hitherto. Likewise. 
wflA, Explanation. 

A -sj 

A U-Lu^ izahan, Clearly. 

A 9\*ii\ K-at, Consenting. Spurring. 

A .UaJ\ Consenting. Mounting. 


A (j;~ ' ii/OH} Applying the mind. 

A \M\ zta, Collecting, preserving. 

A C-A*-^ ztab, Taking the whole. 

A J!\xJ\ zCflrf, Threatening, a threat. 

A \*-\ zCar, Difficult, rough (road). 

A j\*J\ ttftz, Surpassing. Beckoning. 

A (jfrywi tyas-i Travelling with dif. 
ficulty through a soft sandy plain. 

A B\I\ tyulj Giving the alarm. 

L Jvvhighfif, Chafing, raging. 

A <__jU->J tghaf Running. Fatigued. 

p jju\ ayghar, A stallion. . 

A ub' (fa,. Keeping faith. Paying. 

A il/jb! f<7/, Prayer, intreating. 

A \f.:\ tfad, Sending. Hasting. 

A jW (far, Increasing. 

A jU->^ jfa'f, Hastening. 

A ^o^j jfflZj Causing one to haste. 

A jfyy] tfa/t, Near. Assenting. 

P jUj! #/, A sycophant. A 
prater. An informer. 

> u^ob! ay if at, A request, Bu- 

P *JMU) zfatfa//, A coxcomb; a 

A jjjj ?//-, The ankle joint. 

A < jlibl ?/6, Starving, hungry. 

A r .,' *^^> Impudence. Hard 
(hoof) . 

A iujj z/arf, Lighting, kindling, 

A jU->! /-ai, Leaving indisposed. 

A _yjui ?/or, Loading. Ruining. 

A uplw] ^'0^', Short-necked. 

A tel 'j\ ilai, Awaking, stirring up. 

A ^&>\ ilia^ Causing to happen. 

P %\Jsj\ itagh, A silly fellow. 

A <-jU->\ i/-qf, Stopping. 

A u^r-^ ^' w > Certified. Piercing. 

A &j|R>! aylunat, An image. 

A ^1 /, Reclining. Raising up. 

A t-- ?.o&, Keeping close to a 
troop (a camel). Irritating. 

A f&\ tlah, Breaking off. Fa- 
tigued. Refusing: desisting. 

A jKj\ tit ad) Confirming, fixing. 

&JA^ z/'r, Filling. 

A jj-wol z/'5, Spending, wasting. 

A cKjj z/'ct, Giving strength. 
Firm. Engaging in difficulty. 

A -J^oJ z/'fff, Distilling, dropping. 

A jKj! ?//, Giving to eat. 

A Jj! tl t God. Country. %o/, 

Muddy. jJlAdeer. 
r Jj! %//, A door post. 
A -JL^ ?/;', Inserting. 
A ^^ ilas, Deceiving. 
A ^J\ llu^y Exciting, impelling. 
A u-Jl>^ ?/qf, Familiar. Learning. 
A *iM 2/am, Afflicting. Strong. 
A s\i\ ~ilah, Assisting, defending. 
P ft^ffel J/cA?, An embassador, 

p jjlsk^ ilkhan, An emperor. A 

general. The face of the earth. 
A jUJj^ tlghar, Expedition, 
p jUJjJ ///ar, A courier, runner. 
A <ui{l aylamat, Motion, noise. 
A *jj at/am, Single. Free. 
A Uj! zwa, A nod, sign. A hint. 
A Ujl ayuma, Whoever. Who? 
A jl*jj tmar, Multiplying. 
A (j\*)\ mias, Impudent, shame. 

less (a woman). 
A (jO\^\ tmaz, Shining, 
p jUw! imbar, This time. 

p iXj^ zmmid) A plough. A yoke 

of oxen. 
A ^^jj aymin^ Free, void of care. 

A ^jj*^ aymanullahi) By God. 


? &AJ\ zmafi. See A^-tl . &**J\ 
aymmah, Lands granted to priescs. 

p Ju^ aymtW, Twins. Ploughing 

p c^*J^ trriin. See <Xj! . 

p jt .'T wym, A rite, custom. 

A ^ o//n, Where! ^/m, Quiet. 

p ^Wn, This. 

A \u\ ia, Fatiguing. Detaining. 

A C^bjj ?na5, Producing a girl. 

A t^>Uj! zn5, Familiarity. 

A cbj) Enc^, Maturity. 

na/, Making the nose 

sore. Leading to fresh grass. 
A Jjb*.^ za/-, Pleasing, Secure. 
p cL/bj^ ww-f , Behold ! 
p jL-jl m6ar, This time. 
p bs^\ n;a, This place. Here. 
p ^JuiWdl mjamdarii To be di- 

p ij^s?-\ tnchunin, Thus, in this 

manner. To this purpose. 
p (iJ A s sfi.\ mjldan, T cnunble, 

vex, wound, to be cleft. 
p AXtUno/, Numeration. 
p iJu. 1 ! ayandaJi) Coming, a guest. 


A ^L- ijj masan, A lie, fiction. 
p j ij\ zn5, Hither. 
p uXj^ ia/f, Behold! Now. A 


A LJJ\ aynama, Wherever. 
p &jj cynaA, A mirror. 
p j^ ayzcar, The evening. 
PA jj^,' aytcan, A hall, portico, 

balcony. A palace ; a villa. 

p *y qyaA, Fie! pho! alas! 

\ ayiir, The east winJ. 

A *jf\ ayywtn, Losing a wife. 
A <L;1 i/m, Well done ! come on ! 

p te\ ayyaJi., A vulture. 

p \4J\ ayka, Well then ! A desert. 

A Jl^l *J, Marrying. 

A *\^ iAi, Causing a blunder, 

puzzling. An enigma. 
A Ll^ oyha^ Bravo ! well done ! 
p ^JujT aytdan, To come. 
pj-wl aylr, An eruption of the body, 
p j>ul aytruhi A brother. 
p jjT oyzz, A spark of fire, 
p aJLjl ayishah, A spy. 
p ^n.T oym, A rite, custom, law. 
p <Lu>! aytnah, A mirror. 

<_-> J3o or Be, The second letter of 

the Arabic and Persian alphabet, 
p 't_> ba. To, with, in. 
p b &5, With, possessed of, endowed 

with, worthy of, 8cc. 
p \j ba, A kind of spoon-meat. 
AP i : b 6aa/, An in, a caravansera. 
A < >\J 606, A gate. The king's 
court. A chapter. An affair, man. 
ner, kind, method, 
p c-Aj bab> A father. 
A b*b bdaba, Intelligent. 
A C^'bb babat, Happy strong, 
p ^U-bb babd khan, Father king. 
A t^bb babare, Pepper, 
p <0bblj babaycinuh) Like a father, 

antique; in the ancient mode, 
p jb babar-, The autumn, 
p ^jb babirah, A bracelet, 
p (Oj^V bab'ton* A spit, a broach, 
p Jjob ftafat/-, A little father. 


A t/-^b bdbus, A young child. 
A frj-'b bdbunaj, Camomile. 
A &b babah, A father. A cushion. 
A LJ(J babyat) A wonderful thing. 
A cub iff//, Cutting. A fool. 

Drunk. Lean, emaciated. 
A C_Ajb bdlab, Opposition. Like. 
A yb balir, Cutting. A sharp sward. 
F c^v*j' V bd lamlm, Majestic. 
r &p\J , A falcon marked by art. 
t ^yb , The same, marked by 


A eA' bds, Dispersed, 
r _b baj, Tribute, impost, tax. 
A .b baaj A species, mode. 
F ji^^b bdjddr, A collector of 


p \\ <\s4j bajguzar, Tributary. 
F MX&-U bajgtr, V. bdjddr. 
r <Jf-b bdjil, In good condition. 
F v* J&^-b bdchangal giriflan, 

To tickle, twitch, scratch. 
F dj*-b bajah, A window. 
F &s>\j bdchah, The bottom of 


A t>-lj bahal, A gulph. An area. 
A js^b bdhir, Foolish. Blood. 
A jr.b bakur. Intense heat. 
A c.jj-b bahuri, Critical. 
F^-b bdkhlar, The west, the east. 
F t^U-b bdkhtan, To play. Quit. 


F toeAj bakhlah, Plaster. 
A ^i-b bdkhir, At length. 
A js*\j , One who waters sown.fields. 
A /*-f^/s-b , A kind of plant. 
A u-^-b bakhis, Deficient, small. 
A J^-b bdkhil, Covetous, 
p \j>ycf~ b bd khusus, Chiefly. 
F jb bad, The wind, air, breath. 

A ob bddd, Tke inner part of the 


A jl jb bd dad, With equity. 
P 1^1 jb iad* fffrd, Punishment. 
F s\ji\ jb bad afrdh, A scorpion. 
F /tab bdddm, An almond. 
F <utab , Vile. The silk worm. - 
p ^tab bdddnit, Buff. An eunuch. 
p (jtV*! jb , To congratulate. 
p j^jb bdddn, Populous. 
F jbjb bddbdz, Easy. A fan. 
p jjbjb bddbdn, A siil. A shirt. 
p b jb bddpd, Swift. Lively. 
A j) jb bddbar. The zephir. A lath. 
F Cl-'tib bad-bar ul, Proud, vain. 
b Aarf icrnn, The east wind. 

iaoV pasin , Future. 
p *^ jb bddparah, A lath. 
p ^?i jb bad ptch, A swing. 
p j-j jb bddptz, A fan. 
p <!jb>-jb , The ridge, top, summit. 
p )*-<^b bdd-khur, A window. 
p ^y-iib bddkhun, A villa. The 

flowing of water. A window. 
p /*li' jj jb iac? (far /o;, Rheum. 
A jjb bddir^ The full moon. 
p /^jb bddrdm, Vain, idle. 
A i'Ujb badiral. Vehemence. 
p jbJj ^b bwLraffdr, Swift. 
p Jjjt>b bddroz, A gift, present. 
p *;jjt>b bddroiah. Continual. 
P *> jb badarah. Breeches. 
p <uL>jjb , A cucumber ; rice. 
p ijjjb bddriyah, A ventilator. 
A jjb bddajy A carbuncle. 
P Jjjb bddlad, A whirlwind. 

b bdd'iam, Treacle. 
p ,Jjb bddujam, Dung. 
P ^^b bddian, A fan. 


J v 

p f^J^V > A movcable hut. 

p j;j jb bdd~M, A kind of parsley. 

P /*J'J jb , An eruptive disease. 

A p\jjj jb , A club, stake, tent-pole. 

pjLob bddsdr, Vain, trifling, 

r ibijb bddshdh, A king. 

p ^>Li)jb bddshdhi, A kingdom, 

p l^i jb bddi short, A fair wind. 

A <)Jijb bddshaJi, A king. 

p jjUfi jb 6arf tjnUn, A swift horse. 

p jjjb bddfar, A top: a fan. 

p s\ji jb badi far ah, A groan. 

p ^.^jj^/^V The zc phy r - 

p ifjjb bddfarah, A boaster. 

p jy jb bddfur, A promise-breaker. 

p slTjb bddgdh, A privy. 

p .ijb badgar, A whirlwind. 

p (J^j^b bad task. A fan. 

p ^jsPjb badgunfi, The cholic. 

p JLjb badkund, The same. 

p ^jb 6ac^, An airy huse. 

A ^jb badulan, An oyster. 

A <3jb , Embroidered. The neck. 

p ^Isjb bddlijdn. The love apple. 

P ,jb badam, Almond. 

p ^*-^5 jb , The breath of the 
Messiah. Endowed, skilful. 

A ^jb badtn, Old. Fat, thick. 

p ybsT jb , The Brinjal, or love apple. 

P Ui jb bddnamd. A vane, flag. 

p ^iob badwdn, A sail. A shirt. 

A y.jt)b badvez, A fan. 

p ajb bddah) Wine. A wine cup. 

A i_jb bddi, A peasant, a country- 
man. A cause. An author. 

A jb jb bddydr, A falconer. 

p Jjjbjb badyazcand, Strong. 

p i_5Jjjb jb , Strength, power, force. 

P Oojb bddldi Publicly. 

r ji t jb bddir, A pillar. 

p dujb badiyah, A desert. 
A jb 6az, Bad, wicked. 
A *Ub baLam, An almond. Men. 
A Jb fiazzM, High, exalted. 
A J jb 6a%^, Date wine, new wine. 
A JjJ 6az7, Expending. 
A & jb bdzinat, Knowledge, 
p jb 6ar, A load. Fruit. A court; 
God ; a friend. A time, once. 

A j\j barr, Beneficent, pious, 
p Cl^b bardt. An assignment, 
p f^b bdrdjy A midwife, 
p ^b bdrdn, Rain. 

an gi r > A shed. 
bdrdmdan,) To rain, 
p ^Jjb bdrbar, A carrier, a porter, 
p Ajbjb bdrbughah, A load. Softly. 
A jb bdrih, A sultry wind, 
p tj\>-j\i bdrkhdnah) A tent. A sack. 

Baggage. Merchandize. 
A J,b band. Cold, frigid, 
p j\j^b bdrddr. Pregnant, 
p ^i^b bdrdij) A baker's mop. 
A Jjb 6am, Extended. Prominent. 
A ^jjb bdr'zdtt, The time between 

death and resurrection, 
p U^b bdrsd, Done in haste, 
p j^/^b bar ash, Rain. 
A ^jb bant.. Excelling. 
A Jjb 6rz7-, Shining, flashing. 
A <G^b bdrikat, Bright, dazzling, 
p t^jb bank, Thin, small. Fine, 
p a!f,b bdvgdh, The place of leave, 

hall of audience, 
p ^i^b bdrltash, A porter, 
p J^b 6ora/z, A baggage-horse, 
p ^b bdrgir, A bearer of loads, 
p c^b , A cistern; a ditch, 
p <ub^b bdrnamah, A rule, custom. 


r jjb bdru, A wall, rampart. 

p C^?i .b bdrut, Gunpowder. 

r a^-jjb baruchdfi, A kind of vessel. 

p jjjb bdrwar, Fruitful. 

p Xjd bdrah, God. Once. A part. 

True. Good. The countenance, 
p \Aj\j barfta, Burthens. Often. 
A ^sj\i ban, A mat. A mat-maker. 
p (_^,b ban, God. Once. At length. 
p t_. >bjb bdrydb, Obeisance. 
Pjbjb bdrydr, A flower. A castle. 
P ^/^.j^ 5 Rain A cut, rent, 
p j.X>jb bdrldan, To rain, 
p v >V ^^z, The autumn, 
p (JJojlj 6an//, Subtile. Fine, 
p Ju ftoz, A hawk. Again, anew. 

Back. Clear. The arm, wrist. 

An armful. Choice. A sword. 

A player. 

p jjjb bazar, A market, 
p (J^ljU bdzdfgan, A piece, shred, 
p *\ ;y buzam, A swing, a see-saw. 
A j^jb, A brazen vessel. A bason, 
p j)j\) bazbar, The bezoar stoae. 
p <^j\i bazparah, A butterfly, 
p i/-JjV bttzpas, The remains, 
p jb baiakh, A sound, a voice. 
P C^-j'js-jlj bazkh'tist) An answer. 
p c^-JiiJjlj bazdasht, Hindering, 
p (j^)jV bazargan, A. merchant, 
p jjjV &azru. An every-day dress, 
p d5jb 6oza/', A sparrow-hawk, 
p jl jkij'j bazguzar^ Returning, 
p jj^jb bazgun, Inverted. 
Tj&jy , A collector of revenue. 
A <3jb baxilal, A part. 
p ^>XjVi^ , To remain. To be 


p ^b bazan, A cuckold, 
p yjjjb bazinda/i, A player. 

p jjb bd'iu, The arm. (Strength, 
p y&jjj bazushlan, To curl, plat, 
p *jb bdzah, A fathom. A stick. A 

p jl>jV bazydr, A labourer. A 

p <^_jb bazij, The night-watch. A 

p <^jb bazichak, Trifling. Minute. 

p *_> jb bazirah, An hour. Insipid. 

p *^jb bazirah, A lover of women. 

P *? jb baziry, A swing. Rocking. 

p jjJjb bazhcar, Decorated. 

PJU 6o/, Tribute. Silence. 

p j^*b bdjddr, A collector of re- 

p jjlx-ojb , A tax-gatherer. 

P i^b bdjah, Revenue, impost. 

A (^.b 6a5, Adversity. Virtue. 

p ^boLjb bdsdman, A good man. 

p jjl-jb bassan, The balm-tree, 
p jlx^b bdstdr, Equal, alike. One. 
p ^Ix-jb bdsitan, Left. Past; date. 
A ,^-jb biasrahi, Et caetera. 
A i^jb bdsira}, Ugly, 
p k~:b 6%V, A bed-maker. Distant. 
A ,jU-:b bdsghdli, A viceroy. 
A J^ib 6c5z7, A hero. A lion. 
A tevJj basinat, A plough-share, 
p ^cb bdsu, A walking-staff, 
p ^b bait, Once. Some. A bird. 
P ^Jk-~:b bdiidan, To guard, keep, 
p rwl> bdiirah, A poet. A reciter. 
P lib bdshd, Being. A basha. 
P |bib bdshdm, An inner garden, 
p <ulib , Bread. A veil, red or 



p <GU>b , Fat. Nut-oil. Qhosen. 

P CJ/tib bdshlari/i, A starling. 

A ^ib bdshir, Happy. Skilful. 

P (j\J bdshik, A merlin. 

P CjlCi'lj bdshkul;. Skilful, knowing. 

P j^jib bdshgun, Inverted. 

p iJclib bdshindah, An inhabitant. 

p L_xib bdshanf;, A bunch of grapes. 

p ^l&Jib bdshingdn, A melon, bed. 

p jjJc^b bdshidan, To be. To stand. 

P o'-^b bushin, Bark, chips. 

A f-^b bdsir, Quick-sighted. 

A Cl*-sb bdsirat, The eye, vision. 

A _*rb iozz'c, Cutting, keen. 

A <busb bdzitflt, A troop, herd. 

p <Lj?b bdfjsah, A field, a plain. 

p Jkb 6a/i/, False. Vain. Useless. 

A (j^b balin, Interior. Hidden. 

A jj,i?b bdtun, Inimical. 

A si; 6ac, A measure. Nobility. 

A i^^cb bdtfft, An area. A gutter. 

A ci-v&b bdis, A cause, subject. 

A <\cb bdtid, Far. Perishing. Vile. 

A (JjCcb iaj/jf, Foolish, stupid. 

p ib 6^, A garden. Paradise. 

A jib , Merry. Obscene, wicked. 

A <5J jib bdghdiiyat , A coarse garment. 

A jJLib baghhh, Small rain. Mist. 

A JuMj bdghimal, Speaking low. 

p fcXxib bdghand, Picked cotton. 
A ,^b bag/it, A tyrant. A rebel. 

p tyjb bdflan, To weave, plait, twist. 

p /Asb bdfdam, Last. The end. 

P ^i^/V bdfarjin, A garter. 

p Jib 6afa/, An idcot. Reviling. 

p SJsiib bafandah. A weaver. 

A jb bait, Injuring, attacking. 

A ^jb bdltat, A bundle of sweet herbs. 

A^jsb bdtir, Great. Rich and wise. 

A Axi'j bdki^al, An evil. Subtile. 

) buttd, A bean. A pea. 
liiir, A herd of oxen. 
A Jj\j bdti, Durable. The rest. 
p-ti/b bdk, Fear, dread. Care. 
A jU^b bdtmdl, Exquisite. 
A^b bdlir, Early in the morning. 
A ^b bdtirat. A spotless virgin. 
A , b bdtior, The first spring rain, 
p ijj^b bdfiurah, First fruits. 
A ,^b 6a/i, Weeping. 
A Jb bdl, The heart, soul. State. 
p Jb , An arm. A wing. Mind. Love, 
p )Jb bald, Above. High. Height. 
A $4 bi'ldkhir, At length, 
p j-b &/</, A baggage horse, 
p (j~ty balds, A kind of fine silk. 
A j\j3*$(> bfl izfirdr, By force, 
p 4y-jl'b bdldffan, To strain. To turn. 
A UaUJJ^b bi'lil-tizd, From necessity- 
p (jilb bdldn, A rafter. Victuals, 
p (jJoilb bdldndan, To grow, to make, 
p 4_$b bdldru, A head-covering, 
p (o^'b^b bdldydriidan, To extend, 

reach, equal, ripen, toss, disturb, 
p t^rol'b bdldyin, Above. 
A 6&\ jJb III baddhaJi, Suddenly. 

A <2b bdllat, Moisture. Any good. 

A j^bcJb fa" t tamdn, Totally. 
fJb bdlh, Barren (ground). 

' IhuM, In truth. Truly. 
A Jls!b bflhdldl, Lawfully. 
A Iis=b bi'l kha/ar, Dangerously. 
A^-ib fa'VMflT/r, Happily. 
A jJb bdlid, An inhabitant. 

A c-'UiJ^b fa" ddaftdt, Often. 

A CL^JJb bi' zzal, In person. 

p jjJJb , Moving the wings, flying. 

p cn~*^ bdKslan, To bless. 




r .itJb biiluTi, A cushion. Bedding. 
A t >1*a!b bi's sa&tib, Justly. 

A ^y^V **'* ^orurak, By force. 
A j.'b buligh, Arrived, reached. 

A Jjtslb bi'ljit!, In fact, now. 
A iXAwb 6a7 /'fl^j On purpose. 
v <G\53b lalganah, A lattice window. 
A ^*/*J'o , Mysteriously. In fact. 

A Iljb W/faA, By God! 

. p 


^!b balu, A tetter. A cherry. 
Lib, A disorder affecting the nails. 

p *j^!b balicaiah , A swing, a see-saw. 
p <u^lb balzcanahi A sparrow. A 

swallow. A butterfly, 
p IL)!j5b balwaya/i, The same. 
p jjlb bfilud, A lamb-skin garment, 
p .^ itlb balurgi, A cullender, 
p ^^!b bdluth, An idol. Impure. 
A <Lsj!b bulutfih, A sink, 
p <*!b balah, A perfume-bo'x. Above. 
A ,Ju 6a/?, Old, worn (garment). 
p IjjJb baltdan, To extend, grow, 

equal, roll, toss, dread. 
P ^]b 6a/Jra, A bed, pillow, cushion. 
P ,b bam, The morning. Above. 
A lip. A vault, cieling, terrace. 
p s^b bambarah, Dignity, order, 
p jta*b b'dmdad, In the morning. 
P ^.^b b'amadan, To enter. 

P Sj^eu 6 ma~a/i, Sweet, savoury. 

p ^-~b bamas, Satiated with life. 

P ^jjX~ <b bamsatun, A terrace. 

P c^uL~ b bamasliinat, Modest. 

P ib^b b'amgah) The morning. 

P u^b bamun, A scoundrel. 

p ^^b bumlrah, A step. A wicket. 

p ^b Jaw, The Benzoin tree. 

p Cpbb banal, Woollen cloth. 

A <5jb banat, An interval. 

p Urb b'-anja, There, to that place. 

p L *0b bang, A voice, sound. A 

small dagger. 

p yb icnw, A princess. A bottle. 
p \jj\j banazca, Rich. Warlike, 
p ^b 6anF, A builder founder. 
A jb &a azc, Boasting, bragging. 
r j*\i bazcar, True. Truth, faith, 
p ^-^jb bazcarchi, A cook, 
p .^jo ,.b baxartdan, To believe. 

p <~<b , One of several wives. 

p u_>Lsb ft zcasf, Notwithstanding. 

p ,Jb bazcli. A large well. 

p AJ JG/J, Coitus. So be it. Ah! 
Body. Desire, adultery. 

A ib 6aA, A large area. 

p s\a>b bahadah* True, just. 

A ^b bahir, Superior. Open. 

A la^b ba/nz, Troublesome. 

A Jj&b 6oA?7, Free (a she-camel). 

A <il*b bahilat, Free froqj marriage. 

p +2t>\iba ham, Together, also. 

p jJib bahu, A crook. A club. 

p <Ubb bahali) The sea. Deep Avatw. 

p ^b 6y, A city. 

A ^i jb ^j/'V? Passing the night. 

A <Jcs^b bayy'al, A misfortune. 

A ^-:!b bayih, Fatigued. 

A jb 6oyr, Confused. 

A jjb 6j/i'j, Living at ease. 

P i'Uk-jb biiyistagah, Wish, 

p (y*~i\J bayislan, To be necessary. 

A j^b ij/n, A deer. 

A _jb &oyt, A merchant. A cour- 
tesan. Bargaining. A deer. 

A <JUjb bayilat, An injury, fraud. 

A uJob bayilr, A fine she-camel. 

A ^b bayin, Distinct. Evident. 

A aU>b bat/that, Lean (sheep). 


j bayidan, To be requisite. 

A <^o 6a&6, A species, kind. 

P LJ baba, How many ? 

P ^Lj babarah, Stalk, stem. 

P 1'Lj 6 daYo, Above. Upwards. 

A <UJ babbat, An infant's cry. A 
fool. A lazy indolent fellow. 

p ^JLO babadi, Wickedly. 

A jv babir, A tiger, a leopard, a 
lion. Brisk. Babur, Foresight. 

A U^ babagha, A parrot. 

P U-O babat; The pupil of the eye. 

p (_^-i-j bablus, A louse. A tumour. 

P ij^ft ba pesh, Before. 

p c: i bait, Weaver's glue. A 

duck. The warp. The web. 

P C^-J but) An idol, a lover. 

A c^o bolt) Cutting, breaking off. 
p b bala, Till \\4ien? How long? 
r Cl^uj balat. Sudden. Revision. 

Ajly baltar, A sharp sword. \ 

p <J>jta ba laiagi, Recently, lately. 

p <LiCw ( baliishah) A sweetmeat. 

p ^ uj bulanji A wife, a spouse. 

P jV^J butbar^ Affliction. A giant. 

p <fcjy da (a! /ah, Altogether. 

p Isr? bulkhu, Bird's dung. 

P LLxxSM^J bafirahan/;, A covering. 

A _UJ 6a/aj., Long.necked. Wine. 

A j^c*> f batfur, The mouth. 

A <Scj bal/.at, A part, 

A JjJ 6o//, Cutting, dividing. 

p jjkj batter, A confection. 

P <^S2J batutt, A market basket. 

A J^u 6a/M/, A vestal, a nun. 

M <^ bultah, An extra allowance to 
troops in the Held. Ebb tide. 

p ajj bulab, A crucible. 
A o ^j 6a/, A maker of tapestry, 
p ^J 6a/?/-, Unleavened bread, 
p <LLi) bulinuh, Penitence- 

A cU^ daw, State. Scattered, 
divulged. Grief^ affliction. 

A bj basa, Plain, soft ground. 

A ju basr, A pustule, pimple. 

A .2j basat, A blood swelled lip. 

A j_2j basagh, Blood bursting. 

A ^jj 6os^, Tearing. Breaking 

A idij buslal, Fame, renown. 

A <Uij basnat, Plain, level. Smooth 
skinned. Butter. Soft sand, wheat. 

A ^j bast, Lavish in praise of others. 

A -j bastr, Many, much. 

p ^ baj, A strainer. The cheek. 

A ^, bajj, Bursting. Piercing. 
A jl=sr bfijad, A cloak. Tapestry. 
A Jlq bttjdl, A prince. An old, 

corpulent, and respectable man. 
P t r -Jl^' bajanib, Towards. 
J' o^f\ bujuy, In 1 ieu of. 
A >L^ bajbuj, A very fat maa. 
A A^^ bdjbajaf;, A song, dangling. 
A jsT 60/0/1, Joy, gladness. 

p JcsT bajzdd, Careful, alert. 

p IJcs^ bajuda, Separately. 

A i 'Jcf^* bajdal, Knowledge. 

A JJ^ bujdali, The herb flea-wort. 

A -3^* &/(/r, A misfortune, danger. 

H *j=*?. bajarah, A travelling barge. 

P j~e? baju:.. Besides, except. 

p tl/l^s^ bijasha/;, A farrier. 

p ij* jL-<" bijusliilt % A measure. A 

vender of drugs, herbs, and roots, 

A physician* 

r t&sbajtalah, A flaggon. 

r JLzf bajkam^ A stone seat. A 

ground floor. 

P j^r bajul, A child's game. 
A J^f bujul, A great calumny, 
A *s? bajam, Quiet. Delaying. 
bajanut.') On all sides. 

A ]**? bqjir. Plentiful, numerous. 
A J-as? *J^, Portly. Honoured. 
p ^ 6ac^, A child, a boy. The young. 
p (^AjK^. bachalandan, To drop. 
p *^ bachitm. Order, manner. 
p i^ t bachah, A child, a whelp. Joy. 
p jo- a;^ , A jewel, gold, silver. 
p tj*- <5^ bachah. khiirit, Love. 
p ^'&rtcAe/?,,Why? Wherefore. 
A ty^. ? A crooked dagger. 
^. baehkh, A whisper. 

A/z, Hoarse. Saying Bahbuh 
^ bahhas, A disputant. 

Ri S ht > true - 
A <kV^ bakbahat, A crowd, 

a^ bahbahi, Gay, plentiful. 

A >-^sT buhbufiat, The centre. 
A u^-,^ frc/A^, Pure, genuine. 

A <te*^ bahhalj Hoarseness. 

A .XcsT bahtar. Short and thick. 

A cl^s^ bahs, Debate, dispute. 
A ^AasT bahdalal, Agility. 
A js? bahr, The sea. Metre. 
AysT 6oAr, Astonished. 
A jj/sT bahrun, The crisis, 
A wij*^ bah r arii, Reddish, blood. 
A i^str bakral, A country. Clear. 
A *ysT bahram, Abounding in 


* i-^r 5 ^ bahri) Marine, maritime. 
A cuo^atr bahril, A pure thing. 

A -. 13- bah'iaj, A calf. A dwarf. 
bahasbi, According; to. 
A J*r<? bahsal, Thick, gross, big. 

fia AaM, By, by the truth. 

, A strong impulse. 
bahnu, A township. 
^ bahulat, Pure. 
yT buhuhat, Hoarseness* 
A *^=< buhqyrat, A lake. 

bukhar, A vapour. Steam. 
, A vein or nerve in the loins. 
*~ } A camel braying. 
, O brave ! well done ! 
bakhf, Striking. 
bakhL Fortune. Luck. 
. bdkhtigari, Skill. 
bakhlal, A helmet, casque. 
bukhlaj, Boiled, cooked. 
bukhlar, The east. 
p ;& bukhtigara/i, Levity. 

bakhtlu, Happy, fortunate. 
bakhtu, Thunder. 

A camel with two bunches. 
bakhtyar, Fortunate. 
bakhsarat. Filth. 
^ , Broad. Pressed. Vitriol. 

. bakfyad, Dross. 

bakhfidan, To extend, 
level. To surround. To trouble 
one's self. 

bakhchah, A garden. 
To ro1 

p bakh-haj, A nest. 

A .J bakhdaj, Fat (camel's colt). 
A .5^ bakhar, Stinking. 
p J^. bakhirad, Intelligent. 
P jjJ^y^ To be in agony. To 
serve. To be epileptic, 


A (j~, bakhs t Deficient, small, 
p (j->^- t bakhs, Heat. Anguish, decay. 
;l~J^ bakhsan, Fusible, melting. 
: bakhsamdan, To melt. 
-" bakhsab, Snoring in sleep, 

bakhust, A snore. 
bakhustan, To snore, snort. 
bakhastii, Confessing. 
~ t bakh sudan, To beat. To 
reap. To saw, shear, hammer. 
p (jA;.,.^ bakhsidan,To melt. To 
be in anguish. To become angry. 
To squeeze, tickle. To snore, 
p ui-^ bakhsh, Fortune, lot. A giver. 

Polished. A castle, wall. Debt, 
p (^jJuJw^ , Togive.To pity, spare, 
p jjiAiJ~ bakhshaysh, Pity, favour, 
p ^L^, bakhshish, A gift. 

~ bakhshudan, To give. 
bakhshah, A portion. 
; bakhshi, A giver, a paymaster. 
- bakhshtdan,To give, spare, 
burn, flash. 

p j^LJL^ bakhshish, A present. 
A J-05^- bakhsal, Thick, fleshy. 
A ^^ bakhat, Dying, pining. 
A *-, bakhak, Blind of an eye. 

Having an evil conscience. 
P J^>^ bakhl;alul, A hard nut. 
P <iK^ bakhkalah, A walnut. 
A Jji: bukhul. Avarice. 
P A!^ bakhlah, A bean. 
A ^5^ 6aM?i, Tall, long. 
A ^Jus^ bakhanddt, A woman full 
grown. Having firm finger joints. 
A (*-. bukhnuk, A cloth pinned 
under the chin. Fine ointment. A 
small veil. A locust shell. 
P ji^ bakhnaw, Thunder, lightning. 
s^ , To thunder and lighten* 

bokh'iir, Boiling hot. 

To labour in mind. 
6 ukhur, Perfume, odour. 
^C To cause one to eat. 
~. bukhdrji, A perfumer. 
bukhurddn, A censer. 

P *j}&~ bukhurafy, A musk-bag. 
A %j bukhiit.. Confessing a debt. 
P j^ bakhez, An ambush. 
A (J?^; bakliil, Covetous. 
p <U^ bakhyah, Sewing thick. 
p jj 6f/, Bad, wicked. An evil. 

A Jo badd, Fatigue. Bidd, Like, 
Budd, An idol, an exchange. Fl ight. 
A .,\& badai Beginning. 
p \ Jo bada, Wickedness, profane. 
A **^Jo badatan. At first/ 
A 1 Jj badah, A wide track of land. 
A J^JJ badad, Sallying to battle. 
A *\j\<& badarum, A knave. 
P jl AJ badai, A shoemaker's wedge. 
A J \ Jo badal, Changing. Afflicted. 
A ^jljj bidazsat, Living in tents. 
A ^IJo baddwt, Rural. 
A i^JU badazit, A sally of fancy. 
A (-olJo badayat, A principle. 
A j->1Jo badayit, New, rare. 
p jUjo badbaz, A mimick. 

A i'Ju biddat, Power. Share, 

A -Jo badh, A plain. Manifest. 

A >-Jo bud/ial) The court, area. 

A l>-Jo budak/ia, Tall, eminent. 

p ^-jj^Jo 6arf M^/, Vice. 

A jJu badad, Straddling. Power. 

A jJo 6ac?r, Integrity, fulness. 

p jJo 6a riar, Without. 

p *\j&i badrarn, A pleasant place. 

p y\j<*t badran, A kind of dish. 

A >Jo badral, A quick brisk eye. 

, Indeed, truly. 
P ^ ^i ,jo &oc?r s^a, A full-moon. 


p te .Jo badrifidh , A guide, 
p -.' JiJo factor navis), Error, 
p jjJo ictrf rcte>, A pack-horse. 
p JjjJo badarud, Farewell 1 health, 
p />ij i Jo badrush, A pass. . 

p j jo 6a darogh Falsely. 
p ^ Jo badrah, A weight. A inoth. 
r j^x:Jo badus/ur, As formerly, 
p j^~jJo 6ac/ sawdr, Cruel. Untrac- 

table. (A stallion). 
A c Jo bada& Novelty, wonder. 
A e^-c^ , bidaZJ, Novelty, heresy, 
p Jk^cJo badtahd, A liar. 
A yJo badigh, Contaminated, 
p j j Jo badfoz, Fortunate. 
A aiLJJJo badl-alat, Scattered furniture. 
p .US Jo bad turn dr, A cheat, 
p .^UiJo bad gumdn, Malevolent, 
p Juf Jo badgand, A bribe to a judge. 
A JJo badal, For. From. Out of. 

A substitute. Pain in the feet. 
A JO Jo badlat, A priest's cope. 
p <dJo bidlah, A barren tree. 
A ^Jo badan, The body. The trunk, 
p ^Jo budan, To be, to become, 
p tiJo Jo budank, Water-cresses, 
p Ui Jo bad namd, A bad sign, 
r A Ju Jo badanah, An offering. 
A jJo badu, Beginning. A desert. 
A Axal^jJo The mandrake. 
P (j~jJo badus, Will, affection. 
A uJjJo baduici, Wild, f-rce. 
A s Jo badah, Surprising. 
A ^Jo JotC, The first, 
p ,_jo Depravity. 
A ^JJo badl^j Wonderful, rare. 
A jjj jo badtl, A good man, a Dervise. 
A j^Jo 6a<f, Corpulent. 

p aoJo, badyah, A wine butt. 
A ^.l^Jo badi/tdn, Extemj^orc. 
A L^J Jo badihal, Impetuosity. 
A /jjJ Jo badlfu, Extempore 

A Jo baz'z, Conquering. Bad* 
A ,Jo baza, Hating, despising. 
A J\ Jo bazdz, In a bad state, old. 
A jbjo bazbdr, A mimic. 
A ju dtsa/, A part, portion. 
A .Jo ba~j, A weaned lamb. 
A bazakh, Pride. Galling. 
A j J\j , Flax seed. Sowing. A prater. 
A Jijjo bairak, Contemptible. 
P j^i Jo baztrgir, A farmer, 
p \JjLi, Jo, Glue, 
p ^,Jo bdzrah, A talent. 
A ,_jJo bazart, Vain, foolish, 
p ei-w;Jo 6/w/. A span. 
A Jo ba'zat, Terror. Dropping. 
A jj\j 6ai/-, A guide. Small. 
A J J\; ba'zl, A gift. Expense. 
A (3 Jo, An old habit. 
A A! Jo bazlah, A joke, jest. 
A jjJo bdzor, A blabber. 
A JjJo ba'zul, Liberal. A donor, 
p Jo bizah, A barren tree. 
A (_Jo bazi, Impudent. Despised, 
p ^J bar, The earth. A load. A por- 
ter. Fruit. The bosom, breast. 
Also, above, on, before, in, into. 

A j bar, The earth, globe. Good. 
A Jo baraa, Creating. Free, safe. 
A ^j burrd, Acute, cutting. 
A ^J bardat, Free. Faultless, 
p c_}|^ bardb, Sown and watered. 
p j)\j) bardbar, Equal, alike. 
A <^S/^/> bardbari, Equality, 
p ^J/J barubali, A pen- knife, 
p s\^> bardl, Disgusted, tired. 


A C^j^j bar at, A letter. Diploma. 

A clAj birds, Soft level ground. 

p J*>-^ bardfil, Parsley. 

A _^J baruh, Ending. Receding. 

A j\ LJ burdd, Cold (water). 

p jj^. 1 brddar,'A. brother, 

p j*SU bzrdzar, A brother. 

p ji^ bardr, Peace, bearing off. 

p JJu i^ J A carrier. A receiver. 

p ^Jo j ^ To spread branches (a tree) . 

rj\j burd'z, A goad. Harness. A strap. 

p L>J^J burdiad, Fit, elegant. A 

brother, friend, ornament, 
p &>}ij bard'idah, Paste, leaven. 

p jjVj baraidr, As a brother. 

p (j^j^J bardziddn, To act right, to 
adorn, agree. To deserve. 

A LJ^ bardsd, A body of men. 

A i jZ~i\A > A brick building. 

p ^jJ^ , To rest, to quiet. 

A +Z>\/> barushim, Seeing clear. 

p jJu^i^J bardshidan, To ask, 

A \jz\A barus) A sandy desert. 

A i/]^ baraz, A little drought. 

A J 3 ^ barafam, Blubber-lipped. 

A c^vS^ bara&ifi Excellence. 

p jjJULj To stimulate, to chase. 

P ^O^]^ 6ar uflddan. To refuse. 

A jj^j barra!'. Flashing, brilliant. 
A ,^ m ^\ji x cL>|j Courage ! courage! 
A l^^j barakii, Firmness in battle. 
P sjkis^J barugandak A bribe, a gift. 
A AJy barum, A handful. 
P ^^J buran, Sharp, cutting. 
p j>\j> bardngar, The left hand, 
p J^jl J bardzoard, An estimate, 
p $\j) bardy For, because. 
A <jj\^j burdyal, A chip, lath. 
P jb^j 6ar 6a</, Destroyed. 

A jl^J barbar Murmuring ; angry. 
A (j~\]jj barbds, A deep well. 
A '^.ji barbakh, A canal, 
p j J barbar , A barber. A surgeon. 

Upon, above. Besides, except. 
A Xj)j) barbarat A muttering, 
p c^ ^j 6ar 505.;, Usage, custom, 
r 0" {/? barbastan, To shut up. To 

freeze. To prepare, 
p Ljy barbul) A kind of harp, 
p L^J, Evident, public, 
p &jjj barband, A horse-collar, 
p jj.j barbur, Barley-water. 
A (^J J barpun, The itch, scab. 
/ A garter. A ring. 
burt) A guide. A hatchet. 

barldflan, To twist. 
bartal, Great, vehement. 
barlulah, A gift. A cap. 

To break out. To stuff, 
to fall. To grow fat. To boil. 
barton/;, The bittern. 
To throw down, deface. 
v 5ar5, Soft, level ground. 

barj, A cylinder. 

) burj, A castle, tower, wall. 

lfv^ barjds, A butt to shoot at. 

o batjdmah, A rich dress. 

^ burjud, A thick garment. 

- J barjuivi, Somewhat. 

barjasligt, An eruption. 
J barjaslan, To break out. 
burjamat, The finger joint. 
To heat, ferment. 
p <^>>J barchafi, A large spear. 
H ,r>v? barch't, A small spear, 
p u-js-v: barchind, A collector. 
A ^^J 6orA, Affliction, distress. 
A .iUyj burhat, A good she-camel. 
A Uj 6crAa, The crisis of a fever. 


A ^fy> baraha', A note of vexation. 
A (J^-/. barhln, Difficulty, 
p LJ barJch, A little. A house. A 
cavern. A lot. Conveniency. Fur- 
niture. Dew. An open room. 
A ~ * J barkh, Increase. Power, 
p fcfl-As^J To rise. Stir up. Stop. 

grow. To assist. 

p (JtU^J burkhash, War, tumult. 
A i^Jks^J burakhddty Awoman of a 

delicate form. 

P J*~j burkhafaj, The night mare, 
p f^f^s*. barkh'aj, A spindle, 
p bf>-A barkh' ar. Glory, prosperity. 
A partner. Full of blood. Pound- 
ing. A barn, a granary. 
p (jt>;^>/J To meet, see, enjoy, eat. 
p jjsyj barkhuz t A large vessel. 
p ,J>-A barklii, Some. An offering, 
p j+s-j* barkheZ) Rising, revohing. 
p ^Jus^J To extract, shave, fence. 

To be changed. To loose, reap, 

rivet, find, invent, magnify, 
p \j*>-J barkheza, An insurgent. 
p {^-A barkhin, An offering. A 


A iVJ bard, Cold, a cold. Sleep, 
p yj bard, An enigma. Stand off! 

begone ! Reverence, dread. A cap. 

tive. Bet-id, Striped cloth, 
p ty\A barddbard, Stand by. 

jjt^j.J bar dddan, To quit, free. 
P j^i^j bar ddr, Suspended, exalted. 
P CA>^4V To repair to. To prepare 

for. To like. To play ; to sing, 

to finish, quit, empty. 
A (y&\fy To raise, take, move, 


A ^\tybarddn, Cold, patient of cold. 
barddnah) Fried bread. 

r k^A burdbdr, A porter, patient. 

A &3A bardal A mark upon sheep. 

A -uy baradij, A captive. 

P jty bardar, The lintel over a door. 

A (j~ty bardas Overbearing, ugly. 

A te-ty bardatat, Pannel. 

A uf-ty barda^A. saddler. 

p Aty bardam, A moment. 

p ^J^ burdan,To carry, bring, take. 

To go. To win. To obey. 
v tJ birdun, A gelding. 

p Xty bardah, A captive, a slave. 
A t_fc>^ bardt, The papyrus. 

bardl, A masquerade. Mirth. 
J To win at play ; to gain. 
p (JjAjj bardtk, Ignorant. 
p (jUjtV Woollen cloth ; a vest. 
A (j^J birzawn, A beast of burthen. 
p (jJ.jjt bar rili, Ignorant. 
PJ^J bar'z, Grain. Height. Tall. 


A jji barz, Intelligent, temperate. 
A \jj) barzd, A wide naked plain. 
A ij-j bar'zat, A modest woman. 
p J j buriaj, The roaring of a lion. 

barzakh, A space. A bar. 

p iji); J barzadan^To raise. To level. 
A j^ burzugh, Cheerfulness. Full. 
p ksjj) bardzghah, A saddle-cloth. 
p f\ijjj barzqfayt, Great, eminent. 
p LLfjjj barzatt Flax or hemp-seed. 
A Jj^j bdr'zul, Heavy, corpulent. 
p (jUjxJ bar zaman, Formerly. 
p ^ ^ barzan, A mansion. A street. 
P (jjJj^jTosow. To agree, to tally. 
P (jjj^ barzun, A Turkish horse. 
p xj^ barzah, Seed. A palace. A 

ploughing ox. The pile of cloth. 

An account. 


P ^Ju ; j^j, To so\v. To agree. 
A (JiJj/j bar'ith, A body, society. 
A c^UX barzin, A cup or bottle. 
P^J 6r/, Perfect. High. Power. 
A ^ p / / J bars, A kind of o,pium. 
P t/^x-J rc, A bridle, rein, halter. 
A Lsj barasa, A crowd. 
p /*^J barsm, Madness* The 
night-rnare, wind, pleurisy. Fat. 
p IjLj^J barsan, An oven, furnace, 
p *^j barsam, A small present. 
^ bursun, A nose-ring. 

^ barsang, A counterpoise. 
p *Utf^ barsiyah, Brown. Black bile* 
p U"~>A bar sin, Clover, 
p i^j 6A, Ivy. Desire. A 

halter. The iliac passion. 
A Lio barsha, A body, crowd. 
p /*l^J barsham, Keen-eyed. Sharp. 
A ^l-i/J bur shaii) Eucharist bread, 
p CA**/^ burushlun, To fry; roast; 

A j-^ bit-shit, A large man. A 

fool. Malignant, ill tempered, 
p clX^J birshaf!) A press. A belt, 

girth. A commentary. 
A /*-ixJ burshuni) A veil. 
A **yJ brushamal, Keen sight. 
P ..Hi^J, barshan. Ivy. 
p ^uJa,j burshunari) Of one faith, 
p ^fcio bars ha/i I, Down on birds 


p tyul ^H^ J , To hide. 
A jA^ bur as, Leprosy. 
A jji^j fiarz, Giving little. 
A fy^A bur'ium, A leather case. 
A ,*lb^ barium, Having swelled lips. 
j burlul, A tiara, mitre. 

6or///, A bribe to a judge. 
Swelling with rage. 

bar tfts, Milky (a camel) 

Finely shaped. 

p ^-^ for gofo, Preposterous. 
A JJB^J bur turn, A bud. 
A <^-^J bartus, A serpent. 
A ^^j dwrgpA, A dam. A marsh. 

Distant. A small water animal 
A jU J barghaz, A calf when able to 

follow the cow. 
p ,jjJU^ , To satisfy. 
A jJLc^ barghsh, A kind of gnat. 

p d 
p t 
p < 

. 1 , To excite, rouse. 
barghu, A sort of wheel. 
> Grain (when bruised). 
barghah, Dumb, mutilated. 
Jar/", Snow. Ice. 
> barf an, A lamb's fleece. 
p f^^. barfakhj, The night-mare. 
p ^\<fy barfdan, The gullet. An 

bar farod, Up and down, 

above and below. Arched. 
p ^J barfanj, Rough, arduous, 
p JcJj barfand, Fraud. A ditch. 

A zone. Arched. A valley, 
p j\ J^5Jj , A commentator. A singer. 
p tfJCu^j barfandah, A chest, box. 
A^/^J birfir, Purple. 
A jjJ bark, Lightning. Flame. 
A [ij bar It a, An eye. 

r Itaruri Firm. Firmly, 
j barltan, A locust. Lightning. 

i^ bur/tat, Coarse ground. 

Jii'j bartakhal, Deformity. 

c^-^j barliashat, Painting or 

forming in various colours. 
-JLj burkaL, A lady's veil. 

^JcJLj barkandun, A carnival. 

vJL> bar kali, An apricot. 
A jJ-^J barlfil, A bullet. 

A tL^J Sflr^', A troop of camels. 

O ^x 

p tl/J 6r/', A garment made of 

camels hair. A short vest. 
r &&/ bartashlan, To turn. 
A jj\O barkiin, A black habit, 
p ^j^t barl-avidan, To cut out. 
A Ci^J baraf-alj Abundance. 
A IO barltut, The breast. 
' C^ r-1^ To weigh by hand. 
p ^Jujl^j , To behave modestly. 
A joJ*/^ To tear up by the root. 
r OvJO barkast, Flying to God. 
p ^iXJL^j , To extract, exhaust 
handle j increase. To put off. 

A -^/J barku^ A short man. 

F *^J burbam^ Refusal. Delay. 

f JU^J fiartamal, Complete. 

p *i^J bar /> and, A bribe to a judge. 

p ^jJc^J } To tear up, extract. 

A Cj^. 1 barku^ A veil. 

p ^^*a^ bakukan, Melody. Har 
mony. The voice of a parrot. 

PA ^i bur lab, A pond, a reservoir 

r <U-^J barliinah, An electuary. 

p b*jj ^^> A leaf. Arms. Power 

r j^^-J barguzar, A present. 

p J^j bar gird, About. 

, To be turned. T 


A AJ baram, Vexation, fatigue. 
p *^J barm, Guard, protection. 
<U&U^ barmuhah , An auger, wira 

ble,kc. A trephine. 
A <U^ burmat, A large kettle. 

A \f*yi banimmaliha, All, the whol 
ji To handle, try, feel. 
.' barmakhid, Refractory. 
According to. 

(^*>-t*J "bar mujib, According to. 
J^c^ barrnil, A tun, hogshead. 
5-^J barmfyu, The stranguary. 
^j barn, A covered place. A 
drinking cup. A harrow. New moon* 

li J barnd, A youth. Young. 

<*^V barnamah., A model. 

baranbiir, A child's game. 

;, Rice. Copper. 
baranjan, A ring worn by 

females on their wrists or ancles. 

Any female ornament. 
p jjJ^ ^y*. ' To torment. 
p f^&t/J burundan, To compress. 
p $VxJ burindah, Cutting. 
p (^/-^ barnas, The cholic. A 

lamp. A high crowned cap. 
A LJ/J barnasa, Men. 
p L-XV!) The root. Assault. 

barnikan, A black gown. 

p ^J bar fit) A preserving vessel. 
A <j,sj\ albarm, A delicious date. 
p ^,-rr^ barnls, Large shears. 
A <_^ barriik, A river-horse. A 


p LLC^J bar ml: ) Delicious fruit. 
A ^> baru, Creating. Nose-ringing. 
p . j buru, An eye-brow or eye-lid. 
A tube, cane, canal. The cholic. 

p J^j^ bar-xal, Asphodel. Glue. 

p ^\f) bemoan, A stomacher. A 
robe. A high cap. A shawl. 

p c^ /} burul, Whiskers, mustaches. 

p is-jyJ bar Kojah, In the manner of. 

A _j J buruA, Turning from right to 
left, unlucky. 

A ^ j barud, Cold. Making cold. 

rjj/> burSz, A bed coverlit. 

A y,^s buritz, Arising, clear. Free. 

> u li. xJ bariishan, A prince, 


) A few, some. 
A Jjj /^ bamsa^ Asphodel. Dazzling. 
p &~cj j barumand, Rich, happy. 


P (j*s* barun, Without, out, far. 
A (^>jj burufi, Firm and solid. 
p ^j barah, A lamb. A fawn. An 

acqueduct. A pruning hoot. 

J barhan. Joy, gladness. 

A ^l^J burhan, Proof. A sign. 

A chief. Conviction 
p o**V: barfiaiU) Demonstrative. 
A fc,j burha/, A long time. 

p c"^*^ 5 To instruct. To wound. 
A &J$jt>.i barahrahat) A fine woman. 

p l^b^J barhiliya, Hay-seed. 
p" pJ^j 6ar ham. Collected together. 
A <*w*^J barhamal, Fixing the eyes. 
p <*^-&/J barahnah) Naked. Serene 


P ^j-^J barhud) Vain, absurd. 
P u^j^ barhudan. To bum, To 


p (^o^J barhazcan, Separated. 
p ,_yj 6ari, Remote. Clear, free. 

p ^\>/^ buryan, Roasted, baked. 
A <u j bariyat t People ; a creature. 

P ^/j 6ry, An account. 

A ,y> (^ ibnu] barihin, A doe. 

A <^-.A barid, A measure. A courier. 

F (^^-y: 5 To send a courier. To cut. 

A {J^-,/ 3 . barishj A spotted horse. 

p *^.fl barcshim, Silk. 

p tjyij ,-' , The eve of a holiday. 

A (^^J 6am, Leprous. 

A %-J/J baray^j A buncli of grapes. 

A JJ^J iar///, Lightning. Dazzling. 

A U-^V.yJ &an/f, Plenty. A blessing. 

A *j^j bartm, Variegated. A wreath, 

A charm. An army. Aurora. A mob. 
A <U>/J barimat) A ship-worm. 
p A^^J barmltah) To wit. 
p ,jJi^> j , Moreover, nevertheless. 
p \i bdi, A habit, a rich dress. Buz t 
A she-goat, the goat species. 

A ) bdi'i, Fine linen. Arms. 

A U> bcii.a, A protuberance. 

p ^^ y buiadl) A beryl. 

A j|y 6aHa', A shoe-latchet, a thong. 

A bazzazi A dealer; a trader, 

p ^l^W , A market-place. 
A ^ y >' l, A young man. Clever. 
A <uly bazatfll., Polished, well-bred. 
A jj^ 6M'c^, Spittle. 

p J\j o baibaz, Mace. 

A iryiJ baibazat, Walking fast. 

A ^ ftizza/jArms. Figure. A dress 

of honour. 

A . p 6fl2/ Boasting. Contending. 
A <ul>-vy bayamah, A rich dress. 
p Ju*j- yj buzfiamid, A she goat. 
A i v bdzakh) A protuberant breast 

and a hollow back. 
p j^> bazar, Light, flame. 
A ,y 6azr, Lint-seed. An oil. 
A --jjJ bmuraj, Great, large. 
P tiXjJ ftazra/-, A small seed. 
P (-J; V bturg, Great. Adult. 
p /.y ba'-argar, A farmer* 
r j\fjjJ , Excellent, noble. 
p ^fjZ , Grandeur, greatness. 
p ,^jy> buiurgi, Grandeur, &c. 
bd~araar, Employed. 

p ^'ouj^ baztslan, A market-place. 
P ujCi;- 1 bizashit, A physician. 
A t v baza& Augmented. 
p ^jj biiiagh, A frog. A pond. 


] biizgalah, A kid. A wolf, 
^jjy bazfal, A rose- worm. 
*xJy bdijand, Idle, lazy; weak, 
clijj A centiped ; a rose. worm ; 
a cricket. The Scolopendrion. 

^j) bazta , Quickness of pace. 

Jjjj ic'i/, Liberality. Cleaving. 

^J bazla, Good advice. 

<jJjJ ba"Juh, A jest. 

*;j bairn ) A banquet Society. 

<U^ balmat, Eating once a day. 

^ji ba'ian, A harrow. 
baza. An equilibrium. 
JJ bdzaican, An assault. 

& ^^> Quickly. 
J} biiizvash, Goatish. 

bu'iugh, Rising of sun, See, 
p >J bazak, A sin, crime, 
^jj Jaw/, Grateful. 
p ^JujJ bdildan, To blow, pluck, 


* jlj* <, Downwards. 
A ^>JJ iazJ^ Ingenious. Shameless. 
A *.^;J bazim, Thread for stringing 

pearls, Sec. Fragments after a meal. 
P *3j.\i bctjhurdak r { rolling-pin. 
p^> jj bajir, A wing. Wool, 
p jj-J bus, Only. Enough 1 , no more! 

A great number, many. Much. 

Indeed. Yes, unquestionably. 

A u-J bass, Impelling, putting off. 
A LJ basa, Becoming familiar, 
p LJ basa. Many, some, somewhat. 
P ,--Lj 60507, Depravity. 
P jLj Aortir, The rains. A boy. 
P jjj)j;l*-j bisardadan, To plough. 
A LLj 6o5.5, Length. 
A LLj basil. Extensive. A wide 
plain, Bisaf, A bed. A carpet. 

A ~J basati, A pedlar. 
p ^jLj busak) Spittle, when spit out. 
A ,Jl-> basal, Strong, strenuous. 
A L-J A gross laughter. 

A ^ULj A good man. 

p <jLJ ba son, Like, resembling. 

A ^JUnJ basjbas. Fennel. 

A /Uslw-J basbasali, Mace. 

A ^ rt J basbas, A desert. 

A L^.^ 6<w/, A running pace. 

p L^-S J 6/5^, Twenty. 

p (jl".J bislan, A breast. Boston, 
A flower garden. A fragrant place. 

p #""**? baslftj, Frankincense. 

p^'-L-J bisjar, A bed, cushion. 

A /p J bastuf;, A servant, minister. 

A ^Ux-J bastakan, A gardener. 
r ^Jc j bastagi, A ligature. 
J barton, To bind, See. 

p X~J 6o.9//I, A small wine jar. 
P ^" j' bartak, Bound, shut, fixed. 
p ^Ji^-J busily A gardener. Gardening. 
baskhandan, Heaven. 

p A Xj basad, Small pearls. Reddish. 
A^J Jfljrr, Doing prematurely. 

Laying bare. Austere. Stern. 

Cold water. The beginning. Busr, 

(Dates) beginning to ripen. Fresh 

rain. A youth. 
A 8.**) biisrat, An unripe date. V. 

j~j busr, The rising sun. 
p uj^J basarun,The hips. 
A lzj bas t Expansion. Basaf t 

Making a bed. Free, shameless, 

cheerful. Bust, Open, (hand). 
A <JLj bisalat, Amplitude. Cheer, 

fulness. Simplicity. 
p ^.v.-; basagh, A cupola. 
j basaghdah, Ready. 
j. baslt, Spitting. 


r i ^ asu^j An epitome of the 


p (jJuK^j btstiltdan, To tickle. 
A <J~J fow/, Unlawful, 
A <JL_J foa&tf, The hire of Psylli. 
A .v-J 6a5w, A smile, a simper. 

**j bismi, In the name of. 
p J^>~J bismil, Sacrificed. 
p <U J basmah) A collyrium. 
* jjJu^ i basanfidan, To conceal. 

To prepare. 

p ^Asr ^ basanakhdan, To ferment. 
p Jo~j basand, Advantage, benefit, 
p *J~J basandah, Satisfied. 
P w_x.'.~ > basan/;, An horse, 
p <JLx~J basnah, V. basant, A heifer. 
A J &CSM, Tame, gentle. 
A jjJ basur, Sour. Grim, 
p ^JjH busudan, To feel, seize, 

repel, erase, swallow, mix, 
A (j-jJ basus, A she-camel milk- 
ing hard. 

A Jij--- 1 60SM/', A sheep with long dugs. 
A Jj J busul, Strong, bold, 
p *yj baszcah, A land measure, the 

twentieth part of a bigah. 
p i_?j J ba suwi, Towards. Against, 
p (,p<J 6a, Many, more and more, 
p jl-j^j bisyar, Many, much. Very, 
p Q~J busy, Arms. An enterprise, 
p ^.Xjsrrr-^ basijidan, To arm. To 

prepare for. 

A ~-~J basjsat) Flour fried with oil. 
A hj^^.1 &./, Level. Spread. Simple. 
A <dx-MJ at, A simple thing. 

Surface. A sun dial. A quadrantt 
A J.. j 6a/, Deformed, ugly. 
A <iL_ j baitlal, The wine left in a 

cup after drinking. 
* ff-J basjm, Smiling, jovial. 

A JL) bashsh, Glad, polite. Ahoop. 
p jUj bashar, Scattering f money). 
A l^Lij bashara, Cheerfulness. 
A c^JiUj bashashut, Joviality. 
A clij bashatj, Indigestion. 
A Lilij bashd^at, Ill-flavoured. Au. 
stere. Narrow. Unequal. 

A C5lj bashshat, A liar. 

/. Stream-turning. 
bushluram, A pimple. 

bushtakak, A tumulus. 
bushfir, A mountain-tree. 
-J bashkh'adak, Compressed. 
Levelled. Extended. Present. 
A jL> bashar, Giving joy. Handling. 
A JLj bashar, Man, mankind. 

A j-ij basharr, Maliciously. 
A ^-L) bashurai, The skin. 
A cj^r-^ bashari, Human. Intellect. 
A ^-*>tj bushi^j Bad, fetid. 
A ^ij bushgh, Small rain. 
A u_lj 6a^A.f f Lying. Sewing ill. 
p <J_ij bashak t A lot cast. Dung. 

^i bashka', Going quick (a 


p *&-i bashglr, A towel. 
p ^JuliJ bashltdan, To feel. To 

wash. To explore. 
AP ^A 1 basham, Indigestion. Rime. 
p ^ '. bishtnj, Business. Baggage. 

Study. A freckle. Leprosy. 
p ^yZ-) bashutan, Of bad principles. 
p ,ji\.JlLdj bashulanidan. To agitate. 
p jjjjyb bashufidan, To shake. 

To know. To hear, wish , lose. 
p ^.r?~r? bashy, Equal. Death. 
A j+j baster, A messenger of good 

news. Beautiful. 



basarat Seeing. 

J bassasal, The eye. 
50^, Spittle when spit out. 
basbas, Indefatigable 
basfa:~ : ut, Fawning. 
^y tawr, Seeing. Sight, mind. 
i^y basral, Stony ground. 
la*^ foj/, A camel with her colt. 
_*a> bnst, A thick linen cloth. 
^r* baskat, The higher street of a 

iJA> basal, The onion. A bulb. 
**2J &M5/ The space between the 
tips of the ring and little fingers. 
basu!;, The worst milkers. 

j. bassi, An eunuch. 
t> basir, Seeing, blind. 
Z3j~&> baiirat, Sight, caution. 
i>a^Ai basis, Flashing, tremor. 
r --^ * fauzt., Sweating. 

A thin skin, fat and soft. 
aJ bi~.atat, A stock in trade. 

bi~.ran miiran, (Blood 
was shed) with impunity. 
ij*i> bazraf, In vain. 

, Little water. 

&a::^, Cutting. Bleeding. 
, A part. A small number. 
ba'ital, A part. A remnant. 
ij baiuZ, Containing little. 

buzu^, Loathing, tired. 
it bazut, A sharp sword. 
(Water) flowing softly. 
LJ bat % A Gose, a duck. 

LJ balt_, A pot, cup, flaggon. 

Iks bala, Slowness, delay. 

-Ai^ but ah, A disease. 

H!aj balalal, The pupil. A label. 


A JlLj batleU, Idle, a wretch. Old. 

Courage. Idleness. 
A jjllaJ bilan, A girth. A small ship. 
A <lkj bitanat, A lining. Faithful. 

Firm. Bed linen. 
A & batik, Low swampy, grounds. 

Nature, custom, manner. 
p Is 2 ? ba(~ha, A race-ground. 
A <Lsk> bafJuttj Stature. 
A Ja; bafar, Dividing. Exulting 
(Jjji* bilril-, A noble chief. 
A ijz) bafsh, Seizing. Power. 
A rllk.> baishat, Power, force. 
A Jia) bull, A brave man, brave, of 

no effect. Idle. 

A (j^laJ buflan, See 6w//. Vanity. 
A Jaj6/M,Turpentine. A greenish 

grain. A greenish sore. 
A ^jlaJ bain, The belly, paunch. 

Ba/an, indigestion. A small tribe. 

Bafin, A glutton. Low ground. 
A tlik> bufnal, A glutton. 
A fa baiu, Slowness. Compact* 
A ^aj bufi, Slowness, dullness. 
A ^rr^ bal'tkh, A melon. 
A ^^i-laJ batish, Powerful, stern. 
A b^Wj baM, A wonder. A lie. 
A &b) balm, Large-bellied. Far. 

A laJ 6zs, Tuning. Exerting. 
A JaJ bazar, A kernel. 
A Lli) biiran, With impunity. 
A j*^!aJ ba''-ram, A seal-ring. 

A j_j 6atc, Fixed, spread round (a 


A jl*J bitfid, Distance, remove. 
A j(xj butar, The lote-tree. 
A ^Uj ba&is, A milkless camel, 
A ^Uj 6aj;atj Furniture. 


A jUj batak, Raining, drenching 
A CJ^ fo'&i/} Sporting; toying. 
A .**.> ba&at, The noise in decant- 
ing. The dawn of youth. 
A rtx^xj batba&t, Hurry of speech. 


A *J 6uta/, The colt of a camel. 
A *i->*J fofcfj Sending. Rousing. 

An army. Resurrection. 
A t^i*j bi^sat. A mission, detach. 

ment. Resurrection. 
A jjiaj batsurat. Fainting. 
A izixj butfuf, The middle. 
A &&*. ba~sakat. (Water) leaking. 
A ^ ba^j, Cutting open. 
A iXsc batd, After. Hitherto. 
A *X*j at/ 3 Perishing. Distant. 

Bub/, Distance. Death. Bald, 

Little, vile. 

A i'Juo batdat, Distance. 
A iJoo ba^dahu, After, then, 
A jiXxj 6ioir, Moving. 
A^*J 6flr, Extreme poverty- 
A SjHj batrat, The wrath (of God). 
A SJM baat t Exciting, dispersing. 
A tejxj ba&alat. Scattering. 
A ijsxi bats, Leanness. Agitation. 
A ^*OM bu^sus. Slender. The hip. 
A Ls>*axj batsusal, A white, shin- 

ing insect. 

ba^i Some, certain. A part. 
w bazzuzat, An insect. 
A LXJ ba^at Turpitude. Killing. 
A ka*J butfa?, Small, a dwarf. 
A Jpo 6w^/-, Killing (a camel.) 
A I^M , Striking (with a sword). 
A J>M iac./-wr, Cutting. 
A <&M bat.tutat An assembly. 
A J*.' bat.1, A husband . A master, 

hill. A watered /Jin. 

A Lr iJ batnas, A foolish girl. 
A ^*j 6tw Wronwinor. Borrowing. 

An army. 
:, A gnat, fly. 
A ^M baty, Burst in the belly. 
A X*J 6fc/rf, Distan, bsent. 
A^HXJ fiaejr, A beast of burthen. 
4 *A*J 6a?jOT, A wooden statue. 
A <U.*J Really, exactly, faithfully. 

A _j bvghgk, A Httle camel. 

A U> 6ag-Att, Playing the whore. 

A lJ bagha, A whore. 

A U^ bughu, Asking. The thing 


p dAw baghas, A species of kite. 
AjU) baghdr, A nail. Bightirj A 


p jlij baghaz, A wedge. 
A <L?Uj baghaiat. Hatred. Hating. 
A jlo baghaft* Talkative. 
P jjUj baghdn, A wedge, a peg. 

p (j-jAv baghanushy A fleet horse. 

? t-^-oUj baghayat, Extremely. 

A <U-^J Hastening. Braying. 

A J]*M bughbur, A pagan altar, 

A *iij baghtqtan y Suddenly. 

A li*J baghsa, A crowd, mob. 

p As*^ baghchah, A bundle. 

F (j^j^V > To cause to scatter^ 

f <jiX>ji*j baghsaridan, To scatter, 

p u?^V faghsarij After. 

A JLjb betghsat, Small rain. 

A i^-jtJ baghsaral Tumult. A pal- 

p ^jj Ao^A^The first sort of camel. 
A ,*J baghar t A di-sease in camels, 
p jLy bug/trot^ Clamour, noise. 

A ij..-. 1 b(i!iru/, Violent rain. 


A jjb baghz, Alacrity, violence. 
A jJLjb baghsh, Small rain, dew; 
A u&o bughz, Hatred. 
p Jij baghal, The arm-pit. 

A Jib bughghd, Slow, tardy. 

p ^Ixj bughlcin, Marriage. 

p (jl^Uj laghidtak, Speech. 

A *jb bagham, An obscure speech, 

pjU*? baghmar, A wedge. 

P jU*J bughmai, Circumference. 

P iXxjb , An inquiry. A river. 

A Jti baghu, Obstruction. Thought. 

A iyb baghwat, An unripe date. 

o bughur, Setting and causing 

rain (stars). The Pleiades. 
A *yo , The sound made by does. 
p iju baghi, Prevarication. 
A ju baght, Injustice, tyranny. 
Revolt. Brisk. Begging. Rain- 
ing hard. Searching. 
A ui~~*J baghis, Wheat. 
A jy* ba ghayr, Without, except, 

unless, besides. 
A u^M bagtiiz, Hatred. 
P e^J baft, Wrought, weaved. 
p y*jo bqftarah) A lure for a hawk. 
P ^^iJ bqftart, The yarn beam. 
P J-> bafi, Spittle. A slaverer. 
P wsW beflam, Much, many. Co- 

pious. Money scattered about. 
p Jj^ij bafarod, Down, downward. 
p yj bafrah, A weaving tool. 


p ^'J^-iw , To cause to sow. 
p yjj^iw, To sow, scatter, disperse. 
p Jjb &/?, A mule. 
p -AJb bqfanj. Saliva, spittle. 

A Jfj 6oW, A fly, a gnat. 

A Uj baka^ Firmness. Remainder. 

Looking upon. Regarding. Eter* 


A L^iU? A- l' e - A. misfortune. A 


LUu 6M//a/, A handful of sour milk. 
A jlw bakal h Talkative. 

A J\L baltal, An oil merchant, a 

grocer. A shopkeeper. 
A ,*lw bulam, Weak in mind. Coarse 
wool. Coarse flax or hemp. 

batarcal, Head cook ; a taster. 
A *.Uu bataizal, Expecting. 
A ^LJb battalia^ Guggling. 
AP ^.jiXiu Ja /adh', As to, according 


A^AJ fio^or, Black cattle. 
A ^Ju bakarat, A cow, an ox. 
A kw 6a/'/, Furniture. A part 

A JL> Jcr/'flCL, Various -coloured. 


A AJ , A place, part. Building. 
A &ii ballot, A pot-herb, a bean, 
p ,Jy 6a/am, Wood like Brazil wood. 
A *yu bafaat, Observing. 
A ,.jyb bukaa\ A remainder. 
A .yb 60/7, A remainder. Stability. 
P Aju baJtyar, A black carpet. 
A Ljb faftya/, The rest, remains. 
A nJu &a/'?r, Split. A shift. 
A alJb Ja/rt/ff/, Meat boiled with 

broth, S:c. 

A KJ bu6a t Weeping. A complaint. 
A jV6 batdr, Unmarried. 
A C^lxJ fta^ara/, Virginity. A 


p JUo baJtal, A dealer in grain. 
A m~&) batamat, Dumb. Con- 


P (jtu batan, A den. Doing 
nothing. Going here and there. 

f Jj^J baftdioal, A cup-bearer. 

A wuxj ba/fbatal, Heaping. 

A L^J a//, Striking, whipping. 

i' v -uO baklar, A coat of mail. 

p tA^J 6c itaddiriin, How ? 

A ^x.< ba'-ir, A maid. The first-born. 

p i^V^J butran, , The inside of 
a pot. Scalded in a pot. 

A C^jj balrat, A pulley. A ring. 
A ^j , A pure virgin. The dawn. 
p hft^ baliraw, Intoxicated. 
p ^xj bakrah , A cow. A clothes- 
horse. Bajtarah, A pulley. J3w/-- 
r4, A monastery. War. 
P <Jy^ #a/7Y, A drunkard. A virgin. 
A u~** bats, Subduing. 
A i^-v-Ju butsal, A ball made of 

cloth used by boys in play, 
p ^-^J bultsarahj A desolate place, 
p i^n-iXj butushtan.) To lean towards. 
A .0 6a^c., Receiving or offering 

with a bad grace. Checking. 
A Jj 6a/-/, Mixture. Prey- 
A e^Kj bttlat, Nature, form, figure. 
A xj bakam, Dumb. Abstaining. 
P j***J bu/smar, A conqueror. 
p J^**^ bukmaz, Wine. Joy. 
P jU^J bulman, Conquering. Dumb. 
A ^J , ^j , <jJo , Having little 

milk (camel). Crying. 
A,&<j bakuriyat) Primogeniture. 
P C/^J bajriij[ t A butt to shoot at. 
p Jjj 6a^M, Cheerfulness. Culture. 
A <sLj daKilat, A mixed dish; spoil. 

A / .xj balim, Dumb, silent. 

P *Uj ba gab, The dawn. In good 

P t^u^X>j baguiashlan, To dismiss. 

To turn, avert. To 

walk. To alter. 

p ^^j^bagariTtdan, The same. 
p ^J begam t A queen. A lady of 

rank. A respectable matron. 
P 4>j bagafi, In time, seasonably. 
A jjj bal, But, yet. Upon which. 
P Jj bal, A bridge. Victory. 

Recovery. A seal; much; stupid; 

great ; leave. 

A Jj ball, Victory. Allowed. 

p \i bala, Old, putrid. Power. 

A ib bald, A misfortune. Trying. 

A 1) bald, Without, beyond. 

p (Jjib baldbal, A nightingale. 

A (JJvJ bulasili, Marshes. 

A Jj^Xj baldjud, A black ox. 

p iib bildkh, Large liipped. The 

holm (a kind of oak). 
p .^-L balaham, A sling, A purse. 
p jiw buldd, A malefactor. 
A LUjl) balddat, Stupid. 
p-^jl> bilddah, Vain, foolish. 
A ^-jib baldrij, A stork. 
A jit 6//z, Short. Satan. Crass. 
p ^L 6a/a5, Coarse hair-cloth, 
p ^Jk-^Jb , To wither, wrinkle. 
A yb 6ff/a/, Level, smooth. A brick. 

A alcL bulld^at, A common shore. 
A ^fiJL bulldtilt, Spacious, open. 
A ?L baldgh, Sufficiency. 
A L^cib bddghat, Eloquence. Bra. 

L baldl:it, Uncultivated. 
bald/tosh, Unhappy. 

p J^b baldlicd, Indian steel. 
A JL baldl, Moisture, freshness. 
A kJL balafitj Level ground, pave, 


A ^U. 1 ballon, A cold or hot bath. 
A <U>1> balahaf, Foolish. Bashful. 
t <bib balayah, A whore. Laid 

waste. Poor. An Indian sword. 
A Jl*b balbal, Anxiety, grief. 
AP JJj bulbul, The bulbul, a bird 

like the Nightingale. A viceroy. 

A goblet 

A JJj bulbul. Trifling. Active. 
PA iLb , Butter ; a cup ; a liquor. 
p (j-j*b balbus, A wild onion. 
A o-b bait, Cutting. Cut. Wise. 

A JL ballot, Moist (wind). Good. 
A Slab fa#af, Cutting, splitting. 
A j-sij ballot., Cunning, crafty. 
A ci'^L , An empty boaster. 

balta^yi, Eloquent. Bold. 
A J)j2b balsuk, Stagnant water. 
A <Ls=b buljat, Light. Aurora. 
p > 6o/M, Proud. A kind of oak. 
p j*s^ &a#am, Phlegm. 
p .*sH balkham, A sling. 
P t*b balad, A city, district, abode. 

A house, tomb. The throat. The 

palm. A sign, lead. 
A ^jjj bildam, A blunt sword. 
A jfjjj fazftfaf, A city, See. 
A ^jjj baldah, Fat (woman). 
A *jL baldam, The throat. 
A ^b 6o/z'H, Plump. Slender (woman). 
A ^Jj balas, Wicked, profligate. 
A j*LJj bflsam, The pleurisy. 
A ^ ^>Jj bilist, A span. 
' cLx-Jj balas 6, A spit. A span. 
P ^Jj 6 M /5an, A lentil, pulse. 
P i^-vib balasht, Impure. 
A u^j bilas, Having little milk. 
A U.' ball. Paving. Milk-dropping 
(sheep or camel). 

A aLb bullat. A house. Pavement. 
A _b balaL, Devouring, piercing. 

A ib buljat, The eye of a pul- 
ley, &c. 

A ui-^xij balats, Fat, relaxed. 

A il<*b baltalt, Loose, fleshed. 
Stupid. A kind of date. 

A **b bultiim, The gullet. A 

A _b balgh, The scope, end. Ba- 
lagh, Consummating. Eloquent. 

A &ib bulghat, A little. Sufficient. 

AP .jtjj balgham, Phlegm. 

A iJkiAb , A servant. A chest. A 
package. A washing beetle. 

T t^Xjytb balghubeg, A noble of 
the first rank. 

r jj*L} bulghur, Bruised corn. 

p AJfciJJ bulghunah, Paint. 

p A^J balghah, Arrived, mature. 

p o 1 ^ bulaghm, A calamity, end. 

A J*b W^y, So; therefore; yet. 

p^-jyij bulfunsar, A kind of drug. 

A jja 6o/a/-, Varied. A tent. Mad- 
ness. A door. Hastening. 

p jUL battar, Red Russia leather. 

A Jiij baUaL, A desert. 

A ,.,*-iib baltaij, Bright-pointed. 

A yilj 6^M/, Short. A bird. 

p Lib buttiya, A dish of fruits, &c. 

p ilb balk, Very much. A gift. 
Gain. A leaf. A standard, arms. 
Balln, But, however. 

A clL balajt, Mixing. 

p ^b button, A machine ; a balista, 
iron crow, Ice. 

p gQ battanj, A play, pastime. 

p tf^lj 6o/^f> But, perhaps; besides. 

A Jb balal, Moisture. Conquering. 
Wicked. Tyrannical. 


PA yL (y~)} ballu, Most certainly. 
PAj^Ub ballur, Crystal. 
f Uu balma, Thick. A heap. 
p ^JuLJj bdlmalulan, To murmur. 
p <u)j,' Great. The neck. Scales. 
A <vjj, A tumour on the lips. 
p AJb buland, High, exalted. 
A -JcJj balandah, Short. Fat. 
p i^JCJJ bulandi, Sublimity. 
A ^cjcij balanda , Broad. 
p ^jJob, The hinge; the lintel. 
A kJo baktn(, A coarse marble. 
A j^uij balanlas, An open way. 
p ^A-xJj bdangidari) To halt. 
A Jj 6o/u, Trying, Doing good. 
Distressing. Clothed. Sad. Tired. 
p \^J balxa, Confusion ; a crowd. 

p S\\^J, The end of a beam. 
v " 

p _^Jj &%", Languid. A rover. 
A r-Jo, Manifesting. Clearness. 
A, (A well) empty. 

, Oldness. Dwelling. 
PJ^J Crystal. A beryl. A drug. 
p j^L 6a/z, A large table-cloth. 
p ^-Jj 6o/w5, Quick. Sly, spe- 
cious. An advocate. Hope. 

A \s^j ballut, An acorn. An oak. 

A cjb bullutati A common shore. 
A .b bulugh, Accomplishing. 
A L^--ijlj bulughiyat. Puberty. 
A ij bula/i. Making haste. 
A iiAj 6a/a/a/, A desert. A plain. 
p (^./.Jj butea/;* A butt for arrows. 

A feudal tenure. A party, 
p ^^L balun, A chaplet. A road. 
A ^j^jbulzsa', A trial. Worn. 
A aL balah, Weak. Bashful. Silly. 
A dj, Besides, except. Indeed. 
p jl^lj balhar-t An Indian emperor. 

AP Jj. YES, indeed. Old. Tried. 
A ^IJj, Without chief, or leader. 
A t^-vJj, Tedious in speech. A hare. 
p Jjui-L, Tranquillity of mind. 
A jJu bafigh, Eloquent. Copious; 

Effectual. Mature, utmost. 
A Jjj balil, A humid wind. 
A <LJj baliyah) Harm. Evil. 
A *j bimu, (or Uj ) , So that. How ! 

PA *j bam or ^ bamm, The bass ia 
music. Beating the head, 

A *j bumm. An owl. 

P CjC:^ bamang, Affliction. 

P (jiXJo^ , To murmur. To perish. 

P ^y^ 6awJ, The bass in music. 

p jJ ban, A garden a field. A fruit. 

A ^i ban, But. 

A ^ 6f/i, A son. 

v ' * 

p ^ 6wn, A root, point, tip. 

A ^ iwzn, Fat. Bunn, Coffee. 

A ^ 6/na , A building. Construction. 

p j)\^J banabar, Because. 

p ^jb banarinj, A shepherd. 

p i.^^jLj banasab) Gummastich. 

A <ulc ,\jj, Therefore, wherefore. 

f jL> banafar, An architect. 

p +\^ibanum, Celebrated. Fame. 

p ^L; iMan, The finger. 

P ,'1^ bananji A wife, a second 


A djto bunanat, A pleasant garden, 
p ,.Uj bunazcur. Radical. A sore, 
p ^Lj bunay^ Foundation, plan. 
A ^_^j biunba/;, A fish, a shark. 
A c^J Wn/i A daughter, a girl, 
I A 2> bannaly Smell. Asking. 


A ^H banj, Henbane. Binj, A root, 
p \ bhij, A coat button. 
f i ,lsr^, A dealer in grain. Waste- 

p ^.Juje^ banfidun, To befriend. 
To aid. To break, divide. To do. 
To rise. 

p JcJ band, A band, chain ; knot, 
joint. A moum?j*dam. A vine- 
yard. Deceit. 

p t-rA&J , An island. A joint, 
p j^Jcj bandar, Firm. Knowing. 
Rich. A forestaller, slave-dealer, 
p ^jj^^i , A particle of similitude, 
r .jAs'Jcj bandujilun, Cinquefoil. 
p ,jljwJ bandalt, A mitre-like cap. 
p iJc.j bandar, A city, an emporium. 

A narrow pass. A harbour, 
p jjJ^ bandrugh, A large knead- 
ing trough. A dam. 
p ^Jcj bandish, Resolve. Fastening. 
p JJOJ banduh, A Grelock. A ball, 
p ci/A;j bundal;, Cotton cleansed, 
p jli^JCJ band/Mshdd, A joint. 
p aJL^JCJ bundkashah, A bolt, 
p iliJcj bandgah, A joint, 
p (J>&*} bandagi, Servitude. 
p^lXiJ bandgtr, A fine cement. 
p jjJo-' bandan, To bind, fasten, 

propose, desire. 

p 4JJCJ bandana/i, A coat button, 
p IjJcJ bandied, Acid, 
p c^> J_j*XJ bandobasl, A settle- 
ment for rent or taxes, 
p J.(X,j bundoz, A packing-needle, 
p ^j^J bandiif-, A musqueU 
p ,^jiXtXj bandldan, To bind. 
* ulr^ banran, The groin. 
A ^/--^ banas, Shunning evil. 
A [i^ banash, Remis*. 

A T-2X' binsir, The ring-finger. 
A ^V-ls-J bun/ijj(in, A shrew, 
p ^r* s "^ bantifsaj, A violet. 

/-, The root, origin, 
p -iJ bang, A maddening draught. 

An allurement. 

A /V^J bingam for P ^l^ pin grin, 
A cup, perforated for measuring 
time; A dwelling, 
p slj, A dwelling. Baggage, 
p ,XX>, Agreement for clearing land*. 
P J^Lj bunlad, A foundation. 
P CJ^J banut, Gladness, Joy, 

A ,_/CJ banmcayy, Filial. 

p iLj bunafi, A dunghill. Odour. 

p C/LJ <UJ, To pack up. 

<H>-^jj, Bad, false. 

A ^jiJ, Building. Bestowing. Sons. 

A <&U^> j The gore of a shift. 

p JuiJ bunyad A basis; a fabric. 

A ^l^J bunyan, A wall, fabric, root. 

p jjJo^ij^.! banyushldan, To hear. 

A y i, A father. A leap. Curious. 

Libidinous. A wonder', 
p j bo, Odour, perfume. Hope. 
A \jj batca, Equality, parity. 

A <>Uj bazczcab, A janitor. 

A l>-Uj bazcahan, Openly. 

A <^.J bazcad, Perishing. Departing. 

A j\*i bazcar, Ruin. Neglected. 

p da.-^ bazoasilah, Because. 

P *.Q\K) , Curious. Libidinous. 

p ^y) bazcan, A narrow pass. 

p ,Lj bizcdn, A tent pole. 

p ,jJ<X^ t_^y The King's palace. 

P \JiJ bubd, A kind of meat. 


A ^'Ujj bubal, A desert. 

w, The pupil of the eye, 


the Jmage reflected from it. Glory. 
A nobleman. Ingenious. 

A Sjj buzcut, A hawk. 

t <SJ*J biitah, A crucible. A foetus. 

A butt. Bud, spot. A shrub. 
P jU-J'y buiimur, Sorrow. A heron. 
A Cjy bans, Enquiring. 
A ^ bazcj, Flashing. The dawn. 
A ^.j bazeh, Evident. Fatigued. Bnh, 

A root. The sun. The soul. 
A &" ^ 8W *^> Quieting, calming. 
A Jj foraid, A well. 
P Jjj &</, Existence. A dwelling. 
t AJljy bbdanali, A medicinal seed. 
p U^.^*- budbash, Abode ; service. 
H U^y budan, To be, become, exist. 
P <*jj.' budanak, A bird of game, 
p o^J budant, Possible. Essence. 
A Jjj bazcz, Injury. Poverty. 
f jjj bur, A horse. 
A ^> barer, Perishing, waste. Fruit- 
less. Ruined. Slothful. Languid. 
P ^)iJ wr, A sack, bag. 
F wi\uJ bur ant, A kind of food. 
P <j^iJ burin/:, A portico. 
A i^J bur at, A ditch, a pit. 
^ buruj, A castle. 

burali, A part; a food. 

p )Jj* b uru > A trumpet, A tube. 

f ^ijJ burah) Nitre, borax. Pastry. 

p 4t^ *"^ ^ trura pet. The point. 
A split reed. A mat. 

P \jtj , A mat. A carpet. A case, 

r <cJj^J burin ah, An ape. 

P ^ 6ziH, A goat. 

P ^ij bii~nah, An ape. 

A jj^J 6.f, A misfortune. 

f U~ji bvs, A kiss, a buss. 

P UL^j bosanah, Humility. 

j , To cause to kiss. 
slan, A garden. _ 
p L'ivo^ J bj*s!iyan, An ox. 
P t/ ! -*--V bostin, Viciousness. 
r jjUJujj A roost-cock. A lapwing. 
p i-jy ftJsa/j, A kiss. 

*> O ne kiss. Kissing. 
busua , Adversity, loss. 
p ^^j bosidagi, Rottenness. 
p ^&+~iyi bosidan, To kiss. To rot. 
bazcash, An ornament. A p 

Baicsh, A crowd, great, plentiful. 
Gravity. Bush, Swift. 
p lijj busha, Meditation, care. 
A jlijj bush ad, The rape-root. 
A ^y bawsh't, A poor man. 
A ^jj 6azz>5, Preceding, hasting 
Hid. Colour. A woman's hips. 
Fatigue. Excelling 
A La^j bawsa, A kind of play. 
p ^sjJ busi, A little boat. 
A^WJJ bawsir, The piles. An herb. 
A (j*J ba-w'i Standing. Beautiful. 
A *+ft*jl bulaniyal, A black vine. 
A &jj bulat, A crucible. 
, Becoming fat. 

Expanding the hand. 
, A wrapper. A pouch. 
A Ujj bazegha, Friable earth. Crazy. 
J bughchah, A toilette. 
J bughra, A kind of food. 
c'J bughulman, Borage. 
p J^ bughanj, Black pepper. ^ 
p i_Urjj bughand, Bindweed. 
p jy 6^, A trumpet, flute, pipe. 
p jtjj iw/-, Vain, false. Injury. 
p J\JjJ 6w//o/, A tankard. 
A ij> A thunder hower. 
PA ^Jjy , A camelion. Varied. 
The elm-tree. 



p CjL , By chance. Meat. Rubbish 
Fuel. Flatulence. Rubbish. 

A 1J bawfid, Mixture, confusion. 

p xj* bu!:arrah, At present. 

t t&jibukah, Perhaps it may. 

A t\d bazel, Number. Urine. 

p Jjj bid, The nose. The beak. 

p Jy , Lands always in cultivation. 

p jQjJ bidhdr, A field of battle. 

p JOA!*J, or fA^jy * A bribe to a 
judge. Sport, a novelty. 

p u^s~J , First fruits. Pastime. 

p JcJy bulkand, A bribe to a judge. 

v *j bum, An owl. A country. 
Earth. A garrison. Home-bred. 

p ^<jjJ bumahan, An earthquake. 

A jj$ bawn, Excelling. Difference. 
Excellence. Tent-poles. 

v ^ji , Utility. The root. A son. 

A <&_jj bawnat, A little dwelling. 

A ^y bazouh, A blabber. Clear. 

A CJ^J buwiili, Fattening (a camel). 
Buying or selling, clearing a foun- 
tain. Confusing. Disturbed. 

A J bawfi, An imprecation. 

p AfcjJ, Desire, wish. A lapwing. 

p ijrjj boy, Odour, perfume. Hope. 
Juj boydnak, Parsley. 

p jjl^JjJ boygdn, The belly, womb, 
p <OJ boyah, Hope, anxiety. Study, 
p yXJy boyidan, To smell. To live 

in the country. Gold-admiring, 
p <U bah, To, in. Good. Safe. 
A <u bah, Well done ! bravo ! 
AP l# bahd, Value. Beauty. Dear. 

A ciA^ bahhdt, A slanderer, 
p jjl^j , Brave, strong. A hero. 
H ^jl^j bhddun, The autumnal 
harvest. A Hindu month. 

p jlgj bahar, The spring. Beautiful. 
Camomile. Cotton. Sea-baggage. 
Gold, silver. A weight. 

baharan, The spring. 
^ baharat, Excellence. 

, An idol-temple. 
bahdnas, Tame camels. 
bahanah, A pretence. 
beh-bud, Healthy, perfect. 
# *^f *"^> Health, goodness. 
^ bahbcJn, Large, great. 








A e^J 6^/s Defeating suddenly. 
Lying, slandering, defamed. Con- 
founded. Overwhelming. 

AP ^l^> bulildn, A lie, slander. 

A^-^ balilar, A lie. Short in stature. 

A g bahij, Glad, elegant. 

A (B^^SL^ balijal, Gladness. Beauty. 

A u^O^J bit/tdari, A backward child. 

A c^Jj^J baJidulat, Nimbleness. 

\ ^j 6a//r, Excellence. A lot. Bufir, 
The asthma. Buhur, Plumpness. 

Distance. Love. Grief. Calumny. 
A J^ bahran, Curse it ; O! strange! 

p *\ ^J bahram, A King. 

A ruby, flower, silk. 

jj bahray, Prudent skilful, 
i^j buhrat, Tlie middle. A 
burrow. A mine. 

j bahraj, Vain. Base. 
, A part. Gain. Wisdom. 
, A little, part, anyone. 
tft) bahral:, Filth. 
baJii Removing. 

) bafiiaf, Nimble. Wise, noble. 
^j baits, Boldness. Imprudence. 
# bahish, Cheerful, benign. 

behisht, Paradise. Heaven. 
bahas, Thick. Sneezing. 


/ > Thick ^ body- White. 
buhsum, Raid, firm. 
^i bahsus* Something. 

P IsjJ bahat, Rice pudding. 

A li^j 6a/iz, Vexing, fatiguing. 

A <_*> buhak, The leprosy. 

A toxgj bahtalat, Celerity. 

A J.<^> bajttal, Smooth, sleek. 

v J^.- foVitf, Let alone, give over. 

A J^j 6a/zo/, Leaving free. 

A <D^j baMat, A malediction. 

A <jd^ , Ruddy. Blabbing; fretful, 

A &f) bahfaltat, Pride, evil, a lie. 

A ,Jjl# bu/ilul, Smiling. Beautiful. 

P ii^J bahlah, Privy purse. A violin. 

p +# buham, Together. Rage. 

A *^j bahm, Dumb. Barbarous. Na- 
ked. Whole. 

p jU# bah-mar. Many, ample. Mob. 

p ^b*> bahmalart) A lily. 

p *t>}/*$J , Overturued, ruined. 

p ij+g ba/iman, A king, a prince. 

p <U^J buhmafy, Inestimable. 

p ^^4^ bahmi, Some, somewhat, 

A AJUgJ buhnanah, A woman sweet- 
breathed. Mild. Smiling. 

H ij^fl bahnngi Akind of yoke for 
carrying burthens. 

A ^,-^J baJinasj Gentle (a camel). 

P ttyjfe|J 5 Clear, splendid. 

A j# bahu.) A house or tent projecting 
beyond the rest. A den. A stable. 
Any thing large or wide. 

A \jg buhzca, Familiar. 

p Jjj buJjtud, Singed (a garment). 

A jjg bahzear, A lion. Buhur, Dis- 
tinguished. Asthmatic. 

p <dj buhidali, A wife, a spouse. 

p <^j baliuh, A file. 

P /*? , Goodness. A quince. O ! 

A ^ti ba!n> Beautiful, precious. 
*ji+$> batutar, A false charge. 
A ?# boKtj, Glad. Lovely. 
P ^j^fJ bahtdan, To squeeze, to kick. 
A^M^J , Breathing hard- v Baggage. 
H l&jjig 6tf/Jr bang a, A moveable 

market, baggage. 
A ^^ bahirat, A woman beautiful 

and delicate. 

A ^j bahim. Of one colour. Black. 
A &*.$ bahimat, A quadruped. 
P cn^J 6e/ra, Better, best. 
A ^-j^aj bahmas, A lion. 
p O -J 6/, (A privative particle or pre- 

position) Without. When prefixed 

to nouns, it implies wanting, or 

being destitute. 

A (j, bqyy, A base-born man. 

A c^Uj bayyab, A cup-bearer. 
A c^JLj bat/at. Surprise by night. 
p C^lij bay at) Grief, care. 


Lj buyyahal) A fish-net. 
jLj , To adorn. To lie. 
Lj buydztsh, A disease. 
j bayai, White. A carte- 
blanche. Paper. Leprosy. 
p c^Lj biyamh Whiteness. 


A ^uj bayydt^ A broker. 

A UU*elj , Merchandise, trade. 

A ^Lj bayyagh, A horseman. 
p ^iXcLj bi-amadan, To come. 
p 4^-sr^Lj , To mix, mingle. 
A ^jLj bay an. Explanation, proof. 

Relation. Eloquence. 
p <t'Lj biyanah, An earnest, pledge. 
p ,^^tj biy 'dzsdn , A desert. 
p (jJ\jtjJ W uwardan, To contract as 

joints. To grow worse. 

bib, A canal, or conduit. 
A 4^u) bay ban, A species of willow, 
p f~+J bibi, A lady. Good A saint. 
p .*&*+*} blpurfie'z, Wicked. 
A L^~> bay 1 1 A house. A verse. A 
closet. A family. Noble. A tomb, 
r u^-wJ bit, Provisions, 
p <Ubl~J bitabanah, Instantly, 
p (JjCsr^ bijak. An invoice. 

;:?:, One who reveals his secrets. 
J bi hdzur, Disturbed, of- 

feuded, enraged. 

p &*! bekh, A root, origin. 

p Jls^rf bekhal, Birds dung. 

p j^lsr^ bckhazcar, Having a root. 

r ^.sr*? b'ikhtan, To capture. To 
render impotent. 

p tsrt? bikhah, Weak, impotent. 

A <XJ bayd, Perishing. Ruin, Nox- 
ious. Besides, unless. Because. 

p JuJ dec?, A willow. An aspen. 

A \&+) bida, A desert. 

p j|tX-J bidar, Waking, watching. 

p *)ljuJ bidara/i, Timid. A lover. 

p i_^J^ bidari, Vigilance. 

p >UB^Vx*j bedanjir, Palma Christi. 

p tJ>j*X.J 65rf dar^-, A spear. 

p ,_5lj<XJ Bidpdy, Friendship. 

A A? , A bam. p Grain in a barn. 

A ,JJ^J 5 A pawn at shess. Single, 
p i^JuJ bedi, A willow. 
A j\ Juj bayzaz, A scatterer of words. 
P i^3k.j biziirah, Fraud, deceit. 
A^ry 6r, A well, a pit. 
P^.J 6zr, Lightning. A bed. 
P j}/U birdd, An old man. 
P ^j'-i buyralt, A standard. A troop. 
H ^Jj/J birdgi, A wandering Hindu 
and mendicaut penitent. 


, A Muhammadan festival. 

1".j bira/i, A wanderer. A courte- 

p ^ bayram, An axe, auger, awl. 

A lever, ring- worm, punch. 
t-fj biriij, The herb majlows. 
p J t/5"- ^ ^o', Unfortunate. 
p (j\* *J bn'ozan, A precious stone. 
P j^i^/V birun, Without, out, exte- 

rior. The outside. Foreign. From. 
p ^^-J birin, Fetid water. 
A j-j 6^z, Injury, oppression. 
p t \'.+ybizai'. Free. Flight. Disgust. 

-t Without disgust. 
-J btiarah, Magnanimous. 

^ btzart, A royal diploma. 
p ^^j-J bi'iidan, To sift. 
A /.--*> bu-is, Misery, affliction, 
p e^~-r^ *A Twenty. Stop ! Loss. 
P jlx^M..' bisjar, Redundant. 
p ,^--J bistagi, Impunity. 
p ,ji -J 6w/, A Persian coin. 
A t^^ - baysata, Alas ! wo ! fy ! 
A trjjA 1 baysam, A species of oak. 
p (U^*.; 6o^5 Spotted. A magpie. 
p ^!Lj besh, Much. More, great. 
p <ui-J bishah, A forest, wild. Re- 

venge. Curdled. Blindness. 
A j^iJ bis, Adversity. 
A ^i-J bayz, Eggs. Laying eggs. 

A Ua-j bay'za, White. The sun. A 

misfortune. Moist grain. A purse. 

A pot. A noose. 
p jj-.'liLj bay'zdbi, A species of Per- 

sian writing. 

A (jl3-j bizan, White men. 
A La+s bqyzat, An egg. A testicle, 

Helmet, Hcad-ach. 


A jj bai/tar, A horse-doctor. 

A ^^ baytj) Commerce. A dealer. 

P <*JU-J baytanah, Earaest-money. 

A c^-*-j, A temple. A contract. 

A ^j buygh, Ebullition. 

P <U-j bigkak, Fewel, fire-wood. 

A Lj bttal, A kind of pulse. 

p ^-O &/-os, Destitute. An orphan. 

P ^x-' begum, A lady of rank, 

H ^>l.. ) blghah, A land measure. 

* <Jr^ **A A shovel, spade, mattock. 

A hoe. A gardener. 
P C/Lj tt/a/f, A flower. 
P C/Lj 6^7-f, A gift, a present 
H j^Je^j Jj, The Mahrattas oath, 
A AJuJ 6J/a(, Making water. 
p &*s&+>. bilfakhand, An assembly. 
P Ju> buylam, The cotton pod. 

A wimble, auger, gimblet. ' 
p *Lj bllah, An eminence; firm. 
p *..J 6I/H, Fear, danger. 

P jU-J bimar, Sick, afflicted. 

p s;^*!f? blmari, Disease, sickness. 

P JU jj bi maal, Absurd, vain. 

p <X^-j, A mill-clapper. Rattles. 

p (j~j++) bimus, Unleavened bread. 

p <*w4-J b'imah) Insurance. 

A ^ bayn, An interval. 

P yj b~m, Seeing. Excellent. 

A (^y bayyin. Clear, evident. 
A U-J bqyna, In the mean time. 
p U-J bina, Seeing, clear-sighted. 
p xk*+> binarah, A gigantic demon. 
t <^\~>J binayl) Perspicacity. 
A i,^,;...) binabj Periwinkle. 

A <i.j bayyinat, Positive proof. 

-js-^ biyanndan, To sift. To 

be made captive, and impatient. 

P (jlA-J b'tnish, Vision. Providence. 
A Ij^LJ binafj A weaver. 

A wX-J, In the mean time, whilst. 
P ji-j binu, A dairy. Butter.milk. 

Thick, rich, sour milk. 
A ^jJ-J baynunat. Separated. An 

interval. A fissure. 
p /<->J biru t The nose, snout, brain. 
p yj biyii, A moth ; lath. Dung. 
p *j\j+J biwurah , A foreigner. 
p j\^j bizcaz, Quiet ; a bat. 
p iJ\yJ bi&an, Leave. 
p jJujb j-J, To bolt in eating, 
H (j:J^y^, bit/upon, A dealer. 
p C^\Jj-j biyutiil, House expenses ; 

an office for registering the effects 

of deceased persons. House-tax. 
A J4-J buyud, Ruin. Dying. 
p jj*J biwar, Sixty thousand. 
p XAjyJ biwardah) A thousand. 
Ajfj t bti/uz t Injury. 
p \J*y->. buyush, Humility. Hope. 
p ,jJujli)j..j, To subject, humble. 
A ^jy-> b'wtiagi, Widowhood. 

p , Jj-j biyuHdan, To hope. 
A j^.o bayun, (A well) deep and full. 
p ^-J btwah, A widow, widawer. 
A U ^J bayhas, A lion. Brave. 
p ^-J bayhan, The rosa canina. 

bay hud, Singed cloth. 
P _.i_W-' bayhudariy To singe. 
p /Hj<-J 6^ /{J*A, Insane, mad. 
A c/*J 6</jzM. Better. Swift. 
A ei - J buyayt, A small house. 
A Ju-j 6oyz(/, Ruin. Noxious. 
A i^ baytrat, Any thing stored. 
A Lr - r J 6oyw, Strong, bold, stern, 

A J--J 6qy?/, Small, weak. 


C-> pe, The third letter of the Per- 
sian alphabet. c-> is interchange- 
able with j_J ; and often con- 
founded with L__J. 

p b j9, The foot, footstep. A cause. 

A i^jTfOu paptaritt) Raising the 
uvula of a new born infant. 

p (j~jb } Fettered. Idle, impotent. 

P (j-ob, Kissing the feet. The heel. 

p <^Jjb puposh, A shoe, sandal. 

P <V^'b, Ribbons, straps, wreaths. 
P ^,\j\J f>a*n, Together with. 
A *b'b, Plenitude. A cushion. 

p 4X5^b, A weaver's treadle. 

p <SJJ b paltilah) A cauldron. 

H ^>_jb palzsan, Interest on money 

lent to Zamindars. 
H dj'b patah, A lease. 
, P aLjl) pdttlah. See <d)'\j. 
p J^b pachal, The treadle of a 

loom. A work-shop. 
p LJsl^b pachang. Small loop- 
holes in forts ; fan-lights. 
P k*\ pachah, Feet (when boiled). 
p ^L^b pachtlah, A shoe, 
p ^b pakh, Gold or silver unrefined. 

Adorned. Ingratitude. Vile. 

Mortar, An envoy. 
P *~>-U, Worn, trampled. A brick. 
P tobptMtdk, A builder., A turtle. 
P J\J jiod( prefixed to a noun), Car. 

rying off, hindering. Forcing. 
P j'ju padar, Always; a fleet horse. 
padash, Revenge. Reward. 
An oratory. 

uV ^ pad-ban t A foot band. 

, A trembling. 
, Depressed, embarrassed. 
padrartg, Rice ; sickness, 
p J&;jlj padiahf) An antidote. 
p ^jb padash, Premium, reward. 
p *l.ijb padshah, A sovereign, 
p <UU>lijb, Royal. Princely, 
p .JbUijlj, A kingdom. A reign, 
p Jjb padal) A flower. 
p L-^ojb padang, A flail, 
p jb par, Past ; a bit ; the skin, 
p <^ i >-)l> parchaht A piece. A robe, 
p ^b parad, The tike, 
p *j^b purdum, The crupper, 
p Jyb parjad, Medicine, 
p <j-;b Pr5, A pard. Alchymy. 
r '^b parsa, Pure, pious. Skilful. 
p jJjCi^b, Honourable. Brave, 
p J\^3 paraa."., A shoe, slipper, 
p <Jjb parula/i, A board. A mimic, 
p ^b parah, A piece. A bribe, 
p i_f;b pa;i, Succeeding well. 
p j\j\) pazar, A peasant's shoe, 
p -jjb pazum, Meat, food, 
p .Ajb pazahar. Treacle, an antidote, 
p i^.jb paztdah, A butterfly, 
p a *> jb pa'zyah, A part of the night. 
P i. fb pajukh. An answer, 
p j *b paju, Beet, spinage. 
p ijjb pajuxah, A wart. 
P ^^b /w, A guard, centinel. 
p tjU-.-b pasban, A centinel, guard, 
p ulX~j b jp sabulti Swift of foot. 
p ulOj pasat, Yawning, 
p L-^Lcb , A little ; balance, 
p ^b posh, Diffusing, spreading, 
p ,bi)\j pasham, A membrane, 
p <cJib pashlah, The heel. 
P kJ^pashanahi The heel, 
p j^b pashu, A shepherd's crook. 


r (jib pash't, Diffusing. 

p ^(X.Jjb, To sprinkle, diffuse. 

r J^i faghar, A tumour. 

p <te-ib paghuchah, A moth. 

p <&jb paftah, Gold or silver studs. 

p ulA> p.J, Pure, clean, neat. 

p iXib pa[;and, A ruby. 

P ^iXob pufidan, To purify. 

i a\5 b pagah, A privy. A step. 

H Jb, A guard. A sieve. A sail. 

P ilb ^a/c, A strainer. 

P JUb palpal^ A sail. Swift. Firm. 

p J^!b palad, A led-horse. 

r jSb pa/ar, A beam. The roof. 

p u?p!b, A cross beam, or joist. 

P ^b palun, Pack saddles. 

P j^iJuJjU palartidan, To strain. 

P ^|^b palawan, A strainer. 

P L^^J&iSb pdlahang, A rein, bri- 
dle. The pillory. A noose- 

P c5^ palay, A led horse. 

p -*lb palghal, Ruin, distress. 

P >--Sb pa&z/, A shoe, slipper. 

P ^J3b pa//'i, A litter. 

P C_XJb, A shoe. A bed, a cou 

P ip**^ ^ Xilb , A counterpane. 

p jib /ja/, A wart. A pustule. 

P (j^b paludan, To strain. To 
turn, besmear, purify. 

P *J^!b paluzah, Smooth, clear. A 
sweet beverage. 

P <Us^b palusah, Sickness, grief. 

p <SJlb palUnah, A strainer. 

P cL&^b pulhanlt , A bridle. A pil- 
lory. A noose. 

p JL)l>po(y/, Always. 

p jjjJb, To become high,,proud. 
To strike, stand, name. 

F j-^, pufiz, A kitchen-garden,, 
p ^j-lb pulizan, A saddle-cloth. 

I, Trampled. Spoil. 
P *^*b An assistant, intercessor, 
p fcij^b pamu'zd, Gain, 
p ^/-^b pamas, Fortification. Im- 
potent. Idle. 

PH ^b pan, A species of plant bear- 
ing an aromatic leaf. A composi. 
tion for chewing. 

p ^p'b panzahar, The bezoar stone, 
p <L>b panaJi, A bar, a bolt. 
H jb pare, A quarter, 
H ^/J'^b pazolafi, A fee. 
p y,j^b, A weaver's treadle; a shuttle. 
iyb pawgosht, A fine. 

, A quarter gold mohur. 
b pazeanjan, A bracelet, 
p Jujb pazcand, A fetter, 
p *\pah, Meat, victuals. 

/jw-f, The torture, torment. 
pahaliidan, To torture, 
p <^b /??/, The foot. Basis. Trace. 
An excuse. A stream. Above. 
Power, heat, end. 
p J^J^b payafraz. Swift, 
p j^LJl^b payafiur, Slippers, 
p ^bb pciyan, The end. Inferior, 

much, great. 

R j^Jo! <_?b., Shoes with strings. 
p jj\ ^^pay azcar, Powerful, 
p Jib ^b pay bakl, Balance. 
p iS*'- ^> P a yP s h) A shoe. 
p Ajlj ^b pay t abaft, A shoe sock, 
p <t*U- o\J pay jamah , Drawers. 
b pay kharch, Balance. 
payyhaft, The fronstall; a 
frontlet. Breeches. 
i^-^J.-S^b paykh'ast, Swallowed. 
Trodden, kicked. 
,^jjb paydar, Firm. Standing. 
, A hair aoose to catch birds. 


A <t1job, A fetter, a foot-noose. 

p U)1<X>b paydan, Perpetual. 

v ub payz, The autumn. 

F ujjb payzan, A ruffian, footpad. 

p s^>b pay'zak, Exemption. 

p (ywb pciytsian, To wait. To be 

firm; to trample on. 
p c ^sr j i^j poyz sakhun. Eloquence, 
p J6 ,_b pay /far, Expert, skilful. 
A ^-i^puygah^ A vestibule. A stable. 

An inn. A step. Dignity, 
p t ^ b pay gah, Dignity, office- 
p ,^Wte ^b, Lowest order of priest, 
p jVwCtjb paymal, Ruined, trodden, 
p O^ub paymard, Assistance. 
p ^>b piiyin, Low, under. 
p ^ Jcjb payandan, A surety, 
p aJujb payandah. Firm, lasting, 
p *j\j p<iyah) A step. A stair-case. 

The pith. Brave. Dignity. Basis. 

Vile. Trampling. Quantity. 
T Jl\jpaz//m/, The sole. Vile, 
p ^Ju-l> payidan, To stand fora. 

To trample, beat, kick. To wait. 

To be tired with. 
p ^-J ( b payiz, The autumn, 
p j^.b payin, The lower part, 
r j^i-J pipilamur^ TRe root of 

long pepper. 

p jl^papanu, Dried butter-milk. 
p^C^-o jaw/, The ship worm, 
p ^tfejpaladat, With a crash- 
p uly putafi) An anvil. A book. 
P ^j-f^H putajtclu, A writer. 
p J-'i p/o/ A mat. 
p olu putlad, A door-bar, 
r <^jJJ patang, A paper kite, 
p yj /?/, Wollen cloth. 
P (_5^\j'-H patwdn t An accountant. 
/A The white poplar. 

, A lease. A sword. 
p Uy putya. Penitence. 
p j^^putyur, Misery. A giant 
A J^ polyal, A horse- farrier. 
p ^{^pifyan, An enemy. A demon. 
p ALy pattfah, The wick, the match. 
p ^-J , Idle. Convex, Plain, wide. 


H ^j-fH pachularah, A raised seat. 
p -i ;;ArA, O ! bravo ! excellent ! 
p *ri pakh, Chess. 
p jj^sri pokhtan. To cook. To ripen* 
P t.r^H pokhlt, Jelly. 

P Jo A guard, guardian. The poplar. 
p L-slJo , A windmill sail, the tooth 

of a wheel. A mill-stone, 
p ^Jo padar, A father. 
pjlsJ^-Xj pudrajlar^ Patient. 
P j^>j^ > A step father. 

' Abatement of charges. 
, To bid adieu. 

v j./~jJo padiis, Hope. Plunder. 
v x^padah, Any thing hidden. 
p LJo pariah. The white poplar. 

A dunghill. A poker. 
p ^^Jo padyah) A fish scale. 
p Jj Jo parf/rf, Open clear. 
V j Jo puzar, A father. 
P i-f;^^. pazraftari, Patiently. 
P j^J>j pazur, Mint, spear-mint. 
p ji t J\j pa;ir, Taking, receiving, ac- 

cepting, possessed of. 
p jlxs^Jo - t paliraftar, Receiving. 
p ^J;^4;^^>j>J To undertake. To 

bear patiently. 
p wJj}& pauraftan, To accept, re- 

ceive. To approve. 
P jjJ^jioJo To meet, To precede. 


r j^pur, Full, complete. 

p _^ jjor, Flying. A wing, crest, 


/ / 

p ./il^ pwapur. Brim full, 
p Jl~^ , The year before last. 
p jlfi ' Scattering. Plough-harness. 
P i^jjj]^ paraz&an, The point of a 

scabbard, the ferrule. 
P ^J^ , Expansion. Perfection. 

Delivery, tradition. 
P c*-^ paraslan, To clean, 
p u^jt pardgandan To disperse, 

scatter, disband. 
f (^f\j$ ? A helmet, a scull-cap. 
P g)jjjMni0, Flying, 
p ^*Xj^j , To cause to fly, 
p ^Jujljj parayldun, To adorn. To 

tan. To prune. To dress hair. 


r j\)ji purbdr, A lading, cargo. 

p j^ parpur, An herb like mint. 

p |*^ , A young partridge. 

v ^-.^ pvrp ' 1 ) Purslain. 

f f^Jji purpay, A charge for lighting 

Mussulman temples. 
P <>^'^ par lab, A bow-shot. A 

leap. Shining. 

P cly purtal;, A fleet sound horse. 
P *Sj^ parlalah, A belt, 
p jij^parlazo, A ray, light. 
P **-^ parcham, A lock of hair. A 

plough. Timber. A Standard 
P d^J , A fragment. Cotton cloth, 
p ^A-^j parctudan, To hammer. 
C^^J , Curved, bent, clenched. 
P ^j parkh, Deficient, Somewhat. 

Furniture. Chance, 
p ^U-^ purkhashjo, Warlike. 
P ^^J parkhu, A magazine. 
p jj^i purkhUr, A partner. 

p U'V i - > -i To ro ot up. shave, fence. 
P J^J />i/r</, Difficult, obscure. 
P \J>j>panK, Two days hence. 
p t =-*'^Vi Completed, polished. 
P C/-^'^ , To Buish, polish, adorn. 
To spend, empty, leave. To pre- 

pare, deliver, pluck. 


f J^i pwd, Wise, sage. 

P LjJjjpurdat, An enigma. Sincere. 

p cAH P arda S*i A chaste woman. 

P J^j paraal, A plate. 

P pardo, The roof. A balcony. 

P J^ pardah, A veil, curtain. 

P W^2& P ar rekhlan. To moult. 


P i^j pwrza/f, A fringe. 

P U^JjJ parzidan, To fill a well. 

To repair a well. 
p U'^^'^ri t To interrogate. 
p ""^-^^ par as t, A worshipper. 
p j^^ paraslar, A servant. 
P ^^J paraslan. Speculative. 
p (J^>j{ par as fish, Worship, 
P u.xu..^ paras tak) A swallow. 
p ^Ua*.^ parasjagari, Slavery. 
p ^O-x.:^ , To worship. To pray. 

p ^-~ij* pursish, A question. 

P ^jj. purst, A cess, a fine. 

p ^j&^sj] pursidan, To ask. 

p ^^V^ To swallow. To salt. 

p (jli^ 1 purfan, Melancholy. f 

P (JJ^par-f, Liat-seed. Crackling. 

Pjl^j pargdr, Compasses. A circle. 

A ojlf^ pargala/i, A rag. 

P j^J purgar, Full of jewels. 

p jjj ^ puratsun, A rich housing. 

t^wi^j , A creeping plant. 
p Ai^> pargana/i, A district. 
P ^.^J parfan, A curry-comb. 


A c^ partlu, A fire-hearth. 
'itfA, A swing. 

p <Uj purmah, A song, an air. 
p ^ pcrw, Good, elegant. 
p u^ jpffrwfltt, Mouldiness of bread. 
p Ju^ parand, The brightness of a 
sword. Plain silk. The royal 
standard. A carrier. Hope. 
p u^vdduj purnadamat) Penitent. 
A shining sword. 

j The night before last. 
parandah. A flyer, a bird. 
parniyan, Painted silk. 
purnish. The cholic. 
p j parti) The moon. The sun. 
p Vj^j par&a, Quiet, rest. Power. 
p j\jj parncdr, Education. Fatted. 
p J^j, A veil. Light, glory. Flight. 
p Xj\jj) f , A nuptial entertainment. 
p ^*j^ purwas, Feeling, touching. 
p -y-y.-:\t ' parzcdsidan^ To examine. 
p ^.^j^panzash, Negligent, careless. 
p cl/|^ parzzajt, A watch. Echo. 
A parrot. A crime, a spectacle. 
A guide, escort, courier. 
/{, A butterfly, moth. 
p *j\y parzca&ak, A watch, guard. 
p t .f\ji f .ptarteay, Easy. Nimble. 
rj\*jj*jj parwardagar, Omnipotence. 
t To educate, foster. 
par&arish, Education. 
, To pack, to truss. 
parwarah, Fed, educated. 
pancari, Fattening. 
, Conserve of roses 
J > To nourish. To begin. 
* J5J 1 -, P 07 ^ 50 ^, A border. A shirt. 
p jjlx-y v parustan, People of the 

same religion or society. 
F (jjj^ jprti, Filth, nastiness. 

p AJjJ parxand, A ruffian. 

p *J^J parzzundahi Servants. A 

bundle, a wrapper, 
p s*j parzeah, Spoil : a sheet, a star, 
p y -} parwei. Victorious, charming, 
p lyj-jjl paricezan, A hair sieve, 
p + purzcen, Filth. 

p *j , The white poplar. A bolt, 
p ^^fc/J > The sun's disk or orbit, 
p iyuirt^jJ , To teach good manners. 

p Jt^jJ P ar h^~t Abstinence, conti- 
nence, sobriety, chastity. Care. 

, A good genius. 
, Plenitude. 

p ^V-^-i P ar ya n i Silk. Muslin, 
p i^j\*},jl jxtrlddri Magic. 
P r^Aj^ paridagi) Flight, 
p ^Jjj paridan, To fly. 
p j j parir, The day before yesterday. 

z^J^J , Couvulsed. 
t.^ pari-roz. V. parir. 
Y Sjijparirah, Golden. Interrupting, 
p <S-V.^ Of the day before yesterday, 
p jluJJ parisjur. An envoy. 
p ^~ : ;^ parish, Dispersion, 
p ^JJLij^parishan) Dispersed. Anx- 
ious. Vexed, disgusted, 
p ^^.^j parinan, A camel's hide. 
A tetter or ring-worm. 
A sweet cane. 

p CA^jjJ paiakhtan. To melt, 
p ^JLJJ^U pdlariidan, To cook. 
P Ju putd) An enigma. 
p ^ y pazagh, A young vine shoot, 
p c_;lip pazghab, A pond, 
p ^J pazt, Side, part, toward, 
p ^J^jJ pdxdan. To cook, 
p CAS/t/i peEiraftan, To accept. To 
be grateful. To agree, approve. 


r ^JV pcizirah, Meal. 

p Jj /jq/, Frost, Lightning. A 

mountain ; old ; impure. 
A t>!jj pa] ad, Aged. Venerable, 
p tXu>', $j pajamand, A door bolt. 
p i'Ji> pujdah, The heel. Receding. 

p jji W* r ' Bald ' 

p +&bpajghmi, The akacia. 

? <iiJJ pujghund, Curriers summac. 

p A*J pdjim, Frost. A fog. A cloud. 

p i.)t<^ pajman, Sad, penitent. 

p Jtjb^ 5 A kind of small pates. 

p ut>r<% j To faint. To fade, die. 

p t/'*i paj-moy, Pock-marked. 

p ^ pajam , The end of a street. 

p JJ*J pctjand, A wild gourd. A ne- 
cessary. Very little. 

p^j^pajangar, A tanner. A currier. 

r ijj*) f p(tjangarah, A rabbit. 

p j^paju, Blood; life. 

P (^jfrpajaMt, An echo. 

P Jj V JW/'M/, The ankle. 

P sjj*J pujudah, A sky. 

p jjtXj**) pajulidan, To provoke. 
To move, stagger. To want, or cut 
off the tail or offspring. 

p Jy^J P a j an d) A' sparrow. 

p *j *i |M;MA, An explorer. 

p ^JLa* ^ , Enquiry. Armour. Swift. 

p ^*XJ^ *^ pijuhldan^ To enquire. 

p ^jj *j pajzziin^ Filthy. Sordid. 

p Wpajah, Arms. A led horse. A 
staff. A consort. Cloth. A needle. 
Pw/oA, , Rime. Grief. Quick. 

p (jl&% puj/idn, Jealousy. Envy. 

p jj *j /J^z, A brass obolus. 

P ^/i P a Jyu n i A large ship. 

P y~i pas, After. Then. Finally. 
But. The last. 

/, Credit. 

a/f, Garlands. 
pasazeand, Metre, verse. 
A nail. A horse-shoe. 
t^U ^ pas ^M^, Cross-legged. 
u^~J pas/, Humble. Base. Marsh 
ground. Sordid. Wheat winnowed. 
The axis. The upper mill.stone. 
A porter, or his knot. 
Jc J pus tad, Red coral. 
j^^pasjar, Posterior. 

, Ice. 

feftft The jubjube. 
P ^i^&i J , To squeeze, press, 
p cUus ^pisjanl-, The jubjube tree, 
p /4~ J pttfti) Baseness. Swamp, 
p ^l^-x~J pasRnajy A kind of tree, 
p t/'fH pischin, A hard wood. 
A j^srH pas-kh'ar, Fragments of 
meat or drink. 

p ^*J pz'ior, A son, a boy. 
p cl5^-J/)Z5ra/', A child, 
p JJ-M j |?a5 razz?, A follower. 
p 4jj>~ o pisari, Infancy, 
p cLC-J , A lot cast. Curling hair. 
p jJ^ x J^-J > Mogul pin. 
t paskuttah) A door bolt. 

, The back of the saddle. 
^Uo pasman, A wager, 
p Ju~j pasand, Choice. Grateful, 

excellent. Approving. 
p jAxJ j A brother by the father, 

but not by the mother, 
p jjJ^-j pasandan, To approve, 
p JJOw-J pasandaJi, Content., 
p jjJuAi-j , To approve, choose. 
p AJoJu^j , Grateful. Chosen. 

p U^ J^ Ju-tPOS *> a P* sh 

namudan, To hesitate, waver. 
A t^w paitn, Posterior. 


r ,L) , Before. A bolt. The mane. 

A goldsmith, A bubo 
r jL^j j pash banihdd, Favour. 
r c^-vlJ pus/it, The back. A prop, 
p iU- L^-viJ pus/it khdr, A weapon. 

A crupper. 
ipushlaragh, A cup. A shrub. 

A pension. 
, The loias. 

Sunfrj pushlanf 1 , A girth. 
, The Afghan language. 
pushtwar, A burthen. 
p dcJLo push f ah, A hillock. 
p t_J^ te$ j A rate levied for 

embanking rivers, 
p f jgJL) i pushlt, A support. 

, A gate bar. A prop. 
pashkhudan, To squeeze. 
Sweetmeats, the desert. 

, A table, a bench. 
A brush. A beetle, 
i pashkhldan, To shine. 
A Jo J jjl; pash did. Favour, wish, 
p cJwJ pashk, Even. Love. Sus- 
pending. A lot. A curling. Grief, 
elephant's tooth. A spark. A dice- 
box. A trivet ; the vamp. A 
leathern sack. Dew. A cat, 
j push'.dl, The rainy season. 
pash tar, A towel. 
r ^L>,V-JV-* , To fight. To wrinkle. 
p jLLj pashtai, The grinders, 
p jjlLij peshkash, A present. 
p jij pushktl, Care. Doubt, 
p <ux-Lj pishiilah, A ring, 
p ^iXjLClj , To be surrounded, 
p , pashbanj, The arm. 
p CJ^j pash/iuli, Strong. Eager. 

Gentle, patient- Nimble, 
p JJ-L; , Nimble. Keen. Cloth. 


pashm, Wool. Down. 
j pashmagnd, Stuffed, 
p (.jUuij pishmdn, Penitent, 
p <U-ij , A thorn, also a blue stone, 

of use in diseases of the eye. 
p i^wi-ij pashmtn, Woolly. 

p fj**"*i pashanj, A furrow. 

t- _ i 
P j^sc^-i , A sprinkling. 

p <Lsf~"i , A sprinkling. A freckle. 
P (jJwsr-i pa^hanjidan, To sprinkle. 

To ferment, prepare, arm. Shine. 

To burn. 

p j-jsr pushnajir, A tree. 
p SJcJLj pushniulah, Flour dressed 

with dates, Sec. 

p (w^jJLj pashang, A spade, a hoe. 
p <LL pashah, A gnat a fly. 
p f^ipashij, Circular. Many. 
,^Jj pashich Large, abundant, 
p .jJwsT* i , To be armed, 
p j-JLj pashii An obolus. A fish. 

scale. A way. 

A scale. The navel. 
shtman, Penitent. 

W * V 

u_cj pw/", A puff, breathing. 
clj pa/-, Beautiful. Furniture. 
Lean. Vile. To and fro. 
H, A trotting pace. 
, Beauty. Laziness. 
Beauty, Ignorance. 
pikah, A veil, a covering. 

Hereafter. Thus, so. 
P Jb pil, The heel. Pul. A bridge, 
p J^b pulad, Steel. A led horse, 
p aSi^ paladah, A wretch, 
p ^Jb puldrghu A fugitive, 
p ci/j^lj palara6,A. scymitar. 
P jjji^palajur, A black ox. 
P ^r4^1j palaftr, A window, 
P i^xHb palalajf, Adervise*shabit. 

t ^ib pi/an, A pack saddle. 
p *jib palanah, A bad action. 
f j*J jptfazp, A dish highly seasoned. 
, A rein, a bridle, a cord. 
j Jj^ pulbandt, Bridge-making, 
embanking. A bridge tax. 
p JJj , Pepper. A clove, a poplar. 

J^ 9 'Jy/ P*M* 58 ra h The bridge 

over the eternal fire. 
r ulj , An eye lash. A javelin. 

Rough, difficult. Arms. A loaf. 
? tlCsr&i , A play. New. Witty. 
p JJ^/Jo pcdmurdah) Languid. 
p <ub , The scale of a balance. Lie. 
r uJodj , A leopard. A bedstead. 
P i^ dx^ A coverlit- 
p y&^palangin, Tyger like. 
p i^jS^paUmgmdk) A roval vest. 

pufaajah, Glass. A glass. 
palzzan, A road. A hero. 

, Milking. 
p thpalah, The step of a ladder. 
hant; A bridle. 

p &Jj paGlah, Wick. The young. 

P i^fjbpulut, Camels dung. 

p Juij paUd, Impure, defiled. 

p ^^xi.Aj , To be nasty. To abhor. 

p JJj pal'tl, Pepper. 

p t^i P an "t> Cleansing cotton. 

p lu panagh, The end of a thread. 

Thread covered with gold or silver. 
p crul^J jMZTzaf/an, To dam, to hinder. 
p ^ly panalach, A woman whose 

husband has two wives. 
P j*Lj panam, A castle. A silk 

thread. A charm. Hidden. 
* ^iX^uj , To prohibit , avwt. 
p (i>^7>ana/^, A charm. Hidden. 
P Xj\^ panana/i, Resignation. 
aUj patidh, An asylum, refuge. 

p (j^-JJ pambiin, Going, walking. 
p <Uy pambak, Cotton, 
p fipanj, Five. The fifth. 
pa&, Fifty, 
i panjpayt, A crab. 
P Jjj^H , A window. A cage. 
P i^s^v paiyash) A lesson, 
p ^L^Ls^panjush/;, A sparrow, 
p ( jL^. l panjshin^ Good words, 
p (jA JL ^H panjshldan , To press, 
p <Lsri , Fifty. A leap. A bear. 

The palm, fist, hand, handle. 
r't^ipunchah, The front, 
p Axsr*i punkhastah , Impotent, 
p Jojpam/, Advice. Doctrine, rite. 

A kite, eagle. Piwrf, A seat. 
T j\<\^pindar, Pondering, thought, 
p tt^>lJcj pindashtan, To think, 
p jilJ^o , A certain fruit 
p J^*XJ, Yellowness. A knife, 
p ij<XJ pindarah, A blockhead, 
p jJoj pandu, The tike. 
P ^jJ^J pandurah) Cresses. 
pjb^pintar, Proud. Conceited. 
P jlxj panltar. Pride, proud. 

P ..Xxj pan/'ow, A sieve. A rake. 
LT j*-* 

p L-^OJ pang, A bunch. A rod, 
A window. The dawn. A clepsydre. 
p j^l&j pangarah, A wooden dish, 
p ^.j pangara/i, A kettle, dish, 
p (.jUiJ pinhan^ Hid, secret, 
p (JUiJ pin/iatu, A secret. 
P ,^c.V.Jl^X) pinharudan^ To abscond* 
P >*OJ puufj Cheese, 
p cL5/U pamrat, Mallows, 
p JjUj^j , Rennet. A dromedary, 
p j.ij ^awTz, Ever. Never. Quick, 
p Xj~J puriizah t Fumitory, 
p cij pantn t Ever. Never. Quick, 
p j^^o panyush, Pulsation. Work. 

r jj^ pattyun, Going away. 

p .j pu, Light, smooth, slight. In- 
quiry, searching. 

p Jy pnzcachj The wicked. 

p c-Jjj />>, Tapestry. 

p t-r^j^ pui.iib. A butt to shoot at. 

p ulj^j jTU/onl, Penny-royal. 

p .*> ^w;, Ignorant, absurd, base. A 
babbler. Convex. Plain. Empty. 

H U-jj /w7/a, Worship. 

p ~ ^ pukh, Gumminess 

p ty pud, Food. Bait. .Fuel. A 
poker. Cloth in the loom. Striped 
cloths. The warp. The woof. 

H jijy podar, A weighman. 

p iXj Jjj , Closing the mouth. 

p <*jjj.' pudirah, Mint. 

p *4^J pudah, Empty. A bladder. 
FoodScc. The stump of a tree. Old. 

p tej J.J pudinah, Mint. Parsley. 

p^pur, A son. Steel. 

P t_J <yJ JM0" sadf. A pearl. 

P jjJ Jx>Zi The lip, leg, mouth, nose. 

P (jiyJ JWZH*, Ar excuse. Advice. 
Quantity. Price. A request 

p *yj /HizoA, Wool, pile. 

P ijjj) puzt t The face. 

P (j'V.jjJ puiidan, To apologize. 

P <^jjJ puzinah, An ape. 

P jV pw/', The leg. The jaw. 

P U^w.^ ^/, Skin. Bark. A shell. 

P Xj\^pdsjparah, A tanner. Tan- 
ned leather. 

P $6 < ^-^ ui j-, > Leather untanned. 

P J , The cream on milk. 

j pustidah. See ^"X^jj 
> Leathern. Leather. 
. posldan, To rot, spoil. To 
be torn, worn. 

A U* posh, A covering. 

p lly posha, Covering. 

p u tXjU>..> v To hide, to clothe. 

p iJ^Zij^ poahtsh, A garment. 

p tl>-lJ pu*ha;., A cat. Puss. 

P ^j &jjj , To j;ird up the loins. 

P <U^ po licuah, Clothing. 

p ^(Xj-i^j , To cover, clothe, dress. 

P Jji?"A Abridge. 

p Siji f puiad, Steel. A demon. 

P ui3o pulal; , The name of a fish. 

p <djj pulah, An insect, melon, ewer. 

P ^^pun, Felt-cloth. 

P ^^j pwy, Wandering, meandering* 

P l)^> , Wandering. A vagabond. 

P ^J^ puyidan, To wander. 

p (jJu-t^J puytdan, To wander. 

H ^iLj pahdrah) The hog deer. 

HP ^,^ (j-j^ > To han g> strangle. 

f jQ pahr, A fourth part. 

H i^j. % pahrah t A guard. 

H ^&phalgar, Rent for fruit-trees. 

r jlgj poMa, The side, breast, the 
hip. Strength. Strong, bold. 

r ^\b> pahluucan^ A hero. 

p !_f^' , An ancient Persian. 

P <d^ pjjfah, A falconer's glove. 

p y^MJ jichman, A monkey ; bread. 

P ijQpahn, Breadth. Wide. 

P lx<j pahnii, Breadth. Broad. 

p d\Qpa/in(ilaA, Fragrant. An ape. 

p ^^ Coriander seeds. Broad. 

p jj# f-'i'i tartar, Broad. Breadth. 

P /<*>* pahiMirii) A little. 

p <L^ pahnah, A racket. A malleti 

p ^Jui^.' paftriidan, To extend. 

p ^,,-j ^oy, A foot. Nerve. Foot- 
step. Pretext. Because, for, after, 

p ,-j pi, Fat, grease. 

P c_ >Lj payab. Power. A pand , 



yjb payapay, Step by step. 
ijLj p/yada/j, A foot-man, 
lo p*yaz, An onion. 

'-tu, A stinking breath. 
A wild onion. 

Any flimsey food. 
^->j piyaslu, Large mouth. 
<dLj piyulak , A cup, a glass. 
*~) f pay<~m, News, advice. 
^payitmbar, A messenger. 
r<^ payamegh) Muscular. 
r: ^ ff y burdan, To know. 


/H&M, Bread, bepissed by 
mice. A tumour. A louse. 
,J^.,j A large tree. Long pepper. 
iXu-j payband, A fetter. 
t*t\s>j-^pitarkhama}i, A reply. 
i A lever. 

M A wick, match, a lint- 

z ; f, Tough. 

s, Twisted, crooked. A curl, 
plait. A woim, a screw. 
<s-tt Isr^i , Involved, intricate. 
jlsrrri pichad, A gem. 
Jlsr^ pichal, The dung of birds. 
U/f^ P^chan, Complicated. 

^i , To twist, involve, Sec. 
, The rack, anguish. 

High words, anger. 
peckish, Contortion. 
t^Xsrri pechal, The ship- worm. 
^^g-^pech-lash, A turn-screw. 
(X^sr^i pichand, A hair, fillet. 
^s^pechak, An anger. An arbour. 
Joy. A lock of hair. 

^V^-J Torment, affliction. 
^Xjs^i , To twist, bend, coil. To 
To meet, collect, divulge, assist. 
^ > A tree producing late. 

p '"!$, pekh, A gum in the corners 6f 

the eyes. 

p iscrH , A helpless prisoner, 
p <tXw*srr? , Sick, helpless, confined* 
p tSxi^srrH , A beaten path, 
p Juj ped, Fat, grease, 
p !*Xo payda, Openly, clearly. An 

invention, discovery. 
f jupir, An old man. A chief of 

a sect. A title of honour, 
p t^-o pera , One who decorates, po- 
lishes, or writes with elegance. 
p e^Vri ' ^ at ^ orn ^ c * To prune, 
to till. To build a well. To marry, 
p ,./V-*J plraman, A circuit. About. 
i <KjVtH ' Elderly. A hunter, 
p jjjuJL-j , To cause to adorn, 8cc. 
p sl-*} pirah, A tanner, currier, 
p i-jd,*) pirahan, A shirt, shift. A 
loose vest. 

,.0 perahidan, To tan. 

t, Ornament. 

,.j p7rayu/i t An ornament. 
, Abroad, out of doors. 
, (Old) born decrepid. 
Jy-J period, A medicine* 
p c^%r-' ptfjh Small wares. 
p j ._) pay raw, A follower, 
p j\j J^-o , The most high God. 
pj. .-J /wroc, A victory. A con- 
queror. Victorious, 
p ^WjMTina^ Thought. 

Red lines. 

, A turquois. A victor. 
payrazzi, A train following. 
, Bald. Virgin honey. Sugar, 
p ..A-J pirahan, A shirt. 
p cJ'x-J /'V> Old age. 
p . -^j ptzar, Name of a disease, 
p .jO^j-J pe'zidan, To sprinkle, 


izan, A sieve. 
/'" A- bridle. Winter. 
p .--j pes, Leprous. 
p ^U-rJ ]**< The P ast - 
To dose. 

p (W--' , A small weight. A coin. 
p ji-j jje*A, Before. In front. For- 
ward. An example, Chief. Leader. 
p c-Ai-J peshab, Urine. 


v j 

, Ready money, cash, 
i-j , The vanguard. 
^ peshadah, A cake. 
..j peshar, Urine. 
li.0 , The best side of cloth. 
peshani, The front. 
ti-j , A general. The van. 
*j peshbarah, A widwife. 
i bui, In opposition. 
shlar, He, such a one, Mr. 
r?i , pes/i tahtali , A port- feu i 1 1 e . 
peshtar, Prior. Formerly. 
Greater, preferable, 
p j^srrH pesh khurd, Parched corn. 
A jljJLo pieshdad, A law-giver. An 

high office ; bullion. 
r c^-wiXJ-^ peshdast, Clear, evident. 
^ peshdar, A frontispiece. 
jLj peshdil, Deliberation. 

eshraze, A chief. Guide. 
i.0 , A midwife. Tapestiy. 

ij peshtash, First drawn 
first-fruits. A present. Tribute, 
y , iu.; pesfigi, Advance of money 
-j peshgir, A towel. 
> peshmuid) Handsel, 
^o pe&hnamai, A priest. 

zar, He, some one, Mr. 
i.0 jteshungi, Ancient times, 
i-o , Custom, law. Design 

v iyLo peshzea, A model. A chief. 

p <LivJ peshah, Art, skill. Custom. 

p j^^-J peshwar^ Open before. 

P niLo peshi, Precedency. 

p jU-i-J peshyar, A glass urinal. 

p ^jLi-J peshyar ah , A midwife* 

H .jLjLj peshyan, Tapestry. 

p -A*2* peshin, Anterior, former. 

p ^r.-.v-v-.' peshinah, Ante.edent. 

p *;U-J puygharah , Slander. 

p ^U-j , Rumour. An embassy. 

p ^cU-j , A prophet. Envoy. 

p ^U-j payghun, Promise, vain. 

p <^yto payghulah, A corner. The 

middle. The side. A narrow street. 

A city, 
p _$y^J payghazc'i, The Tartaric (or 

Turkish) language and character. 
P clX^ ^ffy^j A footman. A guard. 
p jK-j paykar, Battle, contest. 
p j.y*-J pay i; an, The point. A dart, 
p X.J pay/far, The face, form, 
p .Co paykan, A sieve. 
P ^Juilj paylidan, To run. To 

sprinkle. To serve, 
p J.O p/, An elephant. The heel. 
P *j9L{ , A present or douceur. 
p <)c-<;iL; pilustah, Ivory, 
p *^Lj pilaw, Boiled rice and meat, 
p (jV^ri ptfban, An elephant driver, 
p u^jxL+i ptlghosh, Flowers : the Iris. 
p ..jdu) ptlkan, Fat, gross, thick, 
p cl^i-J p<//', An arrow's head, 
p ^i^l-J pilgosh. See ^^xLj. 
p ^Lj p?/M, A kind -of wood with 

which the teeth are rubbed, 
p jjLj p'da&ar, A hawker, 
p /ijlxj ptlun, Armosine. 
p <Lj p?/A, Pe'dlary. A silk. worm. 

Th eye-lid. 


r ^J t&Ug pilah't-b'tnt, The nostrils. 

p *-j paaymd. A messenger. Rumour. 

p U-j pay mil, A measurer. 

r ^U-J. pay man, A promise, pledge. 

P t^'b*** A cup, goblet. A measure. 

p ^lA/cj pay may sh, Measure. 

p ^^ payambar, An apostle. 

p ^JMI-J paymudan, To measure. 

p ^x.j paynir, Cheese. 

p jji>/-J paynardoz, A patcher, 

P ^J pmagi, Slumber. 

P ~j pinu, New cheese. 

p <U.> ptnafi, A patch. The arm-pit. 

A match. 
P vO /W^M, A bride. A bride-maid. 

A maternal aunt. An elder brother's 

wife. A god-mother. Twins. 
p l*/liJ^jj pimaridan, To answer. 
p jjjj j^j p'lwaiidan, To be pleased. 

To accept. To grant. 
* c*W* pnyiciin, A thousand. 
p jj-j payur, Ten thousand. 
A 4^uita jyj^ pay&ar dash tan, To 

bear, support, carry off. 
P Jfj^*j payuiah , Great. A sleeve. 
p i*w.j payiijah, Magnanimity. 

us, Humility. Listening. 

Hope. A bride. 
r Ui-w;.J paywastj Conjunction. 
r w*4*+3 payisaslan^ To j*in, tie, 

cause to meet, hope, break, soothe. 
p i.j&+*si+s pay&asidan, To submit, 

hope, pierce. 

p ^y^ , Greedy, covetous. 
p ^j'V*^-* puyus/iidan, To become 

long. To hasten. 
P C^-J JWD^f, A bride. See^-j. 
p ^^y payisalitin^ Nuptials. 
T A^J-J paywand, A chain, ihackle. 

Kindred. Bound. Tending towards. 

p *j-j paywali, A moth. 

P <Lj pJ/{, Fat, grease. 

P \*~>&+}.pih -soz, A kind of lamp. 

p UT^M.^.O , A small crow. Bitterish. 

A ^^jJ payham^ Successively. 

p (j^jrr-; payhudan. To singe. 

d> fa or ^<r, Is the third letter of the 

Arabic and the fourth of the Persian 


p Ij /a, A fold. Multiplicity. 
p li' la, To, until, so far, as far as, so 

that, as long as, even to, 
p c_-Ai' tab, Strength, power. Heat, 

light. A waving. Pain. Rage. 

Furbishing. Sharpening. 
p \j\3 taba, A frying-pan, a skillet. 
p ^bl? taban, Light, bright. 
A Juli' tabat, Repentance. 
F ^J^U, A globe, chimney, window. 
A *Jub' labdah, A spinner. 
p jL-jb' tabsar, High window. 
p ^lx-^17 tabisjan, The summer. 
# JLjb , Splendor. Heat. A span. 
p ^lijli' tabshan, A cotton mantle. 
, A subject, a searcher. 

A familiar spirit. 
PA Jjb' tabil, Herbs or spiceries. 
P L-Ajb tabnag, Bright. Mixed. 
A CJvb' tabul, A caffin, a box. 
r <L'b' tabah, A frying-pan. 
A J^b" tabul, The betel-leaf. 
p ^-jb' /56, Splendour. 

jj^lf tatdn, Saying Father. 
p J;JujV; tabidan, To twist, shine. 
A ^p-J.b /<w6tf > Despising. 
P jjli-jb' lablndn^ An inferior oflRcc. 
p Jbb lapal, Stature. A wing. 



F c^'b /a/i Until (I see) thee. Thine. 

A blank, arrow. 
A U'b laafa, Stammering. 
P jbb tutor, A Tartar, 
p dX> b'b' tat aril, A ring-dove, 
p cjbb' tdtdy, Like, equal, 
p -Jj'b' /a/o/i, A napkin. 
A *y?b taliirat, About to give. 
A jb' taatuh, A delirium. 
A ,y*b /oo/f, Causing water to run. 
A -JU looter, Bending a bow. 
A A.JAJ' taatim, Bursting. 

A J,b taassur, Following. Sadness. 
A jjj*b' laasul, Being noble. Great. 
Aj-yAi' faaslr, Penetration. 
A J-jb taasil, Nobly born. Rich. 
PA .b' /a;, A crown. A tiara. 
A *rF*b* laajtff, Burning, 
p j!*X~b fajdar. A crowned head. 
A /*-b /ff^rV, A merchant. A tavern. 
Clever, artful. 

A j-ji-A? laakhir, Delay. Fortune. 
A c_jib' taaddub, Instruction. 
A JJil? laaddud, Happening. 

A j_; Jtb' tad/ft, Preparing. 

b' taadlb, Instruction. 
laadiyat, Causing. A cause. 
jj^oAjf laazin t Making a handle. 
Striking. Twisting. Proclaiming. 
j P jb /r, The top. A thread. A cloud. 
! A j*b taar, Retaliation. 
I P \J3 lara, A star. 
I p _^b /aro;', Spoil, plunder, 
p (j\j^ laran, Dark. 
A aft .tftrat, A time, a turn. Once 
f , Jfv ib' tar Pull, Embroidery. 

tqjjaran, An interpreter. 
A j?\j taujij, InHaming. 
A n*-*b taajir, Making bricks. 
A ( J>*ai.*b 100*11, Delaying, 
p Jo-ib' laahud, Uniting, 
p Aiwb tdhady So far as. 
A *>\j tdhim, A weaver. 
A /^-b tahy, A gardener. 

A .b takhkh, Without appetite. 
P Jj A veil. A tree, firewood. 
A ^\-s^taakhdz, Receipt. 

p e^b tdkhtan, To hasten. Assault. 
To chase. To twist. To contend. 
To bore. To spread. 

A ^b taakh.khur, Delay. 
A jjJ-.lJ taakhkhl, Brotherly. 

i A J^b' lurad } A tike. 

: A jj\j lari'i, Hard, withered. 

I A ^/-;b tarts, Armed. 

A j^ib' tdrish, Light. Levity. 
I P c^b' /ara^, A heap. The top. 

A L^jb larilt, Leaving. 

P tjfj^'b' far kdri, Filligree. 

p j^i^b' tar /.?/, A wire drawer. 

p J^jb' tar gal, A cocoa nut. 

p >,b tdrim, A dome, roof, top. 
A Tartar's cottage. 

p jl^b' fdrmar, Dispersed. 

P j^;b tdrmegh, A cloud. Fog. 

p tjO)b' larang, A spider. 

P tVjj.b' taro pud, Existence. 

p J^jjjb' tdropud, The warp of a web. 

P ^,b tdrah, The warp. The scale of 
a balance. Head. 

p (jfib' /or/, Darkness. A thread. 

A ^;lj' tdrikh, A history, era. 

p uLl>jb /an-f, Dark, obscure. 

p iX^J ^X>jb, A grave. 

p jb, A career, a ratfe* Ap assault. 


P Wjb tazdnd, Pursuing closely. 

P Aj^L'/ozana/j, A lash. Correction. 

P <J>jb' lazagt, Freshness. 

P *jlj td'iah, Fresh, tender, young. 

p c^jlj' /a, An Arabian. 

AP ^Ij /#*, A gray-hound. 

p <Ubjb' tazyanah, A scourge. 

p u<X>jb' I Sudan, To run, assault. 
To be born. To burn. To twist, 
bend, bore, dispute, wager. 

v J\J tdj, A tent. A scourge. 

PA ^\3 fas, A cup, dish. Cards. 

p b 

Ids bd'i, A juggler. 
lasdmdan, To strangle. 

A 4_jL*b' faassuf, Sighing. A sigh. 

p <Ub' tdsah, Grief, care, disgust. 

A <_3: s b' toast, Solacing. 

p ^Ju*iU tdsldan, To be sad. 

A ^jMMiptj toasts, Foundation. 

iiib' .'asft, A crescent painted on the 

face. A companion. Meat. 
A cb' /aO/, A measure. 
p j^-cb' /a&w, Perishing, dying. 
p %\j lagh, A tree. A flag-staff. 
p ijtijsk taghosh, Plunging the head. 
A <i\J Idfat, Vice. Excesss. Delay. 
p yu\i taftan, To burn, shine, strow, 

twist, spin, bend, curl, turn away, 

return, polish, pierce, bore, in- 

cline, sow, loose, vex. 
A^b' lafir, A wretch. 
p cl^CiJl}' tafashak, A ship-worm. 
A <uib' /a/z//, Small, few. Mean. 
A jjljf /a^, Filled. Burning. 
A <J!5\j' taaKat, Passionate. 
P C/l5 tab, The tendril of a vine. 

/'if, Foolish. Thin. 
v Ur b / /ft^'a, How far. 
p tftaftf lakdanah, A twisted thread. 

p jfl? ta$ch 9 Whither? So that. 

Until ; while ; so long, 
p ( J]j laki, A vine. 
A AAt^S loafed, Constitution. 
H Jlj tal, The fan palmira tree. 

A jju' tall, Wandering, erring. 

r c-^t> tulab, A pond. 

p j^IvJ taldr, A pond. 

A (j^\j tolas, A wave. 

P y2i$\j laldsh, A voice. A mob. 

Flame. Search, 
p ^pJlj talari. Spoil, plunder. 
A ujOi!b' talanajt, An apricot. 
A c-Jtb' taalab, A tree. 
A <^-Jb' ialal, Arms. A wound. 

A peach. 

p clxsili* taljak, A cock's comb, 
p /jlSb'} The wings of an arrow. 

A Udi taalluf, Union, friendship. 
A Js'J taalum, Grief, pain, 
p ^Ls^lj' tdlwdsafi, Disdain. Distress. 
A ^Jb' /ofi, Consequent. Reading, 
p (jJk-Jb' Idltdan, To cry. To weep. 
A ujLLlj' taultf, A composition, 
p ^^ LaJ>b', To join, compose, 
p <jb' tdlikak, An abridgment. 

A jb' tdmm, Entire. 

ii J^b' tdmbul, The aromatic leaf 

chewed with the areca nut. 
A uJv*U tdmilt, A camel's bunch, 
p J-^b' taamul, Contemplation, 
p j,y\j Idmwarah., A water-pot. 
Ajj^ilj taamur, Any, some. The 

soul. Blood. Saffron. Water. 

Wine. A tower, 
p ^\j (an, Your. An inhabitant. 

A j^.br taannus, Favouring. 
A JtJ*b loan-nut) Considering. 

r <Jjt? /am*A, Whether, lest. 

p /Jyb' lanul) Round the mouth. 

A ci^j' (aannt, Delay. Patience. 

Skill, industry. 

A jjJujlj tanldun, To prevail (over). 
A /r--J tW faariis, Associating. 
A <J-j*b' taanti, Admiration. 
1 i)^ J^i To drink a health, to heat. 
Pjb' taw (for c_>b') Heat. Strength, 

fever. Rage. War. 
P \\3 tawd, A frying-pan. 
P jjljb' tdwdn, Debt. Payment. A 

fine. A loan. A crime. 

A ,Jj*b taawunili, Fainting. 

A Jjtb taawwut, Explanation. 
A J jb' /aero/, A calf, a steer. 

A tj\j idzcah, A frying-pan. 

p (jJyjl? , To twist, shine, heat. 

A X\J tah, A plait, perplexity. 

A u-^ibi laahhub, Prepared. 

p jjJ^ Ja>Ai', To marry, to contract. 

p +Jti\j Id ham, Still, yet 

A J-Jfc*b' taatul, Making fit. 

p ^b' /%, Like. 

A v ^ob /aj/6, Repentance. 

A *\J' /oyj;, Being crowned. 

A iXub' (aqyud, Confirmed. 

A ^jb' /o*V, Fagging. 

p Jujb' /oyid, Assistance, help. 

A JuJ*b' taayid) Corroboration. 

p jjJ^b' tayidari) To resemhle. 

A <>>rr Otb' tttayis, Unbracing. 

A ^ib laayyum, Unmarried. 
A *-J*b', Depriving of a wife. 
A t-^j /aft, A fever. 

A t-^J /a6J, Loss, ruin. 
A J^lJ lababil, Hatred^ 

(abas. Solicitude, sadness. 
labadur, Outstripping. 
A Jjl-J tabadul) Changing, change. 
A jtJ /o6ar, Destruction. 
p iLj labor, A people ; a tribe. 
A i^lj labaral, Perishing. 

iabarit, Blessed ; reason. 

ri, Striving together. 
(_)tj' tabari, Because. Zeal. 
cjV-' tabdu, Walking wide^ 
^il*j, Interchanging good. news. 
^-$>V-' (abashir> Happy tiding!. 
The Evangelists. Chalk, mortar. 
cLj' (that, A consequence. 
c^cUi' tabd^al, Following. 

labdtfll, Penitence. 
j' tabdtud, Distance. 

\*J laba&yat, Obedience. 

S , Reciprocal hatred. 

labdghi, Desire ; fit. 

{Qbak, A dish. 

tabalii) Residue. 

tabula. Feigning to weep. 
A JLj labdl, Seasoning victuals* 
A ULj labalut, Fencing. 
A <s)Lj, Pretending ignorance. 
P ^\+J tabdn, A kind of flower. 

A ^,lJ tubbdn, Short breeches. 
A AJLj, Feeding with straw. Skill. 
p iLj tabdh, Corruption, injury. A 

spoiler. Bad. Ruin, 

labdhah, A light food. 
labdht, Perdition. 
J tabdyut, Trafficking. 
j tabdyin, Opposition. 
Jblj, To cause to tremble, to 
bore, to warm with a fire. 
A c_-vJ tabab, Loss. 

A <Lj lubbaf, An afflicted state. 


p (jli-j lubtan, Short breeches. 

A_/~-J fabltr, Ruining. 

A yli"^ Retiring from the world. 

A '-i-^J tafo, Sad, melancholy. 

A Jjl~J tabsat, Tearing. Weeping. 

A i~i-~irj tabits, Dispersing. 

A _i.J tabszt, Blood-shot. 

A ..=0' tabajjuh, Rejoicing. 
A ^snj fabjih, Exhiliarating. 
p J-^y tabfd, Extolling. 

A -scp' labahhuhi Settled in a family. 
A ^srj tabuhhur. Learned. 

A -2\J, Perfuming one's self. 
A Js^j iabkhir, Diffusing odour. 
A J-^0' labkhll, Calling miser. 

A JJs-J tabaddud, Dispersion. 
A JjuJ labaddtil, A change. 

A c/^^ tabaddi) Withdrawing to 
the desert. Appearing. Beginning. 
A Ju JuJ labdid, Dispersion. 

A (Jj*XJ labdil) Change. 

A ^JJyJ labdilan, In disguise. 

A iljw libzar : A prodigal. 
A \J tabazzuh, Raining. 
A ^<XJ laba'zzukh, Strutting} proud. 

A JXJ jfofioJzu/, Liberal. Careless. 

A PkX-J labzir, Dissipating. 

A^y /a6/*, Breaking, ruining. 

T jy labor, A hatchet. 

p jUj u^J, A quartain fever. 

A pu' tibrat, Native gold. 

T j\ju librai) Ati exhalation. 

A (j-J.]^' tabarayi, A bad man. 

A Jftj, Washing with cold water. 
A jj'J labarrur, Just, pious. 

j' IqbqrruL Manifest. 

tabarun, An iron mace. 

A (j^J iabarruz, Living poorly. 
A *~/y iabartum, Becoming angry. 

A jy tabarrut) Doing gratis. 
labar&is, Agitation. 
labarl'ut, Veiling. 
labralt, A flat dish. 

tabarru!;, Blessing. Plenty. 

To split the nail. 
J, Reins, a bridle. 
(abrum, A great lady. 
J tabriji Displaying. 

tabrih) Injuring, vexing. 
A <*2 _J labrikh, Humbling one's self. 
labred, Cooling, refreshing, 
ifying. Somewhat. 
-J (abrii., A table. A sofa. 
A y _J labriz, Producing. 
A \j& i -J tabris, Leprous. 
A ij3 tabrit, Staring from fear. 
A uJo^-J tabril'. Blessing. 
A *JrJ fabnm, Twisting, 
p *Jj L_-J (ab'iadah, Fevered. 

A Jyy laba"~zul, Cloven, split. 
A j^J labiy. Adorning. 

p ^ .'', Ruined. A cobweb. 

p c/u.J tabastan, To be pregnant, 
p 4."m-" iabastah, A fringed carpet. 

A ---J labassur, Being cold .(a day). 

A k~.J tdbassul. Extended. 

A J~-J, Contracting the visage. 

A +~*3 tabassum. A smile, a simper, 
p j.V. ,.,..", To be lip-chopped, 
p ^^LJ (abash, Heat, warmth. 
A , i-^-J, Showing gladness. 


A ejCi~J fdbshat, A kind of silk. 
r ;_*-;''' tabshtr, Clay, plaster. 
A ^LJ-labshtr, Good news. 
A LjOr^f^ tabasbus, Flattery. 

A ja-" labassur, Contemplating. 
A ---'>''' tabslr. Showing. Teaching- 

A ^ar" tabazzut., Sweating. 
A ^a^'J tabaia ', Enquiring. 

A T ^r' 1 ' tabaflut, Coming late, 

A .Ja-J tabalfun, Penetrating into. 

A <Lla?J' {Qbfiy !* Retarding. 

A <J-i=-j tefy^j Abolishing. 

P jtN ^ ..j-ls-J'} To line (a coat). 

A ^i iabat, Following. Attended. 

r y_.^J' labat., Power, empire 

tabatrus, Tremor, torment. 

J tabat&is, Moving, writhing. 
^t.J, To be cut in pieces. 

/, Imitation. 
i, To remove farther, 
zz, To part, divide. 

Shewing hatred. 

A ***J? Crying loud. 

^, The beak, nose, snout. 

t.J labaghghi, Searching. 

A ^-**J tabghiz, Rendering odious 

^'j Muttering. Bleating. 
A .LJ tabMur^ Deeply learned. 

A JJLJ (abaMul, Pasturing. 

A <UJLj' labHyal, Reserving a part. 

A j/ Xp' tabattur, Preceding. 

A JCo /aftaWw^Speaking perplexedly 
Confusing, opposing, conquering. 
A L-J^j tabkub) Growing sour. 

tabliir^ Making haste. 
Cutting in pieces, 
/z/, Hixing. Mixture. 
A J-J /id/, Hatred. Weakness. 

Jr-' laballuj, Dawning. Laughing. 
A Jt^ laballub, Wearied, tired. 

A &?> laballukh, Proud, haughty. 

A jJuj taballud) Stupidity. 
A SjJ u-^J'f Paroxysm. 

A ^flLj (oballus, Cropping bare. 

A ^Lj taballugh) Reaching. Stu- 
dying. Being content. 

A <d-J, Ignorant. Straying. 

A dLLj (ablil, Consuming. 

A iXj-J, Dropping down. Covetous. 

A i/uLj /6%, Leaving nothing. 

7, Scattering. Fatigued. 

A i^-i-J' tabfit. Turning gray (hairs) . 

Pouring down. 

A --i-J tabrtgh, Sending. Relaxing. 
A tJ-SuJ iabfil, Bathing, wetting. 
A *)--' tubUm, Deforming. 
A yu libn, Straw. A bowl. Generous, 
p iJki-J tabiiuluh) Shining. 

r (^x'.-J tabannak) A crucible. 

A <?J labuntil, Adopting. 
A <Ui-J tabiiilj Building. 

A C-u-J labaicwut, A desert. 

A _^.J fabaxKiy, Lightning. 

p uL> \ <j*j tdburuli) A drum, tabor. 

A l ^ r ^>\ c f?J, The wind of tlie* sun. 

A (JvJ labazezoul, Making water. 
P C/-J {abut-, A large platter. 
p t~3 tabah t Corruption, ruin. 


p J& <LJ, A criminal. 

AjC-f?-* tabahhuj, Cheerful, rejoicing. 

A^^^J tabahhur, Filled. Shining. 

A ijL$*j tabahhitsh, Assembling. 
A (J^i~J labMuk) Lying. A lie. 

A +$J, Doubtful. Concealed. 

A <^^J j Enlarging, widening. 

A jf^t^ tubfiij) Rejoicing. Adorning. 

A A-AO labJiim, Weaning. Staying. 

A ^ tab}, A tiara or turban. 

A ^jL-J labyiiri) A declaration, 

p ^;-J (abibah, A cobweb. 

P (jJ^-J'j To tremble, bore, warm. 

P Xj*fJ labirah, A drum. 

A j-^' tftbit, A follower. 

r <$++j labiliah, A baker's tool. 

p 4L-J tab'ifah) A fruit- basket, 

A (^n-j tabayyun, Distinct. 

p <^-J tabinah, A spider's web. 

A L^...J (abyil, Invading at night, 

conversing, meditating. 
A i^^s^J labi/ii. Making white. 
A u^J tabym, Declaration. 
P L-^J tap-, Fever, heat, ardour. 
P u_? Lj lapu/t, Uneasiness. 
P LLC.J' lapa!:, Favour, friendship. 
P ^j-f^? Head accountant, 
p L^Ci,-J tapang, A plump boy. 
p y^-j' (apangu, A magazine, 
p ^jiX-J, To totter, to tremble. 
A *J^J tatabutji Uninterrupted. 
PA jbJ (alar, Successively. 
A c-^v.-cJ talbib, Ruining. 

ixf tatbln, Perceiving clearly. 

c-^-J (atarrub, Staining. 
^j/J tatartur t Agitated. 

Armfcg with a shield. 
A c/w laiarrutjf Rushing headlong, 

latafruf, Affluent. 

j' latrib, Strewing with dust. 

^i tatrah^A. leathern pitcher. 

J latrik, Sad, mournful. 

ris^ Arming. 

A u fljiySJ tofwfi Seducing. 
A J^J f. offal t A fox, fox's whelp. 

A JMJ tatajful, Flattering. Caressed. 
A w, ^.:"''j Saying pho ! fie! Sec. 
p (jzi tutuk) A veil, a curtain. 
A (JzJizj talaUult, Fallen. Downcast. 
A Juli)', Collecting. Obstructing, 
p j tulum, A guard. Summock. 

A <uoi' /a^'wima/jSupplement. Ending, 
p L^slx ; tatang, A mould for metal. 
A -, -_n.'-" tatyisj Breaking a horse. 
A j^-jjaj' tatyim, Enslaved (to love). 
A^jliJ tasabur) Rushing upon. 
A JjliJ tasalul, Making heavy. 
A c-^liJ tasawub, Negligent. 

A L^-w^J' fasabbul, Established, 
A ^niJ iasabbun, Pocketing. 
A ei^ r ^' lasbtl, Establishing. 
A -?* fasby, Confusion. 

tasb'tr, Restraining, 

/a^'^5 Enlarging. 
A .V.^' lasdin, Becoming fleshy. 
A A^ fasrir, Wetting. 
A jjaSJ /flf/, Breaking. 
A ^&' (asfir, Stimulating. 
A i_-*-'' tasakkub, Pierced. 
A i^^-JiiJ' taslab, Illuminating, 
A JJIij tasfol, Overloading. 
A ui^-i^J' .'fl?'fo> The Trinity. 
A & tasftkh, Anointed, soiled. 

Ay-*^' tasniir, Opulence. 
A *-/&' tasniim, Bruising, breaking. 
A CA*'*J' (asmm, An octagon. 
A <LiiJ lasmyat, The dual number. 
Imputing. Praising. 

A <-r>i, Repeating prayers. 
A jj tasawzeur, Boiling 

A J^J, Overcoming. Insufting. 

A e.-o^J laszcib, Rewarding. 

A >jJ taswil) Detaining. 

AyJ_jiJ laszxr, Exciting. 

A ,>' tasl) Fruit, dates. 

A ylsf^ , Sitting close-knee'd. 

A u-as-W* tajahnf, Fencing. 

A u>l^, Fighting, squabbling. 

A <__>jWr (qjazub, Contending. 

A Ci^lrs^ lijarat, Commerce. 

A c^f" tajari) Meeting, agreeing. 

A jCjUsT , Entreating, dunning. 

A x-Asf^ Iqjasitr, Boldness. Striving. 

A jJ.c.UsT, Fixing a price or reward. 

A Jt>\s^' Iftjafi, Separated, distant. 

A jJWr , Fighting or fencing. 

A ,Slsr /ft/V7/M5, Sitting together. 

A JJWr tqjalul, Disdaining. 

A /Jl^ 1 tujal'i. Disclosing. 

A JLJl=sr tajaliil, A. body, shape. 

A i^^j\s^ (ajanub, Receding. 

A u. ajls^ fjatnif, Deviating. 

A c ^LsT tajawub, Correspondence. 

A j^^ tajazvur, Neighbouring. 

A jbs? iajazcuz, Extravagance. 

A JJbusT tujahud) Labouring. 

, Pretended ignorance. 
foja/ud, Contention. 

A c^^-^cT, Flying (from battle). 
A u^f^ tajbin, Pusillanimity. 

-* ( a j r ibbus, Strutting. 
fajabdun, Cheese-like. 

, Looking stedfastly. 
lajhin, Feeding scantily. 
A c->Jc<" tajaddub, Parched, barren. 

A JJcssT lajaddud, Innovation. 

tajdid, Renewing. 

Having the small-pox. 
A _.' JcsT taidlt.1 Mutilated. 
A c-iuX=sr tqjdif, Ungrateful. 
A Jj J^f^ tajdil) Levelling. 
A s:.^-* ( a f z t r i Eradicating. 
A *jjcs^/;iw, Amputating. 
A \sf tajr, Trading. 
A tejzf tajribal) Experience. 

A 4jsj$> tqjarrud) Unmarried.. 
A (j~/=^ tqjarrus, Speaking. 

i Patient. Swallowing. 

i^ Wounding. 
tajrihj Wounding muclu 
tajrid, Separation. 
lajrir. Painting well. 
^j^sT lajris, Proving. 
%-l/s? lajnt, Causing to drink. 
+.\^=^ : tqjrim, Mulcting. Fining. 
A _> ^sT, Cutting in pieces (meat). 
A fij=*? (djzim, Filling. Impotent. 
A Aw^ tajassud. Becoming corpulent. 
A ,.*sr {qjassus, Exploring. 
iqjashshu%j Covetous. 
tfijashshuni, Labouring hard. 
iajashshu, Belching. 
(qjihir, Emptying. 
tajsiS) Plastering. 


ziz, Going quick. 
b* Prostrate. 

twat-&id) Curled. 
Curling (the hair). 

L,Rg.H> tajqffufi Dried. 
#/^, Injuring, 
/#7f, 'Drying, arming. 

tajallub) Clamouring. 
lajaljul, Agitated. 
Being stubborn, stern. 
sf tajallusj Sitting as judges. 

tajalle, The epiphany ; lustre. 
Polishing, making clear, 

tqjKbi Crying out. 
, Polishing, revealing. 
ph) Exerting. 

, Skinning, binding. 
j-J-s? #(;/ Binding, letting down. 
Extending. Removing. 

5 Collected, numbered. 

tajammul, Conveniency. 
tajamhiir, Oppressive. 

, Congealing. 
(ajnush, Helping. 
Collecting with care. 
jml) Adorning. 

v_^v^sf , Retiring, removing. 
C^Msf , Loving, covering. 

s* Inclosing, to one side, 
ens? tajannun^ Mad, furious. 

4 j^si ; tajanni, Accusing falsely. 

L-^^s 1 lajnib, Leading, remote. 

Avoiding, averting. 

u : - ^ tajnis, Equivocation. 


A (J~^s? lajriili, A balista. 

^ Overthrown. 
taja&wuz, Passing, proving. 
, Abstaining from food. 
- 1 tajazowuf, Hollow. 

(ajazszaul-, Assembled. 
, Saying or doing good. 
lajzz'tz, Permission, examin- 
ing, seeking the truth. 

, Starving to death. 
tajziif, Making concave, 
ry'rcv/', Collecting. 
fijzcjf, Surrounding. 

, Prepared, adorned. 

ta>ah/ium, Scowling. 
'ojhit) Enlarging, 
'qjhfi) Arranging. 

, Collected, agitated. 
lajqi/yuf, Being putrid. 
? , Levying an army. 

A c_>lsi lahabb, Mutual love. 
A -ls=* (tthtyji Disputing. 
A jlsd , Mutually resisting, 
A CJjl-s: 1 ' lahadus, Conversing. 
A <>>ls[ , Fighting together. 
A Jwslsd lahasud, Envying. 

Drinking together. 

la/iasht, Excepting. 

, Dividing. 
Stimulating one another. 

M, Contending. 
A U? , Seeming contemptible. 
A A$\si tahakum, Power. 
A i.Jls? (ahalub, Flowing, 
j A JflJ\a ia'iditf) Confederating. 


A Jls! tahalum, Being mild 
A j\s.tahalu, Dignified, placid. 
A /i^ls? tahamuk) Feigning, silly. 
Adverse, grieving. 

IssT iaham, Cautious. 

sT , Carrying on a dialogue. , 

=sT , Mutually repulsed. 

UcT tahawuS) Squinting. 

t? lahayuz, Deserting. 

-,^=sr lahabbub. Showing love. 
tahabjur^ Griped. 

A ,~+&c tahabbus, Confining. 

fahabbush) Met, collected. 

iahtiib, Attaching. 
lahbtr, Beautifying. 
tahbzs, Retaining. 
, The lower part, under. 
tahtahta, Motion. Sound. 
lahllr t Feeding builders. 

hsts, Stimulating. 

lahajgur, Hardening, close. 

A j-sf*-* {ahajju, Acting firmly. 
tahjil, White footed. 
tahaddub, Benevolent. 
, Narrated, told as new. 
Having a tumour. 
lahaddusj Enquiring. 

A j&zsC tahaddu, Opposing. 

A c-^jJesT tahdlb, Hump-backed. 

A j^iXsT tahdis, Relating. 

A J>JJ^ ) Sharpening, defining. 

A (JJJ^ (ahdi/;, Seeing clearly. 

A j) a & tahztr> Threatening. 

, Eating the remains. 

, Abstaining from evil, 
j Careful of one's self. 
, Changed, inverted. 
A ( Jj^> : tahurrulty Burnt, inflamed. 
A C^J^ Moving (intrans). 
A +J&? , Prohibited, sacred. 

A tj?/ 5 ^ taharri. Selecting. 

A c^J^T tahrtb, Irritating. 

A ^j=^ (ahry, Reducing. 

A Jo .^T lahrid) Provoking. 

A .j _s^, Writing well. Manumission. 

p <%j!^=sr , In writing. Written. 

A y j^" lahriz, Preserving. 

A .JL) jS? tahrish) Instigating. 

A '^j^ fohnst Stimulating. 

A L~eJj3? tahrif, Changing. 

A ulXi^^ (ahrU, Moving. 

A *j^2sT iahrim. Prohibiting, 

A C-^^ (ahazzub, Rioting. 
A jj^sr tahaziuz, Notched. 
A +js? tahai'ium, Preparing. 

A (jr^T lahaiiun, Grief. 
tah'uz, Notching. 
tah'un, Distressing. 

lahassub, Ascertaining. 
tahassW) Condolence. 

tahasf-us, Exploring. 

lahslb, Contenting. 
A J- isT lahsil, Deficient. 
A (^w*^ . /a ^:? w Approbation. 

A .JjLrfT tahashshud, Meeting. 

A jL. , Rising from the grave. 

A Ls*? lahashshum, Blushing. 


A dLj..;<r tahshtyal, Trimming. 
A **^i*? iahshim, Vexing. 

tahassal, Illustrating. 
tahsib, Gravelling. 
P J-^2^ iahsil* Collection, gain. 
A 1^*22^ I aft sin, Fortifying. 
A i^e+td.-*? tahziz, Stimulating. 

A Ua^cT tahaltum^ Being broken. 
A Jub , A present. Excellent. 


A (/ W ; tahaffur, Digging. 
tahaffui, Vigilant. 
, Meeting. Weeping. 

A ( Jus? lahqffl' Doing good. 
4 jij*""*^ tohffc Letting down. 

A /lArsi" tahalikult) Ascertaining. 
A KJLsT tahfir, Contempt* 

fit) Truth, profession. 

lahatlut, Struggling. 

A *C^ tahu!ik um i Ruling. 
A (J.X.X^* tahfiL Scratching. 
A (4-X^- 1 tahltim, Impowering. 

tahallub, Sweating. 
tahiUal t Making lawful. 
tafiallu^ Sitting round. 
lahattul, Melting, vanishing 
iahallum, Being mild. 

A .Jtas/aAaWj Ornamenting. 
A tlA-^ ^ /a/'^/" 5 Exacting an oath 
' Shaving the head. 
/AC/ Making lawful. 
Descending. Transmitting. 
A p^lahRm,', Taming. 
A 44^r tafrmat, A deep black, 
r /c^" tahamhuni) Neighing. 

A J*jsr tahammud, Praied. 
tahmas, An owl. 

lahammul, Patience. 
, Heating. Protecting. 
tX*4^ lahmid, Praising. 
-/^r (ahnur, Causing to blush. 
iJ^+Aft? tahnushy Provoking. 
^a**?^ tahniizy Doing little. 
I ah milt) Being foolish. 
(ahnul) A load. Charging, 
lahmm t A conjecture. 
Showing an old grudge. 

-" lahannus Avoiding. 
, Buried with sweet herbs. 
lahannuf, Being orthodox. 
A (j"^? tahannun, Affection. 

A ^^ (ah-anni, Bent. In love. 
A c-^x^* tahnib, Crook-backed, 

bowlegged. Deformed. 
A A*xsT tahruyat, Tinging. 
A k^<^ , Burying with odours. 

A tJj^ , Refraining. Distressed. 
A CUf^ tuhul, A mean man. 

laha&zcur, Haste, anger. 
lahazewiii, Collected, coiled. 

> Intrepid, hindered. 
f*? tahareiDush, Retiring. 

, Changed, moving. 

(altaxwi, v -jy sr - 

> Whitening, lounding. 
A y ^ //irw, Driving to water. 
A j^^atT /tf/ro/i, Making a pond. 
A k>^^ /AorJ/, Inclosing. 

A Jj" /oAspi/, Change, return. 


, Compliment, prayer. 
tahayyur. Astonishment. 

A ^ lakhkh, Fermenting. 
A Jj(si takhalul, Deceiving. 
A ^-Isr 1 takhaju, Walking slowly. 
A sjls? Mutual deception. 
A jj^s? lakhdruz, Winking. 
A jJis! , Pelting one another. 
A ^Is? lakhashi, Fear. Knowledge. 
A x-tfls- 1 , Walking hand in hand. 
A J-A-y , Contending, betting. 
A **As? takhasum, Altercating. 
A Jo\s> , Pledging. Trickling. 
A (J^ls- 1 lakatf, Erring, blundering. 
A u^iU^ , Muttering. Whispering. 
A ejLsUf lakhqfuf, Doing quickly. 
A Jl^" lakhdluj, Doubtful. 
A /^Jl^ 1 lakhalus, Snatching. 
A Jl lakhalut, Divorcing. 
A L-fl!U^ , Opposing. Opposed. 
A JJU^ , Cultivating friendship. 
A (t ^c\J^ , Twilight. Paying. 

A jjfijlsr 1 lakhdzsus, Winking. 
A (J*j^ , Considering together. 
A tjj^-s:' takhuTouk) Absent, distant. 

A ^j^. lakhabbur, Ascertaining. 

lakhabbus, Seizing. 
A la-i? takhabbut, Becoming insane. 

A jls! lakhabbuk, High, sublime. 
A i^--^' lakhbib, Destroying. 
A J >^' lakhb'zr, Advising. Telling. 
A J^-^r 1 lukhbil, Becoming mad. 
AF u^sf fafcft/, A throne, seat, a 

bed. The capital. 
A ^U^ lakhtdkh, Stammering. 
A ij^*^ lakhtani, Inferior. 
A is?^ , An inarticulate word. 

A Jisf (akhaflur, Delirious, languid. 
p ilisi' lokhlalah, A staff. Sandals. 

A *is? lakhullum, Putting on a seal- 
ring. Dissembling, weaving. Silent. 

p AzsJ takhtah, A board, a table. 
Tablets. A sheet of paper. 

P ( j^ takhfi, A writing. 

A r^^ lakhfir, Inebriating. 

A +~- lakhltm, Sealing well. 

A *~^- takhstem, Making broad. 

p LlXs^ lakhjat, A compression. 

p J-^ 5 ^ takhjd) Causing to blush. 

A j& takhaddur, Concealed. 

A \>JL^ lakhdid, Emaciated. 

A /&- takhdir^ Torpid, concealing. 

A , ijtXs^ lakhdish, Scratching. 

A j-JJ^ lakhdi^ A gross deception. 

A -J>X^ Mincing. Circumcising. 

A Jj t xs lakhzil, Despising. 

p &.& A girl kept reclusely. 

A +}& lakhzim, Cutting well. 

A <J^ lakharrud, Bashful, silent. 
A . ^ , Flying evil. Polite. 

lakharrus, Falsehood. 
A J^" . Torn, pierced. Profusely. 

A +j , Burst. Torn. Pierced. 
Ajj^J"- lakhrur, Thin-skinned (man) 
A k--0y^ lakhrib, Devastation. 
A ^ !^ lakhrtj, Instructing. 
A J-j./ , Corn in the first years. 
A liyi" Loosening the belly. 
A (jfejC lakhrif, Tearing, lying. 

A <*-r>j lakhazlub, Swelling. 

A c j- , Remaining behind. 

A Jjk" takJuaxult Hindered. Slowly. 



hs, Anguish, anxiety. 
tukhas, A dolphin. 
lakhsiyat, Playing at nuts. 
lakhw-) Ruined. Damned. 
A cross-bow, thumb-ring, 
p \L lakhsha, Energetic. 



takhashshul, Rejected. Vile. 
Stinking (meat). 
, Rough (inhabit, face.) 

lukhashski, Dreading. 
takhshiyat^ Frightening. 
, Stinking (meat). Drunk. 
(akhshin, Exasperating. 
lakhsis, Retaining. Pure. 
takhsif, Sewing well. 
A J--A^ takhsll, Cutting in pieces. 
** takhsim, Suing at law. 

takhazzut, Humbled, humble. 

takh'Sb, Tinging. t Making green. 
A * .a.*^ iakhzitj Mincing (meat). 

A )s- , Alienating. Passing. 
A ujiks^ lakhatiuf, Seizing. 

takhatlj, Transgressing. 
, Blaming another. 
takhftty Writing, painting. 
, Staking (vines) Marking. 

, Ashamed. Imploring. 
A (J Jt^ takhaffusj Falling, spumed. 

A t_ais. J , lakhaffuf, Booted. 
tjj^ (akhftr, Protecting, bashful. 

A jJL^s^ , Levelling, spurning. 
A ij&jJZ takhfK., Doing gently. 
A u-iLii.<^ takhftf, Making light, 
raising. Abbreviating. Despising. 
p Ji? iukhkalul, A walnut-tree. 

lakhaM-um, A country-seat. 
lukhallusj Seizing, snatching. 

takhattus, Pure. Friendly. 
j Disjointed. Totiering. 

, Lingering. Opposing. 

lakhalM, Feigning. 

takfiallul, Inserting. 
lakhlali, A staff. A slipper. 
, Retiring. Applying. 

takhrtb t Deceit ing. 
, Vacating. Repudiating. 
lakhfld, Perpetuating. 
takhliS) Rendering pure. 
, Mixing, confounding. 
, Removing, drawing from. 
A <_iLl,<? , Substituting. Behind. 

A (jf , Completing. Creating. 
A J-X^" > Sour, tooth-cleaning. 
A *5^ lakhm, The boundary. 

r / 

lukhm, Seed. Origin. 

p j A dart having no wing. 
p <U5 lukhmah , Indigestion. Origin. 

lakhammur, Veiling. 

welling w ith pride. 

, Covering. Fermenting. 
A cr -*" , Making a pentagon. 
A cM^ Conjecture. Valuing. p 

A U--*J^ takhm'uuin^ By conjecture, 

nearly, more or less. 
A ulxJ^" lakhannus, Flexible. 


, Slandering the absent. 
lakhantt, Indecently. 

Bending, twisting. 
' Cutting with an axe. 
takhmk) Strangling. 

lakhazczDut, Diminished 
(wealth). Stealing. Abandoning. 

A <jo*- takhazczcuZ) Forced, or feign, 
ing to be forced, to pass a river. 

A z *s , Diminished. Spitting. 
A t_ ij , Terrified. Thinning. 
A Jf^ lakh(Kczcu/( t Enlarged, 

5 Observing. Repeating. 

lakhazczeun, Perfidiously. 
lakhtefyat, Ruined, deserted. 

*- takhzzvsh, Diminishing. 

lakhzcis, Accepting, ho- 
nouring successively. 

A (ja^^- lakhzctz, Plunging into. 

Resolving, consulting. 
A t Wj-^ takhmf) Terrifying. 
A (jjj tdkhwili) Enlarging, writing 

at length. 

Giving possession, granting. 
Accusing of perfidy. 
Choosing. Chosen. 

Growing gray (hairs). 
, Changed. Changing. 

Fancy. Supposing. 

Pitching a tent. Perfumed. 
^ takhyib, Prohibiting. 

A j~- takhyir, Choice, election. 
Subduing. Forcing. 
, Retiring. Retreating. 
A -* -> Fancying. Frightful, 

takhyiyi) Tent-pitching, 
and going into it. Fumigating. 
A /*JjJ lada-am, A crowd, a head. 
A t>i*W tadabur^ Mutual desertion. 
A J^-ljJ , Penetrating reciprocally. 
A (j~j\3J , Studying under another. 
A Ll/jUj ladaruli, Preparation. Pu- 
nishment. Possessing. Following. 
A L!XC.!JJ tadatuti Contending. 
A -i!jJ , Repelling each other. 
A t_w1jJ , Lolling upon another. 
A ^MJ^JO' , Doing privately together. 
A (j5td tadaM) Computing. 
A ^!jJ , Thrusting each other. 
A ^*!jJ , Assisting each other. 
A J^e^Ju tadamul, Reconciled. 
A ^JJ tadaaukk t Throwing away. 
A (jjjUj tadazcul, Alternately. Going 

to and fro. Frequented. 
A |*jjw3 tadazoum, Pacifying. Giving 

for ever. Surrounding. 
A tJ^ttf tadazci, Mixing physic. 
A .j^JO' , Giving mutual credit. 

A.j}i ladabbur, Meditation. 
A J^JJ , Taken with bird-lime. 
A j~j>X tadbtr, Order, disposition. 

Advice, foresight. 
A u-*^^ (adbts. Concealing. 
A J-J*tf tadKl, Rolling. 
A ifjj fidat, Fixing firmly (a stake). 

A JjSj ladassur, Wrapping one's 

self in a cloak. Mounting. 
A j-JJj ladstr, Building a nest. 

A f~^i tadqjjuj) Armed. 
A K-J^JJ tadajduj, Dark (night). 
A ^^ladfjt Clouded (sky). Armed. 
A J--JJ , Glossing over. Lying. 
A .tf tadtthruj) Revolted. 


A j-J^*-^' fadakhdukh, Abject. Shrunk. 
A ^U-JJ , Entering. Introduced. 

A ^yi-Ju , Troubled with smoke. 
A ^Ju iadruj, A pheasant. 

A .j-jJu , Promoted. Advancing. 

A jJJ ladarru, Deceiving, surprising 

(game). Insulting. 
A <->j^ tudar, Wild mustard. 
A L-^jJJ ladrib, Exercising, Firm. 
A * jJJ , Advancing by degrees. 

A Usr^JJ , By degrees, slowly. 
A jjjjjj , Teaching. Educated. 

A *-~:JJ lads'im, Making fat, 
A ^^-.j^Jj lad&s, Spearing. 

A ^JJ , Concealed, skulking. 
A j-^-NJ' , Repelling. Subduing. 
A ^i-JJu ladfi/f, Pouring well. 
A <_JJJ (adfi'f, Making thin, fine. 

Scrutinizing ; subtilty. 
A (,^/Jj tadak, A heath-cock. 

A jjJ ladattul, Haughty. 
A /-^JJ tadfam, Inserting. 

A u&X? /adalhif, Approaching. 

A jJJjJ ladallul, Toying, fondling. 
A <L3jJ , Putting or letting down. 
A ^^-JjJ /aJ/?5, Fault-hiding 

-s, Polishing arms. 

A L /od/2.^, Chasing. Putting 

off a dun. 

A JJjJ /adZ?/, Wheedling, pleased. 
A <u]jJ (adTt/i, Maddening, love. 

, Perishing. Scorning. 
tadummu^ Weeping. 

A J-Xf', Prepared, manured. 
A ^.,<Xi , As above. Defiling. 

A <^AJ' , Causing blood. Opening. 

A ci-^-^JJ ladrriis, Smoothing a bed. 

A ^-eJu , Bending the back, or neck. 

A.j~*4J tadmir, Perdition, ruin. 

A i-**oj ladm'/s, Retiring. Burj r ing. 

A _^<k\!' ladnut., Lamenting. 

A j-^J^' ladmtgh, Sopping in the 

pan. Putting fat in a hash. 
A ^^JJ , Inserting, Houring. Leaven. 
A **^J^ ladmim, Crushing. 
A CA<^ f admin, Heaping. Covering. 

Necessary. Soiling. 

A j^'Jo , Dirtied, contaminated. 

A J Jj , Descending, slipping. 

A <Lj*X> , Bringing nearer. Mean. 

A *yjJ Humbling one's self, abject. 

A -JjJ tadn'tr, Shining. Rich. 

A jj~-J^' Staining, defiling. 

A (J*J<& ladml;, Fixing the eye. 

Sunk (eye). Setting (the sun). 

A \t^3 ladwur, Revolving, circling. 


A ^<^J ladarosiun, Competency. 
p ^JJ (adu, A small red worm. 
A tej<ti (adzzij/at, Sick. Humming. 
A _> JJ , Surrounding. Revolving. 
tadaas. Descend ing. 

A Vj^' (advim, Giving. Quieting. 

Whirling. Giddy (firm wine). 
A yiy , Collecting poems, ^c. 
p aOJ lada/i, Spun. 
A *J^oJ , Turned (a stone). 
A fJJiOJ tada/jidum, Falling out. 
A />liJJ , Hurrying into business. 
A jy&JJ tudahxiir) Turning from. 

Speaking well. Adverse. 
i , Praising. Vicious. 
: tadhish, Confounding. 

A *.JfcJO' tad/izm, Blackening (a pot). 
l^KfcjJ tadhm. Anointing, 

r (jJ^ci^Jj, To play the bawd. 

A ,.,JJO', Borrowing. Tolerant. 
A k^~vO JO', Reducing, enslaving. 
A ^r^.jj, Subduing^ Taming. 

A Jv^'JO', Troubled with worms. f 
A ^.^JJO' ladyiH, Tolerating. 
A *\.<, Cutting each other's throats. 
A j*\ JJ , Mutual remembrance. 
A *^\JJ, Blaming mutually. Care. 
A j5) JJ l<sumvt t Tasting. Wasting. 
A J-MJO lazayul, Slighted. Humbled. 
A u-JJcJO', Palpitation. Doubt. 

A jjj JJ, Stepping majestically (fern.) 

A rfs-r^JO' lazb'ih. Slaughtering. 

A j-JiXJ' lazbir, Writing, or inditing. 

A >JO' (a'zarrut, Talkative. Mea- 


A ^jJJ lazrazc, A cock pheasant. 
A C--o jJO iazrib) Making sharp. 
A <OjJJ lazriyat) Ventilating. 
A .jjj\}', Strangling. Confessing. 
A u*JfjjJ /ozri/", Increasing. 

A^tJj laza^ur, Being terrified. 
A j^j\j laztar, Recalling. 

A JO lazakliur^ Remembrance. 
A ir.jO' tazkarat, Memory. A billet. 
A <-JO' tas.l;iyal) Slaughtering. 
A j-JJ laztir, Commemoration. 

A JJ JO lazallul) Submission. 
A JM!JO" /a/?/-, Sharpening. 
A JJ JJ lazM, Abasement. 

A ycJO', Slighting. Threatening. 

A j^cJo lazammuni) Led by shame. 
A *~cJJ tazmini) Blaming. Exposing. 

A t^-w JO laznzb, Fixing with a tail. 
Ripening at the stalk (a date). 

A J;JO', Tasting often. Tasteless. 
A c-^-ljJO tfKKtbj Melting. Flow. 

ing (hair). Curling the hair. 
A Jyj j\j laztiid, Driving camels. 
A J j JO tazwir, Fraud ; adulteration. 
B c^-^JO* laz/ilb) Gilding. 
A ..^JO lazhtn, Excelling in genius. 

A Jr'^j Walking with the train 

sweeping the ground. 
A J-j JJ tazytl, Extending, 
p j' lar, Moist, fresh, soft. 

A J /arr, Falling. Cut. Distant. 

Distended. Moist. Turr, The 

root. A plumb-line. 
A \Jj lara, High, large (wall), 
p c_Aj (arab, Flowing (water). 
A <__^y /wra6, Earth. Powder. 

The root. 

A (ji->VJ* tarabish) Flowing. A wave. 
A JjU tarabul. Envy. Lion-like. 
A jjU turabi, Earthly, earthy, 
p ..jujl J lurdb'idan^ To flow, ooze. 
A jLj / oro/w, Great, important. 
A -j^y laraiir, Handsome, foolish. 
A ij\j> turds, Heritage. 
A *^\J > Returning. Retrogade. 

p ^.\J tarqj) A sort of bird. 
fcy ' 

p J^^J (arajil, Parsley. 

A *^U' > Stoning one another. 

p (jr^Ji To make great haste. 


,. Delay. Remiss. 

A jV^>' taradd) Bandying, squabbling. 
A JjU laraduf, In succession. 

Carrying double. 
A c_?i^ J lararaf, Fatness; fat. 

p Sj\ji lararah, Timid. Fear. 

A dunghill. 

p )\Ji taraz, Beauty. Raw silk, 
i' jj]^ larazii, A balance. Libra. 

'j Armed with a shield. 
J (irasal, Shield-making. 
Interchanging advice. 
A ij*}^ tarash, Shaving, crazing. 
^^i laraskah, A shaving, a chip, 
p yt<j? A graven image. A shaving. 
p Ju , To shave, eraze, pare. 

ss, Standing close. 
A JLa\3 larusal, Firm, compact. 
A +-*>\jJ ? The billing of sparrows. 
A x->\jj larazukh, Throwing stones , 
p jV&y lara~i, Mutual satisfaction. 
A ^y\jJ (arafun, Talking barbarously. 

A z\jj tarra^ A door-keeper. 

A J^lp'j Helping one another. 

A (j^^ larafu'i, Flowing (tears). 

A -ij/J (arufutj, Referring mutually. 

A c i^y tarafuli, Travelling together. 

A uX|f?/or*| Let alone, meddle not. 

A (Jj\ji tiralt, A crack, cleft. 

A t-^jLj > laratub, Joined, rivetted. 

A !^\Ji, Running together, towards. 

A J$\jJ tarabul, Kicking each other. 

A f\ji taralmiri) Compact. A crowd. 

A c_->-j|J taraliib, Compounds. 

"p ^A-^yf taraliidan, To split. 

A /5<|rJ' taranii) Darting. Railing. 

p \yii>\ji iarangubin, Manna. 

p tj\ji taranah, Song, melody. 

p j'X-J^J' laruriidan, To be in pain. 

p t**j\.2 tarawish) Exudation. 

A 9 j\jj tarazcugh, Wrestling. 

P j^^XJ^^/j To cause to flow. 

A f!yj laravxh, Perfumes. 

P , To drop, flow, ooze. 

p i^7 tarah, Timidity, terror. 
A u U.y {drayman, A sash, 
p c-y /rd, Torture. A raddish. 
A c_^j tirb) A friend. Earth. 
A by larbd, Earth, dust. 

A * *oy tarabbub, Being assembled. 
A OJy lurbal, Earth. A grave, 
p <Ly taribat) The finger tip. 

A ^-yj tarabbukh, Loose, flabby. 

A Ju J tarabbud, Clouded. Stern. 
A v/j larbuz, A water-melon. 

A (j&ji larabbus, Expecting. 
A -J/> Quadrangular. 

A (Ji J tarabbul, Embracing. x 

p j)Ji tarbu t Thick but fine (cloth). 

A tl-y^J' tarabut, Tractable. 

A u-^y , Educating. Sweetening. 

A Jy', Sending ofF. Carrying off. 

Instruction. Dressing. 
A f^,J larb'ih, Profiting. 
A - Filling (a bottle, 8cc.) 
tarbii., Quadrating. 
, A large, lofty gate. 

^j tarlumarl, Scattered. 
A c^-jp' turtab, Perpetuity. A bad 
servant. Earth. Solid. 

A JUiy iartubbah) Similitude. 

A <0' y turtih) Stuttering. 

A Sjjji tarlarah. Motion. Languor. 

A Jiy (arallul, Sweet-voiced. 

A Ji , Having a string tied round 

the finger, as a memorandum. 
A jyy lurlur, The turtle dove. A 

collector of revenue. 
A i ^yy tartib, Order, disposition. 
A J-Jy /or/7, Reciting well. 


>, Excelling. Swinging. 
larctjju'i, Rumbling, 
larajjuf, Moved. Moveable 

larajjul, Walking. 
(arjaman, An interpreter, 

lurjamah. Interpretation. 
3, Revering. Propping. 
'arj'ih, Preponderating. 

larjit, Reducing. 

tfirfil, Combing. 

larjlm, Stoning. 

J larh. Poverty. Grief. 

larhul, A journey. 

tarahhuL. Departing. 
larahhum, Pity, 

tarahki, Coiling up. 

far/lib, Welcoming. 
larhil, Sending. 
larkh, Scarification. 

larkhal, Dung of birds. 
iyi larkhan, Free. Untaxed. 
>-J larkhanah) Milk soured. 
r^J, A vine prop or arbour. 

Being remiss, cheap, 
jj , The night-mare. 
(urkham, Mankind. 
uy larkhts, Permitting. 
A ++'>-jJ farkfum, Coaxing. 
A ^Ulj^' tardamuni A whore. 

A JJy, Hesitation. Refusal. Con. 
versation. Application. 

A pAjj , Loving. Worn or torn. 
Mending. Protracting a law-suit. 
P XJjj farda/i, A pair. 

A i^Jj taraddt) Falling into a well. 
, Clothing. Throwing. 

tardid) Repelling. 

' tardis, Attacking. 
lardtf, Subjoining. 

, Shutting. Closing. 

tardin. Sleeving. 

(arzil, Despising. 
A jji tar'i, Hunger. The cholic. 
p k vjjy , Any deed or contract. 
A ^r.jy (arty. Circulating. 
p ^jjJ lurzi!;^ A white lie 
A *Jjy lar'zim, Collecting. 
p f^jj larsj Fear, terror. 
A (jyj lurs, A shield, target. 
p L*Jj A Christian. A pagan. 
p ^\~af farsan, Timid, fearful. 
p L^-vJ tarisl t A measure. 300. 

larassul, Doing gently. 
, Beholding. Tracing. 
-: J larsanak , Ter r i fi ed . 
j larasjdan, To fear. 
stti Having sore eyes. 
larszl, Sending much. 
Drinking milk. Reading low. 
*-~jji' tarsim, Marking, painting. 
larsh, Levity. 

tjj lursh, Acid, sour. 
P ,jJu)Liy', To cause to grow sour. 
iy tarshash, Sprinkling. 
ly , A weeding-hook, a hoe. 

j larashshuh, Sweating. 
/> Sourish, subacid. 

iy iarashshuf, Sipping, sucking. 
lursha/i, A kind of sorrel. 
, Sourness. Sad. Crabbed. 
i J , To become sour, ferment. 

larassud, Gazing, waiting. 
firsts t Joining closely. 


J farsit., Adorning. 

Licking the lips. 
*e^Jiaraizuh, Bruised, pounded. 

^^J laraziukh, Bruising. 

b?^/J ((trZii/uf.i Satisfying. 

^Jit+Sji , 'Breaking in lumps. 

L^>-*irJ tar Fib, Moistening. 

Softening, weighing. 
larit.) Hasty, full, filling 
c^' , God preserve you. 
, A gate, a step, manner. 

cp' , Putting in ear-rings. 

l(iraii, Feeding, 
u^^rj , Shrinking with terror. 
ii~yJ' , Rendering languid. 
^Lr^J' tar&f, Bleeding at the 
nose. Hastening. Filling. 
JjLc/J' lurghak, A toll. A guard. 

pzj iaraghghuni) Braying, angry. 
^^J targhand, Stiff, immoveable. 

f.^i , Foaming (a camel), 
Uj-^ i A royal mandate, 
u-^-j^' , Wishful. Inflaming. 
^-.J^J , Foaming, frothy (milk). 
iS/J turf, A raddish. Clotted milk, 
strained and dried. 
J^J' tirfak, A sword-bearer. 
A9^' /ar/i//, Beautiful, gallant- A 
tumour upon the upper lip. 

^^y , Dispersed. Broken, 
jjy laraffut, Boasting, strutting. 
^JJ , Living delightfully. 

taraffult, Benevolent. 

(ara/ful, Strutting. 

i A narrow way. 

^J tarfand, A falsity, fraud. 

' , A dish made with i_Jy . 

^r /ar/^a/, "Happy and fruitful!" 
a term applied to the new-married. 
A j-rrJj- tarftt., Exalting. 
A (j^J/ (arfit, Using kindly. 
A J-J^J' /ar/?/, Magnifying, filkd. 
A &J>jj lyrfth, Peace, quieting. 

A i__*xS^j' taraJiliul) , Contemplating. 

A (j&ji , Agitated. Dancing. 

A (jSji laraUtid, Condoling, pitying. 

A Jaj tarattun, Tinging, dying. 
A ijaji , The clavicle, the scapula. 

A ^Ji tarMi, Increase, promotion. 

A J iarluh, Using wealth well. 

tarfidan, To break, split. 

, Adorning, polishing. 

tarliis, Dandling. 

arla^ Patching. 

Enslaving. Softening, 
A /*^J tar Kim, Writing. 
A (j\sJ 1 Tinging (the beard, Sec.) 
A A-Jy tarldyah, Quieted, appeased. 
A i^Jjj lark, Forsaking, leaving, 
p cl^J , A quiver, helmet, a split. 

AP CJ^J' Turk, A Turk, a beautiful 

youth, a barbarian, a robber. 
H t/i^J* larfiari, Garden-stuff, 
p jlii^V turlddz, An inroad, 
p j!y tarlid:., A stubble, 
p ^j^/ iarkash, A quiver 

A J^y , Digging, delving. 

A <ji tartah, A legacy. 

p jl^/ (orb-har, A wooden platter. 

p -<^J } Food half-dressed. 


A c^-J' tartibi A compound, com- 

post. An adjunct. 
p L >X^/ > To cleave - To crack. 
A J^O /ar/7/, Kicking. 
A /y" larm, A cloud. 
A Uy" $ la) larma, Especially. 
A , Silent. Muttering. 

, Stunned, tumultuous. 

s A bramble. A lupin. 
A L~*ji larmasat) A cellar or vault. 
p J , A blackberry, a bramble. 

, Trembling with rage. 
A (JAJJ tarammult, Sipping. 

A (J-^y tarammul) Widowed. 

p Xjy*J> tarmurah, A swing. 

A .j^j tarumnu, Shooting, darting. 

A Ju^J 5 Like ashes. To milk. 

r ^iX,^}' tarmdan, To shoot, hurl. 

A u&~<3 tartnt'i, Waiting for ano- 

ther and then proceeding. 
p fj***J tarmil:^ Looking round. 
A J~y tarrml, Tinging. Blood, 
A ++4J tarimm, Patching, repairing. 
p ^^3 laran, Filth, nastiness. 
A f Jj lurunj, An orange. A fold. 
r (J^Ji Balm-gentle, parsley. 
p i^LcsTy" iaranjabm, Manna. 
p jjs^y taranji, Pressing, pinching. 

Turunfi, Orange coloured. 
p ^Ju^y laranjldan, To squeeze. 
To curb, bridle, draw, pull. 

A ,Ji larannuh, Staggering, drunk. 

A (jjji tarannult. Muddy (water). 
p tXJy tirand) A. small yellow bird. 
P L-^jy, The tvrang of a bow-string. 
p L ;X^y tirangidan, To twang. 

r *jji tarannum, Singing, 

A Ljjj (arniyat, Writing words to 

musical notes. A shrill voice. 
p *Ji luru, Tender, frail, fine. 
A t_J| J turub) A raddish. 

p j (arazczcah, Ventilating. 

, Trembling, shaking. 

lurur, Dropping, cut, remote. 
Fat, juicy. Well proportioned. 
A ^/- J furus, A shield, target. 
p t^>*A (urushak, Wild sorrel. 

A c. ,J laraiswuty Terrified. 

p te-*JJ , The clangor of a trumpet. 

p Aij^J , Broken faith, vain, idle. 

p a* ,J lurizxih, A difficult road. 

A bJf tarzeii/a, Considering. 

A tejJ larxiyahi Unequal, (road). 

A %/* ' Valu ing (goods, &c.) 

A ^y" lancih, Performing. Pacify. 

ing, fanning, perfuming. 

A (jzljji 5 Laying out, training. 

A ^Ijy {arzsU, Straining, clearing. 

A tJJjy iarzcil, Buttering bread. 

larahhub, Devoting one's 

self to religion. Dreading. 

A itep lurrahat, A foolish word, a 
trifle, a lane. A rough road. 

tarahhus, Moved, agitated. 

" larah/iul, Soft, leose flesh. 
j , Disturbed, chiding. 

, Foddering, deterring. 
, Devouring, gobling. 

H ^ , A hand cut off. Exhausted. 
r tiAty , The root of an herb. 
A j\j^ , Treacle. Antidotes. 
A u-^J J larib. The breast. 
A .ajji tunj) Violent, strong. 
p iXjj /arid, Mortar, cement. 

t tandem. To extract, draw 
out, to dread. 

Entering upon business 

cl>y larit, A stripped stalk. 
<&iji font at, A helmet. 
^J J /a/vn, Moist, good. 
jjjy tariwaJi) A hilly road. 
u~ji tarj/is, Giving authority. 
J tez, A small bird. A bolt, 
main beam. 

j icaJahuf) Going to battle. 
5 A concourse, a crowd. 
ld : ~(iwur, Inter-visiting. 
jj , Co-operating, failing. 
(X^jJ ta~~ayud, Augmentation. 

tXjjj , Foaming. Hastening. 

-rJJ Malignant, irascible. 

IM~**.^J t(&bib, Drying (grapes). 

^JyJ , Teasing cotton, foaming. 

jJ-J ?5 ta~b~tl) Dunging land. 

L^-vJ^J' , Adorning a bride. 

^-y , Extending and thinning 

the eye brows. 

AJJ lazad, A black locust. 

ajjJ ididah) Belonging to a mill. 

>jJ id^akhkhur^ Abounding, fall; 

/<r, A summer-house. 
jji , The axle of a miil-stone. 
y lairuj A pheasant. 
-i -J , Defaming (a brother). 
jjji lalril-, Dropping. 

taiju, Vermillion. A root. 

j ftnatJbtm, A lie, lying. 
td : .ib, Brisk, angry. 

, Sputtering, foam. 

Going to a coimdy 
and settling. 
A L r - r j:jJ' , Downy, unfledged. 

A (aJajj , Snatching greedily. 

A fy ('iim t Swallowing. 
A jj-^y i u ~fo^ Excoriating, 
p <^~y ; (l '~ a i Dung. A dunghi 

A , '3 \(i'i //'/, Growing. 

A c^--v , Filling (a bottle). 

A Ljj icEUyat, Sanctity. 

A *&y , Afflicted with a rheum. 

A c^jj , Resembling, suspecting. 

A f3 luzalluh) Tasting. 
A J ~ly lu'iatiul) Agitation. 

A Jjj faiallut, Cracked, chapped. 
A L^ -J /dzalluf. Proceeding. 

j;!-j t(attuki Sliding, falling. 

_..^. . , Living, frugally. 
A *J V' , Filling (a lake, Sec.) 

p' tdzeimmiil t Modesty. 
0' , Braying, bawling. 

A J^;J ta-Mtmnul) Wrapping up. 
\j*~*2 tir.nur, Psalmody, singing 
Pyj;j' taimtWt Walking proudly. 
A JuJ^' IdZiiid, Lying, striking fire, 
Aywi' /azmr, Girding (a monk). 
A ^.U ;J /a^tf/', A conjunction. 

A ~)j> liKoaasitj, Marrying. 

A #-J/ . /rt ' a? i/5J i n i n g marr y iQ S' 

Ljljji la'iic'tr, Imposture, fraud. 

A oip' la~dhhud t Abstinent, devout, 
A OuftjJ (dZ/nd, Making devout. 
A u^J/J ta^ayyub, Compact, firm. 

A / kJ p' l((tyi/uki Ornamenting. 
*f*S ' 

A Jj^P 5 Separated, dispersed. t 


A , r l 5 la~~ayyu)i, Dressing adorned. 
A ^^-J y taitpt) Providing oil. 
A <A~' \i ta~y~td, Increasing. 
A %::/ Debasing (coin, 4-0.) 
A J-J ^ /oHi^, Separating. 

, Ornauienting. 

p x5 ta"-ah. An oil press. 

p ^Ju Jj taztdan, To break wind. 

p *}' laj, An ascent. Hoarseness. 

p i*j ffjaA, A flower bud. 

p /-J /flj, A slap on the face. 

A JA-J lasuul) Asking, enquiring. 

A JfJL-J , Running, preceding. 

A Jj'< "> lasaful, Joined, connected. 

A <Jj>-L,J , Boasting to one another. 

A J>-L-J , Rubbing one another^ 

P ci^^-J' (asukhin, Boots. 

A jLj , Interchanging secrets. 
A iai>Uj tasa$u/j Falling iuio. 

A (_Js\ J Drinking to one another. 
A J>Lj , Feigning drunkenness. 
A i__i'kJ fasuhtf, Connected. 
A JL-J tasalum, Making peace. 
A ^^L.J , Mutual kindness. 
A ^..^eLj' tana muZ., Lenity, hearing. 
A <<<t~3 I as (i mi, Contending. 
A JJLJj , Leaning upon, striving. 
A jj\ :' , Attacking one another. 

, Following one another. 
lasaxut-, Debilitated. 
/05u,v, Equality, neutrality. 
lusaliul) Remitting. 
_ Travelling together. 

A <-_i?Lj , Fighting, fencing. 

) Flowing (\vatcr). 

* tasjibbukh, Remmitting. 

A rosary. A hymn. 

A rr ' , Making light. Despising, 

Erasing. Retiring. 
p ^,Ju..-.J , To have chapped lips. 

To strangle. To grow hot. 
A I-;*......" lasb'fl, Miscarrying. 

A -*;>.-.? , Dividing into seven. 

A *_.- ": lasbtgh, Causing abortion. 


k) Contending. 

A (J_C^w>~J , Melting (gold or silver). 
A J-Sj tasbil, Consecrating, 
p ti- j' tftst, A cup, goblet. 


A ^M-W , Concealment. Hidden. 
Ay.2 7 /#?/", Veiling, concealing. 

tas(tjjud) Worshipping. 
/6-s;;5, Corrupting. 
, Speaking in rhyme. 
fasftl, Confirming. 

, Feiging aversion. 

A -^=r~' fasahhur, Rising and break- 
fasting before day-break. 
A <*^r~' fas-fur, Enchanting. 

A *-HS~' las-kirn, Making black. 

A ^g ' taskhur, Irony, raillery. 

p jS2~* lasakhkhur , Ridiculing. 

, Discontented, enraged. 

tasukhhh'i, Very liberal. 

lask/ur, Subduing. 

, Warming (water), 
r ^Z^^s?^ , To heat. 
A Ju.X...V lascSd, Directing properly. 
A ^'"X-J' ta&dim, Muzzling. 

A t-^-J' tasarrub, Entering. 
A^pJ, Keeping privately (a female). 
A c ; lasarrut, Hastening. Speed. 
A t_-? i~J' tasarriif, Gnawing. 


, Putting on breeches. 

/fKflw, Pluming one's sel 

on liberality, 

A <0 s~~'. ; (agfiyot) Stripping bare. 
A k^o ~J la.- rib, Sending in crowds 

A v/ -- J' tasrfji Lighting a candle. 


A fj-^ fasnh, Separating. 
A ^_/~J lasrid, Sewing. Fasting. 


Culling one a thief. 

A ^i= ^ > Speaking idly. Vain. 
A ^ra J /fl.s.V/i, Making level. 

A s?z~.'J /G5/7r, Delineating. 
A tyiz 'i (as/en, Sircngthening. 
A j.J tisut, Nine. 

A f*~~J tasatZjir, Kindled, madness. 
A _jcJ lasatfiit, Becoming old, 
A ^jA-J /osGCjin, Ninety. 
A > -w.j />, Kindling, exciting. 
A i^-j^-J lasyf, Mixing perfumes. 
A *.** J ; lasghtm, Nourishing \veil. 

A ^L~'j iasajfur, Travelling. 
A lajj 'J tasaffutj Drinking. 

A jJi-J', Descending, ignoble, noisy. 
To be split (gold). 

tasftt^ Claying a cistern. 

lasfify Intensely hot. 

lasfil, Letting down. 

asfih Vilifying. 
A hs M 'i Searching, the worst. 
A t_ni;'.,..j' lawlikuf) Roofed. 
A 4-JLJ' (astiyat, Giving to drink. 
tasllfi Roofing. 

, Making sick. Sick. 

A %J>*~J , Contending for trifles. 

J lasajthin. Being poor. 
tasti, Striking dumb, 

* jJ fas/fir, Closing the e>es. 
A J^~-J' (as tit, Wandering. 

A C^*~ J fttsQn, Quieting. 

A -JLj lasaUub, M ou rning. 
A L^-xl ; tasallul, Withdrawing. 
A ^r ' lasa&ij, Drinking much. 
A ^L-> tasaHuh, Arming. 

A J^JLj , Connecting. Flowing, 

A LJ }' tasallut, Despotism. 

* j-i J tasattii^ Being split. 

A u_ci J , Borrowing, anticipating. 
A j:Lj tosallut, Ascending a wall. 
A Jj^-j tasallul, Withdrawing. 
A +L~j , Occupying. Receiving. 

A .^J tasalli) Consolation. 
A -^ ' J tasfikh, Fleaing. 

^1 j lasfih, Causing to arm. 
A jJ,,. .!,..'>' (aslis, Arranging. 

J /aWJ/, Making absolute. 


V taslif, Anticipation. 
A t^O J fasltt, Reeling yarn. 
^.J.M.}' lasHrn, Saluting, acquiesc- 
ing. Health, safety. Delivery, 

J tasammul, Hanging from. 
, Elevated, 

j lasammitl, Swallowing. 
) Becoming f:it. 



tasumnn, High, eminent. 
tasfniyal, Appellation. 

, Blessing any one. 

s/#y, Deforming. 

lasrnih. Straightening. 
lasmid, Manuring. Bald. 
;//, Silent. Fastening. 
tasmit, Ordering one to 
listen. Defaming. 

A *x~J , Thin, small, on the top. 

A k~-'J lasannuh, Stale, old. 

A <Ui~J lasnit/al. Exalting, untying. 

A o>-~~- j t a suit, Cooking with 


A JuxJ , Propping (a wall). 
A **.'.~J , Making u convex grave. 



J , The twenty-fourth part. 
\*~3 , A carat or four grains. 

A ij~J tasazi-zcukh, Falling into the 
mud. Subsiding. 

A uV~J' lasazcizad, Marrying. 

A (J^i' tasazczcul, Trading. 

A cl~J , Rubbing. Emaciated. 

A *~J /aso&&>um, Distinguished. 

A V.y J (asrciya, Equality, chiding, 

creating anew, vitiating, 
A Jo~J Making black. Injuring. 
A j^^-J, Appointing (or presiding 

as) a moderator. A moth-eater. 
A L:.'~J taszxf, Mixing, scourging. 
A j-iji' lasaigh, Permitting. 
A w^' tj , Promising, delaying. 
A (_^.^ -' /rtftf//', Sending away. 
A LUQ^-~--' > Rubbing the mouth or 

teeth with a certain wcod. 
A (J.jjJ ({-'Stcili A fiction^ 

A *J-J, Sending to pasture, rnatii>g. 
an excursion, injuring, training. 

J-~J' , Easy, making smooth. 
A-.i^J' , Wasting. Watchfulness. 
J' (as-hil, Rendering easjr- 
A kind of porcupine. 



A , 

A j'v-~,J' , Walking, travelling. 
A ^X) >A- j' , To be suffocated. 

A J-~~J' laxayt/ul t To beg. 
P u--^-...^' tasj/ib, Giving. 
A ^-t ' , Fencing with thorns. 
, Making water to flow. 
tasy'tr, Sending off. 
J lasyit., Bedaubing (walls). 

tas^ijtl, Causing to flow. 
lash, A saw, axe, fire. 
>' , Considering. Ominous. 
jliJ , Meeting in battle array. 

: 'lU lashabul:. Perplexed. 
A <L<liJ , Similar, resembling. 
A *i'JD' tashulum. Mutual. Scolding* 
A^a-liJ , Contending, cropping. 

A ^LiJ lashahfi) Shewing avarice. 
A j_, -^J, Discordant, split. 
A C^Uj , Partnership, society. 
A ^>liJ , Irritating one another. 
A^liJ lashatlir, Hairy. Versifying. 
A (JiviJ , Seizing one another. 

A u-J'JLJ , Diligent, drinking all. 

A jliJ tasha!.l; t Mutual, distress. 
A ,-^liJ , Mutual opposition. 
A J^liJ' lashatuli Resembling. 
A ^LiJ' tasha/tuh, Like one another. 
A ^J^J , Complaining mutually. 
A yU,j' , Hating one another. 
A Jv .l-L:> , Conspiring together. 
A ^v^lij' (oihazsitSi Looking through 
half-shut eyes. 

A t_J}lLJ' , Slighting. Fearing. 
A. Jjti-J' , Attacking each other. 
A j-J ( liJ' lashayut, Associating. 

A i_i^JLJ lashabbuS) Seizing firmly. 
A clXJLj tashabbuj, Being mixed. 

A <.U^J tashabbuh) Resembling. 
A t_ r -< JLJ tashK&i Commending. 
A ^.JLJ lashbth. Expanding. 
A cl>--JLJ , Twisting, plaiting. 
p i_U~iJ' fashlil, A fish.hook. 
A <U-JLJ , Likeness. A simile, 
r L^-JLJ (ashf) A bason. 
I- AxiJ tashtah, A watch, a clock. 

A dish. Thirsty. A dagger. 
A &*pJL'J taskl'ii. Dispersing. 
A^jJLJ tashtlr, Reproaching. 

A -s?~ J (ashajjut., Boasting. 

A ijp j tashjer, Making like a tree. 

A -jc~ J iashji~_, Making bold. 

A (y^sr*' tashjm, Afflicted. 

A ^"^ iashak, Boldness, firmness. 

A ks~ , Weltering in blood. 

A kX^sr- 1 fas/i-fuz, Pointing. 

A la-^sr- 1 tashJn[, Besmearing. 

A t^Js?** tashkliis, Distinguishing. 

A iJcJ tashaddukhi Broken head. 

A JJCJ tashaddnd, Strong, robust. 
A jsrtJuiJ , Breaking. Bruising. 
A OOiXiJ' tashdal, Confirming- 

A nXiJ lushtf&W) Angry. Brisk. 
A ^^UiXU , Pruning. Dividing. 
A JujutJ lathLtz, Separating. 
A C-jlyiJ lasfirub, Drinking. 

A J.-iJ' lasharrudi Suddenly tuking 
flight through (car. Opinionated. 

, Honoured, adorned, 
li , Exposed, the to sun . 
^-U iaslutrruty Participating, 
ij tasharrum, Torn, lacerated. 

ii' , Irritating each other. 
J , Drinking. Tinging. 
. Shutting a purse. Mixing. 
,^j^j lashrllr, Declaration. Dis. 
secting. Anatomy. Explaining- 
A A} t j^J , Dispersing. Defaming. 
A^JLJ tashrir, Exposing to the su 
or wind. Celebrating. Drawing 
and flourishing a sword. 

tQskrvtj Punishing. Cuiing. 
tashrit, Leading to water. 
J las/inf, Honouring. 
' tashrtk) Drying in the sun. 
fLi tashri/r, Associating with. 
tashrim, Tearing. Returning. 
tashazzar, Enraged. 

. Opposing (in law, Scc.J. 
J , Putting strings to shoes. 

tashazzi), Split into shivers. 
J , Divided, propagated. 

, Stained. Dispersed. 

Causing hair to grow. 


Divided into 
branches. Repairing a broken vessel. 
A ct-wciJ , Separating. Creeping. 
A ~.*.iJ fasktjr, Signifying. Hairy. 
A c_^wi^J las/ighib, Raising a tumult. 

A _J^J fa^idjfut^ Interceding. 

A ,j-^~' tt&haffii PLcid, pacified. 
A ^^Lj tct'h/rjjul, Curing. 


A -iJ Admitting intercession. 
A JJ lashfilt Making small. 

Weaving ill. 
A JJ3 lashaMuki Split, divided. 

A <LJLU > Making wretched. 

A tfA^j tashGh, Reddening (dates). 

A j^jJUJ fashfis, Sharing (partners.) 

A LlXi-j /flsAjf, Extreme cold. 

A j&J , Thanking. Praising. 

A uxCiJ" lashaktulit Doubting. 

A JCiJ , Beautiful. Half-ripe. 

A (^LJ lashaliltii Lamenting. 
A iJjCXiJ' (ash fit/;, Creating doubt. 
A JuCii' <<w*fi/, Forming, framing. 
A Jilii' lashalskul, Drop by drop. 
A ^J-^J' > A cushion. Stripping. 
A u^-v*JU , Excommunicating. 
A 4UatS* ^ lushmukhiya!., Pride. 

A j*J laskammur, Lifting up the 
lappet of a garment. 

J , Contracted, knit (brow). 
, Covered > concealed. 

A f^J , Perfuming. Smelling. 

A L^v^*-iJ' lashmif, Blessing any one. 

Cursing. Collecting. Hopeless. 
A H^uU lashniir, Care. Tucking up. 

Ready. Shooting. Pruning. 
A ^-^-U , Sunning. Shining. 
A *~-*-iJ lashmt^j Ridiculing. 
A J-*KiJ' fashniil, Hastening. 

A *rt~~> , Wrinkled, p Spasm. 
p C>>jJLi' (ashang, An auger. 
p xWLJ' tishnagi, Thirst. 

* t/;JJ' ((Whatman, Shrivelled, 
p <U^1 ; lithnak, Thir-tv. 

lashriTzi Defaming. 
j lashnit, Reproaching, 
.j' , Adorning the ears. 
Cutting in pieces. 

* j JuJ , Wearing a turban. 
A ji^iJ , Advised, persuaded. 
A /lifcij lashuwziMsh, Disquietude. 
A ( j^^J , Dressing. Dressed. 

A ijwiJ Anxious, wishing* 
P CJliJ' > Beset with thorns. 

A .-iJ lasha&wuh. Deformity. 
A <L*J.i' tashwiyal, Roasting. 
A -iy~>' lashzeih, Denying. 
J tashvur, Beckoning. 

U lashvish, Confusion. 

LJ , Rubbing (the teeth), 
A k>jiJ' , Singeing, boiling, &c. 
A u-2J -iJ , Dressing. Seeing. 
A ^i^j tushwil., Inflaming. 
A (^Ok^LJ , Piercing, thorny. 
A J^j-ij lashzcil, Shrivelled. 
A <L>4-iJ , Deformed. Malignant. 

A Jk^li* lasha/ihud, Making a profet- 
sion of religion. 

A J^iJ' tashahhul. Fading. 

A ^~J lashahfa, Wishing. 

A ^--g.jj-j , Compliant. Wanton. 

A ruij lash-hlr, Divulging. 

A (J^iJ , Injuring, defaming. 

P /yiJ lashi, A porcupine. 

A aLJLj , Willing. Making willing. 

A ^-^' , Showing old age. 
A j*J lashir, A shady place. 
A W4j lashayyui, Burnt, scorched. 
A (Jo-^J' , Stubborn, proud. 

A ^JLJ' , Father like. Entering. 


A ^~* J lashyikh, Growing aged. 
A J^--iJ 5 Confirming. Raising high. 
A ia^ij' , Burning up. Emaciated. 
A _AA^J , Accompanying. Burning. 
A tJ.^' tasabt, Inflaming and de- 

ceiving (a woman). 
A i_Jjl~3J' (asaduf, Meeting. 
A JL)ld3 , Cultivating friendship. 
A *jl~2J', tasadum, Collision. 
A f^'^5 Cutting one another. 
A u_ -LsJ* > Hard. Untractable. 
A A^Ua)' tasatud, Superior. Difficult. 
lasughur, Displeasing. 
tasafuh, Shaking hands. 
;, Joining hands on a bargain. 
! a ?.<if l i Acting sincerely. 
J' iaxiilu/i, Reconciled. 

J' , Feigning to be deaf. 

2J' > Calling to one another. 

waJ lasabbub) Poured out. 

A ' 

A I 

A ^* U , Slumbering at morn. 

A^OJ tasrtbbur, Patient. 

A k_^*^**2J'j Elapsing. Audacious. 

A tjwiJ' , (A girl) having a child. 
A rfrrrr^ , Saluting in the morning. 
A^+~OJ f astir, Desiring patience. 
A <- ....aj' , Ripening at the stalk- 
A CV* 3 -' ( a . s .b* n i Rubbing with soap. 
A y_x^3J' lasaltut, Going to and fro. 
Coming naked and alone. 

A *~3J , Springing rapidly 

A '_p** a; tasahhuf, Comitting an 

error in reading or writing. 
A ^s^) Correcting. Arranging 

A jJuaj lasaddur, Taking precedence. 

tasaddut, Cleft, dissipated. 

lasadduf, Declining. ^ 


jjiX^sj , Alms. Giving alms. 

A ^tX-oj, Attempting, daring. 
A Zi<* , Clapping the hands. 
, Drawing up an army. 
jtadtr, Giving precedence. 
A j-> Juju , The head-ach. Trouble. 
A / i'JkXrfsi' tas(S6 t Verifying. 

A */* iasarrukk, Crying out. 

A u_ i^ tasarruf, Possession, use. 
Dexterity. Patronage. 

A (/<2J') Rescinded. Obstinacy. 
A ^...^o^aj', Drinking sour milk. 
A <r\^> /.^ T ^5 Evidence. 
A j-Jy-J lasrit, Supplanting. Mak. 

ing two- fold. 
A uJJ^-^aJ' tasrif, Changing. In. * 

fleeting. Drinking pure (wine). 
A *Jy3J' tasrtm t Breaking. 

A Joui /</5at.Cwc/,Important. difficult* 

, Raising. Melting. 
.'a.5C/r, Making faces, 
tasialut, Poverty. 
lasg/ur, Diminution. 

Examining minutely. 

tttsaffid'i Obstacle, injury. 
aJ tasfiat) Purifying. 
J' tosfihi Expanding. 

Fastening, tying. 
t Making pale. 
y /a?/{Tf Arranging, form, 
ing in order of battle. 
A (J^sj (asftfi S*)unding as a blow, 
as water poured, as a bird flapping 
its wings, Sk'c. 


A J^Lo?, Resounding, tinkling. 
A w^Jus) 1 tasdhit, Drawing (a sword). 
A _Li3' lasallat, Bursting (the sun)- 
A cjiLdJ tasattufi Boasting. 
A ^jl^aj, Crying out. In pain. 
A (J-zj tasatti) Burnt, singed. 
A <Li2J' , Heating. Blessing. 

taslib, Crucifying. Mak- 

ing hard. Impaling. 
A .A-i-^J' taslim, Maiming. 

A j_*-al' iasarnmut.) Stained. 
A e^--*2J' (asmil, Silent. Deaf. 
A ifc-j^xi, Reaching the summit. 
A *~**i>, Firmness, constancy. 

A J3J (asannufi, Ostentation. 

C*_ * v 

Self-adorning. Specious. 

Excoriated, discoloured. 

Dressing well (a girl). 

tasriif, Invention. 

Falling (rain 8cc.) 
> Divided (hair). Dried. 
Fancy, reflexion. Idea. 
J', Dispersed, withered, 
J tasatswufi Contemplation, 

mystery. An obscure jargon. 
A iv-y^ 5 Self-preservation. 
A Ci-v> *ol f faszcibj Approving. 

w/, Resounding. 
?^, Withering. 
, A picture, image. 
(Wind) drying 

(plants). Rounding. Carding. 
A i_Jb_^i* , Speaking obscurely. 
A JJA > Carrying by water. 

A t+aj lassafi, Grief, sorrow. 
A A~aj lassayyud, Hunting. 
H i f+*aj iasayyur, Like his father. 

A i g^.'-' (asayyuf, Having sum- 

mer- weather. 
A n.aj' tasyir, Effecting, returning. 

Controversy. Obliquity. . 
A ush-tf, Laughing at one another. 

A jL>' /filV/rr, Injuring one another. 
A t-^Lw, Fighting, squabbling. 
A ^^Laj', Unequal. Fighting. 
A i__ir-L=J , Increasing, doubling. 

la-laghu!, Croud ing. 

lazaghun, Mutual hatred. 

) Crowding upon. 
v|of taiafur, Helping each other. 
n9>cj la'iufnf) Comp>act, firm. 

A .yUaJ', Helping one another. 

A Aaf /rt";w-i, Joined, accumulated. 
A ^Ltwjj lazayutj Narrow. 

A c_^,^' tdiabbiib. Becoming fat. 

A Is-i*^' (filabbut, Besieging. 
A L^-"-w>*2J' , Shutting the door. 
A .--' {ai-btt, Pusillanimous. 

S*^ (dzajjur, Agitation. 

A usir' [diahhul;, Mocking. 
A ^-s." 1 ^ tdihiyal) Moving slowly. 

A C-^ii', Beating one's self. Moved. 
A ^-y*sJ', Blood-stained. Expanding, 
A ^joj laiarrut) Submission. 
A * luiarrum^ Kindling. 
A _*3**!j , Destruction. Depressed. 
A c-K-.x*aj taiifi Increasing, dou. 

bling. Weakening^ 


JLu /a : /*r, Twisting (hair). 
J ta'iallut, Satiated, 

-Li la".lit., Painting the side 
(ofavest). Slicing (a melon). 
J-jLw teH/, Seducing, injuring. 

ta-ammukk, Anointing. 

aj taiammud, Dressing a wound. 
jA*i, Slender, falling away. 

. ( .^sj lazammun, Containing. 
Undertaking for. Insuring. 
JU/IMSJ , Binding the head. 
Sz+nsj, Making lean : feeding. 
( j+**3j Id'imin, Repairing damage. 
Becoming security. Lending. 

^e^ tazannt, Prolific (woman). 
~? $* taiaieicuj, Meandering. 
jy tazatcicur, Lamenting. 
? y^j tdzazoKut,, Perfumed. 

< V._^2J' la'zzciyal, Brightening. 
Declining. Turning away from. 
jjyj^j'j Assembling, meeting. 
, Broiling, roasting. 

tdiayyuf, Declining (as 
the sun). A follower. Met. 

(J~a3, Reduced to straits. Tight. 
,&**, Diluting milk with water. 
*-.aJ' lazyitj, Losing, defacing. 
u-a.*..^' lazyif, Treating hospi- 
tably. Causing to incline or 

A Jllcu I atoll, Standing on tiptoe. 
A ^iflaj talawut, Giving application. 
A J_jUa7 la/azcul, Tyranny. Proud. 
Fluttering. Scattered. 

Professing medicine. 
, Natural. Replenished. 

fafabbut', Equal, congruous. 
J talblb, Shaking (a bottle) 
to churn butter. 
A r % --' tatb'tkh, Growing. 
A ^-^zJ Mbit, Loading well. Seal- 
ing. Over filling. Staining. 
A iji~bj talbll;^ Comparing, opposing. 

A J i-iaT lafarruz, Embroidering. 
A (j~^J tafarrus, Disdaining, 
p (J*^, Recovering health.^ 


lalarrul;, Opposition. 

lalarrum, Stammering. 
taint, Making a-new. 

tatfth, Projecting. 
lafrid, Driving away. 
lafriz, Embroidering. 
(jflJeB lafris, Dispersing. 
<_Jj ;JaJ' , Fighting on the Hank. 
J , In labour. Folding. 

A ,*xl2J' la/aLtvm, Tasting, trying. 
A ***k>', Giving to taste, engrafting. 

A jJLj , Intruding to a feast. 
A L&Z latjiyat, Extinguishing. 
A -fcilaj tat Jlli, Over filling. 
A ^" '".'/""> Creaming. 

//-**, Agreeing. A -** - /a ^ N l quUe fillin ^ 

, . p jL&k> /aij/i/, Darkening, setting. 

iUaj, Feigning deafness. 

. . A j^JJx? lafallttb, Enquiring. 

Billing (as turtles). 

c ^c Iki' /a/ y/n, Piercing mutually., | A ^JJaJ latallus, Era zed, defaced. 



A _ik> , Filled. Tottering. 
A (jbj , Flying. Detected. 

A ^sj talairi, Anointed. Lustful. 

A &~ku 5 Anointing. Morbid. 

A ^vlJaJ iallih, Fatiguing (a camel) 

A y~+\A> talpS) Erazing (writing). 

A ^.-liJ , Lifting. Filling. 

A c- g.;lLj la/Ef, Superaddiug. 

A (JM-UzJ' tullU-) Dismissing. 

A *-ilu tafltaij Moulding bread. 

fafammus, Erazed. 
ta/mtr. Folding. Loosing. 
la/nut, Tempting a miser. 


A *-^laJ ' lalmtm, Perching (a bird). 
A Ji+^gj fainif, Suspecting, fencing. 

A v-^oj lalazszcuh, Wandering. 

Going round mountains. 

, Dressing gaudily. 
A t__5jLj tatatewiif, Revolving. 
A Jj^aJ' (atozczeul, Neck-adorning. 
A Jjk , Favouring. Proud. . 

A tJ*^ talatezei, Coiling, twisting. 
A ^"""jJai /a/tti/;, Striking. Chasing. 
A f-^jis-' la(Kit) Taming. Pardoning 


A ,_oi.t-.V j Causing to revolve. 
A (jfcpzi ) Granting a wish. 
y lafail, Prolonging. 

A JjJaJ laltsHant Prolixly. 

tatahhur, Purification. 
{atahhul, Becoming fetid. 
taiu/ihum, Loathing. 

i a i~firi Purification. 

A c- >Uki lahjub, Complacency. 
Embalmed, perfumed. 

Considering as a bad omen. 
A (^.^-..j' , Sweetening. Pleasing. 
A j'^aj tatijir t Causing haste. Sus- 

pecting, accusing. Prophesying 

falsely. Impregnating. 
A CAj* 2 - 1 (viy* n i Claying, dawbing. 
A Jllij' lazalum, Injuring. 
A J&llaj' tdidhur^ Aiding each other. 

Appearing. Resembling. 
A L-^iJaJ , Falling easily. 

A uJ^' lazarruf, Affecting. 

A (^jja& /azrib, Hard (hoof, nail). 

laJ' tdLaffur, Triumphing. 

A^ikj lazftr, Causing to conquer. 
Wounding with the nails. 

A Jiiaj ImaUul, Shaded. 

A Jdaj' tazaZlum, Injured. Dark. 
A uJuUal /;;/{/', Taking more. 
A (J-Alaj {dilil, Shading. 

A A-s' ^ttfivt, Pretending injury. 
iJ l(K.miyat) Very thirsty. 

A (^nlaJ' taiannun* Thinking. Care. 

A -ilai" , Protected, supported. 

A 4g& /%f|(, Vexed, distressed. 

A jJ /att, Languor. 

A L-^-J'l^J' (atfub, Recriminating. 


A jlu tatfidd, Exceeding 10,000. 

*- J^^' (a&dul, Equality. Jflst. 

A ^ jl*j tat&dt) Mutual hostilities. 

A jUi', Waked from a dream. 

A ^o;^' lattirui, Disobedience. 

A u-j,Uj latfiruf, Acquaintance. 

A Jj'ow , Retiring mutually. 

A i_jl*J fa^azi, Consoling. 


Difficult, perplexed. 
A (^\*S j Becoming purblind. 
A u-akU? /flfca/M/, Mutually fond. 
A (Jsl*i j Taking to eat or drink. 
A +&\xj latazum, Pompously. 
A c-^JUj la^ahib) Successive. 
A jJiUji , Forming confederacies. 
A Ja U ^ , Wounding each other. 
A (JJilxj , Pretending to knowledge. 
A .ibtj' /a^a/'wr, Squabbling. 
A j^Uj' tatfftus. Conversion.- 
A ia^Uj latfftuz, Contending. 
A *)lxj' latfilum, Knowing alike. 
A ^JU'/ ta^ali, Raising one's self. 

Supreme. Coming. Elevation. 
A ^^cUj , Feigning ignorance. 
A J^sUi' (azamtd, Acting together. 
A ^jcUi' , Blind. Feigning blindness. 
A (JplxJ' , A mutual embracing. 
A t^lw ta%awud, Running tumultu- 

ously to the general (an army). 


A jjtix- laiHaur, Mutual. Borrowing. 
A oj^*J j Assisting. Conspiring. 
A *Xi>Uj latfikud, Confederating. 
A t-^Uj' , Upbraiding each other. 
A Jv*J' , Reproaching each other. 
A c_^*j latb, Lassitude. Trouble. 

A i^-^oO' latfibbub, Given to wine. 

A A.oO' la^abbud, Taking a servant. 

Pious. Stubborn (a camel). 
A A~Jtj' la^abil t Preparing in battle. 

array. Distinction. Composition. 
A (X-JtJ' , Enslaving. Delaying. 
A ^-jo latbtr, An explanation. 

Transmitting. Praise. Quality. 
A , .^.xf fa^biSj Austere, frowning 
j , Chiding. Hopping 

Reviling, Angry. 

ta%attut t Inconstant. 

A jo*j (atflilud, Excelling. 

A -^*J' fatlatt Stuttering. Foolish, 

A J^xJ' tatffllu/i, Furious, stupid. 

A (<^*J > Exorbitant. Proud. 

A ~xj tatted, Adorning. Preparing. 

A (J*~*J ta'zfilt, Making old. 

A >-^*J > Delaying. Abstaining. 

AyjJ latassur, Stammering. 

A ^J^lxj , Intangled (a palm tree). 
A c_Jil*j' , Lean, in a bad habit. 
A y&u , Struck with admiration. 

Admiration. Strange. 
(atfljyiy, Smoky (a house). 

Covering one's self. 
Wrinkled with fat. 
A cJ/s*' fatfljruf, Importunate. 

A usf 8 -* , Riding on the crupper. 
A Jjs?J latqjjul, Making haste. 
A JU** taygjulani In haste. Hastily. 

A f^ faiajjuh, Feigning ignorance. 
, Growing old. Weaknesi. 

A cJ- , Eating to excess. 
A J-^ tatjll, Haste. 

, Translating into Persian. 
A <i-.s*-' (atjt/i, Promoting variance 

by sarcasm. A quarrel. 
A jlJuiJ tablad, Numbering. 

, Plurality. Ready. 

tatflddi, Cruelty, excess. 
A <!jA*j' , Averting the face. 

JuJoiJ' , Numbering. Arranging. 
JjJwO' (a^dil, Equation, adjusting. 
Justice. Considering lavTful. 
^iXO' /(it'bm, Annihilating. 


A ^jJAftj ta^ 71 ' Dunging (ground). 
A. jjkxj' tat&zzur, Difficulty. Stained. 
defaced. Deserving excuse. 

A J Xrf tata'zzul, Bearing blame. 

A L-^o*XO' tatzlb, Punishment. 

A .JtXxj la*zir, Doing too little. Apo- 

I/ ** 

logising. Besmearing, Circurnci. 
sing. Defacing. 

ih Lopping (a palm). 

w/j Blame. 
/abir, Heat of war. 
A xj , Oblique, Elevating. Intent. 

tatarrur, Scabby, mangy. 
A j j faZjarruz, Obdurate, Hard,. 
A (j~/u td^arrm, Showing love. 

A ip*j tatfirrush, Fixing a resi- 
dence. Fond of. Attached to. 

A <O*3 tatarrtK., Obstacle. Loss. 

A u-?-^' latftrrvfj Notifying. In- 
~ quiring. Known. Knpwing. 

A ^jiu tatarrut, Peeling. 

A i_^o /xj layib, Repeating. 

A <L ju latriyat^ Putting ears to a 

purse. Laying bare, exposing. 
A fl'/x-J i Intent upon. Elevating, 
A X{ /JO' (atridy Taking refuge. 
AJjtj(arir t Manuring. Vexing. 
A %j*J (atriz, Hiding. Corrupting. 
A \j-lfu /c r ^ Baiting at eve on a 

journey, and then proceeding. 
A ^ijjXj la\rish) Propping, Roofing. 
A v&.fu {"tarts, Drying (meat). 
A V^'j** .'#'"> Enlarging. Making 
clear, obnoxious. Ambiguous, per- 
plexing. Illegible. Oppressing. 
A < X- /&T(f, Assertion. aj*f 

^^ , To explain, profess, ap- 
prove, assert, make agreeable. 

A <JJ.ju /t.n/', Causing to perspire. 
Diluting wine with water. 

A tl>jyt ; latrt/{, Pinching. 

A *>./*i tutr'tni) Mixing. 

A XJ tatrin, Heading a spear, 

J' Unmarried. 

'Zf Powerful. Rare. 

A j ytJ 

, Removed. Receding. 

, Belonging. Consoled. 
A u-^J J*J > Desisting. Far off, 
A L^-O vO' {QtGJyBfi Condolence. 
A J yO' la&r, Correction. 
A i! ;*j' la&i : ~, Benefiting. 
A <Jj yti la r +iil, Resigning (office), 
A .-Jt}' /ats, Perdition. Ruin. 

A -JO' .'ac^jwr, Difficulty) 
A ^-JUJti' , Hunting game. 

A uJJ^' ta^ussyS* Oppression, 
j' /C/M .?_/, Assiduous. 

/t55i/n, Father like. 
, Rendering difficult. 
?^/, Giving honey. 

, Pasturing, feeding. 

/, Making love. 
, Withering. 

A A*" tatflf-hsht, Supping. 
A L^-^JtJ' fatfheb, Grassy, 
A iJLj tatshiyati Supping. 
j' ta&Jur, Decimating. 
/<?, A spasm, cramp. 

0' /atfissubj Partiality. 
Pressed (grapes). Refuging. 


A *2*J , Defended, protected. 

A I^AXJ 5 Beating off. Opposing. 
A <Let~zxj , A bright white insect. 
A i_~~axj' ta&ib, Holding to prune 

or strip. Binding the head. 
A uax)' j Pressing, smoothing. 
A J-.-2X7 tat$M> Delaying. 
A fa&u , A kind of black date. 
J } Being too narrow. 

ta%allur, Perfuming. 

J la'^attush, Feigning thirst, 
wishful. Heat, anger. 

A t aia*? laifltlufj Pitying, regarding. 
A Jbxj' la&tjul, Idle, vacant. 
A ,Jty}' Hasting, Begging. 
A r.!axj' lafLfir^- Perfuming. 

?, Causing to sneeze. 
A ^^iJaxj', Keeping long from drink. 
A kjk*J (atM, Splitting. 
A CjLart?i Bending wood, favouring. 
A J-ktj , Rendering useless. 

A +JfJ tatf&zum, Grandeur. 

A *li*J /fliii, Respect, honour, 

P ^l^-iaj' , In honour of. 

A **> (<*&<ff'uj, Going obliquely. 
A^^^s*? la^affur^ Soiling with dust. 
A (_AxJ , Pious, chaste. 
A ^jfjtj (atftffun, Putrifying. 

A ^M tariff I, Obliterated, loved. 
A.J'^XJ ( a c.f* r i Rolling in dust. 
A ^^-A*}', Tinging with gall apples. 
/a/<t, Repelling. 

lat/iMub, Rcfleciing. In- 
yestigating, ascertaining, railing. 

A jJuC la%altud t Tied, tying. 


A i^fll'O' , Curved. Crooked. 
A (J'iixJ , Foreseeing, informing. 

A JUJ ta%altl<um) Irresolution. 

'A u-^-i*-* , Following, waiting. 

A J^JUi' , Twisting, weaving. 
A j-Jjti taUiir Wounding. 

A iJi*3' ta^_(if t Curving. 

A J-JJO' tat //, Instructing. 

A *JiJ ) Commanding silence. 

A L r *? , Solicitous, anxious. 

A jxtf , Leaning on a stick. 

A u~xj , Crawling like a viper. 

A J^AJ , Difficult, contracted. 

A ls*i' , Perplexed, far off. 

A cJ^*j tafyttuf, Curled (hair). 

A j-^w , Wrinkled (from fatj. 
A^roUj tatjiir, Soiling with dust. 
A >>0 j Leaning on a stick. 
A \ufd , Becoming musty. 
A >*' (t.ffii Interrupting. 

A ^*j laZjal, Swelled jaws, 

A j*J la^alM, Parentage, com. 
merce, dependent, a lauded estate. 

A Jl*j , An excuse, refusal. 
A Jjo rayJlum, Taught. 

A ^^ixi laal, High, recovering. 

A c ~b*J > Marking, scraping. 

A <LlJ , Raising, placing upon. 

A y-JLuJ /flc^v, Giving to taste. 

Recovering health. 

A c-i*J //</ Feeding well. 

A Jh~*J' (aljit, Suspension. 

r <U-Ui' , An account, letter. 



sjju , Using money well. 
A J-lxJ' latfil, Causing one to make 

an excuse, soothing, eating. 
A *^*i lafjtm, Erudition. 

A ,^* J , Obliquity, writhing. 

Attending seriously, baptized. 

, Perplexed, uncertain. 
' , Going deep, stupid. 

ta^ammul, Studying. 
, Blindness, darkness. 
ww , Beating. Clewing. 
, Supporting. Baptizing. 
, Repairing. Praying. 
J , Restoring health. 

iriiki Deepening. Pene- 
trating. Stupidity. 
A J--*Jt> , Giving office or employment. 
A *~**J latmint, Making universal. 
A <^**J la&niyaJi, Mystery. 

A C2-i*J' , Falling into misfortune, 
seeking to destroy an enemy. 

A Jxj fatomwt, Beginning, unskil- 

fully, retiring, loathing (meat). 
jO' , Difficult to pass (sands). 

laitmru, Fatigue. Affliction. 
A (^.^..ixj , Bearing grapes. 
A <Ui*)' iatnfyat, Taking a captive. 
Fatiguing. Titling a book. 
Staying voluntary. 

A i_g_. :xj , Inconvenience, reproach. 
A <J~*3 Attacking, throttling. 
A v~*j ta^jun^ Titling a book. 
Bridling, impotent. 

A ^^ tatw&uj, Bent, crooked. 

A Jjx}' (atflwDud) Accustomed, vi- 
siting the sick, usage, 

A JyO' tat/wauz. Flying (to God) . 
A jfj , Borrowing, borrowed. 

A tyO' iatfftezeufj Averted, delaying. 

A fajxJ , Barking, howling. 

A gJ-jXJ , Bending. Perverting. 

A tXJ^jO' tafand, Training. 

A Jo j*j' , Praying against evil. 

A ji n f fattcir, Blinding, carrying 

off, refusing, corruting, lending. 
A ^jaJ txj la%VL~ts t Catching, with ease 

(the sense of a verse, 8cc.) 
A ^\*J tat&z, Kecompcnsing. 
A (JJ.J*'.' iattcti, Delaying, averting. 
A jj-i ^0' /attcil) Conliding, howling. 
A ^jjsj' , A matron. Helping, 
A <0j*i' , Stopping en a journey. 

A t\*j' latfl/ihud, Agreement. 
A t_---*3' fatayi/nb, Reproaching. 

Living by labour. 

tatiiyyul) Exsudalions. 

, Walking gracefully. 

iaZetyyun, Existence, visible. 
-jj tatyib. Fixing a stigma. 
*}' , Searching groping. 
, Celebrating a festival. 
A ^xj (at.yir, Causing to blush. 
A ^/--J' lat.yish t Supporting. 
A ia-^*J I <&&*{.* Crying out. 
A ^^i*' 1 ' latyU, Vociferating. 
A jJ--*J laLyil, Taking into the 
family. Setting (a horse) loose. 
taLyin, Assigning. 

A jj jj , A giggle, tittering. 
A ^Ui' taghabun. Defrauding each 
other. Neglecting, erring. 

A j\xj laghghar, Flowing (blood). 


t jUj iughar, The means of living. 

A Xj\itj taghgharak, Running fast. 
r ^Uj (aghari, A bucket. 

A jUi' taghaz'i, Disputing. 
A /Jjl*J , Soothing each other. 
A jjrjU)' , Neglecting, careless. 
A \y\xj taghat, Plunging in water. 
A (jJ&Ui' tagkatus, Negligent. 
A JjUi' (aghuful, Negligence, fiction. 
A ^Jl*J' , Overcoming one another. 
i tagfiali, Growing tall (grass). 

A >*V*J' taghamuz, Winking. 
A (JUj lagham, Independent. 
A jjUj' taghazsur, Making inroad* to 

plunder one another. 
A bjlij' , Ducking one another. 
A 4_jUj laghaia Assembling, joining 

to destroy others. 
A t-^otxj taghayub) Absent. 
A JuUi' , Tender, delicate (girl). 
A jj(xj laghayur, Differing. 

tating each other. 
taghab, Corruption, loss, 

deformed, doubt, vice, filth. 
A <*-*i' tagh biyal , H i d ing . 

A (J*M laghabbu/f, Milking late. 
A L^*V (aghbib, Negligent. 
A^-ujtf (aghb'tr, Raising dust. 
r i_^.ii' laghlaghj A small jar. 
A axut? , Clatter, laughter. 

laghaddun, Staggering. 

laghatldi, Eating early. 
laghdiyaf.) Causing to dine. 
A Jo Juo taghdid, Sharing a portion. 

A *jJfj (aghu^um, Magnificence. 

A c^JkiJ lagha:zt, Nourished. 

A Ajjkij, Feeding. Restraining urine. 

A (j^x? tagkaran, Boiling (pot). 
A t-r'jXJ tagharrub, Foreign. 
A *^*J > The singing of birds. 
A ^^ii' Being in danger. Boiling. 
A ^J (agharghur, Gargling. 
, Anointing. Gluing. 
, The emperor's sign manual. 
, Going or being far off, 
banishing, doing any thing strange. 
A CJ--0 \Jxj laghris, Starving. 
A J.j*J laghrlr, Endangering. 
A y~>.j*J {aghns, Planting. 
A ^jj .if laghriz, Emptying, 
A (jJ.j*J i Plunging, sinking. 
A +.\j*j laghrim, Fining, mulcting. 
A <U^xJ' , Sending or compelling 
(people) to go upon an expedition. 

A J x taghassul, Washing. 
A <!L.JL*j' taghshiyah) Veiling. 
A ^L-JL*j laghshish, Deceiving. 
A U~AJ iaghas, A small cloud. 

jo taghazzub, Provoked. 
(agha~.zur, Declining. 

tMi tagha'izu'i) Diminished. 

A u-2aij', Loose, ruined, propitious, 

Twisting, coiling up. 

A ^^o^J (aghazzun, Wrinkled. 
A ^a^M) laghztz, Fresh, tender. 
A ij*3*j , Making loose or flabby. 
A c^*-* taghzin, Enraged. 
A u-jati fogha/rusj Being angry, 

proud, unjust, exorbitant. 
A J^ 3 ^ (agha/rush, blind. 
A i_J^i' laghatruf, Strutting. 

/agfuit/ush, dark (lu 


A Lkf {aghafgkul, Raging, 

A <Lki)', Involving in darkness. 

A -iJaxj, Making open. Contriving. 

A J^ 7 laghafful;, Drinking. 

A JJ&J taghqffid, Being careless. 
A J-A*J laghfil, Reproving. Veiling. 
A Jjc, A squint, 'an oblique look. 

A c__Jjtf , Power; oppression. 

A v^AiJ' (aghallul, Receiving any 
thing with indifference. 

y, Unjust. 

faghKb, Making superior. 
A <LUj taghliyat, Making boil. 
A \3_ft- j taghiifj Causing to err. 
A IxAx? laghlii, Exaggerating. 
A {J>.i*}' , Shutting the door. 
A /^UbW) A receiver of alms. 

A *X*xj, (God) covering (sins) with 
mercy : (saving a sinner) . 

A y**J' taghammuf) Tinging the 
face. Drinking little. f 

A +MJU, The shout of victors. 

A Ju**J laghnudj Concealing. 

AJI**J laghnur, Tinging (the face). 

A ^J~~vi> laghmis, Drinking little 
and seldom. Diving, sinking. 

A ^jJu**T ? Conniving, Winking. 

A ,** taghanntij, Endearing. 

f flJtj laghanni, Singing. Cooing. 

A +~M laghrum, Giving freely. 

A j^*j| Retiring to a cavern. 

A tjii' laghawaub Deep (a well). 

A J^*J' Variously coloured. 

A C -J.vJ loghzciS) Galli:)" help! 

tagh-Ktr, Putting to flight 
Travelling or resting at noon. 
A lityy toghvUfj Digging deep. 
A <0yw, Seducing. Thickening milk 
A fJu ligk(?t Loud laughter. 

A u. ^Ju laghayyub, Absent, 
AJ'^J laghayyur, Change. 
A ]euiu ttighayyuz, Enraged. 
j taghayyuf, Nodding. 

taghayyuki Blinding. 
.AJ fagfiyib, Removing. 
taghyir, Alteration. 

z, Diminishing. 
laghytzt Provoked, furious. 

', Pusillanimous. 
I,?///-, Confused ; wasting. 
Suckling whilst pregnant. 
P t-ai' , Flame. Vapour. Spittle. 

A Uj' lafa, Enraged. Uj' Tuffan 9 

Pho! fie I 

A JUj lafa-ud, Inflamed, burnt. 
A J*Uj hffa-ul, Taking a good omen. 

A y t \su , Prognosticating well. 

A ^Uj' (afatah, Whispering. Open, 
ing. Subduing. 

A yUi' (afalu, Mature. Noble, li- 
beral. Appealing to a wise man. 

A -. 

tqfajj, Straddling. 

j tafaji, Wide, distant. 

A _Uj' tuff ah , An apple. 

ij, Abusing. Obscenely. 

A >*-vi7 tafakhur, Boasting. 
A ^j-jlsJ, Rescuing. Shunning. 
A ^ojlaJ tqfarus, Doing by turns. 
A !^,Uj lafarul, Preceding. Sud- 
den afflictions. 


(stj tafasuh , 
A Ju:UJ tafasudy Alienated. 
A j-i>Uj', Manifest, numerous. 
A "Uj' lafasuhy Eloquent. 
A J-ffUi' tafazuly Pre-eminence, 
p UJ tafaghy The scull. A cup. 
A j^-jUj, Pulling each other's hair. 
A JI\AJ tqfaliumy Importance. 
A Jlaj lufaly Spittle, foam. 

A ^U: tiffany A fit time. 

A e^>Uj, Diiference. Distance. 

A (jc*^ y Equal. Dealing together. 

A tXiUj') Helping one another. 

P c^-iJ' fafty Warm. Melting. 

Spinning (a spider). Swift. 
A <__j\OAi' taftaf y An idler. 

A I^^AJ tafatlut, Broken to pieces. 

A ^^ tafattuhy Open, unbarred. 
A *J3 laftary A book, journal. 

A JpJtf tafattul;. Split, broken. 

A JsJtj tafalluly Twisted (rope). 
P jyui' taflariy To burn, twist, &c. 
p teju taftahy Quick-lime. A cobweb. 

A . JJ tafaffiy Mature, noble. 

A L^i-xsJj Breaking, crumbling. 

A ^sj laftihy Opening. 

A jvJj tafttry Relaxing Relieving. 

A .L^sJtj tuftlshy Examination; 

A (J*~& tff^t Splitting, loosing. 

A tL^"*" lafliky Carding cotton. 

P clCxftj' loftily Goats hair of which 
shals are made. Flax. Worsted. 

A J-iij taftily Twisting (a rope). 

A (j&AJ (oftmy Seditious. Seducing 
(fern). Burning, trying, proving. 

A <X-xaJ, Considered as a youth, and 
prohibited from boyish play. Con- 
fined at home (a girl). 

A vi*aj tafisy Having neglected hair, 
squalid. Tafsy Purifying. 

A jS^ y Flowing out. Diffusive. 
A t/ ~s* J tafajjusy Lofty, proud. 
A *_sy lifajjuty Afflicted. 

? a fi r y Causing to flow. 
tajfit.y Lamenting, vexed. 

Sitting open-Iegged. 
, Speaking obscenely. 
lafalihusy Investigation. 

A JJB* lafahhuly Living well. 
A <U^r^, Meaning, tending to. 
A /**-s 8j tafhimy Silencing. 

A Ll-^sP, Led by admiration. 

A Jcsf^ tafakhkhuzy Procrasti nat ion. 

A js^ lafakhkhury Proud. Exalted. 

A Ju^s*' tafkhizy Separating. 
A jps& tetfkkiry Excelling. 
A OUJLU, Strutting. Calling out. 
A JiAiJ lafdtry Becoming languid. 
A uJoi\', Carding. Steam of a pot. 
A .^iXaJ', Covering (his mouth). 
A ^.J^J'. Fattening. Extending. 
A Ju tafiry Dirty-looking (man), 
A bjJG tafraty The lip furrow. 

A Lj>J;J, Dispersed* Fainting. 
A jij tafarrujy Recreation. 

A t-J-) lifrajaly A rent. Tifrijdy 
Weak, languid, pusillanimous. 

A J3 tafarrudy Singular, stiff. 
A jj&i Iqfarru'zy Chosen, selected. 
5, Phisiognomising. 

P sJy Hovering, Spreading. 


A \y_jU tafarruf, Preceding. 
A c^fij' tafarru'^ Propagated. 
A %_j& tafurrugh, At leisure. 

A jj j&j tafarruk, Discrimination. 
A J>JL>', Smacking the fingers 
A te^AJ tufrikat, Division, divorce. 

A <J^iJ', Trembling, blundering. 
A Jjyj tqfruk) The stalk. 

A uf^'j Split. Flowing through. 
A 4^ rtj' I of rib, Deceiving. 
A AJ _ij I afrit, Lining with skins. 
r ij, Relaxing the mind. 

Cleaving. Taking flight. 

tafrih, Exhilarating. 
j Hatching. Sprouting. 
lafiid, Retiring. Singular. 
, To fry. To dry, to rub. 
fnii Directing. 
tafiis. Breaking, tearing. 
A yij JiJ, Spreading. Paving. 
A siJ' (afriz, Cutting, boring. 
, Carelessly forgetting. 
s Produced. Climbing. 
fqfrigh, Evacuating. 
tafrlk) Separation, Doubt. 
tafrikan, Separately. 

Rubbing with the hands. 
, Bearing a lively colt. 

lafaziur, Splitting. 
L) Terrifying. 

A ^~^ tafassuh) Ample, capacious. 
A *> lafassulch, Dissolved, broken. 
A Sj^su lafsirak, A symptom. 
A c^v.^i;, Tearing by stretching. 
A A^jj tafs'td, Destroying. 

p ^Ju^j lafsidan, to warm, to 

bask. To burn, to be agitated. 
A j~~J f a f^fi Explanation. Brisk. 
p ^J3 lafsh, Heat. Foam, froth, 
p XfLJ3 tafshirali, March-pane. 

A j-iiJ, Full (of bl-.iod). 

A I^AJ lafavhihul, A flowing. 

p <Lii t of shah , A reproach, a curse. 

A ^LaJ', Spread (a contagion). Large, 
p (j^aj fafshi, A pot. A lentil. 
A ^-.~...\' lafshigh, Overcoming. 

A ^^j Displaying eloqucace. 

A Juaij tufas sudi Flowing. 

A ( jaLasij tafasfus, Assembling. 

A *2Ai' tafassum, Broken, bruised. 

A /j-aJu (ftfassi. Separated/ Freed. 
A <UaAi' tafsiyat) Liberating. 
A JU^agJ , Dividing, trenching. 
A ^^.o tqfsit, Drawing out. 

&3' tafsilan. Distinctly, clearly, 
laftK.zuj\ Sweating. Fat. 

tafuiiuh, Disgraced. 

aA) Iftfa'izuz, Bursting open. 
A jj-^iil'' tdfai'Ml, Excelling. 

A ^iji;j', Inlaying with silver. 
A J-^aj fetfult Preferring, Soiling. 
j tafattur, Split, divided. 

A ^^ lafatlun, Understanding. 
A rfdaiJ', Making broad. Hewing. .> 
A jb&J taffr) Breakfasting late. 
A ujkaj //][/, Explaining. 


A ^cV /a/izizac., Shameful. 

A ^iaj lafaghghum, Expanding. 

A >->.^> tafgJum, Kissing. 


A ^ tofal-tufi, Blown (a rose). 
A A&SJ tafa/J;ud, Searching for. 
Aj&jJ lafatt'ur, Trenching (for palms). 
A ^-Juj' tafa&l'us, Overturned. 
A yuj tafatt'U, Divided, parted. 

A &U?j Studying divine subjects. 
A <tJjJ /of///, Tearing out the eye. 
A /UAJ', Making poor. Levelling. 
Smacking the fingers. 
al, A tube, a pop-gun. 
, Teaching the law. 

&i' t of ok bur, Disjoiaed. 
AJ' tafuliliul;, Thinking. 

(qfatlun, Penitence. Ad- 
miration. Meditation. Vexation. 

A <fcsj' tafakltuh.) Admiring, penitent. 
A uXi)' taffi/!, Disjoining. 
A Jjii' //?, Spittle, foam. 

A u IAJ (afailut, Escaping, liking. 
A J& ((tfalluj, Cut, split, cracked. 

i' tqfattul, Round, Sublime, 

A JiaJ lafallul, Broken, blunted. 

/, Opening. Conquering. 

tqfliz, Cutting in pieces. 
aJi /q/7tt, Poor, insolvent. 
laJ tq/fis, Liberating. 

, Dividing, breaking. 
A CX*Ui', Having swelling breasts. 
A Jui&j' /^/K/, Broken, notched. 
P cAaJ' ^/K, Charms, spells. 
P C-^lftj lufangj A musket, a rocket. 
* && tqfna/i, A spider's web. 
tqfmkk) Overcoming. 
Accusing of falsehood. 

A ^_**i*J' tafiiili) Indulging. 

A (^usJ' tafmn-t Classing. Mixing. 

P y? tqfu t Pho ! fie, for shame ! 

A CJyJ, Driving away. Passing. 
P jyjji /o/IZr, A stone vessel. 

A (J^) Assuming. Doing gradually. 
A (Jjjii lafamwul, Foretelling. 

A Sjfj tafawwuh, Speaking, chatty. 

A^j^J tafwir, Causing to ferment. 

A jti laf:itz, Leading to the de- 
sert. Dying. Open (a way). 

A ^iuij' iqfwi'zy Enjoining. T^ 
marry a wife without iortune. 

A <U3' tafa/i, Hatred. Tufah, A button. 

A <Ui' tafuh) Little, mean, insipid. 

{(fa/i/iur. Ample. Wealthy, 
ij tafahfmlf) Abundant. 

tafahhum^ Perceiving. 
y&i taf/iir. Fatigued. 
A *-fij' I of him. Instructing. 
A *-& tqfhjh, (God) making dumb, 
p ^Jk-Aj' tafidan, Warming, 
p U-JU, A white crumbling stone, 
A la-jii', Breathing forth the soul. 

A tJ-AJ 1 (afayyul, Weak in mind. 
A (J^sjy Emulous. Eloquent. 
A J--iJ' tqfyili Accusing of folly. 
A f( Jj talii) Take care I avoid! 
A C-jUi' taliabi A pelican. 
A JjUiJ, Meeting fuce to face. 
A i'Ui' (atul 9 Abstinence, piety. 
A (j$$> taliuM, Swift, rapid, 
A JjUi', Contending, fighting. 
A fjlaJ', Spear ing one another. 
A AjUj lal'udum, Old. Preceding, 

A j& lalturr, Agreeing. Finn. 



j Approaching one another. 

, Mixing in baitle. Pure. 
A (jsj^ '> Retaliating. Partaking. 
A ]0j\A> , Praising one another. 
A j\3j takarut, Casting lots. 
A (j,U)' , Associating. Allied. 
A ;&' ) Seasoning for food. 
A *~aUi' , Swearing. Sharing. 

A ^jo^su taluss, Retaliating, equalling. 
A^>UJ talasur, Unequal, pretending 

inability. Insufficient. 
A L-"^"' , Dashed to pieces. 
A \-sUi' lataza, A demand- 

, To exact (taxes). 

A <* 

A bliLj 

&' tatazi, Exigence. Forcing. 

ta/falur, Distilling. 
A jJoUi' taltatutt Alienated. Cut. 
A *XcUj' , Abstaining, deficient. 
A ^.~el> , Waiting, delaying. 

A JUu /ol<7#, Thinking as trifling. 
A j*l&' takamur. Playing games of 

chance, wagering. 

A Jj^&J lalareul, Conversing together. 
A /jw^' Opposing an enemy. 
A <_}&' (afraW) Vying with. Money 

lent to tenants to buy seed. 
A Jj Utf takayul. Releasing each other 

from an agreement. 

A t_ ~~'i';tn.l-fth7ni.7i } Entering a vault. 
A ija*j, Collected, costive, assailing. 
A J-AJ , Accepting, taking well. 

Putting on the garment LJ. 
o lalbib, Making an arch. 
, Adjusting, preparing. 
latbih., Reproof, reproach. 

Heaping. Desiring 
ene to take. Giving money. 

iJ , Accepting. Kissing; 
}' talitaki Swift, rapid. 
A (JlsJij' taJttdl) Killing, murder.' 

A >r oii' fatattur, Preparing for battle. 

Dropping. Retiring. Angry. 
A 4Jb&' taktakah A hard trot. 
A Jjjij lakullul, Accommodating, at. 
tentive. Graceful. Killing. 

tattir, Sparing of expense. 
j tul'lil. Slaughter, murder. 

tahahhuii Speaking rudely. 
iakahhul^ Drying, withering. 

^^-' tal;ahhum, Rushing upou. De- 
preciating. Scarce (season). 
^.^s^ ta';-fnb, Coughing. 
, Spitting out rheum, 
, Striking with a stick- 
, Falling when struck. 
tat-/umj Precipitating. 
A i'JjiJ likdab Coriander seed. 

A JJui' , Split. Dispersed. Dry. 

A ,JdJ' lakaddur^ Predestined. Mea- 
sured, proportioned. Equal (to). 

A ^JJvii' tataddits, Pure. Purifying. 

A ,*jJiJ' IctladJum, Precedence. Pre- 
fixed. Offered. Projecting. 

A <U JJiJ' talidimatj The proposition of 
a syllogism, A government. Ad- 
justment of account. 

A .L^jJij lakdumiyat, Precedence. 

A j jjtf labaddu, Imitating. 
A *r:ljkii' , Making (a horse) lean. 
A iX'Jjtf iutdid, Drying or smoaking 
(flesh). Tearing the long way. 
, Predestination. 

J' (aldts, Sanctity, purily. 


A jJX > Promoting. Proposing. 
A j>\J fataz'zur, Abhorring. Dirty. 

A cjuj , Preparing mischief. 

A &A& , Cleaning the eyes. 

A ji&J lat-ztr, Soiling a garment. 

A t*JuSs3 fa^zzfj Throwing stones. 

A JAJ latir, Herbs, spiceries. 

Jif takrar, Stability. Firmness. 

A < Jytf tal-arrub, Access, union 

(with God); propitiating. 
A !>j&) takirat) Dear, precious. 

A ^jiti , Suppurating, ulcered, 
p ijj*j , A kind of medicine. 

A i .A! talarrui') Fixed. Narration. 

A ^jp takarrush, Met, assembled. 

A \yJJ , Adorned with ear-rings. 

A cyii' tukarru^ converted. 

A (_j j3 takarruf, Unbarked, bared. 
A t-^oJi? takrib, Approaching. Aa 

occasion. A sacrifice. Galloping. 

A LJ jAj tattriban,) Near to, about. 

A Ju JJJ takrtd) Silent. Soothing. 

Despising. Depressing. 
A .. JL' /o/rjr, Strengthening. A 

recital, confession. Torture, 
f (jdfijijB > To confirm, relate. 
A u~!.j& takns^ Congealing. 
A jlj -RJ' tukrish) Acquiring. 
A (J&.J& > Washing, squeezing. 
A ^zjJij , Praising, blaming. Debt. 
A iaj &" /a/-n/, Bridling. Chopping. 
A j-.^J' Itdri'Ci Reproving. 
A iiJ' lalrin t Associating. 

, Branching, spreading. 

jjso tataituZ) Hating evil. 

J lat-dzzut, Trained fa horse). 
iJ .^uA, Season ing a pot. 

fQJ&tt Galloping. Shaving. 
Teazing. Applying anxiously. 

A la-Jii' , Distributing equally. 
A u - aj tolassus. Listening. 

takassum, Dividing. 
7 talsim, Division. 

lakaskshur, Skinned, peeled. 
, Dispelled. Separated, 
tatashshuf, Living poorly. 

A <LJLiii' taltshiyah) Unbarking wood. 
(of/ shir, Peeling, stripping. 
Ju latslushy Collecting. 
ksar. Adorning. 

tal-assud, Shivered. Killed. 
tafassus, Folfowing, 
tatassuL) Access,purulent. 
." la&assuf, Bruised, brokem. 
i' latassul, Divided cut. 

j , Exerting every effort. 
*3Ai' lalsiJb, Sprouting (corn). 
fj ta/fsiyat. Paring nails, Sfc. 
, Breaking or splitting. 
kstr^ A defect, error, failure. 
Abbreviation, deficiency. 
ksisi Plastering. 

Drinking water. 

, Pruning. 
Pouacing (a hawk). 
ozzwt, Cut, separated. 
w5 t Going away. 

T-.-y- 1 ''-'' 


A <L*siu al'Ziyat, Performing. 

A ^kftJ lataliur, Dropping, delaying. 

A * kit"? iataUut) Diminuating. 

A La)' , Slow. Face- averting. 
Knitting the brow. 
tf/w", Strauguary. Dropping. 
The pause in verse. 
Stature, dissection. 
A i_e-.Uit7 iakfifi Gathering grapes. 

Scratching. The gripes. 
A (^uaAi , Shooting forth (a vine). 
A _AJ /o/'flt, Hunger. 

A Axiu taJtazZud) Delaying, stopping. 
A KAi , Deep (well or ditch). 

(al-dtfyf, Removed, fallen. 
AJ , Moved (with noise). 
la!ia&di Waiting upon. 
A ks"> lata&i, Obscene. 

A (/ jij tatqffur, Imitating. 
A iiiii' , Tinging the hands, 8cc. 
A j^-jui' lakaffus, Leaping, skipping. 
A -> , Contracted, wrinkled. 

A iftfijLiiJ' tal;afl;ufi Shaking, chatter. 
ing (teeth), withering (a plant). 

Bolting a door, bolted. 

afqfFi, Imitating. 
Collecting (earth, 8cc.). 
A JJuS takftl, Locking doors. 

A t-^iai' fafoffud, Converted, a revo- 
lution, change. Dextrous. 

A <&> tataBud, Twisting, adorning. 
A yMt , Putting on a cap or coif. 
A u AfJ , Contracting, shrinking. 
, Removed, torn up. 

A u ^Jju , Revolving, revolting. 
A ^JiJ tultWi, Washing the teeth. 
A <Xlj' takl'tdt Imitation. 
| A u~~> (alfis, Beating adrum, called 

(_J J , on public occasions. 
A j^.ljL) , Rolling in a heap. 
A _-!&' , Removing, tearing up. 
A i aJju , Tapping (a barrel). 
A tj-liii' lal'fil, Diminishing. 
A .***&' laklim, Paring the nails. 

A j*j , Gaining at dice. Prowling. 
A ^^Ji; tahammus, Dressing. 
A ^.4A> lakummu^ Taking the best. 
A ^ijij' , Ascending. Searcliing. P 

A ,.-4AJ' , Trying to comply. 
Aj**i , A change of the moon. 

tuJim tsh, Separ at i ng . 
, Binding a captive. 
A f-.^*^', Taking the stalk from a date. 
A ^ litn, Nature, skilful, clay. 

A ^Jsj lahannus) Hunting. 
A L^Ju talmtt, Tinging. 
A ^--aV , Causing to despair. 
A -_A/-g''' taltriii.. Contenting. 
A f_.-'-"'' , Cutting in pieces. 
A \jiu talked, Piety. 

A Cl^Jo , Excoriated, torn. 

A C^>j' talaw&ut, Nourished. 

A jj Ia6aw&ar, Coiling. Elapsed. 

A j>"j^J' tukcacwusj Crooked. Arming 
with a bow. 

A (joyii' , Demolished. Moving. 

A c ii' taba&izMt., Inclining, 

A jj-xyiJ la^azctus, Decrepid. 
A uJ&' , Checking, correcting. 


A Jytf 

Lying of another. 

A ,*& takawxum, Constituted. 
A vjrjiij taf.'zc(i\ The fear of God. 

A cjy-> la/tazcKt, Powerful, strong. 
A i^oyO' , "Diggiag, crushing. 

^jJD' , Confirming, promoting. 
iJ' 5 Leading (many horses). 
j& tal-xls, Decrepid. 
H i3J tatwi, Demolishing. 
^vJJ lalr&l, Making mischief. 
-jytf (al-vzm, A calendar. 
A ^o Jo , Calling. Compelling. 

p <UJ lu&ah, A button, clasp. 


A J^&J taliuhhul) Drying. Ungrateful, 
walking slowly. 

A r&~^' fukahhur^ Retiring. 

A -^li" tat-/ur, Taming. Sub luing. 

A .j^ 1 ' /#& P^ous, fearing Cod. 

A -AJiJ latuyytini Purulent, a wound. 

A tXjii' (a/iayyud, Diligence, fixing. 
A J^/J^AJ lakayyui, Broken, definite. 

A J3.Ju , Having a summer house. 
A J->' j Resembling his father. Met. 
A jJD' latqyyu, Vomiting. 

A <xjij' t Forced piety. 
A t^_*wJu' 5 Causing to vomit. 
A ^*-JJ /o/3/z/t, Making purulent. 
A ^r^^ .'<%""> Pitching, tarring. 
3-.Jii' /o/^/iz, Breaking, definiag, 

Reconciling. Marking. 
A J-Ju , Giving drink at noon. 
A i^n-JiJ' ta!-yin t Adorning a bride. 
P <J_j /af, Little, small, a grass, a 

plant, one, unique. Quiet. Only. 

Provided that. Depth. TV, The 

beak, point. A small lamp. 

A &' , One who reclines mucru 
A J& tukabur^ Superciliously. 
p (jrjjto (afapoy, Enquiry, haste. 
A jfJxS taw -at, A prop, a pillow, 
A L--JW tafalub. Corresponding. 
A _>'& latafut., Continuation. 
A *JW , Dissembling mutually. 
A J%J tattas-ur, Abundance. 

J^J tatadur, Eyeing stedfastly. 
c-JJi^ j, Lying to each other. 

& talcar, Running. Fleet. 

+J&J t alarum, Honourable, pure. 
Hiring, bargaining. 

A J 
A H 

A u Uj' , Indolence, infirmity. 

A s jLio<J, Disclosing (mutual vices], 

A Je&' , Persecuting one another. 
A yl^' , taftqfU) Equality. 
A cL/& tot'ttt, Drunkenness. 

Rushing upon one another. 
ta&atum, Revisitiag. 

lafialib, Insult, assault. 
taftaUm, Wounding. 
fatamul, Entire, abs olut 
i Treating one another ill. 
ta;-uv:ud, Difficult. 
An ambling horse, swift. 
(ot'dmKt Concurring firm. 
latahul, Negligence. 
A Jui^j', Deceiving, way-laying. 
A Jj.& Reviling each other. 

A c.^7 takabbub, Heaping up. 
A JoJo, In the meridian (the sun). 
p j> tajibar, A spider's web. 

A j& lalabbur, Arrogance, pride. 
A LJ]J& j The height of glory. 

A *i laX-abbX, Throwing prostrate. 
A y_ --^' > Applying to. Falling. 
A J~& lalbid, la, the meridian. 


'j talKr, Aggrandizing. 
A J~-' falbil, Fettering a captive. 
A <U-Xj' (attbiyah, Perfuming. 

A u*cXj 5 Arrayed, training. 

A &J , Strings for trowsers. 

p c^Xj fatil, Black gum inastich. 

A JsjC? , Going like a dwarf. 
A <_"" Arraying, writing. 
A --s& (atfit, Choppihg. 
A ^_.;"-^'*' , Hooping, helping. 
A *-i& tat-ttm, Concealing. 

Aj&J tolas sur, Multiplied, enriched. 

A *i> , Stopping short, lurking. 
A ~> , Creaming, spreading. 
tajtsir, Augmenting. 


, Tinging the eyes- 
fat-fas, Erazing, defacing. 

A J-^ lat-hil. See 

A ^jXi' tatadduh, Scratching. 

A j Jv^J' laladdur, Turbid, afflicted. 

A f^i^j , Tired, (a horse, 8cc. ) . 
A f4> , Scratching violently. 
A iX'J^J lot-did, Driving away. 
A j Xxi' fatdir, Perturbing. 
A j^r^J^J' fatdis, Stacking corn. 
A UJ^J , (A sheep) biting gently. 
A AJJ^J iatdih, Scratching, striking. 
A OjXi' takdiyah, Frost-bitten. 

A <& (al-azzub, Feigning a lie. 
A UM^A&S (atzlb, Giving the lie. 

Foolish, idle, dilatory. 
A J3 tagar, Going headlong. 
A j\fj talrar, Repetition, again. 

A 4-^C' falarrub, Gathering dates. 

A jte triarruj, Corrupted (bread). 
A ipttlSj 5 Contracted, compressed. 
A f6jj , Running in terror. 

A t-xJ takarrur, Repeating. 
A J>~tjj tatarsufi Inserting. 

A c^o' lalarrut, Eating calves feet, 

lot atf us, Compressed. 

A A^i' latarrunt, Honoured, liberal, 

glory, dignity. 

A <U^j' tal-rimah, A state cushion. 
A j Xj tat-arru. Sleeping. 
A xj , The rind, a grape-stone. 

A xfi lakarruh) Loathing. 

A t-^X-* taltarrl) A general. 
A u r jyj lakrlbi Eating dates. 
A j^M tokrir, Repetition, reply. 
A y "Jui latriZi Digging. 

, Laying the foundation of 
a house. 

A *J_^' lalrim, Honour, respect. 
A &j& takrih, Making hateful. 
p j^Jo /o/'fiw, Grape-stones. Refuse. 

A c- ^.M.,0 fal-assub, Gaining, study. 
ing to gain. 

takassur, Broken, spent. 
, A vessel for keeping grapes. 
( \~i , A grape-stone or husk. 

*~> lalassu, Clothed. 
t_~-v.-~J lal'sjb, Gaining. 

, Breaking in pieces, 
, Cutting, eclipsing. 

taksiyah) Investing. 

Uncovered, illuminated. 

j& tatashshu.) Eating a dry roast. 
Filled. Skinned. 


A -ij' ioksfiih, Cauterizing under 
the short ribs. Peeling off(bark,8cc. ) . 
A u_iLJLC' lahhif, Revealing 
A _x*x? , Timid, checked. 
A j^ij**x, Plunging (netting a bird). 

A u-ttixj" (ahiffitf, Holding in the 
palm, asking. 

A jj tatqffM, Bailing. 

A y& takqffu, Walking stately. 

A .Jftjf talfoffl, Growing tall. 

A u^jj&j , Heaping up, receiving. 
*jM3 I at- fir, Covering, expiating a 

crime. Guiltless. Accusing. 
A J-i^J , Maintaining, trusting. 
A 4^iRXj , Shrouding, burying. 
A cl' lalat, Madness, folly. 
F J& total, A wether. Ttgil, A 

handsome unbearded youth. 
A ^5LxJ tuition. Trust in God. 
A <&' la/7al, Trusting to others. 

A ^~ taltalluh, Austere, smiling. 
A jjj tataUud, Thick, hard. 
A jjj lalallutt Met, assembled. 
A u. gifo , Trouble. Ceremony. Love. 
A Jjj taltollttl, Crowned. Deserted. 
A /JiJ taltallum, Conversation. Love. 
A^Ki', Expecting, taking upon credit. 

A ,J^j j In the rear. A square spot. 
A <xJxf /a/^rf, Accumulating. 
A j&3 lallZ, Collecting. 
A u*~&> Attacking, flying. 

, Ceremony, employing. 

A jJ-JiJ' fulfil, Crowding, dispirited, 

bold, deserting friends. 
A *Jj , Getting to shore, detaining. 

Receiving part, and granting time 
for the rest of a debt. 
A Jj , Wounding, speaking. 

A ^;L>xJ latammush, Hastening. 
A AX^XJ , Wrapping one's self in a 
garment, putting on a round cap. 

A jj^xj' takammul, Entire, perfect. 

A **i , Covered. Fainting. 

A I y4&, Lying in ambush, betraying. 

AJ*J, Gathering mushrooms. Loath. 

ing. Hiding in a cave. 
H <Ux> takmah, Curiously laboured. 

A coat-button. 

A *&' tattammuh, Diui.sighted. 

A -^X.' taltamml, Covered, armed, 

Sr" * 

overwhelmed with sudden grief. 
A ijg4& , Spurring, driving. 
A J^Xj tahml, Perfecting. 
A *-^Xj' taftiviim, Budding. 
A t^-vXj tairmtn, Laying snares. 
A .Xj ///, A fruit-tree. 

, Lurking, entering a tent. 

A T--^' 1 ' latannut, Shrunk, chained ; 
connexion, friendship, commerce. 

A Ljb*J latannuf) Surrounding. 

A <L^J' takonnuh, Reaching the top. 

A t~i ialtniyal, Metonymical. 

A *-~& ((tftut, Maiming. 

A i i-^Xj lahitf, Surrounding. 

A (j-^J la'.iiiii) Preseiving. 

p x)' latu, Bruised grain. 

p (jJ*4J jb'j (Jji'i To strive, resist. 

p 4_f^^' tahipay, Run 1 , search! 

A j^u* , Dropping. Dejected. 
* 3 ia/;aaxouz, Collected. 


A (jj (ala&mtis, Inverted. 
A & , Distorted in the wrist. 

A u-Jy^-' , Round (as a sand heap, a 
crowd, &c.) going towards (sand). 
A cJ^J to/{> Drunkenness. 
p tl^J to-yM/, A cup. 

A Jj' , Assembled (against), over. 
whelming with blows or words. 

tatcnvwun, Being, moved. 
A s& latazczcuk, Divided, dilated. 

A t^s&i Squeezing in, drawing close. 
A ^jj , Striking with a stone. 
Conquering. Repelling. 
A 'V.y ta/iznd, Accumulating. 

(God) ordering night to 

succeed day. Throwing down. 
A ,j~y&i tofafy Precipitating. 
A *-;>> Wounding the elbow. 
A i_ iu> lafatf, Cutting (leather). 
A +.\jj ta/f&im, Accumulating. 
A .j.&i taki&n, Causing to exist. 
A 4& tikuh, The trowsers string. 

Talah, A plume, arrow, a bit. 

Cavernous (a mountain). 

lultuiihun, Predicting. 
la/;Jitd, Hastening. 

A c*^ ful-fcn See ,-j^J. 

p j^Ju^J' la.fidan. To run up and 

down. To rock. 

A ^~~.xf /a/7.?, Showing, cunning 
F <UXj' lafcakj Saddle-bags. 

A u_c-i' tafiayyufi Defined, blamed. 

A J*^ Standing in the rear. 
p 4^jC /c/m, A matvon. Brave. A 
pillow, a prop. A convent. 

A (~***j laf-ytt) Filling a purse. 


A ,,-JAX}' iftbyisj Making wise. 
A *u_ .t . ' ! a $ytfi Describing. Th 

cesura. Statue. Cholic. Dissection. 
A J^o' takyil, Timid, 
p (Lj& (agar/;, Hail, a storm, 
p (Jj' lal, A tailor's needle-bag. 
A So /a/a, A treaty, protection, 
p ^Jtala, Poor. An awl. 
A jLiL}' lala-ulu) Flashing. 
A * Jl 7 , Returning to fa^ur. 
p i^j&i lalab, A pond. See c_->-b'. 
p'jU^lj talabah, Guards of an army. 
A L-jib' , A well-ordered thing. 
r ^J^^J' i To ring, cackle, cry. 
P w-aJ'^i' tdatuf, Dirty. Sordid. 
p (jji^J (alatum, Abstinent, pure, 
p -Jb' , A noise, mob, employ. 

A ^b' talahh, Emulating. 

A j^-ilj , Vying in reciting verses. 

A 'la.~^lu lalakuZ) Looking back at one 


A (J^J tala/iut, Successively 
A ^^^ lalahi, Mutually blaming. 
A jilj lilad, Domesticated. 
A t/J^J (iladi, Vernacular. 
A ,<-^^J talasfu, Dispersioh. 
A hJUla&jf , Dashing (as waves). 
A i.jiL'ib' (ala/juf, Benevolent. 
A J?L' tala/um, Fighting. 
A ^cib' , Cursing one another. 
A ^|^J N 1' ialfiflun. Self-extolling. 
A ^jib lalafut.) Touching, finding. 

Taking, reconciling. 
A ,ci^J ialafi, Obtaining. 
A ^^J talalt, Intercourse. 
A L ^j {(dati) Re-union. 

lallalt A bagnio boy. 


A Jfc Tallal, A crier. 

A a]iL> ialalal, An error. 

A ^Aj talan, Now. Pi^y, spoil. 

A CJjlO' tilazcaf, Reading. Balance. 

A +j\j , Mutual accusation. 

A jjrA; ialtitci, Agreeing. 

i' ^Jo^jiiJ tfiliitcidan, To drop. 

A j^.ilj , Kind. Indulgent. 

A M^JUf talb, Loss, destruction. 

A t_-%~J , Tucking up. Girding. 

""* jT 

A ci^Jj t(dabbuS) Delaying. 

A jjj talabbud, Accumulated. Lurk- 
ing. Stopping. Overflowed, leafy. 

A jj-Jj , Clothed. Engaged. 

A iaJj ialabbut^ Running. Agitated. 

A uXJJ ialabbut, Confused. 

A ^y&J tulabbun, Delaying. 

A AJLJ /oftoA, A wallet, saddle-bags. 

A c,**.*^ talbib) Collaring. 

A d-v*ij talb'tS) Delaying. 

A *X-JJ talbld) Covering thick. 

A u**^ faltis, Covering. Fraud. 

A (j^fi3 /o/^/-, Softening (paste with 

, Mixing flour with honey. 
(alb'm, Brick-making. 
, A sweet beverage. 
talbiyati, Your pleasure ? 

A <0j , State, indolence, a draught. 

A ** talaltukh) Contaminated. 
A <^lj' tdatalal. Agitated. 
A c^liJJ tiilasluS) Wavering. 

A ^J tula :.u,tn-> Kissing. 

^* , Wishing to clear one's self. 

, Digging, dug (a well). 
tdqjluj, Agitated. 

A . talqjjum, Bridling (a horse). 

A sr j lalajjuri) Washing the head. 
p .usV laljij, Going out to sea. 
a well. 

A +~s? (tdjirn, Bridling. 
A <Us t.aljiyah, Forcing. 

:sr /ulahhuz, Avaricious. 

, Covering with a sheet, &c. 

//', Moistening. 
A jlj /&[/, An eaglet. 
' ?&' A scorpion's nest, 

A <_sr lalahhuk, Following. 

A *s*-' /o^A^, Confusing. 

A tX^s^ talhtd, Burying. 

A t_ i^r j Sweeping with the train. 

A c*^ lalh'm, Speaking badly. 

Speaking or reading melodiously. 
A g lalkh, Bitter. Bitterly. 
A i^v=^ lalkhis, An explanation, a 

report of state affairs.' 

A jJu /o/otf, An eaglet. 

p jjj /i^u(/, A pimple. A bump. 

A jjJj , Looking to right and left. 


A A jjj laldddum, Tearing. Mending. 

A ^jjJj laladdun, Delaying. 

A JojJj //(&/, Dispersed. 

A j^jJj /a/c/w, Shoeing. 

A *jjjj //<//, Mending a garment. 

A ^dlf /oWw, Moistening cloth. 

A jilj fatazlui, Pleasure. 

A ftjJj lataiiutt Walking well. 

A ^.jii' talaiiMJi Ductile, limber. 

A k-.-o.jij talub, Firm. Intricate. 


A <Ujb' i&iyuh, Giving. Feeding 
camels well. 

A ..-~A" talassuri) Acrid. Language. 
A ., 15 , Rendering eloquent. 
A *lb' talshil. Annihilating. 

A i,a\j labtssus, Plundering. 
A {je+d-'j foists. Plastering. 

A J^u lalaftukh, Contaminating. 
A LLb' , Denying a just debt. 
r jJab' , Toothless from age. 
A c-ilab talatluf, Blandishment. 
A ULb talaltofan, By favour. 
A Jab talallum^ Apostatizing. 
A ,-kb , Waiting (for a foe). 

lalfif, Caiessing. 
talfim, Buffeting. Sealing. 
A lailab , Twisting.. Enraged. 

A /Jib lalaira) Burning, flaming. 
A Jj lalat, Length of neck. Full. 
A c_>lxb lul^ab, Play, sporting. 
A ^.ib taliifit, High. Low ground. 
A *i*b (ala^sum, Delaying. Patient. 
A >jjtb/fl/afzwm, Eating, devouring. 
A i^*b ialajjLHS) Difficult. 
A _*b' lalau%j Stripping buds 

A L-c*b' ialat&f, About to leap. 
' talatfu^ Shining. 
tala^lum. See *i*b. 

talat&, Concreting. 

tala&b, Salivation. Jest. 
A e/-*b , Cursing. Tormenting. 

A Jb lalugh-ghitd, Indignant. 
A c-cAb , Preparing to leap. 

A *jb lalugh-ghum t Anointing the 

mouth. Pronouncing. 
A ^ib , Black clay or mud. 
A c-^-b lalghtb, Fatiguing. 
A t_fib /o/a/", Ruin, killing. 

A UU-Jlb talajful, Bending, turning 
away. Involving 

A lifib , Expression. Speech. 

tcdaffuf, Wrapping up. 

lalaffut, Joined, following. 
ialfih, True, certain. 
falfiz, Pronwnciation. 
'alflf, Involving. 
Collecting. Sewing. 
A Ub /i//-a, Blame. Encountering. 

A t-^Jib , Taking a surname, 
A ff^ 3 t aloft faih t Accusing falsely. 
A laib lalaMut, Gathering up. 
A *Jib' talMut, Prating. 
A uJib ttdattufy Devouring. 
A j-rftb lalalfkitn^ Teaching. 

A ^^b talakkii Accepting. Meeting. 
Asking for. Conceiving (woman). 

A c^vJib lalKib, Sumaming. 

A ^Jib ftalfttyaJij Adding, joining. 

A b-bjdj tcdl/is. Mixing, mixture. 

A c-i;Ab ; j Causing to swallow. 

A tAJib tallnn^ Instructing. 

x C 

A ujOj /V/-a, She, that. 

A J^b t alaft hud, Embraced. Joined. 
firm. Fleshy, fat. 

A y3j talaUu, Stopping, delaying, 
A Jb' talal, Necks. Moisture. 

A Jj lalam, A trench. Tilam, a 

A ' talammaz. Inconstant. 
A ?*b , Breakfasting, tasting, 
A ^*b' , Speaking obscenely. 
A if-Aj talammus, Asking oftcu. 
A li<*b , Rolling the tongue. 
A -b' talammutj Snatching. 

A Jf*b' lalammuk, See ^ w . 

A iJJ^b talmah A robust youth. 

A ..^b lalammt, Changed (colour). 
A JLJj tdniih, Indicating. 
A Jw*l; , A scholar. A disciple. 
A !x~*lj talauz, Feeding. 

A <ib tulunnafi Delay, needful. 
p C/VMJJ lalangubin, Manna, 
<JxJj falingah, A soldier. 

tulungin, A beggar, poor. 

tulunrii, Lazy. A drone. 

p ^ij /a^, A briar, bramble. 
A Jj film, Thin. Following. 
p <LJAj talwasahi Commotion. 
A Slu fifaat, A stray kid. 

A vjj talazowus, Pollution. 

A Jtjj lul i id, An old possession. 

v <Ujjli' taliisah) Commotion, per- 

cussion. Infirmity, a scabbard. 
i> jj-4-* lolwis, A flower.bud. 

A jjfl^J > Twisted, inverted. 

A IsjJj talaoD&utj Bestiality, 
A J^Jj lalul, A sluggish horse, &c. 
p js+*y3 tulumbai) A tambourin. 
t <Ujb' talumah, The bud of a tree. 
A jjjlj /o/on, Delay, needful. 

A u^' i Coloured. Adorued. 

sJu Udazcucuh) Shining. Moved. 

talaww. Bent. Perverse. 
J , Mixing. Perfuming 
<0 jb' tdvciyaJi) Twisting, shaking 
the head. Preferring, avoiding. 
A ci^j JJ , Staining. Muddying. 
talwih, Changing colour. 
Stuffing with almonds. 
A ^,A> Jj , Eating pure honey. 
A t&yJ talzsiJt) Buttering (meat). 

A *jjb' falzcim, Reprehending. 
A ^yJ Colouring, adorning. 

p Ab lallah, A gin for birds. A 
tailor's goose. Shambles. A stair* 

p c-^b (ala/ihub, Burning. 
A xb lula'ihud, Driving ut. 
A u-ogiy , Lamenting. Ah ! alas ! 
A (J^J tdafihult) Opaque, white. 
A *,) takthhum, Gulping. 

, Breakfasting. Lunching. 
, Playing, unbending, 



A i_gl'' (alhtb, Inflaming. 

A <u.b' , Loving, unbending. 

A ^-P talhij t Giving breakfast. 

A J^b' talhld, Pushing away. 

A Ju^b' taUui) Striking. 

A i_*7^" tallfifi Crying out ah ! 

A ^2 , A bramble. A pen. Poor. 

A <Lb taKyat, Reading. Residue. 

A *-l~b' talayyus, Bold. Staining. 
A Jub' I atid, Hereditary wealth. 
p (JljJj laTuidni, A work. bag. 
A i^...,.Jj laGsah, A sack, a testicle. 
p <LJj laTtsat, A one carpet. 

US 174 

A _Jj latt^ A hamdsome man. 
A &JU taiift/, Any thing lost. 
A JJj //?/, Frustrate. The neck. 

A ^nJj tduyyun^ Caressed. Placid. 
A k-Jj /o/J/, Joining, gluing. 
A *-Jj tattylm. Mitigating. 

A c/J^'j Softening. Soothing. 

r Jf /aw, A cataract in the eye. 
Darkness. A dish cover. An 
awning. Tim, Summack. 


A *j tamma, It is finished. FzVjfc. 
A jiUj' /ama-or, Boasting together. 
AyJ'Uj tamafur, Flying (sparks of 

fire). Dragging. Dispersed. 
A JjUj lamdsul) Recovering. 
A i-V^-W 1 ' latnajud) Contending. 
A *_-Uj, Sneering, saucy. 
A ujCs-UJ tamahuh, Litigating. 
A ijLiJ lamadukh) Iniquity. 
A i^Ui' iamadi, Perseverance, 

A tL*j' tammar^ A date-seller. 

A ^jo\4j tamaru'i) Feigning disease. 

A j^;Uj, Drying (a she-camel). 

A c?;Uj lamarl, Doubting. 

A \\AJ .lamaz, Distance, removal. 

A -.jUi' tamazuh, Jesting together. 

A ^Uj tamass, Touching one an- 
other. Holding, containing. 

A ^LtJ, Mutual confidence. 

A uX-Uj' tamasult, Adhering. Able. 

F UUj tamasha, A show, sport, 
amusement, pleasure. 

p *\f U.Uj Icana^haguht A theatre. 

A J^iiUi', Snatching from one another. 

A .-fflv , Fighting together. 

A feU? #aw5a, Contending. 

A ^U)' Ictma/tus, Litigating. 

A uJ' lamalul, Able. Refrain- 

ing. Containing. 
A JUJ (atnulu, Mutually aiding. 
A +\AJ tamam, Entire, safe. AH. 

Finished. End. Entirely. 
A Lcl/J tamaman, Entirely. 

, Feigning death. Suicide. 
j famahat, Tainted (meat). 
j tamiihult, Litigating. 
lamayuh, Staggering. 
Disturbing friendship. 
(amayui, Distant, retiring. 
A (J^bj tanuiyul) Inclining. Flying. 


A c^v*J titmmal, The end, Finis. 

A b*J limlam, Stuttering. 

A ^IxiJ limtan, Tlie seams of a tent. 

A -J^^J (amlra/!, Ornament*- 

A ^ (amafluL, Gaining, using. 
A *2*J lumlum t Summack. 
A --^j lamlt^j Cultivating. 
A cf^v lamtin, Confirming. 

A Ji^J, Comparing, imitating. 
A (J-irfJ tamsil) Comparison. Al- 
legory, parable, fable. 

tamajjud, Glorified. 

^ i tamajjus, Embracing the 
Persian religion of the Magi. 
A A : ^ > lamfid, The glory of God. 

A .f* /W.' One of the 

t amah hut, Abolishing. 

A uj^s*-' tamafihut, Morose. Sour. 

A J.^* J lamahhulj Deceiving. Seek- 

ing his own. Assiduous. 
A <Us^ lamhiyah, Brazing. 
A y~2 tf * s lamh'is, Proving. Choos- 

ing, lessening. Unnerving (meat). 

A c^a^ tamhtn, Stripping. 
A -js** , Extracting marrow. 
Catching the wind. 

tamakhkhui, Churned 
(milk). Conceiving. 

Blowing the nose. 
lamakhkhi, Liberal, excel- 

lent. Abstaining. Apology. 
A <Us^ taniakhkhiyali, Removing. 

A -.XK> (amadduj, Extended, wide. 
Full. Ripe. Swelling. 

A <XJ, Self-coramending. 

A J*XJ lammoildud^ Extended. 
Yawning. Strutting. Conceited. 

A JtXJ, Wiping one's self. 

A (jA*J, Assembled. Rich. 
A^jXJ lamdih, Praising greatly. 
A Ju.XJ, Extending prolonging. 

lamdir, Claying a pond, See. 
tamdin, Building cities. 

A <XJ , Swelling. Jeering. 

A Jj.x*J lamaztur, Fetid (water). 

A <U .XJ', Sending to pasture. 

A^jj^J tamzir. Dispersing. 

A /-** A ripe or dry date. Eating dates. 

p Timar, A disorder of the eye, a 

flaw in a diamond. 
A J^J (tmrad, A pigeon-house. 
A i>/J, A knot upon, a whip. 

J, Stubborn, insolent. Beardless. 

tamarruS) Rubbing against. 

tamarrus, Unbarking. 
A jj^j' tamarrui) Languid. Sick. 
A -vj) Dropping off (hair). 

A ^J tamarru^j Hastening, hasty. 

A %^j*>, Tumbled. Writhing with 
pain. Long at pasture. Urging. 

A yjrfj , Elegant. Excelling. 

Self- important. Accustomed. 
A jyti tamarmur^ Trembling. 

A jjv famarru, Humane, brave. 

A <^*J /cwiam, Adorning. 

A f.j*J> Filling a leather bag with 

water to close up tlie holes. 
A &j*J lamrikh, Anointing. 
A <^,^i (amrid, Stripping. Shaving. 
A yJ^J tumrtr^ Making bitter. 
A 'j+* famrii, Weakening. Nurs- 

ing the sick. Deficient. 
A >Uy*J tamri/j Pulling hairs. 
A j-iyx*J, Allowing to wallow. 
A JJ^*J tamrik, Singing. 
\ ijl./** tatnrin^ Softening. Sternly. 
P >*Ji> To keep a modest silence. 

A JJAJ taautzutr. Sipping, sucking. 
A t>4J, Grumbling. Tom. Dividing. 

lanuzu&, Torn. 

i Moving. Driving. 
p AA*J tamjahj A platform. 
A L> v*J tamuyah, Bestowing praise. 
A rfi ;*J lamzy, Turning yellow. 
A ^>*J famzi/ij Fruiting (the vine). 
p jjJu^J tamiudan, To be silent. 
A jj^J tam~~ir, Filling (a bottle). 
A ^^ tanr'tt., Disp^ning. 
A ^J >*J lamzV;', Lacerating. 
A ^ 'J (am'ien, Filling (a bottle). 
A -LJ I am sah) A lie. A liar. 
A^ST-^ tamaikhur, Ridicule. 
A i!> .-f 7 tumusuif;, A bond, receipt. 


A u^-ww#/j' tamsiyat) Good evening ! 
A ujC-^^J tamstt, Perfuming with 

musk. Giving earnesl. 
A li**j' tamsha, Walking. Gait. 

A .JL*J tamashshur. Becoming rich. 
A , Z~L*3 lamashshush, Gnawing. 
, Removing, Cleaning. 

tJ tamashshult) Torn. 
* '" , Promotion, walking. 
Taking out marrow. 
A -^*i' (amshitj Emplying a dish. 
A (J.~L*j tamshtt, Tinging. 
A Ju^UJ , Giving liltle milk. 

tamshm, Refusing milk. 

famassus, Sucking. 
A j"Us,*J , Giving little milk. 

A^*dLJ lamdi'iur^ Inflamed. 
A ^jaAa^i , Falling asleep, washing 
the mouth. 

A ^OAJ tamazzi, Transmitted. 
tamzir, Afflicting. 

, Drinking sour milk. 
A j-^i4J tamzit, Fighting fiercely. 


A JOAJ lamatlur, Raining, wetted. 

A ViWt , Thick, frowning, 

A (J^kiAj t Tasting, licking. 

A k^JuAJ' lamafmu^ Slow, muddy. 

A iJa^J tamalfi) Yawning, long (day). 

tamtitj Scorning. 

lamazzut., Licking up. 
, Oiling a bow-string. 

AJX4J', Knit the (brow) Furious. 
A I^OJMJ (amathis t Griped. 
A \aMJ tama^tnf^ Bald. 

j t Going deep. Rash in speech. 

J' tamattitt, Wallowing. 

iamaLti, Yawning. 
A tlXx/J lamttl, Tumbling about. 
A U*J tamgha, A royal charter. 

A Lx^J tamaghghul, Stretching the 
fore feet in running. 

lamaghght, Soft (leather). 
tamaMus, Fainting. 

A (JAM tamaltltuf/, Sipping often, 
A j^r-^UJ' 5 Pouring out much water. 
A kJU" tamKitj Throwing down. 
A < p *JUJ tamtili) Keeping sparingly 
(domestics). Stingy. 

A <^J' lam/ilrus, Tedious, slow. 

A XJ , Tinged with vermilion. 
A u^3L*J, Sucking, severe to a debtor. 

A jLv Inhabiting, power, able. 

A JLu lamaMh Swelling. 

lam/tir, Regraling corn. 

tamlfis^ Bidding for goods. 
A c/vtJ tamOin^ Majesly, power. 

A ^ , Well, well ! go on 1 . 
A J- 4J tamaittukh) Tearing out 
A JvJ lamallu'z, Accompanying. 
A ^^-i^J , Baring, polishing. 

tamallus, Escaping. 

maUul, Unfeathered. 
A j_Lj tamattugh, Feigning folly. 
A JJUJ lamallub, Blandishment. 
A uJXv , Conquering, mastering. 
A JJUJ' tamailuly Tossing in bed. 


A ^famallu, Filled, swelling. 
A CJjLfcJi, A species of wild olive. 

A O~*^ I am all t, Living long, enjoy, 
ing long the society of a friend. 
Inditing a book. 

A <ui*J , Full. Tamliyat, Enjoying. 
A *xLJ famltk, Over salting the pot. 
Fat for killing (a camel). 

lamfid, Softening leather. 
Iambi, Setting free. 

Smoothing, softening. 
, Plastering. Shaving. 
, Striking, levelling, 
tamlilt, A possession. 
lamlilt, Hereditary., 
, Hereditary right. 
A ^*L+j famlil, Causing haste. Mak- 
ing restless, uneasy. 
A ^4J' , An amulet of camel's hair, 
p ^j tuman, Ten thousand 1 . 

A u*J lamanna, Wishing, asking. 
p SJ^AJ famandafi, Hesitating. 

A iuj*J lamannut, Hindered, firm. 

A u^j famannun, Debilitating. 
P L-LJ / among, The oxyacanth. 

A -j4J lamanrii, A prayer. 

A ^-^*J famtut, Driving away. 

A <^**J , Causing to ask, request. 

lamazozeuj, Undulation. 

(umuri, Any one. 
A jj4j , A Syrian month (July). 
r cLSl^J lamuk) A butt for archers. 

A J^iJ /amaa-izul, Rich. 

A ^tau' lamawla', Assuming. 

A ^j-iJ' lamaisxnri) Giving much. 
A i^j j*j tamvc'tt , Causing death. 

Washing. Selling figs. 

A (JjyJ lamzcil, Enriching. 
A <L>j^J , Flowing. Gilding. 
A <UJ (amah, Tainted (as meat J. 

A A$4j lamuhhud) Gain, idle. 
A / ^j (ama/ihur, Ingenious. 

, Drinking often of wine. 

A J^ lamtfitul, Excelling, surpass. 
ing. Slowly, tedious. 

tamahmuh, Abstaining. 
tamhiyat, Sharpening. 
J lam/iid, Disposition 

Drinking much milk. 
lamlnl) Giving time. 

**J , Softening by rain. 
(amid. Perpetual. 

Separated, noticed, broken. 
J tamayyus, Flaunting. 

lamayyut^ Flowing. 

, An animal like a cat. 
P *~*j , Well formed, firm. 
+AJ lamimat, A charm. 

j' , Macerating, dyeing. 

tamyi:., Discernment. 
A J--*J tamt/tl, Irresolute. 
Y .j Ian, 'The body, this, that. 

linn, Alike, a fellow, equal. 
Lj , Receiving, absent. 
A i*w /inu-afi A mansion. 

^ ; , Torn up. Flowing. 

, Intangled (herbage). 
, Dispersed, perisbing. 
J lanasul, Rushing upon. 

j lanajus, Stability. 

, Having a dream verified. 
iJ tanujukh) Coateution. 


A a 


A ^>-bo tanajush, Puffing goods. 

A J-f-bJ tanajul, Disputing. 

A ^jf-bJ 5 Communicating secrets to 

one another. Whispering. 
A c-^W , Fixing time (for battle). 
A ystte fanahur, Flying at (in bat- 

tle), opposite. Attacking. 

A jbJ tancidd, Terrified. 
A ^jbJ , Reviling one another. 
A jObo, Chatting freely, consulting. 
A i_^bo Calling to one another. 

Terrifying. Intimidating. 

J taruidid. Scattered (birds). ' 
j tanazur, Admonishing. 

lannar, An ovtn.builder. 
j lanazut., Disputing. 
j tanazufi, Reproaching. 
Piercing each other. 
A Jjbj tanazuZ, Alighting, to fight. 

Rushing down. 
A c^v-sbo, Resembling, related, sue. 

cession of ages. Fit. 
A j^bj lanasukh, Death, inheritance. 

Telling privately. 

lanasul, Begetting. 

, Scorning, forgotten. 

o tanas/tub, Connected. 

tanashud, Repeating verses 
together. Satirizing. 
A j^jlu , Smelling, getting drunk. 
A ^"uJ , Admonishing mutually. 
A ^LJ , Assisting one another. 


A <*Ju>\ij tanasuf, Halving. 
A ^Uj , Contending in darting. 
A ^KlJ , Meeting (extremes). 
A ^^ J Fi S h ting, changing. 

A ^^i j Facing, disputing. 

P f ^J' (unfit, The stirrup cup. 

A ^^i > Animating one another 
before battle. 

A^to tanaghur, Showing, dislike. 

A jj^iUJ' tanaghuz, Enmity. 

A jilii lanafuz, Litigating. 

A^sLj' , Terrifying, remote. 

A >JuJ fanafuZ) Leaping together. 

A ^Ij , Wishing for. Seizing. 

A kslxj' lanafu^ Casting up scum. 

A yUj lanafi, Persecuting, endea- 
vouring to ruin one another. 

A JaSlij ianakui) Contradiction. 

A L^-^Lj' t anal/US) False, inimical. 

A iXiuJ', Being severe to one another. 

A ^ta' j Denying. Hostility. 

A t_cLi' , Exchanging discourse. 

p jjkXJbj , To pour. To clean. 

A (^jliJ , A wolf, a likeness. 

P ^JuJ bo , To cause to weave. 

A L^VV lftazcub, Observing time. 

A *jbo , Neglecting sacred things. 

A 0U?| Contrary winds. Weeping. 

p jjbj , Corpulent (man). 

A ^jbo , Approaching, attacking. 

A Jjlx> , Devouring, giving, 

A /*jbJ landicum^ Feigning sleep. 

A tp^UJ> , Raising dust" (a camel). 

A iXfcbJ lanakud, Sharing, giving. 

A ;i>Lj' tanahw., Pre-occupying, 

A f^a^J tanuhuz, Assaulting. 

A ^bo tanalit^ Finishing, arriving 
near, prohibiting, checking. 

A U-bJ tariayut, Drowzy. 

A ^jbo' ianayi) Retiring mutually. 

A jUiJ limbal, A dwarf. 

r jjLxJ' tumban, Short breeches. 

A i_--wOJ tanabbub, Flowing (water). 


A ,xJ lanabbuz, Reviling. 

A L~J lanabbut, Causing to flow. 

A -*^>' ? Flowing by degrees. 

p tjl^ -.'' tunbuk, A crucible. 

P J^jJ tambal, Lazy. A knave. 

Tumbul, Fraud. Tambul, Betel 

leaf, paan. 

A J^' tanabbul, Excelling. 

A y^j lanabbu, Prophesying. 
r <U;J tambak, Saddle-bags. 

A <UiJ' tanabbuh, Advice. Roused. 
A (-.**.'" (ambib, Producing joints. 
A <U-jJ tambii/at, Prophesying. 
A tz--..iJ' I ambit j Causing lo grow. 
A (j<X~J , To twist, plait, &c. 
A Ju..:J tambtz, Throwing away. 

iamb'ii) Calling names. 

J' (ambts, Speaking quick. 
tambis, Speaking low. 
Making water to flow. 
tambil, Planting in a line. 

i lambil, Coaxing to eat. 

tamb'ih) Chiding, rousing. 

tantal, A dwarf. 

J , Pulling off much hair, 

lauttn, Rendering fetid. 

tanssur, Scattered. 
A^oJ fan sir, Dispersing. 
* J? tanj, A collection, expression. 
p <yLsr >J tanjalatii Expression. 
f tt^ts^ lanjamah) A garment. 


A tJ^s*-' (anqjjus, Examined. 
A ^ lanryjuh, Expediting well. 


A As^' (anajjud, Carried off. 
Aj^s- , Expediting. Pressing to drink. 

tanajjusj Polishing. 
lanajjut) Evil-eyed. 
A >ac\j tanajjum, Star-gazing. 
A XscO' tanajjuh) Repulsing. 

A ^s& tanajjt) Seeking the highest 
ground. Smelling, diffusing scent. 

A \_ *:.' f ^ ? Unbarking a tree. 

A &+s& tanjiyat, Setting free, taking 
away. Embarking. 

tamjh, Prospering. 

A A+stilanjid, Ornamenting a house. 

Tried by misfortune. 
P jjJusai' , To girth. Tormented. 
A Jusru , Wise (experience). 
A ^^s\j tanjis, Polluting. 
A j-^sXi' { 'unfit, Salutary. 
A A-actf , Calculating by the stars. 

A y~saJ' , Examining. Fasting. 

A *^0' , Removed. Leaning upon. 
, Diligent. Near water. 

A <UrU lanhiyah) Alienating. 
A Juactf lanhS, Giving a present. 

A j-sai' , Spitting. Raining. 
A J^VJ' , Choosing the best. 
+S&J , Looking austere. Spitting. 

lanakhnukh, Reclining. 
j lanafchkhu, Boasting. 

p i^jidi' tanktiah) An assignment, 

or order, for payment. 
Aj^kij' lankhir, Speech, discourse. 

p JcJ , Dispersed, close eye-browed. 

p JkJJ lund, Fierce, stern. High. 

Bold. Strong. Swift, brisk. 
A JcJ lanadduh, Feeding (sheep). 
A iJoJ lanaddukh) Arrogant. 


r j&3 tundar, Thunder. 

f LS^-yJoJ iau-durust) Healthy. 


p )j&2 (iindrcti?, Swift. 
p t}jj<^i ; lundurud, Crude butter. 

A tr Xtf lanaddus, Burying. En- 
quiring. Striking down. Exuding. 

A JJoJ , Wiping one's self. 
p *UE*feJ , Head-strong horse. 

A /JoJ' tanaddum, Penitent. 
r iiXiJ' tundafi, The bud of a leaf. 
p tJoJ tandu, A spider. 
p ^jJoJ tundur, Thunder. A stove. 
p u>*XO' /wfff, Austerity. Fierce. 
' Tubercles. A slope. 

tanaddti Very liberal. 
A JJJcJ tandiyat) Moistening. 
A JoJcJ , Divulging. Defaming. 
F c ,Jo JcJ tundtdun^ To thunder, to cry 
out, chide, bud, blossom. 

p JujJcJ , The body. More. 
A j-.->,i^ ; landigh, Flouring. 

A tjcJ (anazzur, Timid. Vowing. 
p ^jJ^J' To be silent, modest. 

A .lij /onazzur, Becoming small. 

A JjiJ tandziul, Descending slowly. 
Deigning. Revelation. 

A p, Far (from water, Sec.). Pure. 
A i^.i ^ 5 A- nnc thick muslin. 
A fijiJ faniiyat) Desirous. 
A uj^j tanzi;i,Removing. Nourishing. 
A _) jii* /fmiztj Causing to remove. 
A c_fi-> U.J lariuf. Drunk. Bleeding. 
Leaping (a horse). 

A Jj^ /oJM/, Revelation. 
A <bjiJ 'onziA, Purifying. 
A jwwJ (ansas t A quick pace. 

A t-^-jJ , Pretending to relationship. 
p <U~.;J tanastah, A cobweb. 
P *~* J lansukh, Rare, precious. 

A ^-Jj , Untwisting. Departing. 
A <n ;. J tanassu"^ Loose (teeth). 
A L-, ?...;." , Throwing down. 

A^J^-jJ' tanassult) Arranged (a speech). 
Ordained. Predisposed. 

A LL~^' tanassut, Devout, pious. 
A .r^--" , Breathing. Perceiving, 
p J; ^' tansul:^ A present, 
p <L~:J tansah, A carpet, tapestry. 
A -*-ruux'-" lausiyah, Causing to forget, 
p ^Ju ij tansjdan, To be tormented, 

strangled, suffocated, 
A it_ J>,3' laniit) Loose (teeth). 

lansif, Throwing (down). 
lansit, Arranging. 
lansjl, Moulting. 
, Beqinning any thing. 

tanashshub, Fixed in mind. 
A >xij>." , Enquiring news. Divulging. 

A y-^J lanashshw'i Unfolding. Dis- 
persed. A table. 

A ^J lunmhshui) Severe. 
A kiii' lanashshuf, Brisk, active. 
A T_J^.J , Groaning inwardly. 
A 1^3-- --.'. tanashshuf) Imbibing. 

tanashshum, A beginning. 

, Rising up to begin. 

j lanshuyi,A common shore. 
tanashsht, Smelling. 

X> , Fixing, Blowing. 


A <tJLjJ tanslu-ali. Educating. 
f ^JuJLjJ , To be suffocated. 
A^-JUJ tanshir, Displaying. 
A h;. ,:>:>' , Making cheerful. 

A J. ; . *...' lanshil, Giving breakfast. 
A f^y" lanshlm. Attacking, begin- 
ning. Appearing. Tainting. 

A u^wixJ' , Rising, attending. 

A ^-^ lanussuh, Taking advice. 
Wishing well. 

A -~xJ , A Christian. Aiding. 
A \j&e , Informing by letter. 
Au-2-siJ, Serving. Veiling. Halfing. 

A J*3ii' tanassul, Absolved. Draw- 
ing out. Choosing. 

A jrf-axJ lanassi) Curling. Marrying 


A c-~-*<aiJ' tanslb, Laying snares. 
A^j^xJ lansir, Christianizing. 
A i^s^j' tansis, Harassing a debtor. 

Affirming, writing. 
A t-.r r ^J (ansifj Halfing. Veiling. 

Middle aged. Mid-day,. 8cc. 

A ^j t ana z~.uh)Sunk (eyes). Clear- 
ing himself (from a crime). 

A u&J , Dispatching. Praising. 
A .gua'.j lariig, Boiling well. 
A Ou*iJ tarizid, Arranging. 

lunar , Blessing (God). 

' tanalju^ Curious. Nicely. 
, Attentive. Artfully. 
> lanatfuf, Suspecting. 

A ^iaij , Sashing. Speaking for. 
A ixskJ /ano/flM/, Distant. 

tanfif, Ear.ringing. Cau. 
ing to drop. Accusing. 
A (JH&J , Putting on a sash. 
A jllaiJ liriiur. Looking, viewing. 

A jh tanazzur, Patience. Seeing. 
A w. oli.vT /anozsw/, Cleaning; neat. 

A UiiJ fm&at, Set in order. 
4j$* (anzir, Beholding. Like. 
A c c^lj^' latKifj Purifying. 
luri~im, Arranging. 

J tenab, A croaking. 
A Jl*-J tanat&l, Putting on shoes. 

*jcj' tanat^um^ Happiness. Nice. 
A ^jcJ lana&iut, Distant. Shaking. 
A ^jL-MJ lan^tshy Exalting. 
A J-J ianttf, Shoeing. 
A *-JcJ lantern, Favouring. 

A ^J (anaghghur, Taking offence. 


A ^MJ tanaghghush, Trembling. 
^J , An unhappy life. 

Nodding assent, trembling. 

A *icJ (anaghghtim, Low-toned. 
Ay ; iij , Calling. Tickling. 
A ^ >>r ajcJ , Making life wretched; 

u. y_-" (unnaf, A great desert. 
A ^ lanqffiy, Boasting falsely. 
A ^ tanaffuh , Opposing. Returning. 
A i^ tanaffakh t Blowing. Fasting. 
A .^J ttmflffur t Aversion. 

A ..Ji^) lanqlfu.^ Breathing, sighing. 

Dawning. Drinking. 
A <LJuJ, A small carpet. Long hair. 

, Bristling from fear, 


A yaks tanoffui, Exploring. 


A LbJ, Pimpled (the hand). Sneez- 
ing. Raging. 

A ' ^xJ, Swelling (the hand). 
A (j&J tanaffuk, Dragging out. 

A JLj ianafful, Supererogation. 
A ^J^tanfah. See 4JuJ . 
A S& t Grumbling (the belly). 
A JJbJ fanfi'z, Transmitting. 
A JMJ fanfir, Terrrifying. Pre- 
ferring. Abusing. Abhorring. 
A JuuJ fanfzz, Dandling a child. 

/a/z5, Consoling. 

, Teazing cotton or wool. 

/an/zz, Shaking. Beating. 
A J**i^ fartfil, Presenting. 
A AJuJ, Fatiguing (a camel). 
A (jolicJ tinkas, Detriment. Loss. 
A J*IAX> lint am, Punishment. 

A i,_-g--.v fanatfab, Veiling the face. 

A J-* 1 , Becoming lean (a camel). 

A J&J, Paying or presenting money. 

A jJu lanatfaz, Liberated, flying. 

A j& t anal far, Searched. 

A ^as^i tanatfas, Disgrace. Loss. 

A ^o&i, Corrupted. Split. Reduced. 

A JJO, Travelling. Copied. 

iM2 tannulah, Purity. 

A ( J^i tdnaJtla, Selected. Chosen. 

A L- -- '-' ! tanfib, Examining a mes- 
senger. Journeying. Flying for 

A c^-*JcJ lantiyat, Cleaning grain. 
tanfis, Couciliating. 

A ^J ianfiki Extracting marrow. 

Lopping. Cleaning, polishing, 
A iXJLJ lanliz, Freeing. 
A nsb-j I an far, Examined. 
A fj^MJ fan fas, Putting up ink for 

use. Abusing. 
A yi-wJ, Painting; drawing. 

Carving, embossing. 
^^aJLJ fan fas, Detriment. 
^s-JuJ fanfaz, Contention. 
A hJuJ fanfat, Pointing. Dotting. 

A J-fcJ fanfal, Transporting. 


P uXj', Thin. Shallow, A sack. 

J, Shunning. Slinging a bow. 

fanattud, Grieving. 
tankil, A case, a chest. 
lanftah, Gold; money. 
M&J fan fab, Misguiding. 
lanfad, Distressing. 
Ian far, Altering, disguising. 
Turning upside down. 
fanfaz, Accelerating. 

ra.fic, Repulsing, 
J' fanfal, Subduing. Torment- 
ing. Giving an example. 
p C-Xij' fang, Tight, close. A de- 
file. Rough. Scarce. A girth. 
A package, bundle. 
P jLxJ langbar, Haifa horse-load. 
P C^-W!<AJ, Poor, weak. Stingy. 
A (^MtJ&J, Poverty. Stinginess. 
P JJooJ langdil, Afflicted at heart. 
p .Jj&J, Grief, compassion. 
p JLJl)' tangsul, Scarcity. 
A ujli^J tangnay, A strait. A bar. 
p ,<WJ /a^;, Narrowness. Anguish. 

^T" . 

p i^OcJ, A kettle, a broken pot. 
A ^UjJ (anmas, Expihting. 


*J lanammur, Angry, enraged 
A ^-s^J, Using expilations* 
A J4^J, Moving like ants. 

A ,** tanammt, Soaring. 
lanmir. 111 disposed. 

-.*^ lanniis, Deceiving. 
A ,i-^J, Writing. Inditing. 
A <~~*ij lanmiyah) Telling lies. Ca- 
lumniating. Increasing. Quoting. 
A jJOJJ, A spider, A cob-web. 
r yJ /ami, Power. 
p (jtXJ iyj, To cause to twist, weave. 

A c_->y*J tannub, The pitch-tree. 
A ~.f3-tanawwuh, Agitated. 

A jyJ , Agitated (a branch). 

p (jjy^' (anudan, To twist, to spin. 

A jyJ tanawzcur, Flying. Shining. 
r jyj taniir, Fuel. An oven. 

p XjjiJ lannurak, A camp oven. 

A ^jij lanawzoui., Shaken (branches)." 
A <JjyJ lanufat, A wide desert. 

A jiyj tunaizwult) Intent on. Nice. 
J, Healthy, contented. 

p oJyJ lanzcand, Distracted. 
A '"!} lamsnkh, Subduing. 
A j>,} laTKsir, Illumination. 
A jjyJ tamciZ, Doing a little. 
A (_^-jyj' tanmS) Staying. 
A j^aJjX 1 ' lanmz, Dying cloth. 
A 5-7!*^' t(>nicit, Distiaguishing. 
A JjyJ tanwil) Giving. 
A +}jj tannim, Lulling to sleep. 
A ^^i tanrdn, Nunnation. 
A ^->yJ taniz'ih^ Praising. Calling. 
r & tanah) A web. Cloth. The 
pith, trunk of a tree. 

p l^jJ lanha, Alone. Solely. Secret. 

A l^J tanha^ A mound or dike. 

p iJ.Vj' t an h<iy~ l i Solitude. 

A t^J tanahnuh, Abstaining. 

p ^^J lanfa, He himself. 

A <U^J tanhiyat) Forbidding. Com- 
ing to. A fish pond, a lake, 

A Ju^ij' tanhid, Having plump breasts. 

A tL^^J tonfaftt Punishment. 

A <UJJ tamah, Half finishing. 

F JwJ lamd, A web. 

p ^^XjiJ , To twist, weave, spin, 
be silent. 

A i^uJ lariin, Alike, equal. Tannin, 
A dragon. 

A L-.^.^'' lanyib, Sprouting (a plant). 

A ^\~' , Making solid. Bruising. 

A^-iJ tanylr, Illustrating. 

A I_Q '" tanytf, Excelling. 

A ^-xi tanayyult, Nice. 

p jj' /aw, Heat. A twist. A pool. 

An axe. A grain, 
p y to, Thou. 

A y ta&w, Alone. Careless. A 
1000 horse. An edifice. 

A t- j\*j tazcwab, Penitent. 
A jly tawalur. Continuation. 
A *J**\j> tawajuh. Looking back. 

A ^>-ly iazeqju/ian, Opposite. 


A J^y lavcadd) Mutual friendship. 
A 9t>|y Reconciled. Parting, 
p ^-A^^jJ'j To lay one upon an- 

other. To be joined. 
A CJ^y' la&arus, Inheriting. 
A ^y> Corresponding. Attaining. 
A cJ;\jJ toKurut^ Leaning. 
A Xj\}i Itnxara^ A shed of reeds. 
A ^jJ taaan t Disappearing. 



A <_ Jjty, Balancing expenses. 

A ^nUj' tazeazun, Equal in weight, 

A uf^y taxait, Parallel (lines). 

A ki'y lazcashul, Meeting. 

A c^jLsly tawasuf Mutually praising. 

A J<0|y tuzeasul, Conjunction. 

A i<* tf V' tazsasij Commanding, 

teaching. Joined. Comparing. 
A -"^y tawazut, Humility. 
A ^\*j lawaluh) Fighting. 
A ,J?!y tawulus, Rushing. 
A ^J^y towafii Consenting. 
A *Xc1y, Promising. Agreeing. 
A^Jly tawafur, Abundance, a crowd. 
A (JJ\)i lawafut, Concord. Fitness, 
A tiW lu&ofii Coming in numbers. 

A jly, Having a strong desire. 
A ^y (awatuh, Proudly, obstinately. 
A *-J^y Tumbling over one another. 
A V_A<|J'', Facing one another. 
A c-a!y , Declining, changing. 
A <jty lawakul, Mutual trust. 
A AjljSll <$K1y, Wanting feet. 
p jly luwal, The end. Return. 
A jJ!y tawalud, Birth, succession. 
A ^Jly tazoali, Continuation. 

* ^^V' To P rick * To vex - 
A A*1jj taaa-am, A twin. 
r ^ly /22>a, Power, valour. 
P lily tawana, Omnipotent (God). 

Potent. Powerful, able. 
t (jli^y, Power, strength, ability. 
P i^~Jly luzuanislan, To equal. 
r^^y (uwangar, Rich, great. 
A ^y tuwam. Delay, languor., 

, Quickening the pace. 

tanahiJji Doing alike 
p LA-^V To be able. 
A c-> /a&, Repentance. 

P C-?3' tub, A fold, multiplicity. 
v ^()J tuban, Wrestlers brcechee. 
A <Jjy lazcbat, Repentance. 
Pj&y, Penitent, held by a vow. 
p Jtj' tubar, A bird, 
p yyy , A pasty. Fold on fold. 

A sieve, with large meshes, 
p i^jy tubraky A wallet. 
r Ujy ^*a/', A fullers beetle, 
P Jjy /w6o/, Bald on the forehead. 
A <Ljy ta&bi-al) Arranging 
A ^*y larsblkh) A reproach. 
A ^y laicbir, Running to hard 

ground. Flying. Alienated. 
A (^Ar^y tazabish, Mixed (people). 

Intent upon. Flocking to. 
A j^/s-Jy (avbis, Opening the eyes. 
A jy lazebit, Breaking wind. 
A %-^y latcbigh) Upbraiding. 
A Jby topal, Particles of ore. 

ful, A mulberry. CUy 
, An hour. 

A Jy , Drinking a little wine. 

A ^y tawatlur, Hajd, stiff (a nerve), 
P uJiy /o/rt/', A parrot ; bread, 
p ^j^y (ufagl, An old coin, 
p yy tola, Covering each other, 
p <oy, A mole, freckle. A weevil, 
A Ljy tutiya, Tutty. Vitriol. 
A ^y'j Making a small present. 
A Xjy tazclid, Fixing firmly. 
A^jy laictlr, Stringing a bow. 

A u-^oy tazi-assub) Springing up. 

A (Jjy lazcassut,', Confirmed. Steady. 
A jjy /M5r, An officer of revenue* 
A yjy lawstr. Beating soft. 
A /_?J*J tawsU, Establishing. 
A J-^y fa&sil) Strengthen ing > 


f _y luj, Brass, bronze, copper. 
A quince. 

A ^y, Rapt. Stupid. Astonished. 
A^/^y latcajjur, Swallowing (physic). 

Doing soon. Asking. 

, Listening. Afraid. 
A _y Iazft7/ytt, Pained. Grieving. 
A ..^'-J' (o^ojjun^ Submitting. 
A j-y iatcqjju, Striking. 

A 4>y, Facing. Praying. Proceed- 
ing. Regard. Sending. 

A [j^y lateajji, Pained in the foot. 

Tazyl, All the taxes. 
A Us-y tiyiya, A torrent. 
A y_ ^^j" tazcjib) Making neces- 
sary. Fatigued (camels). 

, Finding dry (a well). 
{awjih, Turning. Mixing. 
tujiyah. A torrent. 
, An attempt. A journey. 

A Joy tazsahkud, Single, unique. 
A ^!Lrvy lawa/ihush, Aversion. 
A ^^y, Growing hot (cattle). 
A ,<2-v> toKahhi, Making haste. 
A tX^y tatehld, Unity. 
A h/ *_i-^.'' (azchish, Terrified, flying. 
A <i_-"-j''' i Cudgelling Falling. 
A f-J-y la^him, Indulging a preg- 
nant woman. Exsuding (water). 
tokhfan, Payuig a dbt. 

Gaining. Suffering. Showing. 
p <*y, Ssund made in coughing. 
P <^s?y , The top of a wall. 
A jU tavnakhkhum^ Unhealthy. 

A ^^y > Proposing. Choosing. 
A <*-y taickhll) Sending towards. 
A ^^A-^-y (awkhtsh, Giving little. 

Throwing. Mixing. Obeying, 
p jy tod, A hill, the top. A heap. 

A Jjy lazcaddud, Love, friendship. 

A jjij' (azzaddur, Prodigal. 

P Ljj^jJ tudari, An herb, mallows. 

A ^jJ tazeaddus, Grassy. 

i A t^f ttnzadduti Deposited. Tak- 
ing leave. Shunning. Meek. 

A uJjy tawadduf, Enquiring. 
A jj, Soft and smooth (hide). 

' A jj>y taisaddu) Equalled. 

P 9Jy/0wA, A heap. A hillock. 

A X|jy iazediyaf, A dwarf. Short. 
| A y^jy tawRr, Endangering. 

A u~}Jji (a&dis, Hidden. Verdant, 
j A j-Jjy tazsdit, Bidding adieu. 

A .vJj fazcdtn, Dissolving. 

A uJ JJ , Walking fast, but proudly. 

A^jy, Cutting in pieces (meat). 

A pt&fi fftwzim, Exceeding fifty. 

A jj tawr, A meditator. 

p jjj tazcr, A halbert. Tlilr, A wi- 
dow, friend. Cream. Furni- 
ture. A hero. Bright. A drink. 

A c- >\ ,y ta&rab, Earth, dust. 

A c^^i J tazcrat, The Pentateuch. 

A j^y, Soft (paste). Sprinkled (earth). 

A J,y, Blushing like the rose. Stoop- 
r ing to drink. Entering by troops. 
A ^ i y faicarjit A battle-axe. 
A tA>y /'**> Acid, sour. 
A k>y tawarruti Unlortunate. 


A 9 ijj'j Restrained. Continent. 
A Jj _jJ lazcarrulf, Leafy. 

A 4jJ)y, Reclining on the right side. 
Riding on one hip of a camel. 
', An evil. 

A j^y tawram, Swollen with pride. 

P <j-jy (urunj, An orange. 

P Sjjjj' turwah, A sack, a scrip. 

A ^yj' tawarrah. Stupid, lazy. 

A u^*-* (azcarri, Lurking. 

A t-^JjjJ lazzrib, Avoiding. 

A HUjJ 7km/, The Bible. 

A <V.jy tazariyat) Dissembling, avert. 

ing from. Striking fire. 
A ci-Ojjj', Appointing an heir. 
A ?.jy tawrtfch, Dating (a letter). 
A *\>jji', Blooming. Tinging. 
P (j**j> j> ' To be much ashamed. 
A crij^' / a aw%, Dying yellow. 
A (J^jji tazcrish, Instigating. 
A (,/sJjjJ' iawni, Foraging. Fast- 

ing. Easing nature. 
A ^|jjJ laicrti. Prohibiting. 
A cJjjjj' tavcrif. Long and ample. 
A <jh>jJ* tazcrik, Full of leaves. 
A uJo^jj' lazorit; Succeeding. 
A fl.jy (atonm, Swelling. Proud. 
A Jjj /MZ, f orm, nature. Stock, 

^ Chosen vizir. 
A ^JjJ' tazcalzut, Dividing. 

A jjjjj l(ODtai t Filling. 

A c5jjj (zzcazi, A kind of fine linen. 

p S^JJ-'' A garment. Involved. 

A &ijy Throwing the rider fa 

camel). ' Bottling. Shutting up. 
p C' t V.Jy ' To shew. To draw. 
A am& Distribution. 

Forming in the womb. 
p jji toj, A sign made by the finger. 
A (jj'J tus. Nature. Origin. 

A ^j iawassukh, Dirtying (cloths). 
A tX-sjj tawassud, Leaning. Under. 
A L-JJJ, The middle. Mediation. 
A -*J '5 Sitting easy. Dilating. 
tawassuf, Becoming fat. 

A J-*jJ, Conjunction. Confiding. 

A ^jjj' lazeassum, Reading the face, 

and prognosticating good. 
P .j-JjJ lusan, An unbroke horse. 

A *~jjj lazcassum, Approaching. 
A ^"jJ latcsikh, Dirtying (cloths). 

A tX**J tawsid. See Ju^J*. 

A ojj, Placing in the middle. 
A ^^.j', Extending. Investing. 
A ^JLj,j', Forming into one load. 
A ^MU*}?! Conjunction. Resignation. 
P ^y tatcish. Warmth. Tosh, 

Power. Body, A lion. A dying 

spasm. Hunger. 
A ^jjj tush, Nature, form. 
P c^iji' (azeshal, A mattock, hoe. 

A <f?**J lawashshiih, Girding. 
p ^Joii.3', A provision wallet, 

A -' ' j Climbing a mountain. 
A ^-ijJ, Self-disgracing. 
r l^jCiji' tushali, A kid. Bedding. 
P jU^jJ' toshmal, A collector. 
H (^U^ijj, A sign. The area. 
A /pj^jj', Mixed. Agitated, 
A 6jj loshah, Provisions. 
p ,^-ijJ /wAJ, The last breath. 


A /^y (vwashshi, Conspicuous, 


A <Uy tazashiyaJi) Dying cloth well. 
A f^y tazcshij, Connecting firmly. 
A --.iy tazcshtt) Clewing wool. 
A ~>y (aws/iigh, Bleeding clothes. 
A ^j*JZij'J t Drying parboiled flesh. 
A clXJijj tawshit, Expeditious. 
A |*^iy taisshlm, Tattooing skin. 

laxcassub, Sick, ailing. 
, Described. Praised. 
A J^y lawassul, Joining. Affable. 

A +*s'j tazcassum, Broken (by fever). 
A &+>o*J tazssii/at, Bequeathing. 
A Ju-fiy> Striking with horror. 

Description. Con- 

tract. Sale. 

A J-^jJ ( a & : fdi Joining closely. 
A *jj' taxcsim, Indisposed, sick. 

A "y Manifest. Showing. 

A ,-tf.j ia&azzum, Ravishing. 

A jJjj' , Ablutions. Bathing. 
A f***J ((tts'ith, Publishing. 
A j--tfjj /Ottsit, Depositing for 
safety. Quilting, 

A ^^jj tawa/Jun, Residing any where. 

A jky , Kicking. Agreeing. 

A <ul?jj , Expanding, smoothing, 


A Jui?.}', Joining. Making solid. 
A ^LjgjJ taw fish, Repulsing. Giv- 

ing. Accomodating. Unfolding 
A C/^JJ taxsfin, Choosing residence. 
rivf, Paying a stipend. 

lazcafiid, Terrifying. 
tj , Difficulty. Morose. 

A J*j3 /oaratbi/, Climbing or stand- 
ing on a hill. 


A ^J tattat3jm> Taking all. 

, Preventing. Thickening, 
ays, Commanding to do. 
A (J+ty , Calling one morose. 
A c.j /ug-A, Wood. The tamarisk. 

A -cjjf, Burning with rage. 
A jijj laacghghul, Going far. 
A Jijj ttuDOghghum, Enraged. 
^y , Intrepidity in battle. 
-usji' tawghir, Exciting hatred. 
A -ijJ laugtin, Filling (a vesstl), 
p ujJ, Echo. Noise. A wheat. 
A y /az^Mi Languor. A fault. 
A jJjj (azaaffud, Overtopping. 
A Jjj tawaffur, A concourse. Plenty. 

Respecting. Paying all. 
A ^y, Preparing to resist eviK 
A jtfy /aw/crf, Advantageous. 
A jL; temtfful* Prosperous. 
A JjJ lUTcaffi, Paying all. 
A JuijJ lawful, Sending. 
taisftr, Completing. 

, The grace of God. 
<UJy, Giving, returning all. 
A jy /OZB^ Desire, passion. 
A cJl^J /iWi/, Piety, abstinence. 
A ^I5y , Inordinate passion. 
t.1 Recovering. 
*toA, Tyrannical. 
A j3y lauatfud, Ardour. Burning. 
A Jjj lassatfar, Respected. Mild. 
A JJy /o#i*, Agitated. 
A ^Jy, Going a hard pace (a horse) . 

Be ss in S' P ra y in s* 


, Delay, tediouness. 
A JJy lawafihd, Ascending a hill. 
A ,Jiy , Kill ing (game), threatening. 
A jjjy ttmalttm. See JSy. 
A ^sji tawakK, Timid, cautious. 
A <L$y (awfit. Appointing a time 
A ,Jiy tuwfih, Repairing a pond. 
A ^y ta&lid, Setting on fire. 
A iuJy ^on^iz, Leaving one sick. 
Ajuy /ionJir, Revering, grave. 
A ^^-Jy , Having scabby camels. 
A ^i-JjJ' , Going hard (a horse). 
A ^/z*>jj tawfis) Throwing billets on 

the fire. 
A *-rH>y tawing The royal signet, 

polish of a sword, opinion, rain. 

ing gently, roofing, slow, making 

sharp, afflicting, wearing down. 
A ujLjjj , Detaining, delaying. 
A u_J^y , Dropping, as rain. 
A **jj' , Continued ; connected. 
A^>y taxoakkur^ Building a nest. 
A J>y lawalluz, Filled. 
A uJ&y , Expecting, visiting. 
A <J J (azcaMul, Resignation. 
A t yy lazczcaMun, Residing. 

A jy lawaMii, Leaning on a staff. 
A c.-^J', Turning blackish (dates). 
A c^^ij , Reddening (dates). 
A Juy" tarcliid) Making a league. 

tawliid, A house warming. 

/z/, Panniering. 
Appointing a factor, 8cc. 

P Jy tul, Gum, glue, cement. CR/, 

War, contention. 
p 5Jy /a/a, Liquid, a bleaching. 

A ^y lazeatta, Retiring, discharging 

an office, shunning, friendly. 
P ^y tulaj, In one piece. 
A t^ 5y ta^lab, An ass's colt. 
A L^Jy , A misfortune, a philtre. 
A ^y lawlaj, A wild beast's den. 
P <Aly /a/Md, Broad-faced. 

A *>5y lawallud, Born, birth. 
A j^y , A ray. Heat. Power. 
p <0y , Mallows, tolaJi, A weight. 

A ^ly {(Kcalluh, Distraction. 

A Jy /flHao//i. Seeij. 

A <LJy ItKdiyat) The prefecture of 

mosques, #c. Shunning, assisting. 
A July lawlid, Generation, birth. 
p ^July , To prick, revile, quarrel. 
A -^y lazclit, Speckling, speckled. 
A 4j}Jj' lazcliifj Grounding both feet 

at once in running (a horse). 
A <Jy laxnh, Distracted. 
p Uy toma, A twin, twins. 
p ^Uy Ionian, A myriad, 10,000. 
A <uy t atonal, A pearl. 

tumurt, Some, any one. 

A ><y fawammuz, Springing on. 

A A*A!J tcKzml-ah) A nod, a sijm. 
p c y /WM, The stove of a bath. 
p^&y tazcangar, A rich man. 
p <J>y ? A furnace man. A beggar. 
A c_ jy Luwmb, Reproaching. 
A tUJy tuniyah, A tunic. 

A ci-N&3' tcKiMhhus, Reflection, 
A ^y tawkhtij) Moved, burning. 


A <\&y tazsahhttd, Low ground. 

Aj&y tawahh wr, Disturb ing in prayer 
Abating (darkness, winter, 8;c.) 

A iay tawahhui) Treading heavy. 
A ^r-ay tiKsahkiiSj Travelling well. 

A kftiy taizahhut, Sunk in clay, 
smoothing (abed). Making equal. 

A <_p>y > Sun-burnt (gravel) -. 
A Jjiy lawahhul, Causing to err. 

A *JJ>y lazoahhum, Suspicion, fancy. 

A J-J!>y tavthlli Terrifying. 

p *sJsy law/rim. Making believe. 

A C/^y tawhiri) Enervating. 

p jy too>, Cream, scum of broth. 

p >y fo/z, A fold. See<G'. 

A i_$y /azr?, One who falls. Steady. 

p ^y , A thread, one fold. Seey. 

p^y //Hr, The beak of a bird. 

p JjJ , The brow. TatwV, Bald. 

A Jj J tavcayyul. Detestation. 

p Jj ta/i , A fold. Simple. A vestige. 

The bottom. Tih, Empty. 
A Jj lih, She, this, he. 
AyUi' , Disputing for trifles. 
A <tflgj -tahatih) Vain things. 
A yf-^J (ahajur, Separating. 
A ^_-V 5 Satirising one another. 
A j jl^J' iahadur, Boiling. 
A. ^J^ ; lahadun^ Arranging well. 
A u-AgJ' iahadi, Exchanging gifts. 

Fluttering (a woman's step). 
A />^l^J taharush) Fighting (dogs). 
A l^jlgj , Reviling one another. 
A *j\$> , Feigning extreme old age. 
A l~olfji tahafutj Falling, rushing 
one after another, flattering. 

A l^j' tahakul. Disputing. 

A uL^iUj , Destroying one another. 

Running headlong (to ruin). 
A .l^clgJ lah.amush, Mingling, noisy. 
H ^\y t'han, A piece (of cloth). 
A cji)ly lakanuf, Smiling ironically 

(a woman). 

H &ily t'hanah) A small fort. 
A ^rj^J' ta/imoush t A crowd, mob. 
A jjjlfi j Sloth, delay, contempt. 
A i^jUi' , Falling one after another. 
A (Jfj^J tahazcil, A ghost. Fear. 
A ^ l^j fahuyuj, Provoking. 
A k>l^j' , Assembling to adjust. 

A w-f^ ; tahabbub, Worn ragged. 
A ^-r^ , Troubled with swelling. 
A Ju^j' , Taking away, breaking. 

A /r-*fJ tahabbuah, Assembling, 
p J-^J' , Slothful. Voracious. 

A jl^f , Providing (for a family). 
A i_-.fcY'' tahabhub, Shaken. 
A -?& 5 Troubled with a swelling. 
A rug lahbir, Cutting meat so that 

part falls. 

A *^j-^j' tahbish, Gaining, by care. 
A J--J tahbzl, Corpulent, careful. 
A ^j^J' 5 Raining incessantly. 

A L^V 1 ' 5 Worneut (garment). 


A w*-.^? tahatlumt Broken. 

A if lahattii) Torn, cut, worn out 
(a garment). 

A yc^f /Artr, Provoking, tearing. 
A tlXji^j tahtilt, Tearing a veil. 
A *j"> , Disabling by blows. 

tahja Satirizing. 

, Sleepless, (e contra) sleeping. 


tahajjur, Separated. 
A j*> /fl*K;5i Spelling, hot (day). 
A <Us^ j Spelling, satirizing. 
A Aj.ffr'j Causing to sleep or awake. 
A > / r sr* J /o* j"", Forsaking. 
A ^js>$ lahjifr Allowing sleep. 
A J-srP /oAJi/, Reviling. 
A c/*?"^ lhf tn t Defaming. 
A Ajlsrf' tahkhanah, A cavern. 
$J , Warm (wine). Cooing. 

t Crying to her colt (a camel). 
A JJ^J tahaddud, Terrifying. 

A '-lAf" tahaddult, Reproaching. 
A iX$J j Satiated, rushing upon. 

A J*V tahaddul, Hanging down. 
A /*$}' Pulled down, rushing upon. 

A ^J^ /oAodcC, Led (by God) into 

the right path. 
A && tuhib-ali, Quieting. 

tahdiyah. Separating. 
fohdid, Terrifying. 
Roaring muttering. 
A *Ag7 tab dim, Destroying. 
A ^^p } Soothing (an infant). 
A J>j$ tahaifar, Rejoicing. 

A jjkgjf tahazzu, Corrupted (a sore). 
A u-^J j^J tahzib, Purifying. 

A jj iaharrur, Snarling (a dog). 
A (j^J > Dispelled (a cloud). 
A ^J , Levelled (a spear at a foe). 
A M$ faharru, Airing in the cool. 

Beating (with a stick). 

fahrib, Putting to flight. 
, Boiling much (meat). 

A <L| jj , Beating (with a stick). 
A C^-^gJ lahril, Tearing. 
A ^_^J /oAr^", Surprising. 
A Jo^J , lahrtd t Boiling till soft. 
A ^iJyjJ > Setting by the ears. 
A (j&.j l .ahn---> Tearing (cloth) . 
A j-J^J Pointing a spear (at a foe). 
A t,_gi if" tahrif, Producing early. 
A *J>^ ; , Enfeebling (age), divid- 
ing, exalting, diminuating. 

A ^jg , Singing. Twanging. 
A jj lafidzwz t Moved, shaken. 
A tj^J , Hasting, rigid, disguised, 

A ^ , Depressing, twanging. 
A ^j \u laMut, Breaking 
A Jj j^jf tahzti, Extenuating. 

A *~~ii (ah as SUM, Broken, split. 
A U ,....V , Grumbling, clashing. 

A *.*--s" i Broken, weak, fond. 

A [^.'..^.t..^''' lashtsh, Making cheerful. 

A J-^J' tashil, Giving some milk 

(a camel). 

A - "^" laAshim, Breaking, praising. 
A ^r,..n^ tahsis, Bright eyeJ. 

A *-o^j , Injuring. Dismissing. 
A jo tahattur, Falling to ruins. 
A Jl=f lahatjul, Recovering. 

lahalthi^ Foolish, proud. 
, Taming. Gluttonous. 

v uJ^> , Empty, bare. Earth. 
A ^XiJ lahakkur, Stupified, amazed. 
A |CgJ' , Scorn, pride, repentance. 
A ^^t tthakliun, Peniteace. 

, The pace of a charger. 


A *-Xw , Singing to one in scorn. 

jj tahdlub) Pulling out hairs. 

gj , Extenuated, infected. 
A tb$ lahlitah, Ruin, perdition. 

A jJlJ'/a/ta#/, Cheerful, transparent 
(cloud), flowing (water), (tears). 
A J^J' tahdhul, Vain, foolish. 
lahfib, Satirising. 

A i_ X-Jj la/t.l, Ruining. x 

A Jui^i' te/{ft/> Praising God. Joy, 

timid, flying, gibbous. 
A +p tahum, Incomparable, brave. 
A *p , Sultry, a calm. Fetid. 
A u^v*gy takmal, Fetidness, sea-coast. 

A crime, ignominy, 
p c/-*^ tahamtan, A hero. 
A iJLtg takammush, Flowing softly. 
A li/*..v tahammutj Seizing. 
A -*tg? j Running, streaming. 

A **>' , Groping. Wounding. 
A l y*$y / 'oilman , A hero. 

A ^*$j , Torn, worn (garment) . 
A ++-4A) tahmlm^ Hushing to sleep. 
A CA4^J' tahnun^ Sleeping. 
A ij~+^ tahanbas, Enquiring news. 

A j?Q lahannitf, Quickening. 

A j*J^f , Adapting, dressing well. 

A y^J lahannii, Well fed. 

A dUf> tahm-atj Congratulation. 
A <X*^fi lahnul, Alluring. Deficient. 


A L-C> (ohmf, Making haste, 
p j^j' /cAw, A partridge ; spitting. 
A A\yg , Low, gentle (voice). 
A. crowd, tumult. 

A jj^i' tahaxsmud. Converted. 

tahawrbWi Rashness, ruined, 
rage, the end, offspring. 

^^j , Mixing, meeting, 
fjf? tahanxout., Feigning to vomit. 
clJ^J tahawwulc. Astonished^ 
J^i' , Ornamented, terrified. 
I A /i^y tahazczcum, Nodding (drowsy). 
A Jy.^f tahwld, Singing sweetly. 
lahztxir, Throwing down. 
tohzciz, Dying. 

tahmSj Giving to eat. 
A J^>,^i t&hwish) Tumultuous. 

'.ahwit.1 Making to vomit. 
tahwil, Terrifying, adorn, 
ing. AH oath made before the <2jJfc 
A *J^> tahw'im, Doubt, fancy. 

tahmn^ Slighting. 
/iAi, Empty, wretched. 
/i'Ai, (from 1J), She, that. 

-^j' lahayyub, Dreading. 
lahiyat, Preparatiom 

lahqyyus, Bestowing. 

-^ tahayyuj, Agitated. 

tifudan, To become empty. 

L^y tahayyui) Re- fractured. 
^i' (a/iqyyut., Extended. 
'+ , The hypochondria. 
^y , Poured out. Imprecating. 

p lahayyun, Stupified, thirsty. 
', Awful, dreadful. 

Crying out. 
A gz& tahytji Instigating. 
A {*$ , Putting fat into pottage. 
A Ju t ^y (ahyid, Checking, hasting. 

^J , Falling (a bulwark). 
A ^..w" tahyigh, Watering. 
A J--J taytl, Pouring to run over. 
F jJ ft, Empty, vacant. 
A .\,3 layajur, Abandoning. 

A jA-3 tayyah, Waving. 

AjLJ tayydr, A wave. Flowing 
quick ( blood J. Proud. Surprized. 

r jlj tayyar^ Ready. 

A jUj , Short. A dwarf. The arm. 
A u~\+i fiyds, Driving. Gaining. 

^'Lj (ayyas, ^ goalkeeper. 
A <L.-Ui' fiyasat, Desire, passion. 
^> laytis, Drying. 
1 * 5 Insane. Stubborn, fierce. 
A t*.J , Contumacy. The 4th watch. 
H T_ 7 /zp, A note of hand. 
A A..XJ taytim, Making orphans. 
A ^-r^ tij, A crown, a tiara. 
P ^-^ 7, An arrow ; cotton ; sick. 
A ^y /A, predetermined. 
-A juj' layd, Lenity. 
A |jXJ /Han, Permit, give leave. 
p^J rtr, An arrow. Chance. Turbid, 

dark. A guide. A chief. The 

spring, Lightning. A ship. 
A yy fir, Pride. Elevation, 
p *J(jy firarah, The rain-bow. 
r jUtflyJ /ir andaij An archer. 
P ^3JJJ /ir rfan, A quiver. 
p JvV (* r ar J -^ n arrow-maker. 
P ij^jy fa-bash, A quiver. 
F t- 5^j' .'iraft, Darkness. 
p (*/? ^ r fl, A great lady. 
p J J? &' m r A viper. 
r itOU!? ^ raara s A quiver. 

(* ra f>.> Turbid. A beam. Butter. 

A thread. Sadness. A rule. 

f , vj tirij, The gore of a shift. 
pjj lei., Sharp. The ed^e. Acid, 
bitter. Bold ; swift. Vehement. 

A jj liya'zz, Piercing (an arrow), 
p <>}jy te'zab, Aquafortis. 
A i^j^J layzdn, Dying, 
p C^o , Belching in contempt, 
p j^'V.yo , To hasten. To rage. 
p jjjj, ttitr, A side, the waist, 
p fyjj ti'iayah, A maternal aunt. 
P %i tij, Green sward. A slope, 
p a*-} tljah, A beam. A vapour. 
A u~J fays, A he goat. 
A L--J laysa, A she-goat. 

A j~~j (qyassur, Movement. 

A ^_ ; j -.,-.;'' taysuiiyuh, Goatish. 
A ^ liM, A particle of scorn. 
Ayu-.J' toy sir, Facility, 
p <4_J tlshah, An axe, a spade, &c. 
A ^n.^J lay sis, Opening the eyes (a 

whelp). Sprouting. Assaulting. 
A ^3^3,^' tayzfi, The same. 
A ^.J tay%j Vomiting, Flowing. 

Robbing. Hasting. Buttering 
A *_-i' /ayyit., Hastening. 
A <JjcJ , A herd of forty or under. 
A k^y (ay&f, Giving warning, 
p ^-.J tigh, A sword, dagger. A 

cobler'sawl. Thetopof a hill. Fire. 
A jU-J tighar, A water pot. 
A J > \sui tayfak, Convenient. 

A j-i-J' tqyqffut, Exalted. 
A j\&J layldr, Modesty. 

A (jU-J layyitdn, A rash man. 

A laJLJ toyaMi, Vigilance. 
A laJLj' taykii, Rousing. 

A ^Lj t<yalhm, Knowing well. 


P (^n^J-J , Weighing against mo- 
ney, or provisions, to be given 
away in charity. 

A j^J iaym, A servant. 

A *-J /2//Z, A market-place. An inn. 

A U-J layma, A desert. 

P --U-J timaj, A butt for arrows. 

A jU-j' , Sickness. Care. A pension. 

p (j-U-J' fi;n5, A forest. 

A <UuJ /J//tal, A favourite sheep. 

A **.J , Purifying with sand. 

A .-ft-*) (at/man. The south. Noon. 

A ,yA*j tayammun, Fortunate. 

A t^^tj tayniim ^ Teaching, intending, 

asking, receiving. 
A CA4.J fay mm, Blessing another. 
A t/J tiri) A fig. 
A ^jlxJ ftwa w, A wolf. 
p /H.xJ , Grain unwinnowed. 
A <U-J /2oA, A spider's web- 
p j.J , Strength. Learned. Heat 
v \^J taywa, Love. Study. 
A j*J tuyur, Bringing back. 

A <*lcj-J tayyutat, Sea-lettuce. 
A <LJ , Proud. Pride. A desert. 
A ijfj\ \frj iayha arzi, A desert. 

A ^U-J tayyihan. Proud, haughty. 
p (o^y tih(in, A small insect. 
P v2-J' (ihu, Empty. 
A jj$J tayhur, A sandy plain. 
-J tlhur, A small partridge. 

i> The fourth letter of the Arabic 
alphabet (being never used in wrds 
of Persian origin). In arithmetic 
it expresses 500. 
\j sa t Infirmity. 

C_>lj sab. Lazy, torpid. 
<L15 5a6o/, A young animal. 
e^ 1 ^ ?5W/, Firm, fixed. Rigid , 
<ij\j sabilali) A fixed star. 

Drinking enough 
(camels). Driving away. Resting, 
slj 5.q/, Bleating, 8cc. 
j,\j , Dew. Cold. Shameful. 
fj.U , A servant maid. Weak. 
Sj*b 5-ada/, Fleshy. 5z-fldc/, Fat. 
j . 13 , Revenge. Retal i at ion. 
*A5 5ar/!, Moving, assaulting, 
.j^lj srtW, Moist, cold. 
&13 , Thin black mud. An insect. 
^ilj .say, Stony. 
ItlS saghim, White, whitish, 
^U 5%'^j Bleating. 
J15 sufil, Sediment. Dung. 
L-^J'U siHfiby Sublime, high. 
Jjlj sakU, Weighty. Bright. 
J^U satilj Fri endless - 
<JJ& salts, The third place. 
Third. An arbitrator. 
jjJo salisi, An arbitration. 
Jy-Jb satisuna, The thirtieth. 
JJU -va//7, A nipple. A wart. 
J^lj 5wzJ, Eating gently. 

cU , Loaded (a fruit tree). Pulse. 
J^U samfl, A rusty sword. A 
pleasant abode. 
^U samin, The eighth. 
J\3 5aw, The second. In future. 
SJ\j , An old sheep. A little. 
c^JjAj 5aAV, The throat, uvula. 
^15 sa~ay, Broken, burst, 
c-^olj sayib) Wind before rain. 
L\J sayat, A stable for cattle. 
L^3sayijat, Lowing, bleating. 
^jl3 sayir, Anger. 


A i_^o , Sitting firmly. Completed. 
A c^tJ sabul, Firmness. Proof. 
A (jto saban, A bag, a basket. 
A U-wO sai/, Constancy. Proof. 
A <LJ 5M5a/, The middle of a pond. 
A f^ sabaj, The middle. 
A IsXi sabja, Large-bellied. 
A 4s3j sabajat, The mean, middle. 
A jy, Checking. Ruining. Cursing. 
A j^J sabral, Plain soft ground. A 

A Lj sa&/, Hindering. Torpid. 

/', Flowing quick. 
VJ subul, Firmness. Proof. 

, Perishing. Ruin, loss. 
A jjjj SM&M, Filling (a well). 
A ls.-v.-J 5M&/, Fixed. See c^oU. 

A LZ-J, A fissure. Cracked (earth). 

A sajj) Flowing, pouring out. 

A f^z? > Raining hard. Pouring, 

A ajsr sajjat, A pleasant garden. 

A.jS*?sajr, Broad, thick. 

A XjS>? sujrah, The throat, breast. 

A iLs? sajla, A large bellied woman. 

A +al sqfm t Retiring. Continuing. 

A ( j>sajan, A rough road. 

A ^fS? saji, Silent, speechless. 

A ^s^ sajij, A cascade. 

AJ^S> sajir. Dregs. Broad, thick. 

A ^si > Watering constantly. 

A ks^sa/isaha?!, Hoarseness. 

A fc a^. sihaf, The rough tripe. 

A c/ ^ sakhan, Thickness. 

A U^ , Thick, muddy. Firm. 

A \*$ sidam> A strainer. 

A ^5 sadagh, Breaking the head. 

A j'^3 , Flowing. Sending. Bursting. 

A ^ suttim, Tired with speaking. 

A *Ju 5rfm, Thick, fat, stupid. 
A ^'isadin, Corpulent, heavy. 
A ^& sadi. The breast. 
A L|Jo , Having large breasts. 

A ijJo sudayyati A little breast. 

A y fflrr, Separating. Flowing. 

Going fast. Large, open. 
A \Ji sara, Wealthy. The earth. 
A < )y sarcib, A cluy-pit. 
A i(j\Ji sararat, A jetting fountain. 
A ^_$\Jj saray, The seventh earth. 
A t-jp surb, Death. The caul. 


A ly sarba, Fat (sheep). 
A iUJ sarsar. Talkative, blabbing. 
A ijJ sarsur^ A plentiful fountain. 
A jjj , Dyeing. Breaking. Rain. 
A )oj) , Shoemaker's glue. Dung. 
A <C*i?J sarfamat, Looking down. 
A <Liy sir lij/at^ f A weak man. 
A fy ^arz'c, Unseasonably. 
A ^Ji . Large-mouthed (an urn). 
A <LeliJ , A wife, a woman, 
A ki^j sarghut., Thin clay or mud. 
A .-Jy surliub't) An Egyptian cloth. 
A ,*y , Falling out (fore-teeth). 
A (JUP sarman, A shrub. 
A L^cj suramitj Thin mud or clay. 
A <JlL< ; j , A fox. The lip groove. 
A (Jay sarantl) Heavy-bodied. 
A ^y 5arzc, Making numerous. 
A \j.j sarwa, Wealthy. 
A jjVy sarzcan, Opulent. 
A ijy sanzat, Wealth. Number. 
A j j 5ffrwr, Abounding in milk. 
A ^J) sari, Rich. Moist, Dust. 
A Ijy sarya, Moist earih. 
A ^l>/ , The hair of the body. 
A X>y sarid } Crumbled, grated. 


A \u sa/_/, Thin of hair. 

A liaj safta, Acting foolishly. 

j su/a-at, A kind of spider. 


A &zjsaf(al, Having a thin beard, 
A _ki salt. Seized with a running 
at the nose. Polluted. Clear. 

A <)*iJti2J , Superiority (in speaking). 
p L-aljii salafi Luxurious. 
A ^u salt, Foolish, insane. 
A u-^Uj sa%abib, Pure water. 
A j | il*J , A kind of asparagus. 
A i^obc , The she-fox. Hay. 
A <Leltj su%umat. An adulteress. 
A *_*" 5 Flowing. A channel. 
A <Ujy , A lizard. A mouse. 
A _ix3 sacsat, A pearl. Red wool. 
A '&JM satgatsat, A stammer. 
A ^ ?flfc<{7j A cr wd of travellers. 
Aj*j,Sour. Soft-( earth). Fresh. 
A jj*J sa&ur, A dwarf. A wart. 
A la*J 5Ta/, Putrid (meat, 8cc.) 
L_* y/oA, A rotter egg. 
j sac/, Ignoble, despicable. 

saslab) A fox. A gutter. 
\-~ sa'tlabiyati A dog's pace. 
sa-lii, A sort of date. 

j satlul, Passionate. 
>**j suiub. Gall, bitterness. 
A JyO , Encumbered (an army), 
u ^oJ/, Moveable sands. 
sughaj Bleating. 
A jJjtw sagharir, A small melon. 

/i&, Digging. Piercing. 
sughbal 9 .A frog, 
j sagsagh, Hesitation. 
A jiS , The fore teeth, mouth. 
A CJyo sughrat, The pit of the sto- 

mach. A fissure, opening. A level 

A -*ij saghim, A hunting dog. 

A yu saghu, A sort of dates. 

A <UiJ saghyat) Hunger. A desert. 

A Iw saffa^ Mustard. 

A jUj , The lower millstone. 

A jiu sqfar, The crupper. 

A j jjU sitfrut; The stalk. 

A Jij sufl) Refuse. Corn. Pulse. 
The under mill stone. 

A ^yy , A bruise. Hard (the hand). 

A LJJ sqfinatj Callosity. 

A SjSj sufxat, A saucer. 

A (Jj siki Trust thou. 

A < j\isj si/tab, Straw, stubble. 

A <^j\jsi6aba{, Kindled, shining. 

A t_jUj saJiaf^ Of an excellent ge- 
nius (a woman). Sttaf, A saw. 

A JUu, Heavy, loaded. Morose. 

A i^~vUj sakamat) Detriment. 

A L-^fiJ satb) A hole. 

A <&y fatal, Confideace. 

A t_pgj sa&f. Straitening a spear. 
Finding, taking. Ingenious. 

A J^5 satal, Weighing. 

Baggage. Family. Sikl, A load. 

A I^^A) sal-alat^ Torpor, dullness. 

A t^jt'sj sulub, Fuel. 

A (_^j suliib, Milky. Very red. 

A (_jL^ii satif, Sour. Acute. 

A JJJJ saM, Heavy. Sour. Dull. 
A A&XJ salisalial^ A mad woman. 

A J& sull, Death. Childless. 

A Jo sakam, The mid-way. Per. 
sisting. Stopping. Sulam, A guide. 

A" ^J sufat Smoothness of road. 
The king's higluway. 

A M, A flock (of birds). A pit. 


sal-ul, (A mother) deprived 
of children. 

Jj sail, Ruining. Pulling down. 
<$t$ salasah, Three. 
(j$J salasun, Thirty. 
salas't, Triangular. 

<L$o salasiyal, The lord oflords. 

~$jsallaj, A seller of ice 


tf/6, Injury. 
Filth. SaKb, Vice. 

fi sullat, A flock. Wool. Death. 
(^j solas, Three. The third. 
liU sofosa, The third day. 
j^jliJj salsan, Nightshade. 
JaJj sc&asal, Three. A trivet. 
jjijj sulsal, Destruction. 
g* salaj, Snow, suo'wing. 
f^ salfch, Spring dung. 
laJj sal!, Thin elephant's dung. 
^Jj salt., Breaking the head. 
jjij salal, Destruction. 
Jj .sa///t, Breaking the edge. 
Julj sulmaty A. crack^breach. 
kJj sulmat t Thin mud. 
.15 5u/,r//, Tranquil, cheerful. 
, The third. Easy, plain. 

J samm, Trampling. Adjust. 
ing, Restoring. Devouring. 
jUS simad, Beautiful. 
JUj 5zj/, An assitant. 
5l*j sumalal, The remains. Froth. 
*Uj sumam, A small plant. 
, w Uj samani, Eight. 
>b^j simsam, A destroyer. 
jjjiliJ samanuna, Eighty. 

<U3 simmat, An old man. 
A*i samsani) A hunting dog. 

A <U1*J samscmati Restrained. Firm. 

A * sany, Mixture, confusion. 

A J^J samad, A small quantity of 

water cut off from encrease. 
A ^-*j samur, Fruit. Gold. Silver. 
A i-4o samra,) Bearuig fruit. 
A 1=/*J samf mt Thin shining mud. 
A Jkjc*j sam^ad, Beautiful of face. 
A i.-*J samgh, Ingraining (cloth). 

Anointing, breaking the head, 
A <Lt4J samaghal, The top of a hill. 
A JvtJ, Delaj'. Drinking before eating. 
A izLj samlafa Laxity. 
A ^*j saman, Price, value. 
A^y*J,Tearing grass from a sheep's lips. 
A ^w samtr, Fresh butter. 
A ^i-^J sanughat. Broth mixed with 

fat. Moist ground. ,* flesh wound. 
A '^l-^iJ sanulal) Assisting the paunch. 

A basket, A cistern. 
A c"^s Valuable. The 8th part, 

A ^J sintiy Dry hay. Blackish wood. 
A Uj sana, A salutation. Suna, In 

two's ; two and two. 
A ti-CJ sanil, Stinking. Flaccid. 

A dij sannatj The fetlock, abdomen. 

A ^UiJ sinlun, Two. 

A <Llxxj sintqyat, Obscene, evil. 

A Jauj sanial, A rotten egg. Sintil, 
short. Dirty. Weak. 

A i^ls^j sinjarat, A channel. 

A ijj^j sanda-at. The flesh upon the 
chest of a man, the nipple. 

A ,^ij 5<m&v, An exception. 

A jjo fny, Folding. Repeating. 
Averting, Acceding to. Sina\ 
A flexure. A substitute. Mon- 
day. Secondary. Shedding th 
first teeth. 


A Lij sunya, An exception. 

A <_<^J sunya\ The offal of a camel. 

An exception. 
A . tjj sflzea, Dwelling. Dying. 

A c_>!jj sazcab, A premium. Merit 

Honey. A bee. 
A L\suv:abul) A planet. 
A ^-\y suxoj, Bleating of a goat. 
A ]e\ suzvat, Rheum. 
A <3Uj sazcalal, A swarm of locusts. 
A kzJijJ , Of the third race, Sec. 
A c->J sazcb, A vest. Returning. 

Assembling. Full. A parapet. 

Clientage. A work. 
A by su-ubu, Lazy, torpid. 
A ^.y SCKCJ, A kind of vessel. 
Ajy saxr, A bull. Redness. A 

lord. Twilight. An assault. 

Circulation of the blood. The 

green scum on water. A mad. 

man. Many, much. 
A (X& ? azcar <i n i Assaulting. 
A Xjj sazcrat, A cow. Suural, Hatred. 
A jj suicut, A mountain tree. 
A Jy sav:l t A male bee. A hive. 

A torpor in sheep ; also a vertigo. 
A <-Wy ?"^> A nipple. A wart. 
A ^ 5M//I, Garlic, an onion. 
A iUy, A species of wild olive. 
A c^u3 sazcmatin. Spleen wort. 
A ^-.K>jJ sutnas, Thyme. 
A jj^J, Exalted, flying (dust). 
A y]jyiyj The appearance of blood. 
A (_jj satei,.A guest, a stranger. 
A ^by, A heap. Many, much. 
A Ujy, A rolling-pin. 
A c^jl^j 5a/;a/, Vociferating. 
A J^i sa/>al, Spread on the ground. 
A t>^j, A handsome boy. 

An attendant in aljagnio. 

/, A sheep cote. 

A hill goat, or ox. 
A jolly man. Foolishly, 


A jj sayid, Moist. Chilled. 
A^J str, The cover of a pit. 
A Juj w/, Grass. 
A ^j sln^ A pearl fishery. 

7w, The fifth letter of the Persian 
and Arabic alphabets; and the 
character for three. Interchange, 
able withj, j, ^ ; and _ . 

A U-ja, A barren year. 

P Uja, and ^U, A place. 

A C-JiWja-afi, Gaining. Selling. 

A 'VV'^"^' An answer. Power. 

A^^-j'afoV, Powerful, proud. A 
repairer. Bread. 

A XjA^fabi'zah, Flight. 

T UuU-joWba, The west. 

p ULU-^ffW, The east. 

P 3^*- A collector of revenue. 

A &*j\&~jablt, A stone reservoir, 

p jjJujU-ja^/dan, To be lazy, co- 
wardly, loth, vexed. 

A cl^U- .70-05, Heavy laden. 

A &^b>- jiisiyat) Kneeling. 

A <L>\^jajat, A bead, a necklace, 

p ^{^jajam, A fine carpet. 

p ^>-U-.;fl/7, The shoulder of a bow. 

A liv-U-, Having prominent eyes. 

A ^-U-j'aAi/n, A very hot place. 

A <ili>.U- jahazat, Prominent (eye). 

A j^jadd, Diligent. Vain. 

P ^jbU-, To give a place, protect. 


A c_JjUv, One who is false. A liar. 

A i '\s>~jaddat t The straight path. 
P /i~i-lf~ jadaras, Millet. 
p j^iiili ^t>b-) Day-break. 
A fj~i&>-jadiS) Obliterated. 
A &M>j\>-jadisal, Unploughed. 
A JjU- ,;<#/, A robust youth. 
A j jW-Jat/a, A conjurer. Black, 
p ^jZjJ^jadugari) Conjuration, 
p ^jrjjW^'at/ajWj Magic. 

p Xi^^-jaddah) The highway. 

p ^jWjocfi, A conjurer. 

A (^cjU-jVwft, Begging. Saffron. 

A JtU-./a-rtJ, Drinking, swilling. 

A t?jls>- l 7'az2'6, An allurer. 

A LjU-jaifto/, Attraction, beauty. 

A JJWjozt/, Upright. Cheerful. 

A iW jor, A neighbour, partner, 

assistant, wife. Groaning in prayer, 

corpulent. Luxuriant. 
A Zs*j\^ jar thai, A beast of prey. 
f i3\-jar(id, Necessity. 
A J^U- jartz, A severe cough. 

Laughing, A barren woman. 
A A.Wj'arww, Delinquent, 
p jjlf-j Mortar, cement. A brush. 
P u-^jWjarwi, A besom. Sweeping. 
p i-^jW jarud, Extremely dry. 
.. A bad man. 

p jjj\^jarur, A river. A hinge. 
A <iW < ?afV) Running. Happening. 
A OjU- , A girl, a female slave. 
A JjU-jfl-az The breast. A stifling. 

A * 
A ^ 

A i : 
AP ( 
P , 

A resolver, concluder. 
Sli Value, recompense. 

sus, A spy. 

A (jl.U-, Disturbed. The heart.- 
A JxWjwLzV, A maker. Doer. 
A <UcW,;at3yaj Foolish (woman). 
A c-il>- Ja/, Dry. Wandering. 

A courtezan, 

A JjU-jo/?/, Active. Disturbed. 
A til*- jVTfz, Inquiring, vexing. 

Cruel. A sinner. Rude, 
p fo'l>- jagir t Land granted by the 

king in perpetuity or for life. 
p J'^-j/, An aquatic bird. H JU- 

jal or <)JU^, A net, snare. 
A ij^JW jalib, A merchant. An 
' author, exciter, attracter, drawer. 
A ^JU-J/(, Tribute. 
A g^JW-JBjSgi Sitting. A sitter. 
A %^^ Jfilit.) Impudent, immodest. 

Conspicuous, transparent. 
A t-filU- jolif, Tearing, breaking. 

p^jyW- A running footman. 

p 4}U.ja/o&, A raft. 

A ^JU-Jo^, Shining. Evident. 

A JLJW^o&rag, Tribute, 
p *\^jami A cup. Glass, a mirror. 
A iXcU^'awm/, Concrete. Stiff. 
p j^J^U- jamdar, A keeper of a 
wardrobe. A musqueteer. 
A wardrobe. 

l, Protection. 
A fine muslin spotted or 
flowered in the loom. 
A ^W-jSmffc, A collector. Com. 

pleting. All, whole, 
A x*\^jam&yat, A large kettle. 

A eu^cUjaw/a/, Universality, 
p ,^K^W-, A wardrobe in baths. 
p ^jUWjilMgVj A cotton tunic. A 
salary. A gun match. 


., A matchlck.inan. 
A J^U.ja0ftf, A troop of camels. 
p -^W-^anuH, Urine. 
A ,sGVi^jdmli, Insanity 
p jl^U-jawizear, See <uU-. 
A (*.)*[>- jamus, A buffaloe. " 
p <uU- jamah, A garment, couch. 

Cotton. A cup. A poem. History. 


, Breeches, old clothes. 

p _> <uU- , Scissars, shears. 

, Proper for mending. 


The soul, mind life. 

, The devil. A large 
harmless snake. 

t^JU- janib, A part, a side, 
strange, foreign, contempt. 
jLjU-^'an baii Playing with life, 
(hence), a person who pursues a 
dangerous trade 

bazl, A swing. 

*, Partiality. 

p t^y^~ ' Collateral. Foreign 
A yi*j\-janibayn, Every side. 
P j^jjU-jw/K/ar, Animated. 
p \jj ^U- , Soul-destroying. 
p jL^j iols*- , Exposing one's self. 
f ^c^J^ jansitan^ Ravishing, the 

soul, killing. 

p jj-jW , Inflaming the mind. 
A ^{^janish, Near. 
p y&\-janishin, A substitute. 
p L>{*~jan /;ash, Quarrelsome. 
p &\>\z>-jan giih, Dangerous. 
p j^JkCU- , Melting the soul. 
p j\jj\-janxar, Aa animal. 
A <U U- janah , The young of any 

animal, pith of a tree. An island. 

The cheek. 

P Jk>-jatK, A soul. Cordial. 
A IjU-Jazca, Dark chesnut (mare). 
A u^jU-jVTcci/y, Camp, a tent., 
A Sj^U- jd-aicat, A barren year. 
p &\<*fe~jav&m, Everlasting. 

p ^^-J^Ofodj A white-thorn. 

p uyj^jawras. Millet. 

A O^jWjoBWf, Eternal. 

P jjX> _j U- jdwldan , To sc ream . 

p iU-jaA, Dignity, place. 

A <UJ>U-ja/fo/, Dignity. 

A *Xfi>U- jahid. Hungry, active. A 

seeker. A warrior. 
A c: **Lb\~jahishal , A crowd. 
A (^^JttU'jSA^, Superior, actue. 
A &*3>[s^ja/nza{, A colt. 
A Jjt\-ja/iil, An ideot. 
A ^fcU-yw/jir, Ruined house. 



, Publicly. 
To grow cold, to rub. 

Biting, keeping. 
(see U-) , A place. 

j Coming, a comer. 
A <L*&>- jot/bah Fame, news. 
A si?\>.jat/hat, Damage, injury. 
A &\>~jaijid) Beneficent. 
P J^J^l- , Assignment in land. 
p tfJ^A^J^jaydashlan^o happen. 
A 3uU- , Swelling with drinking. 
A j\>-jayir, Heart burn, cruel, hin. 

dering, many, much. 
p ^\j)\>.jayran, A kind of doe. 
A ^(^.jai/ily Passing, lawful. 
A -VJ.U- j Benignity. A gift. 
p ivl- , Proof, gift, muster. 
A jL>\s^jayish, Enquiring. 
A LL)\>-jayishal, The mind, soul. 

, Pene'trating (a blow). 


, A stab. 
p *t&Uji^g*i A dwelling. . 
p^;Uj%r/>, A possessor. 
P ^\*~jayi> One place. 
A ^\*-jayi, Coming. 
A LA^-jayiat, Pus, blood. 

A i^^jabb, Castrating. 

A s \^^>-juba^ A kind of fungus. 

A \^jubba, Pusillanimous. 
p \*j>-juba, Saturday. 
A (-JL^jtbab, Castrating. 
A fa\*=- jababal, A desert plain 
A^Us-Jw&rtr, Shedding blood, vanity. 
A torrent, destructive, reparation. 

A jU>- , Great. A conqueror. 

v jjJj^Ls-, To overcome. 
A &j\+>-jabarati A bracelet. 

A c^Vr" ' A. tyrant, a giant. 

, A short woman. 
) Pusillanimous. 
jubbaL A grilled waiscoat. 
-s- Jz/, An idol, magic. 
h, A scourge. 
Force, restoring. 

<0]^s-), By force. 
u( , Proud, power. 
, Compelled. 
s, Timid, plaster. 

, A mountain. Jibl, 
Many, creation. See aiLa^ 
A {^ko-jablat) A camel's bunch. 

A <xUs-jV6z7//, Form, nature, 

ati) An amethyst. 

^ Natural, innate. 
A ^a- , Pusillanimity. Cheese. 
A c_>v^ , Hard earth. Surface. 

p &+s-jdbah) Armour. 

A L^^jabhat, The front. A troop. 

A chief, contempt. 
A J^>- , A rude stupid man. 
A tUfc..^. , A deformed woman. 
A *uafcjt$6ir. Very proud, 
p &j>y+s*.jabirak, A bandage. 
A Cr**- > The forehead, timid. . 
A J*fc.j&0giBf, Strong, robust. 

A ^ ><. joss , Wax, high ground. 
A Jli^yoso/, A sepulchre. 
A b*~jusalat, Thick hair. 
A *\2^jasam, Thg night-mare. 

A t**\Zc>~ jassamah) A sluggard, 


A ^i- , The figure. A dead carcase. 

A (ji-j05/i Many, much. 

A <)dle^ , Thick hair, a black ant. 

A ^U&frjiiMiafi, The body. 

A &*&- jusamah. See <vlx>-. 

A /*_j^- jusum, Origin. Inhesion. 

Reclining. Dying. 
A &lj&' j A strong camel. 
A /ji.1^"- , A crowd, pushing. 
A bl^. , The hollow of the eye. 
A t-j\&'jikaf t Battle. Jw/jqf, Death. 

The flux. 

A ^{^jiihal) Poison, venom. 
A +(&> , Swelled eyes. Greedy. 
A c_ jl^"' , Powerful. A dwarf. 
A -\>- jahjah, A prince. 

A ?- juhjuhi A large ram. 
A J^"- jahdt Denying, poor. 
A i^AJ^-jahdab) A dwarf. 
A jA&>jahdar, Short, a dwarf. 
A ^&-jahdal, Fat, firm, strong. 
A ,*&& jahdamatj Swiftness. 
A ^-uhr The den of a beast. 

Short and thick, 

A 8 j^' jan rat t A severe season. 
A y*j^'ja/irash, Thick, compact. 
A oJfE' , A decrepid old woman. 
A +jg: jet/tram, A bad man. 

, Poverty, trouble. 
s, A battle. Killing. 
^L^-jahsh, A colt. Thick grass, 
r, Short.ribbed. 
/, Swift, nimble. 

An army. (A great man). 
A <_). jahl, 'Throwing down. The 
queen bee. A camelion. A beetle. 
A chief. A prince. 
A .J^^'jahmash. V. \s^'jihnt. 
A <do4^. jahmazaf, Swaddled, bound. 

Running at speed. 
A ^.^ , (An infant) ill fed. 
A y_ -^ , A dwarf. Powerful. 
A j\~J" jahinbar , A corpulent man. 
A ^^' , A female dwarf. 
A , .L^"- jah nash , Thick. 
A ift^-jahzsat, One pace or step. 
A ^.i5^> , A boy, not of age. 
A i*j:-jahuf, A water bucket. 
A p+^'jahim, A large fire, hell. 
A JC^ (y\ abii)jukhad) A locust. 
, A milk-pail. Large. 

i/, Hope, desire. 
' A sort of small seed used 
for sore eyes. 

p ^' jakhj, A sort of j)ird 
A \:j&. jukhrV. V. zf'jihrit. 
P (^Ju^.^., To be wrinkled, twisted. 

Labouring. Startling. Marking. 
A <Jj^-jukhuz, An enemy. 

P &>-jad t An ancestor. See *X>-. A 
curl of hair. Envy. A camel. 

A iX=>-, A father, forefather. Dignity, 

glory (of God). Wealth. A pace. 
Jidd, Study, effort. 
*A \<^jadd, Common good. 

p \j^juda, Distinct, apart. 

A \>\-jiddan, Plainly. In no shape. 

Seriously, strongly. 
A j**f- , A wall. Fit, worthy, 
p CXlj^-jWcrfl^, A certain game, 
A ^Ij^Jarfat, A severe year, 
p &9&*.jtidagemak, Separately. 
A ^J^-jadal, A hot contest, 
p i^iJkpk-jotirar, Salary, stipend. 
A fo\^jidayah) A doe, a roe. 
p ^^-judayt, Separation. 
A c-J.X=>^/ad&, Scarcity. A vice. 

A 3As>-jiddah, A grandmother, new. 

Finding, rich. Juddah, A way, 

path, method. The surface. A 

plain wanting water. 
A jJ^jflf//", A wall. A root. A scar. 

Worthy. P Jorfar, A messenger. 
A *j&>-jadaral, A scar. 
A j;<ika~jadari) The small pox. 
A ^^jadaf, A sepulchre. 
A J,X>. jadl, The limbs. Strength. 

Growing, battle. Pretending. 
A ^Jcs-Jad/a, A coat of mail. 
A <LokXs>- 7K/ama/?, Siiort (a man). 
A ^Az- jadan, Sweetness of voice. 

Jidn, A root, origin, 
p j^Jo-jVwfcar, ZcHoary. 
A (^.jt^jadub, Barren, scarce. 
Ajt^judur, Proper, fit, worthy. 
AP Jj<A- , A river. A line, rule, 
p <jL^ , Jj*V>. , Sexagenary canou. 
A ^**-jadTca A common good 
A ^J^- , A bird, a she-goat. 
A u-^Jf- , Severe (year). Desolate. 
A j&>-jadyal t A cushion. Blood. 
D d 


A &&>-jad>d, New. Happy. 

A. j&^jadir, Walled in. Fit. 

A <JJotX- , Women's buskins. 

A (JjJ**- ' A bridle. A girdle. 

A <3\&>-jizaZ) A fragment. 

A x<i\j&-ju'~(izah, Rust-eaten. 

A *\&>-ju'zam, Leprosy. A leper. 

A c J(X=>-j':&, Allurement. 

A &). | /aftijj[) Distance. A tract. 

A jje^'fljr, An origin, root. 

p j'&^-jazar, An ambassador. 

A cj^^Vzat? The trunk of a tree. 

Young. Novelty. 'A heifer. 
A JOo-jaz^, The summit. Jazal, 

Joy. Jz'/, The root, trunk. 
A d&>-jazilah, Luxuriant. 
AUJo-, Amputated. Leprous, (fern.) 
A \^^~juzmar, The stump. 
A <t<Jk=- , A whip. A piece. 
A ^Jt-JHiS, A root. 
A ^^Jowjaiu*, Attracting. 

t, Fire. A coal. 
jazizal, Bruised wheat. 
i, Mutilated. 

, Drawing. The base. 


p^, A crack, cleft.^/wr, A saddle 
A ^>- jara, The heart-burn. A boy 

A stipend. A beggar. 
A i^J- t \j^jira-fitj Audacity. 
A <-gJ\j>~jirab t Scabby. A provision- 
bag, the scrotum. 

, Water. 

A mAj-jarrak, A surgeon. 

A te*-\j^jaruhat, A wound, pus. 

/u, Surgery. 
A 4\j=~jarad, A locust. 

A J^ J arr <i r ) Drawing. A brave 
soldier. A beggar. 

A j\-jurai, Cutting keenly. 

A < J^ j ura fi A large measure. A 

glutton. Cheerful. 
A jAj*- jurufiz, Thick, large. 
A uLs\j~jarq/ish, A big man. 
A i^U*. , Noxious to health. 
A 'ij>\j>~ jarakat, Lean. 
A p\js~jaram, The date tree. 

, The right hand side, the 

2nd line of the right wing. 

c ,9 

p <r-^f- A woodcock, quail. 

P '-r^- jarb, A conqueror. Jtrb 

An acre. 

A i^jj^-jarab t The scab, mange. 
A \).-jarba, Scabby. Heaven. 

A ^j^- 5 A sheath. J ] urban. The 

collar. The gore. 
A Ljs>~jirbat, A sown.field. 
p L-J liJ j^jarabnag, Scabby. 
A \*}j-jirbiya, A westerly wind. 
A . -- , Turning round, rough, 
p j~^j- jarfir, Rocket (an herb). 
A -j>-jarh, Wounding. 
A L^>- jard. Tearing up, erasing, 

Jarid, Bald, barren. 

if, A garment worn bare. 

Jirdat, The soul. 
A ^i^-jirdazen, A rat, mouse. 
A j^yaraz, A tumour, the grease. 
A jj-jarz t Killing, reviling. Bare, 
p jj>-jurz, A kind of bustard. 
A z\j>*. , A bundle of hay, &c. 

A AJp-Jarzaw, Dry bread. 

I ^ 

A (j~j>-JQrsj A gentle sound. 
A ^{^t^jtrsam, The pleurisy. 
A (J^j>~ j A wath of the night. 
A i.^^ja-jurshub, A dwarf. 
A Lj*j>.jar$habuti Lean, meagre. 

r (~*&t>j*~jarshajt, A lampoon. 

t; Choaking. Trouble. 
arai., Drinking water. 
A ^^'art", A sandy desert. 
A c-^c^- , Gross, rude, stupid. 
A te.js>-jur^uh , The dregs. 
A J^zj^jaratJnl, Thick. 
A i__ )z.-urub, Large bodied. 

Thick milk. 
A t^jj^jarf. A plentiful year. 
p <*Lff>~jurul:, A desert. 
* c^-^p-Jor.^X'j Lasciviousness 
A /.- jar m, Warm. Jar am, A 
crime. Jz'r/ra, Sound. Colour. 
A body. A globe. 
A (^Sjse.- jurmu/; ) Leather hose. 
A <Ljj>-jafamkat, A multitude, 
p L-ti^jarang, A tinkling. 
P ^jjj^w , To jingle, tingle, rattle. 
ro, A whelp. 

/, Long, tall. 
A \.s*-jaruz, Voracious. Dryness. 
A ^otj^-jaruz, Thick, large-bellied. 
A ^.>-jurum, A warm country. 

FA SjS^jurrak, A little cruise. The 
handle of a cup, See. A jar. A 
beard. A funnel. A cushion. Form. 

A ( j^dt,j>~ jarhas^ Corpulent. 

A *k&j-jarham, Keen, diligent. 

A <ti+s.&~ jarkiyut, A loud voice. 

A i_j>-jari, Bold, brave. Young. 
An agent. A substitute. 

A (^ij^jaryan t Flowing. 

A ^^js^jarib) A corn measure (384 
mudds, or about 76'8 lib.) 

t, A flux of water. 

, Wounded. 
e arld A. lance, spear. 

b<$j>-jaridah) A book. A branch. 
p Simple. Alone. Desolate. Quick. 
) Brave; powerful. 
t, A fault. Pefidy. 
Bruised, brayed. 
, Art. 

, Dry dates. Guilty. 
J,- , A crime. A fine. 
k) The belly. 

M', Besides, except. 

j-jazz, Mowing, shaving. 

:>. yoza, Content. (ju'i] t A part. 

A quire. A section of a book. 
jJf-jVs, The fat of a sheep's tail. 

\j-ja~.a, Compensation. 

b\j^.juiaty The handle. 

j\j^-ja'izar, A butcher. 
j!j:s. jazoz, Cutting. 
Xj\y>-juz<i'iat, A cut, a chip. 

u->\js-jazzqf, A fisher. 
SM'j^juZqfat, Rashness. 
Nj^jazalat, Sagacity. Greatness. 
Entire. Eloquent. 
<>j~juzb, A part, portion, lof. 
j\)j>- The trot of a horse. 

' To enra e> 
, The sheep-shearing. 
Jjs->i</, A cricket. A whisper. 
Sj^juzdarah, The dry skia of 
dressed meat. A sparrow. 
zr, Reflux. Cutting. 
sft Knowledge. 
jjjs~ju'--raic> A privy. 
cj- , A shell. An onyx. Sorrow. 
c- j^jazagh, A frog. Complaint. 
^j*-jd'J, Buying rashly. 
Jj>- jail, Cuttlug. Fire-wood. 
Copious. Prudent. Eloquent. 


A <h- , A part. A prudent woman. 

A *j>- j&m-> Cutting, ending, re- 
quiring, filling, estimating, weak, 
silent, drinking or eating suffi- 

ciently, deciding, The mark jasma. 

BI, Resolutely. 

Thick. A servant's wife. 
r, Slaying a camel. 
, Impatient. 
i, A part. A trifle. 
at^ A very little. 
A round tent. 
i A part, a fe\v, 
A Lj-jizyat, Capitation-tax. 
A *^.J?-5 An island, a peninsula. 
A Jjjf- j Many, copious, great. 
A &> j*~jdulah_, Fair, good, pure. 
r U^jas., Asking ; desire. 
A .^^jasa, A rough skin. {ce. 
A L-5-ja?a, Hard. 
A i'L*>- , Hardness of the hand. 

^Mwarf, Saffron. 

sarat) Presumption. 
A L<[~>-jasamat, Corpulent. 
P -yj^*..**- jusbosi, Hypocrisy. 
p f^^jastan, Leaping, dancing. 
P (j^^jastan^ To jump, assail. To 

blow (wind), palpitate, shake. 

To run away. 

P y*~s*-jusjan t To search, enquire. 
p &:*-+. jastah, Tiu. 
A Ju^-Jflsct/, TKe body. Saffron. 

Blood. Tin. 

A i_5X~-jrtSflc/J, Corporeal. 
A j~^.jcisr. Large. Jwr, A bridge. 
A (-.Jj~*^jasrab, Long. 
A uX^./asa/', Misfortune. 
A j 4 -^^ 1 ?." 1 ' A body. A solid. 
A jU-^jwwoin, A habit of body. 

^ Corporeal. 
A species of round fish. 
A <3y~-ja$ud, A straight tree. 
A ^j~^jusut, Avaricious. 
A ++~*>~jastm) Great, gross. 
p L-jash, A blue bead. 

A yL>- jashsh, Breaking. Beating. 

Sweeping, cleanning (a well). 
A iJL^jash, A light bow. 
A li^-jMs/ia, A belch. 

A jl^f- jashrhar, The owner of a 
field where horses pasture. 

p ^^ jashar, A measure for oil. 
Jushar, The sleeve. 

A x^Ls>- jushrah) Coughing. 

A -tJL^jashtii.) Longing after. 

A ^^jasham, A heavy burden. 

p ( jL^jashan, Fever. Jashn, Re- 
joicing; a feast. 

p fL^jashu, A light bow. 

A^rJL^ jayhir, A sack. A quiver. 

p ^Ls^jushir, A weaver. 

A jU-f- /*t ummajatfir, The hyaena. 

Jitar, A well-rope. A mark. 
A &\\A&-jitflZat, A good action, 
A (*^xs^jat.b, Overturning. 
A L*>- ja&a, Throwing down. 
A <ii+As>-jatbat) A quiver, , 
A rjts^ya&j&ar, A short thick man, 
A. L-jj+x^jutbub, A mean man. 
A ( ^jt^ t A red ant. 
A <*=>- ji^ah, Beer. 
A LzxjjaUabalj Avidity. 
A t^ns^-jalLsam^ A meagre man. 
A ^_<^f~ jatjft^, A bad smelling 

place. Rough ground. Braying, 
A ^x^ja^fl, A ringlet. Liberal. 
A >A*^., A bubble. A cob web. 


A 8&*-jaZlat, A curling lock. 
r ^AJ* A&s*-, To braid, curl, plait. 
A j^x^jatdar, Short. A dwarf. 
A tj^AH^-jafdarii A glutton. 
A ^*>.jatdal, Strong, robust. 
A j*.jair, Dung of wild beasts. 
A &]/**>$>] abujitran, A beetle. 

, A stifling sensation. 
ju^sus Short, meagre. 

, Tall, thick. 
, The middle. 

., A thick dwarf. A glutton. 
A Jax^-jatzar, Having large hips. 
A ;iJHix.ja^.ara.t, A slow pace. 
A iG^axs*- ja%zari) Rude, deformed. 

Voracious. A murmurer. 
A j&x^*-jatJ ar > A little stream. 
A sJuL-jufLf(tri, The finest gold. 
tj A big old woman. 

A Jjtf-^a^/, Creating, placing. A 
heifer. Jut/, Hire. A bribe to a 
judge. Ju^al, A beetle. 
5, Foolish. 
Forged, false. 
A dotard ( fern. ) 
it, A biting ass. 
uz, A greedy old man. 
Languor. Dying. 

Short. A dwarf. 
A corpulent glutton. 
A heap (of dung). 

Curling. Foam. 
, A young ostrich. 
, A yoke for oxen, 
p Hj\x^. jaghdrah, An esculent root. 
Bread made of millet. Rouge. 
The navel. 

A ( -r^*- L +* 5 Seditious. 
9 x-jughd, An owl. 

P iJJu^jaghish) An esculent. 
P C^l^i*. , Thick milk, 
p j*-jaghu, A small owl. 

A t-Ji>-juJF, A troop. All. 

A \&>-jqfa 1 Molestation, trouble. 

r j$&*.jqfa65r t A tormentor. 

p c^obvj'flf/, Crooked, bent, wrin. 

kled, toasted. A bunch of grapes. 

Juft, A yoke, a pair. A match, 
p joybjb*. , A kind of fruit, 
p c"^ j a flan) To turn the mind. 

To be bent. To prop. 
v &xib>- jftflah, Bent. A prop. 
P LS^J u f!*> Parity, coupling. 
\^&-jifr, A young kid. A large 

open well. 

A sJi~jufrat, The middle. A cir- 
cuit. A cavity. 
A jsJZjqfz, Quickness of pace. 
A er*?^ Degenerate, 
p ^Ju^i^- jafsidan, To adhere. 
A (j&*>j0ffif, A paling. 
A P ^^ jafn, A sheath, eye-lid, 

eye-lash. A vine. 
A teJ^-jafnat, A vine. A dish A 

liberal man. A small well. 
A j^>-jafir, A large quiver. 
A u-J^jafis, Degeaerated. 
p lLx*>jlfi Churning, 
p jX>-, The liver.. Anger. Hope. 
p J*-.;'a/, A singing bird. 
P Jfjpi/, A handle, hilt. 

A J^-jall, The sail of a ship. Jill, 

The stalk. Gross. A coarse sheet. 

Jull, A housing. A carpet. A rose. 
A iL>- jala, Distinct. Jila, Exile. 

t LfOHf- jddb, A cluster ear-ring. 

Procrastinated) prolonged. 


, (Julap). 

j Braying (an ass). Bells. 
h, Undermining. 

AP JL^jallad, An executioner. 
A ZjL^jiladat, Agility. 
A -Jk^julddth, Long. 
9j\AjL*~ja2asdar, An equerry. 
A u^.JiU-ja/a/a/, Meanness, 
p jf }L., A book-binder. A polisher. 
A JL*~jala{, Majesty, power, 
p )i^jalangari A lock-smith. 
p jiU-ja/aa>, A wheel. 
p ^JjL^jalawati, Power. 

A &L*~julldh, A weaver. 

A j^afciU-jM/afoz, Corpulent. 

A v_-^ ,70$, Gaining, attracting. 

Exciting. Gain. 
r u r A>-ja/o&, A courtesan. 
JLP t >llf julbdb, A net- work to 

keep off flies. A veil. A shift. 

A wreath, 
p jjULs- jalbabi, Decrepitude. 

A JJk*-julubbar, A sheath, edge. 
A i^uk^julban, Pease, beans, pulse. 
A <uL julbal, The skinning of a 

wound. Apart. A heap. 
A ^^jilbah, A deformed little old 


A x&*b>-jalbidati Neighing. 
iz, Strong, robust. 

sat, Flight. 
A ^A^julbul, A canopy. 
r ^L^julbu, A certain plant. 
A ^jalaj, Break of day. 
A te^jaljat, The head, skull. 
A U^>#a, A village. 
A ^JL^juljuldn^ Coriander-seed. 
A J-?-afoABrouzin. Bald. 

A L->\s!~rjilhab> A decrepid old man, 
Aj\^jilhaz, Narrow-minded. 
A WjBr^jMyS, Rough ground. 
A als^'oMa/, The forehead. 
A \As^jilhiz, Large and hairy. 
A ijS^-jilhan, Narrow-minded. 
A AAs^jalafimad, Thick, 
p xU-./a/rf, Quick, speedy. 
A Ju*- ^Vz/rf, Striking. Throwing 
down. Forcing a woman. Skin- 
ing. Severe. Jalad, Strength, 
Hardness. The firmament. Jild, 
A skin. A volume. 

Hard, strong. 
', A difficulty 
i, Speed, swiftness. 
, Hard ground. 

A ^j^bi-julzty Robust, thick. 

A yJ^f- jd-'i, Folding. Extending. 

Travelling with speed. 
A j-lsfc-^Y/s, A companion, 
p LJ^./w/sa, Scattered wood. 
A 4\HM**jffsam t A pleurisy. 

A ^\*~b>~jullasdn, S trow ing roses. 
A A^L^jalasah, Seated, appointed. 
A bkf*.jul/at t Thick milk. 

Obscene. Shining. 

', A Stubborn camel. 
;*- , Having a piercing eye. 
-, V. i_ >,*,! ^-. A hedgehog. 
A beetle. A hyaena. 
A +ju^jaltffm, Impudent. 
A uJ}\^. jilf, A jar. Butchering. 

Severe, unjust. 
A l:UL-jc//'fl/, Careening. 
A i<Jui>-, Trading without profit. 
A j&s-jalfa"-, A misfortune. 
H XI*- juttar, The farm of fisheries, 
A *!>. jfdm t Cutting, shaving* 


Jatam, A flock. A mark. The 

new moon. 

A ]a\*b>~jilmazj Deserving well. 
A jUWjz/ma/-, A camel's nerve. 
A Ltb~jul>nat, Loppings. 

A .-^sr^?", Conserve of roses. 

(** . 

A tjjs~^-julanjuyafi., Pennyroyal. 
A -&^>-jdandak) Unwholesome. 
A J^Jols- , A hardy she-camel. 
A ,_Ail- jalandl, A slothful man. 
A j~*^>-julnisrin, Sweet-briar. 
A \^-\-^jril.rm'in^ Broad-shouldered. 

A 'i(Lb~jalanfal, Dry bread. 

T L^^jiltng, A jingling. Clotk 

wrought with gold, 
p jL*.jalu, A spit ; a stake. 
A \j^jUaa t Serene (sky). 
A i?Ju>jAM, Splendour. The nup. 

tial bed. An airy step. Turn. 

ing round. 

p &j\~*ib~j(iliukkanuh, Out-house. 
p Aj^jafiid, A city, a village, 
p jdl^jaludar, A courier, groom, 
p -j ib>-jalurez, The greatest speed 

A j^>-jil'azcuz, A filberd-nut. 

A y*fj**j*Si$i Sitting. Accesssion. 

A \sb>- joint. Impudent. 

A Jjid-./a/M/, Eminent. Banished. 

AP ^jk^-jalzci) A mincing gait. 

p^jL^/ofcwz, A sycophant. 

v v J^-^'o/cez, An informer. 

p &- julafi, A. bullet. A weaver 

<*L>- Lent. 

lhab, A low place. 

t, Forgetting. 
A +jk>-julfium t A large mouse. 
A i*^L>- julhamat, The side of 
valle. Strenth. 

A multitude. 

Clear, evidenU 

, A slave for sale. 
, Hard, quick. Ice. 
, To pick a bone, to haste. 
jb-jaJw, A companion. 

A < L _o-.l-^. , Ray, darnel or tares. 

f, Destruction. 
i Great glorious. 
A <ui>. , A place cleared of mud. 
p +>-jim t The moon. 

j A multitude. 
A V*>- jawio, The body. A swelling. 

i) A blunt arrow 
A ^^jamOTa, Proud. 
A \*-jamad) Dying, withering. 

A Jj^ Lj\*s-jamadi id aicwil, The 

fifth (Arabian) month. 
A jUs^Jamar, A head, a crowd. 

AP j\*^jammaz t A camel. 
P (j^jUs^, A camel leader. 
,$\\A* jammazt) A female camel. 

A ,11^2*-, Toying with women. 

A sUs.-./ewmfc., A collection. 

A o^ctis- jamatai, A crowd, as. 

sembly. A faction. 
A jW^fepfoi) Elegance. 
A ^U*-, Large, strong (camel). 
A /*U>- jam tun, Rest, quiet. A 

measure, multitude. 
A JU*->ww, A pearl. 

A ci^- > Long-haired (man). 

s>-, A reservoir. A crowd, plenty. 

**-) Heaped up earth. 
p iLs^^, A place of assembly. 
A Lijs^jumjumai, The skull. 
A -jamfif Refractory. 


ur, Hollow (reeds). 
, Concretion. 


Ij^. jamrat, A live-coal. An 
eruption. Gravel. A troop. 

un Pied . 

Travelling quick. 

5, Congealed (fat). 

, A mound. 

A kind of turquoise. 

, Rasure. A low voice. 
The back-bone. 

A collection, the 
total. A troop. Bad dates. 
klxA^jYm&iz, Rude, rough* 
<5Jt*2- Jumtfft, Friday. 

, A scrip. 
;, A total. 

, A collector. 
^]J.t.^>- , Hyena. A camel. 
(^^AAc^jamatyat) A collection. 
Reflexion, recollection. 

A rendezvous. 

, A weapon. 
u U>-jam/, Melting (fat). 
f^. J**^ > A Pelican. 
&4*.jqmAf. The sum, total. 
J^Uo->a;n/u/, A swing. 
JO4JV. jamand, A slow horse. 
A, Refractory. 
, Barren (season). 
, (A well) running over. 
ir, A republic. All. 

, Long-haired* 

An army. 
All, universal. 

J-*^ Jamil, Beautiful. 

;>-jinn, A demon. The heart, 
L- , Bending. Gibbous, p Fruit. 
e-A?- Jano6, Majesty. Power. 
A side, part, area. Junab, Near. 
A kind of game. 

vrr '^^ janabat , Foreign. A dis- 
tance. The side. Pollution. 
AjU^, A boy's game. A twin. 
i^l^A^*- janajal t A detail. 

/', A wing, hand, arm. 
t Thick and short. 
, Strong. Valid. 
>j\x*jinazaA, A bier. 
cb>- jiwi/fA, A saddle covering. 
A stirrup; flap. 


an. Darkness. The heart. 
A garment, crowd, chief. 
ti\x>-jananaAy The heart. 
jj\^j>~Jinayal t A crime. 

A side, boundary, 

tract, coast. Limping, pleuritic. 
Jon/6, Avoiding a stranger. Pol- 
luted. Janub, A stranger. 
jV~?- jimftar, A young owl. 
J^^jumban, Shaking, moving. 
, To move, rock, chum. 
^ A hiack woman. 
, LargeJx>died. 
jumbadal, A vault, an arch. 
, Motion. A work 
, A bad woman. 
Jjambalul, A swing. 
A big aged woman. 
, A reptile. 
, A weapon. 

, To move, stir. 

A ^^^mnal, Paradise, heaven. 
A vj^c^ jtiuMrf, Fury. Armour. 


A large fat camel. 
Heaped up earth or dust. 
, Southernwood. 
Fine nee. 
A part of the night. An 


A jc.=- j'und, An army. P JT,^ 

(An ass) bare. Castor. 
A te*~jundukh, A large locust. 
p <fciU-jJ^=-, A wardrobe. 
p Hj^>-jandarafi t A wooden bar. 
A J-x;>- jandal, Stone. A stony 

country. Jindal, A desert. 
A ^jj^junfe, One soldier. 
A u-^^jins, A genus, kind, mode. 
P ^U +*~janislun, Fairy land. 
A ^JU^jfl/wA, Tlic emptying of a 

well. Twilight. 

A jAftia-jajuz&fof, A tJiick man. 
A t-jLf-^'a/H/, Deviating. 
p iXiiia- , Fear. Fodder. Dung. 
A jjL*~janfur, An old sepulchre. 
P ujCx^/a/w/, Leaving for dead. 
p ^}L^janl<alukh, A reel. 

jo/jo-, War. Brawling. 
, A wood, thicket. 
l, Warlike. 
To make war. To be 

, The south. 
Covering. Dark. 

One demon, or spirit. 
, A leader of a state 
horse. A state horse. 

^ To drop, distil. 
, Dead, deceased. 
An embrio. Buried. 

P f^jaao t Barley, a grain of barley. 

A j>-jtizcw, The atmosphere. 
A \f*-jzwa, A valley. A trivet. 
A ^r^^-jaisab^ An answer, reply. 
A ^^jtzcdd, Liberal. Swiftly. 
*jl^Jar Neighbourhood, pro- 

pinquity. A farmer. 
A j\j^jaicarafi, Stem, body. 
A j^J"^ Lawful. Going away. 

Pervading. A path. 
P j^juwdz, A wooden mortar. A 

fever* An oil press. 
f i j^^" a? ^ a ^ Tne tri pe- A fever. 
A spy. 

, Corpulent. Haughty. 

A kind of fish. 
A sack, a bag. 
A \f*-jawalat> The best part. 
p jjjJ^jWPoWoz; A large needle, 
A ^f^-juwalik, A sack. Portman- 

teau. p Jazcalil, A cloak. 
A ^..^y^jawami^at Comprehending. 
P ^^ja:can, A youth. Young. 
A ^Jlil^./aKOwanaA, Manly. 
P c^otyl^>- jaaanbakhl, Of great 

hopes, a generous youth. 
p >l*4J\f*-ja<anmard t A young man. 
/', A she-sparrow. 
j Cutting. A shield. 
, What it sought. 
P f.f>- jazcbajaa, Grain by grain. 
A &j f>~ jawbal, A gap, interval. 
p tjobah^ An emporium. 

A xj*-j(Kowal) A low place. Rougk 

ground. Rusty. A ditch. 
p j>~j>~juju t A sparrow. 
A i^-jwzpofcA, Eradicating. 
A dj^-jud, Great rain. Liberal. 
E e 


<\^jazsd(in, A sort of camphire. 
t Benignity. Thirst. 
, A cow. A grass. 
jjf*-jcKzdarah, A calf. 
, Violence. 
A shoe. A stocking. 

An ostrich. 
\f*~jazi, A nut. The middle. 
Utdc-jmrzO] A star. 

.-*j^ ;=>-, An Indian medicine. 
\. "' e 

,j^-juzar, A young fawn. 

jU-jamaf, Cotton. 
yS\^>-juzgirah, A coat-button. 
*A^W, Sandix. Barley. 

Jjj3- >"-/, A young pigeon. 
Venom. A youth. 
*'>=* jd'iafi, A chicken. A foetus. 
A tenter -hook. A noose. 

JS *. jazc~.a f >ar. The moon's 
sphere. A comet 

4, The throat apple. 

{ J~if=~jcKcsan, Searching. Rum- 
maging. The environs. 
^J^t^jazc .?/, A palace. 
^tX*.^- jaiciidan , To adhere. 
^^ jarssh, The breast, heart, 

^i*-jush, Ebullition, agitation. 
Boiling, raging. 

^^liys- , To cook, cause to boil. 
}f^Sit-'J5sJiparafi^ A kind of food. 
ir, A weaver. 

Boiling. Cooking. 
*f*-jU3hajr 1 A button-hole. 
.-I**-, A cuirass. The heart. t 
,yZif>-jiishush) The breast. Peo- 
ple. A watch of night. 

To boil, to cook. 
Walking proudly. 
Hungry, starving. 

, An instrument fof 
separating corn. 
^is^ja&fi A wide plain. The 
belly. The cavity. 

Hollow. Extensive. 
/-, Declining. A troop. 

, A crowd. 
^^-, A club. A battle-axe. 

^f^. ( for yogi] , A sect of religious 

\ ts^ja^l, Surrounding. Choos. 
ing. Jul, A wall, a herd. Wisdom. 
^ts-jdv:alun, Wandering. 
x^j*-joluh, A weaver; a spider. 
*.jolakk, Woollen cloth. 

, A weaver; a quiver. 
^ Seeking, searching. 
A beam divided into parts. 
ardi Liberal. 
, White. Black. 
juunat, A leather case. 
aisnahi The sun. 
A bird like a plover. 

, Lowing. 

har, A gem. Matter. 
, A grain of barley. 
t*- j(Ktt> Inflamed. Ardour. 
Fetid water. 

\Cf?~J9*i Ambitious, wishful. 
^l 1 .s~-joyan, Wishing, ambitious. 
Flowing. Sucking. 
\t&? ts-joyyuz, A ship- worm. 
te f>- joyicheh, A rivulet. 
J.f^jaa-7/, Driven by the wind. 
*.> >~ joyimaJt, A trifle. 
jj ns-Joyl, A petition, a prayer. 
, To desire, ask, wish. 
Yy/ino/f, A swan. 
aAarf, Hard ground. Jihad, 
An effort. War. 

* " 

Acting openly. 
ra i A loud voice. 
t Paraphernalia. 

Ignorant. Vacancy 
r, Fringe, flounce. 
The world. 
bracelet; a title. 
A lul^s-, A young maid-servant. 
p <J,'^ ja/idni, Worldly. 
P u^^jiharudan, To attack. 
A ^ A heavy dull look. 

) Paying ready money. 
i-i Acut, intelligent. 

, The side, surface, 
form, reason. 

A l *-^i^J a ( l .?t Having reason. 
A Z&ri+ja/ijaJial, A lion. 
A A^ja/id, An effort. Study. Fa- 

tigue. Power. 
A ji>~ jaJir, Public. Revealing. 

Perceiving. Respectable. 
A ]/f*-Jahr<*i A crowd- Winking. 
A itf" Jdirat, Conspicuousv 
r *j~^jafiru(i, A yarn reel. 
r &jj^ j[((iruhih, A gallery. 

Rushing into danger. 
J a i'. s ^i Raising a cry and 
running frightened. 

Fearing. Rising. 

at, Tears, tearful. A 
crowd, a mob. 
* yf>-/^j Overcoming. Remov- 

ing. Hastening. 
A +*dA*~ja/izam, A lion. 
A Jf^J^A Ignorjnce. 

) An austere look. 

, The first watch. 
"* Coarseness of face. 

A deep ph. 

, Hell. 

utBd, Laborious. A Jew. 
^ Loud-voiced. 
A ^^~ J a ^ l - a f.') Keen, shrewd. 
A Jjf*^/a^j Stupid. Furniture. 
A +jf>-jahum, Silly, impotent. 
A &*}$>- jahumati Receiving sternlr. 
A tJ^ff"> A- ten * without a roof. 
A Ju^jaAZrf, Pasture flocked to. 
p ^A-^ jaliidan. To leap, dance, 
recreate, to blow. 

Study, dilijence. 
Speaking clearly. Ho- 
nourable. A rear. 
A j^f>~ jahli) Light, swift, r JaJitz, 
Dowry. Minced meat. 
h7i, Abortive. 

, Hell. 
t Arrival. 

1'.*=- jayyar, A heat in the sto- 
mach. Quick lime. 

^p>\*jf-jqyyash, A curvetting horse 
when spurred. 

>-} A man walking proudly. 

(<g- jayyqfi Aa interred corpse. 

teat, A trivet, Jcc. 

A shirt breast. A 
geometrical line. 


ur, The king's highway. 
f, Corrupted water.. 
-, A short man. 

A kjii-?*} A lying, impure woman. 

A Js^javjal, A large stone. 

A X->- y^A A long neck. A short 
shirt. Elegant. Fair. 

A ljuf-. Fine necked (a woman). 

A Jjua-j The holm, or scarlet oak. 

A *c*- jayra, Certainly, indeed. 
Jayar, Shortness, littleness. 

A Sjv>-Jirati An edge or corner. 

tjjs^jyu or jjj^> A Jiedgeftog. 

A y~+>~jai/sud, A straight tree. 

A uLs~ jaysh, An army, soldiery. 

p j*L+-^jayshgar, An armourer. 

A ^.fi-^Vz, Turning away from. 

A la+^jaifiy Walking with dignity. 

***>- ftghah. A turban ornament. 

A ( i->- , A grass called also <j:J . 

A (^Jit^jqyfal, A carcase, a corpse. 

p cl>.p-j7/', The noise of fowls. 

p +>-jlgar, The liver. 

l, A body of men. 

lari) Dust blown by 
the wind. The Jubjub. 

A *-*- j7i, A silk robe, embroi- 
dered with gold. The letter ~jim. 

A ijv***- jayrien. An embryo. 

p Xj+>~fKzah. Quicksilver. 

A ju*|.jSg/na(uj| Mouse dung. 

A jjA-, A fly corrupt mg meat. 

p ,- che, Is the sixth letter of the 
Persian alphabet, and never found 
in Arabic words. 

T W. cha, Tea. 

p L>^V^- chabalan, A boot. 

' ^?V ch "t>u/!, Quick. A whip. 
Beauty. Ingenious, acute. 

p CJjls-, Quick; prompt, acute* 
p ^*,jbl>- chaplos, Flattery, 
p <^jU- chupala/i) A scabby head, 
p CL?yl>- chaputj Old cotton, 
p JkJjl>- chiililU'i A catholick. 
p U*-, A heap of corn. Stubble. 
p *L>A>. chachilah, A peasant's shoe. 
p ^5^^ cfiacht, A white bow. 
p cLi~~>-l>- chakhsu!;^ A sickle. 
Pjjl>- ch(uiir t A tent. A mantle, 

a sheet. A veil. A table-cloth, 
v jW char, Four, 
p A^U- chardahum, The 14th. 
p %}$>- churduh, Fourteen. 
p (sf^^j A crier, mace-bearer. 
r j\>-j Remedy, power. V.jjls*. 
p *~j\^ charsii, A market place, 
p jj^-J^ 5 *" charlal:) Four columns, 

i. e. a room built on 4 columns, 
p u^-J;b- charlat) A vizier's vest. 

A kind of mirror, 
p jt<jl>- c/ior magh'i, A walnut. 
p ^rr^U-, A cross, a gallows, 
p r**j(-charmin, One of four, 
p (W-Ui^, Nolens volens. 
p UiW charzca, A quadruped, 
p j^3^l) A letter-out of horses, 
p ^,U- charah, A cure. Help. A 

mode, mean, method, 
r tl>^ jl>- charge 6 One of four, 
r /pis*, A heap of corn. See ^\>~' 
p u^-iW chasht) The middle hour 

between sunrise and the meridian ; 

also what is then eaten, 
p ^jj*\z>- chashni, Taste, trial, 
p ^-X^U- chashnigir, A taster, 
p U-, Time, an hour. A spider, 
p cl/W cA/f, A fissure. Torn, 
p ^1=^ chalar, A servant. 

chat art i Servitude. 


1 (>- chaku, A clasp knife. 

p _jl>. chd/;uj, A mallet. 

p JU- c/ir7/, A hoe, spade; a pit; 

town; wager; bird. 
r ul/iJU- chala&y Quick; clever. 
H /.)}!l>~ chaldn, An invoice. 
p ^U- chalish, An eElegant pace, 

stateliness ; swaggering. 
p j-J^ chaltgh, -^- n unruly horse. 
r ,Jl>- cAa/J, A gin. 
F ^rr^ chdresh, War, battle. 
? ttXJU- chafi/;, A play of children. 
p i^J\>. chdl'in, A. canal. 
p *l>- C^OOT, A coat button. A grain. 
p ^Jw<l>- chdmidan, To piss, blow. 
H (JjJl>- chandanl, A. cloth ceiling. 
i- UW- chanali) The jaw bone. The 

chin. Distilling. Leavening. 
p / >^->- chdivush) A serjeant, lic- 

tor ; a herald, messenger. 
p ^r-ijU- chawshzr, Opopanax. 
p <!JjW- chazclah, A rose, rose-bud. 
A, A well, a pit. 
A four-prong'd hook. 
chdyidan, To grow cold. 
p tb^si- chabchcdah ) Slippery (place). 
An elevated place. 
The left side. 
V?- chapdli, A thin cake. 
chapdr, A spotted horse. 
U*- chaparah, An old garment. 
>- chapdgh, A shad, a thunny. 
chapdm, A knave, rascal. 
A ring, thatched roof. 
H e^^=>- chapurliat, A bed. 
j-, Labour, strife. 

A scout, guard. 
chapak, A kind of hawk. 
) A stiort coat. 

chapla/i, A blow. 

p j^=- The iron head of a spear. 

p <U^- chapah. Left-handed. 

r ^--w;-, Prepared. Assembled. 

P j-^- chatr, A tent, a curtain, um- 
brella, parasol, veil. 

p ,-p, chach, A heap of corn. 

p i^x$V chachaft, The small-pox. 

p ^~ chakh, Altogether. Labour- 
ing. Twisting. Sheath. 

p ^-^l^v, Clashing of swords. 

p lJ5"v chakhakh, A flint and steel. 

p ^5v, Swelling in the throat. 

P .^^V chakhchtr, Trowsers. 

p ^t^, Scrofula. Pain. A bat. 

P -^W^v chakhmqj, A little bag with 
fuel, a fire-steel, and money. 

p Uv chakhmdgh, Aflint, firelock. 

p ^*^^v chakhidan, To hunt, seek. 

P C^ v chikhayri) Variegated. 

p j^A>- chaddr, Fetters. 

p \jj>^>- chudrawa, The aloes plant. 

p J^ chara t Why? Wherefore? 
Pasture. A marsh. 

r <-r>}/?- charab) Fat, gross. 

P j't^)/ 3 '- charak/i'ar, A meadow. 

Pj^y^ charaiar. Grassy. 

p l^]^ charasya, A cherry. 

P ]/>- charagh, A lamp. A pas. 
ture. A client, a creature. 

p ^|-> cliarakeh) Because. 

p i^->- charagafiy A meadow. 

p (*}/=- charam, A meadow. 

p c^*)/*- charaniin, A meadow. 

p ^iXjLs^, To cause to graze. 

p <-T^/f- cAari, Fat, greasy. Vis- 

cous- Smooth, 
p V/5*- charbui, Deceitful. 
p " charbish, Fat, liquid. 

, Calumny. A wafer. 

p ,V-J j>- charbniiar, Fat and lean. 

>> -J* 
t <U j>- char buh, Tracing paper. 

r ^^ cliarb'ii Fat, grease. Recti- 
tude. Ease. Success. 
F ^Ju^s- c/iarLtdan, To prevail. 
p /^- cfiarlah, Skin, leather. 
r ^j=>- charkh, The sphere. Chance. 

Circular motion. 
r (^~*JLi~j*- charkhshuty A wine, 

or oil press. 

r &^>-, A flower. A thistle. 
p &>-/> j A wheel of any kind. 
N ^^ charkhi, Spherical. 
r t4^*- cherda/i, A bad horse. 

^ V 

p ; ,>- charui, A bustard. 
p jj^>- chorus, A prison, 
p tA^ charish, Pasture. Taste. 

A feast, a holiday 
p {&j>- charghan, A'seal. 
? ii.rv- charghanu, A wine vessel, 
t LJfr chir/;, Filth. CAora.;*, A 


p c_>l^p- chirlittb^ Filth. A washer. 
p ty^rf- cAar/Jw, Base. Dirty, rusty. 
* %;>- churgar, A Mw/// or judge - 
p A^ charm, Cow leather, 
r <U,->- charmaJi) A gray horse, 

charand, Pasture. Grassy. 
->- charang) New, elegant. 
charut, Bread. 
charwand, A lantern. 
>- chanc'idan, To ask aid. 
- charhunar, A bat. 
c ^ iar ~ u ^ an i To graze. 
chari/f, A man seat to a 
zarriindar to supply forage for 
an army. Origin, 
p i>- c/ta'i, A baboon. 

kind of white kite. 

zg", A porcupine. 
chaspan, Coherent. 

, To fasten, to glue. 
chaspindah A snail. 

, To adhere, incline, 
turn, understand, spit out, sow. 
u> f- cA.K5/, Quick. Tight. 
chislan, An enigma. 
chuslan, To accumulate. 
p <Cw~.>- chastah) Harmony, 
p ^-^AIXJ-^- chasang, A mark on the 

forehead ; clay. 
p (j^>- chashan, A mace, 
p ^iXjli-s-, To cause to taste, 
p (Jif^- dutiihpali, A foot-mark, 
p f^>- cfuuhm, The eye. Hope. 

An amulet. A cup. 
p J^ pL&- chashm aghal, A glancing 
p i^ <T^.-T->- chwhtnal, A peep-hole, 
p ,-i^LJL>- chathmalan, The pupil, 
p <iuJ.^ cha*hma/i, A fountain. 

Spectacles, the eye of a needle. 
i> ^-i^, A feast. Nuptial feast, 
p <^~>- chafhnl, Taste, trial, 
p ^.xJLs- chtishidan, To taste, 
p , tic*- chefur, How ? 
p >. chagh, A spider's web. A 

churn staff. Ebony. A screen. 
PJ\X>- ckaghar, Sound, 
p ^U=^ chagarah, A grain-pit. 
p ^Us- chagalah, A flight of birds. 
r <U;U=*- chaghamah, Poetry, 
p ^1*=- chughati) A cotton dresser, 
p <U\*>- chaghanah) A violin, a 

shepherd's pipe ; an organ, 
p c^-x=^ chaghbal, Wadding. 

, The stuffing of cushions* 
chughd, An owl. 
chaghr, Fear. 


chagharbarah, The scum 
on standing water, 
p <Uj.x>-, Sewing-thread, 
r ^-V 1 _*j- chaghridan* To fear, 
p I*."*- chaghzf A frog 
p fVU*>- chaghzdbah, A water- fly. 
p ^JjC-is*- chughuti, A small bird, 
p J>*>- chaghal, A plait, foldv 
p JcJi=- chughftnd, Th hair tied in 

a knot in the neck, 
p &jc>-. See <Ul*>- chaghnah, A 
small owl. A martin. 
chughur, A pullet. 
chaghisarak, A water- fly. 
, To seek, try, aspire to. 
cfez/?, A spouse, 
c^fff/, A hall. A cupola. 
Chnfl. A tight garment ; a prop. 
Chift, The door chain. 

chaftan, To understand. 
chaflah, A sheep's head. A 
bunch of grapes. 
<wUrfJi>- chafraslah) Tongs. 
^,Jui>- chaliidari) To enclose. To 
dash. To litigate. 
L * s>- chak) The sentence of a 
judge. A deed, bond. A word. 
&= chair d, A lark. 
/o&s- chabdbahi A washer's beetle. 
^jC^-liU^ chajtdchalt, Drawing. 
^-, The top. Bald. A partridge. 
chakaft A lark. A small 
partridge. A mob. The crown, 
p <*&>-, The leaf of a door. 
p u'^- chatdn, Dropping. 
p ^jJJCs^- chatdndan, To drop, 
p Uli^- chat and, Sprinkling. 
P g*~ chalij, A mallet. 
P u^Us^" chahhak) The sound made 
in kissing, clashing (swords). 

xjL-cha!trah, Foam, froth. 
cha'ri, Mustard. 
charts, A perch. Shame. 
dwtish, A brazier's hammer. 
ahi';, A lari:, a chaffinch. 
chattuh, A district. 
^ chuliu!;, A silken baud. 
,U>x>- cha[:mun^ A coat, waistcoat. 

l, man i A garment. 
tM*- chahtrizafi) Stranguary. 
-5 A rich silk. Evening. 
- chi'in, Embroidery. * 
cha':Hj A bow, plectrum. 
r 4X>- chatuj, A hammer. 
y*^- chafrur, A bird of the par. 
tridge kind. 

CJyo-, A teal. Purslain. 
Ax2- chahah) A drop. 
, ,Jl=^ c^uz/i, Red goat's leather. 
^>Sj>- ckitidan, To tirop, flow. 
iXil^. chujrdshah) A porcupine. 
Jlx>- chagal, A butt for archers. 
Ju>- chugundar^ Beet-root. 
*J^=>- chegunah, How? ef what 
kind? In what way? 
J>- c^fl/, The ear. 
Jj>- cAo/, An imbankment. 
,j^L2>- chaldii) Current. An invoice. 
uJo^U- chuldna'ii An insect. 
i Ji>- chalab, A noise, clamour. 
<d-i5>~ chulbulah, Hasty, quick; 
unsteady, A present to a friend. 
<UiLlr- chulpasah, A small lizard. 
chalpa?;, Bread or cake fried. 
A flower. 

chalchal, Unsteadiness. 
p tksr>~ chilchtiali) A kind of tortoise. 
, The cone of a fir tree. 
The shaving of a pen. 


chdkurafi, A nut. 
chuluky A ladle, skimmer, 
p As- chelum, The fortieth. 
A *1>- chilam, The round plate to 

which is stuck the tobacco in a 


p jlil*- chulnar^ The pomgranate. 
p ^>- chalu, A little stick used 

in play by children, 
p y^- cftalun^ A screen, blind. 
P <d>- ( /mid//. A sinew. 

p <0o~ challaJi, Forty days of the ex. 

treme of heat, cold, or rain, 
p ^f^- chaKpii, A cross, 
p &^>- chafidan, To walk, go. 
p .*>- chum, Energy, 
p v4k>- clMinakh) A bridle, rein, 
p ,jW>~ chumal; A mace, a club. 
P ^lA^chaman, Walking haughtily. 

A tete-a-tete, 
p <Uto- chamanah, A vessel made of 

the rind of a gourd, 
p 4^U>>., A wine vessel. 
* c/^?~ chamarit, A cup-beartr. 

, To cause to step. 
A ladle ; staggering. 

A punishment. 
chamchali) A cup, spoon. 
, The eye. A portly gait. 
chamshad, Moon-light. 
Advantage, power. 

* (j*>- chaman, Orchard, meadow. 

* U*J A ?' A headstrong animal. 

f (j*V*^ chamtdan, To step, drink 
wine, to incline the mind, walk 

P C/^ cfawnm, Urine. 

P \x. chanakh, A double purse. 

P j\x. chinar, A plane tree, poplar. 

A ?^=- chunagh, A surcingle. 

p ^l^>- chunan t Like that. 

p i\^lx=>-, As that which. 

t ^j[^>- chunankeh) As that which, 

p ^JuJU:!.- chananldan, To advise. 

A^ni^- chumbtr, A fillet, wreath, 

collar, hoop. 

f ..nA^- thambur-t A bridle, halter. 
p <^ijv. cliambah, A large bar. A 

mallet. A scourge. 
p (jJuo'.--*- chumb'tdan , To jump. 
H Ui^-, A fragrant yellow flower. 
P ^*^ chanchah, A hammer. 
P *XX>- chand, How much? how 

many? Many. Much, some. 
p IkXxs- chanda, A contribution. 
p ^Iju^- chandan, Many, more, as 

many as, so much. 

chandfand, Fear, dread. 
(fiandan, Sandal wood. 
A quantity. Some one. 
A kind of pistacho nut. 
chang, A harp, a lute, 
talon, car-ring. 

p Axx>-, Vitriol, rust. A crab. 
p 4 Jx^= changed, A hook. Tickling. 
p <l/lx&-, Lame, maimed. 
p ,^>- changi, A musicia* 

Chungi) An actor. 

p ^J^-Jl*-, To speak, to act in a play. 
p Ax- chinah, Grain. 
p ^JuX.-v. cliafi'tdan, To admonish. 
^l^'v^-v- chamzagan, Vermiu. 
p cni>- chanin, The heart. Chutun, 

Thus. As thus. 
p <Lux~ chaninah, A wooden bor- 

der round the house wall. 
p j^- cAw, When. Then. Thus, is. 
If so be. How? 

t U=*- chazca, An oil of lignum aloes. 

p <^=>-ij>- chuwachah) A chicken. 

P j\j-=-~ chuzcar, Leave, pardon. 

v d/tj>-, Flour dressed with oil. 

P <-r > ^- chub, A log. Wood. A staff. 
A beam. A shoot. 

P i^>W>- choban, A shepherd. 

p <dj^=*- chawptilafi, A litter. 

p (j^V^ivf^' -A- 11 Indian game. 

p y<jj2*-, An instrument for sepa- 
rating cotton from its seed. 

p dj j>- chobah , A rolling-pin. 

p C^*>- chubin, Wooden, timber. 

H ciJys- cAoro/, The fourth part. 

H #py- chutarah, A raised square 
place in a garden, &c. 

p tL=-fc2*- chuchah^ A swan. 

p U-.js- chiikhu, A woollen garment. 

p jjJui-.j*- chokhidan, To stumble, 
p <J^j_p*- chdrabah) Water flowing 

out of a dike or dam. 
p &jj>- churpah, A small duck. 
H i_s^->- chazcri, A fly chaser, 
p J*->- C/ZMS, A woman's shape, 
p *^>- (-'Aw/a//, A foetus; a spindle. 
H _^-^>- chwcsar, A game of hazard, 
p ^jiX^i^ chusJiid'jin, To suck. 
p ^>- chugh) A yoke. A trench, 
p LJ^j^ chughari. Dregs of sour milk. 
> Jy^&- chukul. An obsei'vator. 
P tj5l>- chii/f, Reverence, 
p 1 




(j&f*~ chftiotan, A stick carried as 
an ensign of royalty. 
cl^oj>- c/io/'a/', An owl. 

V V 

sKp~ chuhlah, A district. 
^^ chol.j) A chair, guard. 
Jj->- ch-did. Crooked. - Chul, 
A desert. 
*^>- chulah, A weaver, a spider. 

, Fat, oxyacanlh. 
chomat, An iron mace. 

ow ? Lilce ^ 
ner, quality. 

^U^. chunan, Just as if. So. 
<*J- chunuh. Quick lime. 

How fare you? Quality. 
chunm ) Thus, like this. 
A=w cAo^ added to nouns, forms 
^>- chahar, Four. 
^>\f>- chehan, Many. 

hazsani, A cantonment. 
, The voice of the bulbul. 
chehr. The face, visage. Map, 
plan, small shot. 
P />- chahrah, The face, air. A 

wheel. Shot. 

p *r=>- chohrah, A youth, a page. 
chehl, Forty. 

p &il^>- chahltah, Armour. 

P *if>- chehlum, The fortieth. 

i*/^- cAaAir, The face, Sec. V 

p J*^=- A crook, pulley, hoe. 

p ^^ C/M, What? 

p j**^>- cfupur, The head of a spear. 

p MI^L^- cA/, Chintz. 

H Jx^s- cAi/a/, A small coin, 25 of 

which make a *\ J . 
H *i-o- cJulah, A hunting panther. 

A measurement of lands. 
p < ?Wj>, chichdb, The sound of- 

the lips in kissing. 
p tlX^- cluchai, The small pox. 
p *Ls^>- cliichalah, Sickness, pain, 
p jJ^s- cAiffow, To gather, imbibe, 
p H5 c/wr, Brave. The highway. 

Sublime. Eloquent, Rude, 
p o-'J Xf*.s>- Active. Brave. 



cJuit A thing, any thing. 

chtiu, Hedge-hog, 
P *fO- ch'iiah, Small forceps. 
P (_.>- cluil, One thing. Some- 
thing, a little, somewhat. 
t L^~-~>- ch'ist, What is it? 
F ^1 ^ ch'tstan, An enigma, 
p ci^j*-J- chayghut, A hard pillow. 
<5ju>- chighah ZOH, A warrior, 
cfa/, A troop, a crowd. 
, A wood haunted by wolves. 
, An adopted son ; a slave. 
Chin, China. A fold, 
p ^0^=- cKndan, Gleaning, 
p j<-^ ch'tnur, Right, straight, 
p <u-r>- chaynah. The eaves. China!i, 

A gin, snare. 

p <^L=^ cAz/K, White sugar.candy. 
China ware. 

_ ha, The sixth letter of the Arabic 

alphabet, and the eighth of the 

Persian; and the character for 

eight in arithmetic. 

A C-A>- hab, A sin, a crime. 

A (L-Uv. h abal, Maternal relations. 

court. The eaves. A crime. 

A JjU- ha&il, Stretching a net. 

A (3^ hab't) A kestower. 

A JJU hulll, A youth. We; -k. 

A *5\>- hatim, A judge. Rendering 

necessary. A liberal man. 
A (J^ haft, Driaking much. 
A (jjW /ttwin, A sultry day. 
A c_.^As. , A porter. An eye.brovs 
A jju^U. hajat, Want. Hope 
wish. Forthcoming, as revenue, 
p tXi^c^U- hujalmand, Indigent. 

-^U- hfijir, A Avail. A m. 

:->-U>- huji'i, Hindering 

U WI>- hajil, Feet bound. Caper- 

ing. A raven. 
A *>-U. hajim, A barber. 
A j^^>- hajur, A dam, a dike. 
A i 1>-W hajurat, Blind man's buff. 
A ^ U- hafi, A pilgrim. 

hddd, Sharp, bitter. 

*%, New. Casual. 
hudisal, An accident. 
hadir, Of a compact body. 
A ,Jjl>- htidil-, Ingenious. 
jW- hadur, A pendant. 
u/-^*" /(/?, A camel leader. 
Wary. One. 

a:, The shoulders. 

aiiV, Avoiding. Ready. 
A j JW AM://-, Skilful. Sharp. 
A <UJU>- haiimah, Digestive. 
A iW j^>- Aflr Aor, Breathing hard. 

A j(s*. harr, Warm, sultry. 

A tj\s- harat, A street. 

A C^W harts, A fanner. A lion. 

A J,U- Awrw/, Passionate, warm. 

A (j~j\>-, A governor, protector. 

A ,jOil- haris, Ambitious. Greedy. 

A (Jj'c- Aari/, Burning, ardent. 

A AJJ^W harttal, Fire. 

A ^ijjl^ harun, A restive horse. 

A *jW- hu',im, Wise, provident. 

A <LA- hdssal, Sense, the senses. 
A JusW hasid, Envious. 
A ^sW /ias/r, Naked, disarmed. 
A i^o-hash, Besides. God forbid ! 
A X*U- hashid, Prepared. 
A tli\A- A./w'/-, Productive. 
A ^--lls- hashii/al, A margin, edge. 
A tract, shadow. Protection. 


A L-^S'O-J (Wind) scattering sand. 
A tXaU- hasid, A reaper, a mower. 
A ,^>*- histr, Prohibiting. A mat. 
A jj^lft- hasil) Produce. Profit. 

Remainder, end. Clear. Corn. 
A (.r^* 2 *- Jiasin, A chaste woman 
AJ-S\S>. hazir, Present, prompt. Cash. 

A near neighbour. 
A JL^U*, A city, a fixed abode. 
A ^s-^U. kazirjat, Quite ready, 
p o^U- h aziri, Presence ; breakfast. 
A 4~A&~ hiizttMQi A -nurse. 
A SjjM**, Penetrating (sword). 
A aI?U- ha/ah, A wail, fence. 

A t__jU- huff, Surrounding. 
A jJU- A boy, friend. An ally. 
A Jl=w /io/?r, A nail, claw, foot. 
A i^sU-, The beginning A road. 
A <LiJU- hqfishali, A water-course. 
A kjU-Atf/zz, A guardian. A reciter. 
A JjU- lia/il, Abounding. 
A JU. haft, Barefoot. 

A jjU. haM, The middle. 

A U* haMat) Price, value. 
A j^JiU- hukiiat. Kicking. 
A (jJ>U- haldn, Having a diabetes. 
A <LJ>U- hatinatj The stomach. 

A U~ haltat, A tooth. 
A *^^>- hakim^ A prince, a judge. 
A <uU- hajtimat, A lady, princess. 
A i^U- Afl^i, An author. 
A JW- A a/,' State, mode. An affair. 
^A HU. Ao/a, Now, at present. 
A u-JU- haltb, A milker. 
A 2Uw, State. A thing. Action. 
A gUfr- /tfT^, Shaving. 
A u^iU- haKt, Very black, pitchy. 
A JU. Aaftm, A sleeper. 

A <*jjll>- kalulal, Penetrating (sword). 
A <sj!U- halumat, Coagulated milk. 
A ^JU-Aa/?, Dressing. A carpet. 
A u!U- hultya, At this time. 
A JU- haliyat. Adorning herself. 
A UU- hama, A weight of four and 

a half drams. 

A tVU- AamzV/, A praiser (of God). 
A j-U- kami'i) Sour, pungent. 
A J^sW- hanril, Carrying. A porter. 
A <siU- hamifah) Pregnant, 
A LS -<^>- AawK, A protector. 
A <OU- hanat, A wine shop. 
A kjU- hanif, Red, reddening. 
A (J.xiW. hanit, Very black. 
A LjjU- hanut, A shop, 
A cJU-, A wild cow. Libidinous. 
A tjrjU-, Collecting. A collector. 
A uU- hawiyat, The intestines. 
A c_^oU~, Sinning, offending. 
A J^.U- hayd, Turning from. 
A jJ.U- hayr, Astonished. A conflux. 

Ruined. Irresolute. 
A ^\s>- haysh, A plantation, 
A ^>l- huyh A wall, inclosure. 
A < tJ^U- hay!; > -A. weaver. 
A JjU- Acy//, Restraining. 

A c_^%>- kabb) A grain, a pill. Hibb t 

Love. Hubb, Loving. 
A lev., A royal favourite. A gift. 
A <-->L- habab, A bubble of water. 

A wished-for event. Love. 
A jlo~ kabar, A mark, vestige, sign. 
A (j^Ur*. habara', A bustard. 
p (j-lo- habas, Set apart, 
p <U>lo- habashah, A crowd, a mob. 
A tl/Ls*- hibalt, Away, a track. 
A 2L- hibalai) A knot, a snare. 

The warp of cloth. A vine-shoot. 


A <L-- hababaf, Agreeable. 
A tw>- hablar, Short. 

, Tormented by avarice. 
kabtat, Little. Bare. 
A (J^w>- Aa&&, A serpent with his 

train cut off. 

A f^~ habj, Approaching. 
A y^=- habjar, Thick. 
A 4>Wte- hibhab, Short, deformed. 
A u^s^>- habhab, Small. A slow 
flux of water. Debility. Heat. 

A \<X*=>- habba'za, Excellent ! brave ! 
A to-Ao&r, Beautifying. Joy. A 

teacher. Ink. Trace, form. 
A ,),*>- habarbaT) A thing. 
A i^j A hibrat, A striped cloth. 
hubraj, A bustard. 

habarlas, A small camel 
habariuS) A dwarf. 
habarkal. Blubber-lipped. 
i R uined - The tike. Weak 
5 Pomegranate soup. 
^Q^j Imprisonment, 
habaz, Moving. Failing 
L^-v- Ao6/, Doing in vain. Pe 
rishing. Swelling. 

habtiklik. Noise. 
haba/t, Pulegium. 

habturral, Hail. 
, Fitting (a garment). 
habitat) Short bodied. 
A J-s- Aa6/, A compact. A rop 

A tendon, vein. Pregnancy. 
A *La~ habla/i, A shoot of a palm. 

A <j^*s- hdballak t A lean sheep. 
A ,^5^** habla' , Pregnant. 
A y<f*. hiton, Thirst. The dropsy 
A Ujd> habna, Having the dropsy. 

lai-s- habanla'i Short. Corpulent. 
4.0- habais, Hitting the mark (an 
arrow). Giving. Near (fifty). 

i'-r- hub&at, A sash, ligature. 
j*+s>- hubur, Cheerfulness. 
**- haba&lar, A sandy desert. 

**. habbafi, A coin; a grain. 
A jiu>. Ai&r, New (vest). A cloud. 

Dedicated to pious uses. 
htibaysh) A guinea hen. 
hiibayt, Short-bodied. 
habitat.,- A track in sand. 

, Having a dropsy. 
A ^--JA--- hubaynal) The camel ion. 

A ei-^>- / a//, Going quick (a horse). 
A b*- Aa/a, Plaiting. Propping. 
A culi>- AM//, Scattered. 

, A hem. An envelope. 

A * hat lama, How long ? 
A Jcjs- hulud, A perpetual spring. 
A n- Aw/r, A house-warming to 
builders. Giving sparingly. TasU 

A <&f.- , Redness in the eyes. 
A **>- halrush) Short. 
Ac//, Death. 
halalt) Quick. 

, A short quick step. 

A 15^*- hiltl/fii A dwarf pace. 
A 3^ Ad/a/, A gift. The refuse. 
A A^~ Aa/ffi, Inspiring. Indicating. 

Requiring. A decree. 
A ^Uifl*- halman, A general. 
A (yj- Aff/M, Alike, equal. 

A f^- hafilv:, An enemy 

i_jj^ hutiif, Death. The dead. 

^>s>. holla ', Until, and thus. As 

far as. Sowing. 

c^o- AOSS, Instigating. Chaff. 

Dry sand. Gruel. Dry bread. 

hasas, Sleep. An eye-wash. 
hits ar ah. Chaff. 
husatat, The worst part. 
, Stimulated. Greedy. 
, Many. Instigating. 
, A sour grape. 
, The rough tripe. 
, A bad condition. 
hislab, Sediment of oil. 
A j^. hasm, Giving. Rubbing. 

hasmat, A reddish hillock. 
hasty, Giving little. 
haszea, Having much earth. 

Spurred on. 
sa', Sprinkled earth. 
A (^~&- haststj Stimulation. 
A J-l>- , Short. A mountain tree. 

A ^ hajj, A pilgrimage to Mecca. 
A \J , Genius. Cunning. A track. 
A C-AS" , Modesty. A veil. Night, 
A c^-ol^" hajabat, A deputyship. 
A \J hajqj, The eye-brow. Hijqj, 

Litigating. ~\1 A. squabbler. 

, A lapidary. 
, The flux. 

A J^hijjam, A bridle. Barber. 
A c^-vflS', Bleeding. Shaving. 
A u r ^'Aa/&, Interposing. Fencing. 
F u.^" hujb) Breeches. 

Jat) A decree. Excuse, 

A te*^ hajhajat. Restraining. 
A^-^" hajr> Preventing. Custody. 

A veil. An embrace, the bosom. 

Illicit. Intellect. 

, A stone. A cell. 
A u}/^ hujran, Interdicting. 
A tj^hujrah, A chamber. A stable. 
A & kajz, prohibiting. A hole. 
A \y&hajza, Making peace. 
A Sji^ hajzal, The \taist, girdle. 
A !&& kajafat, A buckler of leather. 
A J^" hajl, A fetter. 
p L-J&S? hajalab) The swallow. 
A j^^ h ajldn, Jumping with bound 

feet, hopping. 
A pS^hajm^ Cupping, bleeding, shav- 

ing. Sucking. Muzzling. 
A ^ hajw, Stopping. Avaricious, 

guessing. Proper. Censure 
A y^" hqj&at, A thinking being. 
A jj hajilr, The bosom. 

A Xj^hajjurat) Blind man's buff. 

A ^J fiajun, Far off. 

A ^haja, Intelligent. 

A (^~Jhajtb, Veil, chastity. 

A y_o-^S' , Wind in the bowels. 

A J^ kadd, (P had) Limit. The 

edge. Strength. Rage. Help 
A \*Xs>~ huda, Impelling. 
A djjjca- , A two-pronged fork. 
A J^Jo- hidad, Mourning. 

,'A blacksmith. A jailor. 

hadaliat 9 Eminence. . 
A c->As- , High ground, hilly. 
A ljkXs>- , Hurap-back'd (fern). 
A j\JJks- , Lean-hipped f camel). 
A "Ljo- hadabat, Gibbosity. 
A JoJcw hadabid, Thick milk. 

hudbuk, Compact. 

hiddal, Edge. Passion. 
hadas, A novelty, event. 
Misfortune. Young man. 
..Ijjew htdsan, Novelty. 
(jjcw hudsa\ Contingency. 
hadj. Loading a camel. 
, An impediment. Vain. 
hadar, Fat, robust. Haste. 
A swelling. Steep. Depressing. 
/.(If-jJo- fndrijan. Short (man). 
(^Jo- hods, Thinking. Opinion. 
Design. Seizing. ' Shooting. 
Trampling, Wandering. Going, 

jJo- had/;, Surrounding. 
tojcw , The pupil of the eye. 
Jjo- hadl, Partial, unjust. 
Is) Jc- hudalikah, The eye. 
<LcJew hadamah, Heat, ardour. 
,j Jw Jo- hadandabi, A wonder. 

hadw, Rousing, driving. 
IjJo- hadwa, The north wind. 
lj>jJo- hudus. Novelty. 
Jjjew hudud, Boundaries. 
^Jo- hadur^ A declivity. Hudur, 
Compact. Swelling with a blow. 
hudurah, A multitude. 
Aad?5, New. A history. 
hadisi, A fable, tale. 
\ abu hudqyj, The stork. 
ladid, Bordering. Iron, 
X Jo Jo- hadidah)~A weapon, a tool. 
hadil-at, A garden wall. 
hadiyah, Price. 
M'ia, Opposite. A shoe. 
hizar, Caution, care. 

hazaramat, Talkative." 
huzafat, A bit, morsel. 

A J^tX>- ^zzo/^, Ingenious, alert. 

A AJilJo- ka'za/tat, Acuteness. Ex- 
tending. Cutting. A morsel. 

A ^slj^- AW:/Y, Eloquent. A sharp 
knife. A colt. 

A jjo- hazaz, Mobility. 

AJJO- Aaar, Caution, prudence. 

A u-Ji jo-/\ ummu hazrif, A hyena. 
A t_Jy j e>- kazr fuf, A date stalk. 

A <jjjk. kuzrvkati A stewed soup. 
A <^j^>- hazramah, Loquacious. 
A 'iJjJo- hizriyah, A cock's comb. 

Rough ground. 

A hw&. Aai/, Taking away. Re- 
jecting. Blotting. Striking 
A jy*X- hu-fur, A part. Noble. 
A Jj3^- Aaz/-, Cutting. Stretching. 

Reaping. Pungent. 
A <u Jo- hi'd-at, A part, section. 
A AljjiXsw , Rolling the eyes. 
A- J Jo- Aci/, Affection, love. 
A *J\r*- Aaim, Cutting. Hasting. 
Going slow. Giving. 
, To be cautious. 
haziif, Cut off, omitted. 
Aazif, Pungent 

hizyaty A slice of meat. Op- 
posite to. 

A <_j Jc*. hazi6, Cut, pared. 
A <UL)Jo> haziltat. Quickness. 
A *.>jo- hazzm, Sharp (sword), 
r j*. Air, A cloud. 

A^SW Aarr, Heat. JEfarr, Free, 
A c_>L>- harab, War. Fighting. 
A <J,\j>- hirabt, Riches. Plunder. 
A c^j*. Aorc/5 A coiyt. Sound. 

- harras, A farmer. 
hirad, Scarce of milk. 
, Of noble birth. Thirsty. 

, Heat. Love. Lust. 
haras, Fear, terror. 
:\f*. hirusal, Guardianship. 
harasin, A species of fish. 

harraz, A lime maker. 
hirufat, Bitterness. An- 
ger. Changing. 

A Jj)/*~ harrak, An incendiary. 

A te\ jfc- hurakat, Fuel. 

A *^ 7=*- harakam, Red, brown. 

A ^\r*- harak, Motion. 

A j*U- hardm, Forbidden. 

A 6*\js>- hiramaf, Guardianship. . 

r Xt^j^j^- , A bastard. Rogue. 

? jjL<,*l^v- , Spinal marrow. 

A ^\f*~ hararni, A robber. 

A ^jffi- hiran, Obstinacy. 

A iw<*!' harateat, Acidity. 

A u-V>- Aar6, War. Spoiling. 

A \jj&~ htrba, A camelion. 

A Vv 5 *" harbun, Forcibly. 

A <5Jy>- hurbat, A weapon. Friday. 

Stabbing. Plunder. 
A ^ -s- harbi, Warlike, hostile. 
A -Aj j~- harbaj, Corpulent. 
A }o\ijs- hirbai, Bending a bow. 
F aljj.2*. harbgah, A field of battle. 
P (J.s>~ hart, Rubbing hard. Ill 

disposed. A section. 

A I.?*, harral, A stony country. 
Hirral, Thirst. Hurral, Free born. 
A &jS>~ fntrlat, A glutton. 
A (JJo^s.. harla/f, Slender-bodied. 
A clJtfw- Ac;-5, Cultivating. 

Narrow. A sin. 

harjat, A thicket. 
hirjqf, A cold wind. 
harjal, A troop of horses. 
A jp- A arc?, An impediment. In. 
tention. Angry. A camel, stable. 
A c->j^- hardab, Nightshade- 
A c^-Jjyw hardabat. Agility. 
A c^^J/^ hardamal, Obstinacy. 
A u$f*- 5 The land crocodile. 
A i>jj>- harural, Heat (of victuals). 
A tejj~ i Liberty, good extraction. 
A jj=- Aar', Rough ground. 
A jjs>~ hiri. Fortification. 
A (j~j?>~ burs. An age, Hirs t Guar- 
dianship, custody. 

A ^^ harsh, Hunting the croco- 
dile. Scratching. Enmity. 

, An artichoke. A thistle. 
, Rough hard ground. 
, A kind of thistle. 
hars/ii, The body of a man. 
bars, Splitting. Desiring, 

haraz, Depravity, dying. 
Worn down. Blasphemous. 
A uJ^=- hftrf, A letter. A particle. 
Changing. A border. A part. 
Edge. A mode. A word. 
A <&^>- hirfat, A trade. 
A jj .=>- , Burning. Fire. Rage. 
A <}. hurltat t Flame. Ardour. 
harlci, Importunity. 

hart/;, Ingenious. Active. 
A L^!^>- harajtat, Action, conduct. 

Disturbance. A vowel. 
A <iuaj>. harlialat, A leather saddle. 
A +.S*. harm, Despair. Forbidden. 
llarum, Sacred. The woman's 
apartments. A wife, a daughter. 
A ^,v.Up- hirntM, Smooth. Hard. 


A i.tVf- hirman, Prohibiting. 

A <Ly>- hurmat, Prohibited, sacred. 

Honour, chastity. 
A J-*r^ harmil, Wild rue. 
A ^j^- harmi. Prohibitive. 
A Hjj>- harwal, Heat in the throat. 
A ;* hurud, Restraining. 

hurur, Heat. Ardent, 
haruriyat, Freedom. 
hurui, Distressed. 
huruk, Fuel for fire. 
karakul, Pottage, 
harun, Restive (horse). 
hirah, Nightshade. 
hara, A court. A place. 
harib, Plundered. 

> t js*. hurriyat, Nobly born. 
harid, Solitary, 
Silk. Warm. P. A friend. 
harln, A silk merchant. 
harlsh, A serpent. 
, A fish ; an herb. 
, Gluttonous. Greedy. 
'j .>- , Impudent. A rival. 
harifl, Stratagem. 
karik, Fired. Incensed 
A (JJo -> hank, Dancing along. 
A }.js*- harim, A partner. Sacred. 

Prohibited. A right. 
A <JU^s- harlmat, A good irrevoca- 
ble whjen once lost. 

A js- hdiz, Cutting. Excelling. 

, Thick and short. Victorious. 
ha'zai, Diligence. Anger. 

A \ji\js*. hizakan, Necessarily. 

A <l^j- , The lowest (rank of men). 

A p\y>~ hi'iam, A belt, girth. 

A Aijj*. ku'ianut, A family. 

w, A troop. An army. A part. 
hizbu, Rugged ground. 

hu'zzal, The waist. 

ha'ihazal, Indisposition. 
hdzd, Reaping. 
ha'~r, A term. Warlike. 
a"J, Binding. 
hi'i&il, Narrow. 

pj^*- hdim, Fastening. Vigilant, 
steady. Continent. 
<t^p- hiizmal, An armful. 

hazmar, A king. Splitting. 
hizmal, A vile woman. 
huzmur, Taking the whole. 
hazn, Rough ground. Hu'in, 
Grief. Hazin, Sad. 
J-Jp- hdiambal, Compact, silly. 
&J- , A rugged mountain. 
hdzwaral, A little hill. 
ftazawkal, A dwarf. 
huzun, Vicious (a sheep). 
huzunat, Ruggedness. 
hdildan, To mine, hide. 
haw an, July. 
haztm, Provident. A belt. 
hdzin, Sad, afflicted. 

A ^~- ^ tt H' Killing. The cry of 
pain. Sense, feeling. Hiss, Love. 
Assisting. Pains of childbed. 
hasa, A potion, soup. 

hasabut, Esteem. 
A (A..-w hasudat, Envy. 

A-wjv hussar, Unarmed. 
^-L^*- husas, Depravity. 
^KL-js- , The lower rank. 
/Lr- husam, A sharp sword. 
^L^s- hisan, Works. The good, 
the fair. 


A L-^^- husb, Computing. Count. 

ing. A sufficiency. A surety. 

Measure. Mode.' Dignity. Reli. 

A ^L^rv. husb an, Computing. A 

short arrow. Punishment. Tumult. 

A secret. A pillow. A cloud. 
A 4.. ...-- ht'sbal, A reward, hire. 

A .......*> , Belonging to nobility. 

Learned, eloquent. 

"m///, A state, condition. 
tuna I, Envy. 

IMS Id, An ape. Wicked. 
, Pretending aversion. 
hasr, Fatigued. Baring. 

hasrat, Grief. Passion. 
Emalation. Ambition. . 

A JuL-s-. has fal, .Paltry, puny. 
A u lsu^>. haskil, Large-bellied. 
A tl_.- haw':, Rough. Hating. 
A J*=>- hisl, A young crocodile. 
A j*~~ , Cutting. Searing a wound. 
A ( j~^hasan, Beautiful. Good. 
A <v ^..-*- hasinat, A good work. 
P L-X; a- Jiasang, A judge's con- 
firmation of a contract. 

A L _ 5 -i~ - hasna, Fairest, best. Pa. 

radise. Victory. 
- ^ ^ 

A j-~^>- hasuro, Drinking much. 
A Jy-^v. hasfid, Envious. 
AJJ - *zi/r, Dim. Pained. 
A -*j~=~, Wicked. Weaned, wearied. 
A ^js- hist, Water absorbed in 
sandy ground ; also stratum. 

,^- , Esteemed. Counted. 
hosier^ Tired. Dim-sighted. 
, Rage, hatred. Vile. 
has/lal, Hatred. 
hasjl, A calf. 

husayn, Beautiful. Fair. 

hashsh, Making keen. In- 
flamed. Hishsh, A garden. 
A LL>- kasha, Defence. Asthmatic. 
yiAi- hashayish. Grass. 
A .JiiiH*. hashayshi, One forager. 
A 4XL>- hashd, Meeting. A crowd. 
A JL- , A meeting. Resurrection. 
A &jL>- hasharat, Chaff. Game. 
A >r~*=>- hashraj, A cup. A well in 

a sandy place. A furrow. 
A ^t^lft- hisharmat, The little groove 
on the apper lip, 

hashf, Dry bread. 
hasMat., Plentiful. 
, Angry. Suite. Bashful. 
hashn, A bottle ; fetid. 
hishnat, Malevolence. 
hashw, Quilting. Stuffing. 
. kush'jcal, The intestines. 
hashxar, Firm-fleshed. 
hashi, Asthmatic. Spoilt. 

, A couch, bed. Stuffing. 

hashish, Making covetous. 
Dry herbage, hay. 
&,L+Lr*. hash'ishat, One herb. 
AlJL*. hashilal, A family. 

, Having a great suite. 

hass, Going fast. Waving. 

. hasa, Quenching thirst. 

hasa, Gravel. 
A jLa*- hasad, Reaping. Harvest. 
AjLo*. hisar, A fortified town, a 

castle. A fence. Besieging. 
A ,joLa>- , Vehemence. Swiftness. 
A &Li5>- hasiifal, Judicious. 
A <2L2*- husalat, Chaff, sweepings. 
A jjUto- hasan, A chaste woman. 
A <ijL>- hasunat, Finn, A fortress. 


, Throwing pebbles. 
hasbd, Gravel. 
hasbat, The measles. 

5 A lot, portion, part. 

has-has, Swift. Clear. 
his-his. Earth and stones. 
, Cut down. Harvest. 
hasda, Armour. 
hasr, Seige. Detaining. 
Confining. Numbering. Keeping 
a secret. Hasir, Avaricious. Nar- 
A t *a-^ hisrim, Sour fruit. 

hasas, Thinness of hair. 
hosaf, A ring.worm. 
hishat, A candlestick. 
hislab, Earth, dust. 

, A castle. Chastity. 
A jya>- hasur, Stingy. Chaste. A 

king, a prison, a mat. The side. 
A ^JM^JS- husul, Acquisition. 
j*j-*>- husum, Breaking wind. 
Aa5fl', Number. Gravel. 
hasiyat, The measles. 
hufadat, Cut ; harvest. 
hasir, A mat. 
A t g*..-n->. hastf, Firm, judicious. 
A dijrfus. , The rest. A relick. 
A ,v~a-*- hasim, Small gravel. 

fort. Prison. 

'::, Incitement. Pleasure. 
haiajir, A hyena. 
hazar, Present. 
haianat, Fondling. 
5 Small detachments. 
hazab, FueL 
y, Pusillanimous, 
/i.-'-jar, A large churn. 
, Running. An abode. 

hazaran, With impunity. 

ha'irat, Presence. Dignity. 
Power. God. 

1^0*3=- , The juice of lycium. 
u.crt- A**~/> A- serpent. 

.^j-^- huin. Fondling. Hi'in, A 
side, breast, the body. 
y^>. hazw, Stirring the fire. 
jy^>- huzur, Presence. Time ; 
life-time ; health. Rest. 

^i-^- kuzzt, A valley stone. 
*r*^>- hazirat, A small body of 
soldiers from four to nine. 
^^asw , An abyss. Low ground. 

k- Ac//, The declivity. 
las- , Delight, pleasure. 
jk*- , The remains of water. 
Iks- hafa, A large louse. 
c-Ak. hi tab, Lopping, pruning. 
/lk*- hulam, Dry, brittle. 
hutayt, A dwarf. 
A great affair. 

a!k- hattat, Letting down, falling. 
&>jk*- halrabat. Perplexity. 
Jkr>- hill, A wolf. 
Jar*- halm, Breaking. 
u Uki- kutman, A general. 
<LLr>- hatamat, Old age. Barren- 
ness. Hell. Cruel. 
k^k=>- hitmit, Small, puny. 
rf, A step. 
Aa//, Sloping. Swift. 

/6, Woody. 
haftfat, Abatement in price. 

la*- haiiz, Happiness. 

i^lla.'v. htiiarat, A sheep-fold. 

xUod- hazam t A meeting of guests. 


A * 

hfzat, Felicity. Dignity. 
hazr, Prohibiting, secluding. 
huzuz. See ^ii>.. 
hazil^ Employment. 
hizala, Parsimony. 
hdialan,) Attention. 
hazlibal, Swiftness, speed, 
huzub, Becoming fat. 

/, Happiness. 
A *j!s>- huiwat, A blunt arrow. 
A ( _J^=*~ haza'j A large louse. 
A ^j^- hazt, Fortunate, happy. 
A j^a- Aaar, A sheep-fold. A wall. 

A i-A>- haff) Going, turning round. 

Serving. Uncombed. Shaving. 

Desiring. Noise. 
A Ua. Ao/S, Papyrus. Barefooted. 

A cl^Us^, A hissing harmless snake. 

A ^Lsli*. hufasat, A collection. 

A }0U hifai, Guarding. Gazing. 

Bashful. Caution. Tedious. 
A uJUs~ hifaf, The side. A curl. 

A troop. 
A <8li- hufalat, Worthless. 

A ^Vto- hqffan, Filled to the brim. 
A y#i*. hqfa&at, Benevolent. 

A Ate- haffai, A weaver's beam. 

A o/3?, Ruining, destroying. 
/io/r, Digging, hollowing. 
- hiffrat, A ditch, a grave. 

hufratl. Grim, deformed. 
hafrad, A grain, pearl, gem. 

a. Pushing. Following. 
, Flowing. Going at speed. 

A leathern sack. 

hafz, Twisting, bending. 
hifzij, Fleshy, pendulous. 
A lite, hifi, Memory. Custody 

A u-air-, Poverty. A brink, trace. 
A Jx>- hqfl, An assembly. Diligent. 
A &\~^hiiflut, An university, synod. 

Study, diligence. 

A <jl&*~ haflak, Enervated, foolish. 
A i^s*. hafn, Lifting with both 

hands. &i&-, A mouthful. A 


A ^Caa>- hafannaj, Short of stature. 
A ( ^s&s>- hafatya', Languishing, 
A jAife>> hafandad, Rich and carefuh 
A y-^A?*- htfnisi Impudent (woman). 
A ^.La.xy.-y. hifinzaj) Enraged. 
A iji> hqf&at, Bare-footed. 
A jji>~ hafto*) A just, sincere man. 
A ,>- haft, Intelligent. Beat in 
the feet (a woman). 

hqfayta, A squat man. 
A r*&- haflr^ A sepulchre, a well. 
A L-.ia>. hqfaysa, Thick and fat. 
A la-A- Af> A guardian, &:c. 
PA jp>- , An attribute of God. Jtfst. 

Truth, reason, duty, gratitude. 

An enemy. 

A liL hakka, By God ! Really. 

A c->liL- hakab, A girdle. The 

white at the root of the nail. 
A d^Ai- A?7/ra/,Vileness, baseness. 
A jli>- hikab, Litigating. 
r <3Uo: , Water in the bowels. 

A iJ^- h*kkafu t True, disinterested. 

A JjUs- ^jU, Theology. 

A u-^>- haltob. Barren for want of 

rain. Progeny. A crowd. 
A <UiU- httbat, A year, a space of time. 

A &A- hMa(, Truth. Lawful. A 

casket, vase, ciip. 
A &s*^ hakhakat, Difficult. 


A <Xiis>- hikad, Hatred, rancour. 

A JL>. hulr, Contempt. 

f wU^A-^ hahhanas, Grateful, Sec. 

A JAS- haJisan^ Nimbly, quickly, 
A. \2&~ hatat, Agility, 
p ^LkiL>- haklaban, The male snipe. 
A <l^kc hattabat, The snipe's voice. 
A cJii.-v. htif, Sand in long hills. 
A J&5- hall, ( Cattle ) griped. 

Good soil. 

A*- kukri. Churning. Glistering. 
A AiAsv., Thecholick. A glister. 
A ji>- halwy The heel of an arrow. 

Breeches. The waist. 
A j>- /icrfea/, The belly-ache. 
A 0*=- hat'iid) Malevolent. 
A tjs>- huturaf, The fourth heaveu. 

A &* huMaJi, A box, &c. See XA-. 
A L*j&~hafibat, A cloak-bag. 
A -J;*- Aff&r, Base, contemptible. 

A <UuSL'v- haliiJtal, Truth, reality. 

Advice. News. 
A v\sa*. haliin, Coagulating milk. 

A L!X- haltl;, Scratching. Doubt. 
A L!_:>- /i/-, A handle, a hilt. 
A tl/l>. hakalti A jeweller. 
A J5K*. (lutatal, What falls in 

filing, sawing, planing, &c. 
A \*Jt- kigayat, History, relation. 

A A>- hitlat, Itching, rubbing. 

A ^A>- hulrai) Whatever is hid or 

laid up in scarce times. 
A jjSCu hahh, Collection, con. 


A CJ&*- haliali, A soft white stone. 
A JCs- AuW, Giving no sound. 
A *s* t A prince, judge. Knowledge. 

Mystery. Dominion. An order, 


A <s**s>- haliumat, A bridle. 
A Ov>Xi"- hijtmat, Wisdom. Art, 

science. Mystery, a miracle. 
A u-Jj- huliuf, Languor in work. 
A t*z^cs>- hu/;umaf, Dominion. 
p alx^ct^r*-, The seat of government. 
A (^.0- hnfi!;, Smooth (die). 
A *>- ha, lim, Learned. A doctor. 

A Js*. hall, Solution, loosing. 

A ^~hala, Pounding. Acollyriuui. 

A ^-^=- hallaj, A dresser of cotton. 
A jj^-l>- hidahil, A prince, a chief. 
/, A sore-throat. Hilaft, 

Razure. Hallak, A barber. 
A <&Lw hulatal. What falls when- 
clipping, shaving, filing, Sec. 

Legitimate. J^ 

Hallal, A looser, solver. 
A (jfis*- halali, A light thin cloth. 

A *iU>- hullam, Small cattle. 
^1>- h alarm, Death. 




holla n, Dissolving. 
u> halazcal, Sweetness. 
r>- halab, Milking. New milk. 

halbabal, A milk.carael. 
halbat, A horse-course. 
hilbid, A dwarf camel. 
hulaUidut, A large sheep. 
halbas, A nobleman. A 
lion. Addicted, affixed. 

A &s*.hiQat t A place of sacrifice. 
A lil>- holla, A dog's collar. 
A i_^].^ halsab, A miser. 

, Carding. Travelling at night. 
lialjat, An interval. 


hiljaz, Covetous, a miser. 

A ji- /JO/x, Stripping off bark. jL- 

hillfzi Short. Covetous. 
A (jjk** halazup, A snail. 
A ^-1>- ^% A strong brave man. 
A .--A hilsam^ A covetous man. 
A c-aU- /tff/f. An oath, swearing. 
A (J^>- haU) Shaving. The throat. 
A &&s*. halliat) A ring, a circle. 

A OJiL- hittady Difficult, JvIU- , 
Greedy, avaricious. Weak. En- 

A .pJii^v. hcdkus, A fence. 
A /ik>- hulltum. The throat, fauces. 
hattum. Black. 

af;, Blackness. 
A *1- halani. The tike. Destroying. 
Halm, Sleeping. A dream. Hilm, 
Gravity. Puberty. Mildness. 
A Xs>- haliS) Sweet, pleasant. 
A sweet cake. 
aj) A carcase bird. 
Making a free gift. 

halway, Confectionary. 
C_J^U- halub. Milking. 
J^i- Aw//, Entering, remaining. 

ulurii-, Variegated. 
To assail, charge, storm. 
hafib, Sweet milk. 

A *^-"-^ haliyaf, Pure, lawful. 
?', Carded cotton. 
halif, A confederate. 
haUfal, An oath. 

/- ? Shaved (hair or beard). 
A spouse. A partner. 
liafim, Mild. A fat animal. 
A *- Am, A father, or brother in- 

law. > 5 Hot. Kindling. 


fining. An escape. 
A l*>. hama, Black clay. 
A i'U>- hamat) Nearest kindred to 

husband or wife. 

A L jA\ f *>-hamada' 7 Intense heat. 
A jW*- himur* A he-ass. 
A CU^jU>- kumaraf, Industrious. 
A ijU>- , A she-ass. A large stone. 

A fence. The instep. 
A i**t\**>~ humaris, Strong. A lion. 
A j_5jt*>- himari) Asinine. 
A L^wU>- hamasat, Steady, bold. 

Modern poetry. 

A ^Ifc^- hummai, Wild sorrel. 
A l?Ws-- hamafj A canker-worm. 
A <LU- fiamalat, Hay. A secret. 
The heart blood. Heat in the throat. 
A ,jl*=>- humaff, Small-pox, measles. 
A L^jU^- hamuhil) Folly. Foolish. 

A JU>- hammal, A porter. 

A <JilUc>- hamafat, Conceiving. 

A -U>- hamam, A dove, a turtle. 

Himam, Death. ^Us^j A bath. 
A L<L*>- , An embalming herb. 

A ^\A^hammami, A bagnio-keeper. 

A i^^jL*j*. himayat) Protection. 

A JjU- himuyli A sword-belt. 

A charm. 
A <JU-, A scorpion's venom. 

A hot spring. Warmth. 
A *s~ himhim, Very black. 
A j^s- hanul, Praise, praising. 
A i'Ju^ , The crackling of fire, 
p AijJk^*-, An ape, a baboon. 
A j*>- hamr. Skinning. Shaving. 
A V^>- hamra, Red. Droughth. 
A c^L*=- hamarut, Active. 


A 8jAf>-, A tamarind. Redness. 
A XtSjAs*- himiridat) Slime of a cistern. 

himrttat) Wool. 
amz, Acrimony. 
hamzah, Barley broth. 
tSj Strong. Hard, 
hamsh, Having slender legs. 
hamz, A salt, bitter plant. 

hamzK, Wild sorrel. 
hamtol, The gourd, Sec. 
, The canker-worm. 

A \JU^ liam/ta, Beet. 

A c_X*-, A nit. A minute thing. 
A ^40- , A burthen, a load. Fruit. 
kamlat) An attack. 
hamfi, Categorical. 

hummani) Coal, fuel, ashes. 
hamnan, The small tike. 

humamrcat, A paroxysm. 
hamud, Praised. 

umus. Subduing. 
humuiat) Sour. 
hamul, Mild. Patient. 
kamulat, Carried. Carrying. 
A >^*>- kumuyat) Heat. Being hot. 
A /*& hama') A dove. Heat. 

A \~4~, Whatever one must defend 

(as a wife, standard). Heat. 
A c^-2 / * >> " hfiniit) Extreme rage. 

A ** hamyat, Prohibiting. <U*=>-, 

Zeal, honour, modesty. 
A Jw*&- hamid, Praised. Glorious. 
A J.v4wAa/, A bastard, A surety. 
A ft**- hamim, Warm water. 

A lx>> hinna, Privet. Hina, Lust. 
A t /^^ > - hanajir) The wind-pipe. 
A J^lxa. hanqjil, Short, compact. 

A ^ J^- j A large camel. An ob. 
long tract of sand. 

A ,..bss> kannas, The devil. 

A !rlx=^ hanna/j A seller of wheat. 
A Arlxs^ hina/il) Embalming. 
A <GUj-w hinaAab, The quinsy. 

hinalu, Tinged with Cyprus. 
hunan^ Pitying. 
hinayal) Flexure, bending. 
himbalah A babbler. 
humbty, Fleshy. A louse 
A n-^>" lumbar^ Short. Himbarr, 
Assiduity. Force, strength, 

i^us*. hambaral, Excessive cold. 
A c^o^/u*. hambarit t Pure water. 
p J-*-, Short. A vest of skins. 

A <U>-, A wife. Foam of a camel. 

A l^u>- hanla, A dwarf. 

A ^i^. hanfam, A bucket. The earth. 

A <_Jj^x- huntiif, A beard-scratcher. 

A j^>i-w kins, A sin. Obedience. 

A jhv^ hansar^ A dwarf. 

A ,* a '- -^ hansar^ Foolish. A fool. 

A J*jo- hansal, \Veak, feeble. 

A c-^csri*-, Dry. A tract of sand. 

A (/ s^ htmjar, The wind-pipe. 

A c-iaci*-, The top of the haunch cr 

thigh. The back-bone. 
A Js^U- hinjal. A large woman. 
A Jj^- hutyud. The throat. A jug. 

, The head of the ribs. 
, The pupil of the eye. 
h indaW, A tall fool. 
fiandal, Short. A dwarf. 

vdalisy (A camelj fleshy 
and flabby. Slow-paced. 
A AtXisv. handam, A red-rooted tree. 
A tjtctVijfr- hindawan, A crowd. 


A Ju.-*. hanciZ) Roasting. Scorching. 
A <_->}/.> Short. A strong ass. 
A JJH>- h arizalr, Dwarfish. 
A ^J- t Pushing into the hottest of 

the battle. Pious. 

A *-_y^ hanash, A serpent. A villain. 
A Ls^>- hinsd, A weak man. 
A .Lais*- hinsdr, Slender. 
A c^Uax^ hanfdt, An embalmer. 
A >j*\ki>- hanla-azvut, Large-bellied. 
A J .kx>- hanlarir, The clouds. 
A 4^^;, Spice, drug ; wheat. 
A ,^2X>- /ian/Z, Short. Despicable. 
A <Lki>. hunatyat, A broad goat. 
A ^LLis*- hanftl, A cat. 

A j\'vi;.^ hinzaww, Short-bodied. 

A t_^--_-^ hunzub, A locust. A beetle. 

A ( jJi^>- hinfas, Impudent. 

A u&i*:*- hanfaz, Cowardly. 

A ^i^*- hanafi, Orthodox. 

A (*- hanak, High indignation. 

A ii<c^j- Aon/-, A bridle. Perceiving. 

Acquiring practice. 
A <&o>s>- hunjtal, Strength, firmness. 


A Ji>- hanl-al, Despicable. 
A 'T^- h(tnzS) Crookedness. 
A c^y^s- hanzcat, A sweet herb. 
A ,jji>- hanun, Whistling (wind). 
A Lx-^ hanyd, Crook backed. 
A <L*xr- haniyat, A bow. 
A v_^ --^- harus, Perjured, wicked. 
A jpu>> hunayrat, An arch. 
A Xx>- hamz, Short. 
A i_JUi&- /iamj, An orthodox man. 
A .Jj^*- hanqfi, Orthodox. 
A ^3^ , Parental or filial love. 

A j*.hux>, Black, dusky (lips, See.) 
A 1j. Woa, Eve. KJW) A tent. 

A t-A- kazcab, A spacious place. 
A tLxJ u- huzsdiiif t A young ostrich. 
A i^^^- hatoari, Shining. A washer. 
' An apostle. A friend. 

hawass, Sense. 

, A mixed assembly. 

hawdshit, Blowing from 
different quarters (winds), 

A J-s \j*- hazcdsal. The throat. 

A ij^f*- htaadsin, Chaste woman. 

A ?! t>- huzza/at, A granary. 

A <j^- huzedtat, Any thing swept. 

A J\j>- hawdla, A circle. Changed. 

A <^>- , An eminence, a fortress. 
A commissary. Charge, trust. 

A <-r>y^ hawb, Sinning. A crime. 

A bj^. hawbd, The soul, body. 

A &f>- hawbat, Grief. Want. 

<0 *>. hub ah, A garment. 

A ci^- /"/, A fish. 

A ul^j h cast all t Short. Lean. 

A J&if>- hoist abat) A dwarf's pace. 

A *&}- ha&takiyal, A sash. 

A JJj>- hawtal, A youth near pu- 
berty. Weak. Short. 

A ^- Aco;', Needy. 

A U-J3- /taga, Necessity. 

A ^lf^> hazyilat, A cruet. 

A ( j>-)~ harsgan, A red rose. 

A ^<3j- kawzdn, The water lily. 

A jj. hawar, A defect. Bright. 

j^. hawzcar, The (white) poplar. 

L^JL> i^' The black P plar * 
A IJj*., Having fine black eyes. 

A J^*- Aazp'z, Collecting. The brink. 

A province. A king. 
A sjf>. hanriat, A track, part. 

hawiahr-) A comet. 

hu> Active, Prudent. 


hazes, Separating, dispersing, 
Searching. Blending. 
c*-***- ha&sal; A castle, a place. 
<!Uo- haxsa'!, Rich, opulent. 
hush) A country, desert. 
foRWj Joining close. 
-, The stomach. Desire. 
hatcz, A pond, a bason. 
*- haw'iaJ!) A large dish. 
hawt) Keeping, drawing in. 
^> Sweeping. 
':^ Weaving. 

J^ /tazc/, Changing. Passing. 
Leaping. Sly. Strong. Agitated. 
Fraud. A year. Fear. A wall. 

^f- Passing by or through. 
&f~ hukil, Misfortune. Sly. 
(Jj*- hcKsK, A court, an area. 
/*>- hazem t Surrounding. 
<L<j>- harcmat, The most. 

..-J j>- hazoannas, Imraoveable. 
&y>- hazeiyat, An intestine. 
*~ j- havcej, A sweet cake. 

^*- /ioj(y, Alive. Blushing. A 
family. Middle of a village. Col. 
lection. Occupying. 
Us- haya. Shame, blushing, 
(& hayat^ Life. A porch. 
^L* 21 - hayalat) Surrounding. 
C/Ls- kayak) Weaving. 
JU>- hiyal, Shifting a saddle. " 
^L*- hayalah, A knot, tic. 

A creator. 

Wisdom, faith. 

t, Examination, 
contemplation. Ubiquity, 


A Ju- /Jfirj/^, A projection. 

A jJu*- haydar t A lion. 

A ^^ii-*- fiuydazcan, A ring-dove. 

A j-.rv. , Astonished. A fold. 

A ^J^s>~ hayran, Astonished, 

A ^j^>- foam, An ox, a cow. 

p sj^- h~irah^ The skull. 

p j-^~ hlz, A vessel used in baths. 

A place, a part. An area. 
, Trembling. 

, Turning away. Flying. 

hay/ah, A palace. A barn, 

hqyza/i, Indigestioa, 
- Aay/, Injustice. 

A^a/, A side, edge, patch. 
fifty ^ Surrounding,. 

haylutj A woodcock. 

haykalah) The nightshade. 
J-p- /toy/. Virtue, power. Frauds. 

h) A serpent. 

hayhalat, The nightshade. 
A (jv- hayi, Bashful. 

A i A-Aa, The seventh letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, and the ninth of 

/, Fraud. Virtue. Art. 
hm, Time, an age. 
hmuy Sometimes. 

/, A fixed period. 
Then, at that time. 
) An animal. 
hayzcan'i. Brutal. 
hat/zeal. Life. 

A J^- huyud, Turning from. 
A (jflj-a- > Timid, running away. 



the Persian, expressing in arithme- 
tic 600. 

P U Ma, Chewing, 

P c_)U- Ma6, Sleep. 

A <jU MaM, Affinity. 
p i^Ar^i, To trample, equalize, ad- 
just, sleep. 

A *b'L>- khatam,) A seal. 
A yj\s~ Mrt/z'r, A deceiver. 
A JjU- Ma/#, Deceiving. Bold. 
A *?l>> khatam,) A seal. 
A <UJU- khatimat, A conclusion. 
P <dyU. ktialOlah, Fraud. Vileness. 
AP <jy U- khatun, A lady, matron. 
P 'l>- Ma/z, A borrower. 
aliyah, An eagle. 

The Christian cross. 
P u/rf-U khajark, A sickle. 
A jU. Mac?, An eagle. Crude. 
A ^jU- khadij, An abortion. 
A jjU- khadir, A lion. Lazy. 
A jU- khadi^, Deceiving. 
A *ol>- khadim, A domestic, 
p jU- khadak, A coal-rake. 
AjJU-MazVr, A fugitive. 
A J JU- khazil, Unfriendly. 
P jv>- khfir, A thorn. An enemy. 
p l^U-, A hard stone. Waved silk. 
p uAPiM 1 ' ^ cause to scrath. 
p jj \j\i- kharawar, Thorny. 
A <^j}>- kharib, A thief. 
i^-^ijjU-, A fence ; a hedgehog. 
A -. jU- Mary, External. 
P ^^^>- kharjci) Spinnage. 
p L-&>~j\^kharjang, A thorny plant. 
P (^j^-J^- kharjl, A heretic. 
j^*~j^- khar Mar, Anxiety. Love. 
P j^ J,U- khurdar, Thorny. 
9 *\^kharish i A.SGre. Scratchin. 

A Jjli kharik) Tearing, splitting-. 
P ^j&UijU-, A sword-fish. A weapon. 
i' j)j^>- kharu, A fish-bone. 

P **j^ khar&ah, A sailor. 

P ujj^- khurun, A restive horse. 

A Xj\s*. kharah, A hard stone. 

P t^jtU- ftfcori, Ignominy. 

P (^j^V.^U- To scrath, provoke. 

p jU- Ma'z, Dirt. 

pjbjU-, Humming. A disease. 

A ^UjU- khazghan, Brass. 

P (O;^ khazan, A treasurer. 

p <sjjU- khazanah, Wife's sister. 

A Jj5J^" khSiut) A stake for impaling. 

p ..J jli-Mqzwi, A treasurer. 

A (^x^U- khastagl, Revolt. Increase. 

p jywU- ktiastari) To rise, excite. 

A ^uU> khasir, Damage. WanderLngv 

A t_jL:U- khasif, Lean. Discoloured. 

A jc*-"** M5?, Driving away. Re. 
jected, remote, solitary. Dull. 

P ^*X~:U- khasidan, To grow old. 

P ^U> khash, War. A mother-in- 
law. Rubbish. Squabbling. Ava. 
ricious. A bit. 

A jU> />iU- khash mash. Furniture, 
p tl/liU-, Vile. A stick. Rubbish. 
P c_^LL^<i)U', A bird of paradise, 
p jtffU. &*$, Fond of fighting. 
A ^jU- khashir, The mob. Pithless. 
A _^>U- khaslut, Humble. De- 

A ^_p *\4. khashif, Going fast, 
p uXiU- khiukat. See tl/liU-. 
p <Lul>-Ma.vAa/;, Friendship. 
A /<- khasfu, Timid, fearful. 

A ,jflU- *^-S? Pure. Particular, 
private. A royal favourite, et 


P &}. khasir, Damned, devious. 
A J'.?U khasiral, The hypochondria. 
F jX^'*- khasali, The grand Sultana. 
A (^~+>c\s*khaiiyat, Innate quality, 
p ^Ju^U khastdan, To suppress. 
A L-^v^U- kha'zib, A young ostrich, 

with reddish or yellow legs. 
A *e\&- khazit, Humble, submissive. 
A Jc\>- kha/tr, The heart, mind, soul, 

affection, memory. 
A i_j!i>U- khafff, Striking, 
A J?U- khafl, Offending. 
A u > Af, Timorous. 
A &U- M/a<, Honey. A leather 

honey bag. 
A &U- M/ft, Dumb. The dead. 

Rainless clouds. Dwarfish corn. 
A ijaid* khq/iz, Depressing. Obey- 
ing. Easy. 
A ^pU- khtifil, Trembling. The 


A ^U- kfuifi, Occult, concealed, 
r ^UU- khal-an, A king, emperor. 
hatii) Imperial, royal. 
/-, Earth, mould, ground. 
P <Ju_j ?U- khult robah, Sweepings, 
r wU khattsfar, Ashes, 
r -ji^li- kha/fsht, A weight for gold. 

P /j\f> khatt, Earthen, 
p <U.^l>- khaginah) A fried egg. 
PA JU- Mo/, A mole. A maternal 
uncle. A factor. A standard. A 
master. ' Opinion. Proud. A 
mask. A cloud. Lightning. Soft 
cloth. A hillock. A bridle, 
P ^U- khala t An aunt. Empty. 
A ^U khalid, Everlasting. 
khalis, Pure, entire. 
khalsa/i, The exchequer. 

A JU- khala& (A woman) seeking 
a divorce. A tree dry or green. 

A u-filU- khalif, Succeeding. The 
latter part. Wicked. 

A &1U-, See i^l U-. A tent-pole. 

A J$D- khalU-, The creator. 

A c^-.Ji<U- , A creative power. 

A JU- khalim, Equiponderant. 

p 2U khalu. An uncle. Fixed. 

p <dU- khalah) A maternal: aunt. 

p ^U- M/*, A large carpet. An 
uncle. A garment. A handsome 
man. Proud. A banner. 

A /JU- khult ^ Free. Empty ; only. 

A *U- kham, Raw. Unripe. Vain. 

A *U- khamm, Stinking flesh. 

A Vl>- khamidy Dead, quiet. 

A /-~U- k/iamis, The fifth. 

p jp~*\>. khamspi) A raw hide. 

A pancake. 

P ^^cU- kharnash, Silent. 
A ^i<U- khamishat^ A small stream. 
A ^ f /^^> khamis, Extenuated. 
A ia^'js-, Bitterness. Sour milk. 
A *U khami'cjit The hyena. 
A J-U- khamil, Contemptible, 
p /.ifcxU- khamoshi Silent, dumb, 
p <uU- khamah^ A pen. Ink. Sand 

of one colour. 

A ij^U-, The fifth. A snure. Sand, 
p jll<U- khamiyaz, Gaping, yawning, 
p ',vU- Ma rntZj Gaping. The month 

of a kettle. Jelly. 
p ^U- khan, An inn. A prince, a 

lord. Family furniture. A shop, 


p <i^'U- khancheh, A tray, salver, 
p j^JjU- , Household. Noble. 
p j^LjU- ichansalar, A king's taster. 


p ^UcL-Jv^-, A house-steward. 

A JU-, An adulterer. Doubting. 

A uJjU- khanif, Fastidious. 

A (JJ\>- khantt, Strangling. A lane. 

P iliiU- , A religious house. 

P 4^'^ khanagi, Domestic. A hen. 

P *J^- khanam, A lady. 

p ^>U. ; U- , The household furniture. 

p biy\jj\^kh(im;adafi, Afamily. Noble. 

p irjjU- khanut, A shop, an office. 

P <C'U- khanuh, A house, a tent. A 

cobweb A heap. Verse. 
P ijU- khani, A fountain, bath; gold. 
p jU- Mas?, The pile of velvet. 
pjjU-, The west. (Poet.) east, 
p JJ.U- khaxand, Master. 
P t./Jo.U- khazcandi, Taste. 
A 0*^*- khaKi, Fatten (a house), 
p JbU- khuhar, A sister. 
P oU- May, Taste, relish. Ground 

trenched. Low land. 
A c_ N.U- khayb, Impoverished. 
A r>.^=- khayr, Debilitated, 
A ***} khqytsjt', Malleable. 
A t/fttU- kha-t/is, A small present. 
A c -=-;U- khu-yii., Entering water, 

or danger Wandering. 
A la.;U- khaylj A tailor. 
A t_>U- khayf, Pusillanimous. 
P I^>V- khaylt, A locust. 
A jj-;^*- A7i-i/, A factor, a pastor. 

A client. Proud. A horse. 
A ...J^*- kha-in, A traitor, 
p <jU- khiiyuh, An egg, testicle. 
iiyidan, To chew. 
, Silent. Fraud. Cold. 

A <^--o- khubb) Ambling (a horse) 

Glowing. A wave. A clieat. 
A *w-->i- Ar/taa, Concealment. 

A L>- khiba t A rustic tent. 

p jj~jU>- khababis, Horrid, gloomy. 

p c^W*' khiibari, Mallows. 

A C^L*- b, O infamous ! 

A JSL>- khabasat. Infamy. Bad. 

A. u. khabjir. Soft loose earth. 

A jV^ khubbaz, Mallows. A baker. 
A jj-.l->- khubbas, A sportsman. 

A u^--)L- khubbashat, A multitude. 

A LU>- khubat) Madness. 

A C/U^, A stable, a round fold. 

Strangling. Contempt. 
A JL- khabal, Fatigue, a load, 
p ^iXjLi- , To cause to trample. 
See U J^. 

jL>- ,< y > A torn garment. 
jL- khabaysy The evil spirit. 
-- khabl, Plain ground. 

khablali A short woman. 
> khubs, Malignity, perfidy. 
khabj, Striking. 
- khubda~, A frog. 
A^n*- khabar, News, fame, story. 
Prophesy, Knowing. 

A U^-, Soft, loose, stony soil. 

A i' 


khibral, A proof, experience. 
. khabarbaj, Well fed. 
A v n^- khabruj An informer. 

H, Baking. Eating bread. 

An impulse. Kkub'i.* Bread, 
A i''n- khubzat, One loaf. 
r jj'-.i. khabazdii, A beetle. 
A iui- A7t6/, Mistaking. 
A &u>- khibleti A troop of horse. 

A draught. The first watch. 
A A*.^>-, Hard, firm. A lion. 
A U^s- khibta, A bad woman. 
p tlX^ khabak) SufTocation. 

^, A butt. Happy. A flower. 


L*-, To be silent, modest, quiet. 
j>. khabl, Corruption. Ampu- 
tation. Khabal, The epilepsy. 
&u>- khubnat, An armful. 

&*J khub annul: ah., Very stupid. 
^j>- khubuzc, Extinction. 
(j*-*f^~i (A lion) seizing prey. 
J_->- khubul, Palsey. Amputation. 
&*>- khubah. Strangulation. 
<_.^ khab'f, Concealed, secret. 

&-->- khablyat, A lurking place. 
ci~-- khabis, Wicked, base. 
^Ju-w>- khabUdan, To chew, tram- 
ple, grow old, seize, broil, break, 

j->- khubir, Knowing, skilful. A 
farmer. A plant. Wool. 

khabizah, Ivy. Twisting. 
khitj Running. 

khaflar, A deceiver. See y'U- 
p Khuldr, Purging. 
,lip-, Sealing-wax, Sec. 
<ul^~ khitamah) Full, final, 
^l^s. khz/an, A convivial meeting, 
a circumcision, &c. 
fciSj^khifiuiah, Circumcision. 
L^-^P- khaltit, Languor. 
&^ti-| Silent. Terrified. 
*_^ khatat, Travelling. A guide. 
( \^>- khaial, Cheating. Seizing. 
Jo*- ) A horse. 

t^- khafm^ The seal, conclusion. 
(^f^khaln^ Circumcising. 
f~i>- khatambcu; A miser, 
c'u^i- khulnat, Circumcision. 
<^~ khalu. Changing colour. Bro- 
ken. Restraining. Plaining. 
f- khatii, A reed. 
jy>~ khatur, A deceiver. 

A j^>- fduttut* A guide. A leveret. 
A &j^t The wife's relations. 
A ci-"^-**- khattt) Base. Languid. 
A y^ khaflr^ A deceiver, 
p ^r^, A shepherd's double scrip. 

A J^, Rubbish. Dry sea-weed. 

A <4i>- khussat, A faggot. 

A ^*i^ khasutrat, Vanishing. 

khastam, A lion. 
A al*^. khulat, The belly. 
A j~khasam, Thickness and breadth 

of the nose or ear. 

A &*&>-, Shortness in a bull's nose. 
A ,>- khasi, Dung. 
A C^-i*" khasiS) A collection. -*-. 
p rff*" Mo/, Diligence. 
A A^Ma/rt.a, Marrying. 
A t^~t\^khuja-al, Polygamy. Stupid. 
A <3l5- khijalat, Shame. Modesty. 
p ^ t t^\^ khijdlidan, To embrace. 
A uS" khqjar. Odour of feet, Sec. 
p L^~~^" khitjasl, A mode in music. 
p 4C j5" khiijaslah) Auspicious. 
\*J&khqjeffj Levity, agility. 
A J^ khajal, Modest. Cheerful. 
A c^l^' khajlal, Bashfulness. 
p Jc.^" khujand. Mallows, 
v ~ & khitjuj, A whirlwind. 
p ^^^ khijuHdan, To embrace. 
p .jOu.^ khajidan, To assemble. 
p khakh khakh, Study. Brave ! 

A tN- khadd, A cheek. 

p ^ JCAda or Khoda, God. 

A c_>\Jo- khadddb, An impostor. 
A ^Oo- khiddj, Abortive, imperfect. 
p ^r^lo^, The fore-finger. 
p jtalj^, Granted by God; 
A tZJ\j. khadarat, Modesty. 


khuddri, Very black. 
5 Fraud, deceit. 
&\&>- khaJdlal, Plumpness. 
(^j'jiAs- , The fore-finger. 
Ajjljki. khttddzcand, A. king, lord, 
master, possessor. 
(ITjJjljtf*- khuddzcandigdr, The 
creator of the world. 
ij\&?~ khuddy, God. 
^UjlAs-, A great lord. 
<J, Ijki- khuddyiy Divinity. 
c__ ?Jo- khadb, Striking. Lying. 

aAi- khuddal, A cheek, ditch, pit. 
jA- khadr, A veil, a curtain. The 
women's apartments. 
tj:;^ khudari, Black (camel). 
^-<Ai-, Harm, injury. 

khadsh, Excoriating. 
khadshah, Suspicion, 
khadat, Insidious. Fraud. 

khadf, Swift. Feasted. The 
poop of a ship. 

ci_>A^ khudak^ A judge, prejudice. 
jjj^ khadal, Plumpness of limb. 
C_JA-, An old languid camel. 
<Jw<A>. khidmal, Service, office. 
^Ua^A- khidmatgdr, A male do. 
mestic who waits at table. 
^As- AT//ZC/M, A friend, girl, servant. 
&tXs- khidnat, A friend to man. 
L \jA- khidang, The white pop. 
lar. A bow or arrow. A hedge- 
hog. A crab. 
jJo- khudii, Spittle. 
cL^J>- khuduli, Weariness, con- 
tempt. Knavery. Anger. 
*<X>-, A trench. 
'.<*& khddtj, An abortion. 
^LjJci. khidesh, The mistress. 

Fraud. Deceiving. 
p jJ<A>- , A king, a sovereign. A 

master, a friend. 

A (jj/^o- khuzarit, A purgative. 
- khuzdrim t A rag. 
kltazal, A species of fish. 

uzrat, A swift goer. 
khtzra/i, A spark of fire. 
khazt, Cutting, mincing. 
khntjl, A. foolish woman. 

khuz&ibat, A segment. 
A uJ*X>- khazf, Throwing a stone, &c. 
A Sji&>- khazfarat, A rag. 
A (j5<^- khazt, Dung. 
A J.\i. Mai/, Weakness. Destitute. 
p J-ks~ khuzul, A medicine. 
p <J3 J^>- khuzdat, A deserter of friends. 
A j**X-, Cutting. Swift. Liberal. 
A SjaJte~i Speaking through the nose. 
A &>- khazzo, Loose, flabby. 
A |<X>- khazzea, Flagging ear'd. 
A i_JiA=- khazuf, (An ass) swift, fat. 
P vjjj^- khuzut, Anger. A threat. 
P &> See jJk-c 
p s- A-Aar, An ass. Viscous clay. 

Falling. The hopper. 
A tj>- khura, Dung. . 
A <-r>]/- kharab, Ruin. Spoiled. 
p Sj\t\j&-, Water strained, or oozing. 
A t^j\j\j>- kharabai, A tavern. 
A ^j>- kharaj, Tax, revenue. 
A ^-^ khardjah, The leading word 

in a sentence. 

p j>-\j>- khrdkhar, Snoring. 
khirddi, A turner. 

A j \j>- kharrdr^ Murmuring. 
P ^jj^ A tumult, rumour. 
A is\J>- kliardsj A mill. 
A *\- khirdshj Irritation. 



kharash, Piercing, scratch- 
Torn. Fallen. 
A rcale. A small debt. 
ichruihish, A scratch, 
p Wy>- khirafa Stubborn. 
A () An elderly woman. 

' ' ,i, The proboscis. The nose. 
kkaraiiTi) A worm. 
khuratftf, Liberty. 
. A fable. Malice, falsehood. 
khara/?j, Affluence. 

To snore. 
p ,L>- khiram, Good news. Joy. 

Waving, walking, easy air. 
P ^UL>-, Walking pompously. 
p j\*j\js~ , A meeting. A woman 

kept in common. A crowd, 
p ,j&>\r>- To cause to buy. 
A ^\/^- kharaj/ti, Guessing, 
Ai^ol .>- kharayijt) Unploughed land. 

A root. Ice. 

A t_?^>- kharab, Cleaving. Ruin- 
ing. A desolate place. 
p (J*^j>- khirbash) Confusion. 
A jV/^ khtrbat, Wind in the belly. 
p j\>j>- kharbdz, A coarse cloth. 
p ,^\j j>- khafban, An ass owner. 
A <U/- khurbal, A circular hole 
A Jo-i- khurabid. Thick oxygal. 
;>-, A melon, a cucumber. 

kharbasls, Hard. 
P <U^.; j>, A sharp roqf. A coffin. 
A whetstone. Flame. 

kharpashah, A fly. 
klicu-pasai, A beauty. 
khar basts, A gem. 
)jf~ kharbasisat, Something. 
kharbat, An ideot. 
kharbak, Hellebore. 

f g^jjs-kharbandafi t A muleteer 

kharbnaxai,, A moth, 
^-> A melon, cucumber. 
=M A foolish or an old woman. 
C-J~~ khurf, A hole, orifice. 

, A wild mulberry tree. 

, Loose-fleshed f/e/w.) 
A . ,> kharj, Going out. Charge. 
Expense. Produce, Revenue. 
Black and white. A cloak-bag. 

kharjal, A blue crow. 
khurfxlan, To weep. 
kharfik) A vast desert. 
kharjin, A portmanteau, 
^r^ kharchatig, A crab, 
i A marginal note. 
kharkhar, Flo-wing water. 
kharkhar, A porch; repelling. 
A curry-comb. 

A wine o? oil press. 
kharkhashah, A tumult. 

, A camel giving milk 
plentifully, but soon ceasing. 
L>y^, A cucumber. 

W ard, Clay. Sol d er. Khirad, 
Judgment. Intellect, 
p j ji- khurd) Small. Little. 

khurdkham, Trituration. 
i Dispersed. Dissipated. 
*-, Fraud. A cut-purse. 
khardashli. The wild ass. 
khirdalt, Broth, soup. 
khurdal, Mustard. 
khirotl<tiand,\V\se, learned. 
>- khurda/i, Small, ice. 
khurd'm, Smallest. 
A tCiSltSi^ kfiu> Wine. 
AP j.>- khara"., Small pearls, Sec. 
P ^^ \j>- kharlan, The first day of 
the Persian year. 



p XJjj*- WioriadW, A beetle. 

p tj&jf- khar'ia/irah, A poisonous 

shrub or fruit. 
p ^J\j>- kharail) A seller of beads. 

p ./ ', .4- kharzhi. A shelf. 

u >> " 

A (j~S>- kharst A wine jar. 
p ^ys- MrV.?, A bear. 
A LJ->- khfrstty Dumb (woman). 
A C L;,>- khursan^ Dumb (men). 
p <wLy>- kfiarsana/i, Sea holly. 
p <d.L:->- kkursaisalah, Dirty. 
p 4&~9j>- khiirsafaJi, A leach. 
p ijjlj^, A game like leap-frog. 
p 4Xi~^>- khursand, Content. Pleased. 
p C^jd-i^, A rough stone. A rival. 
p df4j>- khursazelaJi, Filth, rust. 
p ^(X.-Sjp- khuriulan,) To putrify. 
A ^,r/^ khursh) Tearing. Searching. 
A ^ / -> khirsha, Pitch. Foam. Dust. 
A u_l&>- kharshdf, Rugged ground. 
A t_^l>>. khrashab. Tall and thick. 


A <Li^>- khurshat, A kind of fly. 
A .U^p- khurshatat, The summit. 
p i^J^j^- khurshed, The sun. 

A jje^ Mffrj. Guessing the produce 

of palm-trees. A spear. 
A \:^- kharf., Smoothing. Stripping. 
A Jl^ khartal, Oats. 
p ^ly^khar/abat, Stupid. Stubborn. 
A Jb^ khurlum, The proboscis, nose. 
A j^lrflvs- khurtumun^ A coverlit. 
A y- kharat, Cleaving. Languid. 
A &+s-j>- kharatfiat, A beauty. 
A c-j^c^, Long and flexible. 
A u->j>- A-Aar/ 1 , The harvest. Dotage. 
A <&r*- khurfat, Autumnal. A fable. 
p (j-J^- khariflan, To murmur, snore. 
A ^ khurfaj, Affluence. 
i* tej~ khurfah, Purslain. 
A i^, Tearing. Pervading. Ly. 

ing. A fissure. Liberal. Asperity. 

Sloth. Fearful. 

A &3j>- kharlat. Cutting. A rag, 
p CJ>^ khtirat, A little ass. 
p i ;r ^-, A measure, handle, scab, 

earth, worm. 

r Jji^>-, A wood-pigeon, 
p lif&f- kharla-h) A mud shoe, 
p V&i> kharguh, A tent, 
p ^fj>- khargar, The scub. Crooked, 
p tfj*- khargaruh, A young ass. 
p Zf- khargiK) A hornet. 
* jff" khargur, The onager, 
p f_ti O- khurgoth, A hare, rabbit, 
p <^J- khargah) A tent. 
A A^>- kharm, Bursting. Cutting, 

p A^S- khurram, Smiling. Pleasant. 

p W^> khurma, A date. 
A U>s- kharma, Lip-chapt. 
A &\*/>- kharman, A lie, a falsehood. 
A <<</>- kharmal, Ears pierced, 
p ^l*Xy-, A leathern purse. 
A \j~*f- kkirmisj A dark night, 
p , ^Cc,*- khirmagas, A gad fly. 
p ,j^/^ khirman, The harvest, grain. 

A barn. A mock-sun. A cake, 
p *ve^ kharmanij) A*beggar. 
p i-^^>-, Small shells, beads, &c. 
p c/k^j A brazen trumpet. 
A jL^p- kharambaz, A concourse, 
p AJ L>-, An herb used in washing, 
p *Jki^>- kharandah, A purchaser. 
A u. cjj>- khirnaf, Cotton. 
A p c-v^- kturnub, Bean-pods, carobs. 
A if^-/^- khirnus, A weaned pig. 
P \j^- khirzcd t Garden mallows. 
PJ\JJ>- khanaar, A load, 
p C^'b. ^ kharubat. A tavern. 


A iVp- khuneal, Stercus hunianum. 


A T-J_P- khuruj, Going, rushing. 
Disobeying, rebelling. 

P { j~j/^'> A dunghill cock. A dance. 

p <ls^ ,i>- kharoschab, Wind-pipe. 

p ij*j>- khurosh, An assault. Ar- 
dour, noise. Sighing. Love. 

A i^p- kharu/j Unmanageable. 

A %jf* kfurzeat, The Palma Christi. 

A i~j*j>- khariif, A colt. 

p <&jj>- khirwand, Sewing. 

A j*>^~ khuruw, Dung. 

p * /=*- A bird's comb. A cock. 

p 4J&j --, A net, snare. 

p ^>- kharah) A heap. A marsh. 

p LS/^~ khari, A flower. 

P j\i^- khiryar t A buyer. 

A Ci-o -^-, A skilful guide. 
A ^^>- khartj, A game. 

p Lll~^/s- khinf-si/f, A farrier. 

A Ju i j>- kharld, A virgin, modest. 

p ^Ju i j>- khtridan, To buy. 

A^y>- kharir, A murmuring. 

p jLjji&* khari^haft, A farrier. 

P ^-JLj.^, To scratch, bite, pull. 

A j^sJ | .>- kharis. The point or head 
of a spear. Cold (water). 

A &A> j>- kharizahi A beauty. 

AP ^laJ^ kharifuhi A purse, volume. 

A .^sj/^kharilli, Crying bitterly. 

A j-J^ kharitj Flaccid. An adul- 
teress. Pliant. Silly. 

A i s^- kharif, Gathered. Autumn, 
harvest, autumnal rain. 

Morel, Level ground. 

A Jj^- kharyuz, A butterfly. 

A ji- Moz, The beaver. 

A \^ khaza, A kind of herb. 

A j^p-Ma'zai, A, raw-silk merchant. 
A male-hare. 

A a\j>. khuia^j Death. 

A ^i>- khu'zaiat, A section. 

A J^^ khcK^al, Lameness. 

A <__ f\-, A seller of pottery. 

A *\s>- khaziam, A rope maker. 

A U=- khizamat, A nose ring. 

p (jjV^ khizan, The autumn. 

A <U|^ khiianah, A treasury, trea- 
sure. The public revenue. 

A &y> khazayal, Blushing. Shame. 

A y>^ khizfikhiZ) Robust. 

P Xj>- khazda/i, A sin, a crime. 

A j :> Mazr, A small eye, 

A A)^ , Sitting badly. Talkative. 

A i^j y>- khazuriin, A cane. 

A )- kha'iry. The south wind. 

A ij rp-, A pain in the back. 

A j j>- khuiai) A male hare. 

A (JJ>jj?>~i A large male spider. 

p ifi >- khazrah) An open hand. 

A ci>- khdzt, Preventing. 

A J^>- khaitfil, Limping. 

A J^^p- khuzaLb'tl, Foolish. 

A L^p- khuztftt Lameless. A section. 

A J/=^ khazf. Strutting. Drawing. 

AP < Jj*- khazuf, An earthen vessel. 

A tj^p- khaiqfi, A potter. 

A ,Jy>- Mozl, Cutting. Hindering. 

A A^p-, A tree. Nose-ringing. 

A ^L^p- khi'zmtyan, Castoreum. 

A jj- khazvo, Reducing to order. 

A u/*- Mm, Afflicted. Disgraced. 

A j^V.J*" khazyan, Blushing. 

A c^~> i>- khazyat, Affliction. 

p ^^.^ kha'zidan, Creeping, wal. 
lowing. Springing. Carrying off. 

A /J/*- kha'zir. Broth. 

A iiJ^ kha'zinat, A treasury. 

p ..-^ A-A, Bad. A rustic. A ruissr* 

A L^ khasa, Unequal. 

A jL^ khasar, Loss. Fraud. 

A u^-wL^J- , Mean, covetous. 

A jL-i. khasut, A liar. 

P ^tXiL^i. khasundan^ To triturate. 

f j^tXJU^i. khascintdan, To chew. 

To cause to scratch. 
p (jJu^J khasayulaii, To chew. 
p ^iX.'L>. khaspariidan. To cause 

to kick, extinguish, lie down, rest. 
p u i-,^>- khuspish, Lying down. 
p ls^^>. &&M5 panja, A. bed. 
P ^>X ,... -^ , To lie down, to sleep. 

A <i_J- khassatj Vileness, <$fc, 
r c:.,,-.^ khast, A reptile. 
p ^Jc i. , A wound. Sickness. 
p &;-*>. khaslan, To wound. To ail. 
To be wounded. To attack. To 
p jX~>. khas{u t A confession. A 


P AJU:;>. , A patched garment. 
r ^-o-^ji. khuskhas, A sweet- 

scented root of a species of grass. 
A _^-*- khusr, Damage Fraud. 

khasur, A father-in-law. 
khusruh) A mother-in-law. 
>- , A son-in-law. 
^>. khusrangari, Affinity. 

A brother-in-law. 
r jj~-- Khusraw, A great king. 
p tj^p.,4 , Wine. Royal. 
p AX> ^>- kkusrazoina/i. A father- 

xy .. ' 

in-law. A mother-in-law. Tre- 

A i_B..A. khasf, Sunk. Lessened, 

poor. A vice. A crevice. 
A *~>- , A lather or mother-in-law. 
A u_j~^>. khasuf t A rock well. 


p yjjfr * , Sordid. Deformed. 
A L5 -- kkisa', A woollen cloak. 
A ^Ju^i . To grow old. To moisten. 
To bake. To eat. To fear. 
khaur, Suffering loss, 
khans. Sordid. Ignoble. 
khasisat, Meanness. 
khaitt, Most vile. 

Good. A stick. Run- 
ning fast. Dry. Morose. 
A liLs- khasha, Fearing. 

A t-JuLs- khashshab , A wood-seller. 
p Jjli^. kkitshadafi, A well-prepared 

sown field. 

A j\,=>- khitshdi't The refuse. 
r j\*L*~ khushfir, An unburnt brick. 

An enemy. 

A uJtl>- j A bat. A swallow. 
A *Uo- , A nose. Large-nosed. 
p jjJkjU^i- , To scratch, bite, chew. 
A y_ -fA khashnby Timber. 
P t^^A^M/sA/, A spear. A brick, 
p i^vli- khishlchah, A gusset. 

noise in rasping. 

P^&JL-^ khishlgafy A brick-maker, 
p / ilsr"*" khashkhashy Poppy. 

, The noise in writing. 
p 1^^-^ **"* khashkhashaly Collision. 
A -i>- khashr. Clearing rubbish. 
A /j^>- khashram, Bees and wasps. 
A 4*i>- khushtuly Soft ground. 
> , An aquatic bird. 

khashfj Moving gently, 
quick. Freezing. 
>. , Travelling by land. 
khashfat, Sound. Going fast. 
khasM t A pretence. A 
mote. Dry. Avaricious. 

v >- khushtar, Coarse bread. 

p jUKA>- , Diligent enquiry. 

p ^l^is- bhush/tanj, Dry in body. 

Large bread. Depressed. 
p ^JujliLii- , To make dry. 
p -jL>- , Flour full of bran. 
p dl>- khasMah, Boiled rice. 

p /->- khushl.i) Dryness. 
A Jli*. MafW, Bdellium. Refuse. 
A *JL>- khathm, Su iking, hurting. 
P jJLi- khishm, Anger, fury. 
p <U-L^ , Travelling utensils. 
A ,.A>- khashn t Rough. uJLo- 
khashna, A legion. 

p &*Ls~ khoshnud, Content. 

p t\~*i^>- khashansur. A large par- 

tridge that lays in the sands, 
A C AjJL->- , An iron mark. 
A jJL>- khashW) A small date. Poor. 
p JL>- , A father or mother. in-law. 
p jjJL>- khashud, A beast of burthen. 

A scratch 

'P jji-ff- , A prophet, a messenger. 
A jt~>- khushut) Humility, fear. 
A uJjl*. , Travelling by land. 
p cL54>-, Spurious. A dolt. 
A <Uj^L>- khushunal, Asperity. 
A t/j--^ A husband's mother. 
A JLA , Timid. A dried herb. 
A L_^.^ > Rough. Polished. 
A <?. ;>.'.. -^ khashtbat, Nature. 
A L-.p.>.^A khashrf, Snow. Ice. 
P ty^>- khashtn, A darkish white ; 

also a mixed colour. 

A ye*- khuss, A tavern. 
, Castration. 
, Poverty. A hole. 

, A liar. A shoe-maker. 

, Propriety, habit. 

A Jla*- 

A -*Lss- khisam, -Litigating. 

A i_ 





khasb., Fruitfulness. 
sri The waist. Cold. 
, A shoe or slipper. 
.i7, Prize gaining. 
khaslat, A quality, mode, 
talent, virtue. Temper, nature. 
An excellent work. 
A +^z>.khasm, An antagonist. 
A ^y^- , A business. Giving. 

A L? f ^2~- khususan, Especially. 

A c: * khusu niaL Litigation. 

A ij^ khasi, An eunuch. 

A t_ -*a>- khawb, Fruitful. 

A <L*a^ khusyat, A tefticle. 

A v^r^- , Well made (shoe). 

A <;L*a>. khas'ilal, A piece of meat. 

A A*.g>- khaslm. Litigating. 

A (^*U2>- khasin, A small axe. 

A Ui^ khaiii, Bruising. Castrating. 

A c;Li^ khtiiab, Tincture. Black. 
khii'iakhiz, Abounding 

with wood and water. 
A \*i~~kh(Aiir, Milk and water. 
A ^,Li>. khaiurtit, The sea. 
A 9 \^>- khu'iuri'-L, Avaricious. 
A ^,1^- khuifira, Green, verdant. 
A (jflLis- khdzd'i, Writing ink. 
A t_jtis- khazaf, Eating meat. 

Breaking wind in contempt. 
A <LeLi>- , Any thing crammed. 
A <U^- , Painting herself. 
A ^cls^ khuzkhuz, Liquid pitch. 
A ^^is^ , The east wind. 
A L<iJ^ai , Freely, well, healthily. 
A 'ij^zi- , A green pot-herb. 
A j*x-a. khizrim, Overflowing. 
khaiat, Humility. 


A &i*i>- kha~ata(, The sound of a 
scourge. Submissive. Tyrannis- 

A ujUa*- khaif, A melon. 

A (J^ii- khu'ial, A pure pearl. 

A t_sLs>- , A wild palm-tree. 

A fcJuii- khfilat, A pleasant garden. 
Affluence. A wife, rain-bow. 

A ^Lui>- , A small crop of dates, 

A +*>- khdzzarn, A crowd. A lord. 
The sea. 

i- khuzammat, The middle. 
khyzur, Flouris'ang. 
kkauiti Humble. Respect. 
kJuaib, Stained, died. 
, The foot, lowest part. 
, Boiled wheat. Soft soil. 

A k>- &&#/;, A line, a character, a 
letter. The mustachos. Spot, ble- 

A lSa>- khata, A sin. Mistake. 

A c__>lk>- , Speech ; word. Title. 


A ylLo^iftsgaftaR, To the point. 
A &lLi. khilabut, Rhetoric. 

A kUa khaffafj Fine writing. 

A i_jlia>- kha//af, A ravisher. Sa- 
tan. A swallow. A hook. 

A <2Ua>- , An immodest woman. 
A xUa>- , An halter, a bridle. 

A i_,a>- , A work, cause, nature. 
A .^Lda^- , Yellow with red streaks. 
A tiJ&i- khulbal, An oration delivered 
every Friday in the mosques. 

A ^Sx>- khifjal, A country, city. 

A a^khu/Jal, A line. A history. 
A^l^Afta/r, Vibrating. Recollec- 
tion. Dignity. 

A <j]/^>- khafaran, A trembling step. 

p L-> l^los- khatarnag, Dangerous. 

A uJj^ixi- khulrnf, A swift goer. 

A i^jy ;Ja- khilrif^ Swift-paced. 

A L-Jla.-^- khafafj Seizing. 

A c^.ik>. , A joint of meat. 

A ^ilai- khaffa') A rapid pace. 

A Jiai- k/iaial, Stammering Non- 
sense. Restless. Obscenity. 

A fk=~ , The beak, the snout. 

A nr+i^-^- khifna, Marsh mallows. 

A ^L> ArAate, Proceeding. 

A _;)kJ- j Made of twigs. Whipped. 

A ifftki- khaf&at, A step, a pace. 

AJ^S- k/iutur, Dignity. Coining, 
passing. Recollection. 

A L - : '^^- khafjd, A preacher. 

A L^wla>- , A sin. Wine. Whoring. 
A ABS>- khallr, Great. Dangerous. 

A (-J2>. khftfirat, A kind of play. 

A <kk>. khatllat, Ground unwatered 

among watered lands. 
A < fLks- khafifi Swift (dromedary). 
A <L!iis> , Confused, chattering* 

A ^a>- khitzu&, Firm, compact. 
A ^s**" , Name of a plant, 
p clsCs*^ khughjat, An Ulcer. 
Smacking the lips (to a horsc,&c.), 
p t_to- /tAf, ,A towel. Tinder. 

A \_p^ khaff, Crying (as a hyena). 

Light. Nimble. 

A Ui- Mo/a, A secret. Hidden. 
A JjU^ H/S/iV, Weak. 

is-, An impediment of speech. 
ai- , A raw cucumbef . 
,li. khufar, A reward; a toll, 
i ,lii. khiifaralj Blushing. 

J&&- khuffash The bat. 
A i_jU^ ArAj//VV, Lig'it. NimUc^ 


A sUjS- , Broad-footed before. 
A djUi- khaffakaf^ Extenuated. 

A <J]lI^- khaffulat, A flock of birds. 
p ^tXjU:*- , To cause to cough. 
A Li-^*- Ar/#, A whisper. 

A &i khffitl, Levity. 
PA (j^&>- khaflan, A cuirass. 
Jl^iii. , To cause to sleep. 

A Joii. kha/lal t Weak. 
p Crti- ^0 sleep. To lie down. 
p (jJuSX^- khafltdan, Kissing. 
P ^ khtfach, A ladle ; hair. 
, An ingot. A fine. 

khafkhafai, Speaking 
through the nose. 
A diis^ khafl.hafal,' Growl ing. 
A tXto- khafd, Going fast. 

khtifdad, A bat. 
p (jJoiXfU- khqfdtdan, To suffocate. 
A y^ Mafr, Protection. Bashful. 
A Lr ~ii- , Ridicule. Overthrowing. 
A &-.>- , Well nourished. 
A ZT^~ khqfranji Tender, delicate. 
p JA>. khafi, A beetle. 
A ^JLiis- kh(ffash, Smallness of eye. 
A ^cii- kliafi, Depression. 
A ^fcs- khqfat., Laxity. A veil, a 

sail. Giddiness. 
A (_A- kliafl, Trembling. Nodding. 

Flying. Setting. 
p uL5oL>- khafk) Suffocation. 
p ^JA^. khafagi, Anger. 
A ^.jte. Miafan, Laxity of belly. 
T j^~ khafanj, A black scorpion. 
A JsaJLs- khqfanjal, Indignation. 
F ^jtXi&- , To water. To cough. 
A y^ khafw, Hiding. Lightning. 
A C^fci- khqfut) A lean woman. 

, Small. Nimble. 
A Jj^*- khafult) Slender (a horse). 
p tes* khafuhy The cough. Angry. 
A ^^ khufl) Manifest. Concealed. 
A LJa>- khafyal, Concealment. 
A O^i*- khqfid, A swift ostrich. 
p ^<Xii>" , To breathe, pant, cough. 
p *Jufa>- khaf'tda/i, Strangled. 
A j^i~ khqfir, A protector. 
A j-^JLs- khoftS) Diluted wine. 
A va~su>~khafiz t Submissive. Happy. 
A u-iji*- khaftf, Light. Nimble. 
A iJ-Jis* khtftt, Fleet (horse). 

A (Js- khtM, A fissure. Creaking. 

p LlXl^ , A sweetmeat.jar. 

P J^ Mo/, Vinegar. Khul, Snot. 

A J^ ArAa/f, Extenuated. Fat. In- 
digent. A sandy track. A rent. 
A 1- khala, A privy. 

A c_;iU^ khallab, A deceiver. 
A Juli- khilabd, Disappointing. 
A ,~jk&- khaZabtS) Vain. A romance. 
A f*-^*- khilusji, A mulatto. 

-, Hair of two colours. 

r <UJ- khalashmafi, Indigestion. 
p <Li^- khdashah, Rubbish. A 

club, rudder. 

p ^-Z&s* khalashi, A mariner. 
A y&>- khaZas, Liberty ; health. 
A <L?}U. khalasat, The purest, best. 
A idU*, Mixing. Mad. A crowd. 
A c5U- khuZat, The palsy. 
A ZcXi., Earing (corn). Sprouting. 
A uJiU- khilaf, Contradiction. A lie. 
A &5U-, The Khalifat, lieutenancy. 

Monarchy. Succession. Hierarchy. 
A ^\- khald^ A portion of good for- 


tune. Odoriferous. 
The Creator. Creating. 

A <S}U- khallaX-al, Light, smooth. 
A Jl>- khilal, A tooth-pick, a pin. 

A rule. 

A i^^JiU-, Friendship. Candour. 
A ,ijl>- khalalush, A tumult, 
p jjiU- khalan, Thin clay or mud. 
p ^JuiJU., To insert, fix. 
p bks* khalah. Clay, loara, mud. 
A ^j^Ls-, kkalayki People. A servant. 
A c.-~U- khifo, A nail, claw. The 

pericardium, diaphragm. 
A Jui- khalban, Foolish. Lean. 

A <!Li. khallal, Nature. Poverty. 

Sour wine. A sand he*ap. A chink. 

Khullat, Friendship. 
A g-*' khalaj, Lassitude. Khalj, 

Drawing away. Weaning. Shaking. 
A ^Isr 5 ", Motion, anxiety. 

A /a-sT 3 " khaljam, Long, large. 
A jUe* khalkhal, The ancle ring. 
A *\U-, The mind. Ear-rings. Eter- 
nity. Paradise. A mole. 

An ear-ring, a bracelet. 

khullar, Pease, beans. 
khcdsj Seizing. Ripe hay. 

A iii. khidsal, Plunder. Herbage. 

P ij^~i War, disturbance. 

A jj-sU- A-W/5, A sincere friend. 

A LJo- khalsa, A desert. 

A ^Lali- khulsan, A friend. 

A LLs- A-Ao//, Confusion. 

A ikU. khilfal, Conversation. 

A ^.U-A-Aa/c., Drawing out. Depos- 
ing. Repudiation. 

* fc al*- A-/j(f, Coming, succeeding, 
substituting. Piercing. Drawing, 

drinking water. The end, wicked 

saying, reward, fetid. 
A ^ULs- khulfan, Rebellion. 
A tjuil*- khulfurii) Going back. 
A <ul- khulfal, A guide. Opposing. 

Posterity. A vicar. A crowd, 
p .^lulJ-, A puppet. 

- khalafa/i, Purslain. 
khalafi. Successive. 
khalt, Creation. People. The 

world. Measuring. Feigning. 

Polishing. KhuU^ Nature, custom. 

Religion. Fortitude. Temper. 
A <uLU khultal, Creation. Fiction 

A circle. The shape, disposition. 
A Jl- khalal, Disturbance, ruin. - 
A *i>- khilm, A friend, 
p ^j^U- , To blow the nose. 
A if3*d*-, Marcasite. 
p ^Jii. khulin, A snotty nosed fellow. 
A *** khalanj, A tree. 

A ^LsrUo- khaleuyan t Galingal. 
p jJoLs- khalandar, Origany. 
p L-^xU- khalang, Pye-balled. 
A ,^Ls- khaluK, Stubborn. Vacant. 

Only. Passing. Smiling. 
A ! khcd&at) Retirement. Emp. 

tiness. A closet. 
A r^= > - khuluj^ To make signs. 
A Jjl- khulud, Eternity. 
A u oL>-Hu/M5, Purity. Friendship. 
A c^*-?y^ khulusiyat, Candour. 
A tjU- khalutj Mixing. 
A uJjLi- khuliif, Succeeding. 
A iXijio- khulutal) Beautiful. A- 

dapted. Torn. 

A J^>-> Diminished. Friendship. 
A <*Jk>-, Fearless, shameless, 
j P <d>. , A helm ; piercing. Void. 


A &> khallah, Sour wine. A poor 

man. Khullah, Snot. A friend. 
A .Jo- khaly, Cutting, mowing. 

A u^-i>- khilltl, Variegated. 

p <U.L>- khaCttah) A purse. 

1 ^~ khalfj, A bay, an abyss. A 

small ship. A rope. 
p u)*^gk*" khaltdan, To prick, pierce. 

To sting. To sew. 
A ^^-U khalis, Half grey. Clay, 
p jj^i<i>. kJiuiish, Warm water. 
A kJL- khoTil, Mixed. A partner. 

A elz^- khullcty/a'i Confusion, mob. 

A --Ls- khafi& Wicked. A hunter, 
farmer, savage. 

A UJJJ*- khalif, Mended (garment). 
Twisted. A defile. 

A <!u-U- khalifat^ An emperor, king, 
deputy, successor. 

A JL.1>- khafit, Worthy, proper. 

P cljL>- , A starling, a stare. 

A &Lb>- , Nature. The creator. 

A J-.U- khafil, Sincere friend. The 
heart, nose. A spear, a sword, 
hilt. Lean. Indigent. 

A &LU- khaHlal, Friendship, Poor. 

P ^iX*^..!*- , To blow the nose. 

p ^i*- khaTmah, A purse. 

A ^y^khal'iKaj) A kite. 

r ^kham, Crooked, twisted, curled. 
A curl, knot, a fold. A summer- 
house. A tower. Liquor. A jar. 

A ^ khim, A sweet voice. 

A i^dUttfc khamdzt, Intense heat. 

AjUi,Aveil. Thehead.ach. A 
crowd. A vintner. A drunkard. 

A L5^^" ' Consi sting of five. 

A <U,U^ khumuihat, A wound. 

A i>Uo- khimaf, Roasted meat. 
A Uo- khumd^ Limping. 

P ^iJj dyU^-5 To clap the hands. 

A J'v**- khumtil. Limping. 

A <SU^, Plumage of an ostrich. 

A >L^- kham m am. The refuse. 
A <UU-, Filth, mud, offals. 
A ^{^khamdn, The elder-tree. 
A UL*^ khamuna, A rival. 

khamanayi, Similitude. 

To make mouths. To 
mimick. To tell a secret. T 
be bent. 

p ^&L*r>., A species of shells. 
P c--v^- khumb, A large jar. 
H ^r-*>- khumbarali) A small jar. 
P Is* 5 ", A glass vessel, purse. 

khatnjalilat, A tumult. 
, A wine-vault, tavern. 
A +^* > ~ khimkhim, Muttering. 
A rfU^s**", Stuttering ; eating. 
A w*^-, Hiding. Leavening. Wine. 
A i^J- khamratj Wine. A crowd. 
A u~*e>-kham&j Five. Taking a fifth. 
A <L-^i- khamsat) Five. 
A ^^^o- khamsin. Fifty. Kham, 

sin, The five fingers. 
A L4*- khamsh, Scratching (the face). 
khamshir, A miser. 

s, Emaciating (hunger). 
A ^UsA- khumsan, Extenuated. 
A &*2*>- khumsat, Hunger. A grain. 
A la^s- khamt. Roasting. 
A ^la^s- kham tat, Fragrant. 
A -sL/i^- khamfarir, Salt-water. 
A -*> , Limping. A wolf, 
p ^^4^- khamgashtah, Crooked. 
A J^- khaml, A carpet with long 
pile. A cushion. A sincere friead. 


<il*>- khamlal, Camelot. A secret. 

L-T U*>- khimnag, Sick, diseased. 

^>- kharnzDj Thick milk. 

*^ *-, A wound. 

ts*>. khumud) Abating. Dying. 

!**>- khamur, Leaven. Paste. 

A corner. 
khamosh, Silent. 
c <*> khumiit., An adulteress. 
,) v>>- khumul) Obscure, mean. 
*j^s- khunium, Stink. Cleaning 
a well. 

< 4js- khairii. Crookedness. 

j\_**>- khamt/aiah, Yawning, 
v^-w.-*^ khamit, Thick, plump. 
khaiiudj The female. 

To be crooked, clear. 
;., Dough, leaven. Cause. 
t^~~+=- kham'is, A fifth. 
khamts, Thin. 
, A black garment. 
khdnitl, Soft meat. Satin. 
, Woody. Plumage of an 
ostrich. Silk velvet. 
^ khin, .Comforts. Seizing. 
Emptying. Invading. 
L> khana, Obscenity. 
c_j.lJ- khinaab, Long. Foclish. 
&}\^>. khinabat, Infamy. 
u jL^, Squat. A lion. Ancient. 
&y> khunasal) Stale. A catamite. 
.ylxi- khunasdy Hennaphrodites. 
^ylx*- khanasir, Furniture. 

jLi>, A lizard. Corrupted meat. 

^.lx-, The devil, a demon. 
khanastr, Destruction. 
u-iw- klanaf, Uneasiness, 
x, The rope (strangling). 
A disease in the throat. 

p t<^>- khinamuk, An herb. 
A j^l^i-The joys of life. Rheum. 
A i *jS-, A rheum at the nose. 
A C^Lii. jJ iw. khunabat, A liar, 
r ^AJ .oJ-, To move, shake. 
A <Jux>- k/ianabat, Corruption. 
A aiacus. khambqjal, A small ja;. 
p ifA.^" , Intelligent. Agreeable, 
p */v^, A small brass pot. 
A ^.^.-^ khambas, A dwarf. 

A large corn-basket. 
khanibash. Shaking one's self. 
, Fruit in its envelope, 
khumbutftt.j A small veil. 
khumbu/t, Avaricious. 

A small ^ar. Mocking, 
p <U^>- khumba/i, A corn jar. 
p ^Ju^o-, To celebrate. To crook. 
v <^-w^- khanl, Shining, flashing. 
A jl^xi-, Excessive hunger. 
A c^-Oo-, Flaccid, A dispersed crowd. 

A fold. Congratulation, 
A <LA^- khinsabat, A milky camel. 
A -^>-, Rubbish of a camp. 
A <xi^, A female fox. 
A JijJ. khansal, Weak, flabby. 
A ^ji^s- khunsa', Asphodel. An 

p -*> khanj, Interest, gain. Delight, 

festivity, conveniency. 
p -s^>- khanjari A dagger, 
p JfldU* khanjarud) Ridicule. 

An ugly beard. 
- khanjarir, Salt water. 
> khanjaf) A milky camel. 
P ujC^Us- khanjalt. The mastlch-trec. 
A J^sa>- khanjtd) A modest woman, 
p *X^U- khanjidahi A balsam, 
p ^*aci>. khanjlr, A smell. 
A J>-^cU. khanjii, A iwing. 


1 Jo>- khand, Laughing, laughter. 

r .iiXJliX^-, To cause to laugh. 

A C ?Jco- khandub, A cross man. 

A \t<*- khanduban, Fleshy. 

A j^-JjiX^-, Old wine. A grain. 

A Ju^- khunduL) Vile, humble. 

AP (j;J^ khandat, A ditch. 

A <flAi*., Fulness of body. 

p x&J^khandah, Laughing. Alaugh. 

p ^JoJki*- khandidan, To laugh. 

A X;JLii- khinziz, The summit. A 

hero, a lord, a chief. Skilful. 
Ay!>- khan'z, Stinking, corrupted. 
A <>}<.!-, Bold in villainy. 
A &-j\>~ khanzajat) Pride. 
A Xjjis^i A pointed instrument, 

khariiuwuni A boar, male 
Pride. > A wild boar. 
khans, Returning. 
khans(i) A turned-tip nose. 
A *~>-khansar, Villainous. 
A * u<>- khinsir, Worthless, greedy. 
p t>lli^- hhunshad) Happy, pleasant, 
A^ili*. khanshafir, A misfortune. 
A ,JJLi-, A swift camel, 
A <U*a^. khansubat, Fat (woman). 
\j^~^*>- , The 2nd or 4lh finger. 
A u-^zi*-, A full-breasted woman. 
A <ulkx.4 , A worthless man. 

khanlaS) Walking proudly. 
-, A weak old woman. 
The coloquint apple. 

t, The mountain top, 
khanful, A long branch, 
khanfulaf, A herd. 
, Barley. 
tiyun. Obscene. 
A^tia^ khintir, A wrinkled hag. 
A Jlai^Minzo/j The coloquint. 

A _> 



A (Ja^ kharm. Impudent. 

A T^^-J Collusion. Softness. Abject. 

A <xx^- khan&tl, Doubt. Adultery. 

-, A large water fowl. 
khanafal, A slice of orange. 
khunfaj, Fleshy. 

- khunfus, A beetle. 

- khunfushal, An animalcule. 
khunfuti Foolish, silly. 

khunfaktl;, A calamity. 

A <_i^ khanift) Strangling. 
p L-J^s*khing, White. A gray horse. 
p J&la*. khuntar, An emperor. 
p jL^i^ , Gray-haired. Salt-petre. 
p Jiii- khungal, A kind of armour. 
p ^ khunufi. Temperature. 

A i*- khunuzo, Obscene in speech. 

A ci_>J^ khinnazol) A species of ani- 
mal. Ignorant, 

A t^>- khanawwur^ The world. 

khunuz, Stink. 
^- khunus, See ^-^>-. 

*- khinnaiss, A young animal. 

A <Lsy->-, A young badger or beaver. 
A & ^ khunu^ Submission. 

>-j Tender-footed. Anger. 

A fcJ>- khnnnal, A sneezing. 

p il*- khunah_, The cough. 

A ,j^>- khan'i, Obscene (speech). 

p L^- khunya. Melody. Milking. 

p JXi^- j A sound, echo. Wise. 


A (j~=*- khttriif;, Strangling. 
A c^*- khanm, A whisper. 
p f*khaW) Ivy. Scaffolding. 
A * khamo, Hunger. A river. 

A ly- khazea, Tumbling. Empty and 

clinging (the belly). 
* <-->^, Sleep, repose, a dream. 

A c_>^>- khazcabb, Kindred. 

r ^jjujblj^, To cause to sleep. To 

p L-TUjLi- kh'abnag. Sleepy. 

p ^Ju. 1 ^-, To sleep, to repose. 

A C^>- khazcat, Sound. 

p &>~\j>- kh'ajah, A man of distinc- 
tion, a regent, a teacher, master. 

A jU>- khizeud, A flying fever. 

A j\t- khazcar, Bleating. Weak. 
A flint. 

r jU> kh'ar, Contemptible. 

P u;3;\j*- kh'ardan, To eat. 

P ^|i>-. Baseness, meanness. 

p Sjj\t>- Waiandah, A bride. 

p &\\j~ kh'S-,ah) A triumphal arch. 

p e^-j^s-, A petition, will. Want. 

p gfj&Mdty*. kh'aslagari, Marriage. 

r cA"Jj-j To desire, wish, beg, want. 

A^y* kheacafir, The mind. 
iu>- khazcaf, A tumult. 
Jtja*] To spread, produce. 
A cook. A ewer. 
, Right or wrong. 
kh'an, A table. A tray. 

^*- khcKozcan, A deceiver. 

<\}^, To read, call, sing. 
P i^jj]^ , Invocation, reading, 
p ^JcJl-, A reader, crier, singer. 
P t\j>-kh'a/t, Wishing. Desire. 
p ^Juilfe^, To cause to wish, Sec. 
r^\fi. ktiahar t A sister. 
P ijji\j~*klia!iish) A petition, wish. 
A JjfclyU kKahti) Crooked. A strap. 
9 tohf* kh'ahah, A petition. 

o petition, intercede. 

p ^\j>- khazeay, Taste, pleasure. 
A t'olji- khazcayal, Falling. Seizing. 
A t__?*j- khatcb, Made poor. 
p <-r^ khub, Good. Graceful, 


Pjbjri-, Convenient, inconvenient. 
p ^Aj^- , The fair sex. The good. 
P ^Jujlj^s-, To oppress, beat down. 
A <O>-, Barren ground. Hunger. 
p <J._**- khubi, Goodness, beauty. 
A ^y*- khazsl, Pouncing (a falcon). 
A f-J^**- khatctifi, A skilful guide. 
A cij^, Loose bellied. Filled. 
A ISji- khazcsa, A tender virgin. 
p jsU Mo/. See <^-U>-. 
p t^jVj*^> To guard, to keep 
p (jJ^f-j*- 5 To see badly, to water, 
A ^s* khazckh) A peach. 
A U-.^- khaztkha, Foolish, stupid. 
A <si>-i-, A window, a wicket. 
A jy~ khazsd, A beautiful girl. 
p j^ Mw/, Self. A helmet. 
p ^Jj*- khudan. To cut, to amputate, 
Ajiii- khazcar, Debility. Languid. 

Khazer, A valley, a bay. 
Pjyi- A-/7r, Despicable. Worthy. 

The sun. Meat. Eating. A consort. 
p \jy>. khora, Eating, voracious. 
>- khorab, Impure water. 

p *J^^s- khorabah, A river, a canal. 
p cLf U>- khorat, Meat, food. 
P ^\jj- khoran. Eating, devouring. 
p \jj\jj>- khorandan, Eating. 
p (y-^-jy^ khorchin, A wallet. 
p jyi. khurd, Little, small. Meat. 
p jijjy^, A servant. Who eats. 
p ^jj>-t To eat, devour, take. 
P iJJtji*- khurdani, A repast. 
p *J;y>- khurdah. Eaten. 
p o"^^ khurdi, Broth. Smallna* 


* khur-i'i, A granary. 

p ,Li);> khursar, A refectory. 

p U*J^ ^ Mr7 '^ Food. 

p Ju-i !*> khui'thed, The sun. 

p L^J- khursala, A store-house. 

p >U'i>-, A summer month. 

p jjj.r>, An eater. A family. 

p c^*- Morz, Baseness. A cloth. 

p jb .> khoryad, A peasant. 

p j^Jujij^j To invite to nuptials. 

A J>. khazeZj Enmity. p Khuz, 

A nation. 

if ajj*j>Mazrffl5, A beetle. 
A fy*-, An old woman. 
A iUjys-, A large hill of sand. 
A >jy>- khazc"alat. Impaling. 
A .Jj'*- khaKzala', A slow pace. 
A <Lcju>- khawLamal) A cow. 
p j>- khuiah, A cock's comb. 
A (^-fc=> khaxs, Deceiving. Stinking. 
p ,*.i- khos, A b) other. in-law. 
p y^^khoslan, To ask, 8ce. 
p ^W^. khUsldan, To dr>% To be 

moist. To flow. 

A ^y>- khazesh, The hypochondria. 
p ti*>- khush, Dry. Khosh^ A wife's 

mother. Good, excellent, fair, charm- 

ing, tender, mild, healthy. Happy. 
p Lij*- ^ij^ Well ! very well ! 
p l^A-i)y>- khoshnama, Elegant. 
r jji-tj^- khoshnud, Content. 
p <Lij- khoshaht A cluster of grapes. 

An ear of corn. 

> ^^-khoshi, Happiness. Goodness. 
p (jJu^.. khoshidatii To contract. 

To burn. To be busy. To love. 

To succeed. To jest. 
* ifj^kha&s, Blind. 
A U>y- Mazeso, Haviag the eyes sunk. 

A hot wind, deep well. 

A (jcj>- 0z Passing a river, !c, 

Resolving. Inhumanly. 
A Laj&-khau>sal, A pearl. 
A ty>- M/ 1 A limber twig. 
A i&f-khvtiwat) Twig-like {man}* 
A ^ o- khaict., A white mountain. 
A ^j*- khaxtstm) Foolish. 
A cJy- frAozrf, Fear. Killing, 
p \jj>- khufa, Power, strength, 
p U^ liijp- khazcfnag, Terrified. 
AP (J5**" khaxlf, A ring. The scab. 
A ,jfs* khazcat, Amplitude. 
A Uj^, Wide, deep. Scabby. 


p uJyi- *A5jf, A hog, a pig. 
p ^Jw ^^, T be used to. 
A J^>- khtrxl, Custody. An estate. 

A standard. A mole, 
p Jj- ArAotr/, A hog. A lark. 
A ^yj- klutxlan, A juice for the eyes. 


A <3- khatclat, The female deer, 
p <0y>- kholah, Empty. 
A ^fi A good manager, 
p j^js- khuttz, A kind of bird. 
A ^^ khaucn, Deceitful. Languor. 
p ,j,4-, Blood. A table. Reading. 
A c-jU^, A torrent of blood, 
p \fJ^- khunbar, Shedding blood, 
p \fcJj*. khunba/ia, The fine for blood, 
p sssCj>, Agumfor closing wounds, 
P ^ f>- khunchaA, A tray, 
p jU^ji khunkhar, Blood-thirsty, 
p jij>f, A blood-thirsty tyrant, 
p ,^J^-t Reading. Intercession. 
p J^^ khun/>ar t A killer. A king. 
P JoJj^, A reader, singer. 
p tit- khunoh) A rolling-pin. 
P J^i. khurii, A murderer. 
P cJy khuriin, Bloody. 


kha:cah, Strangulation* 
- khohar, A sister. 
i- khohuL Crooked, &:c. 
f ^jky*- khuhan, A funnel. 
A t^$f>-khau;~i, Collapsing (the hclly). 
Ruined .Finn, a flat between 
two hills. Seizing. 
p i^^~ koy. Manner, temper. 
A <u^>- khuvcaykhtyal, Calamity. 
p X;^>- khawd, A sown field. Green 

corn, or grass crt for horses. 
P ^iJ>- To chew tlic cud. 
A J\j kh-xiral, \ rustic. 

A j^.**- kh'tish, Self. A plough. 

Body. Good. A kinsman. 
p ^lijji. kh'eshan, Kindred. 
p )(> kh'efhlan, One's self. 
4, ftwlish. 
z, A bat. 

P -j'V. j>- , To sweat, assemble, live. 
P 4>- A-AoA, Ridicule. 
P jjs- A-A, A bottle, skin. 

A. ,*> khayy, Fallen. Intention. 
A <bL- khayubati Desperate. 
AP jU , A cucumber. Choice. 
A LLs- khiyat) A needle. A way. 
A c^-JrL^, Sewing. Creeping. 
A <J *> khai/al, A ghost, delusion, 
fancy. An idea. A scare-crow. 
khayul'i, Imaginary. 

iyiiiial, Perfidy, treason. 
khiijdnulgar, A traitor. 
To chew. 

/, Disappo.ntment. 
t) Cdusing to sound. 
A - A rcstkss \voin :n. 
A jj*i^>. khiijjsa^iir^ What soon dis- 
appears. The world. A serpent. 

^^ , To crook, pull, scratch. 
A^ khayr, Good. Goodness. 
P > r^ kfiir. Indigent. Innocent. 
A 'ij^>- khayral) A good thing. The 

favour of God. 

P &\j=>y.>- khttyr ArA'a/;, Benevolent, 
p u^ri,^*- khirsteilan. To scratch. 
p &>f?~ , Inside of a house, &c. 
P jjf>- khiru, A kind of violet. 
P Xj* A-AIro/?, Malignant. Con- 
founded. Dark. Torpid. Vain, 
lazy. A glutton. 
P j^s- kKez, Rising. A leap. 
P 4 *|/J>- 1 A wave, surge. 
P ^]/f*- A-Aezan, Rising. 
A <*-jj^-khay'iab t Tender flesh. 
P ^ ^^- khai/zuran, A cane. 
A <jUk^ , The keel of a ship. 
A c/J"-**- 1 Walking disjointcdly. 
P j{ij^- khezgir, Rise and catch. 
P joX' k>- kliezidan, To rise. To 

totter, prop, blow the nose. 
A t/ - r *- Mays, Stinking. Promise- 
breaking. Grief. A sin. Kh'is, 
A thick forest. Milk. 
P <-->- > -A. coarse linen stratum. 
A ^l-*- khaysan, Neglecting, 
p ^JujL-j^- khisawdan, To cause t 

moisten, to mix, Sec. 
A <* j v^- khisat, A lion's den. 
p ^". ....>,%. , A nut; stone (of fruit). 
A L c_ vj--^- khaysara', Perfidy. Loss, 
p ,jJu -^- khi.\lidan, To moisten, ma. 
cerate, mix, knead, chew, dread. 

Coarse linen cloth. 
khaj/shlm y The nose. 

: y, Few, small. 
kfuiysa, Having one horn. 
The air. A thread, 

^->- khqytat, Passing quickly. 

,b ' 

A <*jb+> khaytqf, Rapid. 

A (Jo-p- khayta'i A herd of ostriches. 

A 'Lo\*^~ , A blockhead. Obsolete. 

A lf^" khaytiaral, Levity. 

A J*?>- khaytfll, A shirt without 
sleeves. A wolf. 

A ujL^- , Terror. A hiil, declivity. 

A &&*> A knife. A lion's den. 

p ji+s* khayf(iT) Household utensils. 

A <JJU> , Very swift. A prodigy. 

f^~ kJufanj, Linuseed. 

p L^i^khtf;, A bag, a hide. 

p c >UL. , A leather water bottle. 

p <xK->. khay';alah, An herb. 

A jj-*- khayl) Imagination, idea. 
Proud. Assafoetida. Limping. A 
bridle. A lord. A standard. Un- 
married. Liberal. Handsome. A 
winding-sheet. A mob, an army. 

A !L khaylfi, (A woman) having 
many moles. The elegant walk of a 
lovely woman. Khuyila, Pride. 

F ^.Xy^Li. , To prick, bite. 

A aLp- khaylat. Fancying. Proud. 

A jLji khayla', A lie, flattery. 

P i^p- khayfi, Many, much, long. 

p **}L^- khayllchah, Enough. 

A *xs- khlm, Inmate, peculiar. 

A *+ khtm, Self-love. Nature. A 
mark. Excrement. A wound. 
The bowels. A hangman. A sack. 

A <U.-^- khaymal, A tent, a hut. 
A &*<**>. , Pusillanimity, villainy. 
A j.o- khiyu, Spittle, saliva. 
r Jft*~ khqyuz, A bat. 

at, Subtilty. 
g recourse to fraud, 
p e^- khiyah, Earth vessel. 
A i<*^r?*' > ^ mongrel whelp. 

J dal, The eighth letter of the Arabic 
and tenth of the Persian alphabets, 
denoting 4 in arithmetic. 

A ^ j </, Go. A disease. 

A c_?Jj daab, Manner. State. 

A j|j dabir. Following. The end. 

A ^jb ddbirat, The heel. Flight. 

p i*^j dabjah, A chaffinch. 

A Jjljjj J <iM riaW/, A calamity. 

A fci?Jj daw, Eating. 

Aytj rfa^tr, Dirty. Lost, 
', Darkness. 

jj, Going softly. 

P tss-ij dacha!;, An ear-ring. 

P c/ 1 *-^ dakhtan, To know. 

A .-l J dukhir^ Contemptible. 

P J*-\J dakhul, A court. 

A Jd^lj dakhilal, Low (ground). 

p ,jJu.lj , To stare ; disperse. 

p jlj dad, A gift. Justice. Com- 

plaint. Measure. Revenge. 
A taJ , The end of the month. 
p 1jb darfa, A female slave. 
p ,tata dadar, The distributor f 

justice, an epithet of God. 
p jjlj , A brother, a dear friend. 
p <$Cj\ J dadirand, An elder brother. 
P d^ J dada/;) An officer of justice. 
p ,&ta dad g-ar, God Omnipotent. 

A just king. 
P ^jlj dadan, To give. 
P cJii^J , A present. An advance. 
A ,t j Jar, A house, mansion, city. 
P j\ dar, A gallows. A tree. Rope- 

dancing. A die. A possessor. 


* \J (lard, A sovereign. 
p ^jtXJ^b , To cause to hold. 
p i^j'J ddray, A store-keeper. 
A c_-^b c?n6, A trained falcon. 
A rope-dancer. 


ddrdfnn, A support. 
daribal, A clever woman. 
b , A kind of Brasil wood. 
</ar 6oy, Aloes. 
J > A- support. Nightshade. 
^ darbu'itn, An inclosure. 
, Moved by the wind (dust). 

, A branch, a sapling. 
p (ji;b rfam/i, Tinged. 
A c,b f/on't, Armed. 

darfarin, A platform. 

A <5^ J darikat, The understanding. 
P *<AJ^b , A bearer, a keeper. 
P jjb </ar, A medicine. 
p ?)jb darogh, An overseer. 

, A sithe. A circle; salary. 
Conscious. Repelling. 
j A court. A church bell. 
z, A plasterer. Plaster. 
p j!j e/fl/, Rubbish. 
p ^b , A sickle. Destruction. 
p ^IxJj , History, tale. A story. 
p 4&L1j daskalah) A small sickle. 
P <JUit J diisah, A sickle, ear of corn. 
P {jb dash (added to a noun), A 

companion. A furnace. A tile, 


p jli.1 J dashad, A present. 
P c/til j , To have. To exalt, to carry. 
A jy^JiJ dashan, A new house. 
P ,j--lj dfishan, A present. 
A Jffjj dooz, Bottling. Strangling. 

Fat. Angry, insulting. 

A t-^^lj datib, A player. 

A j*b "doy'r, Impure. 

A, ,5^^ rfay> An orator. An author, 

a cause. Affectionate. 
A <-xta , Desire. Cause. Purpose. 
P ^]j dagh, A mark, scar, blemish. 
A^ilj daghir, Abject. 

htsat, The ham, the hip, 

daghmah, The searing iron. 
r, Stinking. 

f//Z/-, Swift (a camel). 

diifinal, Toothless (a cow). 

//5, A bad omen. 
A J*b rfao/, Slow. Fast. Fraud, 
p Jb f/ai, An eagle, 
p tolftj dalabah. Keeping guard, 
p ^b rfo/aw, A hall. 
A c--Jb c?o/i'6, A live coal. 
A <8b dalat. Public. 
A ^Jb dali& Absurd. Important. 
A uJib dalif, Heavy. 
P <*ib dalah, An eagle. 
A Alb dalih, Weak in mind. 
A LJb , Ground watered. A vint. 
p ^Jb , A chaffinch. A partridge, 
p *b dam, A snare, a coin. 
A Uiib daama, The sea. 
p jUb damdd, A son-in-law. 
P ^Ub daman, A skirt, hem, &c. 
A ^*b daffiy, Dark (night). 
A ^*b ddmik, Temperate (night). 
A ^eb damit., Wet with dew. 
A Jbt<b damital, Blood flowing. 
A <Lcb ddmighal, Head wound. 
A ,Jx<b'> ddmghul, Scrofula. 
A /^<b ddmil:, Bad, worthless, 
p uXb, A rabbit, hare. A veil. 
damitat, A misfortune. 

daman, The skirt, border. 


r <jCJ J damans, A veil or mantle, 
p J^J, A mattock, shovel. A basket. 

A f^f?\4 damugh, Lamentation. 

A (jf^ta damuJt, A hot day. 

A ^^ Bloody. P A sportsman. 

A Lolj damiyu.) A good thing. 

p jLJj dumyar, A sportsman. 

A <JL!j diimiyal, A contusion. 

p ^Jw^j damidariy To fan. To ap- 
pear, become knovrn. To mount. 

r ,^J </#, A vessel, sheath. What 
holds any thing. 

p Utj dtfrta, Learned. 

p tJito^ danayi, Learning. 

p ^iXjbl J dununidan, To inform. 

A yij dawy, Dust. 

p ^\ j danchak) A lentil. 

p e* 3ta danislan. To know. 

p jjLJ\J danish, Science, learning. 

A jJta danit, Voracious. Silly. 

A (jj] J dtf /'/, A measure ; a coin. 
Lean. Abject. Foolish. 

p u&U) don/, The 4th of a dram % 

p 4&t J danakah. Grain. 

P *Jcj!j danindah, Knowing. 

p &j]j danah) Grain, a berry. 

A tj,] J daw, Near. 

p jjJ-J^ darudan. To know. 

p ^J^J dariijah) A lentil. 

p j! J , A wheel. Expense. A claim. 

p jj! J , God. A just prince, ruler. 

f c>jta Empire, justice. Dispute. 

A (^jlj rfaa?, (Milk) cream on it. 

p *b doA, Ten. A servant. 

P jA^j dahar, Time. 

A l>; iJzta dahish, Astonished. 

A *atob , A foreigner. Fatigued. 

A Jfeta daAf/, Confounded. 

p ^ftb duhim, A diadem. 

An anointed beard. 

A ts*^ dahi, Ingenious. Sly. 
A <*&! J dahiyah An accident. 
p *-J&Uj daliim, Dominion. 
A ^Ij dy, Morbid, ailing. 
A e. -jJt) daayb, Diligent, weary. 
A x^J dayihaf, A spreading tree. 
A ^Adiiyikh, Dark (night). 
A j^^ dayr, Revolving. Orbit. 
A jj!j diiyrai) A circle. A curl. 

Bad fortune. Flight. 
A j^tlj delays^ A barn. 
A ->lj , New, rare. 
A *j1fc) day#j, Permanent, eternal. 

Always. At rest. 
A &4J^J diiyma() Eternal. 

A ^U4>Yj daymtyal, Eternity. 

A .v^J doyn , A debtor, creditor. 

p <L>jj duyah t A nurse. 

A c->J , Creeping. Dubb, State. 
A L j daba, A locust. 

A Lbj dabbabai, A covered way. 
A t-jjb j , A corpulent noisy man. 
A \i J , A silk gold. wrought vest. 
A \jj dabakh, A game at dice. 
Ajb j , Destruction. Hostile. A field. 
A *^b J dabarat, Part of a field. 
A Uj j dibfisU) A female locust. 

A 9b J dabbagh, A tanner, a currier. 

jj dibaghat, Tanning. 

dabalat, A stump. 
A jJljJ dubul, Dung, manure. 
A *b J abj dwfta/t dubah, Bravo ! 

A Juj dabbat, A vessel made of raw 

skins A sand hill. 
A fijdalj, Painting with figures. 
A y~^"J dubfutSi Large. A lion. 
A 4^.X; 1 J d.ibdub) A drum. 
A c_;Jo J dabdab, An engine, a spy. 


A <)J<AJL> dabdabat) Drumming. 
A^-'J dabr, Past. Afield. Utility. 

The bee. Plentiful. Flight. 
A (j^O , A mansion of the moon. 
sj j dabru/i, Green provender. 
A '^ji j dftr/, Posterior. 

A \j^J duburiyan, Too late. 

A j^J date, Black. A crowd. 

A ^k J J dabistan, A school. 

A ^^JJ dw&sf, A black bird. 

A ^/IjJ Joft.sA, Peeling, eating up. 

A ^ : 'J dabgh, Tanning. 

A fjjj , Viscous fruits. Birdlime. 

A J&Jdbftqjjfaf, Thick skin. 

A JjJ daft/, Dressing, improving. 

Striking. Oppression. The plague. 
A <&JJ dublat, A calamity, 
r <Uuj dublah, Sugared almonds. 
A ^Jj , A sheep-fold, r Birdlime. 
A <JUJj dubnat, A large mouthful. 
A u. ^J dabub) Creeping. Fat. 

Detracting. Streaming blood. 
A jji J , The west wind, zephyr. 
A (j~+t , A club with an iron head. 
A ^^jj, Earth softening (rain). 

A ^L> j dabbut, A sport, game. 

A tjjj j , A viscous plant ; birdlime. 

A &jjj dabbulat, Plaited, braided. 

A jjy J dabut, A misfortune. 

A AJJ dabah, A sandy place. 

F OJ dabah, The rupture. Broken. 

A ,j t j dofta', A slow pace. 

A w^-JJ , Walking. Crawling. 

t *XJ J dub id, A medicine. 

p^o^ e/wft?r, A writer. 

p J^"i^ J A writing school. 

A j.0 j dabigh, A bottle. 

g4; , A pimp, tale-bearer. 

P *^Uj dapayah, A school. 
P Ujjjj , A farm Heshed boy. 
^j-^ dapuchak, A leach. 

A tL?J da, Slight rain. 


A Cjljj , Killing birds with a sling. 
A j\3il dasdry A mantle. 

A <j , Oppression in the head. 
Ayj dwr, Plenty. Slothful. Ruined. 
A jjj , Plain ground. Trampling. 
A jj dasur, Slothful. Oblivion. 
A <U-jJ daitnmt, A mouse. 
A <JLJj dastntif,, A little water. 
A ^U-J r/fl/ff/, Fowls. A chicken. 
A JU-J c&yJ/, Dung, p A crowd of 

travellers. False. An impostor. 

One-eyed. Gold. 

A aJWj dajjanql, Laden (camel). 

A &o rf;jaj(, Darkness. 

A "?"J </w/'<7, Fowls. Darkness. 

A 4/ /f^J dfl/r, A French bean. The 

plough-tail, A machine for sowing. 
A Jj=-J dujl, The lower order of men. 
A f*^^ dqfm, A stock, origin. 
A AAO dtyimal, A speech. Darkness. 

Danger. Affliction. 

Stopping. Dark. Rain. 
ijnali Darkness. 
A t/if-J dujna\ The earth of which 

Adam was formed. 
A ^=J <%'?, Darkness. 
A ^j-J dnj&a, Intangled hair. 
A <->^f-J do/wft, A vessel. A purse. 
A Aa^-J , Stretched on the ground. 
A ^-^f-t> dujujit Very dark. 
A Jj^fO do/n, Gentle. Darkness. 
A ^Jdriji, Dark (night). 
A <*Us-J , Darkness. A nest of bees. 
, Black pitcli. A branch. 


A &U-J duhdbat, Driving. 

A /~U~ J <#/ai (A house] full. 

A JU-J cfe'/iff/, Unwilling. 

A ,-JU-J duhdlis, Bright. 

A j^cU- J dahdmis, Dark, moonless. 

A J*Uo duhdmil, Proud. 

A <*- J , A number of cattle. 

A ci-c*. J , Elegant in speech. 

A C-jUfJ dihjdb, High ground. 

A -!JO-L> dihddh, Short-bodied. 

A rJ^-t) duhduh, A big woman. 

A 2>-J dahr^ Rejecting. 

A VO dihrdj, Revolving. 

A j^-js-J rfa^.j Hiding. Causing 

discord. Filling (a vessel, or corn) . 
A ft^-^^ duhsam, Fat and firm. 
A ^&>- dahs* Moving the feet (a 

slaughtered animal). 
A i^a>- , Examining. Sliding. 
A * yieo duhkum, Large-bodied. 
A (Jw;-J dahl, Digging a well. A 

hole. Wealthy. Deceit. A villain. 
dahld, A well. 

\is, Resplendent. 
A AJS-J dihm, A root, origin. 
A .~* ^-J , A thing black. Dark. 
A XL*O dakmalat, Lean. Plump. 
A ji^>-J duhmur, The insect tribe. 
A jjj^s^J duhmuk, Large-bellied. 
A ( .j. j rfo/u'n, A dwarf. Crafty. 
A _Ai.=>- J , A boy's game. An insect. 
A y~j <fo/jw, God. Driving. 
A j-fc> dahuk, A big woman. 
A (joyv-J duhuz, Groundless. 
A J^-O da^a/, An impostor. 

hy, Expanding. 
A she-ape. Ahead, a leader. 
A (jj-*~t> dafii/t, Far. Moveablc. 
A 4 dukh, A reed, a cane. Good. 
A ^U- J dikhds^, Many. 

A J\^J>dikhdl t A joint. 

A jjls-J dukhan. Smoke. Tobacco. 

v c^^O rfoM/, A daughter, virgin. 
Power. Contempt, hatred. 
A daughter, a virgin. 
dokhlaral-, An orphan. 

p ti^^s-J , A marriageable girl. 

p jls?\) dakchakad, A just man. 

A ^-J dakJiakh, Blackness. 

A ^iX^J dakhdakh. An insect. 

A jlj^j dakhdar, A throne cover. 

A <&j^j dakhdabat, Firm in flesh. 

A Jc^> dakhdakh, Silence. 

A ^>-J dakhar, Little, pitiful. 
dikhras. Penetrating. 
dikhrtSj A gore. 

A ^>J dakhz, Hard, strong, 

A ^^^J dakhs, Burying any thing, 
A corpulent man. A dolphin. 

P t/ *-J , Bold. Scabby headed. 

A *~>-J , Thick, short, black. 

p yL>. j dakhish, Commerce, bargaia. 
Thick. Gloomy. 

dakhz, Dung. 

, Molestation. Intruding. 
Familiar. Return, profit. Dis- 
gracing. Deceiving. Making, lean, 
insane, defective. Suspicion. Vice. 

A ^L-J , The interior. The mind. 

A Ji^J dukhlal, Intimate. Fat. 

p /^-J> <U^J dakhmah, A tomb. 

A ^p-j dakhn, Smoke. Millet. 
Kindling a fire. Malignant. 

A li^j dakhnd, Smoky-coloured. 

, Dark, foggy' (night). 
dukhnat, A smoky coloun. 

A Jj*-J dukhul, Entrance, access. 

A i^J t/wA-Aa , Darkness. 

A *j>t} dakhirah, A treasury. 

A -J-J , A joint. Fleiky. Fa. 


*-^ dakhll, Intimate. Interior, 
r JJ dad, A reptile. Beast of prey. 

A Jj </(/</, Play, dice, a farce. 
.p j^JJJ dadabnur, Parsley. 

t jj cfor, In, iato, within, on, upon, 

for, to, about, according to, by. 
jj cfar, A door, way, manner. 
A tJ 4 dara, Impulse. Curvature. 


arr, Flowing. A benefit. 

dwrri mufassal, Separate 
pearls, i. e. the gamut, 
p ];J dura, A bell. 
A^ \j4durabtli, Fraudulent. 
F ii>A/i' J darabaiun, A fence. 
A u~:l' J durdbis, Strong (camel). 
A ~^J darruj, A whisperer. 
A *>-tjtd durrajah, A long cloak. 
A j\jj durrar. Milky (camels). 

A gj\j j , A woman's spindle. 

P ji^j <#raH, Long. 

A (j~\j dirasj Thrashing. 

A L:\jj dirasal, Teaching. 

P (^jlu-j^j daristudan, To attack. 

A icl^j durraZjjt, An upper garment. 
p j,/-- 1 ]^^ daraghosh, An embrace. 
P ^jJuJ^jj , To fall in or upon. 
A j^ai^j darafis, Corpulent. 

A J^J darra^, Treacle. Wine. 
f ^/^ daratin, A white peach. 
A C/jjJ dfraf, Following. Seizing. 

A *\j j , Going with a short step. 

A <l^j dftrramat) A hare. A wo- 
naan short and aukward. 
duramj, Fraudulent. 

</o;- amadan, To coine in. 

A jjj^J daran, A fox. 
A <D|^J duranat, Wisdom, prudence. 
p t/j^]/^ Malice, enmity. 
p jl^J , A runner. Repugnance. 
A <Aj dirayat, Quality, manner, 
temper. Boldness. Science. De. 

P (^.1;^ darayt, Silk, taffety. 
p J)^|;O daraytdan, To hold. 
A c^J cfar6, A difficult pass. A 
narrow road. A large gate. Cus- 
tom. Vice. 

p jUiJ darbar, A court, area c 
p <j>jyj , Once, at one time. 
A u~\ij^ , A lion. A biting dog. 
p ^b jj darbiish, Having a malig- 

nant look. 

p (^wJ dttrban, A porter. 
p c^^-jbjj darbaystj It is proper. 
A <)UjJ darabat, Custom. Courage. 
p jJujjrfar 6a rfar, From door to door. 

A beggar. Adjacent. 
P ^)j J </ar 6 A-, Above, 

p <fcu-.jj darbastah, Bound, tied. 
A JLaJjJ , Silent through fear. 
A & j J darbaiatj A kind of pace. 
p Jujj J darband A narrow pass. A 
dangerous road, a barrier. Bound. 
A O^yjJ darabut, Obsequious. 
t i. iij darbah) A fit, a fragment. 

p (^r-Jj^ darpas, Behind, after. 
p ^Juj^jJ liarpcch'idan, To fold. 
p t; i.j j J dar pesh, Before. In front. 

A i^J darrat. The tripe. 

A JjJ darlat, An aged camel. 

A ^jJ dor;, A closet. A case. Pa- 

per, a volume. 
A <^c) durjat^ A step, a degree. 

A casket. 


A ^J durjut, Pulse. 

A J^-'J darjal, A bow-string. 

A ^J </ar*A, Aged (she-camel). 

A <jyl>-jt> , Short, corpulent. 

A VA&-JIS darham'm, Misfortune. 

P J^J darkhal t A sucker. 

t i^^-jiS dirakht, A tree, a plant. 

P ^>y^ dirakhsh, Lightning. 

t j-jl^*- O dirakhfhan, Shining. 

P ^JvjJL^J , To shine, to flash. 

F i^M^-)i3 darkh'ast) A petition. 

p /M\J^J darkh'aslan, To desire. 

P * \^>M J darkh'd/i , Deprecation. 

' Jf"J* rfarMor, Suitable, proper, 

* 3j t ^~} darkhortan, According to 

his powers, or dignity, 
P J,fc> rfarJ, Pain, smart, grief. 
A fc>jc> darad) Shedding the teeth. 
P ^J rfwrrf, Sediment. A draught. 
Lost, fallen. Crooked. 
, Alas '. Oh! 
, The sound of a drum. 
^JiJ dardar, An elm tree. 
Vjtap) dardiiEah, A mill-dam. 
.vij,(3 dardak, A small bucket. 
Level ground. Firm sands. 
^fJrt J;J , The top of a hill. 

> The sound of a small drum. 
,J dardabls. Misfortune. 
tJ dirdaj, Studious, aged. 
4>ij dardajat, Concord. 

j darda/wt, A squat woman. 
dardar. That part of the gums 
where the teeth grow. 
ji3jJ<far<o/j, Childbirth. 
p u^wt^it) dardast) In hand. 
A ^i^jj , A toothless old she camel. 
A *Xi^cfc>jfci dardmand, Poor. In pain. 
P ^Ai^Jjj dardmandt, poverty, Sec. 
* C^V* 4 ^ ^ ar damtdan, To inflate. 

p L'JjJ dardnag, Sick. In pain, 
p L^-^Jit) dardokht, Accusation. 
p t^^i J_-J dardokhtun, To accuse. 
A t/J^J durdi. Sediment, 8cc. 
A jJ darar, Shining clear. 
Pjbjjj durarbur. Bearing pearls, 

i. e. elegant, beautiful, excellent, 
p ^&~ijj , To arrive, to happen. 
P C?' 3 jj4 > To go in, to enter. 
PA JjJ , A joint, suture, hem, 
p ^MiJ darzan, An entnnce. 
P (^?jj*> </flr'i?, A tailor. 
p^jjjj darker, Under, beneath. 
A ^ > /~;iJ dtus, Reading. Instruction. 

A defaced path. A camel's tail. 
A &4p)dbrsfl, Exercise, study. 
P e^~^L> durusl. Entire, safe ft Just, 

true. Cold or silver. 
P C^^JL) -durushl, Rough, hard. 

Stern. Rugjred, broken. Hairy. 
P ^-ijjJ duraf-h/i, Severity, 
p ^ J-iyj , To enter. To be in. 
A ^/c^'iJ durs, The young of vermin. 
A U^.J , Broken with age (teeth), 
p C^IM^.J darsural, In case, when. 

ever, when. In appearance. 
A c,j dirt, Armour. A shift. 
A UjJ dartu, Black headed. 
A ci-^.J dar^as, An old he-camd. 
A c,JLr^j </ar ^rt/6, Immediately 

after. Behind. 

A *jt^J dirtim, Rude, rustic. 
A le-cj^ > ^ cuirass-pitrcing dart, 
p ^l^O darghaluh. Hill castle. 
A u-JjJ ^fl/I/i A shade, patronage. 
A <jiU;J darfath, A large lion (or 

camel). A corpulent man. 
p l ^j<^ , A bodlin. A standard, 
p jjlLs^j dirafshan, Shining. 


JjA cfczr/-, Any thing hard. Dirk, 
A wine measure. A shield. 
Uy darltd, A cloud. 
I3j dar!:ul, A shield. A wicket. 
^i*;J rfar/wc, A wat^r bottle. 
(JJ^, jdirtul, A garment. 
Jiljp diratlat, A boy's game. A 
p roii- 1 walk. 

J^.j dirHm, Lame. Falling. 
f^.J darkut., Pusillanimous. 
u J/cl^J dark hir dan, To com- 
prehend. To follow out. .Dar/, 
The pit (of hell). 
6j&dartiiri In use, useful, wanted. 
<i^j dara';al, A step. A piece. 

> To drive into, to insert. 
t>, To draw in. 
rattati A kiud of play. 

Upon the side, 

brink. Apart. la the embrace. 
^Juo (/</r fiandan, To dig. 
t^);^ dar/tun, A saddle-strap. The 
lintel. A raised seat (for) sitting. 
*IT,J dargah., The king's court. A 
gate, a door. A large bench. 

rguzathtarti To mix. 
To pass by. 
r gashlan, To decline. 


<^T.J dnrgtili, A court. 
*,J !///, Slow. Thick-ancled. 
Nail paring. 

*jj diram. Money, specie. 
)VpJ dtaruMMi Medicine. 
^T^tc^ dftrmundagt, Misery. 

.. durmandan, To be destitute. 
darimal) A hare. Sole, close. 
v.J dui ma., Fii.c (loar, tine 
bread. Soli sand. Running. 
, Poor. 

Wormwood, hyssop. 
f ^iL^i) i In the midst, among, 

between. ' 

A U jj darin, Deep. Daran, Dirty, 
p sJujj darandah, Rapacious. 
P ^Ajlij jj, To insert 
A (jjjjj darnuS) A lion. 
A \JvtJjj daranfuta, Hastily. 
A cl&jj dirnik) (Carpet, 8cc.) long 


P C d,J, Delay. Noise. Slow. 
P ^-JjJ dirangt, Slow, tardy, 
p ^JJjjj, To delay. To be tardy. 
A <-J*JjL> durnuf, A large fat camel. 
P tl$jJ;J durnuf; , A vest, carpet, &c. 

Avithout a pile. A fountain. A 


p jjj dirats. The harvest. 
p !jj J darwa, Pendulous. Astonished, 

True. Helpless. 

p A,j j dar&akh) Cured, strong, true, 
p Xj\jj4 darwazah, A door. A gate* 

A market-place, A pass. 
p i^ljj^ jJ , A porter. A warden, 
p ^j-^j*> darwas, A weight. 
A ^/"\jjJ dirzcas, A dog with a larg 

head. Thick necked. Large. 

Tractable. Bold. A lion, 
p (jUjJ daruan, A porter. A A 


p *V^J darwak, Giddy, drunk, 
p ^jjti darzcay. Suspended. 
p ci-v~A^,J darwayst, Accord. 
A t 'jJ darub, Obsequious. 
P L^^>-JjjJ darobast, Entirely. 
A -- ^jJ daruj, !?apid, swift, 
p JjjJ darud, He.ilih. Congratula- 
tion. Fifth duy of the month. 
p j^l)jJ durudgar, A carpenter. 
T ^}j^ durudan, To reap, cut down. 


A jjjJ durur, Giving much milk. 

i, A joint, 8cc. Seejjj. 

A i,/-^^ darns. Obliterating. 

p (j*}j dirazvash) Mowing. A bit 

of cloth. Durilsh. Coercion. 
A jjCjjJ darus, Swift, (camel, &:c.) 
P jjj durogh^ A lie. Falsity, false. 
A *jj darum, A bad walker. 
A y~<ijj danRcmasj A serpent. 

P fcUj*> rfiaron, Within. The heart. 
p tfJOjjJ, A reaper, a mower. 

P AJjjJ, The cotton-dresser's bow. 
P ijjj^ Internal. The inside. 
P *jjj, A patch. Apogy. Zenith. 
P {)&>. *j durazridan, To mow, to cut. 
A *V.jj^ danzizah, Begging. 

* crijj^ darresh, Poor. A monk. 
A &jdarh, Repelling evil. Protect. 

' ing. Assaulting. Speaking. 
f Xj3 darafi) A valley. A pass. A 
river, rumination. The stomach. 
A bunch. 

* *j^J^ darharahy A sparkling star. 
P +&j<3 darKam, Intricate. 

A ^j^dar/iam, Money. 

A LJ dary> Knowing. Deceiving. 

* ^^ ^ art i The modern Persian lan- 
guage. A bed. A house. 

P b jj dorya, Sea, ocean, river. 

P jul>jj, Raining like a deluge, 

P (jiXJubjj, To cause to know. 

' ^kj j duryuband) A port. 

p ^^jJ Intelligent. 

p S^jf) c^,4> Any new tax. 

p ^V. V dai-yachah, A lake, ditch. 

* C^ J V.ji-S To know. To discover. 
A jljJ t/ary^, Treacle. 

A Ljj daryaf, Knowing, decoying. 
A ^o darry, A drum. 

A <^f^j^ durijan, Dividing the con- 
stellations into three classes. 

p <*^jki darichah, A window, wicket. 

P ^j^jJ dandan t To tear. 

A y^j^i Treading or threshing corn. 

p ^-jO f/arw, A kind of play. 

A ^>jJ duray^ A little cuirass. 

p j-y.jO diregh. Ah ! alas t 

p UjjJ diregha, Ah 1 alas ! 

A <&o,jJ direttf, Prey, game. 

A *;>jJ cfe'r/jw, 4 robust youth; deli- 
cate. A vagabond. 

A ^jJ darin, Worn (garment). 

p t,,r\#j-> -^ ^ ar ^^' 

p iijij jj daryuiah) Begging alms. 

p jj dTz, A fortress, city, hill. 

P J 

%(/, A thief, assasiin. 

rj\j>j , The governor of a catlc. 

r ^JuiljjJ, To cause to rob. 

P ^b JjJ duzddan, The hole which 

receives the bolt, bar, Sec. 
P u^OjJjJ, A quick-sand. 
p fc/*^*3 <&'#, Robbery, theft. 
p ^Jjt^j J duidtdw, To rob, to thieve. 
p <*)Ujj dizghalah, A citadel. 
P j! J *l^j J dazghafi dar, A banker. 
P <^>Jw> dfilnah) An awl, a bodkin. 
p j j rf/, The summit. Cruelty. 
p *\*dajagah, Vicious; inhuman. 
p ^J J dujpay, A glandule, a bubo. 
P (f^-j^ dajkhim. An executioner. 
P C5; J dqjlt, A towel. 
V*j, Meat hard of digestion. 

P *J4<(lijam, Grief. Afflicted. Dis- 

cordant. Respectable, grave. 
p ^j dujah t A seal-ring, a seal. 

A ^^ J cfcwf., Absconding. Suborning. 
A jUj <^5r; A fibre of die palm. 



A c *.Lj dusas, A noxious serpent. 
A JLoU:J dasasat) An earth-worm. 
A *Uoi> disum, A plug, cork, 
A u^-:J rf<w/, A plain, a desert. 
F c^-wJ cfos/, The hand. A cubit. 

The chief seat. A cushion. Power. 

An occasion. The end, limit. D/s/, 

A span. A trident, a harpoon. 
t \XrfJ dasta, A barber. 
r <*z-~~tj!(i~xjdasladast, Ready money. 

From hand to hand. 
* jU-sJ das tar ) The sash wrapt round 

the turban. A handkerchief, towel. 
p ^Ix-jJ , A valuable present. 
Ci-%~J>jUO, A fine turban. 
p A>^tx*jJ dastarchah, A small tur. 

ban or sash, a handkerchief. 
^iU^ das fash, A faggot, 
r Jjfbuj, The handle of a saw. 
A (jlx:J dasjan, A key, pin, or peg. 
F ^L-oj dastan, History. Fraud. 
p <Glx-jj, The plough-tail. A glove. 
F &J\+z*i dastbanah, A gauntlet. 
F JfO-jj dasjburd, Superiority. 
F kXux-jj, A dance. A bracelet. 
Kissing of hands. 
Violence, injury. 
F Sjf^tj dasjarafi, A hand-saw. 
f uU^vjj daslrt/fy A plane. A saw. 
F dj&dd dastkalaht A sickle. 
F cl$^-!J dastat) The plough-tail. 

A little hand. A passport. 
F jK^-jj dost liar* An artificer. 
F alLjj dastgah) A work-house of 

any kind. Power, strength. 
A ^jscu.jj dastanjan^ A glove. 
F ^js^^^^wa^i A cane. 
F ^jX-jj daslnan, A gauntlet, glove. 
A jjX-o das tur, A note-book. A 

grandee. A pillar, A model. 

p jj^*iA das tuft Leave, license. A 
vizir. A model, a record. Cus- 
tom, privilege. A tax, or per- 

p &x-jj daslah, A handful, a handle. 
Impudence, offence. 

P <jwsJ dastt, A two-handled pot, 
or cup. 

p jL^-jJ dosty/Hr, An assistant. 

p ^Lx-jJ dusty ar ah, A bracelet. 

p ^Lu^j dastyari, Aid, patronage. 

p <UU^<;J dasfyanafi) A scourge. * 

p ^x-sJ ^:5.'t7 A handle. 

A^oj c&wr, Driving. Caulking. 

A l^j dasra, A ship. 

A ^w:j f/fl5&., Giving. Vomiting. 

A i^O dusfat, Leading, conduct. 

A (J^itl dasatj A full pond. 

A i^Lcj daslarat, A town, castle, or 
hermit's cell on a hill. A palace. 
Level ground. 

A ^j dasm, Corking, closing. 

A <UM>J dusmat, A mean man. 

A j^w.O dasmarah, A French bean. 

p <Ujj dasaft, A weaver's clew. 

p ^^---jJ dasis, Treachery. Roasted. 

A ^*..*oj dasttal, Expelling. Nature. 
A donative. Strength. 

A |-~cJ dasjm, Much remembered. 

A /ij dashsh, Going, dispatching. 
p Jk-JiJ dashbad, A broken bone, 
p i^~i>L> JdsA/, A desert. Dry musk, 
p ^jxi J, A watch over sown-fields. 
A tJlij (/a^A/Jf, Wild, savage. 
, Heavy. Dangerous. 

, Pain. Danger. 
p *^j J dishum. Afternoon, 
p ^U-ij dustman. An enemy. 
A ^U-l J dushmut, Worthless. 


p .^tuWL* dufhman, An enemy. 
p jU> <&dbl0c/t Many, much. 
p *LiJ dushnam, A bad name. 
p <C-!L) dashnah, A dagger, a sword, 
p il*-l J dushtcar, Difficult, hard. 

A Uj </.? A prayer. Invitation. 
Stimulating. An imprecation. 

A L-Aej dat-tab) A jester. 

A <LUj dutfibul, A jest. Folly. 

A jlcj da^udat., A watery herb. 

A PilcJ datliral, Impurity. 

A *\J <//j_a/, A pillar, a prop. 

A (^s^Ut) da&iniis, A mulkt. 

A C-^J datb, Thrusting. Playing. 

A C>*cJ du^bub, A black ant. A 
black grain. A dark night. A 
beaten track. A catamite. Swift, 

A /f.j-^J du%bu.*, Mad, insane, 

A <L-J dit'dbiyal, A strong wind. 
A tj dti'^al^ Rest, tranquillity. 
A ci^cJ dat?, MaLvolence. 
Aj<j da^sar, Foolish. 
A ji^J datsur, A. pond full of 

chinks Abundance. 
A ^jdayij, Large black (eye). 

A IsPj da'cjd. See ^**4. 
A clj^cj da^da^ A dwarf. 
A t^XcJ , Ground without herbage. 
A ttXcJ datdatai) Going slow. 
Filling. Shaking a corn measure. 
-cJ daT) Bad, depraved. 
A <j .^cJ, A pledge. A mulct. 
A ,^cJ 'ttitram, Worthless. Short. 
A jjy^O datrur, Unworthy, 
p j^J tfawi, Impulse. 
A ,_ cj ^ a Lf. Cramming. Treading. 
A <U......r J dutstdai, Long (night). 

>ufo/f, A beetle. 

A ^/acJ *#;?, A hillock of sand. 

A LiCj, Level ground. 

A licj </:, Inserting all. 

A <JC'llicJ, Corpulent and short. 

A Xiiiij da%Ja'<(il, Folly. 

A j^:j <//, Beating (a path). Gal- 
loping. Terrifying. 

A JoLt j dattali A herd. A shower. 

A (JjCcJ </.-' Rubbing. Datat, 

A ^j^t> ditlaiial, Corpulent. 

A &Lcj t/at,(a/, The beaten track. 
A herd of camels. 

A c^.^>C-J datltasul, Dancing. 

A ^JoCcJ dati'aial, Beating a path. 

A ^^jrj^^an, Well diiposed. 

A <uXcJ, A plump she-camel. 

A Jc;J t/at/> Deception, fraud. 

A J^J dat/^", An idler, A glutton. 
A handsome youth, Darkness. 

A <JuLtJ , The worst. Frequency. 
Approaching. Following. 

A * dajjn, Firmness, support. 

A (^4^^ duttna, A carpenter. 

A J.KCJ datan, A careless fellow. 

A Xii t> ditftntar, An oppressor. 

A ^cJ dtittza, A law-suit. 

A Ci^t-cJ du~ucat) A prayer. An as- 
sembly. Command. Once. 
', Fury. A hill. 
, A law-suit. Claim. 

A (.Jj^ 1 -* </MCLKI, One, any one. 

A ^J f/y, A bastard. 

p 9j> </flg-A', A mark, a stigma. Bald. 

p lij daghu, Imposture False. 

A f\ij, A disease in the jaws. 

A <J!ij, A verv foolish woman, 
A vcj diighsur, Foolish, mad. 
A kXcJ dughd, A bride. 


p <-J^J daghdaghat, Tumult. Ti- 
tillation. Stinging. Shaking. 

A j- dughr, Invading. Chouking. 

A ye:. j daghas, Full (of meat or rage). 

A jjtiij , Boiling with fury. 

A L c.ij daghf, Receiving much. 

A ^iij dirghfar, A large lion. 

A ^sicj daghfas, Corpulency. 

A (jj daghfal, Fruitful. 

A Jij <%W, Vice. A forest. A 
villain. A blockliead. False. 

A jl*ij daghmar^ A hidden thing. 

A Xj*-<3 , Concealment. Mixture. 

A c,-*ij daghmari, Vicious. 

* j^4cij, A depraved man. 

A Ijvfcij dughtituz.) Depravity. 

A <iLrj dughannal, Darkness. 

A ^cj dughu, Sediment of butter. 

A iLcj daghzcat, Depraved. 

A J^iJ daghul, A bastard. A cup. 

y 4_JJ <//", A drum (with one skin). 

A ,uJJ rf?/, Heat. 

A ,\Jj dafaa, Warming. Giving 

much. Assembling. 
A plsj difd^ Aversion, spurning. 
A jljj cfe/a^, Going fast. 
A ^Uj f6/n, Warm clothing. 

A page. 

rAyjj daflar, A book, a list. 
P j^J^ij, The high treasurer. The 

keeper of records. 
F c^nj J, An office keeper. 
r c^^ dqfbn. The cover of a book. 
A yj f/a/r, Stink. Stinking. 
A j^^J ^{^t Smoothness. 
A ^Jj f/<//aj_, Repulsion. Time. 
A <Us J dqf^yt t One time, once. 
jb -ij, A subaltern of cavalry. 

.?, Then. Again, 
p jsj dtfagh, Chaff. 
A ^ij ^{/^'j Pouring out water. 

1 ^iiij dfMa'. See jyJ. 
A Jjj J//?, Pitch. 
A, An obscure man. Interring. 
difnas, A mean person. 
</i/f, Cloth of silk and 
gold. A saddle cloth. 
r <Ujj dafnah) A laurel tree. 
A yj dafw. Wounding, killing. 
A i_J.ij d'ifuf, Downward. 
A jyJ, Swift, high-blooded (marc). 
A ^(jJJ r/ofu/z, Wandering. 
A (JJ c/ff/'t, Cherished. Warm (day). 
A fca-JJ </'{/"(/" Stealing upon. 
A (^vJJ dtffiri) Hid, interred, 
p ;UJJ dujiyah, A pigeon's tail. 
A t^JJ, Rain at the end of spring. 

A JjJ dr/W, Beating, bruising. 

Earth, dust, 
'/'a^, Minute. A crumb. 

A *3\5 J dplAalatt A pestle. 

A &5j dikkat. Diligence, care, A mi- 
nute thing. Avarice. Liberality. 

p 4JsjJf J, Sound of horses feet. Par- 
ticle, particular. 

A^5J e&'^ar. A full garden. 

A jLijt/^rar, A garden. Trowsers. 
A lie. Obscenity. A quarrel. 

A <LJj dutsal, Millet. 

A jJLJi J rfa/sA, A bird. 

A ^Jj da^ot, Contented tho' poor, 

A j_gj.> f//v//, An assault. 

A &>JiJjdu/janat, A catamite. 

A JjJ data/, A dye for the face, Sec. 
The mast of a ship, 


A ]j J dalalal, Extenuated (sheep) . 

A. JJ dakm, Affliction. 

A .-^Jij dilaniS) Silk, white silk. 

i ^Jil <///, A collyrium. 

A jt J> Trampling of oxen, &c. 

A ^ J rfaf?, Fine sand. 

A JUS J dalyul, The sixth firmament. 

A Jf^J do/il, Subtile. A sheep. A 

step, a degree, minute. Flour. 
i^J J JM, A spindle and whirl. 

A cL$J daf-fi -Bruising, grinding. 
Mixing. Filling. 

A Kjtfer/'/a, Broad-backed (mare). 
A (jJj dulasj Somnolency. 
A clj dulat, A camel s cough. 
p j dtf/an, A shop. Fuel. 

du/ancA/, A shop-keeper. 

iliat, The noun of unity. 
dikdu^ t Sand, earth, &c. 


p ^j^J dugran, A distaff. 
A ^p^J 4^'J) Stuffing. Heaping. 
A _L> dultatu Coughing (a camel). 
A J^J (/a/o/, Collecting, compress. 

ing, kneading (clay, &c.) 
A *j </o/a?, Pushing. Striking. 
A ^J datan, Placing, putting (uten. 

sil above utensil). Blackish. 
A tij, Breathing (in one's face). 
^-- N dahfian, The south, 
r ^ij dfg-or, Another. Again. 

* <*ij dugmah, A coat button. 

* *i-f J , Boiled meat. Last night. 
' J J dtf, The heart, soul, pith, 

A Jj <W/, Looking through half. 
shut eyes. Flattering. 


A ^J dallat, A small urn. 

A ci-'j f//f/5, S\vift (camel, &c.) 

A ^'j rf/H,Thick-legged (woman). 

t ji'j cft'/arf, A bridegroom. 

p j|jj( j dtla'-ar. Cruel. 

A LJJ{J, Quieting the mind. 

Shining. Da//a5,Bald. 
afiz, Struggle. 

A ci!j dallu& A sea shell. A melon. 

A cl/i'j dallal, A barber, 
p i\f ^fj dilugah. Prudent. 
A Jl'j rfo/tf/, A catamite. 


A J2j daUal, A public crier, auc- 
tioneer, a broker. A road guide. 
A proof. A dissembler. 

A <32j ddulut, A direction, mark. 

A fib tfatem, Black. Blackness. 

p *5b dulam, Contortion, gripes. 

A ^fiJj dulamis, Smooth. Bald. 

r jjjf J dt/azcar, Intrepid. 

A c^Sj dw/6, A plane-tree. 

p jUj cWftaH, Eloquent. A juggler. 

A Lb t/a/6a/, Blackness. 

pjjj rft'/ftor, A sweetheart. 

p^jjJj, Amiable. 

p ^"-^,J,_\ Anguish. Attachment. 

p <Jx_-b , Afflicted. In love. 

p Jc -lj dtlpasand, Agreeable. 

p JcJj rfi/&and, Lovely. Dulband, 
A turban, a turban maker. 

A <b ffal/o/, Amorous affectation, 
p C_sb ^ar^-, Distressed, sad. 
A ciJ J <Ms, Going with short stepi. 
A &b </w/sa/, A- crowd, a troop. 
A *iij dalsam, Going fast. 
A Jj do/o;, The journey made during 
the first watch of the night. 


<//;/, Part of time. 

A ^J, A hone sweating much. 
A ^J cfa/tM, Fat. 

P tA'/sJ >Klkhira*h, Heart-rending. 
P <ti:j dil khastak. Love-sick. 

A *4cJ , Heavy, weighty. 

v *1y*O rfi? M'a^, The heart's desire. 

r ..i^j (til khosh, Contented. 

Pjljjj, Heart-possessing. 

p J.jJj r&7 J/z, Heart-piercing. 

p l^!j dilruba, Heart-ravishing. 

P j}j, Jj diliroz, Noon. 

P i^L> Jj c&Y mA, Heart-wounded. 

A j^Jj dWav, Darkness. 

p ^li-Jj, Heart-stealing. 

p J^Jj dil soi, Heart-inflaming. 

p j'jjj dil shad, Happy, glad. 

r c-^i f Jj rftfe' *A6, Midnight. 

p *jjjj </ shud(th) Mad. In love 

p ( J^^^ dil shil;aslagl> Affliction, 

A ^!j dolts, Bald, shaved. 
A Jaij, A strong man or camel. 

A y^ dtllaz, Driving vehemently. 
A Jj dal^, Lolling out the tongue. 
A u.^ata dilt&b, A large fat camel. 
A l*$4, A strong tractable camel. 
A ^-sb daltas, A wilful woman. A 

fat lazy camel. 

A iJjC*!j dtiltat, A fat she-camel. 
A loUdj, An epidemical disease. 
A i^jilj dalf. Going slow (an old man). 
A jjUb dilfal, A clear road. 

dilqfroi, Heart-cheering. 
JJ, Heart-ensnaring. 
dilfitar, Melancholy. 
rfff//m, The dolphin. 
/oW Drawing (a sword). 

p jta daW, A dervise's habit. 
A l:Jj doll a, Falling easily, 
A sljCj diMi Friction. Anobulus. 
p <*yJj dfl garm, Warm-hearted. 
p ^Clj dil .fofA, Heart-attracting. 
p lii Jj rf/ (-a?Aa, Exhilaratiag. 
pjixij dilgir, Seizing the mind. 
A Jj dalam, Very black. P My 


p c_^UJj dilniub, Boiled milk. 
P a JuUlj <//V mrindati, Sorrowful. 
P ujCJj dalmaft, A tarantula. 
p^-i. <u)j, Milk coagulated. 
p L-^;J dulling, Eiub.iiikment ; 8 

dart; rind; suspended. 
pjlyjj dilnuwaz, Heart-soothing. 
A jS J rf^a>, A bucket. An evil. 

A jjfljj dillaws, Moveable. 

A jb </o/.-it, A swift she-camel. 

p <dj!j dululah, Mourning. 

A iJj r//a^, Insane, distracted. 

p 4j ^i///, The hay-weasel. Pith. 


A \^Jj tLtlhan, With impunity. 

A l*V^3j, A bold man. A lion. 

A wSj dalham, Dark. A wolf. 
A -^ ^ ^ ^ on roamm at 

A <Jj JM//', The king's highway.. 

p i jJ J daltdah, A kind of wheat. 

pyjj cfe7*r, Brave, intrepid. 

A --lj drtlit, A spacious road. 

A J aJ J </o/(A A slow pace. 

A tlXJj dcrfr/', Dust. 

A JJj d/?/, A guide, proof, a syl- 

logism. Indication. 
p ^j fat } Breath, air, scent. Plea- 

s-re. Society. A groan. Black 

blood. Hot. Time, moment. 
p xJ dum, The tail, extremity. 



A *j damm, Plaistering. Pitching. 

Tinging. Overloading. Ointment, 


A U.-J dama, Blood, life. A cat. 
p Lcj dama } Asthma. 
A <&Uj damasat, Sandy, level. Soft. 
A JUj damasir, Level ground. 
A -Uj dumaj, A clandestine, other. 

wise a firm, solid (peace). 
A (.-^-UjJ dumcihis, A lion.' 
p ,iA*J damadam, Now and then, 

frequently, sometimes. 
A Lct> damaT) Ruin. Revenge. 
A /i-lxj darnas, Man's clothing. 
AP fUj dimagh, The brain. The 

palate. Madness. 
A <Jl/Uj dimak) A mason's rule. 
A /JtcJ damal, Reconciling. Re 

covering; healing. Rubbish. 
p JU-J dumal, Sore. A tail. Dung. 
A ,*t<^ dtmdm, Anointment. 

A <JUUj damamat, Going fast. 

p <LLcJ, A small brass drum. 

A J^Uj, A dunghill. Punishment. 

A ^Uj daman See JUj. 

p j^Wj daman, Swift. Strong. 

r jjUj damawar, Asthmatic. 

A *-'tJ, Deformed woman. 

p AjtcJ damayah, Cream. 

p JL* J dumbal, A tail. 

p A?-J-.- J ,-V -cj cfam baslahf Amazed. 

A ^*o damat, Blood. 

cj darntSy A soft sandy place. 
lamsir, Fat, fleshy. 
A ^rj damj, A long twisted lock of 

hair. A friend. 
A t*5^ damahdah, Rou^d. 


damhaJt, Thick milk. A 

drug box, snuff-box. 

p jltX^j dumdar, The rear-guard. 

<C^iXj, A root like a carrot. 
*<X<J dim-dim, Dry forage. 

damdama'i, A tumult. 

Belching. A mound. ' 
T J^*Xvj damdol, A potter, 
A ^^J dumarigh, Foolish, 
p y<J damz, A tambourin. 
A ir^cti dams, Concealing, 
p jL-^cJ damsu'z, A friend. Agreeing. 
p ^,LJ damsk, A duck or drake. 
A jjL<J damask, Heat, thirst. 
A ^^i^J damshtt/f, Swift of foot. 
A u&< dams, Making haste. 
A ^*^CL>, A silk worm's web. 
A ^<J (^/i5 Weeping, crying. 
A cUt*J damtstt, A tear. Gum, resin. 
A _<J damagh, Ruining, wounding, 
i' ^O dumghajah, The tail. 
A Jy-<i. N damghul, Scrofula, a wen. 
A /i-cJ damalt, Snow and wind. 
A ^aLiA dimaks, Silk, raw silk. 
A t^XJ damajt, Whirling. Twisting. 
A ujC*J , Firm. A good mill. 
A J^J daml, Benignity. 
A --^-<J dimlaj, Finishing. 
A J-^J dumluj, A bracelet worn 

above the elbow ; an amulet. 
A ^,^*j dumlahat, Crossness. 
A ^*=LcJ dumaliS) Shining. 
A (jbc dumalM, Round and smooth. 

A wide cleft. 

A cL^Lj dumluk. Smooth (stone). 
A ^cj dimn, Dung. Rubbish. 
t <x-<j damnah, A fox. The mouth 
of an oven. Rubbish. 

>, A dunghill. Revenge. 


* jy*3 dumur, Destruction. 

A (j-^oj dumiis, Thick darkness. 

Defacing. Reconciling. 
A j-cJ damu& Weeping. 
A ,JyeJ damuJt, Worthless. 

, A windlas, a pullejr. 

Deformed, filthy. 
A ,j;yO damatd, Bloody. 
P <UJ dama/i, Wind and $ now. A 

cloud. A bag. An obligation. 
A ^J damy, Blood, bleeding. 
p i^)^*J daniidan, To blow, to dawn. 
A ^-^J daniighy Foolish. 
A (_* J damit. Inserted, thrust in. 
u^J, Silk weaved like a bed-tick. 
dami& 9 Complete (month). 

Snow. Earth, land, a city. 
A ,--O dairiim t Short, deformed. 
A (^cj dairiin, A money agent. 
P (jj dan, A wine vessel. 
A I) J da, Curved. A bunch. 
A *lj J dynaat, Worthlessness. 

A <b\j J dinnabat, A dwarf. 
A U j cfcno;, Establishment. 
AaL-ljj danasat, Filthy, dirty. 
A |^jUj dmttifiS) Ill-disposed. 

A iUUj, Short. A small ant. 

A Sj\j J dinnaxal, Affinity. 

A o^i> dinaay, Crooked, gibbous. 

f c-^ 1 J </w6, A tail. 

A i^^-j j dinnab, Short. A dwarf. 
r JLjJ dumbal, A tail, the rump. 

Desire. A vestige. 
A ,*0 j dumbufi, A bad man. 
F vJ-JJ dumbal, An imposthume. 
P <LJj dumbah, The tail. A species 

of sheep with a broad tail. 

A & J tfe'wna/, An insect. 

A ^J dwi/j, The Epiphany. 

A j^Ls^J danukhan. Slow, loaded. 

A i^j dankhaSj Corpulent. 

p Juj dund. A foolish man. Bold. 
A poison. Bone, tooth. 

P IjJj , Ruined, lost. 

P ^JuJ dandan, A tooth. 

P <0]jJj dandanah, A tooth of a 

saw, 8cc. A battlement. 
A /4X5^5 A plant black with age. 
A &JkJJ dandanat, Muttering, 
p ^JuJu J dandtdan, To gnaw. 
A ^~JJ danasy Dirty. Filth, 
p ^^J J danasy Avaricious. 
A J J danat, Creldy. Foolish. 
A jJ'L> dantghy A worthless man. 
A u-W J, Severe continued illness. 
A ^U) J dinfas, Foolish, vicious. 
A ^Pj danjaj, Corpulent. 
A ijJjJ danfis, Foolish (woman). 

p Avaricious, tenacious. 
A ^J dunul^ Minute attention. 
A &AJ J danlial) Voraciousness. 
A tjyiJ J danbariy A dwarf, 
p L-Xj J daw, Confounded, ignorant. 

Sound. An oil-mill, 
p L^jj&Adangadang, Equipoised, 
p <*Jl& J dungalah) Hoar frost, 
p J&J dangal, Foolish. A cuckold. 
A ^ J danaw, 111 made (a horse, &c.) 

A yj </wnwrc, Approaching. The 
lowest baseness. 

A .x*y-> dunuat, See i'^Uj. 

F ^J^jJ J, To be unfortunate. 

p Ajjij danyciyah, The world. 

p <!jj donah) The body. Cheerful- 
ness. Petulance. Pride. 

A <Jj daw, A scoundrel. Vicious, 
weak. Plebeian. Near, 


A UjJ danya, A relation. 

The world. Heaven. Wordly 

p cs^jjAjJ , Worldly-minded. 

A Ljjdiinlj/at, Vice A kinsman. 
A i.;**-J J , To delight in wealth. 
A - ; Jj daru* Foolish. 
A (JfcJti dariit, One who eats private- 
ly, lest a guest see him. 

A yy&dtnnin, Muttering. 
danyavtii) Worldly 

p jj rfaa?, Running Do, Two 

A |<J <&re, A medicine. 

A 4 ^uJ dcarab, Cattle, beasts. 

A cS^Uj , An ink-holder or pen-case. 

p jlc^jJ daical ar. Secretary. 

P <UJl^t>, Double distilled. 

AP -.1.J duzeaj, A judge's robe. A 

military cloak. A scarf. A carpet. 

Brightness. P A throne. 

A ^jj dazczcad, Small worms. Teeth. 

washings. A swift man. 
* AtJ^J dwciidam, Moss upon trees. 
A jlo duzcar, Round. Vertigo. 

A ^j*3 , A curl. A circuit. 

A \jsj\* darciear'i) Periodical, circu- 

lar. Variable. Time, chance. 
r fcjlj dozcaidaft, Twelve. 

p r/*Uj datewuS) A lion. A strong. 

man. Sagacious, subtile. 
p <WJ^JL> rfo aspak) A post-boy. 
A L:\jj dazoasat, A crowd. 
A^Uj , Thick, firm (camel), 
p J\j f/Ka/, A leather girth. A 

uzciilah, A drug. 

h Alternately. 

daieam, Perpetuity 

A JU^j J dursama^ A bov's top. 

p ^j J , Running, walking fast. 

p ij,\J do am, A gold coin, eighth 

part of an ashrifl. 
P IJj&J du&anzadah) Twelve. 
P ^iXy^J , To cause to run. 
A <bjjj daxayafi Scum. 
A c->,}J t/titt6, Custom See c-1 J . 
p j'jjt) , A rustic instrument. 
TP ^bjJ <fo 6a#Ai, An interpreter. 
p ill^ ^ ^6/0, Excessive. 
p <5JL^j,J do bakhshah, Double. 
p X> ^ j dodad, A kind of cloth. 

H ^SJ^J , A cloth, part of dress. 
p A^ ,j , A clew of thread. A bird. 
p ijlo e j dupiyaiaJi, A rich fricasee. 
p UJ </o/a, Double, doubled. 
p , Jt j fl?/^, Perfume. 
A ^.J rfwii, A cuckold. 

iin^ The jugular vein. 
P jW- J Jo cAar, Meeting. 
A _jj efazcA, Play-things A plaited 

bracelet. A grove, orchard. Bud- 


A .J dazckh. Base. Rambling. 
p jj JwA-A, Bald. A cane. 
p ^^J dukhan, Tobacco. Smoke. 
p i^u-i^J dokhl, A virgin. Power. 
P C/*-t> dokhlan, To sew, stitch. 
P tNJ Jurf, Smoke. 
A ^j f/wrf, A worm. 
A iljjj , A murmur. A swing. 
A jfjijji da&dat, One worm. 

A .i3.J daiadah, Short-bodied. 
A <i.j.j dawdaha^, Fatness. 
p jjjj , A belt buckle. Twisted. 
A (^jtSJ , A short-bodied girl. 
p ^l j.u> rfwrf /-osA, A chimney. 
P Jj J rf dt7, Uncertain. 


r <fcj i> J > fo-?A, A boy's game. 

p ^Ujjj dudaman, A great tribe, a 

family. Fragrance Tallness. 
P jJ'jJ </o do, Two and two. 
p *J;O d'idiih) A small tribe. People. 

A jjJ dawr, A circle, circuit. An 

age, the world, fortune. 

p .jtJ dur, Remote, absent. Far. 

p ^J dazcrakh, Convalescence. 

p j^J^jJ duradur, Very distant. 

A u^jJ dawran, A period. Time. 
Fortune, vicissitude. 

r (JfyjjA durbash, A staff. 

p C#jj*J dur b~m, Seeing far. A tele, 
scope. Provident, ingenious, judi- 

p j^Sj* J durfuro, Profound, deep. 

P Jf_jJ Thick strained oxygal. 

P L-X^jJ dazerang, Anything large, 
but light of weight. 

p jjjJ dr, A small brass coin. 

p t*Jjj*^ do roy, Two faced. 

A (j?;jJ rfurJ, Distance. 

A L/J dart, Any one. 

p <*> M^ duriyah) Striped cotton. 

p Jjj dio'i, Sewing. 

p ^j jt > dozakh, Hell. 

p (^O^Jjt) , To sew. To be used to. 

r * J d///, Filth. 

A (^J rfao?5, Beating with the feet 
(the ground). Conquering. 

p u^-jJ dost, A friend, a lover 

p .Ix^j doslar, A friend, 

p <JJlx^fc) doslanah, Friendly. 

P /Kx->jJ , A lover, a friend. 

P ^Ki-jjj doslkan, Loved. A lover. 
Dostanah, A full bumper, a toast. 

P <s $v~jjJ dosli, Friendship, love. 

A j~t J da&sar, A strong lion, A fat 
camel. Any thing ancient. 
usar, Oats, grain. 

p X-J dosgar, A plaisterer. 

p ^Ou^J dosidan. To plaister. To 

glue. To saake, apprehend. 
A (J**3 daicish, Dim-sightedness. 
P ^j*> clo^h, A dream. Right over 

against. The shoulder. Last night. 

Lack; solder. Foolish. 
A l&jj dawshu, Dim-sighted. 
p lijj , Any animal giving milk. 
p ^--l^J , A gold-wrought girdle. 
p <!*-liiO doshakha/i, The pillory. 
p ^Juj'jijj dosharudan, To milk or 

cause to milk. 

p &~~2i6ddshambah, Monday. 
P **JcJi.j doshandah, A milker. 
P j\-2j j dushwar, Difficult. 
p ^tU^jjj doshwan, A breasuplate. 
p <!i^J doshah) A milking pan. 
P i doshtdan, To milk. 

shlzag'i, Virginity. 
p bj^J*^ doshiza/i, A virgin. 
p ii-Jj.J doshlnah, Of last night. 
A J duwaL) A small red fish. 
p ^j </o^, Butter-milk. 
A dUjJ daicghat, An epidemic dis- 

temper. Cold. Folly. 
p ^cjj doghu, Dregs of butter or 


r \}Zj6 t Meat dressed with sour milk. 
A c JjJ ^M/J Mixture. Moistening. 
4 j ij , Mad. Satiated (a colt). 
A C^ , Grinding (colours, &c.). 
p cL^jJ du^ A woman's spindle. 
p J;KjJ dotard, Shears. Smoked. 
p j^^jJ dSJian, A shop. Flattery. 
A <&j J dawlal, A brawl, a mob. 



p <Sjj dulchah) The woof. A spindle. 

p ^,1jkj dukdan-) A spindle-case. 

p U^>J>* , Sewing with cotton. 

p <U-J^>J , A spindle whirl. 

t-^'S'^ duliian, Latitude. 

p jj^J j In two's, two and two. 

A JjJ dirwl, Fortune. A pail. 

p JJ.J </o/, A bucket. The hopper, 

mast of a ship, market. 
PA dolab, A wheel. A pantry. A 

labyrinth. A trick. 
p X~JJ dolband, A turban. 
AP <*Lj dazelal) Fortune, happiness. 

Empire, power. Conquest. 
T j^jJ doKlallu, Happy, SfC. 
r jkXcJjJ daic-latmand, Rich, happy. 
A JJ dawlaji A cavern, 
p ^sjt> dolchah, A leather bucket. 
T j)jj JJ/w, Doubled, lined. 
p J^J <//u/, Calamity. 
p <sjij dawlah, A whirlwind. 
A ,*J dazcim. Permanency, 
p AjJ dun-urn, The second. 
p ^Ujfc) dazcman, The circular 

flight of a bird. 

A <Ccj dumat, A drunken woman. 
A ^jo^oti^ dazzmas, An iron helmet. 
A J**s* domaghz, An almond. 
P kjyjJ > A man half-gray headed. 
p c^j^ duzcunun, The second. 
A jjjj , Base. Noble. A threat. 
P J-JjJ dumbal, An imposthume. 
P j^j J The vanguard. The reserve. 
P JfJjjj ilazzandah, Running. 
A C/"!>^ ' ^ pinnace. An alembic. 
P <U0 dunah, A decoy bird near a 

net. A basket of leaves. 
P tjtj donz, A yacht. Negligence, 

lewdness. Baseness. 
A *--^i<J duriij, A swift yacht. 

A ^jJ da&a, Disease. Sick. 

A jh) A desert. Indisposed, 
p U-J jj rfarrz/, An inkholder. 
p ^^Jjfc) daictdanj To run, to flow. 
P <>z~~~iy davits t~ Two hundred. 
A tjjlj J , Fraud, a kind of silk. 
P *JjJ doyam, The second, 
p t) ^is^, Ten. Deh) A giver. Dih^ 

A town. Duh, A tail, 
p U:J daha. Acute, skilful. Giving. 
A U&J daha, Subtile, penetrating, 
p ifi>Uj dihadih, From every part. 

From place to place, 
p jlij da/iar, A grotto, a cavern. 
A jb> J rf/Affr, Doing monthly, 
p jUJ da/iaz, Clamour, noise. 
A <LAi>j dahasalj Gentleness, ease. 
A ,jUj, Full (cup). Much (water). 
A ,*Uj duh am > Black. A stallion. 
A ^^l&j duhamilt) Soft earth. 
P ^IftJ dahan, The mouth. 
A ^9W di/ian, Having little milk (a 

camel). A slippery place, 
p js*li>J , A camel with two bunches. 
p <GUj dalianah, A cover, a guard. 
A ^JujUj , To cause to give. 
A t_-^J , An army routed. A coin. 
A ^-Jrt) dafisam. A strong camel. 
A 1 JJ&J efe'7/rfa, Rolling. 
A jrltX&J daJidah, A small camel. 
A jiXfcj , A vain thing. A lie. 
A <ijjj>j ddtidakal, Breaking (bones). 

Mincing, hashing (meat), 
p ^ JJiJ , Curses. Bold ; fickle. 
A jyt JJ&J dahdamur, A glutton. 
A ^jJJbJ da/idan, People. 
P cJSOSJ 5 The finest silver. 
A <b>tXi!t> da/ida/iat, Rolling (a stone). 
A J&O dahr, Time, fortune, fate. 

Danger. Custom, 

Care. The 

A \jtoj dahran^ Perpetually. 

A <>-y&j dabrajat, Swift of foot. 

A y* ,.& , Mischance. Agility. 

H <)J J&J dahranah) A person of con- 
sequence deputed to make demands. 

p jjj&j , A sickle, hatchet, Sec. 

A ijSj&3 dahri, Secular, worldly. 

,A (,-JJO dabs. Soft. Large-hipped. 

A \ &J dahsa, Dark red, (goat, &c.). 
Mild (woman). 

p JLsiJ dahsul. The planets. A large 
wave. Ten years, 

dub sat, Gentleness. 
dahftfh, Amazed. 
debtsh, A gift. Liberality. 
J , Wonder. Fear. 
debishlab, A present. 
, A large she-camel . 

dahfashaty Deception. 
Gallantry, amorous. 
A ^&J , Torture, the question. 
A. ^l&fcj dahkan, Tithe. DiUan, A 

peasant. The chief of a village. 
A (ijLbj , (The chief) part of wealth. 
A. fcJL&j dabvanat, Shrewdness. 
A CJvij dah!^ Breaking, bruising. 

da/ijas, A dwarf. 
dahkdat) Adversity. 
A JjfcJ dab/tam, An old man. 
A Jjfcj <//(/, Au hour, a moment. A 

thick wood. A gate, a port, 
p Jjfcj dohul, A drum. A tabor. 
A LljlUj dahlas, A large lion. A 

strong man. 

A u--libj dahlab, Heavy, grave. 
A <UiW> , Rubbing th hair off. 

p <dij dahlah) A thorny plant. A 

bull.rush. A bucket. 
AP >1 J dahlti, A vestibule. 
A *J6J dabm. A multitude. 
p *AJ dahum, The tenth. 
A Ujfcj dahma, Black (mare) with a 

green and white mixture. 
A ^U>O , A firm solid thing. 
A u^^*Jbj, dabmat, Blackness. 
A <f^j , Large. Plain, soft. 
yjLS&S , A book of devotion. 
A &5C*^j dabmqfat) Coin? slow. 
A <L-^J&J dabmasat^The last night of 

the lunar month. Power. As- 


A L^-~N^JbJ dabmasl, The laurel. 
A ^UiJ , Breaking, cutting. 

Anointing. Bruising. 

A UfeJ dfifina, A. field. 

A <j&J duhnat, A portion of oil. 

A J^j dubnaj, A gem. 

p *JCJJ de/iandab, A giver. 

p <!U*J dabnab, Jasper. The rudde/. 

of a ship. The mouth. 
A ^.fcJ dahant, Grease, fat. 
p A^JiiJ duhrum^ An ancient coin. 
A LteJ dahzoa, Suffering much. 
, Strong-bodied (man). 

addahusj The lion. 

A jybj rfw/m//, A bar, a lever. 

p ju>J dahisah^ An urn, a bucket. 

A ,,4J t/a^Z, Ingenuity. 

A M>J 

p t!5s-AJ , The tenth, one of ten. 
A *.J*J du/iaym, An evil, a monster. 
A c^ 5 ^ rfa/{?, Folly. New milk. 
p ^J Jay, The deity. Winter. DJ, 
Yestcr; as j*j*3 , yesterday. 


A il> J diyar, A country, a district. 
s, Blameless. 

A ^bj dayyan, Computing. A 

judge, an umpire. Religious. 
r 1-jJ d/6a, Brocade. 
A *-Uf .J dibit j^ A brocade vest. 
p 4^-Uj dibachah, The preface. A 

treatise. A title. A cheek. 
p jjlo daybadar, Winter. 
p <U>J dfba'j, Brocade, gold tissue. 
A j J dz^ffl, The law of retaliation as 

a mulct for murder. 
A L^oJdw, Invincible hatred. 
A yJiJJ dw5n, The night-mare. 
A ^J r/cg0, Going slowly. 
PA j jss^J flayjur, Earth. Darkness. 
A i J dlkh, A bunch of dates. 

A Jo J d* d, He saw. Sight. 

P j^JJ J d7dor, The sight, face. 

p ^JcJ , The first month of winter. 

A ^<X>J didan, A worm. 

p yAjJu*) (Kdban, A guard, spy, the 

A ujtXj daydan, Custom, habit. 

p jjJu j f/7Jon, To see, to observe. 

* Ov*V^ dirfotcfln, A watch. 

p j\jiX>fc} didtear, Perspicuous. 

p jJ^JoJ , A searcher of boats. 

p j n J doi/r, A monastery. A tavern. 

Pjjjder, Slow. Late. Old. 

A c^o^jj dtrayal. Comprehensive. 

p Oo^j j derand, Time. Fortune. 

p *t)JjJJ derandah, Slow to act. 

P j^jJ dzroz, Yesterday. 

p 4^jJ dzraA, Habitation. 

AP k.5^ rfffj/rz, A length of time. 

P ijyj- ; J deri, Slowness. 

p jj*p diryaz, The Avorld. 

p JjJj derinah, Ancient. Long. 

p yj del, Ash coloured. A castle, 
sort of cook ing pot. 

P Ax>jJu N dtiinahj Tke scrofula. 

A -r 1 ^ , A nipple. A bull.rush. 

p ^-JJ des 9 (afterwords), Like. 

A <L-J J disat, A thick forest. 

p A J J ^f^j Variegated. 

A ^J d?iA, A dunghill-cock. 

A ..iLsJj daya->an^ Btuding. With- 
drawing. Stealing. Cheerful. 

A ^'J daylt) Causing to bend. 

A cock. Difo/, A hen. 
, Yesterday. A pot. 

p *i\Lj diganah, A tortoise. 

r *A&5 *P^> A trevet - 
p ^j&3 degpargi, A basket. 

p <tJk J degcha/i, A pot. 

A j j , Another. Other. More. 

p c^JiJo J degshab, Last night. 

p cl*J-'4> , A venemous spider. 

p ^j j dim, The face, countenance. 

A aujj dzwcif, Always. Eternal. 

p .1^.0 dimhaj, Bugloss, borage. 

A ^)J doi/n, A debtor. A creditor. 
Debt. Repaying. Death. 

A ^J dm, Faith, religion. Rite. 
State. Nature. A work. A way, 
sign, decree. Empire. A king-. 

A jbj J dinar, Money, a dinar. 

A small iron nail. 
Uj J dindroyatj Wild anise. 

P . . K-JJ dinparwar, A monarch de- 
fender of the faith. 

p *lux J , The prop of religion, 

A <jjj J di/i<^f, Obedience. 

p jjj^dm roz, The 24th day f 
the Persian month. 

jj, The day of judgment. 


j j (fifiunat, Judgment. 
<^J dina'i. Yesterday. 
>!-* f #ss A devil, demon, giant. 
The soul. A black mushroom. A 

jtjj Ewar, A wall. A species of 
juniper yielding milk. 
<%J dixalafi, A bankrupt. 
ci>W J dhciln, A royal court. A tri- 
bunal. A council, a divan. 
Wjr!^ dlzcan, A series of poems by 
one author, running through the 
whole alphabet. 

j***A ffizo mardy A vf ild man, a 
monster, a satyr. 

*J^jJJ dixanafi, Foolish, mad. 
<^y*:\^ dtzc(ini, A courtier. 
j$ \ ^3 (ke mcard, A pine tree. 
fc/^jjj The devil's foot, a spider. 

/, A whirlwind. 
'tt, An ink-!f*fcler. 

C-vj dayyus, A cuckold, a pimp. 
*-jiJ 5 A weevil. A leach. 
Lvj dtzcdar, A demoniac. 
J'JjJj , The white poplar-tree. 
t*i^-v".-~V_},Devil.handed, dexterous. 
4 ^ k % xjr^ A white devil. 
jjU^jjj r/?rc silun, A demoniac. 
*~^-sjJ ;J dtzsistambah, A great de- 
vil, a rustic. 

^i^ > A garment ; a hero. 
il6j J d?a.f, A vreevil. A moth. 
A spinster. 

f JugO JJa> ganduin, Rye. Chaff. 

:l < ^ A tyrant, oppressor. 

, Gigantic. 
A, A town, a village. 

Earth, ground, soil. 

P jjU^Jj , The chief of a village, 
p + J , The tenth. A crown. 

, The 15th day of the month. 
, The same, the 5th day. 
c/^ur, Heaven. 
"//J, A peasant. 
, The 16th day of the month. 

J Ja/, The ninth letter of the Arabic 

alphabet, denoting in arithmetic 


A ^J ;, A lord, endowed with. 
A t-jjjcrtai, Collecting. Sounding. 

Thrusting. Terrifying. Contempt. 

A loud voice. Hastening. Cunning. 
A ->\J ziibih) A sacrifices 
A J^J zabtr, Learning. ' 
A (_b' <3 z6iY, A spear. Flexible. 
A tl>1j zaat, Strangling. Zal t 

A lady. Possessed of. The soul, 

nature, person. Tribe, cast, species. 
A .ylj zafi, Essential. 
A ,\J zaqj, Drinking. 
A J^J ;7Y/, Tyrannical. - 
A >U zakhir^ Fat. 
A U t ! J zaaza, Chiding. 
A Cjltf^bj zariyal, Passing quickly* 

scattering (the winds). 
A uJJ<3 iaa/, Sudden deatli. 
A C^t> ^('j Alum. 
A .Tij :o/ir, Grateful. 
A ^3 =^J, Sour (smell). 
A ij^J zaligh, Indispensible. 
A >iij 2m, Vice. Reproach. 
A ^^3 irtni, A throw. 

A , )1j zanib, A follower. 

A ^\J zany, Driven (dust). 
A j, ( J zaoro, Driving (camels) hard. 


A * t \ J zaenzaf, Emaciated. 
A i^^jfc'j zci'/t'b, Going away. Taken 
aside, preceding. Blinded. Lean. 
A Jjb* j Jt*i7, Forgetful. 
A u_^o^ ^3/^5 Liquid. Melting. 
A Jo'j zat/d, Repelling, defending. 
A jSld 2^, Tasting. Savour. 
A Jjl J 2</y/, Long-tailed (horse). 

A c.-Jj zabb, Prohibiting. 

A c-jl- J zubab, A fly. A bee. 

A .j-t'c> zubah, A suffocating disease 

in the throat. 

A jnb J zd&onrf, Perceiving. 
A \>3zabalal t Candle wick. 
A tJJu'J zab'zab, A little well. 
A te&<Jzabzabai, Motion. The tongue. 

Harm. Protection. 
A f^.J zabh, A sacrifice. 
A ji j zadr, Writing a book. A sheet 

of paper. Wisdom. 
A ,JjJ 26/, Languishing. 
A il>ja/a, Dry.lipped (woman). 
A <Jlj J zablat, The smell of dung. 
, A centinel. 
//i, Sacrificed. 

u;W, Iniquity. 

, A word, a discourse. 

A ~ </A/i, A slap. A contusion. 
A -.J^s- j , Short, great-bellied. 
A J->-j zaA/, Revenge, hatred. 
A /^-fc) 5 Blown ujjon (by the wind). 
A \ j^ j zakh-ukh, An examiner. 
A ^U- j^j zakh'zakhan, Eloquent. 
A ^>j zukhr, Treasuring. 

A jO sarr, Lessening, crumbling. 

Sprinkling. An atom. 
A ,^J zor', Creating. Scattering. 
A J.I^J zardaf, Hoariness. 
A &j\j<i zara6at 9 Sharp. 

j^j 20rcr, Aversion. Vice. 
t^j zart, A quick sewer. 
tji^<^ zaraam, Very white (salt). 
#|J ziirazeal) Refuse corn. 
<-r>j zarub, Sharp, acute. 
^Jj<3 Clamorous (woman). 

LJ jJ zarabbayH, An evil. 
*iJ zurat, A species of millet. 
i'li^. J '-arlat. Gluttonous. 
tjO zar- o Measuring. 
k^J , Thick milk. Desiring. 
uJ;fc> zarf, Shedding tears. 
,J ior^, The dung of birds. 
jj J 2flrro, Rapid. Winnowing. 
ij ,J zirwal, The summit. 
it> zarurj Any thing pounded. 
cjjj icriiL Going gently. An ad- 
vocate, a patron. 

, Humble, lowly. 

j 3 zurriyat, Progeny. 
js^ 1 , J zarihat, A ridge of hills. 
ar/t, Sudden death. 
zaritftt, A cause, mode, 
conjuncture. A present. Swift. 
i|.U j zatfiral, Liberty. 
itUj za^i^aty A troop, a herd. 
uJU j zwtiBf, Deadly venom. 
jUJ 2Mta^, A mortal disease. 
Bad water. A sound. 
^.UcJ zut,ban, A young wolf. 
zy, Strangling. 
za&a& A blabber. 
z j atr, Terror. 

s j iatara/, A wag-tail. 

JxJ 2tj./, A man confessing what 
he had before denied. 

j, Going well (a caml). 


A C-JjLij zufjtib, A bit of cloth. 
A (jj^sJ zu' L lu6, A leek. 
A <da*ij , Aa unchaste woman. 
A jyz zuiTti') Frightened. 
AjyizJ , Obstinately malevolent. 

A i_JJ ztf^, Going quick. 

A t_J'<J > , Venom instantly mortal. 

A y*J zafar, Perfume. 

A J^JJ , Emitting a strong acrid smell. 

A i^ J^ zifl, Liquid pitch. 

A LsJ ia/:c, Loose-eared. 

A i?y J iafu/, Weak. 

A c-iLJJ :o/{f, Hastening. 

A ~lJ!j iukl-dhat, A dissembler. 

A jjlkj J za/-/cw, Enraged. 

A JQaS 3 zukalat, Wicked, unclean. 

A ^J /, Tht chin, the beard. 

A \j a/fa, Vivacity. A tooth. 

A C^*&J zafdalj Burning (fire). 

A ClJj^J , Brightness of genius. 

A < Jo J , A modest woman. 

A ^j ifljfar, Male. Steel. 

A .iJ, Memory. Motion. Reciting the 

Alcoran. Praise, fame. Nobility. 

A ,jj u/-o>, Burning. 

A i^j& ia'zcJw, The small -.^. 

A ^^J w'ur/, The male sex. 

A .ji J ^a.;i, Acute. Fiery. 

A Jj it:/, Gentleness, ease. 

A ..SJ iullah, Milk and water. 
A iiilJ Lalalat, Abjcctness. 
r A!'J zulim, The cholic. 

A i^i'J ;a//an, Mean, s\vift. 
A Jj -(tltr^ Eating. 
A jJ j irt^A, Larding (meat), eating. 
A ^Jj;//, Smill.nosed. 
A jiji/j, Ready (atspecci,). Edge. 
/, Restless. Motion. 

A J^lj ro/;7/, Obedient. 

A J^i J zalula'y Obsequious. 

A ^iJ^ iaff^, Sharp.tongued. 

A JJJ aff/, -Abject, base. 

A *J amm, Blame, detraction^ 
A U j a/na, The dying spasm. 
A i : Ut> , A shot hitting the mark. 
A jLc J zimar^ Patronage. - 
A ^Uj zimamj Protection. Right. 


A <iUJ zummat, A well. Service, 

obligation, patronage. 
A J zamakhj A kind of fruit. 
A -J zamir. Exciting (to fight). 
A kJ , Descending easily (meat). 
A <Jikj zumatalj Swallowing. 
A J* J 2am; ? Going fast. 

A ^^LcJ zamaHut, Soothing. 

A <^j zamah, Oppressed with heat 

(a man). Astonished. 
A .^J zamy. Struggling in death. 
A ^jL<3 zamayan, Hastening. Hurt. 

ing. Exalted. Left. 
A *-^j zaiMM, Blamed. Bad. 
A ^J ann, Languishing. 
A U J an/ia, Snotty (woman). 
A ^{xizinab, A water furrow. The 

tail. A tail rope. " 
A ivb J uniibal, A tail. The end. 
\ ^I'J zui:aba\ The tail. 

_tO /?/, Intelligent. 
A Ail>J zundnat, .Weak, perishing, 

A i J J '/?j6, A criiAe, fault. 

A <U. J zanabat, A tail. 

A ,X' J i/;i:f/i, The tail of a shirt, 

A ^ J :;/, Snotty. 

A ;--) iM*, Having a long tail. 

Good fortune. A bucket (of water). 


A xJLjJzflw^j Firm, compact. 
A ^j j za?tt, Running (snot). 
A jJ 2") A lord, matter. Possessed 

of, endowed with. 
A )Uj zuzsabai) A dangling curl. 

A prince. Nobility. 
A Ci^O iflrcaf, The husk, rind. 

A' jta> A defender of his right, 
A J^.J za:c<7/', Taste. 
A &jjzu-alat, A wolf. 

A i__*-'_> zuzcb) Melting. Heating. 

A -jjzau:/j, Collecting (cattle). 

A jjj, Repelling, driving (camels). 

A i'\J,eJ, Agitation of body. 

A ^3 zur, Earth, dust. Somewhat, 

any thing. 

A t J, Strangling violently. 
A ?j zatcfat, A spider. 
A j iasrt., The poor. Extirpating. 

A ( JO zarr/, Going clumsily. 

A Jj. J ztt/an, Deadly venom. 
A j j zoze/-, Taste, delight. Trying. 
A &yjy* zuzciinun, An herb. 
A * J 2M//A, Quickness of genius. 
A L-J\*J ~a6, Passing by. 

A i %>j zahab, The yolk of an egg. 

A i+Jbt) zihbal, Rain. A grain of gold. 
A Jjij : ~ahl, Forgetting. 

A . UliJ zuhluL A noble horse. 

\^j ' ~ 

A Ji3 zihn, Genius. Ability. 
A JjAJ zuhul, Oblivion. 
A *!i>^, Leaving, quitting. 
A <_<feJ zafn, Of this. 
A (irJbj ^{'M, Sagacious. 
A t.5t> zi, This, A lord, a lady, 
possessed of. 

A Jbo iajo/o/j Long.tailed. 

A 2UJ , A threaded needle. 

A , ., j zayb, Vice. A wolf. 

A <Lj j zi-ibat* A disease in the throa-t* 
of horses. 

A 'i^-.-j '^^J j So and so, thus. 

A fr J iiA"^ A hairy male hyena^ 
A wolf. A pack-horse. Pride. 

A J j ^.y") Enraged. 

A j j zoyt, Divulging a secret. 

A Ai_ j z/fan, Venom, poison. 

A JjJ 2 fl y, Walking pompously. 
Long.tailed. The last. An ap- 

A ^ J zot/7rt, Blame, reproach. 

k " 


j Re, The tenth letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, and the twelfth of the 
Persian. la arithmetic it expresses 

A fj ra-un or ro, A tree (palma 
Christi). A small tike. 

A <>T,^ rad-ub, A cooper. 

A J^M ra-.?., A vender of heads 
of cattle. 

A c_j^ raab, Collecting fragments, 
repairing any thing. 

A *\t rabij, Assuaged (thirst). 

A ^ \j rabih. Gainful, usurious. 

A A^i rabid, A hoarder. 

A \x\j rabU, The catch. word. A 
chain, ligature. 

A -jV. ra6jt, The fourth. 

A y\j rabigk, A pleasant life. 

A ,J ( V, rab'i, Ascending. 

X 4'b r5%af, A hill. Increasing 
Bringing forth. 


A **~*2\) ralib, Firm, perpetual. 

v Provision, portion. 
r Ay^> ruliban, Resin. 
PA <Ljl^ rufiba'i, A salary, pay. 
A *~'i rrt/'j, A large gate shut, in 

which there is a little window. 
A '^j ratikh, Thin 'clay). 
A ^.J^ ra/it, Feeding well. Expiat- 
' ing, ranging at large. 
A ^J\j raft, Learned. 
A ,-J^i n///n, A balsam. 
A ^J^j I'utinjj Pine-tree resin. 
A %-i\j ?'</5z'fc., Covetous. Paid for a 

bad act. Keeping bad company. 
A ~>-\ i, The first joint of the linger. 
A f-'^j rr7///i, Excelling. 
A ,^ t, Thundering (clouds). 
- ( L r(ti~ Returning. 
i'(ij'f, An ague. 

A >-) riijifaly The first trumpet. 

A tJ^|t >";//, Infantry. 

A <U^i rajilal, A ram feeding whilst 

A ,^ i rajim^ Obscene in talk. Ston- 

ing. A hurler of stones. 
A ^>\j raft, Hoping, asking. 
A _U ruh. Wine. Alacrity. 
A i^-,*.! ., The palm. Quiet, ease. 
A ^>-\j ruhil, A traveller. 
A ilr~^ rahilat, A caravan. 
A *>-|) rahini) Pardoning. 
A J^*-]^ A camel's saddle. 
p iL rakh) Conjecture. 
P te>-\j rakhnaft, A rupture, notch. 
p \j rad, Liberal, magnificent. A 

Avail. A granary. 
A i\j ntndj A girl. 
A ^S\jrudi^ Prohibiting, impeding. 

A perfumed garment. 
A u_J J\j radif, Succeeding. 

riidin, Saffron. 

, Giving milk (a camel). 

r', A secret, a mystery. 

razthy Decaying. 

\j razdash, A confidant. 

razW, Bestowing food. 

, Weak. White linen. Wine. 

Mj Fennel. Cummin. 
' Jarn * Grain. 

r/an, A heap of corn, &c. 

, raa.?, The head, a chief. 

ras, A weasel. 

, (A sheep) black headed. 

!, Tame and fat (animal). 
-\j rust, Right, true. Straight. 
p IxJ , rusluy Praise. 
p ^\z~i\j raslan> The right, Sec. 
p j&z-J'j rayl/iiirj Just, pious. 
p &X-.-U rastah) Right-handed. 
p ^j^j rasli, Justice, Truth. 
A ^\j rasikhy Firm, constant. 

Learned. A bell-weather. 
p u^^sL** ! li raskhat, Antimony. 
A +Jij rasim, Sealing, writing. 
p ,-^j rasan, Elecampane. 
p j~>\j rasu, The weazel. 
A +f*\j rasum, A wooden seal. 
?ft I'Umoveable. 

rash, Thin. Infirm. 
A JL}j rashid, Faithful, pious. 
A (j\j rushiky An archer. Piercing. 
A ,j2>\j rashin, An uninvited guest. 


P <LiU, Trembling. 
A &*\j rasid, An observer. 
A -.vJ^ rciiib, Rain, a shower. 
A *e\j r:ig_, Sucking, milking. 
A &x*ff\j ruziiat, A milk tooth. 
A a\ razi, Content, satisfied. 


A ^_^L\. rtitib) Humid, 

A J?l; r/X/, Belonging to. 

A ^f^-\) raUb, Filling the channel 

(a river J. 

A tjJ*]j rattbij A pigeon. 
A tXsU ratfd, Thundering. 
A <L~c^, Sprightly (she-camel). 
A <*Ji.\j rat;/, (A horse) gaining a 

race. A promontory. 
A (^-\) raij, A shepherd, protector. 
r !, ragh, A declivity. A villa 
A \^^\j raghib, Willing, wisliing. 
A *c\J +i\j t Unwillingly. 
A ^c\j raghi, Braying. 
A 4_Jt^ raaf, Compassion. uJ^j, 


p i_ 9\j riif, A book-case. 
A j t \j raafal, Pity, favour. 
A ^ r/7A, Living happily. 
A 6J\j rafid, An assistant. 
A ji\j rafi:., A pulse, an artery. 
A fja^j rajii, Refusing. 
A jLoi\j rufiial, Heresy. 
A ^j\j ra/ity Elevating. Repelling. 
A J\j rqfigh, Comfortuble. 
A &\j rafinal) Walking airily. 
A &\j rcifih, Tranquillity. 
ijt\j rufah, A sin. An herb. 
A c. J^i ra/'i'6, An observer. A rival. 
A \*^i\j rakat, Clemency. 
A Js\jral;iz, A vein, artery. 
A ^ai\j r{, Leaping, dancing. 

A *j^, ra/'tm, Writing, a writer. 
A Jv^b m/-u/, A climbing rope. 
A ,y^ ra/'i, An enchanter. 
A i-^j ro/fi'6, A rider. 
A S\j rakid, Quiet, fixed. 
* ^^ j r "/?M, A conducto*r. 
A (^^ ra/fi, Galloping (horse). 
A _ r/i Bowing the head. 

* J*i> rfla ^> A young ostrich. Pitch/ 

A + s \j raam, Loving, &c. 

p *\j rain, Obedient, tame. Indui- 

trious, ingenious. 
A g*\j raniij, A snare for birds. 
A *\ r ami Ii, Armed. 


ramishy Cheerfulness. Flow. 

ing. Counsel, opinion. 
P j^L,<\j ranrishgar, Music. 
A ^c\j rainit, Nodding the head. 
A (j^j ramifi, Who looks slightly, 

glances at. A bird, upon which the 

fowler fixes his eye. 
PA t^jC*^ riimult) An electuary. 
A i^*^j raw us, A sepulchre. 
A ^^ runri, An archer. A scoffer. 
! ^j\j run, The thigh. Driving. 
P \J\j rana, Expelling. 
P &*J\} randan, To drive, banish. 
A &6\j ranifaf, The lower part. 
P tii\j ranah, A herb like garhke. 
P ^j rani, Driving. 
P yy\t runin, Breeches, hose. 
p ifjbjU raxbudah, Assafcetida. 
p t^U raizad, A verdant place. 
p ^j raztal; The best. A strainer. 
p OJj^ i razcand, Rhubarb. 
A ^j\j roari, An historian. Assuag. 

ing thirst. Well. 
A dj J , rawiyal, A water-carrier. 
P *\j rah, A road, path. 
A u-^fcj ruhib, A monk. A lion. 
P fj^-lt^j , A guard of the road. 
v j! Jufc^, Occupying the road. 
p ^.xfc^ rah dun, A road-guidc. 
p *Jn\j raf trots ^ A traveller. 
p ujJ>^ rak'ian, A robber. 
p s\*Ljb\ A great traveller. 
P yjXft^i rahguzar, A passage. 
p <uLfc^j , A road-book, map. 

* jV*!/ 1 ra\\vsar, Going q-i'ck. 

F ^\j rahiijak, The thigh. 

A iy^j r ^V') Tranquil. Durable. 

Journey, march. 
A i_c^, rany, Opinion, co-in^el. 

Knowing. Seeing. R<iy, A Rajuh. 
A I-*.;, j raai/b, Doubting. 
A ci^-'^ ran;?//, A standard, flag. 
A * \j rayj, linage, current. 
A / \iraMthj Smelling strong. 
A <i^r 1 >. rtii/ihfti) Odour. Stink. 
A *X'^i rayidi A forager. 
v ^Uj ^jj The oificer in charge of 

the crown hinds. 
A i, ^ i riiy's, The huntsman. 
A ^aj i, rayi'i t Horse breaker. 
A _.'^, r;/ic, Redundant, increasing. 

Agreeably. Swift (horse). 
A i-J ' . raijighi Stealing away. 
A i^v\jrayif } Merciful. 
A (Jj\j raijitt, Beautiful. 

p 0,'W.l; r iiyS<in, Gratuitous. 
A v^i rayinty Fond of her colt (a 

A t-^, rabbj God, A lord, a master. 
A 'c-^i, Perhaps, now and then. 

A <^jj rubb, Inspissated juice. 

A u , raba, An observer. Carrying 

off. S'ow. Excess. Much wealth. 
t \jjruba, Robbing, stealing. 
A *^-> t t'j rabaal, A water. vessel. 
A f-r^Vj Tabab) A treaty. Rabbub, 

A mirror, cloud. 

A Lbj ribabat, A treaty. A quiver. 
A &-{), rubiijat, Dulness. 
A ^f^j rubufii Stiff, dry soil. 
A A^^j> Stupid (woman). 


A ^'j . rabbuzj A lion. 

A l=\jj n'6u/, A firm structrue, an 

inn. A troop of horse. A net. 

A rope. 

A il.j rabat, Mode, situation. 
,A (VVj ra ' ; t, An .inimal that has 

shed his sucking tooth. 
A &Jdj rabuht. Corpulence. 

A ^j rubban, Novelty. 

,bj rabbanl) Divine, godly. 

iXJu^i, To cause to rob. 

Ji ri&ah) A fox. 

X^b . rubayandahj Rapacious. 

.^Oj, Plenty of good water. 
A AJ i ribaty Many, a myriad. 
A t*L~)jrabs, Hindering. 
A , j rabj, Small and light money. 
A -=^, rabah. Gain. Fat. A kid. 
A J^<i ribhal, Well-shaped. 
A ^f^j ribhl, An usurer. 
A \Jjj rabda, (A she-goat) spotted. 
A 3o i rabai., Dexterous, nimble. 
A ufA-^ raba'zi, A scourge. 
A y^raWz, Firm, full of flesh. 
A Jj-Jj rab'iah) Night-shade. 
A , . , rabs. Misfortune. 

U^ '^ ' 

A ^/aJ j r/ifo , Expecting. 

A i^oii rab'~, Quiet. A female rela- 
tion. Rabaz, A country. A sheep- 
cote. A widow. A crowd. Wealth. 

A <JLi i> ribzatj A slaughter-house* 
A carcase. An indolent man. A 
crowd Wounded. 

A iaJi fflfy! Binding. 

A j-Jj roAt, The spring. A house. 
Middle-sized. A bier. Waiting. 
Straying. Graisy. 


A j> rubz, A fourth. An 8th of 

a yard. 

A *> , Square-bodied. A casket. 
A jjOj ribtj, Vernal. 

A &-*{; ra btjy a t) Winter food. 

A ^j ribagh, Enjoyment. Rabigh, 

Petulant. Ribgh, A draught. 
A (lij rabJt, Haltering. A noose. 
A &bj ribial, A halter, a noose. 
A cLJo; rabli;, Weak, idle. Mixing. 
A J : ^i, An evergreen. After-grass- 
A ^Jj t rablat, The fleshy part of the 

thigh, or breasts. 

A +J,rabam, Thick herbage, 
i '* 

A LJ , rabbana, O our Lord ! 

A *.) rabzc, Encreased. Rising, in- 
quiring. A hill. 

A (*}l}) ribazcan, See Is . 

A <Lj*J ( , Dominion. A deity. 

A &jj ri fatal, A hill, a heap. 

A tVi rubud, Remaining in a place. 
Containing, hindering. 

r l^tJjjj rubudan, To rob, ravish. 

A (j~j rubus, A glutton. 

p C^X; rubun. Earnest, Profit. 

A i^/oVt rabui, Large, thick. Wide. 

A ^ j rabl, A speculator, a spectator. 

Ribb'i, A myriad. 
A C-^-J 1 rabib) A step-son. 
A <Ljj ruby at, Usury. An insect. 

A ^ij rabtsat, An impediment. 

A iyj rabtkh, Large and flabby (man). 

i\.,jj rabid, A confection. 

A ^--Jj rafe, Fleshy. Brave, Mis- 
fortune. Wealth. 

A io-jj rafti/j Bound. Firm. De- 
vout. A monk, philosopher. 
frifc. The spring. 

p *-Jj , A stone lifted as a trial of 
strength. An iron helmet. 

A i^^Jtrab}':, A kind of soup. 

A JuJ, , A plump fine woman. 

A <xi-.' t rabilftl, Plumpness, softness. 

p c ^ r/, Empty. Naked. 

A C^ ^//j A prince ? a governor. 

Stammering. A hog. 
A \jj ra/rt, Stammering (woman). 

A ^.Ui raluj. See ^ i. 
t, > r-^ 

A u&j ralaan, A smile. 

A **-~^j ''f'fb, The distance of the 
middle from the little lingers. Af- 
fliction, indigence. Life. 

A JLjjrulbal, Dignity, office. 

A tij rail at, Stammering. 
A *~ j ralaj, A gate with a wicket. 
A bar. Creeping. Stammering. 
A if --' rfl /^? -^ scarification. 
A isi', ratakhal, Thin clay. 

\ 4^' 

A ^j rutshalakh, Cupping. 

A J, ref/it, v Free rich pasture. 

A ^^, ra//-, Shutting, mending. 

A &j ratal;,, Going a short step. 

A Jj^ ra//, A discourse clearly pro- 
nounced. Regular (teeth). Dis- 

A *jj ralm, Breaking (the nose, &x.) 
Ralam, Furze, broom. Modest. 

A J, rc/JT, Making haste. Loosing. 

A (-jjjralub, Finn, solid. Rising. 

A tfj ralrcat, One step. An emi. 
nence. Vicissitude. A mile. 

A ^fj rulut, Pasturing freely (cattle) . 
Walking, recreation. 

A jj, rutU.1, Glory, nobility. 

A lyj, A venomous spider. 

tim, Broken (nose,8cc.) ' 

A t^ row, Worn, torn. 

A \jj rasa, Confounding. Praising 

the dead ; condoling. Pained. 

A Sljj, Slip-shouldered (camel). 

A C^>\jj , A female mourner. 
A ^Jj risan, Rain upon rain. 
A &j risat, Heritage. Rissal, Worn 

furniture. The vulgar. 
A Sij rasd, Arranging goods. 
A ^jj rasat, Avidity. Malice. 
A +jjrasam, Bruising (the nose). 
A Ujj rasma, White-nosed (horse). 
A <JjJi rasusaf, Raggedness. 
A LJ^ rusut, Fixed (to a seat). 
A ^j>j rosy, Weeping, praising. 
A &J; rasyat, The gout. Folly. 
A ci-H-Jj rasis, Wrn. Expiring. 
A <Xji rasld, Piled up, 
A *-j( raslm, Bruised (nose). 

A ~j rajj, Moving, trembling. 
A U-^ raja, A side. Hope. Prayer. 
A iU 1 ^ rajat, Hoping. Fearing. 
A te-\^-j rujahat, A swing. 

A jl>y rajyad, A barn-maR. 

A Xj&-j rrjazat, A make-weight. 

A (j~\-j rajjas, Thundering. 

A $\>-j rijatj, Repeating, returning. 

A 4_jl=>^| rajjaf, The day of judgment. 
The sea. 

A Jl^> rijdl, Infantry, an army. 

A ,U-^ rijam, A large stone. 

A ^^-j rajab, Worshipping, re- 
covering. The seventh Mahom- 
inetan month. 

A <U>-j rujbal, The prop of a tree. 
A noose. 

, A propped palm-trte. 

A ^r-j rajah, Excelling. 

A A^j rajd, Trembling, terrified. 

A ^jj rajraj, Moveable, trembling. 

A ij~>-j ra jus, Thundering loudly. 
Rujs 9 Uncleanness. Punishment. 
Rage. Doubt. 

A _=^, rajt., Returning. Repeating. 
Reducing. Answering. Chang- 
ing. Ambling. A pace. A ditch, 

A ^jUs^, rujtan, Bringing back. 

A &*>-j rajtal, A return. An answer. 

A it _f^-j rujta', Return. 

A u_ 8=^ rajaf, Tremor, emotion. 

A JJ^T*-) rajaf an, Trembling (the 
earth) . 

A &&>-j rajfat, An earthquake. 

A Jf^j Amtn; a bold man. Rajl, 

Sleep ; white paper ; calamity ; an 

army. Rajal, On foot ; remaining. 
A 1=^, rajla, (A mare) blazed, or 

white footed. Stony (ground). 
A (jb-j rajlan, Infantry. Two feet. 
A &>-j rajlat. Firmness of walk. 
A +~j rqjm, Stoning. Repulse, re- 

proach. Opinion. A friend. 

Rijm, A stone. A tomb. A pit. 
A *U>^j rujmat, A grave. A mark. 
A f^-j rajtoa, Hope. Fear. 
A <rf^-j rujuh, Excellence. 
A {j^f^-j rajus, Thundering. 
A fj^-j rujut, Return. Success. 
A i_^cjf^, An answer to a letter. 
A u_ >j>-j rujuf, Tremor, emotion. 
A s>-j, Virility. Mankind. 
A f?j rujum, Falling stars. Stoning, 
f te>-j rajah, A series, ves(Tge. 
A &s>-j rajah, Hoariness. Tottering. 

A <iL=>-i rujiyal-t Hoped for. 
rajtf, Emdtioa. 
7Y//J/, Infantry. Stout in 

alking. Extempore (speech). 

A &^~j rujaylaari) One after another. 

By degrees. 

A X^^-j rajinat) Resin, gum. 
f J^>^ richal, A confection. 
P u-^y rachat; Eructation. 
A \s*-j ro/ta, Flat-footed. 
A yfiU--;, Sweating in fever. 
A JjU-^ ruhak, Pure wine. 


A jUy rahhal, Travelling much. 
A \-jrihalat, A leather saddle. 
A C--O-M roA&, Large (place). Ra/iib, 

A glutton. 
A &>-j rahat, A coiled serpent. 

A fj>-j raharrah, Broad. Ease. 

A i^s^-j rahz, Washing. 

A Jrs^ rA/, Loading, mounting 

a camel, travelling. A mansion, 

resting-place. Baggage. 
A "kst-jrahla, (A sheep, Sec.) pied. 
A. *s*-j rahiai, The womb. Pity. 
A jjUs^, God, the merciful. 
A &*s*-j rahrnat, A mill-stone, a mill. 

The <allous part of a camel. The 

hoof of a camel or elephant. 
A (^4*rv j rahii) Washed, 
A 4_*-*^j ra/itt', The best wine. 
A J.*>y rfl/t?/, A journey. 
A f+s^-j raliim. See ^Uo-j . 
' ij rai/j, A groan. A disease. 

A ^j rakhkh, Loose, flabby. 
A U, rakha. Loose. Affluence. 
A .U,, An easy life. 
A H*\jrakhasat, Low-price (foot). 
Remiss, relaxed. 

A *\s~j rikliam, A large stone, Ru- 

kkam, Marble, alabaster. 
A <LUy , Gentle (speech). Softly 


f t^+>-jrakhb~in, Oxygal. Whey. 
P LS-^ rakht, A bridle of gold or 

silTer. Rich furniture, tapestry, 

howsings, harness. 
AP <U?y ra'chiah, Sick, wounded. 
f ^j rakfy, Sordid. Angry. 
p j'i-; rokhsar, The cheek. 
p SjL^~j , The air, face. 
p JL^-j rakhsh, Lightning. A ray. 


p lisL, rakhsha, Shining. 
p .xi^ rakhishgar, A hired female 

singer accompanitd by instruments. 
P (jiXJLo^,, To shine, to flash. 
A ( t /ss-j rakhs) Soft, tender. Low 

A <W>^ rukhwl, Indulgence, conni- 

vance. Leave ; dismission. 
F <ulu2s^, A present. 
A ^J^rakhaf, Soft thin (mass). 
A (J>y rikhal, A ewe-lamb. 
A *>y, Pitying, loving. Soft. 
p <\ii>. rukhnah) A fracture, a notch. 
A y^ rakhaa, Soft, relaxed. 
A Cl^>M, Good effects. 
A ^.j , Small.boned, and fat. 
A J\Ji ^ji^,, Liberal-minded. 
A '<* j "rakhikh, Soft clay. 
A ^us>-j rakhts, A soft garment. 
A a-J^, A soft loose masi. 
rakfum, Pitying. 

A &j radd, Repulsion.' Restitution. 
Bad. ltaW,-A prop. 

A 6j radd) Great, skilful, learned. 
A Jj, ridaa, Assistance. Matter. A 

load. Rida, A cloak. A sheet, 
sword. Intelligence. Honour. 
Disgrace. Debt. 
'i\^j radat, A rock. 
^Aj, Large-hipped. A meb. 
&s*-\j, The den of a hyena. 
J\jj radad, A repulse, loathing. 
u~\j radfis, A chief, leader. 
&J n ^b Mud. Ruda~j An in- 
disposition, a relapse. 
&z\jj, A small enclosure. 
J\^j ridaft Riding behind. 
/^ ruddm, Breaking wind. 

< ->Jj, An impervious road. 
&Jj raddat. Deformity. Riddat, 

Aversion. Apostacy. Echo. 
^>j radh, Slight pain. 
&s>~jj'rudhat t The cur- 
tain. Amplitude, liberty. 
(j~j rods, Hitting, breaking. 
jj roJi'c, Prohibition. Tinging. 
<icj. radifft, Mud. 
fc]*i> ridugh, Muddy. 
c-?Ji ridf, Any person placed 
behind another. 

*j radm, Shutting, closing up. 
A wall or barrier, 
(jjj , Arranging goods. Wrink. 
led (skin). The clash of arms. 
Xtli radahy A. line, rule, row. 
dJbj^ radhat, A rocky hill. 
4_fJi ra dyi Striking the ground, 
trotting, hopping. 

->^ riddidu', Restitution, 
> Losing the head (from a spear) . 
, A torn or mended habit. 
j rurlnyni, A straight spear. 
j ri'vac, Small rain, dew. / 
>j razayal, Emaciated. 

A J jj razl, Mean, worthless. 

A *j razm, Overflowing. 

A /*jJ^ razum, Flowing, fluid. 

A ^jj ra:J, Extenuated. 

A Js\jjj razilat, A worthless thisg. 

p jj raz, A vineyard, battle, castle. 

Ajj ra'i', The noise of rain. A 

staple, loop. Smoothing. 
A t jj ruza, Receiving a favour. 
A ^\jj ra'iah^ Emaciated. 
A j\jj raiai) (for .pl^i), Lead. 

j\jj rai'iaZ, A seller of rice. 

A ^jj rdz'ia^ The provider of the 

necessaries of life (God). 
A *\jj riianty A severe man. 

razan, Modest in company 

(woman). A dier, stainer. 
A AJijj ra'ianal, Modesty, dignity. 

Sedate. Heavy. Strength. 
r j)jj ralbar, A pruniug-hook. 
A sjj t raulah, Remaining hidden. 
A -. jj re'y, The ferule of a spear. 
AP ,JJjj razdal, Order, series. 
A ^Jj, Sticking in the mud. 
A &.jj razaghatf Clay, mud. 
A (__ jjj razz/", Getting before. 
p (j^jj ri'ifin, A door bar. A key. 
A jjj raz/-, Giving what is needful. 

Wealth. A pension, present. Pain. 
p AJ rdzm, War, a battle. 
A |Jj, Standing firm (the lion). 
A ^ojj) A bundle of clothes. 
A yjj razn, Balancing. Higli 

ground. A pond. 
F ^j\j t The keeper of a vineyard. 
A +tjj ra'zum, Unable to rise. Re- 

ceiving. Dying. 
p sjj razaJiy A ring or staple. 
p (jJyJj rd : .]dan y To die, tinge, 


A > jj rduyat, Affliction. 

A V j M A dying herb. Firm. 

p &\~ij rasanah, Grief, regret. 

A t Jj rosijf, Going fast. 

A Jjjj razz/, Concealed, ambush. 

A *Jj ) The roaring of a lion. 

A ,.^Jj Modest. Heavy. Firm. 

p Jj raj, Rage, chiding. 

* Jjj ru ]d, Voracious. ' 

p ^n ra j (t fy) A rope, lace. A mason's 

rule. An opinion, 
p (j-ynw, Arriving. Mature. 

A u~j ross, Digging. Burying. 
Expending. Acquiring. Expecting. 

A Uprose, Much, many. Arriving, 

A joj^>^) rasafun^ Wine. 

A %\~*j risagh, A foot rope. 

A Jlrf; risal. A camel's foot. 

A <QLjj risalal) A mission. A pro- 
phet. Propheiy. A letter. Ra- 
salah, A body of cavalry. A rule. 

A ,Jb( rasalcf, A troop. 

A /Ls; rassam, A designer, 
p (jl~:i rasan, Bringing, arriving. 
p ^JoLy, To cause to bring, &c. 
A -A-=; rasuyit., Harness. 
A Jgltf; rasayl, Writing. Dispatches, . 
A j\~ijrasayuh) Wise. 
p iJ,^ rasayi, Propriety. 
A u-^-j; ro5#, Subsiding. Penetrat- 
ing (a sword). Sunk (the eye). 

A <L^ rosso/, A hat, bonnet. 

* d* 5; ros/, A series. Secure. 

AP LJ^*"*:; r ";?/^j A village, a market 

town, an encampment. A chief, a 

tithing man. 

p ij-V-'k-^n To cause to grow, 
p (^Is-st, A village. See j^,. 

P ^cs^;, The day of resurrection. 

p jlxij,i, Safe, free. Escape. 

p ^yuoi raslan, To escape. Ristattj 

To spin. Ruslan, To grow, 
p ^ju,^ ri/5/z, Daily bread. Bravery. 
A *j, Thin in the hips or thighs. 
A J^ rasad, Grain. 
A _-_-M 7'afflt., A disease in the eye. 

L -^ ' 

A j-~y rusugh, The wrist, footlock. 

A u^a-s^, Jumping foot-bound. 

A J-), A gentle pace. Ease. Milk. 

A *~:j rasw, A law, rule, model, de- 
sign, trace. Custom. 

A ij^ij rasan, A halter. 

p y~ij rosan, A rope, a cord. 

A y>j rasw, Firm. Reconciling, 

p \y*ij raswa, Disgraced. 

A <-_>^ rusub, Dreg, sediment. 

A *j*o,, A bracelet of beads, &x. 

A <^j rusiikh) Firm, constant. 

A J*o^ rasudj Accession. 

A J^o, rasul, An ambassador, apos- 
tle, prophet, legate. A courier. 
A letter, news. 

A *ytj , Travelling day and night. 

Customs. Taxes, fees. 
A ^ij rasi, Constant, immoveable. 

The middle tent pole. 

p ^jU-;;, The best sort of dates. 

p <X**.ji rasid, A youth, receipt. 

p ^.U^ raiidagi) Puberty. 

p ^Jk-^jTo arrive, attain,spin,twist. 

p sJu^ rasidah, Arrived. Mature. 

A u ^^)j rasts, Fixed. The begin- 
ning. Solid. Rumour. 

A i-*-^ rough, Plentiful. 

A J-*-:; rasil, The person standing, 
sent, or sent to. 

A *+**) raftm, Marking the ground. 


9 j^A+Hij rast man, A rope. 

T (JZij rash, Unequal ground. A cu- 
bit. The 18th day of the Persian 

A iJ*j rashsh, Raining gently. 

A tli^ rashaa, A young deer. Risha, 

A rope, tail, stalk. 
r A jlij rashiid, The right way. 
A *f$J*t rashadal. Greatness. 
A (J^J*j rashash, A sprinkling. 
A ^jjli^ rashakat, Elegant in shape. 
p <X-ijt rushbad, Callous. 
p L^-wii rasht, Friable, crumbling. 

Stiff. A nit. Ruinous, 
p L-&>j m/i/o/-, A small rope. 

Disgrace. A disease, 
p c/-ij rashlan, To spin, twist, un- 

bark, plunder, tinge, 
p 4--^ rishlah, A thread, line, series, 
a file. Tape worm. 

rashti, Dirt, rubbish. 
rashh, Sweating. Flowing. 

, Dropping. Moisture, 
, Rectitude, the right way. 

Dry and soft bread. 
-ij rashf, Sipping, sucking. 
> , , Making an arrow fly rapidly. 
, Envy. Zeal, ardour. 
, Having a large beard. 
rashgar, Vitriol. 
rashtan, Jealous. 
, A nit. Vice, disgrace. 
j rashtm. Jealous. 
A t*Lj rashm, Writing. See *~*j . 
p j^ij > A worm that eats wood. 
A ^j rashn, Coming uninvited. 
A y2>j rashly Bribing (a judge). 
A ^\<j, Sporting and feeding (flocks). 
A 'iJ*j nuhieat, Bribery. A bribe. 

uJj^> i Cropping (a camel, &c.). 
\^y*j rushun, See ^Zj . 
^Jt>jrashih, Sweat; leaking. 
&~*j rashld. An attribute of God ; 
a guide; sagacious. 
(j~*j rashtfi, Of elegant stature. 

Quick. A rapid bow-shot. 

^pj rass, Cementing, joining. 


4\*>j russad, A patrole. 
^/b>j rasas ) Tin, lead. 

JLthtaj , A miser. Hard ground. 
Qoj rasagh, A tether. 
&L^ rasafat, A raw nerve. 
<jltfj rasanal A fortification. 
^jrasah, Closeness of hips. 
tX^ rasad, Observation. 
Si^aj rasdat, One fall of rain. 
Rusdat, A pit to catch a lion. 
^>j rast, Striking with the hand. 
Bruising. Penetrating (an arrow). 
t^Lsj rusf, Joining. Agreeing. 
*&j rasum, A narrow pags. 
^j rosily Performing. Overcom- 
ing ; acquiring. Reproaching. 
&*oj rasud, Waiting^ 
Jw^ rusid, Observing. 
U*+*oj rasiS) Veiled, the eyes only 

i_a~.j rastf, Solid (business); firm 
(answer). A rival. 
tjufj raim t Firm. Sick. Kind. 

^j razz, Striking, breaking. 
U, nta, Acquiescence. Wish, 
will. A sufficiency. Proper. 
tfN ru'zdby Saliva. 
U; razariz, Wandering. 
U^, ruzaz, A fragment. 
; rfzatt Sucking the mother. 


<&U; ruzaof. t Sucking, 
tiu^U*; > Consenting, v. t^ 
^j razh, Breaking(date stones). 
& rdiakh, Bruising a serpent's 
head. Fighting with stones. 
Giving a small present. 
tj^j'tj rairaz, Gravel. Small rain. 
j rctirazz, A rock fish. 
razt. Sucking. Asking. 

>*e>j ruzf, Burning, roasting, or 
boiling with a hot stone. A hot 
stone. The knee-pan. 
+*>j raini. Going slow. Ploughing. 
Striking. Paving. 
y\A*0j ra'imun, Slow-paced. 
Lt*?j ra'zmat, A large stone. 
ejrdiW) Conquering (by pleasing). 
^yt>j ruzzzan, Complacency. A 
blessing. Paradise. 
tey#j razuifit, Giving suck. 
^>j ru'zy, God reward him. 
iej razih, Bruised with a stone. 
\jo~aj razizy Bruised. 

~cj raz'it, Sucking. An infant. 

iu*ffj razif. See LJ^ , 
*^oj razim, Firmly built. 
<U^, raiiyafi, Good, worthy. 
\}ffj rala, Madness, folly. 
(tbj rutam t Keeping in fetters. 
f&U^ rational, Speaking any lan- 
guage, not Arabic. 

ro/5, Fresh, tender. 
ratas, A slop. 

j rally A pound of 12 ounces. 
A cup of wine. Ritl, Light (horse) . 
jja, raim. Embroiling. Dunging. 
Jiibj rutmat, Perplexity, 
roftp, Foolish. 

rutub. Humid, fresh. 

&jbj rufubal, Moisture. Freshness. 
(jj&j ratun } Lean camels. 
c vjL; rafib) Moist, humid. 
\^sj ru/ayna, Unintelligible talk. 

t-jU; ratt6, Full, a river. 

jUj ratliad, Thundering. A chat- 
terer. Ri^tJad) The torpeda. 
9lj ra^atj, Timid young men. 
<_JU^ rutaf, A hemorrhage. 
tJU^ rutjafa', A liberal man. 

Jlc; ri^al, Piercing rapidly (a 
ipear) snot. Palm-tree, <lc, , 
Madness, folly, 

j*ui ratflm^ Sharpness of sight. 
Rutum, Lean (sheep). Looking. 
Wiping the nose. 
rfiUle^ rusjimat, A tree. ^yAj-j 
The lobe of the liver. 
^Ic; , Camels feeding near home, 
it lci ratjiwtyati A royal herd. 
*jlci rt^ayat, Respect. Affability, 
U r ^ ) ra^6, Fear. Filling (a lake). 
An amulet. 

(J-uCj ritbalj Foolish, silly. 
<0uri ra^bulalj Foul (wind). 
Lft^Zj rutbub, Languid, timid. 
^ija.^2, , A slice of a camel's bunch. 
c^^w^c^ , A mild woman. 
C^, ra*/is, Wool. A tassel. 
lii ra&a, An oblong grape. 
<i-Ci , An ear-ring. The crown. 
&.j ratd, Thundering. Dressing 
(a woman). Threatening. 
Jk-'kXct ratdid, A delicate woman. 
Trembling, timid. Cruel. 
c j., ratfftt., An amiable youth. 
Mean. A^ long reed. 
&~j.j ratratat, (God) causing to 
grow. Shining (water). 


A U~j rate, Trembling. Tired. 

A tj^s-j, Trembling. Tremor. 

A lls^ , Going quick (an ostrich). 

A ( j2~zj ratfhan, Tremulous. 

A ' ijr-t.- 1 ra&liish, Timorous. Rush- 
ing to kill. Deserving well. 

A loci ruiZ, The top of an arrow, 
where they fix the point. 

A ujb; ra^f, A hemorrhage. -^ 

A (Jj: ru\J, A slit ear. A young 
man. A promontory. 

A *Ls> rafc/ajf, A body from 20 to 25 ; 
Domestics. Many. A young ani- 
mal. The female ostrich. 

A *j*.jruljnuin, A delicate woman. 

A ^j ratn, Enervating (the sun). 
Head-ach. Fainting. 

A Uc,rat#o, Beautiful, lovely. Con- 
ceited, sHly, Idle, languid. 

A </*+j Shaking the head, with age. 

A jZj , Lean. Having a rheum. 

A (j^-j ra^un, Moving. Strong. 

A ^fj ra%_y, Pasturing. 

A u-^~i ra&b, Fearing. Fat. A 
full camel's bunch. 

r OLzj rit,yxt, Stony ground. What 
is eaten. 

A <iLc^ ratfyat, A subject. Renter. 

A herd of camels. Pasture. 
A ij-fZj Satis, Waggling (a camel). 
A li-^j rulji, An arrow. 
A t^~-j , Grumbling (the belly). 
A J-jt^ , A sojall body of horse, 
f 9 . rugh, Eructation. 
A \Lj rugha, Crying ; roaring. 
A C_>U^ raghab, Soft ground. 
A C^lc , Ground watered by rain. 
A jU^ raghum, Soft soil, sand. 
A ^UU; rughdmat t Wished for. 

A ^U; j The wind-pipe. The nose. 
A SjU; , Froth. P s^j , An ox's 

navel. The pupil of the eye. 
A c_ ^vii raghab, Wanting, wishing. 
A <&Ui; titghbaAat, Lower part of 

the shoe-strap. 

A t~r>}?2-j raghbub, A covetous (man). 
A ui^ raghs, Sucking (the dam). 
A Juij raghad, Affluence. 
A &s-jj raghraghat, Ease of life. 
A yJij raghs, Affluence^ increase. 
A iAzj raghf, A wafer. 
A i^s-j rag/il, Sucking (the mother). 

Grain formed in the ear. 
A \.jrag1ila, Slit-ear'd, Sec. See Jj^. 
A ^lit , Suckinj. False suspicion. 
A +zj raghm. Shame, reproach. 

Aversion. Subjected. Contempt. 


A \*cj , (A sheep) nose-marked. 
A ^i) raghn, Favourable; Having 

plenty. Wishing. Perhaps. 
A &.j raghnat, Level soft ground, 
p Jcu. raghand, Vociferation. 
p (j^-j raghnm, Breeches. 

A *.j , (A camel) braying much. 

A &JS.J rughrcat, Froth of milk. 

A ^fj raghus, Giving suck. Seven 

days old. 

A J^i; raghul, Seizing, eating. 
A t_^*i; raghib, Desired, esteemed. 
A &*c.jragh1d, Living freely. 
A i' Juc, , Fresh butter. A poultice. 
A tgjrj raghif, A thin cake, wafer, 
r <_J; raf, A book-press ; tablets. 

A <J>j raff, A glutton. Lascivious. 
Defending. Honouring, An arch, 
A flock, a herd, hovel. Ruff, Straw. 

A \j>j rafu, Mending. Quieting. 


A U; rqffa, A fine-drawer. 

A C^lJ, rufat, Any thing broken. 

A \3j rafad, A bandage. A cushion. 

A symbol. 
A ^/-^ ?!/} A foot rope. 

) Turning corn. 
ruffai) Contrary ways. 

, Pasturing scattered camels, 
A fUj rafa^j Housing corn. 
A te\j rafatat, Elevation of voice. 

Attitude. Noble, of high price. 
A ic\ij rafaghat, Affluence. 
A uJU; rqfafy Saffron; Cyprus. 
A ^ijrafa^ Benignity. Society. 
A XJty, , Delightfulness of life. 
A s\jj rafak, Repose, affluence. 
A <^-*ij ra f{i Breaking, pounding. 
T i^^ij raft, He went. Going. 
p jU^ raflar, Walking, going. 

p i^-Jj raflan, To walk, go, proceed, 
depart, travel. 


p y&j ruflan, To sweep. 

A d-^ii rafs , Obscene. 

A \j. , Giving, aiding. A goblet. 

A 43]^ rafraf, An ostrich. 

A ujJrJ; rafraf. An arch, green plot. 

A bed, a pillow. A window, a 


A jij , Striking. Beating (pulse) . 
A ^J; rafs, A foot rope. 
A ^LJ^ , Kicking on the breast. 
A JLJj rafsh, Luxuriously. An awl. 
A &*iij rufsat, In order. A proper 


A ^j ra/z, Leaving. Dispersed . 
A f-ij raft, Elevation. Deposing. 

Housing the harvest. Repelling. 

Divulging. Bringing near. 

A AXJJ raftat, Eminence. 

A jJj rafgh, Affluence. Sterility. 

A tract of country. Perspiration. 
A J^j rafak, Courtesy. Aid. 
A <uij rtftat, A company. 
A <jjj rq/l, Ignorant. Foolish. 

A JJ^ rafall, Long-tailed. Fleshy. 
AP jij rafu, Sewing close, counter. 

point. Fine-drawing. 
A -,j rqfuj, The root of a palm. 

A Jjij rafud, (A camel) filling a dish 
(IjJ^) at a milking. 

A (jo*?j rufuz, Broad, open (valley). 

p y*Jj rafagar, A fine-drawer. 

A ^j'sj rafun, Saffron. 

A <G^ rtfh) Living easily. 

A \ja+ij rafis, An associate. 

A ^^ij rafiz, Rejected. Sweat. 

A ^3j rctftt., Sublime, exalted. 

A uJJ-i; rafif, Eating much. Shin, 
ing, juicy. Herbage. Dispersed. 
The roof. Plenty. A lily. A win- 

A (J~ij , A friend. Partner. Skilful. 

A &J)j ritfihi Living agreeably. 

* (Jj r ^i Parchment, paper, a book. 
A, tortoise. RiM, Servitude. Soft 
level ground. Thin. Affectionate. 

A ^3j rabaa, Drying up (tears). 

A C-j'J; , Guarding. Fearing (God). 

A s-tjj ralahat, Gain, profit. 

A (js^*; A merchant ; trading. 

A jts^ rukad. Sleep. 

A fj^ij raMaS) A dancer, a jumper* 
A OJGj rakkasat, Barren ground. 
A <^3j ri/tat, Black and white. 
A <Jul raka'^fltj Doting. 

* OJ ra Wi Hot Rukittt Thin. A 
ate, fritter. Going slow (a camel). 
A ^[ij rilian, Saffron. Blight. 
A t_ ~*Sj raliab, Thickness of neck. 
A (*3j rulba, Contemplating. 
A t^UJt, Thick -necked. A lion. 
A Ljj rikbai) A pit for catching leo- 
pards. The neck. A slave. 

A ZsjriMat, Affectionate. Pity. Mo. 
dest. Thin. Fertile land. 

A Jo 


, Going to bed. 

A ^&ij rukaduji) Exulting. 

A i &ij rahlat, One asleep. 

A jj^rctfrtf^, The shining surface 

of water, or of a bright sword. 
A iji~ij rali'sh) Painting figures. 
A ll^ , A spotted female serpent. 
A ^iij rah, A dance. Dancing. 

Fermenting (as wine). 

rabsidan, To dance. 

A laJs, , Marking black with white. 
A _^, ralrfL, Patching. Piercing. 

Hitting, Gibing. Making haste. 

Insane. The seventh heaven. A 


A \jtj>j r/'a, Insane. A tumult. 
A 4jtjj ru/'fl(, A letter, a note. A 

piece of cloth. A chess board. 
A {J^ro^o/-, Soft, plain ground above 

a harder stratum. A desert. Thin. 

ness. Scarcity. Debility. Hot, 
A <slii, rcMal, A tall palm-tree. 
A +Sj ratam. Writing, a cypher. 

Arithmetic. Painting, pointmg. 

A letter. The price mark. Sort, 

A t^j rakmat, A pleasant garden or 

meadow. The river side. 

rakam iadah, Written. 

Impressing. Erazinj. 

A ^j ra'm , Writing, &c. See ^j . 

s * " 

A 5 , rut-un, A bandage. 

A <- ijSj ra/'iZ6, A woman childless, 
or wishing to become a widow. 
Observing (the stars). Waiting. 

A Jj$j rultud, Reclining, sleeping. 

A s-JjJ; ruliufi Trembling. 

A ^.-Jt ra^Snj Cyprus, saffron. 

A ^j raly, Fascinating. 

A s_^-J^ , A rival. A guardian. 
A &~jij rat-yut, Enchantment. 
A ^ajratlt, Foolish. 
A (J^jj rajah, A servant, a slave. 
A t^ij rafim, A book- Wise. 
A Liij raltimat) A sensible woman. 
A t^-JJt ruklmdli, A letter. 

A ci/; r^', Weak. Laying, accusing. 

Upon. Vexing. -Rz/f/f, Small rain. 
A ^j rata, Adapting. Accusing. 
A c_J^ ralab, A stirrup. Suite. A 

cup or saucer. A ship. 

A j&j ritaz t Fossils. 

A C/K| rukak) Weak in mind. Ra- 
/a/'a/, Imbecility. Meanness. A 
voluatary cuckold. An accusation. 

A JK, ratlal, A vender of leeks. 

A x-^ raffdb, Mounting, riding. 
Forming a league. Sianing. Large- 
kneed. About a dozen travelling 

A W L^ rukban, Riders. P A tail. 

A&li; , (A she-camel) far the saddle 

A Lj ratabat, A body of travellers 
(less than v-^). The knee. 

A J i rak-h, The base, side, an^le. 
\s$j , Hard, high, rough ground.. 


A <s~; raLhal, An area, square. 

A <lj raid, Fixed, quiescent. 

A &\J>j Having large hips. 

A &J>j rakrakat, Imbecility. 

A J*J ra "*> Penetrating the ground 

(a spear). (God) fixing in the 

earth (mines). Beating (pulse). 

Rik'i, A low sound. Beauty. 
A { jJ>j rah, Inverting. Binding (a. 

chain). Rits, Filth. 
A ^j&j rakz, Moving the feeet. 
A &~j raka'ial, Motion, impulse. 

A ^j rukkaLt Hanging the head. 
A <JUj rufaat, Bowing the head, 

genuflexion (in prayer). 
A- jj , Spurring a horse. A leek. 
A <J3J^, racial, A bundle of herbs. 
A +>j rat; am, Collecting. 
A ^$j JY//H, A mouse. A pillar. 
Aid, guard. A grandee. A volume. 
A <-~^j rakub, Mounting, riding. 
A &jj rukubat, A saddle horse, See. 
A 'ijZj rukical) A reservoir, cistern. 

A straining cloth, or scarce. 
A ^J>j ruffufi, Leaning. 
A A^jrukud, Full (dish). 
A (jj*j 5 Shooting far (a bow). 
A c.^. ra/'iic., Bowing the head. 
A i)j ruliun^ Reclining. 
A &>*$j ruhlnul, Firm, constant. 
P ^jjZj , An old garment. 
A *Zj ra/ta't A vein burst. Rafa, 

Weak, infirm. A well. 
A <*-~*j raklb) Placed upon. 
f L*-J ra'ibl, A plate, dish. 

A Lj raktyat, A well. 

j , Thin, fine. Silly. 
j ra!;m, A grave man. Firm. 
j r*g, A vein, artery. 

p j ragu, A towel. 

v Ax-f . ragband, A bandage. 

A /i ramm, Mending. Cropping, 

devouring, breaking. Carious. 
A U; rama, Dwelling. 

A <ijl<^ rummasat. A wild heifer. 

A -U, , A maker of spears. Want. 
A ^s*\*j rumahish, Strong. A lion. 
A jl, ramad, Ashes. Lie, 

ra)nmuz, Mysteriously. ZjVcj 

zat) Winking. A knot. 
ramalt, A competency. 

rammal, A soothsayer. ,J'^. 

, Divination. 
A <i rumamat, A competency. 

A i^^<j rumman, The pomegranate. 
P ( J^j raman, Timid, fugitive. 
p ,MXJti ramuriidan, To terrify, \ 
A J^cj , Rotten, corrupted. 

A &*\ ritnmat, Putrid, carious. A 

ship-worm. A moth. 
A t*L~oj rams, Adapting. Repairing. 

Handling. Perplexed. 
A ^ romj, Erazing. Bird's dung. 
A r^t ramh) Piercing. Kicking. 

Shining. Rumh, A spear. 
A <X<i ramd, Destruction. Ramad, 


A \o< rarnda. An ostrich. 
A $,-cj rimdat, A small remainder. 
A j.X^ rimdid, Destructive. 
A IjJ^, rimduda, Ashes. 
A :., ram':., A nod, hint. A secret. 
A u-^j rams, Burying. A grave. 

Equalling. Darting. 

ramsh, Stoning. Poorly fed. 

Luxuriance. Curling of the hair. 

A \JLj ramsha, (Ground) fruitful. 
A v**j ramas, White matter about 

the eyes. 
A ^^ row-, Dressing (meat). Pas. 

luring. Sharpening. Scorched. 
A ^.^U:. ramazan, The ninth month 

of the Mahometan year. 
A k<; ramf, Reproaching. 
A ^cj ramat, Tossing the nose. 

Beckoning. Bringing forth fa 

child). Flowing (tears). Making 

A (_j ramk) Looking at. The last 

breath. Beauty. ( J^ ram mat-, 

Weak, flaccid. 
A &*j rawi/'O, Of the colour of ashes. 

A young camel. 
A Z**j rumlttl) A mare ill-bred. A 

large she-camel. 
A (JLcf raw/, Shore, laud, margin. 

Making mats. Ram&l, Going fast. 

A barren season. Increase. Ram- 

mal, A conjurer. 

A &*j ramlat, One heap of sand. 
A ^-cj ramfi, Sand r gravel pits. 
A f^cj rim am, Old, rotten. 
H \^cj ramna, A tract of land set 

apart for hunting. 
p yi**j ramandah, Wild, terrified. 
r jj\.-<< ranncari) A shepherd. 
A -rffj rumuh, A kicking horse, See. 
A tfy*) rumus, Dung of fowls. 
A jynj ramuk) Poor, distressed, 
p <U, rumah, A herd.' Company. 
A ^cj ramy, Darting, hitting. Ex- 
ceeding. Assisting. Reproaching. 
^<>j rutnayh, A little spear. 
' L/V^> ram'tdan, To be afruid ; to 

fly, to shun, To frighten. 

ram~iz, Volatile. Grave. Of a 
noble family. Many. 
A (je~*j rarniz, Sharpened. 
A +~cjramim, Putrid, carious, worn, 
A \Jj rana, A spectacle. 

A Zjj rannat, Sound, 
r Jj ranj, Grief. The cholic. 
p ^Jls^j , To distress, to irritate. 
j^^fj ranjbar, A merchant, 
p i^^^j > A priming flask. 
P (J^j ranjish. Offence, disgust, 
j ran/of, The touch-hole. 

A soft belly ; fluxed. 
P jf^j ranjur, Sick, afflicted, 
p <t^j ranja/i, Grief, 
p (^Ju^j , To be sad, to fret. 
p (j-^j ranfm, A ploughshare. 
A 2j rank, A vertigo. 
PA >j rand, The laurel. Filth, 
p &j rind, A shrewd man. A knave. 

A drunkard. A wanderer. First. 

fruits. Liquor; a plane; dust: rind. 
P ^A-j^Jj^ , To cause to polish, 
p *<Jj , A joiner's plane. A grater. 
p t^AJj rindi, A draught, 
p jj^.J^j randidan, To polish. To 

rasp, grate, saw, plane. To dig. 
A PI rurii, Rice. 
A t iJj ran/, A kind of willow. 
A (JJj ranit, Muddy water. 
A \AJJ ranla, Sitting (a bird). 
A i'U^> ranl-af t Muddiness. 
p L-&J rang, Colour, paint. Fraud. 

Playfulness, ridicule. Pleasure, 
p \yfjj rang'tn, Coloured. Figurative, 

elegant. Flowery. 
A Jj ranunt. Modulating. 
A ^j ranan t A frog. 


j)j ranuw, Looking, admiring. 
Victory. Love. 

t^^j ranzcat, A piece of flesh. 
*jjj ranum, A species of plant. 
gvyj ranundl, A drijiking cup. 
ij,j rani, A servant. 

ijtj runna\ The sixth month. 
*-Jj rariim, Merriment. A song. 
CA^ rariiri) Twanging. Groaning, 
jj ro, The face, aspect. 
\)j raxa, Sweet (water). Healthy. 
Ijj rfltfa, Proper, just, right. 
aJ\jj rawabatah, Friendship. 
if^jj razsaj, Saleable, 
<f\*j razeah, Going, coming. 
J*-|jj ratcahil, A caravan. 
i}\* t riz:ad } Requiring. 
ta\jj rawadur, Lawful, true, just. 
Fit. Desiring, wishing. 
tidjj razcadat, A girl. 
(j^*j rwxus, Water-cresses. 
*-*>\*j ruzeaztt, The milk-teeth. 
^jf^j razcafj) Turning hoary. 
(J'jij A palace, saloon, portico. A 
curtain. A tent. A caravan sera. 

tl/\jji razcaff, Pure, purified. 
Jl^jrarc/, Spittle, P Sun-set. 
^\)j rowan, Life, soul, spirit. 
Going, passing, flowing, fluid. 
(j)j raicum, A course. 
^,JMJ|J . ratsariidan, To dispatch. 
To behove. To be current. 
iUj raicah, Food for captives. 
<H'\Jv ri&uyuf.) A history, narrative, 
tale, tradition, story. 

h t Saleable. 

t-Ajj ramib, Thick butter-milk. 
jTv r5 * r o> Face to face. 

A ^VjJ r "*^ w > Turgid. 

p (j*>-jVjJ rubaritdan, To cause to 

sweep. To rub and clean the teeth. 
p ibjj rubah) A fox. 
A &Jsjj ruubat, A dish-cloth. A fer. 

menu A part of the night. ~*A 

piece of meat. Necessity. Intellect. 


j roband, A lady's vail. 
^jj A veil. Concealed. 

rubah, A fox. 

rubahanah) Like a fox. 
jj rub'idan, To wipe, to dust. 
jj 5 A little crab. A sand eel. 
rupah. Silver, a rupee. 

u <W .j rupiyah, A rupee. 
A C-J^j razrf, Dung, a dung-hill. 
A &tj , Dung. The tip of the toe. 
p ^jj raxchah Uniipe grapes. 
A ^j razch, Clever, expeditious. 

Discovering by the smell. Resting. 

Agreeable (day). Compassion. 

Ruh, The^oul, faith, Jesus Christ. 
A tjUjj , Agreeable (place). 

rukh, The intestines. Bald. 

A jjj razed, Foraging. Moving. 
p jj rud, A river. Song,, mirth. 

A beautiful brunette. 
p ^^jj razcadan, A busy body. 
P jV^jj > A river in a valley. 
p A5l>Jjj . The bed of a river. 
A CJjjj razeda/f, Beautiful. 
P ij^j ruda/i, A gut. A river. 
A jj razoi, Trying, tempting. 
rjjjroz, A day. 
P i^jJ^J j j j Increasing daily. 
p ^i^jjj ? A porter. Footman. 
A ijjj , Going here and there. 
p L&-roiichasn) A festival, 


p yjj Jtjjj roi dldah) Aged. 

p t->\jjjj , A village, market town. 

p j*\t,rozt'ur) Purblind. 

p jjj i roigar, Tae world, fortune, 

time. Service, employ, 
p <LJ\ij . i roigunah) Pay, a pension, 
p u\*j rwc~Mn, A window, 
p (J^s^Ujj i rd~namchcih^ A day-book. 

A calendar, an almanack. 

p <<Jj i rozanah, A window, 
p $lji ro7.ah) Fasting, a fast-day. 
p i^fjjj roit, One day. Fortune. 
p ^V.j>J > A journal, 
p u*. , r5, A fox. An elk. 
A c^~ i raassab. Misfortune. 

. >_x 

p <_o i ruspij A courtezan. 

P lijj r "^/? A market-town, a vil- 
lage. Any inhabited place. 

p jU~9j rosiyah. Black, a sinner. 
Unfortunate, abject, 

p /j-sjj rusty A little; a cu pof wine ; 
a hero. 

p tjxjj razcish, Motion, way, order, 
custom, rite, law. A garden path. 
Rosh, Wicked. Rawsh, Eating. 

p .^tjj roshan, The wooden frame- 
work of windows and chimnies. 
Light, splendid, bright. Illustrious. 

p \^>j roshana, Light, splendour. 

p ^U-ijj roshinas, Conspicuous. 

p ^Ixijj Roshanayi, Light. Ink. 

A. <Ljjj raxzat, A garden, a pleasant 
place, a paradise. Pleasure. 

A \ffjj rut, A river. 

A ^jj rawt, Frightened. Terror. 

A battle. The heart. Beauty. 
A Ujj rawtii, Beautiful. Cunning. 
A LS.JJ rawtttl) Fearing. Pleasing. 
A ^jj ratoghat, Ensnaring. 

p t^jj roghan, Oil, butter, fat. 
p uvjj , Bread baked with butter. 

A t_Jj ra-uf, An attribute of God, 

merciful, benign. Rest, 
p cAJjj riiflan, To sweep, wipe. 
A J^j ratc^, Bright (wine). Giving 

pleasure. Growing (teeth). A 

curtain. A tent. Youth. 
A ^ ru!:a, A wave. Rawjtat, Echo. 
j/.j, To desert. 

p <U t rulah, A small lizard. 

A AJJ rarcm, Moving slily. 

' J^JJ r m <il> A handkerchief, a 

towel. Wiping the face. . 
A (jUjj rumam, Of a ruby colour. 
A ^jj raro?i, The last breath, 
p i/y5j runaSj Madder. 
p wXJj j riicandy Rhubarb, 
p i^j raicandah) A traveller. 
A (JJ*j rawnak. Beauty, grace, 
p (.)iXi t*3j j ronama shudan, To 

show the face, to appear. 
P (js^Jjj roniyas, Madder. 
A / ii . . Weak in the loins. 

A u-ijj i ru-uf) Compassionate. 
A Sjj rawh, Agitated (as water) , 

A *jtjra-um, Tame (sheep). Fond 

of her colt (a she-catnel). 
r ^Ajj , The finest s\vord-steel. 
p ^jjj ratcij A journey. The face, 

air, aspect. The surface. Brass. 
A bjj ruyu, A dream, a vision, 
p ^jJw'V.jj >To produce, excite. 


A ^.jj '*y/> Seeing. Thinking. 

A ^.jj ru&ayd, Slowly. 

P ^jJ^j rateidan. To go, to travel. 

p ^jj roym, Brazen. 

p i* roj/(tndah, Growing. ^ 


t ej\t)*>rdywanah, A veil, a curtain. 
t <)[,> ,j royah, Melted brass ; a small 

facp; a row; mode; towards. 
F (jJ^.jj, To grow, to increase. 
r c#jj royln, Brazen. Red. 
T Xjrah, A road. See *^. A mouse. 
A \&j raha, A large district. 
p \&j raha, Escape. 
A & Ifc. ruh abal, The breast-bone. 
A i'jU^ rahadat, Tenderness. 

A ^j^&j rahhaS) A mortar-mixer. 
A }s\j rihat, Housthold furniture. 
A jU; ru h alt, Some (hundreds). 
A -!>; raham t Lean flocks. Nu. 

merous. Ruham, Timid (bird). 
A ^U^,, Betting at a horse-race, 
p .^Julii. rah an dan. To set free, 
f .1&. rahaW) A traveller by water. 

A canal. A musical mode. 
p ..\j&. rah Ou?ar, A traveller. 
t_5j^> A mode i* music. 
A tJ^U; ra/iatfi, Liberation. 
A u^Jkj r//6, The sharp point of a 

spear or arrow. 
A (.jV^J ruhban, Monks. 
A tUJLJi, , A monastic life. 
f ^J^, rahbar, An escort. 
A J^, Unintelligible speech. 
A <i-Jfc^, A particular pace. 
A <jJi; rahba\ Fear. 
A ^i ^o^^j Dust. Tumult. 
A JjJfc; raArfa/, Weak, foolish. 
A (jiXfcj rahdan, Pusillanimous. 
A Jj^j^, rahdanat, Delay, hindrance. 
A 4^, rahrah, Soft, white (body). 
f _}y^j ra h rare, A traveller. 
A j&j rahz, Motion, agitation. 
A (*)j&j rahzan, A highwayman. 
A yjbj rahs, Trampling. 

raksk, Flour of sesame. 
A tJL&j ruhshat) Liberality. 
A \Jx&j ruhshush) Liberal (man). 
A {ja&j rahS) Pressure. Mortar. 
A La&j rahsat) The sole of the foot 

(when hurt or keat by stones). 
A kfc^ rahf, Voraciously. Rahul, 

A number of men under ten. 
A &bx>j ruhalat. A mole hole. 
A ^^j rahfa', The name of a bird. 
A i*JiZj rahaf, Thin. 
A (j>j rahak) Approaching. Wan. 

dering. Carrying. Madness. 
A ijibj rahla\ Going fast. 
A dj^ ra/iji. A good work. 
A <sfcj ra/ijatj Weakness. 
A j^j^JS) rah guzar, A pass, a road. 

A guard. Accident. 
A Jjfc^ re'///, Tremulous, languid. 
A ^L*J^ rahaman^ Going a round 


A <UJ^i rahmal, Gentle rain. 
A ^>j rahmuj) Large. 

A &~..A.*J ruhmasat) Concealing. 
A ij&j rahin^ A hostage. A pawn. 
p l^iJ^i rah numiij A guide, a pilot* 
A y&j rahW) Going softly. Strad- 

dling. Quiet, calm. A furrow, 

canal, pipe. A crowd. The crane. 

Stony ground. 

A >*-\<t>j rahzcaj, Easy (a horse, fcc.) 
rahvcar, An ambling nag, * 

high-bloaded horse. 
A *y&i rahvcat) Seeyr^. 
A j&j rahuj, Weak, tender. 

ruhudtyat, Favour. 
, A traveller, a guide. 
rahaas, A glutton. 
ubj A swift camel. 


A C-Ci; rrtwa!:, Fat. Delicate. 
A <&V^> ruhulat, Loose jointed. 
A |i raf/ww, Lean sheep. Rash. 
A ^ji*^; ra'iun t Emaciated. 
p ., rah't, A. servant, a slave. 

rtfff #6, A way finder. 


A i=l^; rahyaat, Weak, languid. 
A ifjU^J A delicate youth. 
A <L^j rahiyttt, New wheat. 
p jjJ^JN raJiidan, To escape. 
A {^jAfcN rafytj, Hurt in the feet (a 

horse, &c. ) Cruel (lion). 
A <*Ji*&j rahlf, Thin-edged, sharp. 
ra[iilt, Wine. 

raJii';, Diminuated. 
A (^j ra l un, Pledged, pawned. 

A ijj rayy, Watwing. Easy. 

A \j riya, Hypocrisy. Thinking, 

looking at, opposite to. 
A C^b . riyat, The lungs. 
A -bj riyah t The evening. 
A jbj riyad, See Jjj . A camel's 

pasturing pace. 

st The beginning. 

A <JLAj i i ri-asali Dominion. 

One who puts fea- 
thers to arrovfs. 
A *Uj riyazal, Abstinence. 
A ^bj, A wrestling place, 8cc. 
p j!b ;j riyutar, A hypocrite. 

A Jbj ria/, Spittle. 

A j^.bj rayyan, Quenching thirst. 
Youth, Flourishing. 

> Doubt, scandal. 
;' Sorrel. 
rtbus, Sorrel. 

A J.J nia/, A lion. An infirm 

old man. Rapacious. 
A ^~^ij nbatj Doubt, opinion. 
A ij riyat. The lungs. Watering. 


A <*^>j /Wj/?, Hesitating. 
A <&jj. Pain fn the joints. 
A J^;j richul, A confection. 
A^ j, Smelling. Wind. Odour. 

Victory, power. 
A t y^j rayfian. Beneficence. 
A &s j rthalj Wind. 
A -ij raykh, Loose, fatigued. 
p A^J rikhlum, Terrace earth. 
A CA^- j rekhlan, To pour, infuse, 

melt, scatter, 
p ..^j ray khan, Hired. 
* jj r'tkhn, The plough-tail. 
A Jo i raj/J, Projecting. Equal. 
A *Joj, Blowing softly (wind). 
A cL5lx>j nrfa/', A servant boy. 
A^JJ lir, Thin marrow. 
P jjj reiy Pouring, scattering. 
p ^V.j reza, Scattering, pouring, 
melting. Poured. 

j re'iandan^ To pour. 
re'iish, Fusion, pouring. 
One who breaks wind. 
Jj rt?Ena, Friable. 
reznan, The bar of a door, 
p i'^j reA, Broken small, 
p ^Jo -_'j rel'idan. To dissolve, to 
break, to pour, to diffuse, to scatter, 
p ^.JJj rezw, Most minute, 
p *> . rjj t Concupiscence. 
A u-tj ray*.) A head, chief, pilot. 
P (j-ij rtSy Buzzing. 
p ^iU*>j rtsman, A rope. Twine, 
p j^J^- J i rlsidan, To spin, twist. 
A ij raysA, Fitting feathers to ar- 


rows. Contracting friendship. A 
feather. A splendid vest. Plentiful. 

resfi, A wound, a scar. 

rishahi Any thing twisted. 

r^ r'ishkhand, Adulation. A 
flatterer. Ridicule. 
*JL>j reshani) Silk. 
XJL>j rtishah, A fringe. The eye- 
lids. A wound. Wounded. 
Wuijj r^h'tdafi, Silk fringed. 
^Jj raj/fat^ A tent of one piece. 
-.>j rcg/^, Increase, residue. Re- 
turn. Prolific. A hill. 
^bj, The best part. In- 
creasing. Shining. 
_.> j righ t Hatred. A Dust. 

rjjf, A cultivated country. 

^, Rime Spittle. 

rikasah.) An urchin. 
<&jj riyajialp The lobe of a camel's 

n/n, An impostor, 
o. re^, Sand, gravel, dust. 
^<A>J regdan, A sand-box. 
*jj n-iw, A milk-white doe. 
Raym^ Departing. Deserting, 
ceasing. Continuing. Redundant, j 
A sepulchre. Evening. A step. 
^j nm y Pus. Dregs. 
jjUjj riman, Love, affection. 
Mending, twisting hard. 

Sordid. Swelling. 
, Conquering. Covering. 
Impure. Tinged. 
$-J rtna Ji Cholic. 
j rire, Fraud. Small. Blunder- 
ing. A phantom. 

;, Sorrel. Sweet cane. 
*5 Giving up the ghost. 

riyund, Rhubarb. 
rixanju, A timber-worm. 
r'tritdun, To escape. 
ray!(, SaffVon. 

) To roll down. To 
murmur. To putrify. To be dif- 
fused. To suit. To contend. 
A ^j ray'i, Seeing. The object seen. 
A serpent. 

J , The eleventh letter of the Arabic 
alphabet^ and the thirteenth of the 
Persian, denoting seven in arith. 

v j zf, From. 

r ^J^i z6, A fountain. 

A ^,!j Zaabaj, The whole. 

A^J,\J zaabar, All, the whole. 

A Jjlj Haio/, Short. 

A ^\J 'iabin^ A lictor. A demon. 

p -,\j 'iaj, A woman in childbed. 

A ^>\j 'iaj.'i'f Prohibitive. 

A J^-Jj 'i-ajal, The yolk of egg. The 
ferule of a spear. 

, A feast. 
Ready. Black. 
*/, Fatigued. 
, Retiring, staying. 
-akhir, Fuil. Swelling (sea). 
A cji-j zakhif, Vain-glorious. 
A J,|j zaad, Terrifying, 
p jlj zarf. He i* born. Age. 
j zadghur, A scoundrel. 
; zadan, To be born, 
p X4\j zadah, Born. A son. 
A j t \j zaar, Growling (a lion), 
p j\j 'iar, Desire. A. groan. 


A fjjj zdrit) A sower. 

A igj\j zari, Censuring. 

f (j$j\j zdrt, Lamentation. 

p tAjii zaridan, To groan. To cry. 

A ftu*!j zdsltm, To bear a child. 

A ^rtCij ~u~tb, Guiding. 

A j\j zffgir, A bad man. 

A kclj zoyV, A violent death. 

PA jj 2gA, A crow, a raven. 

A yj\j, The crop of a bird. 

A ^Ij zaghi, Declining. 

p *~!^-ji A variegated crow. 

zaof, A sudden death. 

A $j3\j zdfirat, A crowd. 
A <JLMj zdfinal, A lame camel. 
p 4*Jj zo/A, A stinking herb. 
P CJflj zf , Vitriol. 

A C >$j zdtdb, Water of vitriol. 
A ^$\j zafi, Pure, holy, pious. 
P Jtj Ho/, An old man. 
p \j zdlu, A leach. Quick rain. 
A ^f\j zaliij, Swift. 

A *\j 'iantrn, Tying. Proud. 

A t*Aj zaamal, A loud voice. Speech, 

A double-entendre. Voraciousness, 

Indigence. Wind. 
A <?\j zaamaj, The whole. 
A ^*\j zdmih, A sore, a felon. 
A ^*\j zamikhj Proud. Redundant. 
A^!J zanrir, A singer, a musician. 
A J^cjj zumil, Followed. Cur. 


A &*\j "zatnilaty A loaded camel. 
P ^\j zun (for (jijl), From that. 
f ^\) ^nw, The knee. 
A ci\j zani, An adulterer. 
A &*j\j zdniyal, An adultress. 
P j *~dw. An artificer. 

p jAj zauar, Gall, Boldness. Black. 
A companion. 

p tityj zazoalanah, A fetter. 

A Jfjj^j zdwu6 t Quicksilver. 

A Zj\j 'idica/tj A lamentation. 

A <Jj^j zawiyal, A cell, hermitage. 

A JUblj za//zW, Devout, content. 

A jfcjj , Shining. Vivid. Clear. 

p <^j&\), Fragrance. Clearness. 

A <J&\) 'iahtt, Vanishing. Perish, 
ing. Outstripping. Prepossess- 
ing. Fat. 

A tJ-^J z<*$^i Tranquil, secure. 

p <^'j zuyichafi, Birthday. 

A Jj,|j Ha.?rf, Redundant. 

P jJojj, To be born. To beget. 

A J t \j zd-ir, Roaring. Visiting. 

p >\j zdygar, Fruitful. 

A Jjlj 'za-i/, Defective, frail. 

p ^Jujlj zai/idan, To rear (a child). 

p c-Jj za6, Easy, unbought, gratis. 


c_>J z66, The beard. 

A. \Jj zabba, Hairy. 

A <iub ; zababal, A dormouse, a field- 
mouse, a mole. Ignorant. 

p jcjbj zitbiiband, A beggar. 

A i?,\jj ^ a&aa A Ra S c > passion. 

p jbj zafiad, Froth. Worthless. 

A \j\tj zabazd, Short of body. 

A &tjVj 'iabuziyal, Calamity. 

A jGj, A bee's mouthful ; small. 

p. ^bj za&an, The tongue. A lan- 
guage, idiom, speech. A flame. 

v .jT ^bj Caftan awar, Eloquent. 

p >L^bj zabdnkh'dh, A bejgar. 

p J^J^bj zabdndtrd : ,, Extending the 
tongue. Censorious. 

r dwbj, A tongue-taker. 



p <Gbj 'iabandh) Flame. A button. 


f (_jbj zabarii, A life-guard man. 
A -.^J) zabtb, Hairiness. 
A iXJj zabidf Froth, scum. A gift. 
A i'Joj zttbdat, Cream. 
A Jj Ha&r, Writing; understanding; 

coherence; free; strong. 
r Jj zabr, Above, upon, high. 
A VjJj zabra, Wide-shouldered. 
A ivj zabral, A splinter. The space 

between the shoulders. A lion's 


r t Cjyj zabarlang, A girth. 
A ^j zibrij, A rich garment. 
PA Xf^j zabarjady A chrysolite, a 

topaz, a beryl, jasper. 
p i^-w-'ty^j zabardasty An athletic 

man. Overbearing, oppressive, 
p <J***3jJj Oppression. 

A jjU jJjM a'zzibritan, The moon, 
p ^.jJj zabrin, Inferior, below. 
A < JJ zab'zab, A kind of ship. 
^/, Quacking (a duck). 

AP .JJ 'iabatanat, A breath gun. 
A (j**lj zabatbal) Ill-disposed. 
A t^^o), Wicked, impudent. 
A (_/uj ztba^ra'j Ill-disposed 
A ^j zibagh, The beginning, no- 
velty. An attack. 
A ^xjj 'zibgkar, A sweet herb. 
A (jjj zabk) Combing the beard. 
Mixing. Restraining. 

f S^j zabgar y Puffing the cheeks anc 
then striking them. 

A Jjj '~ibal, Dung, rubbish. 

P $JJ 'iubalt, A mouthful. 

p J jLj Wrildan, A dunghill. 

A ^j zibtij Whatever is necessary 

yj zabur. Writing, a book. 

jyj ZU&M/, Dunging. 

>j zabuti) Crowding. 
^j zabun, Infirm, sick. Infa- 
mous. Conquered. Benumbed 
(limb). Set on edge (teeth). 

&jjj zabbunat, Whatever defends 
the back. 

. ^ \ zabt) Supporting. Rushing 
upon. Digging a pit and decoy- 
ing (a lion). 

U--VJJ zablbj Raisins of the sun. 
<Ljj zubyatj High ground. 
Oj zabir. High ground. 
j-jj zabtr, Adversity. 

J-j j 'zibbil, A basket. 

C^>j *alt, Dressing (a bride). 
L Jj zulukh, Adhering firmly. 
,_ j zq;, Name of a yellow bird. 

_j zujji The tip of the elbow. 

Uj Hfl;a, Easy, successful, ready, 

A J^ fc 5 -'{//> Glass. 
A <U>-j, One word (is not heard). 
A g^j zajqj) Length and thinness of 

eye-brows . 

A ^j zijr, Force. Conjecture. 
A J>j zq;7, Throwing, injecting. 
A <&J zujlat) A crowd. A part. 
A A^-J zo/wi, Inarticulately. 
A ^Uf-j, A whisper. Somewhat. 
Delaying, slow. 
;, The twang (of a bow}. 

Removing. Repelling. 
, A looseness. 

j zahhaf) Creeping. 

/l~J zihdm, Pressing. A crowd. 
-j, Proceeding. Creeping. 

zahit; Fatigued. 
H&/ia/, Failing in work. 
zuhlul, Avaricious, base. 
, Sliding from high ground. 
j zihliZ, Retiring, remaining. 
zahmat, Grief. Disease. 

; zukmut) Flax-seed. 
c j-j zuhan, Short-bodied. 
ifcos-J zaArcoA, Heat. Travellers 
with their baggage, 
tip^ ~"^> Declining. 

zahinaiy Slow, at work. 
za&&, A cry, a groan. Sad. 

, Throwing down. Angry. 

zakhlchar, Full. 
J zukhari, Luxuriance, 
j zakhbd, patient of labour. 

zakhkhat, Malevolence. 
zakhr, Luxuriance, fullness. 

>j zukhrubb, Fleshy. Hairy. 
ru/,Gold. Adulterated. 
Beauty, ornament. 
(J-^-jt A ray. The rain-bow. 
c-a>-j zakhfj Vain-glerious, proud. 
f^-j 'zukhm, Stinking. Forcing. 
*>j zakhm. A. wound, a scar, siek. 
ness. A white deer. 
\*>-j zakhma, Stinking (woman). 

-j, Wounded, struck. 

>-j zakhm/fari, A wound 
>-j zakhmah, A bow or plectrum. 

^j zakhurl) Tumid (speech). 
^tr*j zakhikh, Shining. 
y/p^j zakJurahj A heap. 
Jj zarf, A battle, triking. 
ifc)j zoda, Cleaning, scouring. 

} zi*6, A portion. 
i, A blow. 

p jjJujljj zadayidan, To scour off 

rust. To clean, purify. 


p jjjj zadan, To strike, to beat, to 

touch. To seund. To tend 


p ^ j} zadanjj Fat, tallow. 
A j Jj Hereto, A game with nuts. 
p ^>>jtJj zududan, To polish, scour. 
p Jfjj, Stricken. A series. A line. 
p j\ zor, Money. An old man. 

A jj zarr, A coat-button. The edge 
of a sword. A socket. 

j 'iarrah. Quick in motion. 

'iarasat, A dust like gold 
sprinkled over writings. 
A \s\jj 'Uraf, A way, a path. 
A <^ C |(J zaratfit, A sown field. 
zirdtat, Agriculture. 
j zaraghan, A sandy place. 
A Zi\jj zardfat, A body of men. 

A j^j zarrdt, A hypocrite. 

A te\jj larakah) A cameleopard. 

p JJJ^JJ %ar an( * ar "" ar '> ^ tnronc 
covered with gold and gems. 

p ^jJ*j\J zar andud, Gilded. 

p jJjJ^J 2ar andudan, To gild. 

A kXJj^'i, Aristolochy (an herb). 

A JUa>^J zurdhimat, Thick. Old. 

A <b\j j zirdyat, Chiding, blaming. 

A c-^j zarb, A sheep-fold. A fence. 
A haunt. A canal. 

A <>bj j zarbdb, Gold ; splendour. 

A <-Jbjj zarbdf, Brocade. 

A i^jj zurbi, A couch, a cushion. 

r /*\->JjJ '-larbiydm^ Melted silver. 

A *~ljj zurbiyaty A fountain. 

A wra A tumult. 


p Jjf^J zarjul, A kind of game. 
A i^^-jj zarjun, A vine. Wine. 
A Ju-^J zarjmal, A vine. 
A J;J zarJ, Strangling. 
p j, j zard, Yellow, pale. Saffron . 
p i-J>\jj 'ianlab, Yellow water. 
r _j5^j5 A small apricot. 
r LJoJ>!j;J, A sandy place. Firm. 
* J^-^JJ zwdboZ) A yellowish horse 
inclining to white. 

\ zardchardah) Yellowish. 
zardchob, Yellow wood. 
,'J Steel, hard iron. 
,j, The yolk of an egg. 
JJ zardizamin, A parsnip. 
'zardsa. Gold unstamped. 
j 'zardaslah) A club. 
e^-^ J zardush/, The chief bird 
in a flight leading the rest. 
zardfam, Yellowish. 
zeurdat; A carrot. 
j zardgoshj Malignant. 
zardagt, Deep yellow. 
zardam, Victuals hastily 
prepared for a friend. 
f (j*^jj zardaman, The wind-pipe. 

zardoZ) An embroiderer. 
'iardah, Yellowish. 
Yellow wood. 
zarda/ii, The best gold. 
P c5^J 'iardi, Yellowness, 
r lj*j , j, A gold thread. 
A j jjjj -Mf~ur, A small vehicle. 
P \^~*j \ zarsun, Resembling gold. 
P jV*^;J 'iarsaza, Gold, filing. Un- 

wrought gold. A melter. 
p t-f^jj zarsaij, A gold-beater, &c. 
P (j~\jj, A goldsmith, 8cc. 
A t.JJ '^ ar ^ Sowing, producing. 
, Leather. 

A (_J;j zfl/*/, Putrifying, hasting. 

v (^jji A decrepid old man. 

p U?jj zarfm, A bar, a bolt. 

p jj . ; zarA, Fraud, blame. 

A ,JjJ, Rolling the eyes. Brandish- 
ing a spear, javelin. Moving back 
(the load, &c. ). Having blue eyes. 
White on the hoof. Zurral?, A 
white falcon. Zarral;, Causing 
to drop. Limpid. 

p J^JJ> Golden, gilded. 

A +jj zariffi, Avaricious, wretched. 

Invidious. A tear. A bone. 
P ^cjjt A decrepid old man. 
AP ijytcM 'iarniunulitth) A garment, 
p A^rf*, ;, A golden crescent. 
P \jjj zurna, A trumpet. 
P Ij^jJ 'iurnapa, A cameleopard. 
P L-^iJ zarnub, A sweet plant. 
P jLj * J zumnbad, Zedoary. 
P AJjj zarand, Hell. A barren tree. 
P )UrfjJ zarmshan, Inlaid, gilded. 
P L_ ^3, ; 'iarangi Magnificence. 
P jl^j, Inlaid with gold, 
A ^yjj zurnul', A rivulet, 
p ^li^JjJ zarnuliin) A well- frame, 
p <tr,J, Orpiment ; arsenic. 
p jjj zam, A horse-leach. 
A .*-jjJ zarzeuh, A low wide hill, 
p 9 jj zarugh, A sigh, a sob. 
A L m jtjj'zaruf, Swift (a she-camel). 

jjj J zarulj A leach. 

^, j '/r/{, A coat of mail. 

^ ; "-/'j/, Reproaching. 
A <U-' , ; zai'ibal, A fold, a penn. 
Ajjjj a'or/r, Inflamed (the eye). 

Quick. P A yellow-dying wood. 

The yellow jaundice. 

> ; zari'i, Nimble. Prudent. 


A -JjJ z/m^, Annually produced. 
A t_ i>jj zan/*, Going slowly. 
A UbjJ 'iirayka, The fat of broth. 
p jjUj j J 'iir'd'in, Avaricious. 
r ^j , ; zarin, Golden. 
p k*ijj zarinah, Golden. 
p v^xwj zusl, Strong. Clear. Harsh. 
p t^ujj zisjan, To live. To peel. 

To rob. 

p ^j, What ? what is the matter? 
P jUj, A squeez-press for fruits. 
p LU-uij zw/j/, Deformed, austere. 
P <^u*j zushtan, To skin, to peel, 
p jl^wi zzshtii/dd, Detraction. 

A ^j '//, Buzzing (flies). 
p jlcj zacJ*5 Intercession. 
A Sj(sij ia%aral, Of a bad temper. 
A i _ iUj zwt.w/', A sudden death. 
A jU| ZM^, Salt (water). Fleet. 
A <LlcJ zatfiinal, Being surety. 
A u_&Uj zatflnif, A sheep skin. 
A c_^c; 'atj&, Driving away. Giv- 
ing. Taking up. Filling. Croaking. 
A ^-ti 'i.a%bakh) A white cloud. 
A ^*-j, A kind of arrows. 
A J~ej ia&al, Foolish mother. A 

viper. The cotton tree. 
A <__>-*', "~iitl>ub, Short and mean. 
A^j zatr, Thin-haired. 
A <^^jij, A large troop of horse, ' 
A <^=.j Hagza^ Stormy. 
A L_g-^j iat/, Killing on the spot. 
A -icj, Tinging with saffron. 
zat/orn, Saffron. 
^fu^ Of a bid temper. 
, Terrifying. 

zut-6u6 Short, mean. Fat. 
, Alacrity. 
'oA, Depravity. 


A ^j zab, Thinking, belief. 

A <&xj=j zt&nfal, A dwarf. 

A ,*j^ 'iu^ilm, Hesitating. 

A i^^j, The rustling of palms. 

^J^j zwtyr, Having little. 

A J^.j UJf, Terrified. 

A *.;j zafcjwi. A boaster, A sponsor, 

a surety. A feudal chief, a mili- 

tary tenant. 
A j zagh, A crow. 

A ^J, The smell of the arm-pits. 

A &jUj, Fine hair, down. 

A c-jjUj, Much froth. Rude. 

P jUj 'iaghar, Rust. Clamour. Meat. 

P jjJojUj 'i.agha~Jdan, To cry loud. 

P (J^i iaghal, A live coal. 

A u-^^ij zaghb, Downy. 

p^jij zaghbar, A collection. 

A <\cj zaghd, Braying (a camel). 

A fo&ij, Anger. Importunity. 

p jj zaghar, Meat. A Zaghar, A 

multitude, plenty, excess. 
A t_ ijcj zaghrab, Copious, full. 
A i't^cj, The braying of a camel* 
p ^cj, The best leather. 
A <-_^ij zaghzab, Much water. 
p ^js.j zughzugh, Active. A dwarf. 

A child. Irony. 

A *-j^cj zaghzaghiyat, Gruel, pap. 
A J^cj zaghfal, Name of a tree. 
A &s^j > Badness of disposition. 
A <Ulcj zughlamat, Doubt, a grudge. 
p .ij 'zaghan, A kite. 
p C_ Xlcj , A sigh. A wink. 
p ^Ju^cj , To sob, to sigh. 
p^jij zaghir, Linen, flax. 

A uJj Jfl/T, Leading the bride home. 

Blowing (wind). 
A <_JUj zi/5/j The marriage night, 


* ^U) zufan, The tongue. 

A ^llj wffan, A dancer. 

A Ci-vi) , Waxing hot. Pushing. 

A c^Jj 2<J/?j Thick, savage. 

A ibij ztftalat, Velocity. 

F <Jjj ZM/&, Avarice. 

A^JJ z'fl/r, Groaning. Fat. A burthen. 

A crowd. A lord. 
p ^aj , A jaw. The mouth. Filth. 
p (jJuiVpJj , To eat much. 
A sjj , A groan. The middle. 
F ^<xJf*j zqfraftdan, To eat little. 
T Xj3j , Gain at play. The mouth. 
P ^.jij zafrin, The bar of a gate. 
A uJjSj zaf'zaf, Whistling (wind). 
F *j zqflaj, Commencement. 
PA ^j zafn, Dancing, leaping. 
P ijj zr/n, A shade. 
A jj^jj zq/wn, A bad camel. 
A 4j *fr? Driving (wind). 
A ^Lij zqfayan, A squall. Blowing 

hard. Going quick. 
A^SJ zqf?r, A flame of fire. 
A xjjj zufirat, Inflation. 
A cjLJj zaf^", A quick pace. 

A Jj z^, A bottle for wine, &c. 
A ,jl5j zultalti A street, a square, a 

market-place, a lane. 
A rH>^; 'iakaKtfi^ Young quails. 
A <X-J ; zulbat) A very narrow lane. 
A ^j za^-A, Chattering of apes. 
A j5j afr, A kind of hawk. 
A. ,j^j3j 'zilzal, Dandling an infant. 

A light step or laugh. 
A -ij 'zafe Crowing (a cock). 
A cJij 'ia//, Snatching. 

A <Li5j za.^%/, A narrow street. 
A jij za.fwt, Eating quick. 
A J>J zatn. Carrying, loading. 

A yj zate, Crowing. Answering. 
A /jj zof//uffi, A thorny tree. 
A ^j za^J, Clamour. 

A (*Jij T-ahki Emaciated. 

A Kj zaja, Quickly, readily. Flying 

to. Growing. Fruitful, happy. 

Pure. Genius. 

) zabab, Ink. Spittle. 

A i'lij za//a/, Alms ; purity. 

A tlij^j 'iultaiilt) Despised. 

A *&j 'iutam, Dcfluxion. 

p ^j 'iukan. Murmuring inwardly, 

Writing ink. Drunk. 
A lu^j zatiinat, Conjectured. 
A CJjl^j , Purity. Ingenuity. 
A i *^) z.^ Concubitus. 
A c-^j zatl, Filling (a bottle). 
p &^J>j zatrdwand, A herb. 
A ZA&J 'iukmal^ The youngest. 
A ^ , Performing. Perceiving. 

A j 'iultiiw. See i^j. 
A ^j 'iikanj, An earthen dish. 
v\jj*j j A mile. Vile. Envious. 
A ^} Hcr./fz, Pure, virtuous. Rich. 

Continent. Ingenious. 
A tlX^j ratfi/, Walking with short 


A Jj ZM//, A slip, an error. 

A )h zalla, Thin in the hips. 
A <Lj}Jj 'iedabiyal.i A thin pancake. 
A ^j zfl/aj, A bar, bolt, or latch. 
p j^j zt/a^, A fall on ice. 

A ASS} vuttakat, A slippery place. 
A J^j zu/5/, Pure water. 
p LJj 'iulbiyd, A pancake. 

A Sj r.a/fo/, Slipping. An error. 


A j za#, Sliding (as upon ice, fcc.) ' 

Barring a gate. A slip. 
p ^)j zalj, Dogs meat. 
A c-^sdj zao6, Slipping, falling. 
A i zalh, JL triBe. 

-j ialahlah, Light. Shallow. 
A iij zalkh, Precipitating. 
A (.j^-srj zalkhan, Progress. 

A tjeij , A slippery declivity. 

A jfjJj zo/zc/, Tremor. 

A ijl't zali~afi A gossip. 

A J yj 'ialial) Houshold furniture. 

A tijij 'zalzalaJi, An earthquake. 

A laij Ho//, A quick pace. 

A jjj zo/fc, Having chapt feet. 

A cJlj z(f, Approaching. Proceed- 
ing. A step. 

P uJlj zw/f, A ringlet, a whisker. 

A Z&j zalqfat, A cistern, pond. A 
woman. Alms. Level. 

A &U^j zul/ijanah, A sword, 8cc. of 
silver, or silver kilted. 

p ijJuih zalftdanj To lean. 

A Jj zo/^, Sliding, falling. 

A Jujj HoWarf, A slippery place. 

A *yi3j , The jaws, the tliroat. 

A uJvj za/aif, A fire-brand. 

A JJj zc/o/, Stumbling, erring. 

A Jj zo/m, Filling (a pond). Giving. 
little. A blunt arrow used in 
gaming. A lot. A small excrescence 
under the throat. A divided hoof. 
Right, true. 
A \-~$ zilanbd Louacious. 

A j 'ialanfak, Perverse. 
A Zk&Jj , A dwarhsh woman. 
v j,j 'ialu, A leach. 

t Little, mean, vile. 

A j)j zalukh, Slippery (place) at tht 

mouth of a well. 
A ftJj zulu& The steep ascent of a 


A j!j zidugh. Rising (sun). 

A jjlj zalut, Extensive (declivity). 

A Jjlj 'ialul, Light (money). 

p *Jj 'zillah, A bird. A bee. 

A Aj zalah, Solicitude. 

A +$j 'zalham, Having thin hair. 

A <Cl; zilliyat, A plain coverlit. 

A <kJj zo/J/a(, A mouthful. 

p ( jA^j 'iafifan^ Terrible. Terror. 

A (jJtj zaTib, A species of peach. 

A (JuJj 'iillila', Slipping. 

A iJj zalim, Smooth, straight. 

p *j zawi, A midwife. A jaw. 

A f>\ zamni) Binding, bridling. 

Haughty. Seizing. Speaking. 
A <}'Uj zamdlatj Modest, sedate. 

A ^-t<j zurnmah) A bird of prey. 

A jUj , The voice of an ostrich. 

A ^Uj zarnat, Haste, boldness. 

A JUj zt'mo/, Limping (a camel). 

A ,*Uj zimdm, A rein, a bridle. 

A ^U| zaman, Time. Season. The 
world. Fortune, chance. 

A UUj , Sometimes. In time. 

A <iitc| zamanat, Time. Love. Ca- 
lamity. A disease. 

A <j,\*oj zamaru, Temporal, frail. 

p ^Jbtcj zamuhan, Soft, ductile iron. 

A ^j ZCMI;, Angry. 

A i^s;S , The beak of an ostrich. 
A fS^j 'iamjar, A lion. A small ar* 



.vs^j zamjaraf, Rumour, 
^fj zimijja', A bird's tail. 

^\ zummah, Ignoble, mean. 
J^^j zimhil, A leopard. 
rS r j zamkharat) A small arrow. 
A harper. A courtezan. 

, Long-legged (ostrich) 
j zumkha/fj Avaricious. 
j^cj zamr, Singing. Kicking. 
'ij*j zumrat, A multitude. 
*3x<:j zumrudy An emerald. 
*j<j zamzam, A well. Rattling. 
Thunder. Sound, voice, 
jjli-^cj , Winter. Science. 
~<j zamaty Obeying. Hasting. 
Confounded. Fear. 
(^\*-<j 'iamatUn, Slow. 
(J*j 'zamk. Expilating. 

^J^cj zimiH-a't The rump or tail. 
J^j zumal, Pusillanimous 
J--*j zumlajj A butterfly. 
JT*J zamam, Intention, design. 
ij+j 'zamn, Afflicted. Time.- For- 
tune. Galled. Paralytic. Lame. 
J*^j zamanj, A cylindrical stone. 
ytj zumti, A clay roof. 

zumudah, A swing. 
zumun, An ant. 
j > A cabin under-ground. 
<Uj zamahy Vitriol. Charge. 
jf-ij zomAor, Angry. 
j>,j^cj zamharir, Shivering. 
^<>j zumi, The earth. See ^^j 
j'iX^j zamtdar, A land holder. 
An officer who had charge of the 
land, and its re venues. 
JLejzomi/, Grave, modest. 
^j zomzf, Divided (beard). 
zamil, Riding behind. 

p (j-^cj zanun. The earth, ground, 

soil, a religion, country. Land, 
p ^A^J zairiim^ Earthly. 
p ,.)', zan, A wo;, a wife. 

A ^ sawn, Oats. 

A iVj zanaa, Ascending a mountain. 

Nearing fifty. Uj , Short. Nar. 

rowness, stranguary. Adultery. 

A s ljj 'zannuat, A she-ape. 

p _lij tunnqj, Patties, puffs, paste. 

A l) zunnar, A belt. A priest's 

gown. Brahmanical thread. 
A .jljj zinat, A necklace. 
p j^bj zinakar^ An adulterer. 
p <0\Jj zonanoA, Feminine. The wo- 

men's apartments. 
Ayjbj zanariir, Pebblei, gravel. 
p njj zumbar, A little boat. 
p (^jj\ zambarak^ A cross bow. 
p ,^j\Jj zambari, A kind of ship. 
v (J*Jj zambak. The white lily. 
p j*-3j zambur^ A bee. A hornet. 

p J--JJ zambil, A basket. A bag. 

p *J^J zambllah, A bow case. 

p t\^j zumparah) An adulterer. 

p ^^Jj zumpan, Anise. 

p j&,i-)j 5 A step-mother. 

A xjijj zantarat, Difficulty. 

p jfjj zantur, A cymbal. 

A >j zanj, A drum. Thirst. 

p Jj zaiy, The chin. Strong. Pal- 

pitation. Quicksilver, 
p .IssTj 'zinjar, Rust. 
A c N^J zunjab, A belt, a girdle. 
A A^<J zanjabai. Grandeur. 
A J-*=f^j 'ianjabil, Ginger. Wine. 
A ^/sfj zanjaral, Smacking the fin- 

gers in defiance. 


>/, Fringe, border. 
zanjifrah, Cinnabar. 
'ianchah , A common whore. 

j > ^e smack of the fingers. 
zYn;7r, A chain. 

^ ;i Praising. Squeezing. 

j 'zanhafal, A calamity, 
^j zanakh) Corrupted, rancid. 
'j-j 'iunkh, The chin. 
fc$**^ 'ianakhdan, The chin. 
AJJ zaJ, An instrument for strik- 
ing fire. A fire-steel. 
j^AJj zindan, A prison. 
J^i^Jj , A large elephant. 
uA^J z* n d r * n ) A nightingale. 
<tjjjj 'iindakaty Impiety. 
^l&Jj lindagan, The living. 
o^^j ziiidagant. Life. Living. 
^*^j -indagi, Life. 
^j'j^j 'iindiizan, A nightingale. 
1^-%-j.Juj , Fond of women. 
*;^3j , Immense, dreadful. Alive. 
JOAJJ 'iind'tli, An atheist. 
t_?y^J zanshoy, A concubine. 
ajj 'iunfat, A morsel. 

J^JJ *j zummu zanfali, An evil. 
Jpj zan/^, Putting the chin.rein on 
a horse. Shoeing. 
<UJJ zanaAal, A narrow street. 
Uoj 'ian/fbar, A bell. A button. 
<ibjj 'ianakah) A woman. 
Jjj '/<//, A rattle. 
^-Xjj z/rt/vr, The paring of the nail; 
somewhat, a triHe. 

^^Jj iangari, Verdure. 
<i2}j langula/i, Sleet. A bell. 

h, A rattle. 
A savage. A fool. 

A Jj 'ianain,) The slit part of the ear. 

An excrescence, 
p sjj^jj '-(inmardah) A virago. 
P a-\xJj 'ianandafi) A striker. 

zunuw, See Uj . 
ziniwii, A foraicator. 

To neigh. To groan. 
-anavith) Howling. 

/f, A woman. 

jj zinhar, Defence, compact. 
za/J/r, Wise, learned. 
/-, Firm, fixed. 
p <d-JJ zariilafi, A sheath. 
A *.Jj zamm, A worthless fellow, a 

son of a whore. Superfluous. 
A \jj zazca } Produce. 
p \j zuwa, Thick and round. 
A <-fJ\j \ zuzcub, Vicissitude. 
A r>-]jj 'icwoajir, Prohibition, 
p J^j 'iawad, Provision. 
A $L>Uj zazoadaty Addition, 
r jij , A turnkey. An eunuch. 

A jljj ziwar, A strap. j!jj zaw', 

A stranger. 

p (^jV.j^j j To become old. 
A <ly zazoaf, Sudden death. 

A ^Vjj zazotcuh, A painter. 
A Jljj zozea/, Defect, failure. Set- 
ing. Misery, 
p jUj zMzoa/, A live coal, 
p <dljj 'iuwalah. Leaven, 
p /||j ziccdin. A violent death, 
p ^J zawdn, Water. 
A ^Vjj zuicdn, Darnel. A Hame. 
A li /->\jj } A star. Bad fortune. 
p .\j\jj zuzcanah, Cotton. Flame. 
p ily zazeiiJi, Meat. 
A c-Jjj za6, Flowing. Flight. 



bjfj zawbashi, A president. 
zawbar, All, whole. 
A ^y*j z<wc6oj Vile, mean. 
r C^4; zwWflj A short spear. 
p jjjj zutar, Quicker. 
A ^J zatej, Equal, alike. A pair. 

Joined, next to. A spouse. 
A ^\ zazvh, Distance, absence. 
f Jjj zud, Swift. Soon, suddenly. 
P jjj zawar, Above. 
Aj^J , zawr, Visiting. A lord, a 

chief. Going down. A lie. An 

idol. A chorus. Power. Virtue. 


P j 5J zur, Strength, violence. 
A \jjj zawra, Deep (well). Distant 

(place). A cup. A casket. 
P jVjjJ zurbazj Strong, robust. 
A Xjj zazcraty Once. Distance. 
t -(jt^jjj zawardin, The month of the 

vernal equinox. 

f Jjjjjj 'zavoral, A ship, a boat, 
f j&jjj zurltaT) Doing violence, 
f &~*j)j zurmand. Robust, strong. 
P {S*JJJ ' A P atch > a gore. 

* &?.->JS) Above sublime. 

* <J 4 V.^JJJ > To raise high. 

A *il4J zavDzutj Despising. ^*jjjj 
zoutzaalj Expedition. 

* t~*jj zavjial'i Pilgrim's meal. 

* <_;jj 'iww, Short. Compressed. 
*Jjj i-Hj, Piercing. 

> A- knavish servant. 
, Violent. Brave. 
Bending, lean. 
, Bending. Seducing. 
"/, Hyssop. 

A Persian drug. 
jj z/or, Wild anise. 
*^i Quicksilver. 

A (JL^jJ za/f, A CFOW'S pace. 

F C->^j J ? Gumrainess of the eyes. 

A /] 2005/j Elegant, ingenious. 

Nimble. Strong. 

p J^J So/, A cilp. Turnsole. 

A f^jj zaz:mah, Ijnoble. 

A lojj 'zuri) A dwarf. An idl. 

A ijjj zunat. Adorned. 

p ^jj zuzaanjj A sausage. 

A tliOjJ 'iazzannaR, Mean, strutting. 

A ^A-^ ; z/ziirfcn, To drop, distil. 

A ^jj 'ZOBPI, Concealing. 

P ^'V.jJ 5 To excel. To sigh. 

A j> t )j 'zuwayr, A prince, leader. 

p j .J zazwraA, A whirlwind. 

p Hj 'zeh, A bow-string, lace, fringe, 
border, or other ornament of gold, 
Sec. round a garment. The pains 
of child birth. Bravo ! Power. 

p tA&j 'iahab) A fountain. 

A isUkj zukat, The number (of 10 

j, A religious life. 
^cr, A bladder. 

p jjiXjUj, To cause to open. 

A c-^bj zanb, A part of wealth, 

A JkAj zakd, A sufficiency. 

p ^Atoj zihdan> The womb. 

A (*-\~J zahdatn, A falcon. 

p y so/tr, Poison. 

A ^&j zahr, A flower. Beauty. 

A \j&j , White, bright, blooming. 

p L-r^j za/irdb, The nightingale. 

A ^ * a k ra Ji ^ e noise of devils. 
zuhrdar. Poisoned. 

ahrnag) Envenomed* 
'zahrah, Boldness. Bile. 

p jJj&j zuh 
p L-J I) z 

'zahzat, Dandling. 



p j^^A^j zahish, Emanation. 

A c-cJbj zfl^if Nimble. 

A ^Aj zoAa/', Level ground. 

r uJCsj zo/ial, The first milk of a 

cow after calving. 
A JjS iV?^ Baldness, whiteness. 
A C-^JUi; zaMab, Thin-bearded. 
A Jll&j zrVl/fl, A candle. A gale. 
A Jj_ji>j zuhluk, Fat and smooth. 
A J^i zaUul, Smooth, bald. 
A tj>j zti/im, Greasy. Stinking. 
f uJij zahama,) A lover. 
A &A&J zahmat, Fetid (smell). 
A (j**.j zahmak, Short and firm. 
A &U>j za Arnold/, Smell. 
A y*j zahze, Ripening. Pleasing. 

Blowing (wind). Rising (vapour). 

Despising. Beauty, pride. A lie. 
A jjfy zukur, Shining, splendid. 
A &>ybj, A great draught (of fish.) 
A (jyij zahut) A deep well. Vain. 

Fat. Blunt. 
A .jlj ithty Bravo ! 
A JuJfej zah'id, Temperate. Small. 
' tiA^ ^^ fln T open. To go 

out, to flow. To hope. 
r ^jj '?, Life. Provisions, A tract. 

Towards. Wonderful! 


A ,_j , Turning. Fate. Dress. 

A C^Uj, An oil merchant. 

9 jb J %a</, More, increase. 

A <A>J , Increase, too much. 

t tV^Jj Abundance, surplus. 

A jb j %ar, Forceps. 

A- xj^j ziyarat, A visit. 

A JL>jlj j '^ayaf, A carriage. 

A Uj j :ej/a/, Loquacioui. 

A lJ ziyafat) Proud. Vanity, 

A Jl>j tyo/, Abaadoning. 

p ^j z?^a, Living. Damage. 
Prejudice, fraud. 

p 1ju\j J zii/andar t Noxious. 

p j&Vj 'iii/ant-ar, A destroyer. 

p tjb j "ziyarii, Loss, perdition. 

P ^jJkJb J 'ziyamdan. To revive. 

P C--^J 2e6, Oraament, beauty. 

P ^jj J z^ar, Pile of new cloths. 

P 4JJ*>J w63/-, Quicksilver. 

p *Jo-jJ, What adorns. 

p jjJu-jj zetnden^ To adorn, to ad. 

just, to agree. To become. 
A L^J j zayt, OU. 
P (jlxJ zaytan t The dregs of oil. 
A ()& \ zaytun, An olive. 
A <j j zy, A mason's rule. Astrono- 
mical tables. 

A ^ j 'zayh, Distant, absent. 
A 4^J 'iqykh, Tyrannical, 
p ^ j zikh, Palpitation. 
A Jjj zayd, Augmentation. 
A^JJ ur, Fond of women. 
A^JJ zr, Under, below. Desire, 

A^JJ zfl^r, Enraged. 

p \j^j zira, Because, since. 

p Jbjij r6q/, Spoon-meat. 

A ^i*> ->J, An under garment. 

p L-^J^J, A girth. The sun. 

p <uU-^J, An under garment. 

p y,jj araA, Because, for. Anise. 

Plaster. A road. 
p &&ljj ziridany To be under or 

below. To bring down, 
p ^lo jj '-irtban, Vinegar, in which 

onions have been steeped. 
p ^jij z~irin t Hell. Inferior. 
AP JJJ Siz, A wild onion. 
A lyj zay : M t Rough ground. 


(jijJj ziiafun, The barren jujube. 

tree. A swift she-camel. 

tza^t The oxyacanth fruit. 
J , An inarticulate voice, the 

murmuring of demons. 
p ^jj zts t A side, part, coast. 
r CA-iJ Astern, To live. 
p iJ-fj zw/i, A pipe, a tube. 
A i-Jj 'iaygh) Deviating. Declining. 
p -i_.;J z?g7i, A mat, carpeting. 
p -Jl*;' i ztghal, A cup, a goblet. 
p .jiuj 'zighan, A hard thing. 
A t . fiJj iff^/, Hastening, Bad 

(money). Avaricious. Savage. 
A CS-Jbj H/fa/, Rusticity. 
A ^ j zayfan, Long and strong. 
A <JjJ H/^, The colour of a shirt. 
A Jl&J zlkali A cup or goblet. 
p LJoJ ';%, A mason's rule. See 


sah) A hedge-hog. 
' ty^J tWB&Wi A haughty gait. 
p X>J i-ni/lar, Striking the cheeks 

when full of wind. 
A JjJ zayl, Removing, separating. 
A jbj H//i2, A coarse garment. 
A ^J, A herd of camels, 2 to 25. 

Cut meat. 

A .^J, Adorning. An ornament. 
i- j ;, Hence, because. A saddle. 


A A^J 'zinat, An ornament, dress. 

A jjvtj zi/??, Short-footcd (dog). 

A j j 'Jzc, A ship-worm, a moth, 

p j^.J Hiarar, A street. 

P ^jUjj iyzcan, A tare, darnel. 

A ^yj zuyuh, Distant. 

P ^2- j %^n s To slumber. 

p Jv^-J "war, An ornament. 

' Clipt, base (money). 


p Jj'e, The fourteenth letter of the 
Persian alphabet. 

p j\jjajt Wle speech. A thistle. 

p ^,Jo j'^* jafidan, To ruminate. 

p j.\jjaghar, The crop of a bird. 

p t&jjalahi Dew, hail. 

p JjjJj jabun, Advantage, gain. 

p ~jjukh, A wart. 

p itfjad, Gum. 

A (^J>jj jar/. Deep. A ditch. 

p *A^t, Millet bread. An ox's navel. 

p ^ icjjafttjafk, Labouring. 

p J^* jaghal. A live coal. 

p L^JJ'jV//"/, Lean. 

p C-^,;w.f, Murmuriug. A traveller. 

p ^?, Squabbling/stubborn. 

p i''li j/<//, A mattock. 

p &J&J jakasah , A hedge-hog. 

p ^jjugal, A live coal. 

p Juj' ///, Fatigued. 

p yetjimii, Borax. 

v ^jtjan, Base, deformed. 

p t^jj janduhy A patched garment. 

Horrible. A bit, patch. 
p L-&J Jang, Rust, mould ; night. 

The sun. 

p J&jjangar, Rust, verdigrise. 
p &&>j jangulah, A cloven foot. 
p A^d^jf, An open-mouthed bell. 
p (jJuijJ jushidan* To distil, to 

P \c-yj jitghar, A kind of bird. 

A y"-J ^'' r ' Tlic roar ing of a lion. 

p ^jJjj jufidan, To become intri- 
cate. To grow grey (hair). 
| p (j.j/uw, A kind of bird. 
I f i_? /v* A reservoir. 



1 ' Terrible. 
r SJ jiica/i, Quicksilver. 

Ap O- ?" Tne 12th iettcr f the 

Arabic alphabet, and the 15th in 

the Persian. In arithmetic it de- 

notes 60, 

p Ls so, Tribute. Rubbing. 
A t-^tj saab, A bottle. 
A UjLsa&a/, A scaffold. 
p jl'Lj saban, Mile-stones. Re- 

maining behind. A starlirig ; 


A \~isabih, Swimming. Fleet. 
A (jfr^"" 3 sabarlf Fine cloth. The 

best dates, or armour. 
A luJV*! sub it., The seventh. 
A j-Jw sabigh, Complete, profuse. 
A <_#Lj sabil; Past, preceding. A 

conqueror. Above-named. 
v jjjus xabal) An earth basket. 
A UL; sabiya, The placenta. 
p ^JujLj sabidan, To polish, 8cc. 
A tl^L- sflaf, Suffocating. 
A^L; 5a//r, Covering, hiding. 
p (j&Ls safgin, A bumper. A goblet. 
A JjLj5a/#, Consequent, coherent. 
p _,Lj saj, Ebony. A sash. 
A *X>-Lj sajid) Prostrate in adoring. 
A^^Lj sajir, A place filled by a flux 

of water. 

A j-^Ls sajit, Resolving. See Jw?lj. 
A Xx=-L) sajita.t t Cooing. 
AT jkS-Ls sajur, A dog's collar. 

A -L: sah/t, Fat (ineatj. 

A (-Lj suhat, A court, area. A 
coast,- a plain, a field. 

A ^U 5oAr, An enchanter. 

A (J^-\~i sahilt) A bruiser, a grinder. 

A Jo-Ls sahil, The sea-coast. 

A <U-Lj, A torrent, a flood. 

p L fflA-A, A series. Adapted. 

Accumulated. Expedited. 
p V^\~> sakhfan, To make, fashion. 

To feign, adapt, polish. 
A y~L> sakJur, Jeering. A mocker. 
A ^Lisakhin, Warm (day). 
A JiLs 5aad, Strangling. Bursting. 

Drinking. Travelling. 
p wl/taLs sadalt, A stove. 
p 4>Ls 5fl Jo;, Indian spikenard. 
A r 1 ^^ sadih, Productive. 
A <5ooL; sadthal, A sonorous voice. 

A thick cloud. 

AjiA-s5a<#r, Careless, perverse. 
A ^>(Ai sadis, The sixth. 
p JjiA-s sddal-j A nightingale. 
p i 


sadagij Purity, equality. 
-, The keeper of a temple. 
sadah, Pure. Plain. Blank. 

jadz, The sixth. 
sar, A starling. 

; 5rr, Rendering cheerful. 
5ar, Pure, excellent. 
A (-^iL;, Wandering. Apparent. 
p ^bjL;, A prince. A camel-driver. 
A C^iLs jaro/, The ropes of a ship. 
p . iLj sarqj, A singing bird. 
A j-^l-j Jn'A, Pasturing freely. 

A fJ^isarnij, A reseivoir. 

b 5flr///> Plaster mixed with 

sand. Quick-lime. A wood. 
p )fj\~>saruh) Road-posts. A starling. 

A cap. A bribe. 
A i^JLtsirij Pervading. Infecting. 


A <&^Ls lariyati A column, a beam, 

mast. A ni^ht cloud. 
rjLs saz, Concord. Apparatus. 
T ci/ljLs sazaff, A porch, vestibule. 
F ^jLj siiiish) Make, contrivance. 
p jjjLj sazaJ, A kind of pine. 
T u/jLj sazat) A melodious bird. 
pj^Lo 5oz/-ar, A musical instrument. 

Concordant. A poet, an actor. 
r *4\)jL) saiandah, A musician. 
P jlj jL> saircar, Worthy, 
r u*VjLj, To arm, to prepare. 
r u-Lisas, Pleasant. Beautiful. 
P ^Uow sasan. Poor, indigent. 
A A^Lo susam, An ebony- tree. 
A rfrLjsa/i'A, Expanding, Cod. 
A jJ?L> sa/zt, Exalted. Spread. 


A (JjsLa 5a/z7, Flying about (dust). 
0/wr, A butcher's knife, 
/z, (A hrse) carrying his 

tail high ; also vicious. 
A 4UL> sa^afy An hour. A clock. 

The time present. 
A vXcLs ad, The fore arm. 
A j L* safc/ir, A furnace, a fire. 
A ifjijcLj saturat, Fire. 
A ^Lj 5at/ Indigent, Diligent. A 

courier. A defamer. 
p ^iLs saghar, A cup, a bowl. 
A ^jL safir, A traveller ; writer ; 

envoy. Unveiled (a woman), 
A i^iLs, A body of travellers. 
A JiU safili Mean, low, vile. 
A UiLs safy a t Dust, 
f CX-.JL , A small melon: Per. 


A c&- ?/ in, A vein in the foot. 
A J^-> ** The leg, trunk, stalk, 

mode, sex, species. 

A c^JiLa f.^'6, Near. Far off. 
A <&L>, The left of an army. 
A yL 5a/-*V, Falling. Vile. 

A JLj satiyaf, A river, a canal. 
p i/ +*\~> satigar, A cup-bearer. 
A c--^l* ^fl^ift, Flowing (blood, &c.) 
A cu^Ls stilt I) Silent, quiet. 
A ^L> saltir, Quiet, silent- 
A _Uj5a.^, Foreign, strange. 
A ..j^Li* sdltin^ Ouiet, firm. 
A CJ^Ls 5jfa/, A silent man. 
A &y>L> satutat) Silent. Silence. 
H ^IjTUs sagnati) Teak wood, 
p JL .^a/, A year. 
A JLj 5a/, A narrow channel. 
P A+j^Li salaliyak, Concord. 
p jULrf salar y A prince, a chief. 
p <3i!Lj salanah) Yearly. 
A c Jl-j sdlib) Seizing, ravishing. 
? <-JL> salbiya/i,) Sage (an herb). 
A JLoftA, Armed. 
A JLj salikh) A black serpent. 

p *lXs!L saikhudah, Fortunate. 

p i^slLj salkh'ah) Aged. 

A u-clL> f.a/if Making level, equal. 

Preceding. A predecessor. 
A C$L 5o% A traveller. 
A JL satim, Safe, perfect. 
A ^jSLo 50/M.9, Hypocrisy. 
p <^Lo 5a/a/t, Age, years. 
p U UL, Years. Life. Annual. 
p *Ls 5om, The rainbow. A tumour. 
p ^ULs saman, Intellect. Patience. 

A limit. Measure, order. Cus- 

tom. Probity. Opulence. Ap- 

A &*J*i saamat, Tedionsnes*. 


A g\*isamik, Liberal. Gentle. 
A^Ls 5/7;/it'r, Conversing at night. 
samit, Milk when souring. 

Bread baked without salt. 
A *^cL) samifi, An auditor. 

A JL ftZHitV, Making peace. 
A ,.^^-J samin, Fat. Buttered. 
A j^c\ stimur^ Adamant. 
A U^Ls, A weight of three carats. 

p <cLj .va/Mfl//, A standard. 

A ^Lo saww, Sublime. 

p ^Ls 5, Law. Honour, rank. 

Cause. A whet-stone. 
p j>\~> sangir, Adorned. Simple. 
p 4^Hx5 LJ sangtn, Manner. A bridle, 
A j,L> saa&j Propensity. 
p jL* saw, Tribute. Filing. 
p \j\~t sazca, A filing of gold. 
p ij>jj\~> sazeart, A tax. 
t (jjLs sazean, A basket. 
p jJjU, Rhyme. 
p jjl-s sao>, Tribute. 
p ^Lj, A filing of gold. 
p t^JojLs sazeidan, To file, saw, 

bruise, anoint, reason. 
p ^|jt- sawn. Filth. 
A ^Ls 50^?;, Violent (wind). 
5oAfr, Vigilant. Hell. 

A u_i>Lj fcAzJ, Thirsty. Perishing. 
A ujCtoLj , A disease of the eyes. 

A violent wind. 
A JjbLs sahil) An easer. 
A ^>U sahmat, A lean camel. 
A jy&Ls sa'iur, The moon. 
A ^J&U JoA, Negligent. 
P ^Lo joy, Filing, polishing. 
* oW^i A- canopy, a shade. 

A &jU sa.ibal, Set at liberty. 

p ^^jU sayabruh, The mandrake. 

A j\*>'siyifi, Devout, fasting. 
A JoLs sayd, A lord, a prince. 
AjjLs 5%r, Another, The whole. 

Wander iug. A planet. 
A oiyd^Vw*} A tax on boats. 


A .^J^, A governor. A groom. 
p 5tsH.U), A beast of burthen. 

A*s 5f, A sword-bearer. 
A AiL suyfal, Fine sand. 
A J^)L %^, Instigating. 

A JjLs ja//, Asking. Flowing. 
p SJCjLa sayandafi, A grinder. 
p <jLo say ah, A shade, shadow. 
p ^J^lui sat/idem t To grind, rub, 
polish,' anoint, draw. 

A c-^j rt"66, A turban. 

A L> 50&o, Buying wine to drink. 

Passing. Striking. 
p t_ >L~j 5?6a6, Reviling. 

A JuC-j, The fore-finger. 

A Cl>L-j 5uAa/, Sleep, lethargy. 

A P>Lo> sabbaj, A seller of shells, &G, 

A Ju-j5o66oA, A swimmer. 

A iU-o sibakh, Salsuginous. 

A ^,jU-j sabadarat, Leisure. 

A jV<* sibaT) A surgeon's probe, 

A jLw: sabar t Furniture. A wine. 

press, ploughshare. 
p ^OojU-s sabaridan, To plough. 
A i?Lj 5u6a/, A gallery. 
A <&u~j subutat) K-ibuish. 
A JsU-s A long necked bird. 
A /^UMI sfibutj, Complete. 
AP %\+~isibagh, Meat. Thatch. 
A Jflj 6a/', Before-mentioned. 
p ti^L~) 5tfc7/', A coiner. 
p JLj sibul, Red millet. A whisker. 


A L^J&~! sabahal, Appearance, 
A i__^-w-s sabab, Cause, motive. A 

rope. Affinity. A way. A banner. 
A e>w~s sabt, The Sabbath. Rest. 

Shaving. Time. Fortune. Debi- 

lity. Swooning. 

p ^tfj yu&i First month of spring. 
A rf^^-w-:, A shoe of cow's leather. 
A ^i sabaj, Small black shells. 
A ^ sabh, Swimming. Liberty. 

Pace (of a horse). 

A ci>Uv subuhal, Glory (of God). 
A ^j[^i subhan, Praising (God). 
A <^l.j subhatj A rosary. 
A ^-r- 5 sabkh, Retiring Refuse. 

Free. Salsuginous. 
A Jwj sabad, Hair-cloth. 
A *ws sar, Probing. A form. Ori- 

gin. Beauty. 

siburdan, To kick. 

sjibrut, Poor. Barren. 
* kj u&2, Green, recent. 
P L-.^K.^ sabzang, Mouldy, musty. 
abzah, A green herb. 
sabzi) Verdure. 

sabsab, A vast desert. 
, Lank hair. Straight. 
A ^ilh-w-j sabafanat) A net, gin.- 
A ^la^-s S^ a f. r 9 Stretching. 
A i^L-w^, Careful in obeying orders. 
A .*! raftt? Seven. 

A &3L*~> sabtftt, Seven. 

A slim fellow. 

A (4fcad, Seven hundred. 
A ^)*-~ sab tuna, Seventy. 

A &+x*~i sabtjyat, Fierceness. 

T t^ 3 ?. a bugh, Fine, clean. Beauti- 

ful. Thereof. Arced. 
A Jk-~9 5a6/^, Preceding, excelling. 


sab/ml, Forseeing. 

Melting, pouring, 
:<', Light, nimble. 
sabutlagin, A precious 
An adulteress. 
A <^srt*~ J , Somewhat light. 
p i^+^tsabufi) Levity. 
A J-w-j sabalj Rain. A good horse. 

A disease of the eye. 
A , <c>-~! sabanla, Bold. A leopard. 

sabaniyat, A black veil. 
bu, A cup, a jar. 
sabukh, A puncture. A bolt. 
subosj Bran ; saw dust. 
sabufj Lank hair. 
A f; j- ; subugh, Profuse. A veil, 
A <J3j j sabulat, A head of hair. 
A <U-: sabah) Dotage. 
A Ji^-w-j sabahlal, Idle. 

A ^^o 5a%, A captive. t*~~> sa- 

blyat, Wine. 
P ^a-j 56i, A shirt. 
A <*^-s sab'ibat) A vest. The mane. 
A -s^-^j, A shirt without sleeves. 
A &--w-s sabttai, An ingot, bar. 

Ju-w-j sabil, A way, path, mode. 

, A tripod. 

^jx// 1 , Recommending. 
*: stparish, Delegation. 
p gf;L*i Stubble. A plough, 
p (jJujU-c, To delegate, 
p (j~U~j /)5, Praise, prayer. 
? ^l^U-j sipanaj, Spinnage. 
p 2fL-s paA, A soldier. An army, 
p AjL-j sepayah, A tripod. 
P ^L^yw? sapal, A basket. 
p AAH? sapady A wicker basket, 
p j^i sipar, A shield. 

siparji) Cheerfulness. 


, A shield-bearer. 

-.^, A handkerchief. 
^dj-f^sipurdaii) To entrust. 
js~> supiirl, The spleen. 
+zp?*i ^ipfirgham, Sweet basil. 
tL^-j sapanif/j The measles. 
a^ siprdii Vitriol. A game. 
cSvV ?.'P ar *> Complete. Hungry. 
(J^:.J~ stparish, A plain. 
j-j ?y* sfparigh, Ears of wheat. 
A full bunch of grapes. 

Behind, after. A louse." 
supusjt, Trefoil, clover. 
sapislan, A perfume. 

sipustar, Posterior. 
<t .tyj supushah , A moth; a nit. 
Ju-j 5opJ, The sun- flower. 
---> sapanji A resting-place, an 
inn; The world. A lodge. A 

Jki*j , Wild rue. A perfume. 
tX*,.\^*-j spandarmaz, The 12th 
month of the Persian year. 
, Land, earth. 

Plantane, cresses. 

snpangur^ Night-shade. 
^pukh) A washing beetle. 
p*~*f~> sipokhlan, To prick, 
<j~<~~: s 


<Uj 5i/>/f*, 

/ Black, deceit* 

./w, The dandruff. 

Aii army. A soldier. 
Xil^o sjixihanad. A king. 
V-?- : stpahbad, A general. 
^wi sip ah r, The sphere. Fortune. 
Time. The sun. 

sipahsalar, General. 

p jJL"-j, The leader of an army, 
p -r*S The haunt of a wild beast. 
A A*^J sap'id, White. A word, 
p p^Ju-> sipeilagh. Whiteness, 
p t J^^j sipida*! , Plantane. 
p l> ^--~j saped ba, Meat. Boiled 


p jU- ^j*->> A kind of thistle, 
p j\^^^s sapied dar, A willow, 
p u^JA..-^) saped dan, Mustard, 
p JJ.JL.-W; saped ro, Complete, 
p ^j Jk ^--'5 White-faced. Rice, 
p J^Ju^j saped tar, A flatterer. 
p rf'* ^.-r***'> A horn tube. 
r iX*-~s sapedahi Whiteness. 
P d-v-j J/, The backside, the anu. 
A lx-s so/a, The warp and woof, 
p Uj 5fl/a, Triple. 
A <O^ sitabah. Fraud, deceit. 
P ^jlx-> sitadan. To carry away, 
p jli-: st(ar y Such-a-one. 

A J^t sattar, Covering. 

A tjis** sifSrat, Protection. 

p <&-j\z^ , A little star. A spark. 

p i^lx-s silarah) A star. Fortune, 

felicity. A spark. A veil, a 



A ^Ix-j sattari, A covering. 

p ct^b-j sifashlan, To seize, ravish. 

p 9\z~i sitagh, A barren woman. A 

colt; abortion. 

p Jcilx-j, A portico. A stage, 
p t^/b-j .//, A shoot, sucker, 
p ,l^: silam, Ornamented with go!4 

or silver. A threshold 
p u^-J siltin^ Reclining. Seizing, 
p V'li-j stfiina, Rcceivijig. 
p JjJli^., To take. To wed. 
p <ub->57a/*aA, A threshold. 



p yJjk~j st/azcez, A market-place. 

p &\z~i siiah, A pillar; base silver. 

A ,\z~ii Having large hips. 

p yij'buj sataysh, Praise. 

p aUJLjlx^ sitaysh gah, The place 

of praise. 

p ^A^jlx-i, To praise. To call. 
A. c-^x-: salb t Fatigued; creeping. 
T j*z~i situbr. Thick, coarse. 
A grass; herbage. 
^ sifabigh, Standing erect. 
salakh, Right, just. 
i-j sitadan, To carry off. 

Veiling, suppressing. 
sulur t Shaving. A razor. 
>jz~i silrab, A satrap (obsol.) 
A i'j^Mi sulrat, A veil, a shield, 
p ^J^~ suturilan, To shave, to 

scrape. To pare. To erase. 
P <*Lji~isalurIti Brave. Quarrelsome, 
p C-XKx~> salrangy A bad woman, 
p j^jj tX-:, A widow ; barren. 
P x^sHlura/i, A razor, 
p CJo*-: sutuki Slender. waisted. 
p JXd U/u?, Scorched wheat. 
A u lx-i 5a/a/j An eagle. 
A"-^T xitam, Tyranny, injustice, 
distress, violence, threatening. 

A <5jl*x-*, Six hundred. 
P tvx^Xtj) silamkur, A tyrant, 
p ilx4^-s sifamgah, Tyranny. 
p ^..^u? silambah , Strong, bold. 
P ^Jux^ sitamidan, To oppress. 
p ^x-j satanjy A yoke, flail. 

P jX-s S/M, Triple. 

p j^y-: sattcar, Strong ; aa aider. 

P *^-j^- saluchah, Variegated. 

P ^iJjX-j suiudan, A sepulchre. 

p ^1 jj^-j atudan, To praise, to bless. 

p ijX-o sufur, An animal. 
f ^Ij^jXw sulurban, A groom. 
p ^Vjyi-j suturdan^ A stable. 
p tSwws suturah) A razor. 

p Cjd sultuk. False money. 

p t&f~i salutak, Bad, base. 

p *tXw3 sul ant) The papyrus. 

p ^^jXw 5//U/;, A pillar, beam. 

A (^y-s stttuna, Sixty. 
p <UjX->, The stem. An assault, ef- 
fort. Vlight. A wave. 
Xrf sutuh t Fear. Sad. Active. 
To loathe, repent, tire. 
sal ah, The backside. 

/f, Weak. A spear head. 
*JO^j sitihandah, Importunate. 
,~> salt, Very hard iron. 

A ^j^t siltt, My lady 1 madam 1 
p *-~*satikh, A spear. Thick, gross. 
^tV-X-o siltdan, To take. 

p j-X-) sate'i) Emulation. A conflict. 

Levity. Stubborn. 
p ix-j A weaver's shuttle. 

i Straight (spear). 
, Pus, matter. 

A g sqjj, Soft, thin (clay, Scc.J. 
A Isr* sqjaj, Thin milk. 
A jlsr 5 sajjad., Adoring. 
A ^jls^ sujjada/i, A carpet, mat. 
A ^U^* sfjarn, Flowing (tears). 
A j^^ 21 ** ?<$<*"> A gaoler. 

A -s^ .so/A, Smooth, equal (cheek) 

Beauty. Proportion. Exact. 
A isr?** sajhat, Nature, sjrmiaetrf. 


sijdat, Adoration. 
, A place of worship. 
A ^js-* sajr, Kindling a fire. 
A l^sr- sajra, Blood shot (eyes). 
A U~. sr- sfl/crs, Turbid. A crowd. 

A ~^ > sqjsaj) Temperate. 
A ^sr 3 .scy'c, Rhyme, Cooing. 
A i_a.y i sajfi A veil, a curtain. 
A Jjsr 1 , A water-bucket. A 1 arge 
udder. A liberal man. A register, 
record, decree. 

A y.-sr* 5 sijilal, Jasmine. Awning. 
A iil^r 1 sujalat) A young hare. 
A vp sajm, Pouring (tears, rain). 
sajn t Imprisoning. 

, A mirror. Clear. 
siyuze, Dark. Continuing. 
" 5 sty'ud, Adoration. 
sajiiL) Cooing. 
sqjum, Shedding tears. 
5O/7, A companion. 
sajiyaty Temper, habit. 

sajidan, To be very cold. 
5ff///-, An intimate friend. 
sajis, Muddy water. 

saftft A bow-string. 
A J-ysr* sttftl, A large bucket. 

A CAss-' 507' w > Continued. The sc. 
venth hell. 

A ^ ^^, Pouring. Striking. 
A Laer*5t&a, Paper. A book band. 

A St\s?' sa/ihaat, The dura mater. 

A cyls*-' suhab, A cloud. 

A i'lar 1 sahal) A bat. A tract, area. 

A rW 1 , Scratching, pawing. 
A \i" , Fat (sheep). A (lock. 
, Weeping (an eye). 

jlsr 5 sahhar, An enchanter. 
u ilsr 5 suhuf. The cholic, tabes. 

A grinder. 
JLsr 5 , A bridle. An orator. 
3 sukalati Loss, injury. 

sukbat, Dimness. 
sahbal, Large (bucket, Sec.). 
sahbulat, Pendulous. 
Unlawful. Rooting out. 
sahlak, Bold, fearless. 
;, Excoriation. 
suhdud, Rebellious. 
sahar. Twilight, dawn. 
suhnifi The morning. 
sihirlik, Enchantment. 

suhri) Early. 
lj jg? saharayii) Very early. 
-L-^r 3 , Pouring down (rain). 
sahsah) A square, area. 
sahl, Slaughtering expediti* 
ously. Diluting (wine). 
ujlsr' sahf) Shaving. 

i'-^isr 9 suhqfritt/at, Shaved. 
^jstf-* JfaA^, Distance. Remote. 

suhlut, Very black hair. 
A/, Ready money. 
<*isr > suhala.t, A young horse. 

^sr 5 saham t Blackness. A tree. 
JE^ sahn, Breaking. Rubbing. 

iujsr* sahanal, Form. Colour. 
.jsT 1 sahuh) Pouring rain. 
t^ij? sahuf, A fat animal. 
j^sr 5 sahuhi Long-bodied. 

^ f/'%, Pulling off. 
> n^r i suhayr, In the morning. 
L-a-^r* fflA{/ Noise (of a mill). 
sofufot t Violent raia. 


A fj^sr 1 sahik, Very remote. 
A jJ-uSi*' saful, A single thread. 
A <&---*""' sahilat, The river side, 
p &* sakh, A breaking briHle. 
A li-~' sakha, Liberal, munificent. 
A c. jljc.*"' , A neck ornament. 
A ilsr* sakhdkh, Soft earth. 
A -iiUsr' sakhitfal, Soft, simple. 
A Jjs^sukham, Blackness. Softness. 
A ijlsf^ sakhazcat, Liberality. 
A .rj^* 3 sakhazcij, A desert. 
A jjlsr* sakhazcar^ Generous. 
A y_ -*^-' , Vehemence of voice. 
A^JS?" sakhbar, A thorny plant. 
FA e^-sr 8 saM/, Hard, strong, se- 
cure, violent. Stubborn. Afflicted. 
Thick cloth. A balance. 
F rJZ* sakhlan, To weigh. To ren- 
der hard. T winter. 

A bird's guts. 

sakhlah, Money. Weighed. 
, Hardness. See u^jsT . 
, Morocco leather. 
> Vehement (heat). 
A *Xsr' sukhyd, Water. Paleness. 
A jS?* sukhur. Ridiculing. 
A ^jS?* sukhri, Derision, play. 
F fj^s^ sakhsh, Old. Lightning. 


A last* sukhty Indignation. 
A t-isr-' sukhf) Imbecile. 
A <Uar-' sakhafaty Emaciated. 
A ^lir 5 sakhlal, A lamb or kid. 
A Wsr*' sakhma^ Black, 
A es <^' sukhmt) Smooth wine. 
A ^? sukhn, Warm (day, 8cc.). 
jysr 5 sakhun, A word, a saying. 

A thing, business, somewhat. 
A i^cr-' sakhnat, Heat, warmth. 
f jJiX^Er 9 , An eloquent orator. 

sakhunsara, An orator. 
^ , Eloquent, 
Sftkhw, Stirring a fire. 
sakhizu, A field of soft artb. 
' , Warm. Weeping, 
sukhyi Liberal, generous. 

sakhif, Silly. Thin. 
F <U T .-'gr i sakhlfuhy A falsehood. 
A i^sr 5 , Hot (water). Heat. 
A ^U-^sr^ sakhuial, Gruel. Rage. 
p Jw .varf, A hundred. 

A Jw> jarfJ, An obstruction. 

A C-/.A-J , Rue. Power. Assiduity. 

A i1.X-i , The woof. The sixth. 

A ^ Jw sadduj) A liar. 

AF jl<J>> sadad, Rectitude. Prospe- 

rity. Firmness. 

A ^Jjw> , (A garment) of six yardi 
A iiltX-i sidafaty A veil, a curtain. 

A tX~j saddat, A strait, a frith. A 


A _.JIM> sadrg. Suspecting. 
p _r-Ju sudcKi, A milk-maid. 
A --<X-j sadahj Throwing down. 

, Well directed (plan). 
A jA-j 5aofar, Dazzling. Giddiness. 
F JjJw sadarah, A kind of game. 
A X-> 5fldat, Collision. Wretched. 
A u-JJs** f.arfo/', Darkness, night. 
A d&s-j jradi-f, Assiduous. 
p ^J>Ju- 5od/05, The rainbow. 
A J Jui .zdb/, A fable. 
A JOws sa<tf, A veil. 

A jjuo 5idSffi, A kind of game. \ 
A ^Ou, sadam, Grief, repentance. 
A jJw: 5aefa>, Intending. Moist witk 
night-dew (the earth). Ripening. 

A. ^^.Jws sadus* A hood mantle. 
A s^isadah, A festival night. 
A c/'X-' f/ttfo'j The night dew. 
sad~th, Prostrate. 
.fcufcf, Well-directed. 
A ^-JOu) sudts., The sixth part. 
A (_jl> Jud ftztfif, A camel's bunch. 
A JJ.A-J frtJI/, The awning over the 
camel's litter 

$a~ab, Rue. 

A <& Jw> suzbaty A sheath. , 

r ^-5 sar, The head, top, origin. 
Great. Chief. A breeze. Desire, 
love, will. Cheerfulness. A veil, 
awning, perfect. A collar. San. 
dal. Foolish. 

A <~i ?arr, Glad. A secret. A fea. 

ture. Pure, the most excellent. A 


p \j~t sard, A palace, a mansion. 
A ^j sara, A kind of yew. 
A JrA^siVflff/, A locust's egg. 
AF c . )\/~i siraby A vapour. 
F lj^ sarapa, Totally. Cap-a-pie. 
sarapardah, A curtain, 

partition, a veil. 
A l\^ saraft The top, the best. 

saraj, The sun. A lamp. 

, A sadler. A groom. 

A ,<^ = yrajt, Resplendent. 
F te*-\ .-j sarachah, A closet. 

* J * 

sarah, Dismission, divorce. 

sarakhi, A vessel. 
A <3\~tsarad, Timid, flying. 
saradar, A landlord. 

saradik, The door curtain. 
saradah, Fled, strayed. 
, From first to last. Brocade, 

317 C-y^ 

A medium, average. 
, Confounded, insane. 

sarashiby A declivity. 
siraty The way. 

, Sharp (sword, &c.) 
, A sign. Enquiry. 
F jli\-~s sardghd~y An exordium, 
p ~ j\ j saraghoj, A hood, veil. 
F \i\j*i sardfd, A cameleopard. 

, Glorious, eminent, 
iyj sar afganduh, Confused. 

, Theft. 

-j > An infamous crime. 
sar dm ad, Perfect, accom- 
plished, adult, ripe. 
F ^VsK^L-j sar di'jdniy The end. An 

event. Apparatus. 
F \\3J\-~t sar dndd'i, Warlike. A 
fine veil ; a coif. 

A |^V sar dm, An opal. 
A Jjj^-J sardml, Breeches. 
A ^.~s sardh) Earthly, impure. 
F ^iMrf saray, A palace. An inn. 
A ^J^-s sarayat, Travelling by night. 


p <^|/- j A tent, small dwelling. 
F x<aAj~>y Singer, chanter. 

arajjldtifii To sing, to 

modulate, to sLuke, to coo. 
A c. )j~> sarb, A way. A den or 
haunt. Sirb, Tiie mind, soul. 
surb, Lead. A cavern. 
sarbdzy Brave, resolute, 
bj-s, A chief ; a battle-axe. 

rbdly A sliirt. 
p ^b/~9 A hill, a mouiiuin. 
p (^rlb.^ sarbalitiy A \. illo'.v. 

, Entering. Tricklirig. 


T \_~s~> sar bajdyb, Hanging 

the head upon the bosom. 
A <*^ / ~ 1 sarbuJial^ Agility. 
t > .^ / ~> sarbar, Magnitude. All. 
A '*-j^> sarbakh, An extensive coun. 

try, where oae easily wanders. 
A &-.jHi sarbakhal) Agility. 
r c^J^ sarbast. Free. 

* AX^J^J sarbaslah, A contract. 

r .~j .-.- sarbasar, Equal. Totally. 
p Jui^-j , High.headed, eminent. 
A bj-s, Putting on (coat, &c.j. 
p A^ r ; , A wreath, a turban. 
p jjt^ij.j sarbaniftadan, To be re- 

fractory, fierce, stubborn. 
p 6jj~isurbahj A virgin. 
f tji-Jj-s , The tip of the nose. 
p ij^j~i sarpas, An iron mace. 
p ^J^j^sarpash, Impaired by age. 
P ^Ijb^-j , A helmet, a turban. 
r C^-v-jJ -! , Worshipping the head. 
p <!^u ~> sarpanchah, The open 
Strong, conquering. 

-! sarpang, A helmet. 
A female veil. A lid. 
rpahanjah) Bare-headed. 
v fH/- 9 > sarpech, An ornament 

placed in front of the turban. 
p ciJyj surl, A heap of corn. 

A Cl^j 5wrro/, The navel. 
p Ijli'x-J , From head to foot. 
P C->lJ-s far/ah. Refractory. 
P jJ$j~> sar (a sar, From end to end. 
^ Jj^t-s sarfdty A tunic. 
f <k~=s?j~i sari.ahtahi Aii iron plate 
for wire drawing. 

* L^lrLr 4 ' -^ head-shaver. 

* (yjj* > A- barren woman. 
p^Jj*o jar/ezj Sharp-pointed. 


A saddle 

The chief p! :cc. 
*fy- sarjam, Long, tall. 
L. JC.JB>- 

?* >-,,* s 

s*-j~3 , A general, chief. 
~t surjuj, Foolish. Natural. 
, Nature, mode. 
Dung, compost. 
sarchashmab, A fountain. 
: , Repulse, rout. 
A _j sar/;, Setting free. 
A lo^*- j~> sirhdn^ A wolf. A lion. 

9 Jo--^ sarhadd, Frontier, confine. 
A t_^>fc>-^j surhiiby A long-bodied 

horse, going expeditiouily. 
A ~j~> sarkh, Red. 
p c-jU--^ surkhdbj Red water. BIod. 

A bright bay horse. 
p J^-j^ sarkhar, A lark, 
p Sj\~-j~: sarkhdrah, A comb, 
p sj^s-j^i surkhllrah, A bay horse, 
p c^^sf"^: , A red-beaked sparrow, 
p t*s^j~* The measles. 
T l j.Jy^ sarkhas, Laurel. Fern, 
p jLJ-^-j , A red-headed sparrow, 
p ^%-^-j sirkhisl, A species of 
white manna. 

+* surkhajf, The cornel. 
sarkhum. The lid of a pot. 
y-c sarkh'db, The irst sleep. 

sarkhosh, Intoxicated. 
surkhali, The wind-pipe. 

sarkhtyaly A commander. 
J^-s 5ar</, Sewing, working. Pur- 
suing. Continued, 
j^ jord, Cold. 
^Lyj , A fine she-camel. 
^J^ sardar, A general. 
^ib^-j , The keeper of a secret. 
9] J^ sirdugh, A kind of gruel. 


, A cavern, an ice-house. 
J-j sardal) Power, greatness. 
sarduh.) Plain soft ground, 
-j sardast, The wrist. 
^ sftrdiistar, A turban. 

A walking-staff. 
iw^ sardasir, A cold place. 

d a f'Q r i A preamble. A 
summary, index. 

p JJ^T-J sardal, An anchovy, sprat, 
p jj\ju>/-> Nodding the head. 
p iiJ--; sitrdukh, Dates moistened. 
sardah) Late fruits of the best 

kinds, sent in presents, 
p (^jJt-s sareC, Cold, coldness. 

p e: >\jj~> sarrast) Erect. 

p ^oJj , ; , A rope, a cord, 
p ^jj^isarzadan, To happen, ap- 
pear, to shoot, 
p 12!^ > sarzulf, Delicacy, 
p U~<jj~> sari 'zamin, Head-land, 
p i~Jjj** s . ar zanishy Reproach, 
p /l-y~' Stupified. A phrensy. 
p ,jUj-j sarsun, Fear, dread. 

.-; sarsaK, Green, verdant. 

The capital of a pillar. 
~isarsakfu, Growling. 
sarsar, Foolish. A veil. 

sarsarak) The top. 
_^ ^ : stir sari, Folly, temerity. 
Easily. Gratuitously, 
r <U--^.- sarsjnah, A dimple, 
p {J*j~i sarash, Muslin, fine linen, 
p g^flrfjiar shakh, The main beam, 
p jl^-J sarshar, Full, redundant. 
sirishl, Nature. Shape. 
sirishtan, To mix, to knead. 
Sirishlak, A record. 
u-Xi^-c sarisht-, A tear. 
* r-i -^ ior s/ur, CrCittJ. 

V, Swallowing. 

$ ar ffi) A balcony. 

s. arl .<* n ) A crab. A sore. 

siriiralj Gruel, pottage. 
A Jsi^-s sarfal, Tall and tottering. 
A J^-j , Long. Speaking softly. 
A t^3 sort, A vine-shoot. 
A Ac^y.- srt/ Haste. 
A c *i .varSjcfrat, A tender youth. 
sar%as];ar y A general. 
surtufj Tender. 
A ? /~j sarghj A vine shoot, 
p Cl?.: sarghul, Beneficence. 

j A cream-ccrioured horse. 

surghln, A corn-pipe. 

, (A caterpillar). Prodigal. 
p t-i^-j 5Mi/, Lead. 
P d/lJ^-c sarfu/;, Sound, clamour. 
p jjiXjlj^ , To cause to cough. 
A ij-j sarfat, A ship-worm. 
r jV*i<-9 sarfrai) Eminent. 
p j >r J^~ > sarfaro, Submissive. 
p -*J-; ?. ur fuhi Lack. 

surf ah, A ship worm. 
?. u rf* n * ^ UD 8 f birds. 
surfidan, To cough. 
A J^ sara/-, Stealing. Theft. 
A %-*r~> surl-ut., Sour wine. 
arlutj A plume. 
>/<, Manure, compost. 
.>/', Vinegar 
-J sirtatablt A secretary. 

/ar, A chief, agent. A 
king's court. Knowledge. 
p (^r^/- sarlash, Refractory. 
p i sort-on, The herb orage. 

sartangubm, Oxymel. 
sari/ah^ A chief. 
t, Emaciated. 


The top of a street. 
sirtaA, Vinegar. A nit. 
The vertigo. 
sarkin. Dry dung. 

sarguzashl, An event, 
transaction, a recollection. 
F jj^jT r sar giran. Intoxicated, 
p *i^- sar gard, The vertijo. 
p J^'JP^J sar gardan, Confounded, 
amazed. Straying. Humbled. 
? Inflamed with love. 
sarigaro, A chief, leader. 
if^: sar gashlah, Astonished. 
sargalu, A disease. 
~i sargish, The rain-bow. 

p /-j surim, Cold. Wild mustard. 


p U^; sarma, The winter, cold. 

p J^l^s , A summer-house. 
A i^*/*> > A bad kind of hornet, 
p ^U^p) sar may, Cold, 
p <L't-*> sarmuyah) Stock in trade. 

Orage. A kind of ivy. 
o sarmad, Eternal. 
sarmarah) Numbering. 
sarmasl, Very drunk. 
A copy (for writing). 
sarmatj Long bodied. 
sarmak, Orage, an herb. 
sarmuiah) Mud hose. 
Orage. Galingale. A col- 
lyrium. Antimony. 
r j^s saran, The white lily. 
(J^ 5t/rna, A hautbois. 
j^rUj-a sarnas, Manly. Impotent. 
A i_ilijs sirnaf, Long. A hawk. 
? <ul^-j , Address, direction. 

* gj^ saranj, Vermilion. 

* T^V** 3 ' ^ e en( ^' Apparatus. 

r Jj^jrurand, Tripping, iatangling. 
A gin. Ivy. 

A L^AJJ*! saranda* , Well knit. 
p .<X>JJ >- , To sit cross-legged, 
p L~f\J.~i strong^ A garment of three 

colours. The griffin, 
p <j}j* sarnigun, Depressed, vile, 

Backward. Inverted, 
p ^ijuXJ.** siringidan^ To wager, - 

talk, dress, laugh, expand, 
p c^-iy^-j , Destiny, fate, 
p ^jl^-j , To bow the head, 
p (j-)j~isarnalibun, A furnace. 
A jjt* 5artc, The cypress-tree. 
P \jj~> sarzra, A romance, a fable. A 

lie. Bare-headed. 
F jU ~> , Poesy, ode, song. 
A JU w s 5/irffitt/, Breeches, 
p j^jj.^j , The top of a declivity. 
A c >j /~i suruby Pasturing at liberty 

(a camel J. 

A ^-j^/-* Mr H7 ^ saddle, 
p ^U^^-j sarrcijan^ A cypress. A 

graceful girl. 
A (/ ~ 3 f.uruA, Pasturing at large 

(in the morning), 
p c^J^j^-* , Night. 
A Jj -s surud) Timid, 
p Jj -- 5wrod, A song, melody. 
r jj^tsartcar, A sovereign, a chief, 

Warlike. A work, affair. 
A j)s* wrur) Jy' delight, 
p ^Ju^jj sancarasrdan, To be 

used to, to suffer, be afflicted, 
p jjj^sarzcal, A covering, 
p g~< -j sarzct su[i}^ Symmetry. 
P fj^t.^ , An angel. A spirit. 
A e j~z sarica^al'i A tumulus. 

A u_J ^-j ?a/-;7/, Large, powerful. 
.V^ - 

rwf. The cough. 

F utJj j- , A bcd-room, a clout, 


j Straight, erect. 
, Affair, business. 
*"' ?. arzc * ffiii Juniper. 


* ' ^ c yp ress> A sweetheart, 
P Jf^o, Current. A kind of shoe. 

A defile. A web of cloth. Flame, 


A U--v^- ?. ur h. a b, A. glutton, bulky. 
A d^Mi , Rcfusiug. Twisting. 
A (Xife^ sarhad, The fat of a camel's 


r L-Xi^^o sarhang, A chief. 
r (jS^s sort, Magnitude. Chiefship. 
A ^^ , A brook. Generosity. 
A <Jj -j suriyat) A troop, any body 

of men frm 300 to 500. 

i A beautiful nose. 
> Naked. A work soon 

p ^tAj^j saridan, To sing. 
A ^.y-^ sartr, A throne. A kingdom. 

A coffin. A favour. 
f J -Mj5ffr?r, The rain-bow. 

sariral, A secret. A seat. 
sariri murdah> A bier. 
sansk) A veil. 
sirisham, Glue. A gum. 
sarishah kun, A baker. 
sarishidan^ To quarrel. 

(.i Swallowed. 
Quick, nimble. 
A bunch of grapes. 
The hips. Chosen, 
A graft. Noise. 
F i^Jj-j surinah) A head wound. 
t-ls* sariyah, A chiefship. 
F \j~> saza, Worthy. A reward. 

A <L>\j~i gaziisat! Dissolute. 


p J3\)~* sazaixar, Worthy. 

F J^^H sauiwali A monthly collec- 

tor of the revenues. 
F ^J^^-j sazidan. To be worthy. 
F v^rf 5M5/, Tender. Weak. Neg. 

lijent. Paralytic. Profane. En- 


p jLxcC^i~ o , A fool, ideot. 
p &*.'~L~: sashambah) Tuesday. 
P Aca-s sasad) Three hundred. 
A -.Uo-0 tt/a/t , The tent pole. Th 

burning iron. 

Ajlk-.-.?w/ar, A sourish wyie. 
A ^uaj 5i/fc, A long burn-mark. 
A /lk; ./;, Edge. Acute. 
p *,}&*} sitabr, Thickj gross. 
A ^- salh, A Bat roof. 
A Ja-i fa(ir, A line. Describing. 
.va/t, Diffusion, dispersion. 
, Long-necked (ostrich). 
AP jLui^a//, A brass kettle. A largt 

bucket. A leather cup. 
A jia-s .-Jatoj Assaulting. jjLuo r 

Dominion, majesty*. 

, The lungs. 
A ir 2 ^ safakky Confession. 
A c J-" sulu^ EnUghtning, perfu- 

ming. Exaltation. 
A -*.k-> sa/lh, A water bag. 
A j-^a-5 M^t, The dawn. 
p y^^-'U^a satabib, Rheum, phlegnr 
A eyjU~ sat.adal t Felicity. 
FA jcJjU^ , Happy, august. 
A jU-s 5uLar, Fire, vehemence. 
A JU-s stt^al, The cough. 
A (_^U~) .^a.aa?i, Patient. 
sitfiyat, Calumny. 

, Any thing viscotu. 
, Overflowing 

A *-ssfc/, Amplitude. Facility. 
A fcc-j satlar, A kind of origany. 

Impudent, obscene. 
A (Jr*~* safari) Crafty. Liberal. 

Brave. Impudent. 

? xx~.- safjah) A hand wound, 
p ^xw saijlm, An onion, 
A t\*j sab/, Felicity. 
A <^Jouo satdan, Galingale. 
A i^Jk*~j sa^dauaty The nipple. 
A .* ?. a t r i Burning, flaming. As- 
cending. Exciting. Paining. 

A ^U*- J > Sun-beam. Dawn. 
A | >; ;^*-> satfiran, Running. Md, 
A tjt~~x~* satsatftt, Driving goats. 
A lo*~j sa&.i Putting snuff up the 

nostrils of another. Piercing. 
A c B*~J satftf) Bridal furniture. 
A ikx-i sa^faty An ulcer growing on 

the heads of infants. 

A JA-J sa^al } Bad dates. 

A *&x~i sitlU) A hideous dragon. 

suifal, Coughing. 
A +x*a satjn, A camel's trot. 
A ^x^i sufyt, Tat of meat. 
A jyc-j 5wtf/j Felicity. Happy. 
A \yt~> 5ut.(, Medicinal snufF. 
A /*%*: sa&im, Fleet (a she-camel). 
A ,A-J 5a^, An enterprise, care. 
SJc/, Happy. A river. 

f, Striped cloth. 
^ A flaming fire. 
A Lu> sab"];, Tartar of wine. 
A ^j saghj A portico^ a roof. 
A c_^i^j saghib t Hungry, famished. 
A <Uxj saghbah) Obsequious. 
A ei^i* .?flg-7i/ } Firm. 
P A^i-j saghlah, Letters of credit. 
A JuL: saghd. A gentle rain. 

P JoLs, Ready. Bent with age. 
p ^Ju^s , Readiness. A pudding, 
r ^Ls saghr, A porcupine. 
p ^jjx^isaghrl, The back crupper, 
p ,t3i_Je~>saghrip()sh, Housing. 
A JU~,jLo saghsaghafi Removing. 
Oiling. Hiding. Larding. 

A *xs saghm, One badly fed . 

p i_J-' *(/", The shoulder. A rope. 

A ujLi 5/// 1 , After. 

A li*o 5ff/V7, Earth or dust. Leanness. 
A thistle ; abuse. Curing. 

A ^iLo , Bills of exchange. 

A IA-J sifah) A tyrant. 

A jU~j /ar, A camel's halter. 

\ j\x~3 sufar, The ere of a needle. 
The notch of an arrow. 

A if^liL) sufaraly An agreement, em, 
bassy. Writing. Shining. Tra- 

p (J^j~i safTirish, Commission. 

A ^iJuU: safast!;, The undulated sur- 
face of a sword. 

A Ji^U^j sufalal, Furniture. 

p ^jU-a , Sage (plant). 

A CJ li-s , Murder. 

A JU-J ?./^ Meanness. Fall. 

p jUj //, Earthen ware. 

p JU-j stfalin, Pottery. A potter. 

p itiLj , A tile, earthen vessel. 

A r^VsL; saffan t The commander (also 
the builder) of a ship. 

sifaniijy Spinage. 
si f anal, Ship-buildinj. 
safiih) Folly, insolence. 
50/7, Firm. The shoulder. 
5 T t> ore pie rce - To give. 
sufiah) A bill of exchange. 

r ^^i-j sitfltdan. To perforate, to 

insert. To join. 
A * ?f'fj> A squall of wind. 
r ~* safj, An unripe gourd. 
A ~ 5o/A, Pouring out. Whoring. 
JL^R-isafar, War, battle. A jour. 

ney. A day. Whiteness. 
* *j A ~ i ?. t tf ra b Travelling provisions. 

A table, a cloth, a towel. 
A. J-2-yL:, A quince. 
A 43^*-;. An Ethiopian wine. 
A _jLi,-j safsafi Wicked. 
A ci^~ix ?."fa?J, A lemon tree. 
A *LJL) stifsaiat, Bad, trifling. 
A &-Li safsqfqt, Sifting (bran). 
Tji~Jt~i, A broker. A courier. 
A Liu safaty A hamper. A small 

pot. Sajfi/y Liberal. 
A j-jLs 5i/zfc, Buffetting, striking. 

/, Mad, furious. 
safky Effusion. 
ialy A wiuk. 
, Meanness. Inferior. 

j, Long, tall. 
sijl'idan. To blow. To 
whistle. To compress. To pierce. 
A ^^ ?. a f n ) Peeling, shaving, plan- 
ing. Sweeping. A plane, Sec. 

(y> A swift ostrich. 
A AasxL- safanjah, Tranquil. 
F JuLc sifand, Wild rue. 
4\j^l <XJ~> , Earth, an angel ; the 

twelfth month. 
A jR~, sufux 9 Swift. 

c saffTtd t A roasting-spit. 
*^ A - '> A medicine. Powder. 
A j , A sweeping wind. 

ofa$, Folly, rashness. 
A-) Ambushes; hidden. 
A j^-s 5a/7, A violent wind. 
A UArfjz^rtt, Swift (mule). 
A ,Lc jfl/rA, The eighth arrow, 
p Juj~>safed t White, fair. 
H^-X-;, A broker. A sapphire. 
A (/ -A y 5/ir, A fallen leaf. Aa 

ambassador, mediator. 
A tjLsLsj Fiae cloth. A girth. 
A J;-A-> r[/^ Hard. Impudent. 
A dX*i-> saflk^ Overflowing. 
A ..^,-j ?. a f* n t A vein in the foot. 

A wedge. 

A &,.,-: saftnat, A ship, a boat. 
A <)W.AMJ ?. a f*$9 Foolish, imprudent. 

Open (cloth). Impudent, in- 

A \JL> sa$a t A water-carrier. A 

cup-bearer. A linnet. 
A LliLj sikatj Carrying away, D^ 

ficient, languid. A fall. 
A AtoLj sakam 9 Sickness. 

A ^U-:, Presenting drink. 

sail by Long, gross, plump, 
female ass-colt. 

er^-- saMt t Unfortunate. 

.^^ sal-hat, Baldness. 
A ^jJL-s sabdaty Redness. 

JJJL sukdudy A lean horse, 

JL; safafy Hell. 

_^JLj suhirttat,) Ethiopian wine. 

CJ^JL? salarlaty Purpet. /t*f&- . 
A kiuu, Fire. . Abortive. A large 

brick. Error, defect, base, use. 

less. Lame. 

^jiJLij Frequented pasture. 

*JLj 50^, Going away. Crowing. 
A 4^2A- sukalara') Long bodied. 

A A c_s~j jra/y, A roof, a floor, rafter- 

ing, ceiling. The sky, 
A JJLs W-/, Polishing. 
t Ci;liLj si'alaly Scarlet cloth. 
A <Lli~o sa'ldbat) Throwing. 
A JL: sri/tam, Sickness. 
<UJL>, Sickness, error. 
A ^y*^ sal ma', Sick, infirm. 
A 1JJL: s/-tt/, Falling. 
A <ULi, A water carrier. 
A L /~ 1 , Watering. Dropsical. 

A palm. 

A kJLs 5/-*/, Snow, ice, hoar frost. 
A ^UaJL; saliilaty A base woman, 
A <*AiLj sattfal, A. broad plank. 
A *,JL: 5///77M, Sick, infirm. 
T ilXrf , Night-shade. Vinegar. 

Wine. Terror. Sick. 

A IN~: 5 ;?/-, Plating a door with 
iron. Mutilating the ears. 

P H-j sofa, A quiver. 

A CJcLi -?/, Silence. A lurking 
serpent. Happiness. 

A <l>-ix^ saiajuh) Ignorant, simple, 

t &>&~i sukuchah) The night mare. 

P J&~> sutar, Sweet bread. 

A j$*isattar 9 A maker of wine, Sec. 

* *&-J6~sa&archaihi Foolish. 

P ^j'^-s su/;dru, A large oblong loaf 
of fine flour. 

* WL?j***> Long. A hedge-hog. 
tAiiSLs, To hold by force. 

* uJlCo ^4/9' Burnt silver lace. 
A clew of silk. 

;><**//, A shoe maker. 
A, A violin bow. 
P <JJ^ *a*;f, A plant ; a board. 

A ^^ salian, A cutler. 

p AJ^&rf stia&anati, A hard nut. 

i: L-^-J 5o/i, Pouring out (water), 

flowing. A tall man, 
p ?*^* >J silb'mqj) Sagapenon. 
A ^Lo sat I at, Siknce, silent. 
r ^il-^-j salltyan, Leather. 
p 4jlsr*" stfkhanah) A tavern. 
A^X-j 5fl/-ar, Shutting. iSu/r, In- 

toxicated. Enraged. 
P JLj su/,ar, A saucer. A hedge-hog. 
A dAX-: sa'arul, Agony, fainting. 
A' ^iJ^C-s sal/ran. Drunk. 

p t^.'^-Cj suttarptn, Marchpane. 

A saucer, a measure. 
A Ji~:sutur/ : al, Millet drink. 
P irX-' 5w/i/;Y/A , A saucer. A weight. 
p i_A~: su/Mi't Intoxication. 

p ^j /-~ J sua-f'arin t Sugared. 
p 'jx; j{iz, A kind of hatchet. 
p X :~> sifcah, A sigh, a sob. 
p ^ v X: suhistan. To be broken. 
P tlX~Cj5u/5W/-, Swift horse. 
A ^LJL<, Weakness. Strength. 
p .JL*t ';iz'/-?, Hiccough. 
A ^JLc5fl/Yc., Foreign, strange. 
A jjC /7, A large black fish. 

sattabl, A castor, beaver. 

A .yXnj, A dwelling. Fire. 
A aj^c, A habitation. Quiet. 
A <-'* k ~ ; sibunj) An ulcer in the lip. 

A musk rat. 

f ^*+s\*~i st/tatyubiny Oxymel. 
P ^Jk-afv^Ls, To choose. To cough. 
p jJcJL?, Name of a game. 
P j^&X-j salaniur, A newt. 
A ^Xri sulna', Quiet, fixed, firm. 
p byL; sulubij A biihop. 



A _r_\.Cj sa^'tt, Quiet. 


P tLlij-j sukushalt, Lightning. 
A CJ^-j <(/, Consolation. A gall. 
A ^Xri sutun, Rest. Firmness. 

Cessation. Dwelling. 
r ^.tsi/.ah, Vinegar. 

Ai" wsMi si j tab, A die for coining, 

the impression on money. 
A ,*} sail) A die. 
A \*z~*~isuj;ayt) The last horse. 

A .JLa sil-litr, Drunken. 

r UX~9 *4/2, Malignant, wild. 

p ^JjjjLd silizidan, To gallop. To 

be obstinate, vicious, 
p <d.~! sul'dah.) A sort of iron. 
A &> sutqyn, A swift ass. 
A <ujL safinat, Gravity, modesty, 

constancy, repose. 
p LjC *, A dog. 
p c-j'X-j sagaby The castor, 
p jlx~- sugar, A scoundrel, a knave. 
P J\Cj sigal, Thought, calumny, 
p JlL: sigal, Thought, a speaker, 
p j^JlCs sigalish, Thought, contri. 

vance, fraud. Litigation, 
p ^jJlLj sigartdan. To think. To 
traduce. To deceive. To blab. 
To sing. 

r (.;l> : sag an, Three and three. 
p *jlj saga n ah, Triple, 
p ^U-j sagban, A dog-keeper. A 

lifeguard-man, a foot-soldier, 
p L>- - ; f -) A sagacious dog. 
? JcjJL*| A stumbling horse. 
sftg'ian, A blunt arrow. 
.-, To commit a crime. 
sagsjiir, A monster. 
sagangur t Nightshade. 

sugnar, Sorrowful. Rusty. 

^J, Wine, 
p J>tfii A tumour. The loin. 
A Jus 5dtf, Unsheathing. 
A )Lc, The placenta. 
A <_A /6, A black habit. 

** V 

A t^JiL* sallal , A glutton. 

A /vf-^-> f.^^" 71 ) An arrow with a 

long head or point. 
A jXj 7aA , Armour. Tool. 

A ^L) sallakh, A skinner. 

p j^s-1^-, A horse-breaker, 

P ^ ^^'9 To fl ea, skin. 

p y~Jki*} salarasj A perfume. 

A ^-.Iw , Weakness, insanity. 

A <Lsl-j salasgl, Facility, ductility. 

Easiness, simplicity. 
A \sL 7a/, A cloth. 
A &5Lj salalati Sharp, eloquent. 

Sovereignty, power. 

A cJ^Lj f.u/qf, Juice. Wine. uJL 

5//a/, Money in advance. Th 


p 4_JLj sulaf, Stammering. 
A j^svlai, A tubercle on the tongue. 

An excoriation of the teeth. An 

eloquent tongue. Done with a 

light hand. 

A Lj salafal, Boiling. 
A JiLs sulal, Tke consumption. 
A &> sttlalat, A foetus. A gleet. 
A A^L.- suiam, A salutation. Peace. 

Compassion. Submitting. 
A <uiL> salamat, Salvation, stfety, 

rest, liberty, integrity, 
p ,f&~: saldmt, A salute of cannon* 

Earnest money ; a free gift. 
A t_Juj, Rapine. Spoiling. Dcj 

nial. Furniture. 


A i^.-U so//, Shaving. Cutting. 

Striking. Rejecting. Wiping. 
A UL ?<*//, Slit-nosed. 
A *^l-j stlfim, A misfortune. A 

monster. A scarce year, 

5M//M/, Sayings. Swallowing 
a mouthful). A present. 
*s?* saljam> Long. A turnip. 
f~* salh, Dung. 

\ *' 

&* salkh, Skinning, peeling. 
Ending (the month). 
\ m ^sz~ i sfdkhab, A thick foot. 
As*** 5 silkhad, A strong she.camel. 
s- 1 , A turtle, tortoise. 
salkhi, A sword. 

so/J, A thread upon which 
they string beads. Easy. 
JL-L.S salsalf A chain. 
JgpJU salsabtly Pure water. 
<U*JU:, Pouring water. 
)d LJ stlsilat, A chain. A series, 
progeny. Lightning. A pledge. 
Jy Ju-Li, Diabetes. 
LL; so//, Sharp. Eloquence. 
iliaL.-, Sharp in the hoof. 
^UaLj sullan, A monarch, prince. 
A queen. Absolute power. Proof. 
Power, efficacy. 
is^, (fern.), Broad, wide 
<ulaLj sulianat^ Power, majesty. 
j.Lc sa/t^ Breaking. A chink, a 
clefr. A fable, parable. Leprous. 
|l*L, Having a wide throat. 
&*L; sdatflt) A fracture. 
<-JJ*L> siltflf. Nodding. Proud. 

j-L- salagh, Toughness. 

*X*L: silghadd, A glutton. 

< a*L> salghaf, Robust. 

t_fiL>, Past. Preceding. A purse. 

p ^Ju;, To cause to cough, 

A <LlL; silfaly Affinity. 

A ^JL* salfut, Bold, strenuous. 

r jjiLj sulfur, A dunghill. 

p <uij sulfaAj The cough. 

A fj^isalky Excoriating. Scorching, 

roasting. Scalding. Tormenting. 


A Ul~j 5tY/a, Levelling ground. 
A &L: 50/jetf, Good soil. 
A j-iLi SfilkaL) A desert. 
A 3iL*ai*MlJ4, A shrew. 
A JiLs, A lion. A camel. 
A LtiaL*s sallamat, A she-welf 
A L^-' ; <ra(f , Inserting, threading. 
A CL: vitta', Digging straight. 
A *U salam, Paying ready money. 

Surrender. Faultless. 
A ^*^ J salmflj, A long arrow head. 
p <ul~s salmali) A mushroom, or puff. 

A fr~* silanjy Biscuit, dry bread. 

p ^^, An ulcer on the lips. 

A tUaii~>, A tall man. Delirious. 
A J 3 -^ salon/ah, A large plain. 
p jL-; 5oK, A coarse shoe. 

A jL stduzcy Tranquil. 

A ljLj5o/a:a, Honey. Manna. 

A jjlji-j, Eased of pain. Melted but* 

ter. A remedy for love, grief, fcc. 
A i *)-j sufautj Content. 
A ^jL: sulugh, Teeth shedding. 
A 4_jL> so/w/, Passing, surpassing, 

preceding. Swift (horse). 
A s.L 5a/a/-, Nature, genius. 
A CJjL Jfc^ A journey. Pro* 

eeeding. Mode, manner. 
r *jL> sufaah, A shoe, sandal. 
A i~ suhea , Honty, Sec. 


saViab, Long, tall. 
salham* Slim and lon. 

stilt, The consumption, 
salyar, Saliva, spittle. 

, Carried off by vio- 
lence. Stript (a tree). 

, An ulceration on the lips. 
salts, Easy, familiar. 
fl#/ A prostitute. 
?///" A purse, a scrip. 
.<>/?, Fallen leaves, fee. 
, Boiled (pot-herbs, Bcc.j. 
, Road, custom, manner. 

A new-born infant. 
*-i^j saUntj Entire, perfect, whole- 
some, mild, tame. 

r +~> sam, Venwn . ^ sum, A hoof, 
a foot. A cavern. 

, An orifice. 

~ 5ai, Heaven, the sky, an 

A ^j sam, A name. 

umbrella, a roof. 

A Uo sirndtj A mark, note, index, 
A {L^ltMi, Deformed, base. Instance. 
A ^.U^ samahat, Beneficence. 
A ^Ik-j simakh. The ear. 

samakhchah, A bandage. 
samad, Dung and ashes. 

ctmddir, Weakness of sight. 
, An herb. 

> A white muikroom. 
5*/na/, Order, a series. 
s samdt) Hearing, singing, 
Taking well. ^Uw: , A quick air. 
A c^%cU^ samdtflt, Audience. 
A JjtKj sum at; Pure. 
A C/U^j wa/', That upoa which 

any thing is supported. 
A Uw sumdlij, Sweet milk. 

A *Uo samim, A swallow. 

A ^U-j saman, Heaven. The 27th 
day of the Persian month. A quail. 

v (J.ys^t*-! , A hyacinth, a sapphire* 

p <OU^ swnanah, Heaven. 

A <jUj sumdntj A quail. 

A Sj\A~> samdwa.t, A projection. 

A <^$y+~> sumuiL'i) Heavenly. Sky- 
coloured. Elevated. 

A f^Uj sumahij, Insipid. 

PA ^.j^Li^j samahij, An island. 

p >jU^*o , A polishing stone. 

A J-.4-0 swnbul, A flower. 

A c^^-j , A road, path ; country. 

_ f 
r ^j\j***~i , A hoof cutter. 

A **** samj, Deformed, stinking. 

^- , " 
p ^*-" zany, A miser. A cavern. 

A rf^*" samah, Liberal, humane. 
A f^"" samhaj, A long-back'd mare 
or she- ass. 

samha&y The pericranium. 

* samdan, In perpetuity. 

samddr, Poisonous. 

satnar, A pack-saddle. 

samar, The night, darkness. 
Shadow. Time. A porch. An 
A \j*~i samrd, Tawny. A spear. 

samarraj, Tribute. 

j samralal, Tottering. 

sumrud, Long. 

samari, A thorn. 

samsar, A broker. 
A (j~~*~> samsak, Jessamine. 
PA L_,y----f- r ' surnsut, Ignoble, mean, 
impudent, shameless. 

A ^^.^j sums am, A fox. Sesame. 
A k*~.- sam, Scalding. Suspending. 


Sharpening. A thread upon which 

beads, &c. are strung. Harness. 

Nimble. Crafty. 

A ..**> sumt, Hearing. The ear. 
A <U*~j sumtfil, Sound, fame. Dissi- 

mulation, hypocrisy. 
A A*-> , Small-headed, hideout. 
A it ~a sumagh, Gum. 
A J t *" > samghaj, Rich milk. 
A <_**~j samak. Tall, long. 
A L_C*~j samaky A fish. Exalting. 

The roof, depth. 
f Jjvj samgil t White clay. 
A (J/kua saml) Reconciliation. 
A **** sainlqj, Rich but ill.tasted 

milk. J*~ , Light. Sweet milk. 

A *_U,^ s am alia--, A wolf. 

, Jasmine. 
A -.**- s samn, Butter, grease. 
P C*~; samna, A lovely girl. 
A *w sumnat, Fatness. 
f tXlxt~j , A horse of a noble breed. 
FA jJc^-j samandar, A salamander. 
f j\j'.<*"> A jessamine garden. 
r l~;..4~j samansa, Like jessamine. 
F ji^-*: samnu, Any sweet dish. 
P <U<*^j samnah , A fed camel. 
A J^*,MJ samw, Height, dignity. 
A ^y^samuki Affable. Clemency. 
A Jfc4rf sumud. Swelling. Studious. 

Magnificent. Idle. Singing- 
A j^4~o sumur, Tawny, brown. 
A bj^c sumufj Silent, 
A C^*-wittjf, Elevated. 
A C^o^Mi samul/ut) The heavens. 
A Jj^*;5ajw/, An old garment. 
P ^yfcri .fatiium, A sultry wind. 
A SA^sumuh, Thunder-struck. 

sumuzci, Nominal. 

ff, Astonished. 
simhaj) A falsehood. 

Milk and water. Sweet 
butter or fat. Of a bad flavour. 
A &4~> samhady Hard and dry. 
A JX'*K; samahdadi A fat camel. 
, Plump. Large. Far. 
samhart, A straight spear. 
A j&*~tsumhiil) Tall (palm-tree). 
A ^f^> sumaha\ A lie. The atmos- 
phere. Scattered. 

A ^<4j 50/721, Synonymous, resem- 
bling another. Going a hunting. 
A ^uiMi samtjj Deformed. 

An easy step. Abandoned. 

PA tX~ samid, White bread. 

A ^Jj 1 ?*** , A kind of ship. 

A ]fi^4^i , Verse. Simple. Nimble. 

A _-y~j samit., A hearer. 

A &~*j sumaykU) A small fish. 

A tJ~**~: samll, A hot poisonous 

wind. Unctuous. 
A (^-.A~i s(irnin y Fat, plump.. 
v ^. < *.r*~ ! sununj, A bad disposition, 
p ^ 5a, Colour. Sort. A rude 

pen. Age. Holy. 

A ^~> sann, Forming. Polishing. 

Cleaning. Making equal. 
A U~j , Shining, light. Senna. 
P C-?'X-oi sinaby Swimming. 
A ^\^~i sinuj^ Smoaked, stained. 
A _Lw; sina/i, Manifest. 
A ^jLs sanaduj, The smyris. 
p jlx-j sanar, A sea-port, a dock. A 

watering place, a channel. 

A jlxj xunnar t A cat. 
A tL-s 5i5/, Beardless. 

'juo , A camel's bunch. A hill. 


Clear, luminous. 
sinayulj The whole, all. 
, A fleet horse, 

The hoof. An axe, auger. 
-fc)Li~j sumbadaj, The smyris. 
^*XJux*o , To cause to bore. 
*V%' sambtlat, A short time. 
^~-~> sfmbis, Making haste. 
<t~~u: sambasah, Once. 
J-i*a , A flower, the hyaciuth. 
sambusah, A pasty. 
sumbul) A small boat. 
<Lu> sambahj Once, for this time. 
(jJu.wws sumbidan, To bore. 

L^^.^ sane/, A yew. Santt, 
Worthless. Sinat, Slumber. Sinnot, 
The mib of a pen. A plough-share. 
Dry earth. Garlic. Sunnat, Na- 
ture, custom, regulation. 

i_^u~; sun tuby Ill-disposed. 
cJ^u-j santAl) A perfume. 
^ sot;, A weigher, examiner. 
Elected. ^Oxygal. 

ab) Ermine. 
To cause to weigh. 
Xs-j sityid, The jujube. 
sinjuf, Cinnabar. 
sinjilat, A flower. 

A. balance. 
sanjidan, To weigh. 
t^^V-j sanjin. Hollow. 
^ sunk, A good omen. 
^acw sanaknak, Sleepless. 
^ stnkh, The root of a tooiL. 
The paroxysm of a fever. 
^scUj sankliat, A noxious smell, 
Xxj sun ad t A prop. Connexion. 
^*-i 5ond, A bird's bill. An herb. 
An earth.\vorau Saflad, The leal 

of a judge. A royal mandate,, 


A c-'i Jc-j sindub) Hard. 
p jlJCxyj sindur, A large stone. 
p jjltXv-j sinddn^ An anvil. 
A j\Ai-j sinda-avB) Agile, bold. 
A ^jJu-> sundarat) Celerity. 

AP (j-jj Ju-j , Sandaracha, red arsenic^ 

r J^Ju^j sindarah, A bastard. 

p ^Jo-j , Strong, bold. A lion. 

p (^JJwa sundas, Brocade. 

p i^jA^siwtfa/, A kind of drum. 

iL&*~i sindkesh, The rain.bow. 

A JJCv-j sandal, A bird. A sandal. 

Wood; tupid; a boat. 
p ^Ju-j sindan, A species of oil. 
i- *J<X%^ sandanah, A kind of bird. 
p *<X*-s sindah, A thick dr)' branch. 
p JU Ju-s sindfyad, A kind of oak. 
PA bJCUrfJVftdfyan, A kind of oak. 

p ,v*XXj sindin, Excavated. 

A yLj sanar, Ill-diiposed. 

p ^J ^-o ana^, A dwarf myrtle. 

A jj i-> .-??"> Thirst, 

A iai^ son/., Acacia. The wrist. 

A c-jlk^o /.a* A hammer. 

A Jlkx-j 5dn/a/, Length. 

A -*-x- iiwot The ancle. 

, A swelling on the lip. 

sanatba/s, A stinking plant. 

, The leaf of the ^ . 
jran/-, The conch ihell. 

, A tribe of bond women. 

*M* A stri S a bifd - 
, A stone, a weight. 
p jJL, sangiar, A stony place. 
i A mason. 

p tM** sangchah, Hail. 
P ^J^l , A bird's crop. Cizzar*. 

p ^)Jkxx-)*^f/aA, A potter. A 

place of idols; an idol-maker, 
p f^isangar, A porcupine, 
p <^jj^ singarf, Cinnabar, 
p ,UX-d scingsar, Stony. 
p <JJ&*i sangufti Hail, 
p j.y~i!>angu{akh, A stony place. 
sattgaliff, A wagtail. 
srtngurn, A cricket. 
sang~ir 9 A basket. 
p &&**> s(ingu'(, A hedgehog. 
p <^r>j^ stinging Heavy. A bayonet. 
P *' sanlakh, A garment. 
A *i~j sanam, High and gibbous. 

A iLfcX-s sfn>;imar 9 A cut-throat. 

A (^^^JM-J sanamafj Height, the top. 

A c**- s , A road. A guide, rule. 

A ki~; simlro, Watering ground. 
P i^Xu* sanawa, A. burying ground. 
A t^J\j*~3 sanauxit) Year. A rupee 
current many years. 

A CI.V,XM , Cummin. Honey. 
A f **- suniifi, Manifesting. 
A Jys; suniidy Propped, leaning. 

A j jX-: sinnateari Armour, 
p ^ff+*~> sinus) Unsifted grain. 
A 9^-, Beautiful, excellent, 
A (j^-- sanun, \ dentifrice. 
A y^-j , The domestic swallow. 
F t/;-^ ' sanazc'i, Annual. 
A <Uj stmahy A year. Curse. 
A l^ fow^rt, Old, ancient. 
A j^j .y//, High, precious. 
P <_$vio 5r/ni(, The iron head of an ar- 
row. Sim, A table. 

* *V*-' sanid, A bastard. 

P ^. t The weaver's reed, Sec. 

A p~~ xanim, Lofty 

. Sharp. Bare. Happy. 
ijMMMtf, Wind. 

s'.nay'i, A little year. 
*j AM, A part. Towards. 
^- 5rca, Deformity. Wrong. Af- 
flicted. Equal. 

Past events. 
sazcal, Acting wrong. 
Having a fine gale (ships). 
su&alcfu, Soft earth. 
5tMc/, A distemper from 
drinking salt water. Sa;c<~ul, 
Blackness. A multitude. Black. 
Suioke. Melancholy. Suburbs. 

A j\j* svarar, A bracelet. 
p J\,~ jMicwr, A horseman. 
p y t~> si;cara, Rubbish. 
p *j'y* siicurah, A reed. A bracelet. 
A horseman. 

suzcari, Horsemanship. 

i ch^i siiKu^, The first watch. 

A u-J^-s suicaf, A disease. A flock. 

A -^ .vaww/fcL, Scorching (wind). 

A ,J j-> 5tCcTf7/-, A cattle-stcaler. 


A Ll/lfc; jtHTtf/-, A dentifrice. 
A JUj-.-5/, A question, request, 
p Avl^i , Boundary, limit. 
A A^j~, Fatigued (camel). 
P ^p* , Besides. 

A L\ f *s saicuj/al) Disliking. Wicked. 
p *-^j~> suxaym, Cattle feeding, 
p <-' ^fu6, A small bundle. 
F t^bj-j s apart , The Araca nut. 
.F ,..lj ^j subun, A medicine. 
A <Jy^j 5w6o/, A long journey, 
p /*ljj~; , Little, small. A few. 
-, Farther, beyond. 


3f4 , A mace-bearer. 
sctziy, Going slow. 

^ Long. 

satokh, Sinking in mud. 
2i sokhtagi, Combustion. 
P (^us-^-i sokhtart) To burn. 
A Jj^j gazed, Dominion. 
P J-j suwad, A wicker basket. 

Gain. Interest, profit. 
A taj^j sawda. Black. A path. A 
large black female serpent. Origi- 
nal sin. Melancholy. Love. Am- 
bition. Desire. 
A ^jy , Dejected. Bile. 
A i : jyo sazcdat, A house. 

, An usurer, a publican. 
; 5 dmand, Useful, fruitful. 
9 ^ j^* sudan, To rub, tear, break. 

To dissolve, anoint, transfix. 
A Jfu>j- A falcon. A bracelet. 
A j ~i 5r, A wall, rampart. 
APj^s 5r, Nuptials', a feast, A 
wall. Redundant. 

surakh. An orifice. 
, Intelligence. 

sawrah The strength (of 
wine) ; the violence (of a fever). 
Power. A sign. Height. Dignity. 

' (J^*J y^ > To sound, blow. 
p ^i_j-J uran, A shout ; a pickle. 
\J^^MJ , A crowd. A trumpet, 
P (J^j j*isuranjan, A medicine. 
suri, A beautiful red rose. 


? ^ jjs */vA, Cubebse, a diug. 
* j ** 502, Heat, ardour. 
F cAyli J^ > ^ set on ^ c * 
F -* -w^wA, Burning. 

, A needle. 

P L-jj}S(>znagi Burning, 

p jj^J j-> i A. needle-case. 

t >JJj j-j , Burning, a burner. 

r jjj~tSoZangat 1 A needle-maker, 

p <J;_j- , A small throne ; quilting, 

A j\~**j y^ Inflamed. Anguish. 

f &j j~> spiahi The waist-band. A 

gusset. Dignity, pride. 
P ijj j~> soij, A conflagration, 
p j.)V i *-> siiiyan) Advantage, 
r ^JyJ^o soudan. To burn.. 
A <j~j~a ?. aze(t ?.i & disease. Nature, 

origin. The moth. Ointment, 
p jU-sj-.- susmar, A green lizard, 
p y^tf* susan. The lily. Cornfly. 
^jHiSiisj, A kind^f cloth. 
A \>y*i satel, Flogging, a scourge. 
A ft j~> sawtf Camels pasturing. 
p ^\j~>sazcgh<ll, A grand present. 
A cJj~s scuxf, Finding by the smell, 
ls^-o , The notch in an arrow. 
<UJj~ suftahj A worm ; fraud. 
A ^^i soak, Driving. Leading out. 

Sending- Dying. 
A 03j~> saa) A viceroy. 
C/t5j- sufiri) Ordure, filth. 
A C^-5BT/, Rubbing (the teeth). 
P LJ^-s sog, Grief, mourning, 
p ^Jl-j , To weep, to mourn, 
p _ufy-j sctwgand, An oath. 
A Jj-of.a"^ A question, 
p Jj-o */, The sole. 
p ^}JM) sulakh, A hole. 

A J0^o su-alatt An inquisitive ma. 
/ / 

9 5M/J, A wart, wen. 
-p Jj,., suK, A plough. >- 

,*j-3 5rta?/, Estimating. lajuring. 
Veering. Pasturing. 
AJ*! 5wi/, The third. A reed. 


P ^U^-j iuman, A little. 

p ijL<^;, A mass of gold or silver. 

A <W-c sumat, A standard. A sign. 

A price. Pasture, 
p -l^c^, Displeasure. 
P c^?lx^o somandt, An idol, 
p <U^-j sumah, Dust. A butt. A 

banner. In vain. 
A ^j~i stKaan, Loving ; a lover. 
P ^-jj<:, A kind of ship. 
P *_y* sazcinj, Congratulation. 
P &~-^j~> sunchah, A square patch. 
P j^Jj-* sunishy A fragment, filing. 
P LS'j^jJj** sunukhosh) An inter. 

milling fever ; a quarlan ague. 
P JiJj~> satcritz, Coriander. 
A j^^> surcur^ Ascending. Assaull. 

ing. Slriking, Enraged. 
A /*j-j su-um, Languid, satiated. 
P j*.j& **i~- scnzahi /am, A canal. 
P U^i suhagah, Borax. 
P ^US>3 suhan^ A file. 
A (J^>^3 t Long-legged. A squall. 
r VL&Jbf* suhnalt An idol. 
p &Sj suhafi) An anvil. 
A i^asazei, Equal, right. Enlire. 

A mean. Besides, about. Design, 
p t^-j 5uav, A part. Towards. 
A <X)^ surcqyd. Blackish. 
P ^*X|^j, A burying-ground. 
p U^^i Grief, a disease. 
? J^.^- 9 suyarghal, A royal robe, 

or present. A territory, a feudal 


p *^-.'.*-j , A green stone. 
A k;^ jari/, Mixed (wealth). 

p J^J-') A burying.ground. 

P A~iseh, Three. 

A jl^j <//oJ, Watchfulness. 

A jlf-s, The scorching of the wind. 
Lean. Pale. 

A v.-^-s sahb) A wide desert. 

A <Lj*i saJibal^ Deep, 

f j\j &~i, A guitar. 

P (J*+- *->, The brain. 

A 'V,' sahad) Waking. Beautiful. 

A j<Xg~j sa/idar, Far distant. 

A ^4-3 swAr, Many vigils. 

A ^jf~j suhran. Watching. 

p 8\j&*i suhrwah, A species of rose. 

p Xjt~:, A nuptial ornament. 

p <Uxl^.-, Wednesday. 

p <{J^: <t*j, The brain. 

A upg~,i sahif) Fretting. 

A u,^g..i , Stormy (wind). Swift 
(a horse). Fetid (meat). 

A J^-j saW, A plain level country. 
A crow. Easy, lighl. A few. 

A -Af-" ? Feeding on a plain. 

A jjk-j 50//7W, An arrow. A beam. 

A ^4.j-.-.' sttbmal, Propinquily. A lot. 

P c^U^j sa/nmgin, Timid. Feared. 

P Ij-Si'-r+ftj.'j Frightened. Horrible. 

p ^.Ju^i sahimldan^ To dread. 

p j-^j A floor, court, area. 
A j^ ^j An error, fault. Mo- 
desty, humility. Easy. Cold. 

A \^i , An hour, the first watch. 
A J^JA-S sahwan, Imprudent. 
A x*~i sahvcat, A bench. A low 
house. A cellar. A small win. 
dow, or niche. 

A 6jQ~t suhud, Watching, sleepless. 
A ^i^isakicak^ A liar. 
A CJ^3 sahiit, A storm. 
A 8j-.-, Ease. Soft (ground). 
A *JA-J suhum, Lean. Pale. Scorched 

by a hot wind, 
p ^** 5/, Straight (cypress). 


t .*** salnm, A partner ; even. 

p ^ , Thirty. 

A ^ styu, Resembling. 

A ijt^siu, Bad, wicked. 

r L->5iya, Bhck; drunk, wanton. 

A C*jL~; sayab, An unripe date. 

A ^\j- siyaj) A thorn-hedge. 

A ^U-j sen/yah, A pilgrim. 
A CJjL~;, Rule. A chief. 
r j\^i sjyftr, A. press for oil, Ice, 

A jL-j sayyar, Wandering, 
p ojU~- sayari, Galingale. 
A <sLjLj sayasat, Government. 
A U-~i 23/a/j A scourge. 
A l-~: ?yat, Clay, mortar. 

A (^{^isayyaf, Armed with a sword, 

An armourer, 
A jl-) The agony of death. 

A JL-J sayyali Current, rapid. 

p iL~j siyah t Black. 

p AflMg*, Blackish brown. 

p jfcU'i Blackness. Ink. 

A c,...i y& Flowing. Favour. 

p y_ Y"' ,-?^i A ' u a pplc. 

p L-^ 5zfia, A cuttle-fish. 

A ^L^j sty at, Equality. 

p ^^s^i slchidan. To prepare. 

A -fc-j ^, Flowing. Travelling. 

p AS-' 5iA.7i ? A spit. A furrow. 

p j^A=U sikkdar, The holm-tree. 
P uL/.s3U) sikhat, A small spit, 
r Ju^ sicf, A wolf, lion, old goat. 

A A+~i sayyid, A lord, a prince. 

A SJu-j sayyidat, A lady, princess. 
r tt*-*j saydi, A cricket. 

A (_5*X,-j sayyidi, My lord. Royal. 
5oyr, Walking. A show. 

A j+~a ser, Full. Garlic. 
A L*-> 5flz/ra, A silk vest. 

serab. Moist, juicy. 
serabah, Curd and garlic. 
Aquatick, humid. 
An inclosure for a tent. 

sayrangah, A theatre, &c. 
5tra/, Form, institution. 
j, Extra duties. 

) A veil, 

A cluster of grapes, 
oyra/, The cough. 
A green dye 
.-, A species of sea bird. 

^ Satiety, fulness. 
Dressed with garlic. 
se'idah) Thirteen. 

P ^/Js ' The bulb of flowering plants. 
P ^j.'^i says, A groom, 
A L^j 5a, The withers. 

The root of black pepper. 
p U^3L--> stsalat. The wagtail. 
p ^n-.rf stsabar) A flwer which 

expels the venom of a scorpion. 
p u.C..,..o stsat, Name of a bird. 
A *-.- jay t, Flowing. 
P i-*~i sigh, A troop. Beautiful. 
A jj*+~> Mghur, A kind of satin, 
A (.<!;.' joy/, A sword, sable. A 

blade. iST/i A bank, shore. 
A ^U-~i say fan, Long, sword-like. 

A &u-j sayyil-ai 9 Booty. 
p L y -- J>5/f , The third part. 
A J--* sayl, Flowing, flood. 
p c-A.*.) 5i/a6, An inundation; 

Flowing rapidly. Granite, 

The back of 2 sword, 


F -.-, A cook. 

F <0u-.- 5'/a# 5 A herd. A blow. 

F *--j segrw, The yoke of oxen. 

r J,TT' s/w, Silver. 

r >-<- .wyum, The thirtieth. 

F W-1U-* stma, The face, aspect. 

F C-jUwM* s'tmab, Quicksilver. 

F t^A*- .-, A mark, a butt. 

vj",A~~) simbar, Silver bosomed. 

A &*+~> sjmat) A mark. 

F {i f*-~> slm Ian, Fair as silver. 

F ^jj*-~ > A fabulous bird. 

F ,.j -**> slmrin* One who dresses 


and sells the heads of cattle. 
F .-4-~j stint t The third. 
v U-j5zmya, Enchantment. 
F y+A^iMmitt) Of silver^ 
F -^:r--> A furrow, plough-share. 
F <u-~j5roa/j, The bosom. 
tji~9, A loan ; a tray. 
F j+^snf, An apple. 
r u^j--', Beside, except, but. 
A c_JU-~: suyub, Hidden. 
r jj-^ 5^/Zr, A myriad. 
F JU;...^, A fief. Charity lands. 
A tjs~i suyufii Flowing. 
F .jLi^lcMMiy Favour. 
F *^--j suyuni, The third. 
/, Black. 

A t^-... sayhalt, A violent wind. 

^ji *Xi, The thirteenth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, and the sixteenth 
of the Persian. It denotes 300 in 

l& ska, A kind of fruit-tree. 

A U> sha. Sheep. A boundary. 
day, mud. 

p c->L> sJiab^ Allum. 
P ^,LUi shabash, Bravo! excellent, 
p ^jU shuban, A vigorous youth, 
p A dXV-~> A species of wood. 
A Jjli s/iabil, A liou with close 

teeth. Well educated. 
A l?jljLl, Oil of cinnamon, X:c. 
P ioV^^i A species of iron, 
r ,^,-Ui shabViaj) The mandrake. 
A JujLl shabiyah. Doubt. 
A ill *Aa/, A sheep. A wild ox. 

A woman. 

A AjL: shaftm, An envier. 
A .jS'-i shasin, A weaver. 
A ..jf-li. shajin, Melancholy. 
A li^>-Li shajinati A valley road. 
A c-^sk-Li shahib) Emaciated. 
A *~\*i> shuhini, A tallow seller. 
A <C.-v-Ll shahiyal) Yawning (horse). 
p Jh^> shukh, A branch. A horn, 

a cup. A hand, arm; odour. 
A c-~>- ] -i shakhib, Spurting (blood ) . 
<L^ll, A twig. Encrease. 
p jL^Li, Full of branches, 
p c^^li shakhisl, Victuals. 
A ijas>\!* shakliis, Looking up. 
A ulj^li shatchat, Melilot. 
p Sjj>\J* t A brick furnace, 
p i\L shakhuh) Two-pronged. 
p jll f/iaii, Exulting. Glad, 
p cJTolii shaddby Moist, pleasant, 
r ^,\j jli shddbash, Excellent ! 
A l\shattih y Copious (pasture). 
A ijui, A youth. Deviating, 
p 4 >^ oU>> Sweet slumber. 
F ..&. oil 5/zat/ A7j<Jr, A dancer, 
p ^Ujjll shadra&an, A palace. A 
jet d'eau. A canopy I bedding. A 
bed-chamber. A creek, a caaal. 


9 *&; > shadlam, Rejoicing, happy. 

p AJjTjlft f*rrt<rna ; ;, A counterpane. 

p JUsU, Cheerful. 

A ^tA-i shUdin, A young -Wr. 

p L-H ; jli shadnag. Cheerful. 

p i<- J 1 .! shaJnah) A kind of stoue 

used medicinally. 
p j^c>U> shadur, A parhelion. 
A t/J^ ) A singer. A driver. 

p Gladness. A wedding, 
p ^Jl'j'J*, A baud of music, 
p ^JL? Jul shadtdan, To rejoice, 
p jli s/za::, Glad. 
A c->Al shdzib, Absent. 
p jli s/iar, A whirlpool, eddy. 
A C-^Uj sharib, Drinking. 
A i.Li, A form, garment. Beauty. 
A <rj*~* shurih, A commentator. 
A J^li shurid) Fugitive. 
p ^Lj^Ltj shdrsin, A country having 

many cities. A city. 
A jli shariij A highway, 
A i^J^li sharify Noble. 
A i5j>*>> Sharif The sun shining. 
A tl^l shdri/f, A bird, partner. 
p j^,U sharlar, Idle, sluggish, 
p ^jlt, A palace. u \.jjlt. 
P uJJjjli* shariif, A besom. A rope. 
P ^Li sharah, A turban. 
A ^li *Aari, A sect, 
p ^jj jli, To rush. To be guilty. 

To pour, trickle. 
A JLt sAaaz, A stony place. 
A C->jl^ shazib, Lean. Rough (way). 
A i^A&) A rough place. Lean. 
A c-w sLij shastb, Meagre, dry. 
^ P U^*VM Aa5/, A bustard. 
P .~jli> shasii, Distant. 
P jLi shdsh. Vicious. Urine. 
A large lute. 

A bladder. The poplar, 
p iwl'wi shashah, Consternation, 
p jjJu-iili, To make water. 
A u-^v^Li shasib, Penurious. 
A ^li shasir^ Pricking, digging. 
A &j0\J* shasiral, A net, a trap. 
A <j*-l-i sAtfii, Stretched (bottle). 

A Ssll shaft, A~tall straight shape, 
^'wi, Acting unjustly. 

p Jo\J* shatir y A messenger. 

A L-cL-Ui, Harmless (an arrow). 

A i^sli shaUn, Wicked. 

A .z\J* shdt/r, A poet. 

A J*el, Kindling a fire. 

A <L;li ^Aayr^, Celebrated. 

A /^'^* shciZJ, Diffused far. 

A jJj* shaghir, Deserted. 

A J^lii sJuighil, Attentive, busy. 

A <Uili shaghiyat, Redundant. 

p iJli> shaf, A clyster. 

A ciA-j 5/jafl/", Ulcerated. 

A ^ll shaftan, To swim ; to grow 

old, to break, to crumble. 
A -sLi, Interceding. A ram. 
A **'., (An eye) seeing double. 
A ^li shafin. Looking askance. 
A Ail! shafafi, An eye salve. 
A ,jli> shaft, Healing. 
p ^Jui'-i,, To stumble, to fall. 

A T-.:^ 1 '* 1 shafitj) Neighbourhood. 

A jli *Af7W, Difficult, perplexing. 

A Jy^> shiitul, A kind \of plough. 
A J>Ll shuti. Miserable, criminal. 


p i/li */ia/, A shoot, a twig. 

H ,^Li, A gratuitous work. A scho- 
lar. A servant, 

A <li sha.';at, A swelled throat. 
, thauking. 


A *^l> sha&rat, A sack, purse. 
p jj^ll, The new moon. 
p <dll shakalah) A strawberry. 
A ./li s/a.^*j Instructed in arms. 

A complainer. A lion. 
p J^li , A scliolar. A servant. 
p J\ */u7/, A shawl. 
p Ljd^Sli shalhang, Poor, miser. 

able. Guilty. 

p Jli ahafi, Rice in the husk. 
p *li ffc/m, The evening. 
p iUU>, A kind of millet. 
p C^Uwi, A ihort female garment. 
p dULl shamajtah, Hard pitch. 
P tOUli shamala/i , Black, brown. 
p (jU\-l shaman , An ell. 
A <LAi shaamal, Adversity. 
A e^-><\-i shamil, Malicious. 
A *ll, An ear. 
A *\-i> shamikh. Sublime, proud. 
A <XU> shamiz, Fruitful (palm-tree). 
i shamgah) The evening. 

milf Containing, sur- 

rounding, universal. 
p <d*li;, A concave sphere. 
A <vLj shamah, A lord. Supper. 

Darkness. A seat. A comb. 
wcLl shamldan, To smell. 

p <o\-) shan, An affair. Nature, de- 
sire. State, degree. A vein. 

p ^,U> shan, Honey, a bee-hive. A 
mandate. Science, Habit. 

A V-^il-i shanib) Sweet breathed. 

P ^JJU) shanadan^ A comb-case. 

p jjAili s humidity To comb. 

P ic>jjli shan'idahy Sixteen. 

A t3- j sfuirii, A misanthrope. 

p (jtXJli), To comb, to card. 

A j,U shaazc, A boundary. Rubbish. 
Unequalled, choice. 

A t.5ti shaiii, Rich in sheep. i 
p jjkX) jLi shazctdan, Tc be. 
p ^j^* J/wnn, Any thing large, 
p *Li sAo/i, A king, a monarch. A 

bridegroom. Great. 
p jLfcli, Royal, generous, brave. 
p jJuwJbll, The custom-house, 
p ^Jfeli shahlarah, Fumitory, 
p <?!y ili, A viceroy. A satrap. 
A *Xfcl^ shahid, An eye-witness. A 

beloved object. The tongue. A 

ringlet. A moth. Friday. Pure. 
p *\j li, The king's high-way, 
p &j ill, A palace; wire, 

j iLl shah 'iang, Night. 
i, High (mountain). AH artery, 
i shahalj A faint sound, 
p ^J^ifli shahgircd, Captivity, 
p j\J* t Ancestors of kings, 
p C**U all, Checkmate, 
p ^It shahon, A shepherd'? pipe. 

The beam of a balance. 
p ^miislii, The king's seat. 
P \yi>li ^Ao/itiJtf, Royal, noble, 
p ^yfelij , A virgin. Royal, 
p Jy^li shahul, A plumb-line, 
p <ul shahah) A turret. 
A ,J&1$ ^o//?, Sharp.sighted. 

<7Ai, Royal. Dominion. 
A royal white falcon, 
p ^bll, Lawful, agreeable, 
A c-^'Li Mixing. Gray-haired. 
A u^-Ai>, Suspicion; mixture, 
r <U>U, shayibati, A little. 
A ^l shayih, Diligent, jealous. 

Timid. Abstinent. 
F Joli, Perchance, perhaps. 
p J^Ui, A circle round the moo. 
, Aptiludc. Propriety. 


* CA~jli shayisian, To become, suit, 
assist, destroy. 

A jli , Published. Celebrated. 
A tjtv** shayk) Lascivious. 
A ^/'U) shayiki, Thorny. Armed. 
f <^xU , Large, immense. Hid. 

* (J'vXfLi thqyjgarii, Numerous. 

* c^.U> shaj/igtnt, Small, cheap. 
A Jtl^ Without milk (a camel). 
P J^Ll shuytlrd, A parhelion. 

A &\0& shayi/i, A lynx. 

i shabb^ Kindling, on fire. 
Li shabub, Youth. 
A i'L^i, shabal, The end or point. 
A .Ujj shabahal 9 Broad. 
v jLl shabar, A whirlpool. 
A L&lrr* shabarit, The name of a tall 

tree. A worn garment. 
p JjjV** shabaroz, Night and day. 

P ^pUi , One night's interval. 

A ^ULj shabmtal. Satiety. 

P J jjjL^j , A fire fly. 

A <L-ij thibakat, Libidinous. 

A &J& shabatat, Net-work. 

T j^Ljj shuban. ! shrpherd. 

A ^Ju-1 hitban*l t Vigour, beauty. 

A (JUi shabunt, Red.faced. 

9 ilDLi, shabanguh, The evening. 

ajLi , Supper. Nocturnal. 

A e^bLjj shaba/utt, Doubt ; form. 

P i C^l^Ji shabahang, The dawn. 

A mightingale. 
A iwA skababat, The youth. 
) A bat. 

habbat, A young girl 
-~,l shibl, Anise. 
^^i shabas, A^ spider. 

/, A lofty gate. 
P clXfUi shabchal, A festival night 
A ,&> shabah. Indistinctly. 
A'^vacui shabhan, Long. 
H (^i^acuij , A night robber. 
F j-Js^t shabkhei, One who rises or 

watches in the night. 
A ^J^.2, shabdural, Jealous (man). 
A jtXwii shabdar, A medicinal plant. 
A <XJi shtbdat, A scorpion. The 

tongue. Misfortune. 
p jj A~i shabdez, A noble steed. 
A^n-i shabr, Spanning. A gift. 
A ^yy^ > A small load. 
A if j^Ji shabrazut, Velocity. 
A Jy-i shtbrit, A spcies of thorn. 
A <&/-> shabra$ai 9 Tearing. 
* Afcl* shabram, Night-dress. Abed. 
Avaricious. Short. 

r-i , A dark'bay horse. Black, 
shabrarc, A night-watch. 

s, A louse, a nit. 
skibist) Deformed. 
, A bed, a chamber. 
, The epiphany. A bat. 
shabusuh, A small insect. 
i , A horse going well. 

A H--JJ shabby Satiety. Disgusted. 
A ^U-^i) shabtan, Insufficient. 

habafr, Lust. 

1 shabby Mixing, inserting. 
shabahit, A net. A veil. 

' shab/.arql, Purblindness. 
shabkulah) A nighucap. 
shabtun, The cricket; dawn. 
shabltur, Puxbliud. 

sliabattah) A net. 
-Jl shabgah) A niglvt place. 


r JM , Walking in the night. 
p jjLi. , A flea (stinging by night). 
f j^yCji shabgun, A black colour. 
rjf*J!i shabgtr, A cricket, a night- 

ingale. A night assault. 
A J-Ji shubl, Growing. 
p ^AjLA shibfidan, To hiss, chirp. 
r *~J* shabnam, Dew. 
p _*> shabu, An agate. 
A *>w-i , Vigorous. A poker. 
A *j~i> shalncut, A young scorpion. 
A i*_y^ ' shabus, Vegetating. 

p j^-wi shabbur, A trumpet. 
A l?j-^ shabul, A kind of fish. 
p t_fV-i shaboy, A jar. A violet. 
AP *~i sh abaft, A resemblance. 
A $~i> skubhal, Doubt. Scruple. 
p .*j~Si shabhum^ The porcupine. 
P *lCx^i , The night time. 
p ^jyi shabiy One night, nightly. 
p jU--$ A dose for the head-ach. 
A c, <...*) shabtb, Youth. 





A LX A shubay';, A small net. 
P <^---i> shatiihthi A net, a snare. 
P ^^J-.J* , To press, whistle. 
p A:...^, shabinafi) Nocturnal. 
A <U*i shabih, Kqual, resembling. 
P */^i> shaparah, A bat. 
' CA~*-1 shupusin, Lousy. 
P ^" i.7.^ shupushtj Malevolent. 
apal, Rank. Uproar. 

apUdan^ To smooth, to 
kiss, chirp, sweep. 

habbibal, Puberty. 
, A night attack. 
shab'idan, To perch. To 
rest at night. 

* shabtr'j/i, A bat. 

A c^i shall, Distinct, dispersed. 

A \xi shild, Winter. 

P t jlxj shilab) Haste, speed. 

P (jJuJblxi , To hasten, to urge. 

P ^JujLi* , To make haste. 

p L-XJbJi, The leg, the heel, the sole. 

A *lxi shot tarn ) A supercilious man. 

A <ulxi shaftamat, Contumelious, 

p K.i , A camel. A scoundrel. 

p jb rui shulurbad, A dromedary. 

p ^W-i A camel-driver. 

p LjCDj j&pJ* , A cameleopard. 

p 9^^-ii shulur murgh, An ostrich. 

p j^t shalranj, Chess. 

p i*z-JcJ* , Height, covering. 

p cA-2 > To sprinkle, hasten. 

A J.i , Skare, division. 

p Jxi shillam, War, battle. 

A *sJi shalm, Contempt. Oppressian. 

A c^ > Weaving. A rope, a cord. 

A j* shalaat, Winter. 

A ojXi. , Winter. ^Ji , Distmct. 
P te& , Doubt, power. 
A u^-^t shatil, Separate, distinct. 
A AJ--.W shaltm, Reviled. Horrible. 

A (J^i Aaw, The J~e. Bitter herbs. 
A shtsr, A mountain top. 
A JlAsJutsl, Thick (finger). 

Wep.ving. Thick. 
A ^^J, , A weaver. A soft vest. 

A -> skajj, Breaking the head. 
Ploughing the sea (a ship). Di- 
luting wine. 

A Us* shaja. Chimera. Vexed* 

shfjab, A stopple. 
Fighting, wounding. 
shijaz t A sling for stones. 


A js?* shijar, A wooden bar. 

A fls?" shujdti Intrepid, bold, he- 
roic, agile. A serpent. 

P (*lf^* j A dew causing blight, 

A C^^s* 1 shajib^ Melancholy. Pe- 
rishing. Corking a bottle. 

A &s?* shajy'at, A contusion. 
A ^sr*** shajtsa^ A key. 
A x ^sf shaj'zat, Gentle rain. 
A jsz* shajir, Changing, averting, 
disputed, propping, piercing. 
ajr^ A tree, a plant. 
shajat, Intrepid. Swift. 
A ^1*5="* shujtfln, A brave man. 
A dJtsf shiyutflt, Agility. 
A A^-sr 1 shqjzam, A long-bodied or 

long-neck'd man. A lion. 
A j-s^ shajagh, Moving quickly. 
A c-c-s"* shajf, Unbarking. 
A wsr" shajam, Death, destructiom. 
shqjan, Detaining. Grief. 
r* shijnat, Intangled. 
shajw, Affliction. 
, A desert hard to pass. 
^ shujub, Ruin. Sorrowful. 
s* > A long-footed man. 
*.jj<s?*shujur, Pruning. 
A Jysr , Long-footed (man). 
shift, Anxious, vexed. 
tjt Contused head. 
shajir, Woody. Foreign. 

shqjit* Intrepid. 
A f* shuhfi, Avaricious. 
A ls shaha, Large, ample. 
A Jlfl , Croaking. Growing old. 
A ^\s~>shabah, Avaricious. Barren. 

4 jUr shahkSz, A teizing beggar. 

A cJU.^ shth5f, Milk, 

A /*^* shah-ham^ A vender of fat. 

shakibj Lean ; pale. 
A <Xsi* shah'z, Grinding ; gnawing. 
A c.. J.Jks^ , Sharp, peaked. 
A js^ shakr t The mouth. 
A jlissS"' shahshar, Long. 
A ^ shahshah, Swift (bird). 

Jealous. Assiduously. Eloquent. 
A ks^ 1 shaha^ Distant. Excelling. 
A t_jLs?" , The sound of milking, 
A *fl shahm, Fat. 
A ( js^ > shahn, Filling. Persecuting, 
A Ixsr' shahna, Enmity, hatred. 
f iis^ shahnah, A viceroy. 
A i&? shahw, Open. A deep well. 
, Livid (from hunger). 

shahwal, A step, a pace. 

shuhuf, Distant, absent. 

, Covetous, miserable. 
A ^fc-^r* shahzm, Fat, greasy. 
p j^, Hard ground Declivity, summit. 
A salt-marsh. Muddy. A branch. 

A ^ shakhkh, Snoring. 
r ls?" shakha, Tearing, scratching. 
p jVsr"' shakhar, Soap ashes ; a lixi- 
vium. Vitriol, A brick. A spot. 

shakharah. Dung. 

, v. j\s~> , The dervises. 

shakhab, Blood. 
shakhly Litharge. 
shakht, Slender (man), 

A , A beadle, constable. 
A -sr* shakhr, Difficulty. Braying. 
shukhartbj Thick, hard. 
A black mulberry. 
^ shakhdz, Difficulty, trouble. 
Tottering- Reproaching. 


r J^-^ 1 skaksh, A trip; falling. 

Wiping the nose. 

, To causa to trip, 8cc. 
shakhshakh, Hard ground. 

A bleacher's beetle. Hill top. 
A j^/as*" sheikhs, A person. 
A i^s^ shakhal, A boy. A friend, 
p t^s?* shakhal, Sound, noise. 
p .jJuLss"' shakhlidan. To inspire. 
P [.yjj+s** shukhm 'iadan^ To plough, 
p i^s? shakhn, Grief. Afflicted, 
p JWJE? J shakhnud, A scratcli. 

p ixsr* shakhnah, A vicegerent. 
A Jjsr- shukhulfit, Slender (man), 
p t3j^r*" shakhud, Scratched, 
p i^jis^ To scratch, assault, as- 

semble, vex. 
1 A .jCis?* shukhus, Exalting one's 

self. Departing. Large-bodied, 
p iJcl^sA shakhulandah, To cry out, 

to scold, to groan. 
v ^Jwsr* shakhldan, To recover 

when stumbling. To stare.." shakhlr, Snivelling, braying. 
shakhls. Disagreeing. 
shakhis. Corpulent. 

A Jul , Rushing to battle. Binding. 
A *JJ\*Xi> shudalitn. Large* mouthed. 

A i'jw shaddat., Attack. Violence, 
severity. Magnitude. Affliction. 

A <Lfr.<Xij , Fullness. Freedom. 

A iJ^ shudkhj Breaking a hollow 
thing. Spotted on the face. 

A U-JuLl\ ashshadkha, The lion. 
A uJiXi , Tall, nimble. A drum. 
A li.Xi) shudfii, Leaning to a side. 
A <JJJ-1 shudfat, Cuttinc;. 
A ,V^-S *A</^, The side of a valley. 

A Ij^X-ii shadlta. Large-mouthed, 
p .\jol shudliar, Ground tilled. 

The rain-bo\v. 


p (.itN-i shudanj To be, to become, to 
go, pass, to be lost, to transfer, to 
remove, deface. 

A j*.\ui) shadx, Urging, reciting. 

A ,o*Xi Growing strong (a colt). 

A Jw) , Astonished. Employing. 

p yiw shada/t, A bird's bill. 

A (./J^j shudda, Adversity. 

p jUbXi shudyar. Tilled land. 

A JjJw shadidj Strong, brave, fierce. 

Harsh. Avaricious. 
A jkj<x> shadidal, Adversity. 

A Jwi shaz'z, Solitary, separated. 

A \ Jw s/wr^, An injury, misfortune. 

Dog- flies. A kind of ship. 
A j^tXi shazaral, Jealous (man). 
A *^ Jwj shaziim, Salt. A sting. 

A i.^ Xi , Leaping, Solitary. 

A c->joii shaiib, Peeling, cutting, 

pruning. Prohibiting. 

A <L'4X) , One lopped branch. 

A iXi shazr, Gold dust. 

A c Jol j/tcKzr, Musk, musky. 

p .^) *Acr, A city. 

A .^j sArr, Wicked, malignant. 

A \J* shirii, Trafficking. 

A c_ i\jJ* , Wine ; any beverage. 

i, Thick in the hands and feet. 
sharabdar^ A cup bearer. 
, The sound of water. 

shurraf^ A sect. 
sharaj, Oil of sesame. 

sharrii/i, A commentator, 



" sharahi, Roast meat. 

y/-i shararat, A spark. Malice. 

Dryness. Doing evil. 
A j^jl* , A milk bottle. The mind. 
A a\j sfiiratt The sail of a ship. 

A bow-string, a bow. 
A <X^-i shrtrutftl, Boldness. 
A (f\^ sh*ra&, A long spear. 
A QJ^shirazh, A shade, a veil. 
A &3\.i sharufat, Grandeur. 
A &+s\r> sharafiyut, A long ear. 
A CS\j& shira/;, Shoe straps. 
A j&\-i sharutat, Partnership. 
F i.V-i j Murmuring of water. 

-i> sharriin, A gnat, vexation. 

A *JL sharahat) Gluttony. 

A tJjL shurb, Drinking, imbibing, 

Fine cloth. Drink. 
A e^r Sherbet, syrup ; a draught 
A aj^i , A draught of water. 
r Jo wi> , Riband. 

A <L^ r i> sharbiyat, A sheep at water. 
f CA> r~> sharbin t A pitch tree. 
, Taste; fortune. 

A iLi skirrat, Malice, wickedness. 
A <AJ^-1 , Pleasure. 
A ii?Ji , Sharp (sword). Cracked; 
thick (hand). A worn slipper. 
-i sAar;, Shutting a purse- A 

troop, a sect, a species, a colour, 


4-P^yi , Tall, noble (horse). 

^Lr^i, , A tanning plant. 

_>-^i) sharja^j A bier. Long. 
_j^i shar^ Interpretation. 
dU-^-i) sharhat t A slice of meat. 
j sharkh, A sword blade, un- 
polished. Early youth. 

K. c^yji^i shark-host) A species of 

manna. Pottage, gruel. 
* jp-jL , Straight. 
A (.jAjfzyZt , To scrape. 
A JuV-i shirdahj Thick, flabby. 
A iV^i shirdakhi Large (foot). 
A j^ sharar, Evil. Malice. 
A ^ -i , A spark. Malignity. 
A J^ */tar'i, Cutting, 
p *j^. , Enraged. A brawler, 
p ;Li~i) , Intoxicated. 
A (^-^ *^arjr, Hard, rough (ground). 

Sharis, Malignity. 
A i__i-s-l) shursuf. The cartilage of 

the ribs. The head of a ligament. 
A j>j<* shirshir t Dripping fat. A 
churn ing-bottlc. A brisk youth. 
sharsharaf) Cleaving. 
, A species of sparrow. 
pi sharshib, A ship- worm. 
shars, The first walk of a 
The ring hole ia a camel's 
nose. Roughness of ground . 
A ^/v- , Hard, rough ground. 
A ^ J* shart) A compact, law, limi- 
tation. The bank of a river. A 
rivulet. Sharat) A sign, mark. 
A ?-i> shurlat, The advanced guard, 
the life-guard. Shur/afi, Defined 
agreed on. The judge of the mar. 
ket. Propitious. 

A Jk-" 1 shurti) A centinel. A com. 
niander of infantry. A questor, A 

A c^i short., A straight road. 
Religion, law, justice, equity. 
Legislating. Making manifest. 
Beginning. An equal. 
A i_Jlc^ skirt of \ The envelope of 
the flowers of the male palia-tree. 



A t-^c^ shartftb, Long. 
x <JV- C T~ J > A striped garment. 
A &, sfurtat, The law. A road. 
A pair. A 

Name of a plant. 

sharQ, Legal, equitable. 

j Suit, complaint. 

, A tent-polc. 

shurgh, A small frog. 

sharaf, Dignity, glory. An 
eminence. A horse. 
P C/ls^i sharfat, A low sound. 
A &,- shurfat, Honour, pinnacle. 
A J^j& sharfash, A milky shrub. 
A &j sharfanj, A rugged road. 

A c^N-^-i> sharftyat, Nobility. 
A j> short, The east. 
A l^i> , (A sheep) having slit ears. 
A >j2> sliarkal, The rising sun. 

A S reen ma gPr e ' 
sharki, Oriental. 
shartidan, To lacerate. 
A t^-i. *Air/, Society. Infidelity. 
F cl^-i sharat, Contumacious. 
A &&jL sharaftal) Society, partnership. 

A highway. 

A + sharm, Splittimg. A gulph. 
sharm, Bashfulness. Shame. 
sharmahj Robust. Long. 
sharamsar, Abashed. 
sharmandah, Disconcerted. 
- i To be ashamed. 
shorn, Split (as a rock). 
i , Corn with long leaves. 
^-1 , A disease in the eye. 
> , A silk-worm's cone. 

i, Venom. Sugar. A wink. 
p ji/i shurnng h, A small frog. 
p \)j& sharma, A lie. 

A tjo\jj& , Fat, soft. Milky. 

A i?jjj , Long-bodied. Swift. 

f J jy^> shar&al, Drawers. 

A J -i sharud. Flying, terrified* 

A f j r^ A beginning, onset. 

A 4 J^y^ shuruf, Aged a (camel). 

A (Jjj-i shurul, Rising (the sun). 

A t^-1 sharwa'y Resembling. 

A jf^i sharaJi, Desire, gluttony. 

A u^-^ ^Aory, The coloquintida. 
Flashing repeatedly (lightning). 
Boiling with rage. Pimpled. A 
district. Bargaining. Excellent. 

A (jal^J* , Thick, with a long neck. 

A ^V.^ shfryan^ An artery. 

A \ tm ^ n jHt sharib, Wine, drink. 

A t^-Jy^ shirit, A riband. 

A <^ iy -<i shariyat, A rule, mode. 
A *j* i A long slice of meat. 
A J^j-> sharid, Separated, flying 

away. A monk. A riband, 
p ,jjj^i , To flow, to murmur, 
p jijL shartr, Good. Malignant. 
A AaJ^ sharisat, The cheek. 
A <&3Jy*2> sh aril at, A condition. 
A j-^-2* shartt,, Bold. Fine linen. 
A <*Jj-$ sharitfft, Law, justice. 
A i WjA i'Aarif, Noble, holy. 
A t^Jj-J* , The East. Beautiful. 
A uJoyi , A partner, a companion, 
p tej& shirinah, A dry scab. 

A j-i> sfazz, Dry. 
A < ^ sAz&, Lean. Rough. 
A *^j-i shu'ibat, An occasion. Law. 
A j yi *Aazr, Scouting. 
A ^j-i sAazra, Reddish (eyes), 
p \5j,j shdurta, The back bone. 
A ^j^, sAazn, Tables (back-gam. 
mon). A tract. Rough ground. 


Fatigue. Severe. Distress. Dis- 
A u^j j shazib, A. rough branch. 

A j^Ji shass, Hard earth. 

A v_ -I-.-*, A bow. Dry, wrinkled. 

r c:*li s^a-^5 A fish-hook, a net. 
A fine lancet. Sixty. 

r &0M& shuxfgah, Baptism. 

p <c...^ shustagi, Lotion. 

p ,j3~-> shuslan, To wash, baptize. 

p ^t-i sfawft, Six. 

p l^Li, A six.stringed lute. 

r dJV&L." 1 ""' shashkhanah, A gun. 

p .ntv^-"*) Beardless. A game. 

pjjJLl, Six doors. A dice. Dis- 
tress, astonishment. 

p Juci-i, A smooth carpet. 

p ^.9,.i,A. Breeches. Beardless. 

A JJiU-Li, Root of an Indian tree. 
A <LiLL shushlalal, Adulterating, 

changing; weighing (gold), 
p t *j^*~ *' shushab, Gum. 
p *,U..) shashlah) Glass. 

A j^^i* sAfl.S;?, A net, hook, fcc. A 

sly thief. 

A jLii shisar^ A piece of wood. 
A (jcl^-i shisast Indigent. 
A LtfUxi shasasa^ Adversity, penury, 

carcity. Haste, expedition. 
A i_ -^*' *Ai.s&, Adversity. A lot. 
p ui -"* sAw5/, Sixty. A hook. 
A ^aJ shasr, Pricking. Butting. 
Digging. Sewing. 

shusus, Milkless. 

shaslab, Robust, firm. 
Fixed (the eye), 
i, Afflicted, indigent. 

sur, The being fixed (the 
eye of a dying person) . 

A ^j-^i, Scarce. Indigent. 

A ^^s-1 shasi, Swelling, distended. 

A *,_ -f7*T shastb, A foreigner. 

A <U,.r?,.l shasibat, Calamity. 

A {? ** Misfortune, scarcity. 


A ki, sJutlt, Far distant. 

A jki ^fl/w, The kank of a river. 

A shoot. The extreme part Sub. 

A xj&sJ* shafarat, Alacrity. 
A klL-i shalalj A fine shape. 
A c-^r>^ shafb, Cutting. Bending, 

Distancing. Splitting. Elegant 


A ^^ shafih, Adorned. Good. 
A ^Jki shalr, The half or part. 
p gj^* shatranj, Chess. 
A ^^JaJi, Wandering, travelling. 
A Lki, shataft Injustice. Falsehood. 
A t -^i, Perverse. A long rope. 
A ^ki shatw, The side, margin. 
A j^ai shatiir, Troublesomo. Re. 

tiring. Disobedient. Squinting. 
A uJ}k) sha/fif, Far distant. 
A (jjk** ah a fun, Remote. Deep 


A ^Ja-i shaft, A sown field. 
A JL.k>, A slip of leather. 
A j-Jta^j shatir, A foreigner. Far. 
A \lii shaza, Split. A crowd, a 

sect. A stranger. 
A 10UL& *Aozz, Dispersion. 
A i__J^-l shazaf, Adversity. 
A iiliii), Becoming hard. 
A t, c ! r A shazaf, Hani, distressed. 

A A-lii shtKtyal, A chip, fragment. 
A laJo*, Split wood. A fastened 

A t Bjliai fAazif, Withering (a tree). 


_i shat.t, Scattered. 
.IxJa shitar, An under garment. 
Asig, pass-word. Death. 

l*Jj shatftt., Splendor, array. 
Wavering. Thin (milk). 
!_jU^j shutflfj Madness. 
i_ ^xi shatb, Collecting, repair- 
ing, interpolating. Destroying. 
People, a noble tribe. A troop. 

,Ljc), The eighth Arabian month. 
<5ux^j shufjsal, Ramification. De- 
rivation. A gore. A rill. A cleft. 
shat]>ad) Juggling. 
ska^as, Separated, scattered 
A jci> shatr, Hair. Shitr, Science, 


A tJjU^j sha&am, Very hairy. 
A ij .**, A small cucumber. 
A (Cyci, Knowing. Poetic. 

shatshat, Divided. Agile. 
, A thin shadow. Tall. 
; , Tall, handsome. 
Mixture. Light. 
, A decrepid old man. 
ha^iur, A wood-nut. 
shu^(if(i(, The summit. 
A Jj^> shatal, Superficial. Bold. 
A iL)d shatla. Partly white. 

$hu%lal, Light. Flarne. 

A -1*-! sha&llat., Tall (man). 

A ^U^, (A tree) wide-branched. 
A .*A shztin, Reconciling. 
A |^*4i sha^mum, Long, tall. 
A ^^ sha%on, Dry fallen leaves. 
A \jx s/tatteo, Wide branches. 
A S-y"* *^atw6, Death. 
A i'jj^i shaizcadal, Juggling. 
Aota:i, An express. 

shutft', A lock of hair. 

, A provision.bag. 
, Barley. 

shadraf, One grain of 
barley. A sword-pommel. 
^nx-i) shuQrat) A ringlet. 
~*Ji> sha~it.) A chariot, waggon. 
, Partly white (tail). 
, A lamp, candle, Sec. 
j_-j shttgh) The horn of an ox. 
Callousness. A little. 
U.1, A quiver and bow-case. 
Ax& shaghar, Empty. Full. A 
badger, a weasel. 
. jU^ shugharijj A sweet-meat. 
s\x skagharah, A badger. 

The pericardium. 
shaghal, A jackal. 
&ha^han, The honey comb. 
shaghb, A tumult, noise. 
shnghab, Bashfulness. 
-i, Hungry: longing. 
A cotton rod. 

hugfniddan, To escape. 
shaghr. Expelling, ejecting. 
jkj^ shaghz. Tyranny. Treachery. 
JL yJ, Tripping in wrestling. 

shaghf. Great emotion. 
, A beautiful woman. 
JjLl shttghly Business, sfudy. 
*A-1 shaghimy Greedy, covetous. 
A^jLij, Tall, handsome, 
u-^^i), A tender branch. 
jxJ* skttghic, Uneven teeth. 
\j*> shaghwa > An eagle. 
Ci^x, A demon. A madman. 
, Forbidden. Somewhat. 
iLii, Wheat mixed with darnel. 
hagha$i Clotted blood. 

A ^niii shighghir. Ill-disposed. 

A j*.x~> shaghiz, A needle. 

A J-*i shaghil, Busy, employed. 

sha/f, Gain. Emaciated. 
hafa, Medicine, cure. 
shafad. Lawful. Grandeur. 
shafaral, Near setting (the 
suu). Distressed,' reduced. 
A -.j\Lt shufaraj, A sweet-meat. 
A j_,U^j shufari, A field-rat. 
A telLi shifatttt, Intercession. 

A u-jlii shaffuf) Transparent. 

A <jljLi, Cold wind, with rain. 
A <UlxJ> shafanat. A lark, sparrow. 
A (j&& shafd/n, Large-lipped. 
A <iJLi> shafat) A lip. 
P c>jLi s/u//"/, A couch. Filth. 

r UA shafla, A quiver. 

shaflalu, A peach. A kiss. 
> shaftalianj, A wire frame. 
, Separated, divided. 

, A red peach. A wart. 
i.i shuftalang, A red peach. 
hiflan, To become mad. 
A couch. Madness, 
p j&> shafur 7 A sword, the edge. 
A jiJt) shufr) A margin, an edje. 
A fjS^i, A spear side. A servant. 
shufardun, To be freed. 
shufsah, Sun-rise. Sleder. 
, A branch. A flute. 

shafsfiafat, Emaciated ; 
chilled. Bathing (a wound). 
1, Enervated (fern.) 
huftat, Fury. Redemption. 
A J^Ji skafut, Twilight. A day. 
A coait. Fear. Condolence. 

A &u*u) shaftat, Compassion. 

P uJvLi shaft t A villain, vagrant. 

A Aalxl shafattakati A game. 

P (jJulxi sht/Tidan, To hiss. 

A ^.s-i shafiH) Intelligent. 

A ^iiJLi shajiintar. Bald. 

A (jr^xxii, ahafahfdra') Separated. 

A (^nxiL> shffriin, A pigeon, a dove. 

p Jyll, Forbidden by religion. 

p (jjyll shufudan, To gaze at. 

A JJA shafur, A wasp, a hornet. 

A uJji-1 shufuft Gaining. Losing. 
Transparent (garment). Few. 

A Is&shafh) Desist ing. Idle. Find- 
ing. Shafah) A lip. Esteem. 
Praise. Work. Importunity. 

A ,Ji-2 shaft, Labial. 

f jA*Li shuftdan, To expect. 

A j*&Z> shafir, A tract. An edge. 

A -*i-i shaft^, An advocate. 

A JUs-1 shafik) Merciful, condoling. 

A &$*&> shafayyikat, A small lip. 

j A <_$> sfiaM, A fissure, a crevice, 

The dawn. Trouble. 
A AiLi, Petulance. A quiver, 

A Jii shuMak, An herb. 

A c>^ shu&ari, A lie. 

A J\I *At^, Discord, felony. 

p JSU&, A wild carrot. 

A v^j'Ji-i shahawat) Misery, disgrace 

Insolence. Villainy, 
A JjUi , The left wing of an army. 
A c-JLi *//-6, A cavern. 

A li shiMat, The half; a chip. 

Rage. Distance; a tract, lonj 

journey. Iniquity. 
A *~* sAo^A, Breaking. 
A laS^ sAaMo, Froth. 



A &a^ shalhat, A reddening date. 
A t-Joz^ shathatab, (A sheep) 

having ugly crooked horns. 
A ^/^ Mhi, Red (gown). 
A *Ju^ shildal, A feediag herb. 
A uJjJLi sha!idaf t A vehicle. 
pj^JjLl sJiakdur, A chief. 
A ji, A reptile. Sleepless. De- 

parting. Quick-sighted. 
A j&, shalr, Important business. 

Shul-iir, A cock. A lie. 

A J^yi-*} A green magpye. 
A ^xi shukrat, A clear red. 
A <e.JLgJj shahha!;al, Splitting 
(wood). Pronouncing. Brayinj. 
As, A particle, part. 
An earthen pot. 
Ji shdiin, Few, small. 
jJLi> shuliuu, Breaking (the head). 

j*-i shalufy Description. 
^yi-i> shulun, A small present. 
AA shakah, A fissure. A letter. 
^JLi shaft, Poor. Wicked. Pe- 
tulant, insolent. A robber. 
^JLi shft!ih, Deformed. 
t/ ^j*-i > A species of camelion. 
<,/=*> shafts, A partner. Fleet 

wiJLJj shufify Split. One half. 
&JLS shat'ilal, A fissure. 
uXi *Attjf , Doubt, jealousy. 
dXi>, Limping. Arming. 
^Ll 67ia.(a, A blow, a box. 
jK^, sAijfar, Plunder. Hunting. 
*y^,, A baker's shovel. 

, A hunter. 
shikaridan, To hunt. 

A J& shal'la'"^ Libidinous. 

A J^Jj sha';asut. Malignant, in- 

r <U&i shitasak, A hedge-hog. 

A ..eoLi, Having unevea teeth. 

A ^c^J, An Arabian thorn. 

r uJ&-i shit of, A fissure, a cavern. 
Tearing, splitting. 

p ^JcJliUi-i, , To split, break, tear. 
To be torn, defaced. 

* <*iliLi, A violin bow. 

A *& shatatat, A tract of land, 

p J&i ^a/A A jackall. 

A jUi At/o/, A horse-tether. De- 

p ^KS shilalish, Care, Treachery. 

p *!&& shaldla/i, A hedge-hog. 

p j^jJlCi, To think. To betray. 

A *J-i shatamal, Contumacy. 

p ^K-i shitan, A rupture. A ring- 
let, a plait, a knot, twist. 

A *!- , Resembling. Vicinity, 

P <JGjK-i, A mine ; grave. 

A Jul^i shitayat, A complaint. 

A c-. C A shulb, A present, payment. 

A ^tXi shatban, A grass net. 

A <iX& shU/.al, Arms. Schism. 

p Jcj <tx.Cli, A zone. 

A Owli) shiddi A present. 

A ^^i shatar, Full of milk. 

p^X^ shalar, Sugar. 

A Jj* shulir, Praise (of God), gra- 
titude. ^Li dktiMor, Fat of meat 
or broth, 

A ^^X-- shulran, Gratitude; assent. 

A i'X-1, Fullness of milk. 

P w *X- sMlardan, To hunt. T 


A. sugar-chest; a plant- 
ation of sugar-canes. 

that rah, A hawk, a falcon. 

Full of milk. Hunting. 
C&ffcgtjc, Ill-disposed. Digging, 

ska's, Ill-temperd. 

sht':ustan, To break. To 
be broken, opened. 
j_Ci shaf;at) Pained, angry, 
^xi shalttS) Ill-disposed. 
c^iX^ shalift, Wonderful. A 

CA^-2., To look with wonder. To 
have patience. To be split. To 
flourish, to expand. 

ha/fah, A fold. An auger. 

See juti. 
Jj-.sAa'7, Figure, mien, face. 
LCl shalla, Having red eyes. 
Doubtful. Beautiful. Like. 
tl$Xi **//#, The hip, haunch. 
*K-i, A piece, a cut. A tether. 
shif.fidan, To tear. 

Biting. Recompeaj- 
ing. Bribing a judge. 
^Ci shikam, The belly. 
^yCi shihtn, Breaking. A fold. 
A curl. 

** shilanj, A ply, a fold. Ia- 
tricacy. A fragment. 
te&Jb shi/tanjah.) Pain. A for- 
mula. A bleacher. A press. 
^X^iLl shitanjidan. To torture. 
To bind a book. 

,\ a JuxJi, A conqueror, a tyrant. 
, Torture, the rack. 
hafa, Complaining. 
shattoat, Co:nplaint. 
***!ft'?i A creeping herb. 

r -^Ci, Stumbling. Unhappy. 

p ^A-0-.Li) shu/tukhidan, T stum- 

ble, keep the feet when fighting. 
A M*I shatur, Grateful. 
p IsyLi. shilufa, Flourishing. 
p iSyLl *AM/-/oA, A full nut. 
p *yl& shuluhi Majesty, pomp. 

Respect. Beauty. A small town. 


p <uoX&, Crave. 
p il^C&| Beauty. A thistle. 
p ^Ju^yLl, To be grave. To fear. 
p <tCi sha';ah, A rubbish hole. 

A ,,- shaMi, A rough bridle. 
p t^JLi, Patience. Patient. 
p ^Ju-^Xi, To be patient. 
p ^JuXj. shaJjtdan, To narrate. 
A .-Ci shaliir^ Bark of a tree. Her- 

bage, foliage, feathers. 
A *X-Xi shaWat, A sect, a multi- 

tude. A fruit-basket. 
p J-i Aa.<fi/, The dagger chii. 

Form, figure. 
A tr--t shaft m- t Biting. 
A <wCl shtfimat, The bit of Uu 

bridle. Malice, pride. Venom. 
p lxl shag a t A quiver. 
p .Ci shugar, A porcupine. 
p t-J^-i shigarfy Good, brave, 

great, generous, swift, robust. 

l, To be great, Jcc. 
skiguflan, To blossom. 

shtigzear, Mourning. 
, To admire. To blossom. 
higufahy A flower. 
hugunaIiy Inverted. 
p ^u>^> shagun, An omen. 
p Ji fAo/, Paralytic, itiff. 
A spear, a harpoon, 


A J-i , Driving (cameli). Weeping. [ 

A JL; shalla, Having a dry paralytic 
hand. Dim-sijhted. 

A Ai^L- shalldfat, A concubine. 

A jli shdldky Flagellation. 
A J^Li> shilal, Dispersed men. 
A ii-l^j shalbisa, An electuary. 

A <li shullat, Remote busineii. 
p jjliLisM/ctf, Litigation. Tumult. 
shaljam. A turnip. 

, Tottering, weakly. 
A -" shalakh, A root. A race. 
A ^llLi shdshal) Perennial (stream). 
Lean, active. 

A LL> shalalj A knife. 

F **Li shalgham, A turnip. 

p <t*JLi shilgha/i, A corn- fork. 

F cjiLl , A strumpet. 

A (J^ shall, A blow. Discharge, 

or report of a gun. 
A ULl shttld, The coulter. 
A iLi shalalal, A goose. 
L_^^ , A tree. Viscous clay. 
F CJ&J* f hilled , A drain, spout. 
A Jli , Driving (camels.) A stain. 
F *L> , Gum, pace. A raddish. 
t fc-jULi> shdniab) Barley water. 
F x*i*S shalmar, A kind of plant. 
A J^*Ll shalmal, A very old woman. 

* ^r^ shilinj, A mat. 

L-^jJui> , Training for a race. 

A ^Jtshalze, Going away. Carrying 
off. A limb. Sediment. 

F j\i-i sAo/zrar, Drawers. 

F <^jLl ihululah, A nut, a walnut, 

F jf^J-i > A kind of t'aigtle. 

F U> *A^/a*, A dunghill. An idol, 
The mouth. 

A <-!> , The remains of cattle. 

p ^~.L^ , A large sack. 

F ^r^ shalikh, A small carpet or 

cushion to kneel on. 
F * shum, Flight.- Distance. A 

subterraneous habitation. A cara- 

A *i shanini. Smelling, scent. De- 
viating. Proud. 

A U& */jama, Wax. p Naked. 

A cuU-ia , Disappointed. Rejoicing 
at the distress of another. Clamour. 

A ^.U^> shamaj, Any trifle. 

p il^ii shumar t Number. 

A jU-1 shamar, Fennel. 

A Jyb"S shamarikj Torn (garment).- 

F ^.Jj jL*^ shumirtdan y To Humber. 

A jjUi shimdsj Restive (a horse). 

A ^U-i shumdsj Expedition. 

A f-WA 5^aiwat, A wax-chandler. 

A jUi shimdl, The north. The left 
hand. A bad omen. Equality. (A 
garment) made of patches. 

A JJUi shamuiil, Parts. A smali 

A >U-2i shammdm, A scented melon, 
p <uU , Naked. Pan-pipes. 
F jjW^j shaman, Groaning, crying. 
FV <C'UJi shamanah^ Odoriferous. 

shammatj One odour. 

sJiamjf A grotto. 

^ shamajl, Swift (camelj. 
A s^" skamkab Very long. 
A ^ ihamkh, High, sublime, 
, Unfortunate, mean. 


A jjcf*- 1 shummakhz) Sharp-sighted. 
P ( V)<jc*~' , To bore, pierce. 
A tXt.1 shamz y Impregnated. 
A^4i> , Walking circumspectly or 
haughtily. Liberal. Quick-sighted. 
i shumur, A rustic shoe. A 

A f^j^ shimrqj, An idle lie. 
A \j* A cluster of dates. 
A i^-w shamrat, Computation. 
A *** Cloth of flimsy texture. 

A ^tV***^ shsmrqjat. Sewing badly. 
p , J^rfJ* shumurdagi, Numeration. 

, Beautiful, swift. 

, To number, count. 

shamras, A kiad of thorn. 

skamartal, Tall, waving. 

A u^*- shammari, Expeditious. 
p c j->i / -*A , To be terrified. To sob. 
A ^-- /-i> shams, The sun. Cold. A 

fountain, necklace, comb. 
A i~~+ shamsat. The figure of the 

sun. A statue, painting. 
9 *,.,.) , An orange, a citron. 
A .r^-l Ahamsf t Solar. 
f J\-i^j shim shad, The box tree. 
F ^JL*-i shimshir, A scimitar. 
A j^a.4-1 shamas, Speaking fait. 
A j*?*i shamsar, Severe, harsh. 
A ia<J* , Mixing two things. 
A LlL^w sham I at j A part. 
A <lk*^ , A piece of fat meat. 
A li*l shumz t Taking by degrees. 


A *-^i) , Jesting. Wax, a candle. 
^JLSC^^S , A candlestick. 
A (JjMxl , An elegant man. 
A <*> iWwSJi Waxen. 

Stjjuiing. Viciout. 

, Te stink. 

shamghidan, To it ink. 
A (J'i-i shamtrf) Cheerful, playing. 
A J-2> $haml, Comprehending. Uni. 
versa). Capacity. 

A *LJj a hi initial, A i \vift ihe-cainel. 

A little. A garment. 
A ^1L^ shamlalatj Expeditious, 
r <dXl , Tlie end of the turban, 
p jJt^-i shimfidqj, Wild saffron. 
A AM*J> shamam. The summit. Pros, 

imity. Distance, 
p ( .j*~> shaman t An idol, 
p J\X4-i) shamnad, A large carptt. 
p JvX4^ shamandafi, A giver. A 

hero. Amazed. 

A }* sharnuj, Sewed looielr. 
A rj't-i shumuh, A flimsy habit. 
A iyi^j , Stubborn. Sublime. 
A JJ-PJ4-1 , The sun ; gold. 
A jjOj^J* shamus, Making haste, 
j Frolicsome (woman). 
shamul) Cold wine. The 

north wind. Containing. 
A /4y^ shamiim, Scented, fragrant. 

A <Lej^Ji shamumat, Fragrance, stink. 

A <^tJi) shammah.. Odour. Custom, 

.mode, rite. An atom. 

A u^v-*-i , A reproach ; a brawl. 

p <x~-> , Astonished, stupified. 

^JL^iJj shamidan. To be confounded. 
to dread, to sob, to snore, to per- 
fume, to smell. 

shimnur. Diligent. 

K- .v//awjfj/v:f/, A little sum. 

shamitj A mixture. 
A *~*^ , A high saddle. Odour. 
9 y shin y Plu&dor. 


A ^ shinn, Old, worn. 

A Ui> shana^ Hatred Deformed 
base. Acknowledging. 

p LfAuia, Swimming. 

9 ^JujUJi shinabidan. To understand 

A ^Ul shanah, Very tall (man). 
A L& shinakh, A promontory, 
p jLj* , Shamcfulneis. A port. 
A jU^ shatiar, Disgrace, infamy. 
r ^tXijL-i shanaridan, To swim 
Ji shinas, Intelligent. 

F ^Ju-sU-i , To perceive, to know. 
A ,j0U.i shanasy Tall, strong (horse), 
F IrU-i shanaf, A line rosy woman. 
A bjj shanatt Swimming. Filthy. 
F e^J^J* shinqflan, To understand. 
A JjLji shanaty Long, tall. 
A ^b-1 */ianan, Hatred. Cold water. 

Scattered. Dropping (water). 
f jU-J* shinu:?. Swimming. 
P jjb-i , A swimmer. Active. 
r *\J* shinah) Cinnabar. 
p ^JujL^j shinayidan, To hear. 
A^U-i shanayir, Malignant. 
A i_---A , Beauty of the teeth. 
Heart-seizing (love). 
ihambalid. Fenugreek. 
, The yellow violet. 
shumbah, A day, Sunday. 
A J^ni-l shanlarafy Having slender 

fingers. An ear-ring. 
A^ sAo/zo;, Wrinkled, shrivelled. 
* f^**"* shanj) A furrow. Iteration. 
The thighs. Hard ground. A 
conch shell. Pickled meat. A 
flower. A vine-prop. 
r jVsuri shanjar, A red paint. 
ii , Wounded, a wound. 

udati) To vex, wound, 

' to leap, drop. - 

A <-_p*ciA 5 Long, .^w' , Gross. 
P \jfij*' j& > To till, plough. 
A c.j^scul , The peak of a hill. 
f X.,<1 , The beak and claws of a bird. 
F C.AV..& , A kind of thistle. 
A ^JcJ* shinddfchj A gratuity. 
A ^1 Jc>^ , Jealous. Obscene. 

handqfy A drum. 
xi , Of a bad disposition. 
A c-^n^j , Hard, rough, sharp. 
A !ax) shunufy Meat dressed. 
A uJlliiJi shinzaf, The summit of a 

mountain, tall. Relaxed. 
A w^lixl shuriiub) Long. Good. 
A Ja.;S, sh'irizuvat, The side; also 
the top of a hill. Shanzawy A high 

A^-Jixii skanztry Of a bad temper. 
A _;.! shant, Baseness. Accusing. 

The mountain top. 
A te^Zi shun^aly Baseness. Brutality. 

A +xJ* shin&mm, A large man. 
A c-^bcMM shanghaby A long slender 

A i\*xi shtuigharal, Wickedness. 

i)LJi shinghqf, Tottering. 
jJcJLy Unchaste, impudent. 
in-, A shartfy Looking askance. A 
nose-ring. Shunaf, Hatred. Pride. 
j / xi-i shanfaraly Agility. 
unuflan, To hear. 
shanty Bridling. Tying, 

Uujj shanta, A falcon. 
t >lici shinf;ub, A perfume. 

JcJ* shinlamm t A little, few. 

55 1 

A Jjlxiixi shini&na&y Calamity, 8cc. 
P JaLx-i shanty Sluggish, ill-dis 

posed. Beautiful. A tall man. 


anhily Lovely. A robber. 
, A beggar's basket. 

shanga, The night-time. 
i shangar, Melilot. 
shangarf, Cinnabar. 

hangartzy Syrup of ginger. 
Jj shanginaky A beetle, bolt, 
stick, cudgel. 
p i-i) shantij The cypress^ wild 

plum. Hearing. 
A i^wii shanuat, Abstinent. 

^i , To hear, to understand. 

shanusa/iy Sneezing. 
i , Adhering, enveloped. 
, Hungry. Fat. Lyn. 
i i,himsandahy A hearer. 
shanahy A corn- fork. Neigh- 
ing, grunting. 

p f.ijjj shunahbaTy An aged woman. 
A ^iLi , A lance. A large pan. 
p ^Jui-i shanidan. To hear, obey. 

A -J^i shanmr, Ill-disposed. 
A i\xi , Malignant. A gith. 

A r^i'--j 

p t^uLi-i shiniflau, To be altered. 

A <_-i^ shanU t A bastard. 

p ^i show, Night. Washing. A 

husband. Gruel, 

r ' 4-1 shazcSy Existing. 

A \j fihuzca, Roasted meat. 


A c_;\j^ shawabby A bustard. 
A i'\ wi , The skin of the head. 
Aj^jwfc shawar, Furniture) apparatus. 
A form. Nodding. 

ii shawarib, The gullet. 
p ^G shixashy Anise-sced 
A (j0\-- shiwaSy Depravity. 
A iaU^i shuzvaz, Flame, smoke, heat. 

The eye. The bustard. 
A Jorl^l shawdtjl, Flaming. 

A J\y* shawzeal, The tenth Maho- 

metan month. 
A C-Jvl *Viaa?&, Mixing. Juice of 

meat. Houey, cake. 
p U^-i shaxbd, Gruel. Glue. 
p ^b^i shuban, A shepherd. 
P ^ji shubaj, A rolling-pin. 
p ^j j^ shawparahy A bat. 
A k>~^j , A kind of yew tree. 
p ^j-i sAoArA, Cheerful, saucy. Beau. 

tiful, congruous, wicked, filthy, 

lascivious. A tyrant. 
P <j J^y* sJwkkudany To scratch the 

face. To assemble. 
P L^j-i s&JAri, Mirth, impudence. 

Shukhty Filth, rust. 
P ^^V*"^* shokhtdany To be cheerful. 

to be rusty, filthy, to flatter, to vex, 

to hide, to haste. 
A -Oj-> shudak) Long-bodied. 
p jJj- shudar, A plant like citron. 

To be, &c. for ^ Jj* . 
J shamr. Acquiring. 
p jj-i sAor, Salt, brackish, terror, 

flight, agitating. 
p ^JuJ^^i , To cause to mix. 

p VjJ"* shurba t Broth, gruel. 
p %\3j *J* shurtagh t A yellow wood. 
p ,Jc~>j yZ, , A marsh, a salt marsh. 
p \J~jf* shorish. Confusion, mix. 

ture, tumult, rebellion. 
p *!* , The white tamarisk. 

r MJ oi shtram, Ink. A hill. 


?z, Ploughed land. 

j U -> shor&a, Broth. 

F *j ft> shorahj A salt nursh. Ni- 
trous earth. Niirc. A fruit. 

T u&j?* skoridan, To mix. To 
be disturbed, to wash. 

A j y* shaw'i, Loving with ecstasy. 

A tJi 4^ shaic~ab, A mark. 

F j y* shujah, A gore. 

A (j~y* shoKOSj Contrajctijig the eye- 
lids from rage, or pride. 

F {j*-i shush, A vine branch. 

A ili Ji shushat) A swift camel. 

F iJjClyij shazcshaj;, A violin. 

F^-JU^i , Cardamum. 

F <Li)j-i shushah, An ingot. 

A ,jfi}> shazcs, Cleaning. Having 
the tooth-ach. 

A ^M shaxlj A course. Once. 

A *y> *Aat, Born immediately after 

9 fci shogh) Callousness. 

9 Uni s/iogha, A fold, a pen. A hut 

A t J^i> , Polishing A harrow. 

A jj^l shawl, Love, gaiety. 

A c--~Sj-) show lab, A tall man. 

A <Jj-i shateti, Loving, cheerful. 

A CJvi shaw/i, Thorny ; pricking. 
Intrepid. Shuk^ A thorn. A lute. 

A Ky, *Aota/a, Rough (garment). 

A &* shawling One thorn. Bravery. 
Majesty, grandeur. 

r (.)]> shu!<ran. Fennel. 

A J<y, shaw'al, Infantry, the rijht 

and left wing. A bramble. 
F K..* 'hatcga, The evening. 
A JLt s/joa>/, Elevating. 
A u^-- shazclun, Elevating. 
A &L-- shazclut, A scorpion's tail. 
A J^.-i */iaic/a : 'rt', A feast hunter. 

tl^'^> > A bird that changes co- 

shavlang) A gray horse. 
bi A dunghill. 

F w xJ y ^ , To be distracted. 

r *oJ-l , Distracted. A stable. 

PA +J& shum, Black. Unhappy. 

A &ul shumttl, Pride, avarice. 

F Jt<y- skumal, Again. 

p j^fci ihumakh, B^lm-gentle. 

Misfortune. The left. 
shumln, Spinnage. 

A <&.-i> shvenat t A foolish woman. 
A corsair A granary. 

p j jjj , Beet-root ; a carrot. 

F JJJ^ shawanduh) Existing. 

r kJ^> skuntz, Sesame. Pepper. 

A L' jj-2, , Violence. Heat. 

A * *AarrA, Deformed. Envying* 
hating. Terrifying. 

F >wl sharzah, Agate, jet. 

A (.^JtJ* sha&hab, A hedge.hog. 

p Jfc.J shohar, A husband. 

F ^i shohirak, Ploughed land. 
A pale, a vine-arbour. 

F k>- shazcfii'i, Beholding. 

F f Jbui shu/i~tn t Spinnage. 

A ^ut *Aoa:', Easy, obvious. 

p ^jj-t *Afloi, Glue, starch. Washing. 

F ^JuJU ji , To cause to wash. 

A jy u! shaxiyati The refuse. 

F ^jj ;y shazctdan, To become, t 
be, to make water, to distil, to leap. 

F JLjA shuyila, Artemesia. 

F JU) j-i> , A glazing machine. 

F JjuJ ^ shi/tjondaf'i, Washing. 
ujj M& shuyidan, To wash. 

A, A king. A bridegroom. 
j Execration. 


P l^i shaha, A king. A gland. 

Trifling, improper. 
A S-^^-i) shahab, Milk and water. 
P J^lyi , Vile, of no value. 
P olf sha/iddj Prohibited. 
A Sjl^i, shafiadat, Attestation. A 

martyr, martyrdom, presence. 
A jV"*' shikar, Giving monthly. 
P jjlfi shahuru) A cement. 
A j*lfi shaham, A witch, a hag. 
A X-cl^i shahdmatj Generosity. Bra. 

very. Iniquity. Agility. 
P XJl^i shahanah. Royal. Kingly. 
A t-Al shahab, Ash-coloured. 
p uii shuhbU) A mule of an ash co- 
lour ; a stubborn mule. A Shuhba, 

Clear (night). 

w-1 shahbaru.) A city ditch. 
, The noblest falcon. 
, The leader of an army. 
j Aged. Large-headed. 
ahbalutj A chesnut. 
shahbandar, A custom. 

house, a free port. 
fj^ shahpar. The longest feather 

in the wing. A rower, 
p rj^ shahtaraj) Fumitory, 
p cyy^i shahtul, A blackberry. 
A *-^-^ shall jabat) Perplexity. 
A iX^i shahd, Honey. Sugar, 
p C-MJk^l shahdab, Hydromel. 
A ijljsii , A wicked man. 
p ti\&$Zt shakdanah) Hemp-seed. A 

large pearl. 

A jJc^j shah da>') A boy, a girl. 
P j\jJ*V^i shahdiwar, A palac wall. 
A ^4\^j shihzaral, Pain or difficulty 

in proceeding. 

Py^j* s&aAr, A city. The moon. 
f *\j$t , The king's highway. 

r j^js~> shahirbdr, A river. 
A &jf& shahrabat, An old woman. 
A if^ shuhrat., Renown, report, 
p ^1x^1 shahristan, A large city. 
A 43^1 sha'iraf) A spinning-wheel, 
p Ax^i sha/irmand, Covetous, 
p \jy^ shahrawa, Leather money. 
P c^fi *Aari, A citizen. 
Pjb^i shahriyar, (Friend of the 

city). A royal title, 
p jl^ shahrir, The sixth Persian 

month (August). The fourth day 

of every month, 
p j1}Mf shahsuwar, A hero, 
p j&> shah tar, Sown land. 
A J^i shahal, Dark gray (eyes) 

thaded ^Yith red. Large-eyed. 

p c^^A shaklal, Honey and wax. 

2i shahlat) Intelligent. 

p <dii shahlah) A bat. 

A +$> shahm, Terrified, frightening. 
Nimble, bold. *U^ shahmalat, 
An old woman. 

r .L^-A , Divulged, A crime. 

p mL*$> shahnashln, A palace. 

A J^fi shahnii) Guiney pepper. 

p j\j%2* shahzcar, The finest pearl. 

A *jz-i> shahzsat, Sensuality. 

A Jjf shuhud, An eye witness. 

A ^^i *Aa^, Lascivious. 

p ^^j ^AaA<) Royal. A king. 

A i>-^ shahid, A martyr, witness. 

A ^vfcl sAaA/Y, Celebrated. 

A ^^-^i shahtlt, Sighing, groaning. 

A t+^Zt shalilni) Ingenious. 

p (j^ shifnii) Gum. 

A ^ *hay^ Roasting, willing, some- 
thing, somewhat. 

p cJ.Ul shiyabt, A. dram freight, 


A _l.i shiyuh, Diligent. Cautious. 

C_ ** 

A jU-i shiyar, Saturday. 

f jL-i shiyar, A furrow, a plough. 

* U^J^' ^ P^ ou Sh> Behold. 

A ^Ij^j Natural malignity. 

1 bL$>, The smell of burnt cotton. 

A 9\*-2 shiyatf Divulged. Reading. 

Following. Remaining, 
A i_-Jt~i, A fine colly num. 
p ^l~> shtyan, Dragon's blood. 
A i_ A s^flyft, Growing gray. 
A i_ ^-^ shayb, A descent ; the base. 

-^>j Gray-hair' d (woman). 

M! iAi&rt, Clear, famous. Gold. 

jU^l *A<6 'iuban, Eloquent. 

U-^j shiban. Cold. A cloud. 
shibur, A pipe, a flute. 
shibin. Inferior. 

sha-il, A stumbling horse. 

/, Will. 5%a/,Amark. 

^> J^//, Fennel. Insane. 
A, Wormwood. Diligent. 

, A zealot. Cautious. 
shaykk, Growing old. A 

A A3L>, An old woman. 
A tXwi *A/, Plaster, clay. 
P (Xwl *Az</, The sun- Fascination. 

Shame. Magnitude. 
p Uv...! *AJrf, Mad, in love, 
p ^Ju-1, A swift (gray) horse. 
p ^j\J^J* shidayty Insanity. 
p jX^i> shidar, A name of God. 
A jUj^j sheydaman, A wolf. 
sKiduh , A horse. 
Aoyr, Saturday. 
er, A lion, a tyger. Milk. 

J* shayyir, Fat. 

, A sack. 

\-*>) Insinuating. 
<1 ih'naiah) Sewing. 
j~2> The myrobolan fruit. 
.^j, Lion like, brave. 
th'tray. Ebony. 
Meat dressed with milk. 
p ^ rf-^j An Indian root, 
p u^v^y ij Oil of sesame, 
r < j^.1, MJ'k dressed nith rice, 
p Uj .->, A bride's portion, 
p t/ jj> ^j Castor, 
p Jjp^i, Milk diet, 
p ,j\j-wij sJurddn^ A milk pan. 
p ^jL^i shtrdogh, New milk mixed 

with sour milk or meat, 
p . j . i sfurza^j A medicine, 
p <Ujy-, A congregation, 
p tOj --1, An oblong butter dish, 
p a; -.-I sher'iah, A fierce beast. 
P (^l^-.A shersat, A harritr. 
p .,*>, Tipsy, half drunk. 
p C/.^l sJur/fu!( 9 The cast skin ot 

a large serpent. 

p A^A sluram, Mixed, confused, 
p ^tc^^ sherman, Warlike, brave, 
p <^-~~~ , r *^i *At*ri mast) A raging 

lion. A fat lamb, 
p Xj^Ji, A confectioner, 
p J;>--2i Sugar-cane juice. 
i, Oil of sesame. 
i^VoA, Wine. 
, Lion-like. Milky. 
shirm, Sweet. Gracious. 
, Scurf on a child's head. 

Moveable. Ebony. A bow. 
j^l, The jujube tree. 
1, A good sign. 
i.Ji, The wag-tail. 


*i shishat, Going heavily. 

shalaH) Faded, ragged, 
corrupted from age. 
p *i.Ji shishah, Glass, a bottle. 
A ^^i sfus, A species of bad date. 

A fish. The tooth-ach. 
A L-Ji shayl) Absorbed ia cooking 
(butter or oil). Perishing (a man). 
A ^lla-^ shay Ian, Sataa, a demon. 

proud, perverse. Trifling. 
A ~rj\\J* slutarttj) A. medicine. 
A Ji.wi shqyzam, Tall, robust. 
Ji> shit, A shoe-latchet. 

An attendant, a follower. 
A <fc*--i shitat, A multitude. 

A (jUj.Ji shayyifan, Nature, habit. 
hift an, To madden. 
shqylaran, Hemlock. 
*> shtldn, A royal table. Green 
corn. A luxuriant place. 

p Jj]L shilanal, The jujube. 

AP *Li), A mean man, a miser. 

F <U-^>, Rice soup. Wormwood. 

F L^ stiKm, A ray or skate. 

P ,*-. sfoi, A fish scale. A skate. 
Castor. Rebellious. Disgraced. 

A <*U-*i, sJumat, Habit, nature. 

A ^.^ , Disgrace. Modesty. De- 
fect. A flute. 

F j+i shiv), A declivity, base. Be- 
low. Humble. A valley. 

F jjls^Ji, Eloquent. 

A ?^r- shuyu%_, Publishing. 

y ^^i), Lamentation. A spear. 

A j~l, Dishonest, shameful. 

F a^J* sfcvoahy Coquetry. A habit, 
custom. An air of elegance, beau- 
tiful An acquisition. A sect. 

p <U-ii shiyah, A neighing. 

A <_$w> shuyyuy, A small thing. 

A c.^^1, A little old man. 

A fa*) skuyaj/kh, A little doctor, or 

old man. 

^ sad, The 14tli letter of the Arabic 
and the 17th of the Persian alpha. 
bets. In arithmetic it expresses 90, 

A c_>U> 506, A bitter plant. 
, Soap. A confection. 

A ~>*s sabiyat, The N. E. wind. 

A c-^-U sahib, A lord, master, 
chief. A title of courtesy equiva- 
lent to Mr. and Sir. A friend* 
Endowed with. 

A <L=-U sahibat, A lady, Sec. 

A (j=-U> sahi, A serene sky. 

A <JU-U> sakhal, An evil. 

A ^-Uff sakhir, Sound from iron. 

A ir^U, An earthen vessel. 

A jU> 5orfj Copper, brass ; a kettle. 

A jjL? sadir, Flowing. Arising^ 
going. Produced. Happened. 

A oLs sadit* Shining, dawn. 

A jjU sadi//, True, sincere, good. 

A tjb sadl 9 Dry, thirsty. 

A ^Us sarat, The summit. ^L5r- 

raif, Heedful. Thirst. 
A i;U, Calling aid. An assistant. 
A i_J,U sarif, Changing. A cheat- 

Prodigal. Libidinous. 
A *j*e stirim, A sharp iword. 
P zjj* $ ar "J> Plaster ; quick lime. 
A cf;^ 5 ?. art i A. sailor. 
A &U> iac, Plain ground. 


<L:Lj satflt, A place where women 

separate or card cotton. 

<&LcU> satftaty Lightning. Death. 

sLa saghir, X measure. A cup. 

uJl*qf, Pure, candid. Clean. 

, A piper, a whistler. 
^Itf 5fl/?n, The saphena vein. 
tiLs 50/7, Pure, clear, sincere. 

J^ ^ The le S- 
J*U satily A polisher. 

A burning fever, 
sa/a/, Danger. Evil. 
Good, fit, just. 
sulikh. Scabby ; corroding. 

A slaughter-house. 
^JU, Full-mouthed (ox),8cc. 
tr^-^Ls samit. Silent, Twenty 

aunt?, Dry, withered. 

Care, charge. 
jJU.fait, (God) the creator. 
^c .Ltf 5z, Dry. 

AlfcU sahilati Neighing. Buzzing. 
<_u? 5oa7, A dog's growl." 
i ^oU> .^oy/6, Right, straight. 

i^-ow' sayil, Exclaiming. 
^jU sayigh, A goldsmith. 
v i)Ls, Bearing wool. Hot. 
^a sayil;. Adhering. 

<i&U, Smell of moist wood. 
Jj 1*5090, Arrogant, furious. 
AJUff sayim, Thirsty, 

C. "w; 5066, Effusion. Loving. 
W .-? a *, The zephyr. Youth, love. 
*\~e sabtn, Rising (a atar). Com- 
ing forth (a tooth, &c.) . Watching 
(an enemy). Apostatizing. 
t Love, Uirc. 

A ~L*o sabahy The dawn. 

sabahaly Beauty. 
A Lj^-V** subaKiy Red blood. 
A jl*-c sibary Patient. A dam. 
A i\f^ sobaraly Giving bail. Cold. 
A tLtf> sabat.y Any thing eaten with 

bread, fruit except eel. 
A Uo sabagh, Colour, tincture. 
A ijUs sabazcat, Infancy. 
A i^-v--^ sababy A declivity. 

A <L*a sabbaly Inflamed with love. 
A (J^~e sabs, Mending a garment. 
A ^ sabhy A morning draught. 

Subhy The dawn. 

A ^U^ sabhan, An early drinker. 
A &4A* subkali Morning. 
P il^Utf subahgah, The dawn. 
A rvj, Patience. Abstaining from. 

Answering for. Subr, A white 

cloud. The brink. Gravelly 

A i*u?sM&r/, A heap of corn. 

A i -jia.-.n? sabsab, Thick, solid. 

A _..^ sabi^y Pride. Proud. Scorn. 
A 4fl sibagh, Dying (cloth). 

Baptizing. Colour. Sauce. 
A .?x~* sibghi, A colour-man. 
A C^ ^o*n, Preventing. Levelling, 
A UMS 50&tr, Childish, foolish. 
A ij-^, East (wind). Childish. 
A .j^ 5oiu/t, A breakfast. 
A tv-c yaftwr, Most patient, mild. 

Heat. Misfortune, calamity. 
\ A *-*c subughy Distended (udder). 
A ^.^ 5061, A boy, a youth. The 

edge of a sword, &c. The jaw. 
A i_- v -" 5fl6<&> Water spilt. Blood. 

Ice. The edge. Finest honey. 

safyat, A girl, child. 


A <~0 sabih t Beautiful. 
A <LtU-j sabihati The dawn. 
JLJ**<O sabir, Patient. A surety, a 
patron. A white cloud. A bis. 

//, A violent concussion. 

A /li*? suttam t A large head. 
t A seller. 

A 1*5 suttal, The contrary. 

A -X-? so/afc.) A robust youth, a 

wild ass. Prostrating. 
A *Xtf> satm, Thick, strong. Firm. 
A ^o 5O/ZP, Going, prancing along. 
A d-^-.^i Sound, noise. A crowd. 
A (^.^c~& sat'imat, A hard stone. 

A ^ sitjj t Sound of iron. 

A *J\s? sahabat) Society. 

A -ls^ saha/ij Integrity, truth. 

A \j\? sikaran, Publickly, openly. 
A <)Lsf suhbal, Society, discourse. 

A 5^ sahhat, Truth, health, entire. 
A-sf soAr, Wide (a place). 
A ]/? sahra 9 A deiert, plain. Red. 
sakarayi, Rustic. Desert. 
suhrat, A gap, opening. 
sahsah , A large plain. 

A <is^ sakfatj A plate, dish. 

A iJ&S? sahafh Erring in reading. 

A J^ 9 sahil, Hoarse. 

A ^.s^ sahfii A goblet, dish. An 

area ; a Boor. Inside ef the nail, 

hoof, or ear. 

A \xsc? sftna, Jelly of fish. 
A ixsf sahnal, One blow. 
A j? sakw^ Serenity. 
A 9C*5oAiA, Complete. Right, true, 

certain, accurate, 

sahlrati Hea'ed pap. 
A <jL.r? > sahffatj A book, a page. 
A ^ sakhkh, Deafening noise. 

A c-j'css* sakhkhab, Clamoroui. 

A Jilse* salchai, Filth, stains. 

A w-^s? 9 sakhb, Clamour, tumult, 

A &s?i The sound of striking stones. 
A &ss?sakhd, Scorching (sun}. 
A jjlAs^ safchdan t A sultry day. 
A (AS? sakhma, A rocky country. 
A ijs? sakha', Slovenly. Filth. 
LJVS?" sakha-y Huge (stone), 
p Ju- 5ad, A hundred. 

A Ou; sadd. Prohibiting. A moun- 
tain. A channel, a valley. 

A r lju; wdu, A sound, an echo. 

A s\A* sudat) Rusty (colour). 

A _!<Jw suddh, Cackling (a hen). 

A J\X suddad, A kind of serpent. 

A j^Juj sidar, A short shirt. 

A ^,!Jus> saddrat, The office of grand 

vizir, chief-justiceship. 
A J Ju? Jiidat, The head-ach. 
A Zs\A* sidagh*t 9 Weak, silly. 
A ,j1<Xtf>, A marriage settlement. 
A ^S^Jw sadalaty Candour, fidelity. 
A *\^ sudani, A distemper. 

p L^J'Jw? sadbarg, Centfoil. 

F b JMC sadpa, A centiped. 

p *,b Jus sadparah, Torn in a huaw 

drcd pieces, 
p *jU Jutf sadpayah, A centiped. 

p JJu#, A hundred folds. 
A -Ju? 5adA, Exalting the voice. 
A JJu satiud, Near; opposite; 


sadr, The breast. The be- 
ginning. Precedency. The prow. 
ij^a sadrot^ The thorax. 
^j 1 ^) A hundred cares; chess. 
A*> sadt, Robust. Light. Her, 
bage. A crowd. A fissure. 
C-jUjws sid^af, A herd, a flock. 
sadf, Receding. A shell. 
, A small fine shell. 
jjJws sadk) Speaking truth. iSi'df, 
Truth. Strength, solidity. 
te&e satttal, Alms; that portion 
devoted to pious uses. 
AiXrf> sadm, Beating, bruising, 
JjJu* ./d<7, Averse, alienated. 
jiXtf> sad"t> Having a strong pro- 
pensity. Declining. 
^ Ju? sada', Thirsty. Soft, Stained 
with rust (hands). 
JuJu? sadtd, Vociferation. 
jJu? sfl^'t.' ^ nssur e Dawn. 
A herd. 

j_JJw? sacfigh, An infant under 
seven days. 

) A sincere friend. 

A yfd sarr, Shutting (a purse). 
Gnashing (the teeth) ; grating 
(hinges) ; scratching (as a pen). 

A \j*> sara, A yellow melon. 

A &-\^a sarqjah, The scrophula. 

A _|^ if/vTA, Doing openly. 

A 1*.]^ sarahaf., Pure. Publickly. 

A ^5^-]^, A loag neck'd flask. 

A ^-^, A clamour. A peacock. 

A ^J^, A violent blow. 

A SrL']/' 5 ?. ar & rt * A seaman. 

A 1?^ 5ira/, A way. A bridge. 


A c- i\j<0 sar-raf, A banker, a money- 
changer. A grammarian. 

A j*J^>, Cutting or pulling date*, 

thorns, 8cc. War. 
A "L2\j*a saramal, Robust (man). 
A &>\j& .-forwya/, A yellow melon. 
A c- ja sarab, A collection. 
A &fj*3 surbaty Sour milk. 
A &JCj* 9 Levity, nobility. 

A 'i,+o sarratf Noise. A crowd* 
Heat; distress. Surrat, A purse, 
A ^>, A castle, palace. Pure. 
A is^-tf, High, rocky. An area. 
A ^Lsy^i sarakhbal) Mobility. 
A ^s>yf> sarkhat, Crying loudly. 
A Jo--tf sarkhad, Wine. 
A j*> sarad, Chilly, cooling. Sard, 

Pure, sincere. Cold. 
A ,.^j-<? sirdan, A kin4 of bird. 

A scar. 

A 1^-0 sardakh , Level ground. 
A tJj*> surdaghal, Impetuosity. 
A /-^ sarsur t A cricket. Sound. 

A cold wind. Sirsir, A cock. 
A c ja sort,, Epilepsy; mode, a 

species. A part (of a day). 
A (^y^t Morning and evening. 
A Zj^a sartal, Wrestling. 
A uJ^> sarf) Expense. Changing. 
Only, solely. Dexterity. Excel* 
lence. Increase. Equity. Repent- 
ance. Prey. Recompense. 
A ^/e, Lead. A fine kind of date. 
p aj^? sarfoA, Gain, redundancy. 
v j* sarfi, Grammatical. 
A j ^ sarky Thin, slender. 
A &&je sarltatak, Flapping (a sail)* 

Smacking the fingers. 
A fo*> surm, Pruning. Interrupting. 

Breaking. A segment. Strong. 
A Ux> surma t A barrca desert. 


A L<+ts sirmat, A herd of camels. | 
A part of a cloud. 

F c^v*^ surmal, Protection. 

p * j& sornij, A cistern. 

K 3* ~e surud, A celd region. 

A *j*j*> sarural. Neglect the pil- 
grimage. A batchelor. 

A *)j* sarum, A sharp sword. 

A ^x* s . ar y, Breaking off. Averting. 
Reconciling, rescuing. 

A c^j - sarib t Milk soured. 

A ^ -a .-?ori/t, Evident. Pure. 

A i^^-? sarirat, Noise. Crash. 

A _ > y^a sarit^ Prostrate. A scourge. 

A &ej \f, A scourge ; the leprosy. 

A i_ oj^^a , Creaking, gnashing. 

A <^Juf , A Chaldean vine. 
A ^J^-tf saritat, Thin bread. 
sarim t Cut off, lopped. 

An enterprise. A crowd. 
A c-^jt^ ,-? a td, Hard, arduous, trou- 
blesome. Perverse. A fierce lion. 
A ,v*-tf, A kind of lote tree. 

A t^-vt-e .fat/, Squat, square. 

*. j& satfar, Savory, &c. 

A x*ssatfl t High. Violent (pain). 

A \i\jus sutada, Deep, breathing. 

A ;> jjtxs, A straight cane or spear. 

A t/ ju? sa^ar, Distortion. Squinting. 

A j*f*e 5Mcrur, (or *^jyt^), Gum. 

A *_^yt^ sa^sat. Separated. 

A 4xox>ff sat.sazfll, Dispersing. 

Anointing (the head). A purging 

A t^U-tf 5at/, A honey wine. A 

little bird. 

A jU*^ sa^fan, Fond ofuJJ*-?. 
A <Uxrf> sutfaty Trembling, ague. 

su%Jult, Mean, worthies*. 
uZjil, A loud noise. 

a ' Slenderness. 
satfal, Poor. A robber. 
sutjnur, A water-wheel. 
, Having a little head. 
sutiibat. Trouble, affliction. 
A Jyu? iac-urf, High, steep. Diffi- 

culty, torment. 
A \>&*o suZjilj Snuff. 
A Ju*-? 5atJc?, Earth, dust. 
A i'jL.x-tf sa&dat t A sacrifice. 
A t ?U-?5M^Aa6, Nits. 
A jU^> sughar, Little. 
A ^jU-0 sagharal, Low price. 
A jjUtf saghayr, Venial sins. 
A Jt*0 saghar. Abject, slavish. 
A ^jj**a sughru , Less, least. 
A jk*> sttghw, Bowing the head. 
A t^**^, The cavity (of an urn). 
A jjco , Declining, setting (a star). 
A^ottf saghtr, Small, slender. 
p t^o-a saf, A series, rank, tile. 
A \jus safd, Pleasure, pastime, con- 

tent. Purity, clearness, polish. 
P ^Ls^U-tf, Delicious. Purifying. 
p ^j Jo!**?, Purified, purged. 
A 'i\Ju> saf at, A large smooth stone. 

A \La stiffaliy A broad thin stone. 

A broad sword. 

A jU-s sifad, A chain, a fetter. 
A j\Le sufar, A hissing, whistling. 

A Xj\iu> sqffaralt A hollow tube. 

A d^OjU-o, A kind of bird. 

A im*j A murderer. 

A Urf sifal, Quality, form, species, 

manner. Epithet. An adjective. 


A \^j*asifitt, Sicell ing others. 


A <-i? saftql, Victory. 

x < J^ a s .0/h) Turning away the face. 
Pardoning. A tract. 

A 36^ , A face ; a side. Breadth. 

A *Xic? sufdy A chain. A present. 

F jJoL? safdar, Warlike, brave. 

A jiuo safar t A. house. Without fur. 
niture. Hunger, cholic. The 
second month of the Mahometan 
year. Sifr, A cypher. Sufr 9 Cop- 

A Vju safra, Yellow, pale. The 
bile. Gold. 

) Hungef. Yellowness. 


A AjLa sifrud, The nightingale. 
A Ljjj*** ?afram t Bilious, choleric. 
r iJj&*> safari^ Autumnal. 
A e^-oyu> s(/r//, Poor, indigent. 
r ^jt_-* safzan, Rank breaking. 
sifsaft A willow. 

sofsaf, Level ground. 
Mountain, side. A sparrow. 
A JLaLff , A kind of food. 
A _L? .^ofc, Tapping the neck. 
A ^l*iu> sqftan, Patient of blows. 
A j* 5/*, Flapping, dashing, 
striking, applauding, turning, 
coaxing, shameless. 
A l jiu> sqfan t A husk. 
A yu> 5/7/tp, Brightness. 
A ^jLa sqfican, A clear cold day. 
A ifjLp sq/axtf, The best part. 
A ^Lasufuh, Liberal; forgiving. 
sufiir, Empty. 

*, Clear. Just, upright. 
A so safihal, The surface. Scale 
(of a fish), a plank, a blade. 
saf ir, Sound. A saphirc. 
saf it j Coarse. Impudent. 

A U*2 saklar^ A hawk trainer. 

A sliu> sttat} A skull-cap. 

A Jliu> 51/fl/, Polish. The belly. 

A c^JL^ .-so/i, Long, slender. 

A tjLs- 3 sulbani, Aromatic. 

A *satak, Baldness. 

A jLa safo, (Stone) breaking. Burn. 

ing (the sun). A bird of prey. 

Sour milk. 
A *Jl^ salt., Falling (a wall). A 

coast, tract. 
A ULs>sa/ta, The sun. Blazed (a 


A C-^*A- saltl&j Long. 
A JJu? sail, Polishing, striking. 
safar, Noise in writing. 

salt It i Striking hard. 

saMaty Meridian heat. 
salmat, Collision. 

sait t Weak, silly. 

A J*5t7/, A basilisk. 

A 1^ sola, Advice, news. Invitation. 

Rumour. Hot. Just. 
A (-_. && salab) An astrolab, 
A ajltf salabat, Majesty, awe, rigour. 

Formidable, strong. 
A >Lp salal, A prayer. Mercy. 
A ti'Lo salatah, A sallad. 
A JLesalah, Virtue, honour. Peace, 


A At&0 suladim, A hard head. 
A J^l* ,Broad. 
A tics silat. Summer, heat. 
A jL> salalti Eloquent. 
A Jl* sflal, Lining of boots. 
A*L; saUam, The pulp of the lote. 
A *,<L? silamat, A multitude; a sect. 
A LI* salayat t A mortar. 


A c-Ju? 50/6, Crucifixion, hanging. 

Roasting, burning. Sulb, Rude. 

Real. Patient. Strong. Estimation. 


A <S3u: , Connection. A present. 
A (^.*La suit, A sharp sword. A 

broad wide forehead. 
A ^U^ salalan, Swift (horse). 
A J-* salty, Deafness. 
A J** 5MM, Peace, a treaty. 
A " salakh, Deafness. 
A *sk , Tall, hardy (camel). 
salkhad) Hardy, robust. 

silkhaff, Baggage. 
A **r silk ham t Erect. Enraged. 

Silkham, Keen. Steep. 
A J*ir* , Brisk, robust (she-camel). 
A JkLs so/t/, Hard, strong. Alone. 
A !jkL? 5iVd<8, Rocky ground. 
A |1jJus sildam^ A lion. Strong. 
A _. JkL0 5o/</a// , A large stone. Large 


A *JtL0 , A. lion. Robust (horse). 
A JUaLs , Clay mixed with sand, 
A J-aLtf sulsul, A ring-dove. 
A ^ saltah, Thick, broad. 
A j_lc s/t, Baldness. 
A ULs.s/_, Said (woman). Bare 

(ground). A misfortune. 

A tX*Ltf saH^add^ A red raw nose. 
A tjLU 5afa/, Odious. Rainless 

(cloud). Arrogance, boasting. 
A UL? 50/fa, Hard ground. 
A i<JJ..- salfa&l, A termagant. 
A <jL? 5cria/-, A loud sound. 
A LyiUs salltatfll, A termagant. 
A i^SLp ,' Shedding (blood). SiUim, 

An old woman. Thick. A lion. 

A *Ls salam, Eradicating. 

<JU*Ls salmatfll, Depilating. 

Making smooth. Poverty. 

LiX 5 A long slender fish. 

iafjol*0 ; ytlan dak at) Hardy, pa- 
tient (camel). 

*&*"* salaniah, A keen understand- 
ing. A loud noise. 

y_ft.--Lf sa/a/'a, Strong. Keen. 

^ulff salanlii) Talkative. 

^L* sola, The thigh, 

*.Ls 50/u/, Prayer. 
A fbosuluk, Good, right, proper. 

i Ls salukh) Fatal (misfortune). 
A J*l*i> salad. Striking the ground 

when leaping (a horse). Avaricious. 
A fJ-^i-tf salazcdah) Hardy, strong. 
A ^j^> Full grown (ox or sheep). 
A J^ suKlj Putrifying (meat). 

Making (a boot). 
A <d-s /aA, Conjunction. 
A *lgL0 sUham t Bold. A lion. 
A v-^L? , Tall. Large. Robust. 
A #***, A large stone; hardy camel. 
A ^a saly, Hurting. Roasting 

meat. Circumventing. 

silliyan, A kind of herb. 
({ftb, Hard, Sec. See 

, A cross. Marrow. 

sulayjat, Pure silver. 
A ^b> ; ?aftfc Without wood. 
A y_p_-i^ salif, The side of a hill. 
A AJuL? wlil-at. Meat boiled soft. 
A JJu 5a/t/ f The tingling of iron. 

A *^> samm, Corking. Bruising. A 

A U-o samma. Deaf, dumb. Misfor- 
tune. A loose garment. 


, Honour. Propinquity. 
Silence. Thirsty. A table. 
JL _l**fl sumuhf The cautery. 
A ~U9 simakh, The car. Water. 
A jUs simddj A hangman. 
A -jU-tf , Strong. Exquisite. 
A _pl*? sumdrih) Pure, unmixed. 
A .^U-tf sumalikh, Thick milk. 
A >Us samam t Misfortune. Deafness. 

A (^***saml, Silence. &t*yMMji 
Adverst fortune. A male serpent. 
A bold man. A lion. 
A <x4*s sumlal, Taciturnity. 
A ^ simj, A lamp. 
A ls**^ simha, Rocky ground. 

samahmahi A stout man- 

Compact. Bald. 

A 4&S*** samakhdad, Excellent. 
A tX49 samd, A design. Beating. 

Samad, A lord. Perpetual. High. 
A y*0 ?. am T'i Avaricious. 
A Jij^a simrid, A milky eamel. 
A ft\+a***& samsam, A sharp sword. 
A +^j**a samsam, Very avaricious. 

SfVn.a0i, Thick. Short. Bold, keen. 
A j-4-a , Small (ear). Well formed. 
A \XA~O samtfi, Rising high. 
A .**> samZfir, Strong, hardy. 
A L^it^ff , A malignant serpent. 

A j_j*<4*s sumtur) Short, compact. 

A *_**? samagh, Cum. 

A c\x4c samaghd, Strong, hardy. 

A <UU*tf sttmalal, Bad milk. 

A 4x*w samkalj A strong camel. 

A CJ^C-tf samtul, Strong, hardy. 

Foolish, wicked. Viscous. 
A J^scwf, Striking. Hard. 
A L*s simlakhj Ear.wax. 

A c_>J>*-? , Strong. A segment. 
A jJJv*^ , A weak-bodied man. 
A *A3 sam'ini) Growing deaf. 
A <^j***c satnut) Silent. 
A -*A*y .?'"/' Hard hoof, 
p . ^twtf sainurj Sable (fur), 

A *U*3 ^c-*-* , Misfortune. 
A ,^Lv-tf samai/diiy Inversion. DarU 
ing. Cekbiity. Bold. 

A d--^*-*' simmili Silent, taciturn. 
A Ju^tf sumaydah , A sultry day. 
A .*> samir, A withered (man). 
sam'tl, Dry, withered. 
////, Pure, unmixed. Ve- 
hemence. An egg-shell. 
A ^j***^ satmmi, Cordial, sincere. 

A ^ san/i, Bread basket. 
A <oli2 sinabal) Long bucked. 
A yJ^> sanabir^ Intense cold- 
A d-.^-* sanabi, Mustard. 

A I 1 -9 sannfij, A cymbal pljyer. 
A Z^-li-c sanakhal) A large man. 
A j<a sinar, The plane-tree. 
A clx**OMt, Industrious (woman). 

A dam, dike, or mound. 
A e^k"" > ^ rt industry ; trade. 
A S\i<* 5//i/-, Braying long (a camel). 
A Ajlirf .< truly al, The whole. 
A Juie sambtil, Crafty, diffident. 
A t v--^ sutnbur, An aqueduct. 
A ^_-;^- sun I tit> Hard-headed, an ass, 

^c. A Lrgc forehead. 
A C^>.^>-* .-?"/"/, A part, piece^ 
A ^ --"'--^ M'-(~ f (t A legion. 
A ^'-j i-w/, An Arabian cymbal. 
A -U> sanjal) A balance, scales. 
A ^sics , Large, tall. Foolish. 
A ^ sinkh, The root *f a tooth. 

- 363 


- A J J 

A 2CUtf sanakhal, Filth, mistiness. 
A -Aj-rf sanduh, A broad stone. 

, A prince. Mild, noble. 
, Sandal wood. Thick. 
, A chest, box, tomb. 
sindid. Violent (heat), &c. 
A ^" .-?#.) Creation, work. Indus- 
trious. A roasting spit ; dressed 
meat. A garment. 
A ( &tU) santftl, A trade. Training (a 

horse). A mystery. 
A ^' <& sun^a', Industrious. 

sinf, A part, kind, form. 
sana'i, Firm, strong. 
A^WW , An idol, A mistress. 
f~a suiiw, Bad wood. A mountain 
rill, from the same stock. 

* j j~ff sannur, Avaricious. 

A ^. >.^ sam^ Any work of art, a 

performance. A gift. Meat. Clever. 
A (-rAo sazcab, Rectitude. 
p jjJuUtf satcubd'iJ, Approbation. 
P Lcj^rf, Showing well, reasonable. 
A J\*0siHcuh, Plaster, clay. 
A J\ya suxar, A herd of wild oxen. 

Musk ; perfume. 
A ?'j-^ suteu.'^ Dry measure. 

A i^j\ya suic&rifi A woollen.draper. 

A ^**f suicun, A wardrobe. 

A <L< \ya stKcanal, A rock. 

X tj^ scKcarii, Porcelain. 

A <*-Jyc su'-zb, A part, a path. 

A L*tf subul, A granary. A heap. 

fa^a subah) A province. 
A c^'j^ , A noise, a shriek, song. 
A &\>ife saqjan, Dry, stiff Joined. 
A ^ ;?ic/i, Dividing. A wall, A 

steep. The side. 
A **}>?* sukhuri, Biscuit. 

A Jj*? , Eminence, exaltation. 
A j *a sorer. Inclining, cauiing to 
droop. Cutting, sounding. 

A Xjyo , An image, face. A copy. 


A vj* suralatt) Apparently. 
p \*jys surat numa, Apparent. 
P t^$jf0surt, Envy. Form, face. 
A ^y* sus, Worthless, mean. 
A \sy sftwf, The sound of water. 
A J3?9* saKtal t The red carrot. 
A c jo 5ar^ Measuring with th 

^U> . Separation. Terrifying. 
A- j? ?aygh, Creating, melting. 

Framing (a lie). Form. A pair. 
A 5a/, Woolly. Missing (an 

arrow). Diverting from evil. S 1 ^, 

Wool. Camelot. 

A <uij^> saafatfit) A tiara, turban, 
p <sjA2 .-?o/c^, A sopha, &:c, 
A <Jjo 5w/J, Wise, pious, devout. 
A <- J^s sufa', Good. 
A tl$L 5^, At first, before all. 
A jjyes&ef, Proud, perverse, unjust, 

furious. Quarrtity. 
A Jj-4> saiclajy Pure, sincere. 
A i^^Fj-^ smtlajan, A hooked club. 
A jj*9 5azrai, A fast. Hunger. A 

Christian church. Silent. 
A ^c*0 ^azcmflt, A cloister, hermit. 

age. Suma^ah^ An inn ; a chamber. 
A ^ya sawn, Defence. 
A *->^s saxnat, Name of a bird. 
A o sah t Silence. 
A ^^\^o suhabi, Without defect- 
A tj\^9 , Marrow, melted fat. 
A <rj^*> suharij) A cistern, pond. 
A Jlftf suhol, Neighing, 

A c-.^ suhb t A reddish colour. 
A j^a sahr, Mcltinj. 


A noisy old woman, 
A &aq*s sahtalat) Looseness. 
A *+*&> si/imtm, Unmixed, perverse. 
A ij^o sahwat, A rock spring. 
A ^^*j so/it, Moist, running (wound). 
A ^H** S a %* r i Liquid, melted. 
A Ju$*3 .f^/> Neighing. 

A <-r>Us , The best of mankind. 


A Le sojrya/, The after.birth. 
A ^l--* > Noise, sound. 

A jL* sayyd t A hunter, a fowler. 

A <i^> j The art of a goldsmith. 

A jLtf siyal, Assaulting. 

A /L2 siyani) Fasting. 

A j^U-s siyan, Keeping. A wardrobe. 

Siyanal, Defence. 
A t-?'^ sryby Hitting the mark. 
A i-^--*i> AV/> A sound, fame, A mal. 

let. A mechanic. 
A &z*?3 3*to?.i Good fame. 
A ^o sayh, Exclaiming. Clamour. 
A <ksto sqyhat, A shriek. Anguish. 
A X"2 sayadt Carn r ing the head 

proudly. The chase, game. 
A ^Ju-0 saydSy Rocky ground. 

-'~J t 

hj Clamorous. 

A JU*P sqydan, Gold. Brass. 
A a.:<X.^ saydanal, A bad woman. 
A ^X.-a saydan, The hyena. A king. 
A i^$&?& s . a ydi) Brazen, copper. 
A s*o , Being, becoming. The end. 

Water pent up. A crevice. A jelly. 
A Ijfco straf^ A sheep-cote. 
p ^J"^ $* l 2i ra gh*i A purse-bearer. 
A t~ t<"-* .'ffi/ra/, A banker. 
A <Ux..^ iii/, A fortification. 
A u^r*-^ IfW^Wj Very red. Large 

(camel's bunch). Au oblique pace. 

A ^< sayyigh, A liar, 

A mould, mood, conjugation. 

A u-Qg^ sq^/', Summer. 

A &JL~O , Erring (from the mark). 

A ij*+o stt } Dust. Fetid sweat. 

A J^Mtf , Polish, a polisher. 

A il.^r* .-? fl ^> Robust. Sweating, 
clotting (blood), adhering. 

A *Ls> 5/a(, A whip knot. 

, Momentous. A sword. 

sugyam, Fasting. 

50j/u6, Right, direct. 
sayud) A hunting dog. 

sayyur, The end. Intellect. 
A ^^^^ $ayhab. Intense heat. 
A ^fc*' sayhtg, A large stone. A 

strong camel. 

A Jc^ sqyhad, Long. A vapour. 
A <gj>0 sityhujy Smooth, polished. 
A ^^ 5flj/j Clucking (as a hen, See.). 
A c^w-*s A washing of the head. 

yo zad, The 15th letter of the Arakic 
alphabet, and 18th of the Persian. 
In arithmetic it expresses 800. 

A c_jU zdbb, Restless (camel). 

A LJ'-S iabit, Holding firm; provi^ 
dent. A cliief, master. 

A <k>U , Rule, usage. A law. 

A jU zabt'^y Going quick. 

A a.'^U z^ya/ Exciting tumult. 

A _-U ^tyi't, Indolent, foolish. A 


A. txs-: zahit, Waggish ; a satirist. 

Flashing (clouds). 
A .js*-^ ? Exterior. Exposed to 

the sun. 
A <L-U? 'ia/ifyat, Misfortune. 

A jU? zarr, Detrimental. 

A <_. Jj\J> , Beating. Coining. A 
striker. A valley planted. A 
clouded night. One who shakes 
the arrows at games of chance. 

A c?;^ zari, Trained (a dog). 

A j\*a zaa'Z) Injustice, fraud. 

A v^^iU, The cry of a hare, or wolf. 
A kcU, A guard. Corpulency. 
A lriU; zaghut) The night-mare. 
A ^\j zaghin. Restive (horse). 
A LiU ziifali Journeying far. 
A t_jL? zafi, Long (garment). 

A A\J> Straying. A pi'evaricator. 

A <i]U zalat, Arms. 

A ^JUj za/zc., Erring, deviating. 

A -o\o zamir, Slender. 

A j^U zamiz, Silent. Disgracing. 

A ^^e zamin, A surety, sponsor. 

A <LiU?, A camel's nose-ring. 

A (JLs zanl 9 Fruitful (woman). 

A t^U ':larz, Lucifer. Slender. 

A^>U, The top of a mountain. 

A 2j&Lj, Small in quantity (water). 

A jLj^rt-rV, Hurtful, noxious. 

A _jU zayi& Wandering. Hungry. 

A 4t >L? Ho-trt, Wool-bearing, sheep. 

Languid. Beautiful. 

A e-^J z6&, Adherin-r to the ground. 
Dropping (us blood, ice.) Anx- 
iously desiring. Fleshy. Silent, 
observation. A gvudge. 

A LJ za&a, Fixed to the ground. 
Throwing down. Lying hid. Fly. 
ing. Blushing. 

zababaf, A cloud. 
'iubusiyal, A fleshy arm. 
'iabural, Compact. 
> Tinged. Strengthened. 
, A strong lion. Bold. 
fHff zubazib, Plump and short. 

abalat, Government. 
A i^-xs zabab, A tumour. 

A <LJ zabbalj The Lybian lizard. . 
A ci-v*-9 s65, Striking, 
zabsam, A lion. 
abh. Breathing hard. 
'tab/tar, A bottle. 
u*j, Mixing dates. 
*o zabr, Leaping with joined fet 
(ahorse). Piling. 
_^]/ ; ^, Strong, large bodied.",' 

zab'i, Purblind. 
A y-~, Harassing a debtor. Mis. 
fortune. A companion. Foolish. 
A ks zab(, Government, regulation, 

controul. Confiscation. 
A Jb~a ziblar, A lion. Strong. 
A ^_r-r^ zaba^j An arm. 

A ^L*.^, Large.bellied. Soiled. 
Ztbtati, Male hyena. 
~a zabtflt, The female hyena* 


A ^^k'i-J, A scare-crow. 
A (Ja-*^ 'iabaghla, A bug. bear. 
A U"^> zaban, Detriment. Zabin, A 

narrow place. 
A &.**!> ''-(thnai, Domestics. 
A ,gl?'...g zabaiift, Stiong, robust. 
A t*+a zabzc, Altering. Roasting. 
-Mtf, Adliering to the ground. 


A <iV* zabus t Feeling- (a camel). 

A ?}"* zabut, Going quick. 

A CJ **> zubut; Herbage, sprouting. 

A <L---s, Butter. New wine. 

A j^a zabiz, Dangerous, fierce. 

A u-tf*! Sec Lr ^>. 

A j'~>++>a zabt/ar t A lion. 

A J--*? zuba-il, Misfortune. 

A ^" zo/j, Crying out. Submitting. 

A ^s* 5 zajar, Braying (a camel). 
Narrow. Sorrow, vexation. 

M %-?" 2o/j^ Reclining. Soap. 

A (Sxs* 5 ztjifil, Indolence. Sluggish. 

A ^s^ 3 'iajam, Oblique, distorted. 

A ~- t^f 'injuj, Braying whilst milk- 
ing (a she-camel). 

AJJ-ST" zeyilr, Melancholy. 

A c yss 3 zqjut, Weak in mind. 
A disobedient wife. 

A -^ zqjit, A bed-fellow. 

A fP ~ihh t The sun. 

A Is^za/iw, The meridian. Dinner. 

A j-Lis^ zahzah, Little, shallow 

(water). Much, deep (water). 
A i^xs^ , Laughing. Thundering. 

Frightened. Fresh butter. White 

honey. Light. 

A JLS^ z'rt/t/, Shallow water. 
A j? ztt/izc, Patent (road), clear. 

Pasturing in the heat of the day. 

Scorched by the gun. 
A ^U^f zahijiin. Basking. Dining. 

zahyat, A sacrifice. 
zaA7ti, Large. Broad (way). 
zakhiin t Large, corpulent. 

A AJ , Filling. Gaining a cause. 
Averting. Contrary. Alike. 

A ^ zarr, Loss, Surr, Matrimony. 

Distress, leanness. 

A t^1/* HirA, Fighting, conquering. 
A ^y^ L'lVaA, Kit!. ing. 

;Vraf-, Hurting, injuring. 

zararat, Blindness. 
s 'iurusj The tooth-ach. 
zcratfit, Submission. 
A ki^* zurq/it, Corpulent. 
A cL/|^ sura.f, Robust. A lion. 


A *^ Hiram t Kindling. Fuel. 
A <Jwl ?< tf, Tke turpentine tree. 
A *j\j>J zaravat, Accustomed. 
A t_-J.J^, Tribute. Ice, snow. 
A c_. ?-tf, Thick, white honey. 
A < ? y -tf scrft, Beating. A blow. 

A Ij.^? zr6an, By force. 

A ^j& zaraban, The pulse. 

A tJj* zarbat, One blow. 

r ^jfjrt, A piece of ardnance. 

A ^ ]& zarbi, By compulsion. 

A gj0 zarralj Adversity. MucK 

> zarj, Splitting. 

jat.^ A leopard. 
A ^ ja zarh, Repulsing. Digging a 

grave. Kicking. Languid. 
A ^<-y* zirdakh, Fruitful. Great. 
A jjc zarar, Injury. Affl.ction. 

A j/& zar'z, Unevenness. J^ zirrii, 
Avaricious, tenacious. 

A Jj /a zirzil, Parsimonious. 

A <L<i .*?, A penetrating bitd 

A (j~j*e -u, Biting. Severe. Fill- 
ing (a \vellj. Zurusj Rain. 


A rfUUya, Stupid. Ignoble. 
A /iJytf zarzamy A beast of prey. 
A tojo zarty Breaking wind, a mark 

of contempt. 

A */^ '^rlinty Fat in the belly. 
A ft^j zarat, Supplicating. Infirm. 
A b^ zar^a, Large-breasteH. 

A *.*?, Desiring. Thick milk. 

A ^Aij-ffy A mass (of clay). 

A */& zirgham, A lion. 

A u_J-<J, A mountain fig-tree. 

A &/> zurfaly Abundance. 

A ^^i.t0 zirfatty Corpulent. 

A "//^> Fleet. Hungry. An eaglet. 

A 4U^ zarmaly A fire-brand. 

A j ,-c H/rrr, The gum of a tree. " A 

hunt ing dog. *^e zuruWy Stream- 
ing blood. 

A -^a , Kicking. Shooting. A 
dull market. 

A j*je zarury Necessary. 

A C^,jy^, Force. Indigence. 

A ijjj*s* zaruriy Forced, compelled. 

A ij..^ ^o 'iaritSy A vicious camel. 

A breast, a nipple. 
P, Bleeding much (a vein). 

, Sec c yL?. Snow, ice. 
^i ,*s 'ianbaty Disposition. 
jy Swift (course). 

Far, distant. A tomb. 
jj*> zanr, Blind. Sick. The 
river side. The soul. Jealousy, 
j^j^j, (A well) choaked up. 
k^-j, Any thing windy. 

zarit, Large-breasted. 

-^ zarayfafiyaty A game. 
fCy Poor. Foolish. An eagle. 
zariniy A conflagration. 
"iiazy Passionate, surly. 

A jjj-* zo'in, Snatching by force. 
A kkJ za/a/, Strong (man). 

za^t, Training camels. 

/i A tree; a writing reed. 
/, Hens, fowls. 
Silly, trifling. 
, Infirmity. i't/, 

Equal. JSt/i Thin. 
A JxJ zato/, Thinness, starving. 
A i*Jux*i> zafcJfjWeak, infirm. Blind. 
A U^ 'iugha, Fallacy, cheat. 
\ c >l*J, Cry of a hare or wolf. 
A <LU-ff zughamat, Any tiling seized 

or bitten. Cast away. 
A t ^ zaghb, Crying (a hare, 

A (*^Jt*y z'og'fo, Pronouncing con. 

fusedly. Taking 'by handfuls. 


A ^a 'iighar, A wild beast. 
A (j~f*> zagharas, A greedy man. 
A (U*~*? zaghZaghat, Muttering. 

Chewing. Talkativeness. 
A kx*i zdghf., Squeezing, forcing. 
A <dajL? lUtgktot, Difficulty, anguish. 
A f^o 'iagham. Biting. 
A ^> zaghan, Hatred. Affection. 
A ^i-tf zaghze, Fallacy, fraud. 
A ^**-5 zaghigh, Prosperity. 
A <U*Xtf 'iaghlfat) A green garden. 
~*~? i-aghinat, Hatred. 

. * 

A jU-J zajfaz, A detractor. 


A IrU* zqffa/j A camel.hirer. 

A 2s>\x*> zafafaty Foolish. Large- 


A is\sJ> zafd-fat, Weak in mind. 

A <LLs zajfat, One compression. 

A cJuui sifdit, A frog, the frog bone. 


A. jS^> zafr, Plaiting (the hair). 
Leaping, running. Any thing 
twisted. A sand hill. , 

A ]0jLs zafral, Large-bodied (camel). 

A &jLe, Largeness of belly. 

A^s*? zafzj Forcing into the mouth. 
Impulse. Running. 

A &LeLa zafzafat, A crowd. 

A jbLa ziflar, An old crocodile. 

A l&ssuc zaf/at, Absurdity. 

A jJL; 'zafafr Elephant's dung. 

A u-S(u4 * a faf) A crowd eating, or 
running to water. Necessity, an- 
guish. Haste. 

A ( jLo zafn, Kicking. Throwing. 
Loading (a camel). Approaching. 

A jLa zfl/o?, Superfluity. 

A j&> zafical, Affluence. 

A ujyj ZO/M/, Milky (a camel). 

A js*> zafir, The sea shore. 

A ijf*c zafirai, A braided lock. A 
sand hill ; a mound. 

Ay : i,tf zaftz, Thick. A mouthful. 

A iaug^ zV//7/, Stupid, ignorant. 

A ulC? zo/vf, Oppressing. 

A !tCaC; 'zal'za(-at y A quick pace. 

A Jj zo/7, A little water. 

A Jj z//, An error, vice. 
A Jtf}U 'iulaiil) A skilful guide. 
A <eiLr za/a^a/, Strength. Strong. 
A JiLs za/a/, Error; ruin. Deviat- 
ing. Lying hid. Dying. 

A <Us iallati Ecstacy. Speaking of 
the absent. Zillal, Mistake. 

A J*di,i zalazil, Hilly ground. 

A ^Ltf Ho/at., Stooping; deviating. 
Apart. Anarch. Curved. Lame. 
Strong. Patient. A district. 

A (JJu?, An error ; running water. 

A icjU, (A bow) of flexible wood. 
A ^--^ zalit., Having large uneven 
teeth ; and a wide mouth. 

A JJue zORl t Erring greatly. 

A ^e, Contraction, conjunction. A 

great calamity. 

A JL4*c zimad, A fillet ; a plaster. 
A jU-s zVwzar, Uncertainty. 
A JjUs, Strong (camel). 

A *UJ zimam, See ^J. 

A ^l^-fi 'iaman t Adversity. Love. 

A <L^ laminat) The winning horsc t 
A zany, Anointing the body pro- 
fusely. Zamij, Accused. A dis- 
ease. Adhering to the ground. 
A * zdmuj, Squat, corpulent. 
A '3 zamkh, See *. sig. 1. Fat. 
AjS^'iamkhar, Proud. Corpulent. 
A Ok/w ~~umd, Moist ; dry. The best ; 

the worst. Dissembling. 
A j**5, Slender. Blindness. 
A y]/i*i zamran, A species of plant. 
A jr+*?i A lion. Hard ground. 
A lyjj**, Hidden, Straitened. 
A j r*^> Hard ground. Thick. 
A { j^a zaman, Sickness, fracture. 
Zamn, Answering for another ; 
redeeming. Zimn, The middle. 
The cover of a letter. The con- 
tents. An idea. An obligation, 

?, A distemper ; an injury. 

s zamndiir, A sponsor; as- 

zamna', The palsy. 
wi " r Slender, thin, 
zcfmux. The lion. 
A yv^ zamir, The mind, scni 3, ide*. 


5 zamiran, Sweet basil. 
, Limping; decaying.. 
3 zamim, Joined. 
**>& zaniimaly Augmentation. 

y**o zamin, A sponsor, surety. 

j*s> zmn t Avaricious, niggardly. 

Resembling. Peculiar. 

IxJ Hano, Going away. Lurkiug. 
Offspring. Abounding Sick. 
LlxJ zanaf, A great crowd. 
C/LJ zVna^, Firm in flesh; hav- 
ing swelling hips (a woman). A 
large tree. Zunut, Defluxion. 

zanatat, Narrow (means). 
i* iamb. Bedaubing. Catching. 

Enervated. Worthless. 
iJ zcindal, Large-headed. 

zana/, Alacrity. Zanil, Full 
(of flesh). Zanh Narrowness. 
^^j zanan, Strong. 
y*i zanzc, Offspring. Fruitful. 
<byJ ' at t Low-spirited. 

i~e, Abounding. A disease. 

^^- / 

CS^o zariif!. An indigent state. 

^ya zaa?a', Shining. Light. 
>\yo zazca/, A wen, swelling. 
$yf zuzcad, Having a rheum. 
zazcdziyat, A misfortune. 

A fox. An owl's note. 
zanatat, A crowd, troop. 
n, A strong camel. 


Ufa zazotial, Noise. 
^Jy* 'zazolat, Name of a bird, 
jrj*', The winding of a river. 
(y^-yy zcMDjan, Hard, dry. 

Ayo zu.ud, The rheum. 

y zar, Hunger. A black cloud. 

, A trumpet. 
zaw'z, Diminishing. Defraud- 

iug. Chewing (dates). 


A ufj^ zu-uza', A part. Uujust. 
A \aya zawza, Vociferation. 

A y>-fi> zu-u'zu.u, A root, family. 
A kj*?, A distortion of the jaw. 
A jbfc za~o/ar^ A meau fr How. 
A 9j*s 'zuiDa'zj Motion. Repelling. 
A j-^J zaataty Corpulent, stupid. 

A <3jJ zu-ulat, Slender (man). 
A Jj* za&ht, Desiring strongly. 
A +yc zazcm, Defrauding, injuring. 
A ij^ya zawmtran, A fragrant herb. 
A ^.i? %'aron, A kid's maw. 
A <&jj zawnat) A little girl. 
^ Meagre, slender. 

A Q&y* zazs~t/at, Soft clay. Bread. 

A c,^, A mixed multitude. 

A Lsg^j zahbay A roasting spit. 

A J^ z'aArf, Subduing, forcing. 

A Xj^a zuharati Top of a mountain. 

A tortoise. 

A -^a zafizj Trampling upon. 
A *^> zik'ztm, Worthless (man). 
A J^J zaf//, Milk. Giving little. 

Returning. Arriving (news). 


A &Q& zahlat, A small quantity. 
A \t^> zahwa, Ground without grass. 
A t-J&ff zuhiib, Dcficieat in duty. 
A ly^o zahwal, A reservoir. 

j Having little milk. 
A j^fJ, Resembling ; answering for 
another. Barren. A kind of shrub. 
A Ju^-s zahid, Hard, strong, firm. 


A ^f Mi Increase. 

A \~a ziya, Light, brilliancy. 


.Me zai/ab, Plunging into busi- 
ness, interfering inconsiderately. 
_lc -ayah, Thin watery milk. 

]e\gf zayyab A corpulent man. 
\-J Jiuyafc, Perishing. Ruined. 
&L.J , A feast. Hospitable. 
JL^ %ayo/, The wild lotc-tree. 

J-^J i;Jfo7, A misfortune. 
**e zayhj Thin milk. Honey. 
j^ zay'z, Injury, injustice. 
^jfs zay"~an, A rival, a ferestaller. 
Offspring. Punctual. 
U**-* zai/s, Decreasing. 
k* zayb Shaking when walking. 
/a**e 'zaylar, A merchant that does 
not move or travel. 
&u 'zayiul, An estate, a villa. 
*x0 zaygham, Biting. 
&k~a , A plume, tuft. 
i^jLJ 2j//, Hospitable. Erring 
(an arrow). Setting (the sun). 
^f~o zqyfan, The uuimvited friend 
of a guest at a feast. 
~e> , Anguish, doubt. Avarice. 
^)i-*j zaytal, Corpulent. Poor. 
l^? zaym y Diminishing, defraud- 

An odoriferous herb. 

t/;--* 21. tW, A churning bottle. 
'inyhib, A spit. 

small estate. 

A ^L.,^ za-ilal, A slender serpent. 

/a, The 16th letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, and the 4 9th of the Per. 
shn ; expressing 9 in arithmetic. 

A 5,\L /a-ai, Going far off in pastur. 

ing. Thin clay or mud. 
A c-jli: /5ft, Sweet, good, lawful. 
A <LU? /5&fl/, A kind of date wine. 
A ^11? tabikh, A burning fever. 
A jl!r (abat, A seal. ring. 
A ^jjll? , A frying-pan. A joint. 
A ^ labin, Very skilful. 
A 6&ijJ& , A bier. 
A (^ylt (abun, A pit. 
F <uUs /a6o/r, A frying-pan. 
P <JjU-.>li> , A tanner's house. 
A jJli? /<MiV, Thick milk. 
A ,j^^ /.4/ zw > A. frying-pan. 
A J^lk /a/itf, Turk id. 
A xs41? (ahnat, A back tooth. 
A j -l^ fahunat, A water-mill. 
A ^-ftAL? /flAy, Large, spacious. Fil. 

ling up. Exalted. 
A _&<!JMli Great (darkness). 
A ,__$ jU /^, Established custom. 
A j^ll? /rW, A persecutor. 
A 1^,\L , Having thin eye-brows, See. 
A uJ,lt /or?/, New. 
A jjlL /an/-, A night traveller. A 

prophet. The morning star. 
f *jb (prim, The firmament. 
A Jij^'^ 7 (arum, A beaver. 
A 4j?)li? /ar/, Happening. Coming 

from a distance. Manifest. 
Ar j^Jk /flj, A cup, a goblet. 

A C^'LAi? /55/, A cup, bason. 
A <JL;li? fa sal, Digging to a cavern. 
A J~Ak /5//, Flying (dust). 
A t'Js/a/, Long, tall. 

* s- 

A ILUs , Low ground. 
A e^tlL , Obedience. Worship. 
A jj^lr , A straight firm arrow. 
A +z\b fu&n, Fed. Clothed. 


A (5~b ta&n, A pestilence. 


A o*'*' fa-atei. Anyone, somebody. 
A JL&1& fa&yali A woman afflicted 

with hepatitis. 

A!? , An idol, a demon. 
A ^11- //</, A rebel. X tyrant. 

Lightning. Punishment. 

A ( jUr/a/", Going much reund. <*l!r, 

A hedge. 

A ^ lafih, Full of drink. 
A *UIS? //?//, Good, 
Ar jjlL /a/-, A cupola. A window ; 

portico. A garment. Unique. A 


4 tjfto faftat^ Power. Patience. 
r AiSw?/a/7oA, A balcony. 
A fePtyp lifdtal, A little window. 
A^JkSliy lajidanah, The corncl-tree. 
r 'ir /'/, Froth of urine. 
A jJ'b , A fillet. A balcony. 
A u.-^ tatib, A c king, begging. 
A Jlir //M, Wicked, villainous. 
A ^J'J? , Fate, chance. The dawa. 
A ^111? /// , Divorced. 
A ^u)C? faliltal, A mild night. 
r ^yilli?, A species of poisonous brass. 
A lt/aiii!'A, High, elevated. 
A ^ < ( ^> , Distant. Hollow (a man). 
A J^ltf /amtY, Wicked, criminal. 
A 4<l^ .<* Swelling, raging (deep). 
A Jb , Full of clay. The boJy. 
A Jj\t /^"</i Grave. Libidinous. 
A {j~& fu&s.i A peacock. Silver. 
A ^^ /aari, Starved. 


A ^IL /oaajj, Any one. 

A y>''i? /rt^'r, Clear, chaste, holy. 

A c^jlSs , Good, pleasant, lavrful. 
, A Bat roof. 

A ^jlL> /ff-iV, A bird. Plying. Aa 
omen. Dignity. An undertaking. 

A ^Ij'L /</-/*//, Inconstant. 

A L-slU? /tfj/t/", Surrounding. A night* 
watch. A wall. A spectre. 

A tjjb , A people ; troop, train. 

A J^H? (ayl, The projection (of a hill, 
&c.), seam of a ship. 

A Jjlls layil, Power, pleasure. 

A c--J tabb, Science. Medicine. 
Magic. Desire. Nature. 

A LL> fab-al, Nature. 
A iUl? tabakh) The tormenting angel. 
Heat. A burning fever. 

A A-^-U? (ubukhiyat, A beautiful and 
jeniible young woman. 

A ,\^y lubbar, A tree like the fig, 
Ay-il-L , The bamboo stone. 
A ^Jbtibatj) Nature, genim. 
A jLL? /ifia/', Agreeing, adapting. 

A J'ui? /oii/, A drummer. 

t <ksrL!z fabanja/i, A box, a' blow. 


A JLly tibbat, An oblong tract of 
ground or clouds; a slip of clotb ( 
or leather. 

A ^y (abj, Foolish, insane. 

A ^ fabkhy Cooking; cookery. 

A &*& {.abkfiat, Quite foolish* 

A_/.!r tibr t The angle ; alw the side 
curtain or buttresi of a castle. 

\j*lflubur, A pick-axe. 

p u^"^ labarkhun. Dry wood. 

F Jj^ , Sugar-canJy. 

A ^-^^ /;^'' < V.> -^ ^ ar > a scoundrel. 
A ^1? tibl, The anjle of a hill. 
A ^J^ (abs, Black. Tibs, A wolf, 
r <U...!^ labsah, Tapeitry, a carpet. 


A /ji-b tabsh. Men, a troop. 

A * ._ -\1? -^ tab tub) A game at ball. 

A <<J-?rJ? , The sound of torrents. 

A -ls-ij lablablyai, A twisted garland 
used in dancing. 

A -k tabat, Filth, rust. Disgrace. 
Coining, sealing. Nature, genius. 

A ^UJs (ubtim, Sealing wax. 

A ^jV^ (flbtiya'j Natural. 

A fjj^a /aba/f, Contracted (the hand). 
A dish. The story of a house. A 
leaf, a disk. Successive. The sur- 
face of the earth. The vault of 
heaven. Universal (rain). An 
age (twenty years). Tibk, Corres- 
ponding. A multitude. A way. 
Leave. Bird-lime. 

A dLiiJs labaAat, A degree, floor. 

p c^sM 5 labaltchahi A small plate. 

A <J-L iflblj A drum, a tambourin. 
People. Tribute. 

, Warlike musick. 

t u? labfak t A little drum. A 
mitre, tiara ; a fillet. 

A dJs lablah, A large fruit dish. 
A sandal. A parasite. 


f Asxl? tabanjah) A blow, a box. 
A jJoJb fabaitdar, Mischief, malice. 

An ape. A crab-louse. 
fabafi, A European carpet. 
a tubi, An udd/er, a dug. 
tabtbj A physician. 
(ablkh, Cooked. A brick. 
Plaster. A fever. A melon. 
(j^-^o (abis, Overflowing. 

(abliyal, Tribute money. 
!a labin, Sensible, sagacious. 

A &*+**> (Pbi&t.) Nature, essence, ge- 
nius, disposition. 

A i j~b tab}k) Beginning any thing 
which you resolve to finish. 

p ^J^jLls, To do as ordered. 

p ^Ou-b tapulan, To fret, to totter. 


A ciJ? toss, A boy's game. 
Ay% tajr, Thick (milk), xjb , The 
same. Clay, slime, wool. Affluence. 
A >r^= f. a * ra ji A pismire. 
A yb (as an, Harmony. 
A jLil? (asyar, A lion. A gnat. 
A j^P /y'z, A falsehood. 

A ^ tahh , Expanding. 
A jlsf fahar, Sighing. 
A /JU^ lihal, The spleen. 

A jjU-k tahhan, A miller. 

A f? fahah, Any thing hanging 

from the heel. 

A .S? (ahar t A small cloud. 
A <-r*ss (ihrib, A covering. 
A glkJ* gtt il| A lion. 
A J^ /aA/, Splenetic. Filling a YCJ- 

sel. Corrupted (water). 
A c^ls?' tuhlabj Water, moss. 
A <ild? , A whitish ash-colour. 
A <<ULsf fahlamat, Cloudless sky. 
A Lksr takma, A miser. A plant. 
A <ui , Impulse. A crowd. 
A >j**i? lalimarir. A small cloud. 
A- v js!? /a^, Grinding, fatiguing. 

Tihn, Meal. A dwarf. 
A f*sr luhum, Once ; a moment. 
A ^J 5 .'aA7/, A multitude. A 

fierce battle. 

A L^fukyatj A part of a cloud. 
A Kflf /<//'', Sighing. 
A i^J? , Flour. 


A > fikh/i'.h, Hat ha! ha! 

A. ^ takhkhj Projection. Removal. 
A Isr , A high cloud. Sorrow. 

A / AST tukhari/n. Passionate. 

~ L 
A ^.j^sr (akhariijat, An oli ass. 

A is tukha/ikh, Darkness. 

A i_jUer takhaf, A high cloud. 

A < J/^ tjkhraf) Thin (cloud, but- 

ter, gruel). 
A j)js& lukhrur, A thin cloud. A 

foreigner. A scattered crewd. 
A j-sr" /iJWkz, A lie, a falsehood. 
A , j~s? /ikhs, A root, origin. 

% i " 

A JLs: 3 , Blinding (another). 

A ilksr , Any thing worn. 

A ^s^ 5 fakhtakhat, Equalling. 

A t-isr 3 , Grief clouding the mind. 

A Us? , (A black. nosed) ass. 

A iCKsf takhmat) A herd of goats. 

A J^sr fikhmll, A roost cock. 

A ^r , Becoming dark (night) 
A *-s^ lukhukh, Depravity. 


V ^,A 

A Us* (akhyd, A dark night. 

A *-ir' /akhim, Flesh dry and black. 

A J> /arr, Compelling, driving cattle 
together. Splitting, sharpening, 
sprouting. Twrr, The community. 

A <~>\j lS (irab, Longing. 

A irVJ3 , Force (of a torrent). 

A .f*-\)s turiihi, Distant (journey). 

A J^ tirad) Attacking in battle. A 
javelin. Tarrad, A long day 
Tirrud, A small swift vessel, A 
large place. A flat roof. 

A j\Jff , A cut purse. A cheat, 
p j\^s Itrai, A fringe, embroidery 
A royal robe. 

liraudan^ To embroider. 
A i_jU? , A tent of tanned leather^ 

IjiJ^ larufi-ih) IH-tempercd. 

.jl ^s tird/t, Lining. 

&*^)o fardmat, A greenish nitre on 

the teeth. 
A *j\Jo larfiaat, Fresh, verdure. 

nrib, Cheerfulness. 
A ,\\i ^ larbal) A high building. 
A J-jy? tirKl, A flail. 

i\L lurralj The bank (of a river). 

A coast, border. 

<JL*j^ larsamat) Looking down. 

CjsjJs , A kind of fungus. 
A gj\f>~^s larjahdratj A drinking ves. 

A ~j0 (ar/i) Position, establishment, 

injection, ejection. 
A *j*.Js , Tall. Foul (water), 
p i Js tarkh) A ditch . 
A j^U^i? larkhan, A prince. 
A Aiiyl? lirkhat, A large reservoir at 

the mouth of a canal or aqueduct. 
A &j>.Jb larkhasat, Agility. 
A ujijk tarkhaf, Thin butter. 
AP (.)*>}& farkhun, Tarragon. 
A JjL /ard, Banishment. 
A i^J,!? tirdal. One onset, 
p j i /troz, The border of a garment, 

especially embroidered. 
PA J }o Ian, Habit, fashion. 
A ^jJo , A leaf of paper, a book. 
A iryb larash, A slight deafness. 
A is^^ff larshahat, Flaccidity. 
A ^)o faral^ Folly. 
A ^a?b (arid, Without. 
A $jo tar it, Indigent. 

tar&b, Too tall. 

uJ/ /ar/, Cropping herbage. 


Averting, reducing, winking, gaz- 
ing. Edge. A blow. A noble li- 
beral man. A tract of country a 
corner. Side, manner. An extre- 
mity, end. 

\*Ja far/a, The tamarisk-tree, 
(jl^i? 5 Exterior. 

&)a farfai, Winking. A blood. 
sht ee. 

larafdar, A partizan. 

(frfil, Trefoil, clover. 
(j-Sjs larafayn, Both sides. 
J;Ju tarak, Drinking muddy water. 
Limping. Tart, Travelling at 
night. Beating (cottan). Touch, 
in^ a harp, lute, Sec. Weakness of 
mind. Once. TiW, Fat, tallow. 

\s^ (arliu i, Crook-legg'd. 
te^ larltal, A series. An aft. A 
snare. Once. 

y/Ju^ To creak, to grate. 
frk tfrm, Butter. Honey. 
jt<.i? iirmaZy Vain-glorious. 
<L*\3 format, A pimple, A chaff- 
ing dish. Taramqt, The liver. 
if^jO i Going wilk long strides. 

tarmahariiyaL Pride. 
larmazat, Bcastinj. 
tarmtsa. Darkness, dust. 
larmasat, Contraction. Au- 
sterity. Retiring, flight. 
A <J+*)0 (. arm ^ Debility. Bread 

baked under the ashes. 
A ^_y<>jO tarmuh) Tall, straight. 
A Jfy4> tarmul-y A bat. 
* i^y*j& larmoy, A kind of hawk. 
A ^jff /m, Raw silk. 
FA Vya^Jo loranjqbtn, Manna. 

A (^.t^I? f.arnryan, An otier basket. 
Aj^furtc, Arriving from a distant 

place. Passing by. 
A djje furxan, A butter clapper. 
A <-*Vj)? /or, Alert. 
A -_)j tftriih , A distant place. A 

strong far.shootinj bow. 
A j *^2 tarur. Sharpening, sprouting. 
A ijjs> , A marriageable girl. 

A? 2^1? turrah, A waving ringlet. 

A oJe/crv, Fresh, green, moist. 

A jV.^ l*ry**!'9 Treacle. 

f /^V.jk > An opium chewer. 

A ^t; Js , Arriving. A basket. 

A ffijb forth, Abject, humbled. 

A tXj^ /flrirf, A banished man. A 
bunch of dates. Long (day). A 
next brother. Jcc. Tarayd, Wheel- 
ing round. 

A x&ijs laridul, Driven. Stolen. 

A ^->,j& font, Indigent. 

A u-2.f L !. ar tf> New, fresh. 

* (,J& Iprtli, A way. A custom, 
fashion, rite, religion. 

A <&u^l? tarilal, A tall palm tree. 
The vault f heaven. A head man, 
A Christian burying ground. 

A rtjg (trim, A cloud. Honey. 

Aid? fa'zar, A summer-house. 

A t\~b /ojra, Ashamed, blushing. 

A ^-fLJ? tassiis, A cup-makcr. 
A JvLJ^ fusum, Dust. 
A o^V> .</, A cup, a bason. 
A (jwl> .<of./> An earthen cup. 
A y_r.J^ {osiij, Poor, unenvied.' 
A ^^i? ///, A tax ; a measure. 
A J-J? /ff.v/, Wxter flowing on the 
surface of the ground. 


A ^~i> , A weight. A toast, tract. 
A +j~lo tusHm, Erazing. 

A ^a (ashsh, Thin rin. 
A i',m> tusha-at, A rheum. 
A J&& iashash, Sprinklicg. 
f c:^JLL fasht) A large bason. 

A &], Rheuna. A little infant. 
A >Ui? la&im, Meat. Food. Grain. 
A ^Ut? /atfffl, Piercing in battle. 

j^UL? , A slanderer. 
A _k*i? fu^/ut, Level ground. 
A <uk*L , The sound in sucking. 
A *xa , Marrying. Bringing to jug. 


A j*!a /ajc, Repelling. 
A <&j*L tttiHabat) Ridicule. 
A J*L> /a/, Cursing, reviling. 
A *JL /ay?*, Satiating (meat). The 

fineit flavour. Meat. Tatftm, 

Tasting. Power. 
A <*U*c? tu^matj Meat, fodder, din. 

ner. Cain. 

A ^.ytlb/a^, Blame, cursing. 
A |f)tw fatjiun, Cursing, reviling. 
A aLjt^/a^o/, One blow. A bad 

woman. Reproach. Beating. 
A ,^*L? lafyntj A camel iu gqod 


A <JUysi? , A home fed (sheep). 
A o*^ (u%& n * Pierced. 
A *X**]0 , A numerous flock. 
A ^Ui? /nghay, Maternal uncle. 
A ^1*1? fagham, Of mean order. 
A jil? lughar t Name of a bird. 
* \jo /oghra, The imperial signature ; 

an order. 

, Weakness of light. 
, The crowa lock. 

A (j^j+ib , Wicked, perverse. 
A Sj*b laghwat, A high place. 
A ^jyb l*gk&a, Rebellion. 
A ^jbtughya, A small wild cow. 
A ^Ux? , Rebellion, insolence. 
A &Jb taghyat, A high place. A 
tract. A punishment. 

A t*jk> taJFi The upper part of a 

measure. A side, shore, coast. 
A U!a fafa, Extinguished fire. 
A \J^s lifdhy Plenitude, fulness. 
A cjUl? , Set (the sun). A little. 
A JU1? fafol, Dry clay. 

A ,^)UL> fuffan, Filled to the brim. 

A <LjU!> lafdntyat, Contumely. 

A jyjiUi? //5nli, A lie; idle talk. 

A ijUL , A halo. Boiling over. 

A ^ fafak t Running over. Drunk. 

A ^Is^ 5 fafhan, Overflowing. 

A Ail? fttfz, Burying. A tomb. 

A ^sj? jfM/r, Leaping. 

A U~&> fa/as. Sordid, filth. 

p JJb tafsh, Filth. 

A tk^J&o tafsKil, Boiled. 

A uJlk^L faf/af, A coast. 

A Aiia& , The h^ochondria. 

A <uib iafufal, The redundancy of 
any measure. 

A Jpik /q/a-?, Fixed to, or busy in a 

A Jjii? , Darkening near snnset. 
Young, tender. Tafal, Youth. 
Twilight. Darkness. Hurt (herb- 
age). Tt/lj An infant. Necessity. 

A J-Ui? (ofltlt One com ing uninvited 
to a feast. 

A u ~^sl? {tij'tio>fy firoad.toed. 


, Enervated, timid. 
A yi> titfu-u, Extinguished (fire). 

Blind (theeye). Tafzc, Swimming. 
Springing. Dying. 

A J^il? iafwal, A slender plant. 

A ^y^, Full, overflowing, prolific 

&/2j f Dying. 
tufulal) Infuacy. 

A (j&> tuft, A leaf of the dwarf 

A J-ii? jto/i/, Muddy water remain- 
ing in a cistern, 8cc. 

A J~&>' tufayl, A parasite. 

A /jn3 takk) The sound made by the 

collision or rattling of stones. 
A ip*J& /.of*, Order, ceremony. 
A j&> tako, Quickness of step. 

A Jb, Dew. (Blood) unrevengcd. 

Cheating, delaying payment. A 

gentle rain. Good, moist. 
A ^ /a/o, Tying a lamb to a stake. 

Handsome. Sick. Anointed. 

Delay. TV/a, Unguent. New 

wine. A rope. 
t B> ttla, Gold. 

A <_^li> Hlab, Searching, asking. 
A J^ff (pteh, A bad state; a vicious 

temper. A thorny tree. 

A JJ? taHasat, A towel. 

A JL5U? falatfl, Death. Disease. 

A c^l? ftlaty Considering, reading. 

Fulness. A medicine. 
A ^is, A mark. Thin marrow. 

A ^o Udatr, A divorce. 
A JS&iaKlal, Temperate (day, &e.) 
A 2^ tfdalat) Pleasant. Patient. 
Joy, cheerful, Existing. 

A *Wo lullam, Hemp.seed. 

A ijilj, Beauty, grace. 

p <uli^ An ad vanced^ guard. 

A u-ii? /o/fl^j A request, summons. 

A Lli? tulabu, Studious people. 

A & iallat) Beautiful. A \rife. 
Sweet wine. Affluence. 

A <iil? tulsat, Weak, infirm. 

A J^/o/c/j, Fatigued. Tw/A, Empty 
bellied. Titt, The tike. A ste- 
ward. A follower of women. 

A ^Isr-K A camel and his rider. 

A i_sir tilhuf* Excessive (hunger). 

A ^sr (ulhum, Stinking water. 

l_alhiyat, A sheet of paper. 

A _ 

A ujLs^ (flfa/i A violent shock. 

p J^ tfdkh, Bitter. x 

A ^ tullakh, Tired (camels). 
A \^ ttlkha, Foolish. 
A Als^ ftikham, A she-elephant. 
A {J ^s tolas, A black hood. lofc, 

Erazing. Tils, A book. 
A <LJi>, Ash-coloured satin. 
A A.vA^ (fbam, A talisman. 
A JU! /o//a/, A swelled throat. 
A ^LU? tflltn, Misfortune. 
A JJs /o/ot, A branch of a palm- 

tree. A follower. Quantity. The 

new moon. A prospect. A ser- 

pent. Opposite. 
A <JUik /u/fcrf, Aspect, face. 
A ^Uli? ialaghan. Fatigued. 
A (^i]j /o//, Liberty. A gift. 
A (^ii" .<#i Repudiated, set at li- 

berty. Opening (the hand). 

Open countenanced, temperate. 

The pains of childbirth. Simple. 

Eloquent. Disengaged, allowed. 


/-, Free. A doc. Talal, A 

leather fetter. One heat. Lot. 
F JiS? Idol, A substance. The best 

part. A bench. Tae surface. 
A Jj? I dam, Foulness of the mouth. 

Tulrn, A dough table. 
P L~Jjr tilmija, A tract of country 

without any land-mark. 
A dJ 1 ti's lilmisanat, Dark (night). 

Dry (land), 

A ^nsni!r, Honey de\r, manna. 
A Uii!z /alanfa, Ver'o.e. 
A fF^* falanfuk, Hungry. Fatigued. 
A JJ? /i/fi, Slender. A wolf. 
A ijll? filzcat, The young of a wild 

beast. The dawn. 
A t_> Ji? /u/u&, Enquiring. 
A C-uil? /M/5, Flowing 1 water). 
A c Jjg tulut, The rising (of the sun, 

or of a star). 
A jjU? fulu/;, Set loose. 
A &ii> ///?, A small cloud. 
A ^a tulhal, Dregs of water. 
A u--^ lilVtSj A large array. 
A .JL /o/?i Anointing. Bound. 
A i_-A^ /.fl/'^j Enquiring. 

i? /i^a/ f The ueck. 
A ^ lali/i, Fatigued. The tike. 

, Blind. 

> The van-guard, 

picket, a spy, a centinel. 
A LJA'" ////, Received. Given. 
A ^ci^? Ifkulf* 1 * Loquacious. 
A J-ii? /o/Zf, Freed (a captive). 

Open. Eloquent. 


A Js /flffiw, The sea. Abundance. 
A ~U1? touia/i, Avidity. Ti/iwA, 

Looking towards. Assembling. 

Vicious ( horse J. 

,Ui? tumult ir, Large bellied. 
A jl*l? lumarfi) A high place. P Tu- 

/ar, A violence. 
4 ZJi+3 fimasal, Conjecture. 

A \i /amwac., Wishful, greedy. 
lamanchah, A pistol. 

ncj/fl/, Contentment. 
A te-JU^ fumanmali Repose. 
A LU1? lamayal. Solicitude. 
A ct-vit, Deflowering. Touching. 
A C^jls^ 9 , Adverse (fortune). 
A Aj^ 9 lamharir, A full vessel. 
A/i farnr, Springing, leaping (a 

horse). Inflated (look). Travell. 

ing. Storing (grain). Swelling 

(the hand) . Having the tooth- ach. 


A (jytb (tmris, A lying fellow. 
A JL& tarns, Erazing, destroying. 
A J*!? lumsal, A robber. 
A J^s (amsh, A body of men. 
A jy^ i^mluraky Magnificence. 
A jja^l? (f>n 'fin, Stutteiing. 
A ^& (am at, Avarice, desire, 

gluttony. A soldier's pay. 
p \k*b A brand mark, a scar. 
A J^l? /am/, Rolling leaven. Driv- 

ing hard. TI/JJ/, Black. Mean. 

A vilhin 

Poor. Malignant. 
tuntlat, Mud, slime. 
s loam, Quiet, quiescent. 

tomlfa, Elevated. 
iamuh, Very restive (horse). 

A worn garment. 
i" 771 "-' Detacet1 ' Absent. 
Throwing. Guessing. 
A <2*i? lumulai, Profligacy. 

lumum, PiaUiog (the hair). 


A <ul? lamak, Account of revenues. 

A. i\^Se fairiisj Blind, blinded. 

A J^> iamil, Bloody (arrow), 

Hiding. A kid. Clay. Naked. 
A +~ib iamim, Hopping, running. 

A ^ ianri) A sweet date. Tunn, 

The human body. A truss. 
A t( jO or lils, The last breath. Love. 

A mansion. Bashful. 
A L_^Ui?, A tent-rope A contriver. 
A jbJs lanaz, Jocose, playful. ^jijUi?, 

A sweetheart. 
A L. "^* y A crooked spear. A tent- 

rope. A root. A tendon. 
Ju^? tumbal, A small drum. 
AP jy~ tumbur, A kind of lute. 
r /c.i!?j An open apartment. 
jir^ A cauldron. 
lanakh. Nauseating. 
A VJs (ariz, Irony ; reproach. 
//was, Great darkneis. 

A s> lanl anal, Sound. Fame. 

A L-Rik /an/, Suspicious. A pro- 

montory. A pent-house. 
A ^jJiik /wj/?5, Deformed, wicked. 
A <LjLvlr tunfusaly A carpet. 
A jjl^? tanfash, Weak, enervated. 
A <Li~iilr, Contracting the eyes. 
A iyi? tanin^ Tingling in the ear. 
A (^o tana\ A disease. 
A \yde lawn. Noise, tinkling. 

A <^jSs fawzeab, A brick-maker. 
A j^.t, The area of a house. 
r cAj\jt fu-zurtdan, To water. 
A Wjlb. Strenuous. Libidinous. 
A i^^t^.L taorabj/a', Obedience. 

A ujy? {arswdf. Turning, making a 
procession. Walk. 

The term of life. Length. 
, Longevity, length. 
tatcayih, Adverse. 

A <-''* tiib) A brick, tile. 

A j'jJj tubfiz, A topas. 

A <bj!b tubalat, A ewe. 

A (Jjk liiba\ Good, sweet. Lawful. 
Excellent ! 

T c )r]s /op, A cannon. 

p C^jL, A mulberry. 

A <t*-i? taizahal) A remote design* 

A jL fazckh, Harassing. 

A jje tawr^ A mode, state, measure, 
limit. Once. Tur, A mountain. 
A court. 

A <J^jk (urarii, Wild. Any. 

A <Ujjlr, A pulley crane. 

A t,}j) luun, One, some person. 

A /f~i? /^ 5 Continuation. 

A /ij^ faxsh, Levity of mind. 

A y? tut, Tall ; quarrelsome ; cot- 
ton. Strong. 

p ^jb full) A parrot. 

A 9 ys t<Kc%_i Obedience. 

A f 9^ "5^5 -^ n em ^ em of rank. 

A u-i4? f. azc fi Going round, 

T !_Jjk iof, Neck wool. 

APT (J^> {."fan A storm. The 


A !? /crsr^, Power. A collar, ring. 
A AJjl? tare-lal, Plain ground sur. 

rounded by rocky districts. 
A JL? /as:/, Tall, extensive, lasting 


A Sjt /toi In lengh, at length. 

A jJL> tamlatjt A vomit. 

p A^Astulumbah, A water organ. A 

A trumpet. A pump, 
p <d^ lazclah, A stable. A tether. 


jU.1 //mar, A book, a long roll. 
ji? fumat, Death, misfortune. 
^a*ys tuzsut, Libidinous. 
ijryl? /tim, Any one. 
(_^, Hunger. Any thing folded, 
pliable. A bale. 

&^ taauyal, Faith, purpose, 
(j~ifc lUK*ys, A small peacock. 

Jjjk /ao/, Long. A kind of verse. 

A tether. A stable. 

(y /af{, A high cloud. 

ifj(s laharat, Purity, neatness. 

*i?Ul>, The sound (of horses) . 
i_jli!s fahaf, A high cloud. 
&(0 tuhafaty The pellicle on the 
top of milk or blood. 
dJUfl? tahbalal) Peregrination. 
&> luhsat) Corpulent. Weak. 
^L/w/ir, Cleanliness, purity. 
ijL^y f.tthsh, Confusion. 
i^J^a lahfy Bread, Sec. of millet. 
ZA$O, Soft butter. A part. 
fj^> tah^ Quickness of step. 
<d^> (uMat, A pot-herb ; forage. 
tthlas, A large army. 
lahKyal, A small cleud. 
, A species of succory, 
/trim, Mankind. 

/a^ffia/,Thin.faced (woman). 
J^a tahmal) Fat and deformed. 
$o tahw t Cooking. Executing; 
travelling ; a work. 
jQO/ahur, Purifying. 
^s ta/ii, Boiled. A cook. 
^L^l? taKilat, Foolish ; a fool. 
U Uyyar, Fleet (horse). 
ij*\~a loyj/dthy Light, vain. 

^LL tayyan, A starved person. 
A mortar mixer. 

A Uj^-k, Good, legal. Perfume. 

Purpose, folding. 

, A frying-pan. 
fay ft, The plough-tail, 
, A cause of discord. 
faykh, Defiled. Strutting. 
fayr, Flying. A bird. 
(ayrat, Agility, levity. 
lays. Plenty. Dust. 
(aysat, A large place. A 
covetous man. 

aj/*^> Levity, folly. 
A k#, Foolish. Tall. 
A ^Ua-b Man, A wild leek. 
A ^/jlaJs, A species of bird. 

A ^btayyt, Obsequious. 
A <-Juk, A phantom. Surrounding. 
A j^ArtV (fly fir* Name of a bird. 
A u Uul3 ^an, An arch. See jU?. 
A J-.L fit, Long, lastingly. 

A ^JuL (ayyilat, A blast of wind. 
A ^JuL /ay/aw, The end of a turban, 

or sash hanging down. 
A (^s fin, Earth, clay, loam. 
A <L.L> (mat , Nature, genius. 


i) Earthly, natural. 


i A. dealer in birds. 
/, Adversity. 
A small kind of partridge. 

]e ia, The 17th letter of the Arabit 
alphabet, and used, as the 20th of 


the Persian, denoting SOO in arith- 

A c-,li5 zfl, The affinity of two 

men who marry two sisters. Zab, 

A speeca, noise. 
A jt^s zau/*, A wet nurse* 
A *ullj 'iuaral, Hiring a nurse. 
A L/J^) Flowing. Happening. 
A lij.ldji -(Vi.'itf, Bleating, muttering. 
A &~~va 'iuttj/at t A nurse. 
A ujUr LV7/, The neck skin. 
A^J'^ zt//?r, Ovei coming. 
A ^Jl^xitfti Lame. Suspected. 
A Jll? z//w, A tyrant, oppressive. 
A fj^ff i'ffWM, Thirsty. 

A jU? zV/nn, Suspicion^, jealous. 

r, The surface. Manifest. 
A clii 'iab'iab ) Clamour, noise. 
A t_$v!?> A w i Id buck , a doe. 
A 4LJ?, A cow, a sheep. A purse. 

A J& zfVr, A sharp stone. 

A tjb zara, Ice. Dry ground. 

A &^Je> zarafat, Beauty. Genius. 

A i^jjo'iarib, A smull kill. 

A 45^1? 2ar/*, Ingenious, neat. A vase, 

a bo'tlc ; a purse. 
*S*J& iarir, Stony (ground). 
A L- w^l? zarif, Acute, industrious. 

Beautiful, graceful, polite 

A j^ii? zashsh, A nigged place. 
A *l*!i z/fcf7/, A slanderer. 
A ,jUl;> s/tf7n, A saddle rope. 
A ^^ zafc.rc, A journey. 

/, A camel litter. 


Victory. Length of nails. 
Plain ground. 
A *j$b t A cataract in the eye. 

A Jk z///, A shadovr. Darlcness. 
Protection. A spectre. Pdr;idise. 
A Jill? ziVo/, A cloud, a shade. 
A +y\3 'ialam, Obscui ity. 

A OitKa zalamat. Injustice. 

A *xll? zullat) A covering, a cloud. 

A couch. 

A .4s zalt) Narrow, confined. 
A c^gJL- 'ialj\ Checking, refraining. 

Unrcvenged. &;ldf, Abstinence. 

ludisjwsed Hard, rough (ground). 

Indigence. Zilf, A hoof. Imi- 


A isii?, Routrh, rocky ground. 
A *iir LV/Ai/n, Obscure. Zalm, Bright- 

ness Snow. 2W/n, Tyranny, 

A lt&2afalij Obscurity. 

A t>^^ zulmant, Dark, obscure. 

A *iUH- urfmcf, Darkness. 

A UZ^ zulnuyali Perfidy. 

A <dis zV/.Va/f, A shade. 

A i^_ Q--^ '-<il(f- Mean, criminal. 

A o,Lil? zojj/of, Tlie whole. 

A JJ^ l>//i/, Shady (place). Milk 

Rot turned Eurth dug from a 

well. A he ostrich. 
A *-llszV//, Injured; a he ostrich. 
A , ,1s ZIJIM, Thirst. 
A ^r*^ Minukh) A fig. 
A Lxtis wy, Brown, a livid lip. 

A ,J, Thought, suspicion. 

A Jif^a unibul, A nerve which 

fastens the leather* 10 an :uro\v. 
A c J.oJs 'iunbiib) The shank bone. 

A i'^~ Zinnat, Suspicion. 

A ^4? zaww, Suspected, lupposed. 


A ,*& zazca, Ice. 

A i'.jlr zM-a/, Foolish, insane. 

A j\s, A nurse. 

A jj^li, A nurse. 

Ajl^ls &Vwr, A formula of repudia- 

tion. Zuhar, The upper feather of 

a bird's wing. 
A '^2 iahurat, Strength. 
* j} zafidr, Pained in the back. 
A 'i2s zaharat, Furniture. 
A (_^r6^ uh r h Neglected. Mid-day. 
A jy^a zakur, Arising. Reign, 

Aj*j^t zo^zr, An assistant, patron. 

A js scy^, Honey. 

A y At)? Jsqyaf. Foolish; a fool. 

A jjlJj zqjran, Wild. 

A sJio 'tiyut, A dead carcase. 


A.J& z*-ir, A foster mother, 
A <uJs 'iayamaty A draught of but- 

, The 18th letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, and used as 21st of the 
Persian ; expressing 70 in arith. 

A < J\ toft, Damaged. Accusing. 

A JjU tabid, An adorer of God. 
Enraged, loathing. 

f <UljjU %abidanah) Reverently. 

A^'U tjibir, Weeping. A stranger. 

A iylc itibiral, Current. 

A (^U tabts, Austere, sour. 

A <Ljlc tabiyxlt Very beautiful. 

A ^p'lc taftt, Free, Ancient Ma. 
ture (a girl). The shoulder*. 

A txi 0/f^ Noble, generous. 

A ^J'U tulttat, An old bow, 

A w'U, tatim, Late, tardy. 

A ^ylc ./?, Proud. An old man. 

A jyli tasiir, A pit dug for catching 

lions, Sec. Adversity. 
A ^U ;', Ivory ; taking well ; re 

lieved ; weeping. 
A J*\z tffjiz, Weak, hopeless, de 


A J^U tfijtl, Transitory, fading. , 

A JU-U tajilan> In haste. Hastily. 

A <L*-l2 %Jujimah A tooth. 

A ( ^^f- &ji> (Made) of ivory. 

A jlc tflrf, Hitherto. 

A ijlc %adal t Custom, mode, rite. 

A Jplc Zjidt//, Uncertain. 

A J jU &*<#/, Just. Equalling. 

A ,jjlc tfidin, Continuing at one 

A (_/^li ?^d?, Passing, running. 

Dismissing. Wicked. 
A t jU, Hindering. Abstaining. 
A tjlc fc.a;w", Scar of a wound. 
A J JU LaztY, A certain vein. 
A j^olc t^swr, Adversity, A long 

mark impressed on cattle. 
A jlc &?r, Disgrace, modesty. 
A L-JJic- tfirib, Deep (river). 
A XJ\A tiirat, Any thing lent. 
A ^.jU tfiry, Ascending. 
A u^U 5r, Contingence. Evil. 

The cheek. A cloud ; a mountain. 


A U^U fc/Jmofi, Accidentally. 
A u-^tlci Knowing, wise. Patient, 
p <u U^ Is tur/fatiah, Wisely. Asym. 

bol. A reckoning, 
p <o,lc, Wise, Sec. Equal, equitable. 

A favour. 


A *,U , Impudent. Cold (day). 

A tr//'. A far-distant place. 

A jj<f- t<irur, Sordid, wicked. 

A i^U tarty Surprising. Naked. 
Ignorant. Pure. 

A , ^ lc tttriyaft, A loan. 

A <-r?;U tfliiby Distant, pasture. 

A |*j'wt ta-im, Applying the mind to. 
Attaining. Undertaking (a jour- 

A fjJ-. tass t A night-watch. 

A iJwilc fc/wiY, A wolf. Tremulous 
(spear). A good man. 

A <J3~aU tasilu!.i Mellifluous. 

A *~i\. tfisim, A labourer. 

A /*A ., A branch of dates. 

A J!iU ti/iAzr, The tenth. A col- 
lector of revenue. 

A /I i'j'^ , A lover, a sweetheart. 

p iilillc , Amorously, Sec. 

A \jyt>& tfishura, The tenth day of 
the first month, called *j? . 

A jc-i^ tfisfu, Eating at eve. 

A JLfl'u: tjisid, A dying camel. 

A ujLsU tr/;*/, Stormy. Deviating. 

A **eU tflsim, Protected ; chaste. 

A ^*\* ta, Disobedient. A rebel. 

A JuiU Sji'i/J, A row of palm-trees 
planted near a rivulet. 

A yxsle oziV, An obstacle, See. 

A tU;L: tffi^Yj, A magician. 

A Jslc ga/tr, Odoriferous. Koble. 
%afts t Sneezing. Aurora. 
tflfif, Benevolent, gracious. 
HJfqty Affection, favour. 
Jl?U ^fflil. Vacant. Useless. 

i/5, Exciting sneezing. 
Living in a sandy country. 
kiU t4/7/, Bleating. Sneezing. 

tSfur, Misfortune. 
A ^L: fe///"!, One who asks or receives 

a favour. Plentiful. Arriving. 
A <LiU titfiytiti Health. Pardon. 

A Jjlc ^rt/^ Disobedient. 

A c--jU _/#, A successor. 

A sLjU tutibal, The end, success. 

Issue. Offspring, finally. 
A jJile t,atidj Binding, a binder. 
A^Jilc ta//r, Barren (woman). 
A JjU ta/^7, Prudent, sensible. 
p ^jiJsU tfiMlanah, Prudently. 
A JyU fcjB/'u/, The winding of a ri- 

ver, Sec. A country without a 

road. A whirlpool, a gulf. 
A c_^Lt > A multitude. Dust. 
A c_fiU &////, Assiduous, diligent. 
A <!lc , A parapluie. Poverty. 
A <Jj3U , Hard, tough (meat). 
AP JU tfilam, The world, the uni. 

verse, time, age, condition, state, 

men, creatures. 
A Jlc t^/iOT, Learned, wise. 
p *b-dlc tfilampanah, The asylum 

of the world (a royal title). 
A ,^*1U ttilami, Worldly, mundane. 
A <Jlc. tittih, Amazed. An ostrich. 
A ^JU ^o/7, Above. 
A JL)U tflliyat, High. Sublimity. 
A c-jlx^lU , High in dignity. 
p u liJU fjilishan, Royal, excellent. 

Of high degree. 
A <L.!U titlit/ah, A spear. 
A jU Law, A year. 

A owajf, A handful, turban. 

The vulgar. A society, all. 
A ^elc tfltnir, Cultivated, inhabited. 

Rich, royal. 

tiimis, A kind of dish. 


A ^cc tsimil, Making. An operator. 

A collector of the revenue. 
A <t<ui amih, Astonished. 

A &lc tflmutt, A cloud. <jlc t&nat, 

A herd of wild asses. 
A JJU tanid, Straying. Obstinate. 

A us tan//'} High, pathless. A 

fat woman. Red (blood). 
A jjU tflnt, Captive. Flowing. 
A <SJbU k.ahat, A murrain, a blight. 
A j&ie ta^iV, A worthless woman. 
A J-bU taM. An emperor. A wo- 

man wanting a husband. 
A ^l* ta/tin, Hereditary wealth. 
A fc--ol ijiifib, Thick milk. 
A <-^-jU tin/is, A lion. 
A ,le tay//, Standing. 
A Jolc t%*d, Returning, referring to, 

belonging to, connected. Visiting 

tke sick. Paying. i'J^As , Return. 

Custom. Merit. 
A _>U t%zV, Striking out, piercing 

or blinding the eye. 

is.i A land steward. 

A ^U t%wA, Living comfortably. 

A j^U toy2, A hostage. 

A uJjU &.%(/", Averse, loathing 

(meat). A sooth-sayer, prophet. 
A (Jj\s- ttiytt, Preventing. An acci- 

A JjU tflyil, Inclining, conquering. 

A ( ji\s. tffj/in, Flowing (water). 

Eyeing malignantly. Some. 
A u-^c tflb, The light of the sun. 

Drinking. Long grass. Mixing. 

Fragrant. Anxious. Equal. 
A Lc taba, A coarse cloth. 

A <-->Lc Zftbab, A wave, billow. 
A i'Uc ^abut, Coat's hair cloth. 
A jLc ibad, A society. 
A jU^ &badat, Divine worship. 
A jLc. t/6ar, Robust, travelling. 
A i^Lc Ubarafy Interpretation. A 

trope. Senst, intent, phrase. 
A <*sU tftbakiyat, Adhesion. A 

bad man. A scar. 
A ^^.aUc tflbatts, The residue. 
A JLc t6a/, A thick mountaim 

tfibalat, Thick, thickness. 

A *Uc. ^abam, A stuttering man. 

A JfcLc tuba/iil, Free (camels). 

A ci^t tctbfisy Idle, trifling, folly. 

A -_V~- ^abd, A servant, a slave. 

A Xi\+& t&badat, Loathing, disdaining. 
Fatness. Firmness. Modesty. 

AJ-.S fcia&ar, Weeping. Passing (a 
river, 8cc.). Retiring, dying, sig- 
nifying, fci'&r, Shore, bank. tybr t 
Many, copious. 

A ^j\z tabaran, Weeping. 

A c-^rvc , The herb summack. 

A tjp. tabrat, Silent grief, tabirat, 
Weeping. A miracle. 

A J^c %itbrud) Beautiful girl. 

A J^ n. %tibrud, Limber, flagging, 

A Ljfiz. tabra, Weeping (female). 

A JMHA.'*- tabs. Austere, stern. 

A j *c , Going swiftly (a camel). 

A J^ tflb,$h, Proper, decent. 

A \2~a ubt, Splitting, tearing. Dis. 
tressed. Newly dug. Absconding. 

A <_ ^l^/Lp %abtab) A tall man, Corpu- 
lent and handsome. 

A Lx+z , A quantity of red wool. 


^* ' Slightly icented. Fixed, 
ttfl, Naturally bad. 
u^ tttblat, Sticking to butter. 
A JJ-* fjtbt-ar, A great devil. 
A *^U= ^fibl-aral, The glittering of 

the vapour c-/^, Hail. 
A Q^J-J \ttbkar1) Perfect. A chief. 

A t_^-Af tflblas, An animalcule. 
A X^c tabalat, Somewhat. 

A J~& &*6a/, A curlsd leaf. 

A Lx caW, Whitish (stone). 

A <*!- tfibulat, Long limbed. Pure. 

Elegantly- shaped (woman). 

A *- tibamm, Long-bodied. 

A i^..& fc#&fl, Roughness of body. <^e 
tubann, Large, corpulent. 

A slii-i #&/;?//, Rapacious. 

A vpJ>.-p- fjabunlas, Of a bad shape 
or disposition. Tall, soft. 

A UJ'vr %aban'<asa t Cheerful. 

p=- ta&aasaran, Disagreeable. 
tfibudat, Servitude. 

A j ** Labur, A young lamb. Un. 
circumcised. %ubur, A transit. 

A (j~y&- tabus, Morose. Adverse. 
A >^c tfibfiar, The narcissus, jcssa. 

mine. Full of flesh, beautiful wo- 

A J^c tfbhal, Expostulating with, 


A L^c. ytbbtyatt Haughtiness. 

A ^'^.-.^r- labts, An aromatic herb. 

A *.... y fiabwat, A mixture. 

A J^-^t tabld, A servant, a hermit. 

A^- tabir, Perfume. Saffron. 

4 k~ tK/, Pure (blood). 

, Troublewme. Reproach. 

t >h y/"*' Reprehension. 
t.*/tf/i ing. 

' A]>paratus, 


| A 

^- stron g horse. A 
rugged place. 

jlxc ttf/r//, Giving liberty. 
<JJ5>lxc talahal, Delirium, stupidity. 
<iJLxc , A fre-d-woman. 
c-^xt t a .^ A ste P' Distress. A 
woman. Corruption. 
^U^p talaban, Reproaching, hop. 

JLi. tjutabali A royal court. A 
gate, a port. Adverse. 
(^aZf ZjtfiB'i Chiding. Favour. 
c^-xt //, Roughness of speech. 
Jcx , Ready to start (a horse). 

tflar t Strength. Trembling. 
A yearling kid. tjlar, An origin. 
IJA tilrat, A progeny, family. 
, Seizing with violence. 
, A powerful tyrant. 
t/ni/i, A dunghill cock. 
i_c*j-i , A villain, scoundrel. 
^0; b'^, Liberty.' Making haste. 
Giving. Generosity. 
<>c pin, Making haste. ^ 
Carrying off. tw//, A savage. 
*kc , A turf; gimblet ; a saw. 
f. &lm, Becoming daik. Slow, 
late, fjtluatj A wild olive. 
xc tffluzz, Haughtiness. Hatred. 
ij\jxc lalaarat, A bed of musk. 
u^j^t tufub, Chiding in vain. 
J^ talud, A yearling kid. 
(^/.i fc/u , Departing alone. Ral. 
lying. Disobedient (wife). 


$ Delirious, insane. 

Vt, Stupid Studious. 

/;, Proud, aged. Until. 

r tflttdat, A common city., Ready, prepared. 

l, A dish containing 
perfumes for the bridegroom or 

A <J~^ tWi Liberated. Ancient. 

Noble. Water. Fat. . 
A tlCifi tafil, Sultry (day). 
A J~^ t a f~ tf j Mercenary. Sever*. 

* <*^z .0^, Gnawing (as a moth), 

A lie tflsa, Hairiness. 

A v,'li^ ttt'Z?, A song, melody. 

A jU tflsar. Stumbling. 

A jAc , Smoking (fire). Smoke. 

A &Lc , A moth, a book. worm. 

A ^ tfiscy, Road companions. Part 

of the night. Drinking. 
A u lsc tftsjal, Large bellied. 
A^C. fc.osr, Looking from a height. 
A <~*J}'*s- , A kind of pomegranate. 
A Sj^c. tflsrat, A stumble, a crime. 
A 4_/^ ^asari^ A sown field watered 

only by rafci. 

MO-e. tas^fiSy A hill of sand. 
c. , The highway. A tree. 
c tftsalaty Fertile (ground). 
trwz'/, Large. A steward. 
s tasdlif, Thick (oxygal). 

A *lc Z.asam, A crookcxl fracture. 
A j^Uic tftsman, A young bustard. 
A :L*i-z tftsmurat, A sucked grape. 
A *X*Xc tftsamsam, A strong camel. 

TreadJng heavily. A lion. 
A (j^. tysan, Smoke. 

y The point of the 

beard. The beginning of wind or 


tasw, Depredating. 
A \o, t?ar, Hairy. Stupid. 
A^jii, Perception, 
A Jy^ Lasuly Stuttering. 
A ^Lls , A hyena. 
A^-li , Dust. i A vestige. 

A ^r &//7J', A storm. Clamorous. 
A C-^Lsr , A wonder, marvellous. 

f, Dust, smoke. Foolish. 
ty'aral, A veil, a covering. 
~ , A sect of schismatics. 
\sf- gtjarim, Strong (man). 
[^~ tfljasiij Darkness. 
jlsf tyuf, Misfortune. Lean. 
jlsf tj/jaf, A species of date. 
id, Thick milk. 

The stone of fruit. 

jUf tajjiim> A large bat. A iwal. 


A jjts^ , The perineum. An ideot. 
A ^jts^ %iij'awat t A tendon running 

from the knee to the hoof. 
A ^Jilsr tjyahin, A bridegroom ; a 

pimp. A cock. <UiLsf tiyahinat, 

A bride-maid. 

A u r -sf' , Wonderful I Admiration. 
A Lsf tajba, A miracle of beauty. 

A monster of deformity. 

A &sr ti'jjatt An omelet. 

A Asf b#W, Dried grapes. 

A i'iXsf tajadat, A crow, 
^sf t^'ar, Thick, coarse. Protu- 
berance, fco/ir, Rushing, scampen- 

A Xj~ fcyro/, A kind of turban. 

A Jjjsf- tujrad, Light and nimble. 


A, li^sf- , Celerity ; temerity. 

A *,sr tyrim, Short and compact. 

A. ^v^f , Going quick ; a tree. 

A i '*j/?? , A long-legged ant. 

A c/j^ A I* 6 a misfortune. 

A JJK* bguz, Having large hips. 
0/52, Debility. 

A ifjjsf tqja'~at, Weak, helpless. 

A ^r-^ &y fl > Retaining, detaining, 

A fc_jLsF ta>/, Leanness. &#/, Ab- 
staining though hungry, that ano. 
ther may have enough. 

A \fjsF yajfa, Lean, thin. 

A JJST yyal, Has<e, clay, mud. 

A ^^Lsf , Making great haste. 

A JLsr tqjalat, Haste, velocity. A 
carriage, a wheel. 

A i\Lsf t'tjalid, Thick milk. 

A ^i-sr tajlalal, Strong, robust. 

A ,jsf tajam, A barbarian. 

A &*s? , One stone, or kernel. 

A <U^*^", Strong (she-camel). 

A ,^*jsf , Barbarian. A novice. 

A ^.ysP t/an, Fat (canaelj. A tu. 
mour. t7, Baking, rising on the 
hands (as a feeble man). 

A IxsP tfljna. Fat (she- camel). 

A jsf- tfljzc, Suckling (an infant). 

A jsf t a J^ a ^ A. fine Medina date. 

A j usf tfijuz, An old woman ; a 
traveller ; a king ; kingdom ; ar- 
my ; governor ; companion ; con- 
sort ; heaven ; the world ; sun ; a 
halo ; sand-heap ; road ; a temple ; 
the sea ; a ship ; a well ; a hot 
wind ; hell ; misfortune ; vanity ; 
hunger ; war ; arms ; a needle ; 
standard ; drum ; feather ; plate ; 

pot ; trivet, grate ; a page ; a shift'; 
boiled butter ; \y\nt ; perfume ; 
value ; delay ; a lion ; a horse ; 
dog ; poison. 

A ijjs? , An old woman. 
A (~jsr tfyus, Pouring (rain) ; 
heavy cloud. 

, Making haste. Furious. 
tjyum, A barbarian. 
, Inhumanity; trouble. 
, Admirable, strange. 
tjijyat, A dried skin. 

iZ} Impotent. 
, (A woman's) hips. 

5, A slow step. 
A J-^ef tajil. Making haste. 
A c^s? tfijin, Paste. 
A ^i-jsf tflftnal, A troop. Silly. 
Malignant, depraved. Lean. 

A *Xc fiadd, Numeration, number. 
A 1 i>.c. ^af/a, Transgression. Avert- 
ing, being near, running. 


A \&c. tfldan, Besides, except. 
A 6^jtjk , A place thin of sand. 
A JuliXc tadabat, The uterus. 
A jlju; tidad, Number. Madness. 
The hour of death. 

A jU\ tftdar, A liar. j^.xc ycft/or, 

A sailor. 

A U-J..X2. , Any thing (eatable). 
A J^Jci tidal. Crooked. 
A Ntetadalat, Just, lawful. A court 

of justice. 

A u ^<\<^. , A heap of dry herbage. 
A ^te- %adan, The shore ; the bank ; 

seven years. ^>X tudddn t The 
time employed. 
A i)i jc: tadanal, A body, a sect. 


A ifj!tXc iadaicat, Hatred, hostility. 
A *^Xc tfldayim, A species of date. 

A^^tXc tfldabbas, Firm (camel). 

A iJ.*X tfldab'i, Unblemished. 

A JX fcidflif, Predicting good, pro- 

mising. i\Xc, Number ; many. 

Disposition. Providing for the 


A t^JJct tads, Softness of temper. 
A JJd adad, Number. 
A j^Xc, Excessive rain ; boldness. 

A jj-j'Xc tfldarraj, Light, nimble. 

as, Departing, travelling. 

Labouring. A mule. A lentil. 
A Ai^Xc tidfat, A part. A border 
A ', * vVf. fcadjf, Beating wool. 
A Jjc: tftdaly Equity, justice. Com- 

petent (witness). Equal. Recom. 

pense; ransom'. 

A AiXc. fjidam, Want, nothing. 
A J^tXz tudmul, Old, aged. 
tadan t Depriving. 
, The past and future. 
A (^.Xc tadan, A permanent dwell- 

ing. The garden of Eden. 

A jkXz tfiduzc, An enemy, ^uduzo^ 

Passing ; running. Dismissing. 

A UtXc ijtda:cu, (A place) unequal. 

A country infested by banditti, 8cc. 

and weakly protected. 
A Jj^Xe ladazzan, Much infested (by 

banditti, 8cc-). Rapacious, unjust. 

Hating. Hostility. 
A c- uJus tffdub, Many sands. 
A ij^ Udzcaty The side of a river. 
A Jjji t^du/, Turning, deserting. 

A (JjJ^ tadaxli t An old tall tree. 

A sailor. 
A t^J^ S/irfba', Aid, protection; 

supporting. Contagion, 
A i^J^ to</Jj The advanced guard. 
A J^As &/ic/Jrf, Numerous. 
A J^^ td?/, Equal load, alike, just. 
A *JAC tfufoji, Deprived ; senseless. 

A &JXe tft&nal, A patch on the bot- 
tom of a leather bucket. 

A t >!i\= tfK&by Pain, punishment. 

A SltXc tazo/, Wholesome soil. 

A j^Jus b'iar, The face. The side of 
the beard. A scar. An enter- 

A }>\ 1X2. tazqfir, A lion. 


A JlJkC ^ozza/, A railer, accuser. 

A AJ^tXt ^azunat, The podex, hips. 

A c-JiXf. < aizab- > (Water) covered with 
rubbish. A flag. fc/a&, Hinder- 
ing, loathing meat. 

A JJiXc, The extremity. Rubbish. 

A (J.tXt biz6J, Generous. 

A ike fcflz;, A drink. 

A j'&c. tffzar, Sinful. Excusing. 

A \j&z 5zra, A virgin. . 

A Sj^s. &zirat, Dung. A court yard. 

p *iy^.Xc, Asking pardon. 

A t-yj-Xc ^aira', An excuse. 

A kyJu: tfliful., An animalcule. 

A jlc 6/ia/', Cunning. &/, A 
palm-tree with its produce. Up- 
braiding. Restoring; distinguish- 
ing by mark 

A Ac oz/af, A mark. 

A Jjuc ttfi/, Reprehension. 

A ^icb'J%', Agreeable (life). 

A )Ae bK/iy'i Beautiful, healthy. 


A AJC: E0=ii Biting (ag a horse). 
L Jk tu'zubul. Purity of water. 

A ^J^ fcozflzazrar > Ill-disposed. 
Large-bellied (ass) ; a large place. 
A^jjks tv-azcfar, Large, strong,' 
A /*3^ &um, Biiing (horse). 
A t_^*j A. field watered only by rain. 
A ^ f *X= tflift/at, Wholesome soil. 
A^J^ %azir, A convivial meeting. 
A iyJtXe, The scar of a wound. 
A *JXe u;na/, Blame, fault. 
A Jsj. jd filyaxt., Impotence. 

A^ tan; Ulcerated. The scab. 

turr, A slave. Dung. 
A ],. t.ara, An area. Intense cold. 

\jZ tnrra, A girl. Plump. 
A Juljfc zitrabat, Obscene talk. 
r to\/- tfirabah, Any carriage. 
A cz^e, Tremulous. Flashing. 
A U'y: tfirusa t A tamarisk. 
A j]^c &*rc/, A thick hard plant. 
A >j]^ A good situation. 
A u-j^jC. tyradisj A joint. 
A j!^ ^- ar r > A fragrant herb. A 

woman bringing forth only males. 
A gj^s. tttraral, Naturally bad, 
A (jJtjZ /ros, A rope. 

A (jfl^ tfirras, A thundering flash. 

ing cloud. Tremulous. 
A (Js\j- yrcz, Going side by side. 

Making equal ; shunning. A side, 

a tract. A mode. 
A <5uJ\^e, Having breadth. A present. 

, A priest. A physician. 

riit, Leather doubled in the 
bottom of a bottle, 
(*^* rai, Malignant, impudent. 
Growing well. An army. 

. Uran, The block of a pulley. 
Distance. A battle, a club. 
(*k)r ifiraham, A lion. 
C-?,e, Swelling, suppurating (a 
wound). Leaving a scar. Much 
water Alacrity. Squeamish. 
(jo^jS. tjrbaz, Strong, large. 
^b_ Carbon, Earnest. 
iy:, A rapid river. The soul, 
self. A wheel. 
Ju,x, Strong. A male viper. 
-i'Jty:, Malignity. Dispute. 
u~if- &&, Sown level land. 
^ri.'Z- %urbun t Earnest. 
tojS. tarbah, A wheeled carriage. 
^j& tflraKt White barley. 
^^J^, The nose. 

(j^t 0r/a/, A species of shrub. 
v^c tor5, Trembling. Flaih- 
ing. Hard. 

^ fcora/, Lameuess. The ictt- 
ing sua. 
^l>yc f-arajan, Lameness. 

/, Inclination. 
tyrjud, A vine bud. 
U^ tarjalat, A herd; a flock; 
a crowd. 

-A. strong she camel. 
,- tvrjul, A troop, a herd. 
Zyrjum, A itout camel. 
turjun, A bunch of dates. 
, The basis of a hill. 
turdaman, Obstinate. 
c/r~a/, A place on a tree 
where the watchmen sit. 

t-Jj^ tar-abb, Hard, firm, strong. 
*y^ tarzam, Compact, solid. 
\j*jS- . ar *?. Coafounded. Divid- 
ing. Necessary. ta/'5, 'lying a 


camel neck and heel. A young 

camel. The middle pole of a tent. 

?rs, A spoiue. .'' Matrimony. 
A (J^>j~ tfirsh, A throne. The ninth 

heaven. The roof. 
A ijo^z %aras, Cheerful. tars, 

Flashing incessantly. 
A (^-= tar* am, A lion. 
A <sL>- ^arsdl, A court. A plain. 

Chess-boards. Space. 
A *aj. ^arsam, A glutton. Active. 

(r&j- tjrsamm, Thin. Strong. 
A lion. 

A <JsjS. taraz, An accident. Pro- 
perty. Spoil. Desire. 
A (jOjS. tflrz, An oblation, present. 
Explanation. Opposing, Exhi- 
biting. Breadth. A large army. 
A cloud. An hour. Effects. 

, Fame. The soul. The body. 
t.urz 1 The side. 
f., An offering, exhibition. 
zat, Objection. Affection. 
51 j {jOrZ-i A memorial. 
'f tffrzgah, A rendezvous. 

Accidental, tar'it, 
Alacrity. A petition. 
A Ir^z fcar/, Slandering the absent. 
A V^k/^ tar tab, A lute, a harp - x 

a drum. 

A J^js. tflr/al, Thick. Deformed. 
A 'vi-^_c torlaiusa, A good root for 

cleauing woollens. 
A ili_ tflrtsir, A boy's game. The 

juniper! the cypress. 
A u-iy: zfirf, Smell. yV/, Patience, 
fcur/', Notorious. Equal. A fa- 
vour. A confession. 
A hyeni. 

A (j~\*,& t* r fi*> A hardy camel. 
A Ljf\*j y//5, A scourge. A rope. 
A ^s,s. tar/S/i, Knowing, recollect- 
ing. tirf(in. Knowledge, science. 
ij.z turf at, A college. A large 
fertile district. 
<r .* 3^ ^arfasts, Large (camel). 

A fcir* turft, Accumulated. Public. 
A ^j- tfirah, Sweat, juice. A row. 
A basket. Breeding cattle, tarif:, 
Gnaw ing a bone, a bare bone. ttrt t 
A vein. The root, a species. 

A ^-f A string of birds, fcc. 

A <ia3^. , Leaping, creeping. 

p <_J LJs-s, Sweating to excess. 

A <rr^r titrltub) The tendon Achil- 
les. The hough. A wind ing track, 
a narrow pass. 

A s^j-t A cross-bar on a bucket. 

A ^jf- t.ara.v, Sound. Bruising. 

A J&jZ %art'oli One time or turn. 

A u/^c, A strong thick camel. 

A JO 1 tfirtal, A drum. 

A +jZ taram, Strong, eager. Va- 
riegated (colour). 

A Lo^. tar mat, A heap of grain not 

A /v^j A numerous army. 

she camel. 

Jjarmaz, A dwarfish tree. 
tyrmaiat, Water covered 

with slimy substance. 
A &jj- tjrnatt A strong wrestler. 
A lj=. turnuj, A fat dog. 
A jJ^c ^irur.d. Thick (nerve). 
A lUJjc- ^arandad, Hard. 
A y-^JjC- tftrandos, Strong (camel). 

A torrent. The lion. 
A c"Jr^ tjrtun, The nose. 


*.. tflf&t Approaching. Deiert. 
ing. fc?V, A s ' c ' e * Negligent. 
i.^5 fctfnno, Tremor, paroxysm. 
t-r>*j %arub, Beloved (a wife). 
ljZ tvraat, A handle, a loop. 
An ever-green. Precious. A man, 
croud. A lion. 

&ruj, Ascent. 
Springing up. Hard. 

5, A spouse. Nuptials. 
A flying insect. 

^jyz tarwz, Poetry. An obstruc- 
tion on a road. An unbroke i lac- 
camel. A goat. The centre. A 
tent-pole. Many. A cloudy sky. 
A way, limit. 

*jyc tarufaf., Knowing the world. 
' Departing, travelling. 
j A shower of large drops. 

ttrkall, A strong camel. 
^s. toMoOT, The lion. 
+*a>j2 fUrhum t A bunch of palms. 

uy^e fc//rAun, A mushroom. 
^jj. Zjtrt, Naked. 
jZ, Lame, trifling (business). 
rw A spouse. 
tflrishy A shade, bower, 

(ja> n f tonz, Large, much. Ex. 
panded. A yearling kid. A 
rampant he goat. 

^ ummu t/in/zVi, A scorpion. 
j^c or?/j Wise. A lieutenant, 
, Of noble blood. 

^Jf) An animalcule. 
/o<> Nature, disposition. 
forcst lion's haunt. 

A^C y'ii, Rare, gloriu, vehement, 

heavy, adverse. Suiting. Glory. 
A \j. ttfca, Condolence, mourning. 
A \\jz ^aiai-i Hard ground. 
A J^J^C tozaHi/, A demon. 

A uc tflzzaf, The rolling of 

A +\j. bsam, The lion. 
A J^Jj-i ZjK.uyid) Greatness. 

A l r>j~ ifl-ab. An unmarried person. 

A ijt i'at, Grandeur, esteem. 
A jj t/iir, Censuring. Aiding. 

, The angel of death. 
/, Marriage, 8cc. 
// Music, musical. 

Splitting, digging; run. 
ning; retaining; adhering, tu- 
znf, Turf. Wheat. Malice. 
A Jj-c Cjoi/, Removal from office. 
A ]jf. tazla, The mouth. 
A <LS^p tfi^tabat, Marriage. 
A Rjf. tuzlal, Retirement from office. 
A /jc tim, An undertaking, a de- 

sign, purpose, resolution. 
A i<y:, The decree of God. Pater- 

nal kindred. A tribe. 
A <&jj-c ttizubat, A single life. 
A gj :. tA'wauf, Relationship. 
A jjj^ fc/a'itear, Malignant. A bird. 
, Abstaining, loathing. 
^, Abstinent. Stupid dog. 
&zAu/, Light. At large, 
4z, Excellent, pious. 
A horse's buttocks. 
f^'/' Howling in the de. 
sert. The noise of thunder. 
A spell. Resolution. 


A t-s- tflss.t Going the rounds at 

night. Coming late (news). 
A L~c tflsa, Unripe dates- 
A y.~ft tflsarat, Difficult. 
A L-f; 1 * c tvsara', One after another. 

A ^.L-j: &Z0) Reaming at night. 
A t_jL~c tzuof, The last breath. 

A JL-e, Mellifluent : a spear, wolf. 
A *jL*s iisbaraf., A whelp between 
a wolf and hytna. yi~* Busbar, 
A panther. 

A ^L^, A cleft in a mountain. 
A (jU~.c. ^isbalft A vulnerary plant. 
A popular tumult. 
, Stretching out the neck 

in travelling (a camel), See. 
A Ay 7 %asjad, Gold. 

tflsjamat, Agility. 
Difficult. Cruel. 


) Tail-tossing (a camel). 

asrab, The lion. 
t tpsraf.1 Difficulty, 

A ^....h.^r, /^, Marsh-mallows. 
A <dJ3~.c, An incoherent speech. 
A ^p.* t fctfjbij, A welf. 
A ^,P . . .* to?/, Exorbitant. A large 
cup. The agony of death. 

^, Assiduous. 
, A small bunch of grapes. 
&shtd t Long, tall: foolish. 
iflstafal, Without power. 
A Jju~c tfl5/-o/, A large white 


A &L*c, A place full of white stones. 
A jL~ &i for, Aa army. 

A J-~ Utttf, Honey. A water bub- 
ble. Tasting. Running, trembling. 
A <U~/' t,asaZat t Some honey. 


5a//(ry, Soft, leader. 
A J^J c. tfls/a^, Wine, oil. Light. 

A fox. 

A ~j5 c tfJ/M;, A tendril. 
A &?-jU tvstiyat.) Delicate (girl). 
A f,^. tffsarn, Gumminess of the 

eyes, tflsm, Full of desire, giving 

A l*~~c tasma, Having crooked 

hands or feet. 

&san t Managing cattle well ; 

becoming fat. 

A ^ c. fjisannaj, Tyrannical, 

A (J^^c. tsisnut, Very beautiful. 
A f~z. ywi Growing old, feeble. 

Dark. The being fit. 
A c-jy-c tasiib, A prince, a chief. 

Seizing prey. 
tffsuf t Cruel. A tyrant. 
fl.sul, A good man. 
st, Fit, apt. 

, The tail bone. 
s- tff sir ^ Difficult. Untaught. 
-^w, The night-watch, 
fcos/f, A mercenary. 
tasttat, Watery wine. 
A JfL-r. tustylat, Pleasure. 

A ^.c. tashsh, Diminishing, stingy. 

Industrious, collecting. 
A lie tashtii A supper. 
A LU.c , Plenty of herbage. 
A jlls tyshdr, In tens. 

A (jli-c fjtshdl, An infant. 
A ijllc , Nocturnal blindness. 


A u^i* %ashab) Grown up, adult 
A <L^-c tashakat, A dwarf. An ar- 
my. A tooth. Dccrepid. 

A &L& , Lean, small-armed. 

A ^ -s^ , A relaxed man. 

A^-ls tfishara. Ten. 

A du> JL.c %ashrabi Vehement, an ar- 

row, or a lion. 

A i'-ix t/shrat, Conversation. 
A J^-c , Nightskade, hemlock. 
A /v^" 2 ^ashram, A strong army. 
Lishruna, Twenty. 

A JLiJ 4*r tiihrwit/at, A monthly 
pension, paid upon the 20th day. 

A tA-g fA', Thickness of body. 

A ^j-ic tffshazdn, Walking lame. 

A c_ .J'JLc. tysh'iab, A fierce lion. 

A i^j/^c tflf-hzan^ Naturally hard. 

A (JLx^Le , A nest on a tree. 

A jJLx , Love. Dying for love. 

A &JLe , Ivy, convolvulus. 

A ,J~-- tashfa'n, Travelling fast. 

A *-ii tfl ham, Concupiscence. 

A UJLe iashma, Two-coloured. 

zashamat, Dry bread. 


tftshannqj, Ugly faced .\ 
, Strong by nature. 

, Tall and Landsome. 

A c ixlc tashannat, Tall and thick. 
A yLc tashte, Supping, travelling in 

the night-time. Purpose. 
A ^Lc tasAoca, Purblind. Darkness. 
A AjJLc y/^/ijca/, Blandishment, dan- 
gerous, darkaess. A hint. 
> Decimation. 

Hard ground. 
Strong, hardy (camel). 

A ^jy^ > Intricate. Strong. 

A L/J^ Lashzcii Evening. 

A ^Lz tftshi, Pui blind. Blindness. 

S"upper. The evening. 
A J;^ t<w%n, Supping. 


A ^LwLc , Evening. A cloud. 
Aj^^Lc t_ashtr, The tenth. A friend. 
A SjJLz zashiral, Kindred, a tribe. 

A (^-^.-c > Desperately in love. 

A ijzs. tass, Firmly rooted, strong., 
Severe to a debtor. 

A U:*. tasii, A staff, bludgeon, strik- 
ing. A veil. The tongue. The 
leg bone. Discipline, concord. 

A c-jLa^ tjsab) A small rope. 

A LLiz , A bandage, a turban. 
AjL^c. tsisur^ Great duit. tflssar, 

An oil maker or presser. 
A ^,L: , Pressed juice, dregs. 

tvsaful, Chaff. 
S L(itt/ Crooked, curved. 

L-iffi, A collyrium. 
Jjl^i A state messenger. 
*._ ^ - tfisab, A tendon. #.?&, 
Surrounding, twisting hard. 
A iV2- r - t/Zirf, Bending, dyiag. 

-c^ yt5T, Time, an age, afternoon. 
A refcge. Dust. A family. 
A Sja. tflsarat, A'whirhvind. Re- 
fuge. Obedience. Inferior. 
jj*isic ZjistitSy The rump-bone. 
A worthless fellow. 
v^o.^-g. ta.9/, A hurricane. 

tit? far, SaHroB in blow. 

i>fur t A sj>arrow. Half 
the brain. A vein in the heart. A. 
book. A rudder. A king. 

A J Juac ti ; y/-j</, A male locust. 


A /J 
A ,* 
p J 

A *. 


A J*-s Zffsal, Crooked (tree). 

A UvJUac , Large. Excess of rage. 

A- ^J** 6 ttsallaj, Bow-legged. 

A LLtc &u/a/ } Strong, firm. 

A ^o. t.asam, Gaining, protecting. 

A <U<2i Dismal , Protection. Chastity. 

Integrity. Constancy. 
A j *&. {itsTnur, A water wheel. 

A il^Xwac tasannat, Thick, strong. 
A J^ie tiswudy Malignant, surly. 

A difficult affair. 
A JJ-AC tflsiid, Dying, 
A {*}& %ttsuniy A glutton. 
A ^<ac fcosi, Rebellious. Sin. 
A L r ...Ac fcosio, latense (heat). The 


A *><*2 L'tsayyat, A little staff. 

A i'ju,,sc tftstdat, Thick broth, fcc. 

A cake. 

A J^AS. tasir, Pressed juice. 
A , Collected (leaves). 
A ir^JUrfte , A species of violet. 
A *;.ar. tasitn, Sweat, filth. 

A ^AZ taz'z, Seizing with the teeth. 
yzz, provident. Strong. A thorny 

A t_->Lic tazzai, Abusing, railing. 

A i)Lae ~j.'.ad) A mark on the arm. 

A jLic. , The side-post of a gate. 

A ^jjLic fjf'iadtf Large-armed* 

A ^ywat , Hail, snow, ice. 

A Ir^Lit trtuiril, The runip-boue. 

A .JjiLiD , A flabby woman. 

A ^Li^ ^o'ia:, Food. tf'zoZ) Horses 

biting. Distress, affliction. 
A JLoc b/^7/, Serious (businesa). 
A jLas tiiaw, The rump-bone. 
A Klofi VzoA, A thorny shrub. 

A f_^^?.e. tjaza&j Revilinj, striking, 

returning. Mutilated. 
A \~dc. , Defenceless, friendless. 
A <Suic y'zaif, A multitude. A lie. 
A JtJ tuzd, An arm. Assistance. 
A <j~+o- , Hail, snow, cold-water. 
A \sjAS. tftzrtl, The hips, the rump. 

bone, the perinaeum. Mean, vrortk. 

less, tyiruty The windpipe. 
A fJ-Af ^iilj Muscular (arm). Mis- 

fortune. tn'zal, A field mouse. 

<)JUi tffialat, A leg. A muscle. 
A ,dr. ^aint t The plough-tail. 

tffiotntnar, Avaricious, 

A j.-ti-j' " tflt-fl/n//ai, A lion. 
A jj^^=i &wsmur, A bucket. 
A j*ic tazzr, Dissecting. tfzzs t A 

member, a joint. Bo !y. 
A c-jyac } A reproachful tongue, 
A (joyiz- > Biting. Adverse. Deep. 
A /yi fcazu/n, A hardy she-camel. 

A glutton. 

A <Lic tftzth, Accusing falsely, 
A Jurfjf. ^azirf, A low palm-tree. 
A ^^^wa.g ^Hiz, Adhering inflexibly 

(to a friend). Affliction. 
A (j^zc- tfzin, Enchantment. 
A <^-^i Lazt/iat, A lie. 

A kc to//, Tearing, overcoming. 
A Ike fcfl/5, A gift, a favour. 

A j\kc , A perfumer, A druggist. 

A Jjlke tularid, Quicksilver. 

A (j-lkc M/J, Sneezing. Aurora. 

A l?Uxc , Bold, itrong. A lion. 

A uJlkc SJliif, A garment. A gin. 

A sword. 

A c-^ks t./a6, Destruction. Cotton. 
A J ~kc b/6u/, A beautiful girl. 



A \-* tafar. Pcrfrmc 

A j* , A dungh,ll cock. 

,1 *}& fcf/V//i, Lions dun*. 

A u ^--^ i Sneezing. The dawn. 

A ^jUae fcr/*A, Thirst. 

A c .UJst . Thir<ty. Bnrnin*. 

A is^-c Lu-'u f < A cut o'.jt garment. 

A L_c]a- ttf'/, Favour. adtction. A 

conjnnctio , conversion. 
A u kc //.'#, Idle. ..'/, P"oor. 

A ^,- jttall'is. Long, tall. 

A jjac t-'/w, Pil'isliii:g 

A ^a./tkc , Btantif',:!. young. 

A cr kc t/a, Sunk. lift (skins). The 

base o a inoiui-u n. 
A jSac t a . /a? Receiving in the hand. 


A J.Lji tatavzcadi A quick step. 

Open (toad). Noble. 
F ^ ; i2rt ; -.^, SnufT. 
A u-J^* ^-"''''Jt FavouruMe. 

A <i.kc t.(uf<ii. Afftct on, favour. 
A Jkr C////^/. Indigent. 
A <Lkc trifyai, A pit-sent, a gift. 
A (jLii? t'./, Gc :tlt [woman). 
A ^v-is^ , A voiaijr |)alm sl.oot. 
JL. J^s. t/'-r/r, Fi li of (wint). 
A tl'-' JL'i.'^ Ciiiii^oue anotucr. 

Intrcpi^ it v in i-aule. 
A <*^<ii^ t/~(i'fi'H. Graiitleur, pride. 
i s__Jej: L<i,itr, Arlluriug ;o one with 

patience. "VV^ginj; the tail (a 

tii.l). Fat, coipulcnt. Giowinji 

hard (the hands). 

A +.1' . ^i:ul, A?M, P itien, preaching. 
A ijic L'~/r-./, TdLifig ihe niule. 

<it.w^, \V.:vtiin 'an ar. 

r\v^ rtri'mnr lioinlj.tUf Going 
Mp(aUiJ. W-^uij the Uil. 

4 *^lic tjzlam, Obscure. 

k <uU:..e taJamat, Darkness. 

* Jij: t/ii, A bone. t ? s m > Mag- 

nificence. Pride. 

A <Liic tfizanuit. Pride, grandeur. 
A ^.^llj: tu^ma', The greatest. 

A *-i:Lc t</w, Great, grand. 

A ^.ez %iiff, Abstinence, chastity. 
A U^ &{fui Decay. Dust. Rain. 
A ,Uj:, Fire- wood. Dry bread. 

, Detestable, cunning. 
A ijiA iafd'iat, A hill, heap. 

tffv$) Pressing, holding. 

, A mb, a crowd. 

t 1 / 1 ".-?' ^ l' u ' e P ursc ' 
tj Stuttering. 
lat, A shepherdess. 
^ Podex. 

A ji^Uc 



\ ^,U^ ttfTiin, Time, season. 
A JjUe , The best of the broth. 

A <Uc tiffal. Chastity, modesty. 

* ^ ttfj\ The small guts, 

A <xi^ , Leaping with closed feet. 
A j&. tafar, tarth, dust, ^ffr, A 

hog. A wicked man. 
A j^xt tofro, The 13th day of the 

rcoon. Whitish red. 

* t\ j. , The mane. Misfortuue. 
A 'iJLs. fjtfral, A whitish redness. 
A ^f-^Aft , DeformH, hideous. 

A ^-Jts. t?fris, A lavi-iious lion. 
A ^~ij&z. ijjriu A gi^n', a demon. 

A fright. A sly, dangerous nun, 


A .j J~ , Powerful, masterly. 
A \is. t(tf~, A nut. A cotton pod. 
ta/'jr, A busy body. 

A ^-JU t/i/3, Restraining, splitting, 

dragging, kick in >;. 
A JlLic '//'</, Thinly dothed. 
A ^ Lafshaj, Tall, corpulent. 
A JJLic tufsfutl, Heavy (-ineat or 


A J-li^ tqfshoTtl, Stern, flabby. 
A ^a^c , Wry nosed. Styptic. 
A ^0*2- /"* A gall. Corking a 

bottle. Squeezing hard. 
A =*** tjifiaj, Thick, soft. 
A laic JLflfb Coughing, sneezing. 
A ^Joi-c .{/?, Stuttering, 
r t-.dr.L-.a- t'{/cq/, B?rking. 
A ^*^c %- u fdi Coming, going, whip- 
pinj, waking, collecting, restrain- 
ing, retiring. 

A JJiic, Large- faced ( a man). 
A tlXis tfi/it', Left handed, ambi- 
dexter. Foolish. Inconstant. 
A Jf$Ji- tf{1 ' Foolish, insane. 
A Jifi tfffedj Ruptured (a female). 
A isLLc tj/?a/, Foolish, awkward. 
A ^^JjLe ti(/?.jf, A lazy woman ; 

speaking ill. 
A ^ic ;/?> Ascending (a mountain). 

Corrupting (as meat). 
A ^^ tqfanjaj, Dull. Swift (she- 

A j-JLxic , Mean, base. Morose. 
A ic tflfyt) Pardon, absolution. Lux. 
uriant. Shearing. Pure (water). 
The best of any thing. The net 

A <L?^ic. , Austerity. A lover. 
A &yLc tujunat, Corruption. 
A J& %ufi, AsLing or receiving. 
t ^JuJLc t&fidan. To bark. 
A JAZ to/ir, (Flesh,) saa dri*d. A 

kind of wheat boiled without 

A UJJ-JLC tfif'ifi Continent. 

A Juit t/</, Reduced rupture. 

\ ijf. %ull, Splitting, dis'oK ing. 
A t-jU-c tjfabi Punisl.mtiit Follow- 

ing, changing turns. tV~6, A* 

eagle A targe standard. Aiivulet. 
A iUtf t/'/'o/, A mansion. 
A jU-e ti'tld, Cain, appointment. 
A ^,lic fc^:ar, An iaimovejjlr estate. 

Barren (woman). Wine. A red 


A ^Ais y' : 5, A fillet. 

A !M>U f '(/; *^ distemper. 

A jUi t-^^, Disobv.-diei.ce. 

A <tlUs , Pouring rjin (clouds). 

A Jlii t^a/, Whatever is given by 

way of tithes or alms. 
A ,*ljLc tfttam^ Childless, t/'^a/n, 

Ill-tempered. Incurable. 


A ^jliic ZtUan, A fatl excrescence at 

the roots of palms. 
A I_^AP ttf^o6, The heel. In the 

rear, tutib, Offspring 
A LjLc tutta, Another world. 
A <JLiLe %altabal, A nerve, a tendon. 

Posterity. A time. Alternating. 


A <J3jJu fialbultly The remains. 
A ^A* tw/'6a', The end, success. 

A <XJLt yWa/, The hair of young ani- 

Jkic. talad, A knot, alliance; chain, 
bargain. A town, garrison. 

A ^Aiic y/Wa, Knotty-tailed Stutttr. 
ing. A maid servant. 



A irjjlc. tutdal, An excrescence. An 
estate. A command. 

A ^w. t<^r, Misfortune. <rfr, 
Wounding, detaining. Barren 
(woman). A root, base, palace. 
fc/r, Barrenness. The centre of a 
fire. A marriage portion. 

A C-^Ac &lrab, A scorpion, dial- 

A j^JLe tatrat, Barrenness. A little 

A J^it , The female elephant. 

A^ic fcflfz, An ant's pace. 

A ijc- tflM, Bending timber. 
Collecting (wealth). A pot-herb. 

A ^a&. tfl/tasj Plaiting the hair. 
Sand difficult to travel over. 

A <UoA t%3/, Braided hair. 

A <_*ib ta'&ti A magpye. 

A cJAfi //", Binding. A fox. 

A UiLc , Bent. Poor. Stubborn. 

A <UiLs t,(itfah, A turkish dagger. 

A (j&s. tfltal, Pregnant (mare). 

A JAC #//, Intellect, wisdom. De- 
taining. Paying a mulct for man- 
slaughter. Excelling. 

A ^JLS. t?^fl/, Prudent, wise. 

A <&Le b///A Tripping. 

A ^iz t/itli, Judicious. 

A JLz tfflm, Childless. Silent. 

A J^AC %ulm~i, "Unintelligible. A 
man of hereditary nobility or virtue. 

A ifUiiLc tflhtiibal, Sharp.taloned. 
ltanbas-) Bad, vicious. 
t?//r;n/-a/, An open valley. 
A hill in the midst of sands. 

A j&c fcrfa>, Retaining. High, lifted 
up. Abhorring. 

A c-j^b fcfliOJ, A successor. 

A *c Punishment, torture. 

A *>ylc tw^</, Knottiness. 
A j lc tfl/ur, Biting. 
A jcy^ /</tff, Disobedience. 
A Jy^ s Wise. An astringent. 
A .JLi t.a/t, Abhorring. 

y%a, Vegetable gold. 

, A follower. Behind. 

, Concreted. Confederated. 

talidat, Faith, belitf. 
.<*^r, Wounded. Barren. 
, Hurt in the leg. A cry. 
, An unclean animal. 
^ -^ cornelian. Tha ef- 


fects of flood. 

i(i Excellent. 
A *Ju: fcw/Jm, Barren. Silent, tattm, 

Futile. In widowhood. A gentle 

wind. Raging (war). 
A i^*&^ tatty un, A sea of air under 

the throne of God. 

A u /4if) Restraining, delaying, 

explaining, converting. Sultry. 
A c_-J&c b*/-a6, Smoke. 

A jlLi M.Mcr, Forced backward. 
A ^Lc tajal, An armed staff. 

r P c * 

, A spider ; a cobweb. 
Lf/aw, The neck. 

A i--~c t.o.{a*> Thick lipped ; close 
toed. Nimble. Strength. Smoke. 
A LXc fcjf/&, Malignant (woman), 
A^^J; tilbar, A bee's load. 
A ^ic fyilbural, A rude woman. 
A u**^ j Compact, firm-fleshed. 

A iL: tw/'/ffl/, A butter bottle. 

A iACc Zatidal t The root of the 

tongue or heart. Strength. 
A s. talar, Turbid. The dregs. 


A J^Lc , Approachiag puberty. 

A {AX& ttfnshi A thistle. A he. 

A ft^A talram, Darkness. (^0:) 

tfftramat, A female dove. 
A J^s. fc//z, Wicked, covetous. 
A { J^A ./', Reflection, recoiling. 
A j* , Curled (hair). Worthless. 
A { j^s- tfls, Of a bad temper. 
A iac. B/z, Compelling, subduing. 
A u_se , Curled (hair). Detaining. 
A <^x , Sultry, violent (fever). 
A J=, #/'/, Darkened, obscure. 
A J&s tuJofa/, Thick (milk), fcc. 
A *c L/./'OT, Half a load. tfl/;tn, 

Loading, expecting. Averse. 
A i*c. Zjitmuz, A fleshy woman. 
A u-*>- , Dark night. An ass. 
A ^ja^Ls. , Misfortune. Corpulent. 
A ^UXc tfihtun, Many, plentiful. 
A aL^Lc. talanbai, A spider. 
A ^.Xixc , The male wood demon. 
A z tufa) Binding up. Ascending. 

Propitious. Fat. 

A C-JjS-c j Dust, gdub, Boiling. 
A jc tuhcat, The root. The half. 

A nerve. 
A t_Jjc , Dwelling. Assiduous. 

A Cjc , Plump. A hard place. 
A 5-^c , Short, dwarfish. 
A ijic. tflly, Dying. The girdle. 
A (j~-c tffttSj A vine shoot taking 

root. Sour milk. 
A ia-JLc fcatfw, Short of body. 
A J^ , The upper part of a house. 

A ^f. to//, A second draught. A 
lubstitute. Emaciated. Plump. 


4 J- bil/a, Perhaps. 

to/a, Glory, superior. 

, A mark on the neck. 
A t taldbty Lead, tin. 
A c , An anvil. A camel. 
A <$L& tulasat, A mixture. 
A >^ fc?Vw A medicine. 

t^/a.y, Somewhat (eatable). 

, A vender of forage. 
A jfLz tftlalr, Any thing. 
A lc tfllalatt Relation, interest. 

Right, necessity. Commerce. 
A <LjiL bilatiyat, Dedicated wholly 

to any thing. 

A cl/lc , Any thing eatable. 
A *HU ttililat, Diverting from any 

pursuit. A horse-race. 

A Jle tatttim, Omniscience, God. 

A &As. taldmat, A sign. mark. A 
pedigree, armorial bearing. A 
miracle. A standard. A road- 

A u^L. , Slow, heavy, grave. 

A ,jlc talarii, Public, manifest. 

A dLjlz taliinij/at, Publication. 

A iU fjldioat, The upper part. 

A fc^ut .o#&, Firm (Bcsh). Taint. 

ing (meat). Growing hard. Old 

and tough. t#/id, Marking, cutting. 

A mark. Hardiness ; heat. %ilb, 

A worthless fellow. 
A Lie talba, The neck tendon, 
A <LU , A milk-pail. A case. 
A JaJic talabit) A corpulent man. 

A ^u: &tfia/ 9 An accident, diiease, 

A ciJoi ta/05, Intrepidity. An 

adopted SOD. Mixing, collecting. 



A J^ talaj* A dwarf palm. Solid 
(man) Managing well. A pro- 
selyte. A a ass 
A ^M^ tafajdn, The waving pace 

of a she. camel. 

A c rf^ t/tlajfin, A careless woman. 
A ,*s*- t tl'ljuiH) A robust he-cauiel, 

the male frog Deep water. 
P ^.Xs^, Separate, distinct. 4 
A <AJic tffld, Hard ; a nerve in the neck. 
A :L a/z, Avaricious Fretting. 
A ^ric to/as, Strong, 8cc. t/, 

Meat, drink. 

A ^j-le, A robust, undaunted man. 
A L~aLc tsilsab A small quantity. 
A LLs. a//, Aiming at or hitting 

(with an arrow). Slandering. 
p jj-^lali, Resplendent, smooth. 
A 4alc. tw/.ajf, A necklace, chain. 
A u^Htkk?. , Delicate (girl). A 


A (j-jlaLc yllaosas, Excellent (camel). 
A ijiLc //&{/", Forage. 
p ^tXsle, A bird's maw. 
r jljALe tfllafzar, Pasturage. 
A <H*a&. talfasat, Farce. Tripping 

2 stronger adversary. 
A C^ic, Corpulent, careless. 
A <jlc t/z/o^, Love. Adhering. A 

knave. A pulley. Thick blood. 

Litigation. A pregnant woman. 

The tender leaves of trees. Pastur- 
ing on such leaves. 
A &L Utqfri, Clotted blood. A 


A Jiii tfl/Acw, The coloquintida. 
A jjib. tal/ii, A species of broom. 
A tL&i to/a/?, Tough, hard (meat). 

<, A fat she.camel. 
y/^'d, An old hag ; short. 

i til'add. Fat, crease. 

/ "2, A .sno.iji big rmu. 
A *l t.M/ M/n. A st ron it camel. 
A J^ L'llam, A standard, a mark, a 

boundary stone; a road-post. The 

border of a garment. 
A *lc bVm, Knowledge, science, doc. 

trine, art, piofession. fc0/, Si^n- 

ing. marking. Learned. 
4 iJUlc tjlinud, A thread-winder, 
v j^<Xlc tulumdur, A striiiJard. 


/ (^^Ju: tulamis, A wocderful thing. 
A ^/J* bVw./j Stitntin'c, thcon tic. 
A ^s-v^lc tjlmis t A fatiguiiigjo'.iiif y. 
A ^J t/rt7/ Pi.blished, divulged. 
A ^^^ilj, Vehement, steady. 
A ^jw^c'i Cross, fat. 
A yji tfl/arr, Flame, fire. 
A ^jlc %ulicun, The title or prefate. 
A ji^Lc, Great. A man of rank. 

A ji^U LfV/otrz, The cholie. Fury, 

madness. Sudden death. 
A ^jlc &.0/W5, Any thing. 
A 4^ jjLc tftlufi Decrcpid, ignorant. 
A ^Li^c &li*fat* A stipend, pay, 

A jcis fcoft^* An embrio. Death. 

A draught of milk. 
A AjLe, Knowledge, science, art. 
A ^U gu2n t Publication. 
A (_?JLi ^r'/cra', An enemy. Exces. 

sive. Z//K', Above, high. 

^, Amazed. Mistaken, 
a, A vest doubled and 

lined with camel's hair. 
A jjel^U tittas t A bottle stopper. 
A ^l^Lc, Starved. An ostrich. 
4 55^ tMlhajat.i A roasted skU. 

A {Le ttfiamm, Large, fat (camel). 

A ,-i-t C'./a', Above, upon. Accord- 
ing to. Against. In. from, with- 
out, with, for, as, at. 

A LL" b//y, A high plucc. 

A ^,UJ- talyiin, Tall, iorpuU-nt. 

A &~be fjjlij/al. High, sublime. 

A cwJU %iilliyat t A parlour. 

A ci^l=, Wheat mix d with barley. 
Ji, Separated, -distinct. 

finds. Routed in tlie skin, 
t-r///, Pastured, fed. 
fc///7/-a/, A Section | inter- 
course, conversation. 

A J-i-c tfiltlt Weak, sick. 

A <id.Lc, A vouun perfuming often. 

A *-i- Zjtltm. Wiv, learned. 

A \j~-~ tfflii/iaa Hi'ih, sublime. 

A +s- anun, AM uncle. 

A U>i ti'tniUy Blindness. 

A J^*.c fj'matl, I !iv buiHings. A 
pillar, tent.ynlc. 

A J i^z. An-, lovuino Tor the head. 
A't'edilicc LinigiVity. Culture. 
A uibi-. a soritfy. 

A ^ l^c t;' -lifii \ caiiH-1 litter. A 
enriuj;e 'rawn by horses. 

A JUjL*^ ] A's sad 'U'. 
A ^,-Uw-' .////, s. A finioui war. A 
inis!o'iu,.e. Daik. 

imt'/a/. Deep. Dc:>tli. 

A >* 

.) The pay of \\oi kmen. 

A <i,<U^ t>mnn~im<ilj A turban. 

A e U^ I'iniiniiii, The ocean. 

A t^*^z c.v////, Clewing. Beating. 

A <W tammul, A mother's sister. 

A ^** t * 770 ^ A serpent. Making 

i J.^z, Wet. A raft. Broken in 

health. A purpose. Propping. 
A ^Jk^s, A support. Great. 
\ j*s. tumr, Life, age. ^.7//ir, 

Building. Tlie gum. 
A ^* ttimral, The pilgrimage. 

A fc^c , Long. Ill-disposed. A 


A (j~s*- tarn arras, Robust. Ve- 


A ^f*. y/.-r?V, Lot'g. 
A ^~ *i, A sucking lamb. Plump. 
A iyj^-*^ btmrut, A robber, a wretch. 
A ^-^t t- an? ^ Erazing, hiding. 
A ^i-*^ %amash, Weakness of sight. 

%amsh t An opportunity. 
A yij^AS. %iimshush) A vine branch. 
\ \ja*. %ams) A kind of food. 
A g^*^ tflm'zaji Headstrong. 

A \3*s. fcfli/, Disparaging. 
A (*. Zjimut, Depth, a deep. 
\ ,JUbC %tm/:di Name of a tree. 
A J-*ji tamal. An action, labour. 
A J^U^, Deceiving with the eyes. 
A <&* bw/'W, Work Wages. 
r j\^*. ^fimaldar. A tax-gatherer. 

A L*c tjimaUaS) Ljdefaii gable, 

A lsL*c Zjimallat, Robust, hardy. 
A <LJ~*i tflMlalal* Making water. 
A JU, Practical, laboured. 

, From that which. 

A y*s. "tflmrnu, A paternal uncle. 
A >r]*- ttunuji Erring (an arrow). 
c tftmud, A pillar. A tent. 




tvmus, Heavy, dark (day). 
tamut, See J^c . 
A *>* Z.umutn, Common. Com. 


A &**}*) Being an uncle. 
A ty^-S Common, universal. 
A jjyfcfi La/nara, Foolish, silly. 
A *., Astonished, wandering. 
A *-** fc//m7, Blind, obscure. 

tmim(, Drunk, rash. An 

A (JV*-e tamaysal, Dragging, trail- 

ing. A lion. Dilatory. 
A Ah-**.?, tamaysalal, Corpulent, fat. 
A ^V*^ tfim'tdi A chief. In love. 
A jJu*c, A delicate youth. Opulent. 
A K4e t/n2r, Royal, abundant. 
A <J^e {omit, Deep, extensive. 
A J~*i Performing, an operator. 
A ++* tarriim, Full, perfect. The 

superior rank. General. 
A &** {jinwiul) A plain. 
A ijC- t/tn t Of, from, with, after, on, 

concerning, above, before. 
A Lc tfina, Detained, fatigued. Af. 

fliction, labour, distress. 
A C_?lxc zftnal>, Large-nosed. 

A t-jlxt tunnab, The jujube. 

A jJjLc Zunabfl, A thick bow-string. 

carnation colour. 
, Inconsistent. 
, Obstinacy, resistamce. 

A oLc 

i, Obstinately. 
An old maid, yn- 
5, Fighting. 

A jlxc fcana^, A kid. A calamity. 
A e;^* tman, A bridle. Resistance. 
A i)Ucbno^flj|, Assistance. Anxiety. 

fcnaft, The grape, grapes. 
A ^Lxs tftnabiin, Light. Heavy. 
A ^uuj: fjnaba. One grape. 
A ^ic tumbuj, Languid, foolish. 
Ay\^s Zambar, Ambergris. 
A j^-xc tffmbas, A strong man. 

A lion. 
A JL-xc fytmbasaf, The lion. 

tjtmbu/, Sljort, compact. 
/-<- fc/znzV, Criminal. Perishing. 
z ttmtar, A blue fly. 
^unlul, Hard, 
tansaj, Potent, thick. 
-^ tftnjaralj Pouting. 
c, Decrepid, wrinkled. 
tftnjuf, A withered dwarf. 

jnl, A badger. 
A ^^sit tanqjnrtj, Great, large. 

f'y, Early youth. 


fc^nd, A side, part. fjnda, 
Near, nigh^ with, before, about, 
in, according to, Sec. 
A cV^kf- tiindad. An idol, an image. 
A <XJJAxc tundulal, The belly. 
A tXXc tftndaly A tall camel. 
tflndalat, Large-headed. 

y A nightingale. 
The gum dragon's blood. 
, Bold. Trouble. Fraud. 
oHda/i, A lizard; a viper. 
A^C, Declining, turning away. 
A tZJfjjjif tflnzarul, A. Persian gum, 
A CL?J^ tinsaAtcfl/, Pride. 
A ^^p^-c t an 5 ^ strong she-camel ; 

an eagle ; crooked wood. 
A J Ju: turner/, A hardy she. camel. 
A km '..r tanshal, Ill-disposed. 
A ^.- J *,,v- ^nflwAnrwA, Long, swift. 
4 xc twn^Au** A remnant. 

A <!wsi fjnsaf, Scattered herbage; 
dishevelled hair ; dispersed cattle. 

A^-axs zjmsur, An elemenjt. Man- 
kind. Temperament. 

A J^Xi tunsul, A sea-leek. 

A ^*a^c, A handful of hair. 

A kx^, Length (of a beautiful neck). 

A iUiai^: anfU'eat, Lon^. A cruet, 

A ^Uk^t Zfnfij/iin, Diwn of youth. 

A c--uix titniub, A male locust. 

A gjJsxs ttt'izfii, \ spider's web. 

A ^Je&c, tunzaxan, A wicked ob- 
scene man A poisoner. 

A c-a^.r /, Rigour, fury. 

A ^jiUxc. ttnfash, A servile man. 

A ^.i^c anfash, Having a thick 

A a^j:, A bad woman. Proud. 

tftnfuf, Evil, mean. A badger. 
tunfulal, A philtre. 
tanfut, Lightness. 
tsurfaltali The hair between 
the under lip and the beard. 

A clXixc tunfaffj Foolish; heavy. 

A ^jA^ct/wa'r//,Vigour. Beginning. 

A LS*^ t M/l /' Furious, tyrannical. 

A J^ b^n^, The neck. 

A Uxi ianla, Lonj-ncck'd. 

A 43Uxe yw/'flc/, A bunch of grapes 5 

A^iuc %iinJtur, Mankind. The reed 

root, palm-tree pith. 
A i^ixs tunturul, The female hawk. 
A t-^oyixc Zjinkarib) Soon, near to, 

about, presently. See cr c. 
A^ii^ tftnlaz, Sweet marjoram. 
A *JAXC tftn/<azat, A standard. Poi- 

on. Misfortune. 

Aj^AAii tjnkaf'ir, Calamity. An 

impudent woman. 

A cl^^ y.? A cause. A gate. 
An oil mill. A pillar. tflnit, 
Cjyj;, Becoming thick (milk). 
Heapi:i ; ;ip (sands in the deserts). 

tftnkabUli A spider. 
, An assembly. Obedience. 

A JLO~ ~rtnta:l* Hard. Foolish. 

tanjarat, Large (camel). 
tantasli, Negligent, filthy. 
Zjin/raZ) Hard, firm. 
A *x^s t(tn'<utn, From you. 

A , ^4.^c ZjHtma*' A beautiful face. 


A cn-=- tffnan y A stirrup iron. 
A *i_5, Humble. Detained (captive). 
tinman, The title of a book. 

The beginning. The front, Sec. 
A i'.ii %anw(it, Published. Force. 
A <3jZ..tftnud, Deviating, bleeding. 
A <Utat ianhiij From him or it. 
A '^jxi tjna' t A few. 

A <~Ji tantyal, Camel's urine dried. 
A <J^s, Refractory. Wandering. 
A j^s. tftrifi, Unfortunate, distressed. 
A i_o. r v^. ^ftmf^ Tyrannical. Trou- 

tflriit, The neck. 
tflnm, Arriving, happening. 
f jC. , Clamour, thunder. 
A \jz Zvwa, Barking, howling. 

A -,\^c. Zjawzcqj, A dealer in ivory. 

A ff-\j Zfticajim, Teeth. 

A J^, An agreeable object to which 

one returns with pleasure. 
A jif fc#tpr, A mote in the eye. A 

rent. j\jc. tuwisar, Pusillanimous, 




A ^,-Uc t.aeeiras. Misfortunes. 
A JLJ'Z, One draught of milk. 

A *\*z taxam, The vulgar. +\i& 

ta&zcam, A swimmer, a raft. 
A ^^e tffaan, An assistant. Mid. 

die aged, a lady. A renewed 

A *J 1j.e fc//oa/, Ground overflowed 

with rain. A sand. worm. 
A LjfcC ttKtbuf, A misfoi tune. 

A *y: tftnKcal, Podex. Howling. 
A ^s fr/teiY/;, A thick fat camel. 
A -.^c fxiwaji Clocked, distorted. 

:#', Stopping {in any place). 
Appointing. Retiring. 
A U-.^. tmrja, An old woman. 
A Jy: tstzcd, Returning. Becoming 
(lejrned, &:c ). Favouring. Re- 
staring. Habit. Aged. Ablt, 

l, A return. 

A censer. 
, A hooked instrument. 

A J^c aia" ? Refuge, an asylum. 


tayi &zcu'ian, Escaping. 
A i j ^"'fl.^ An amulet. 
A j^tj One eyed. Corrupied. 
A ! LI.C ^a:rr7, One-eyed. Without 

water. Obscene, bad. 
A u^c fc/Zran, A ruined well. 
A i^ji, Bad after good. 
f ^ijf- tawrat, A woman, a wife. 
Ajj^c taiWi, Wanting, not to be 

found or purchased. 
A j*jyi txtanam, An old woman. 
A L/*"^ taio5, The angle of the 

mouth. Managing. Labouring 


P L-^^^CJ The y u ng of fowls. 
A *?*. taicsaj, A k ind ( bramble. 

A JV-~y : Riding an imbroke camel. 
A i**-** 1 >Ju~h A species of ram. 
A ^tf** t. tta!fl ^> Unintelligible. 
A L?* tflwsti, Foreign (word, See.). 
A \J*f- fcjnroz, A reward, price, 

exchange, tfliciz, At no time. 
A ]aa^. Ou?/a/, Not conceiving 

though not barren. 
A ; Jj, Condition. Cheerfulness. 
A Jji^c fcflK^'j Delay. Hindering. 
A *-LJjz tuv/{, Carried, supported 

(by hope). 
A ^X*^ tflcc/o/, Foolish. Biting. 

Bandy.legg'd. Sands heaped up. 

A J^i JLO^/, Straying. Partial. 

Exorbitant, vexatious, excelling. 

Supporting (a family). Twanging. 
A (Jij. taukd, Aa appendix; lustful. 
A (JLxlfcC ^.aitlaf: , A vein in the uterus. 
A *t ty/cd/n, Swimming, floating, 

sailing. Travelling. 
A i^<*s, A crowd, clamour. 
A ^.fci t^ncn, Assistance, a patron. 

A J.yr, The first birth. 

A J^e, Having a large family. 

A j^~ ^t iK i'. a J') L n g ncck'd, long 

A J^^ to/fof, Long. A black crow. 

A mountain-swallow. 
A <&Jb*c, Struggling. Bawling. 
A J^', High wind, swift camel. 
A ^uc t 01 ^' Foreign, unusual 

(word). Severe, distressing. 
A <ioo i, A battle, a combat. 
A Jo i CGIZ//J A laraenution. 
In a certain year. 


A <Ls, Zflhh* Impudent; proud. 
A J\ tihad, Spring showers. 

A l*t ta'iibba^ The dawn (of youth). 
r J^t ta^rf, A promise, contract, 

precept, patent. A last will. Re. 

spect ; modesty. Leaving a legacy. 

Offending. Visiting. Age, time. 
A ^)V*i$a t/tdan, Pledging faith. 
A ''JtXp to/idal, An obligation, debt. 
A .AC a/tr, Adultery, whoring. 
A ^fs, Withering. Established. 
A ^ic, Young, strong (horse, 8cc.) 

A jjC tffyy^ A ^stammering, cmbar- 

raised, difficult, troublesome. 
A L toya, Difficult, incurable. 

A <-A*c, Slanderous, loquicious. 
A lion. 

A jLs byJ, Visiting (the sick). 
A Jufi Ui/iZ) Taking refuge. 
A jU* tjytir, A mark. A standard of 
weight, &c. a touchstone. 

A jiuc tayyash, A jovial fellow. 

A drunkard, glutton. 
A (joLr, Wrestling, struggling. 
A ^L^ t?i/az, Retribution. 
A i__5us, Divination. Loathing. 
A jLc b>a/, Family. 
A ^Lt tuyun, Clear, certain, evi- 

dence. Contemplating. 
A <&Ls, A spy upon another. 
A wUc ^ayaya, Deficient ; impotent. 
A ^_ -*. tayb, A vice, stain, infamy. 
A iL^ tfybat, Wardrobe. 
P C/^-.*2 Zjtybnak^ Disgraceful. 
A /j**c, Late produce. A big man, 
A )>*j.r ga^um 9 Large-bodied. 
A <Xja j-it/, A lolemnity, festival. 

A Ju tflt/dat, Profit. An entrance. 
A^C S'cryr, An ass. An eye-brow er 

lid. A chief. 
A.jj/jc t fl 2fi'* r 9 Firm, harcT. Brislj, 

A kind of tree. 

A i-> ; U-.s, A kind of glass cup. 

A j^--* ty (l ?.i ^ un (camel). 

A jj^r'.T-" f^tysajar A hardy swift 

camel. Coughing. 
A u JL,i ^j/5/<, Life. Delight. 
A *-!- Mouldy (bread). 
A |jJL tftyshum,A withering plant. 
A ^-ji tw, A thick grove. 
A |*j4* S/zyzMni, A glutton. 
A Uo-^ &//y/, Long necked. ProuJ. 
A ^^is-j. tftytamiiSi Beautiful, 

yf, Suspended in air. 
-^ tayafan, Auguring. 
- tfiiffat, Balancing (a bird). 
us- toyfas, Short. 
s. tayt, The sea side, 
c, Shaking the shoulders. 

t'Qtt A grove, a thicket. 
A J-Ji toy/, Walking- pompously, 
travelling, wandering. Poor, 

disappointed. J-j tfiyyilj A 


A /*^Lc. tfu/lam t A male hyena. 
A *Lc taylam, A full well. A soft 


A X* taylan, A male hyena. 
A iL^ t a ^ a ^ P vert y 
A ^c. tftym, Thirsting. 
A J^-s- toyman, A widower. 
A (^c- tflyn, The eye, sight. A 

fountain. A spy, a watchman. 

An eye-hole. The sling of' a ba- 

lista. A cloud from the outh. A 


continued rain. The best- A 

lord. A brother. The sun. Money. 

A man, any one. Any thing pre- 

sent. A crowd. 

A \~# ^aynU) Having large eyes. 
A /.lU-* tayanan, Flowing. 
A <Ju-jt t tl} <4.i The best. Money in 

advance. Handsome. 
A (***r t. a !/ n u m i A. male frog. 
A cJ^ Z~ fl y>'~t< Genuine, natural. 
A cl^c t/iyus, The lion. 
A Jj^fr &.yrd> Wandering. Poor. 
A 4^-* fc//(/uj Looking stedfastly 

with a malignant eye. 
A <^Aj*. tuyhabi A seducer. 
A J\x*c fyj/';<^i An error. 
A i_* Zjtyhftb, Corpulent. 
A <*- &hat) Murrain, blight. 
A (Jfaz taybal, Alaciity. 
A J^c zjyhal, A storm. Swift (she. 


A **e tflyham, Swift. 
A (_*. tayi, Stammering. 
A^f^c tuyayr, A little ass. 
A <U-- tuyuynal, A little eye. 

, The 19th letter of the Ara. 

bic, and the 22nd of the Persian. 

In arithmetic it expresses 1000. 
PA c-Ac , A forest, a thicket. 
v c_Ai g-A6, A foolish bitter expres- 

sion. Musty meat. 

A <^jU ghiibb, Corrupted, stinking. 
A &\i ghabal, Hiding. Setting 

(sun). A forest. A gulph. Hell. 

A crowd. 

A^U ghoNr, Remaining. Past. 

A l=jU g^l'tfi Emulation. 

A .jlc gfiiibln^ An impostor. 

A ^Ic ghabi, Careless, stupid. 

p ^j^jVc , To revolve. To bind. 

A c f jls gh'idifi A seaman, rower. 

A c-JOus ghadufi An oar. 

A ^"jjli ghadij/(tl t Morning rain. 

A Jl= ghuzz, Having a galled back. 
L j\& ghiir, A cavern, den. Army* 


A < >;lfc ghftrib. The top of a wave. 
U gharnt, Rapine, incursion. 

, 1 he bar of a door, 
p ^JuJjlft gharl'idan. To ravage, 
p r-j^' ghurijj Morning wine. 

,v^j > A morning drinker. 
A i/pV0 gharis, A planter, 
p ^Is^jU , A place full of caverns. 
A Ac gharifal, Having her fore- 
locks cut ulf (a woman). Swift 


p i^U ghuruhy A cavern. Plunder, 
p ij^U ghari, A bushel, sponge, 
p jU ^02, A patch ; a rent ; want, 
p jUj^c ghaighaz, Dispersed, 
p \*}&fc gha~ghan, A caldron. 
A ^^ g"A, A hero. 
A jU , Large-mouthed. A thorn, 
p >^li gh<ij"h , Red colour with which 

women paint their face. 
A ifJ&gkSstt, Night. The moon, 
p <d-Ai ghusilah , A washer- woman, 
p /ilc ghashi A sincere man. 
A <sL-i.U gln~;shiyttl, A leather saddle 

covering. Ine limn; of a sword. 

sheath. The day ol judgment. 
A f\s. , A hide fit for tanning. 
A fc_jLslc ghaiif) Loose, soft, worn. 
A U hasi, Pcrcnniiil ; plcaliful. 


A Ulc ghagha, The cry of the raoun. 

tain swallow. 

A u-?U ghaf, Name of a tree. 
.^, Noise, tumult. 

A JjU ghafil) Imprudent, indolent. 

A ^jU g'/zo/', A crow. 

p JU g-Ao/, Going round. 

A JU ^Aa#, Thirsty. A plain pro- 

ducing wild trees, thorns, Sec. 
A c-Jli ghdlib, Excelling. Trium- 

A LIU ghaliba, Chiefly, finally, upon 

the whole ; apparently. 
v CJjilz ghalu??, A play-ball. 
9 dUf'i5fa$,'Akid. 
A ,JU gft<7/J, Dear, valuable, 
p ^AJli ghtirtdan. To surround. To 

animate. To tumble. 

A, Civet, perfume. 
ghamir, Uninhabited, aban- 

A ^^sU gJufmt&i Obscure (speech). 
p ^U ghnmi, Poor, miserable. 
A ^U - A/t, A forest, 8cc. without 


A &J\-ghanal, A bow-string loop. 
A *ilc ghani/n, Laden with spoil. 
A ,JU ghani, Rich. 
A dLili ghanij/al) Despising oma- 
ments. A girl much courted, yet 
remaining single ; a chaste woman 
t jU ghuiy, See^ 1 ^. 
'A _;U ghawush, Cucumber seed^ 
p ujCLijU ghaxithang, A goad. A 

ruinous wall. 

r _y2*jU ghuxsho, An ardent lover. 
A tb ghats!, Wandering. 
A fav\>z ' ghayayaty Sun.shine. Any 
thing oversbading. 

A uo ^ffy*, Absent, invisible. 
A iU ghdyat t The end. A flag. 

Chiefly, greatly, extremely. 
A jA~. ghayr, Jealous. 
A *jJi\z t The meridian, mid'-day. 
A Jsulc , A hollow. Excrement. 

^ Surprising, destroying. 


A Lc ghibban^ Seldom, rarely. 
A jUi ghubar, Dust. Vapour. 
p ^Lg-fo*6asa$, A plough ; a yoke. 

A goad. 

A^H-lLi ghabwhir, The twilight. 
A Lc , Infirmity of mind. 
A *jU , Inadvertency, stupidity. 
PA t^i ghubab) The dewlap. 

A <X-i , An eagle ; daily food. 

p ^z ghabj, A ditch. 

A > ^s ghabar, A great misfortune. 

Dust. Remaining. Departing. 

Future. Ghabir, Hatred. Ghubr, 

A remnunt. 
A \j\z ghitbra^ Of the colour of dust. 

Defaced. The earth, land. 
A ^1^*= ghabran, A double date. 
A jj-i ghabrakat, (A woman) 

h '.ving very large black eyes. 
A b-J. , Emulation, Cheerfulness. 
A ^Jb^ i Raining incessantly. 
A e--vi ' A- Dewlap. The throat. 
A ^\JLz ghabfiin, Drinking wine in 

the evening. 

A (^ni ghaban, Fraud. Negligent. 
A i *+. ghubur, See -AJ ghitbar . 
A ,J**i Wine drank at night. 
A ^. ghab't, Negligent, imprudent. 
A L~z ghabyrt, Slight rain. Quick 

A k^A.- ghabil, Low level ground, 

A CA^ ghub'tn, Weak in mind. 

p u>>c ^.' An idcot, a fool. 

A &.!. , Pride. Petulance. 

A jJiii , Raw (man). Barbarous. 

A J^ghall, Planted (a place). 

A +^s. ghatm, A suffocating hett. 
A Crf , Barbarism in speech. 
A i+zi- ghutma\ Unintelligible. 
A <&llc ghasasat, Lean (sheep). 

Corrupted (word). 
A jlii ghusar, A hyena. 
A i^i\lc. ghusaghis, A lion. 

A <ii ghussal, A sufficient part. 
A 1^4^ ghasra. Somewhat red. Thick 

woollen. A mob. Threatening. 
A t^zghasrat, Plenty. A conflict. 
A ci-Ali , A combat without arm. 
A ^j^c. ghost, Affliction. Severe (in 

speech). Luxuriant (ground). 
A <*i.*y.r ghasjsqty Pus. Corruption. 

A Xs gAaJ, The day after. 1 JLS g-^a- 

t/an, Tomorrow. 
A ItXi ghida, Meat, victuals. 
A ^!iXc ghadat, The moriiiag. 


A J^JLC ghidar, Leaving . j! J^ ghid- 
dar, Fraudulent. A cheat. 

F Xj\&. , A two-edged sword. 
A uJl^Xc ghudaf, A black crow. 
A t>W ghidan, A clothes-horse. 
A JjAi ghudbal, An easy life. 

A *Jui , A gland, a swelling. 

A j^zghadar, Drinking rain-water. 

Dark (night). Hard stony ground; 

Hesitation. Boldness. Ghadr, 

Perfidy, kostility, injury. 
A tj^ ghadaf, Plenty of food. 
A JiAi , A worn garment. 

ghadat, Flowing (water). 
A ^Jc: , Gentleness. Languor. 
f i -"1 v ~ , A pustule. Base. 
A i Jki ghadur, Frandtilent. 
A j,^kX. ghadatct-. To nionow. 
A ^'vjtXc ghftdyan, Dining. 
A .JtXc ghadir, Perfidioui. 

zz, Swelling (a wound). 

A ^xi ghiza, Aliment. 

A .4 ,,\ jci ghuzarim, Indefinite. 

s ghazamalt Impurity. 

A _<1 jki ghulamir, Much water. 

A jjki , The evil, a willing. 

A ,x ghazmat, One word. 

A A tX<JkC ghazamzam, Any measure 
of an uncertain quantity. 

A S^jki gha-maratt Speaking hum- 
bly. Mixing. Angry. 

A t/jJki ghuiuiiti Newly born (* 
lamb or kid); the fcetus. 

A jzgharr, Deceiving. A bird feed. 

ing its young. A rent. 
A \jC. , Attached. Glue. Lean. 
A t-J^i ghirab, A crow. 
A <>!, , Admirable, strange. 
A y \.s. gfurar, Cutting in the folds. 
Dull (market). Slumber. The edge 
of a sword. A way. A model. 
A Jj j\s=. ghara~Jl, The devil, 
i , The planting season. 

, To chide. 
A &jL ghirafati A draught. 
A ^Lc gharam, Desire. Calamity, 
p {*\j. gharama, A half dram. 

:. gharamal, A tax, a tribute. 
z ghaian, Rapacious. Iron* 
A JpLc , A beautiful youth. 

rear, Froth, foam. 
A Jl^i ghirbdl, A large sieve. 


&J^c. gharbat, Distant" 
&/ > A present. A lizard. 
<U^i ghurbah, Hiding teari. 
^jL gharbi, West, western. 

*^=. ghirrit, Deceiving. Sloth. 
c^ gharas, Hunger. 

&>y- gharchak, Ignorant. 
\j/z ghunad, A stoundrel. 
ij^s. gfiuriat, Sewing close. 
fjyi. ghars y Rage. Weak. 
^a^ , fired of any place. 
i*j. g/utnat, The breast-strap, 
^U^e ghurghdn, A loud voice. 
yi>j ghirghir, A kind of herb. 
i^c ghargharat, The ound of 
boiling water. A bird's maw. 
The rattling in the throat when 

LJijZ/^- > A child's rattle. 
4^i , A draught, drinking* 
^i gharfat, One draught. 
J^ ghorit, Drowned. 
< A3/ g/uortdb, A whirlpool. 
<t^c , Very oioist (land). 
jJ^ gharkud, A species of large 

tr^i, Glare of egg. 
J^i ^ Aon7, Delicate. 
(*/^ S^ urm ) A wild sheep, 
+jzgttarm t Debt. 
^Cyi , Pai, torment. Yes. 
(jJu^^i gliurmtdan, To fly in a 
passion. To chicle. To roar. 
^^c. gharan, Weeping aloud. 
,^1*.^ , Noise ; thunder. 
*u yi , Glamour, tumult. 

: , To thunder, to bray. 
,A hook. 

p x&jzgharandah. Roaring, fierce. 

A u. a^c ghirnif, Jessamine. 

p L-j gharang, Unequal. Base, 

shameful. Weeping. 
A Jy/c- > A crane, heron, &c. 
A j^ g-Aarrc, Gluing. Strange. 
A '-r'j^ ghuruby The west. Setting 

the (sun). 

A j)j& ghureir, Pride, deceit. 

p ij=. ghirrah , Sloth. The first day 

of the new moon. 
A ^= ghara\ Beauty, elegance. 
A i^i^zgharib, A foreigner, 
p j^^j^ gharidan, To thunder, to 

roar, to yawn. 
A jJyi ghartr. Simple, deceived. 

Agreeable. Beauty. 
A ijj Jigharfiat, Nature. Milky. 
A c^.j^ gharii.i t Innate, natural. 
A ,j-^ / -i ^xirw, A sheep, 
p cjy^ gharif, A. thick forest. A 
lion's haunt. A kind of tree. 
P ,jJ^ > A forest, lion's haunt. 
p yz ghiryu, Glamour, complaint. 
p ^yJji gharyHn, A. present. 
A \js. ghaza, War, victory. 
A JJ^i ghdzat, A fawn. The sun, 


A *J^c , The sun, light, rays. 
A. jji ghd-'.ar, Plentiful, abounding, 
p ^jz ghdxtt, A violin. 
A Jji ghdlal, An ode; a poem. 

CrAas/, Thread. Spinning. Gha'iil, 

A poet. Weak. Jjji ghiizial, 

Women sewing, 
p ^jJj , Thread case, &c. 
A jjji , A kind ef eagle. A crab, 
f L-CCj Weeping in silence. 


, Mating war, purposing. 
P j . jghu"~iir, A pipe, a reed. 
A u?> gkdiauit, Heroic. A basket, 
p ju > x , A deflowered woman. 
A -> js- gluii-ir, Copious, plentiful. 
t*zghuj,A. rupture. A courtezan, 

a whore. 

P <-^V- ghajal, A bad smell, 
p 4 ^*i, A grape stone. Cow's milk. 
p * } gh-'j -j * A bitter herb, 
p ,U*i , A sea horse or cow. 
p *i*i ghajghaj, A wild fowl. 
v 1. 1^- /^ > Rolling in walking. 
P **i ghujum, Anger. Gravity, 
p ,X,L *i , To be diligent, 
p ^,Ju ^i ghujitlan, To accumulate, to 

chase, to crawl, to totter, 
p ^_c gAw, Used in calling to cats. 

A ^ c S^ a ^.i Travelling over (a 
country). Accusing. A worthless 
man. Languid. 

P ul/Li ghusa/f, The putrid smell 
of the dead ; a bad breath. 

A j~. ghasir, Perplexed business. 

A <_~c ghadi Dark (night). 

A jji gh"?fy Washing, ablution. 
Enfeebling with pains or stripes. 
Sweating (a horse). Ghusnl, Marsh- 
mallows. Perfidy, p .uU- J~c , 
A bath, a bagnio. 

A <JL>1 ,- , Removing, drawing. 

A *?*~^ ghuslqj, A green twig. 

A oii-~c , Putrid matter. Heat. 

A A^. ghftsnni* Darkness. 

A { j^. ghasn, Weakness. 

A ^ c- ghusnal, A ringlet. 

A *& , Becoming dark (night). 
A 4^..-^ ghusiis, A palm-tree bear- 
ing acid dates. A cat. 

A jj- i , Raining. Running (pus). 

A Jjc ghasuJ, Any thing used in 
washing the hands. (A wash, wa- 
ter, soap, fcc.). 

A J- c- ghasti. Washed, purified. 

A iJLc. ghasksh, Deceiving. 
A [L. ghasha, A white headed ani- 
mal. A membrane. A covering. 
A c-^UJ. ghusharib, Bold, alert. 
A (^tllc ghishash, The beginning 

and end of darkness. 
A lllli ghishashan, About sun-set. 


A i'.'uLi , Purblindness. 
A <Al , Swooning, fainting. 
p <LJLc ghushbah [, Any thing fetid.. 

A c_ ^Lc ghasharrab, A lion. 

A ^^^JLc , Impurity. Not clear. 

A ^i-ii ghashit, Striking gntly. 

A fi-^r gheuhm, Deceiving. 

A *-*.-/ ghashm, Iniquity, injury. 

* 4 -v.^ , Vehemence, violence. 

A *^JLi ghashaiaral^ An event un- 
expected. Injustice. Intrepid. 

A ^ J >f' ~ , Boldness, audacity. 

A .,*.<..*. f. , Intrepid, stubborn. 

A ( jLf.ghafhn, Striking. 

p ghwhna'ii An herb with 
which clothes arc cleaned. 

A i^ii , A veil, covering. 

A **Lzgh<tshum, Iniquitous War. 

p <nJLc ghishah, A dung often mixed 
with musk. 

A ^j-i-i ghashly StupiFed, fainting. 
Surprising, scourging, striking. 

A <Ulc , Fainting. A veil, p Guth- 
yah) A fetid smell. 

A u-^f , Ravishing, sacking, 


i , Anguish, trouble, anger. 
, A tall slim fellow. 

A U^- g a 'i*i Lowering (the voice o 
eyes). Checking, restraining one' 
self. Injured. Lessening. Fresh 

A Lii ghaza, Fire- wood. 

A e_>Uzi ghu'iabj A mote in the eye, 
The small pox. 

A jjUic. ghu'iabir. Hard, thick. 

A jLid , Pure, greenish clay. 

A t-^Ui ghuzarib, Herbaceous, 
abounding in herbage and water. 

A i^Lic. , Affluence, comfort. 

A i^Usig-Aazaz, Locking down. 

A ^Lic , The abortion of a camel. 

A L-.-vd.r ghaib, Violence, force. A 
bull. A lion. Rage, anger. 

A i^L^ic. ghazban, Enraged. 

A &+*. , Angry. A hard stone. 

T dA\.>.A- , Enraged, angry. 

A ^-ii ghdzba' , Earaged. 

A Lac. gh*aa*ti Detriment. A mean 

A^*i ghazir, Having fine long fore- 
locks. Easy (life). 

A y^- gkaira, Conveaiency. 
A fy^zz- ghazrani) Plaster, mortar. 
A c-fLic ghazaf. Dark (night). 

Breaking (wood). Ghuzuf, A kind 

of bird. 

A cr oc ghazn, Detaining, averting. 
A , A lion. A hero. 
* J*A , Pure ; blind. 
A c-^ic ghazub, Earaged. A lion. 
A bull. 

A } y=^ ghazzear. Viscous clay. A 
, Vigorous (youth). 

A */Jac , Soil of pure clay. 
A (jo~? , Deficient. Languid. 
A t^-ai , A hundred camels. 

A kcg&a//, Plunging into water. 

A vac. ghila, A covering, a veil. 

A u~jaz , Proud, tyrannical. 

A *J,Jac. , Pride, petulance. 

A c-jj^kc , A handsome youth. 

A u~\3. ghats j Immerging. 

A jjikc , Weakness of sight. 

A kik , The cry of a bird. 

A (o.Ur ghalif, Comfort. Length. 

. ghaf alias % A wolf. 

, Unjust. The lion. 

A izgho{9, or jkd, Dark (night). 

Rising (water). 
A (j~Jae. , Bold in danger. 
A v JaLegAo/i, Hiding (as night). 

Ay^lsj: , A corpulent dwarf. 

A kjUr ghattlj Braying (a camel). 

f t-ac ghaf, X curling lock. 

A <^c gh&ffi Sufficieat. 

A & lie ghiffanat> Time. 

T xjAc ghafdah, Hard. 

A j&. ghafar, Relapsing (a sick per. 

ion) ; growing raw (a wound). 

Hairy (cloth, fcc.). Grief. Ghafr, 

Laying up. Tinging (gray hairs) . 

Pardoning. The belly. A bag. 

yi , Hair on a liou's forehead. 
- , Pardon, remission. 
A ^^ic ghqfash, Wiuking, twink. 

(J& ghffii Reiterating. Gentle 
rain. An assault. 

A <SAJ: , One sleep, a slumber, 


> Carelessness. Comfort. 
A <5iJue, Imprudence, negligence. 
f JJLZ ghafanj, A horseman's water 

bag. Broth, spoon meat. 
A * ghflf&i Sleeping. Swimming. 
A >}* ghafur, Forgiving. Clement. 
A J^U g-fcw/u/. Neglecting. Neg- 


A iis ghuffahj A skin garment. 
A^i ghaftr. All, many. 

A J^. ghaM, Flying high (a hawk). 
Hoarse voiced (a crow). 

A Ji g/ioff, Thirsty. Ghill, Hatred, 

cmvy, fraud. 

A \~. ghalii, Precious. Scarcity. 
A C-J^U, Contending for victory. 
A IdLsg-AtYtf/, Confusing. 
A t_jiU , A sheath, cover, lid. 
A &!1~ ghilalat, An under waistcoat. 

A curl ; grease. 
A *iU ghulam, A boy, servant. 

A Juli ghulamat, A servant girl. 
A c_ ^-ic ghalb, Excelling, victory. 
p jUii gJulbar, A sieve, a scarce. 
A 4-Jii ghalabal, Victory, dominion. 
A multitude, abundance. 

c, A latticed door or window. 

s- ghalabagi, Victory. 
P jj Jii ghalbur, A sieve, a scarce. 
p <uU ghulbah, A magpie. A crowd. 

Victory, superiority. 
A c^ii g1udat t An error. Tumbling. 

A ^L~ gliaUat, Grain, fruits, harvest. 

Ghullat, Thirst. Dread. 
' U^sJUi, To cause to roll, 
p *d gkulta^ A rolling-pin. 
P U X^ ghalpdan, To tumble, 

to roll. 

A ci-lft ghalas, Fighting fiercely. 

Sui^erincr. Insane. 
A f~ ghuljt Cunning well (a horse). 

p Ghalj, A lock or bolt. A lirm knot. 
A f*" ghulitj) A beautiful youth, 
p .yp 5 ghalji, A marsh, a ditch. 
A ,,-i^ ghalas. The cock crowing. 
A +L-A^-] The throat, the gills. 
A Lli gfialaf, An error, blunder, 

solecism, barbarism (in speech). 
P ^;U=li ghulijm, Rolling. 
A iili ghal'i) Rough, rocky ground. 

Gross. Inhuman, cruel. 
A &U ghifzaf. Enmity. Crossness, 
A J*^ ghalghuj, A yellowish bee. 
p JxU gkulghul, A tumult ; rumour, 
p jjiilc ghulghaTt, Titillation. 
p K^*^ ghalghalich, Tickling. 
A v_el~ ghaluf, The prepuce. 
A <Lilc ghulfat, The prepuce. 
A J*^ ghalafj, A hornet, wasp. 
A <jUlt ghalful^ Water.moss. Deli- 
cate, easy (life). Unbent (bow). 
A jj^ ghalil, Difficult (speech). 

Ghat/,, Shutting (a door). Vexed, 


A A : iLi ghattat, A tanning shrub. 
A JLC, Libidinous, lust, 
p ^*, See ^. 
A ^L>*L* ghalu/ai, Any question liable 

to error, or criticism. 
A <li ghulumat, Youth. 

A <is ghallah, Corn. Ghulah, A 

vase. Unsteadiness. 
A ^lig-Aoft, Boiling (a pot). 
A 4-i~li ghafis, Mixed. 
P ^-ii ghaTtdan, To roll in th 

clay from thirst (cattle). To flow. 

To descend ; to dive. 


(j~+(i ghal'tSy Wine. 
liJ.i ghalti, Gross, sordid. Dirty. 
<iaJui, Harl, rough, craggy. 
,i g-W/i, Grief, care, anguish, 
\+zghima, The roof of a house. 
jUJ. ghamar, A great crowd. 
i^Ui gh amoral y Rude, ignorant. 

jl*i ghammaZy An accuser, sy- 

<U?t*i, Lovv ground. 
c^*c ghumly Overloaded (the 
stomach), causing a head-ach. 
Plunging (into water). 
g^ ghumij. Drinking. Sucking. 

jls*~ ghimjary A glue varnish. 
6*sf~ghnmjaty One sip or draught. 
iX*i ghamd, Sheathing (a sword). 
jAs. ghamr, (Water) overflowing. 
Appearing above. Plenty of water, 
a whirlpool. Much wealth. Deep 
(sea). Excellent (horse). Thirst- 
ing. Ghimar, Thirst, hatred. 
Ghutnr, Rude, unlearned. Ghumar, 
A small dish. 

*^*i ghamral, A whirlpool. A 
mob Adversity, agony. 

^/ki, Accusation. Beckoning. 
XJj+z. ghamitidah, Afflicted. 

*j*e. ghamzah, A wink. The 

1^-As.ghams, Immerging. Setting. 
^/^i ghams, Contempt. Ingrati. 
tude. Reviling. 

ijisAi. ghamz, Low, level (ground). 

k^ ghamily Despising. Ungrate- 
ful. Thoughtless, distressed. 
J^i, Waterino; (ground, Sec.). 

jLJUi. gkamtusdr, A friend. 

s. ghamgin. Sorrowful. 
>i gkamly Ripening a skin. 

Fruits, &c. Heaping up. 
A ^JL* ghimlusy Large, thick. 
A ..Jvfci ghamlas , Wicked. A wolf. 
A .J L*i ghumluly A kind of pot-herb. 

A luxuriant field or valley. A 

shady grove ; darkness. 
A *4kC) Having much hair. 
p L-5\z**zghamnagy Disconsolate. 
p Jc^tc, Sorrowful. Enraged. 
A ljy*") Depth. Liberality. 
A ^jffyiz- ghumuz, Low level (ground). 
A ( <*. ghama'y Fainting. 
r L ^ ghaaii, Unhappy. 
p jU*i ghamyar, Yawning, gaping. 
A n*i ghaniir, An herb. 

A ^--^ ghamisi Dark, invisibility. 
A <Ui*^c ghanuiat. Censurable. 
A J-^c ghamil, Macerated (skin). 
A ++AC. ghamim, Milk thickened by 

boiling. Green herbage. 
p -c g/tan, A heavy stone suspended 

for pressing oil, 8cc. A mortar, 
A LC, Utility, content. A song. 

A (^J^zghunnas, Politeness; beauty. 
A ^Ui ghinaj, Smoke of a furnace, 
A ^^ r ^. ghanb, Much plunder. 
A i^vii , Smallness of head, with 

much hair. 
A s gAon/i An old man. Ghunj t 

(or ^-Uc), The alluring air of a 

lovely woman. 
A ,-u. ghunj, A bag. An amouroui 

gesture. A shoot. Buttocks. 
P .l^U, A red paint for the face. 
p J'js^ij Green sour fruit. 
A Ajsii ghanijat, Attractive, lovely. 
r ^J^-^ic ghanjidan, Jesting, toying. 


p L^u ghuncha/t, A rose-bud. 

t &Jighand, A concourse. Crooked. 

A &Axc ghundubat, A hard gland or 

swelling about the throat, 8cc. 
A jJ^i ghundur, Fat, thick. jJoi l, 

O importunate! 
p $jj^c ghundah, A small insect whose 

sting is fatal ; a kind of spider. 

The Lybian lizard. A sour cake. 

Stink. Collected, 
f ^_$&*. ghandl, A cloud. 
A JhJsxc ghanlaral, Evil. Garrulity. 
A ^yL^. ghunshush. Somewhat. 
r (jA^f. ghansfodati) To trifle. 
A l _/axi, Pain in the breast. 
A laic ghanaf, Excessive grief. 
A ^Liixc. ghinziyan, Impudent. 
P L-&*. gha'tgj A timber from which 

they suspend the stone ^ . A 

mortar. A loud noise. 
A ^ ghanam, Sheep, cattle, a flock. 

^Uj^c ghanaman, Prey, plunder. 
f ^jL>ii, To sleep, rest. To wallow. 

To turn yellow. To dcsiro. To 


p jys. ghunuz, A monthly pension. 
A c jji gham, Rich, abundant. 
A <L.ur, Plunder. Affluence, 
p ji ghats. Thunder ; tumult. A 


A ' ji ghaitzcat, A pit trap. 

A j\ji, Making a hostile excursion. 

A <j~\j- gkawas, A day of flight, 

plunder, or robbery, 
A u\).c- gha&as, A diver. 
f C- XJ^jr. ghuzcalang, A dry apricot, 
p i^^ghut, Cheerful. A fresh herb. 
os, Crying for help. 

A -. ^c gka&j, Doubled ; entering, 

going out. Large, ample. 
p A ram. 
p <S^i, A cock's comb, 
p Vj5^ ^ eat dressed with the juice 

of unripe grapes. 

A ijjc. ghitKrat, The sun, meridian, 
p fjt. ghurahi Unripe grapes. An 

army. A cotton pod. 
p fjits. ghosh, The birch-tree, a hard 

wood. A com ear. 
P u^c gkoshl, Naked. 
P LJCLiji ghoshang, An ox.goad. 
A ^eji ghazcs, Diving. Studying. 
A \}f.ghaTxt, Dipping. A wave. 
A <&. ghulat) Soft ground, plaated, 

and well watered, 
p j.*z ghughu, A pigeon, a dove. 
A C^i ghol; A frog. A target. 
A ^ji A salsuginous plant, 
p jjdkJ^c, To put to flight. To 

chide. To quench thirst, 
p ^-!i ghbRn^ A cushion. A small 

ear-riag. A little dog. 
. ghuur, Desccndiflg. Deep 

sunk (an eye). 

5, Full speed. 

A J f. ghuwayr) A little cavern. 

A <*jjc ghuyaht A churn-staff, churn. 

A c-^c ghuhab) Doing carelessly. 

A ^ g'Ar/y, Erring, deceived. 

A <_?L ghayab) Absent. A tomb. 

A ci^'Lc ghiyas, Assistance. 

A lUi ghiyar> Providing for on's 
family, doing good. Expiating 
murder. Hot (day). Uniform. 

A u-^-i ghayb. Absence, invisibi. 
lity, mystery, doubt. Fat. 


A <L.i ghaydal, Absince. Gtiibat, 

Slander, detraction. 
A U^ Stoyb*, Concealed, future, 

fatal, divine. 

A JLzghlyat, Careleisnesi. 

A <JL~z. ghays i Rain, raining. 

A J^cghayad, Flexible, softness. 

A ttA-x ghayda. Soft, flexible. 

A }13ue, The tender age of youth. 

A JX.ji ghaydal, Delicate (youth). 
A noble generous man. Long 

A j'X~= ghayzar, An ass. 

A ^'X*e gAoyian, Conjecturing. 

A_/UJ ghayr, No, not ; except. Be- 
side. Another, different. Change, 
alteration. Jealous. 

A fe^tc ghayran, Jealous of honour. 

A ifjz ghayral, Jealousy, enmity, 
envy ; honour, courage, emula- 
tion, zeal. 

r Xjf. ghayrak, Et castera, and so 
forth, and the rest. 

T (_/*, Another; besides, except. 

r jjJu *-*. ghijidan t To hitch forwards 
on the hips. To heap up, to swell. 
To crawl. 

A u~*J: ghays, Abundance. 

A ^{-^Jzghaysan, Youth; a species. 

t ,^^-i gJushij The rolling or vral. 
lowing of a horie, dog, fcc. 

A ^^la-x gWan, A iurkiag place. 

A JL.^ ghaytal, A forest. A eat. 
Mid-day. Meat and drink. Worldly 
blessings. Lethargic. 

A Ja-ji ghaylam, Thick milk. 

A J^c ghayl, Suckling a child or co- 
habiting with a man when preg- 
nant. Water overflowing. An in. 

scription. A large garment. A 
nervous arm, corpulent. Gfcl, 
A forest, a lion's den. 

A iLi , A fat woman. A tret, 
chcrous attack. 

A J^i ghiylum, The male tortoise. 

A *-j ghaym, A cloud. Thirst. 

A j^i ghayur^ Jealous, high-minded. 

A v_-^-^ ghayhab. Darkness. Indo- 
lent, foolisk. The belly. 


uJ Fa, The 20th letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, and the 23rd of the Per- 
sian, expressing 80 in arithmetic. 

A U fa, The mouth. 

p li, Again, once more. Against> 
opposite to, from the other side. 

A c^ls/<7/, Fate, death. 

A gb/Sfikt A conqueror. 

AyU//fV, Weak, remiss. Dim. 

A t^i\jfa(i6, Intrepid. A robber. 

A jjjjfli falin, A tempter, a prover. 

A iji\s falur t Tepid. 

A jJLs^U fa/nshj Shameful, disho- 
nest, avaricious, ugly. 

A 2*L\ifahishal, A courtezan. 

A *>-li fu/iim t Bleating (a rani). 
Coal-black. Water stagnating. 

A ili/oM, A branch, a twig. 

A ,s>tefukhiri Precious, excellent. 

A jf&fukhwr, An odoriferous herb. 
A flaunting woman. 

r ^X->-l9, To pluck. To beat or 
card cotton. To take, receive, 

A pjU/irftA, Important, difficult. 

A jjli fudir t Languid. Aged* 


A Aj Jar, A mouse. A muscle. 

A -jjfarij, A tunic ; a shirt. Cold. 

A ^\Jf drift, Glad, happy. 

A u~fe farts, A horseman. A lion. 

A y^U/anljAged. Large. Thick. 

A Is/J/arzY, A leader. 

A tj&ftrit, (A rope) hanging from 

(my thing it binds), icy, The 

top (of a mountain). 
A jU farigh, Free, contented. 
p yvij\i fdrqflan, To excel. 
A jyU/an/', Discerning, deciding. 
A tL^'J /a^ (A woman) hating 

her husband. 

A Sj\3 forth 9 Ingenious, active. 
A jU/az'r, Spacious. 
A sj\J faith, An ambling nag. 
A (, Sinking. Eating. An 

axe. The murena. 

A little behind. A 

A f'^fdsy, Early mature. A preg- 

nant camel. 

A #" J te, Corrupting. A violator. 
A J^sli/flsM, Vicious, corrupted. 
A (J~i^ fasti- , A scoundrel, a sinner. 
A \*~>\j fdstya, A beetle. 
p (Jtef&fh, Manifest, public. 
rj(s faster, A wild white vine. 
p ^jtkfdsh't, Divulged, diffused. 
A J-olJ, Distinguishing, deciding. 
, Misfortune. 

A J^U/azrf, Excellent, virtuous, 

learned. Bountiful. 
* Ui/o/, Nux vomica, poison. 
A JsU/a/ir, The Creator. 

A camel's colt. 

a/in, Intelligent. 
4 4L>U/a/aA, Nux vomica. 

A jy-^c^, A slu<rgish.o!d beast. 
A ^t'J^/arz, Enraged ; exorbitant. 
A iSii/tf/a, Stuttering, stammer tag. 
v^jfajir, A bull-rush. 
A j\ifal, The notcii of an arroxv. 
A A5U/ './, Poverty. A day's fast. 
A l.s^J fiiii.ira', Distress, a bridle. 
A jU/o?flt< Very yellow. 

A Ii/U /5^-f. Silly, decrepid (old 


A iU/O/l] Tenderly educated. 
A dS'vJ/a/u/, Weak in mind. 
A Jjfalij, A measure. 
A ^illi/oW, Splitting. Creating. 
A tl$3li /o2t<(, (A young maid) 

whose breasts begin to show. 
p Jls/a/o, A conjurer. 

A ^Jdfaali, A soothsayer. 

^ * 

A Uli/oamma, But, surely, &c. 
A -^c'j/aww, A vender of wheat. 

p A (j^Jls fdnus, A whisper. A 

p tj\jfanah, A wedge, a wooden peg. 

A fountain. 

A tJU/a/M, Frail, transitory. 
p g*\jfahanj, Tweezers. 
A .\ifaht, A prating blockhead. 

A ^li/ooy, Splitting. 

A &se?\j fayijat, A crowd. A valley. 

A i^^fayih, Diffusing odour. 

A i'jjU/aj/iVfo/, Profit, advantage. 

A jls/az'r, Strong, nervous. 


A vli /, Overtaking, obtaining. 
Overcoming. Escaping. 

A j^LjU/owA, A boaster. A chief. 



, Abundant, excellent. 
*Ju\ifdyighat t Acrid (smell). 


* (j/% 1 ^? Super-excellent. 
p O"*>? J ^P^? Ridicule, sarcasm, 
A Ij-j/afoV/a, It goes well ; bravo 1 

A \*z-~Jfat(, Breaking, crumbling. 

A lii/o/a, Youth. 

A c^U/M/a/, A crumb, a fragment 

A \fatt ah, A conqueror, judge. 
A is^tJ fatdhat, Aid. Victory, 
p ^jbJ/a/adwi, To fall. A fall. 
AjUi/M/ar, The beginning of ebriety. 
An animal. 

A ^Ixi, An exact enquirer. 

A ^j^fitak. Ferment, leaveu. 

p jU}//aJ, Tearing from. Fattal, 
A rope-maker. A kind of night- 

A .^JzJJilan, A saddle cover. (Jej 
fattan, Malicious, factious. A thief. 

A tojfu/lat, Any thing crumbled. 
A fjfalh, An opening. Victory. 
A ^Jfatakh, Softness and flexibility 

of the joints. 
Ajjfafar t Languor, 
p <^]fJs JitraJ!, Saddle straps. 
A HJ JMroti Languor, remission. 

An interregnum. 
p yj fitraji A choral dance with 

joined hands. 

p u^/J jfilirdan, To destroy, to tear, 
p ^&ijjfatridan, To tear, break. 
A iJ^Jfatsh) Enquiry, examinatioa. 
A ijzs fatal, The da^vn. Open, 


A \JbJ/a//-a, Vitiated. 
P C^ fatal; , A badger, a brock. 
A yXxJ, A wonder. Misfortune. 
A jjsj/a/j, Spinning, twisting. Di- 
verting from. Warbling. 

A cw fa?n t Trying, tempting. 
Burning. Misfortune. A situation. 

A JU2J final. Proving. Assay ing. 
Seducing. Tumult, rebellion; vil- 
lainy ; madness. Wealth. 

A \j 9 A decree. 

A jxi fuluroal, Liberality. CU>ya 
faint. Bruised, crumbled. 

A ^yjfatuh, Having open eye-lids. 

A J^j/a/i/, Shining (as the dawn); 
eloquent; bursting with fat. 

A J-xs ///, A linstock, a wick. 

A liJ/fiwa, Pacifying. Stilling. 

A ^J fasih, Pregnant. The belly. 

A \>s?fqja, Happeniag unexpectedly ; 

rushing unawares. 
A >-ls? fajajat, Crudity, rawness. 
A jls?/fl/ar, Wickedness. 
A _s?/a^7, Close heeled. 
*jjs?fajar, Liberality, honour. 
A u-sfftgb Pride. Oppression. 
A ^js?/a/at, Affliction, vexation. 
A Jisffujfuj, Loquacious. 

A <JLs> The sound f whispering, 
A uM /o;7, Thick. 
A 'i^ fajwat, An interval, area. 
A jfsffqjur, Very wicked. 

ahhat, Colour. 

Ai>, The belly or paunch. 

Wt, Vipers irritated. 
e . 
A J&fiAtk, Obscenity. 

A (joatfahs, Enquiry. Raining. 

A ^Us^/aA/a, Hoarse. 

A Jslfahl, Any male. 

A +s?fahm, A coal, coal black. 

A ]jsi, Meaning, argument. 

A Xj^fahwat, Appetite. 


? /''"", Hoarse-voiced. 

l, A small draught. 
, Busy body. 
A JLs^/aA/Y, Potent. 
A ^sjfuhim, Black. A coal. 
r x? , A snare, traveller's bag. 
AjU* /flMar, Glory. 

A cj^ fakhkkartj A vender of 

earthen ware. 
A <Lc* , Moon. light. A noose. 

A tj*? fabhkhatj Sleeping. A corpu- 
lent woman. A flexible bow. 

A fjjs^fakhjalt Inverted toes. 

A ^ fakhukh, Weakness in the 

A s?fakhiz, The thigh. A family. 

A .f? jakhr^ Glory, nobility. 

A +s?fukhm, Honour. A grandee. 

A.jjs?fakhur, Glorying, boasting. 

A P"^ ? Snoring, snorting. 

Aj.,K?jikhkfilr, Very vain, proud. 
A + r ^?fakh~im. Great, noble. 
A <U-*s=* fukhaymat. Magnanimity. 
A \<J fadu, A sacrifice, ransom. 

A 4\ifaddad, A ploughing ox. 
A i4\<ifadadal, A frog. Timid. 
A J^Ui , An important affair. 
A <u1dk9 , A itammer, dull, heavy. 
A ^Aifadan, A yoke of oxen. A 

t t^S\^A , Valiant. A volunteer. 
Ajjj/flrfir, Foolish; brittle. Fadr, 
Languid, impotent. 

if, Travelling alone. 
, A gate bar. 
i, A spider, a cobweb. 
Indolent, sluggish. 

Distorted joints. 
A ^JLJ fadagh, Crookedness. Break. 

A Aijjfadfad, A plain. A hard, 

hilly, rocky district. 
A >jj , Covering with (a lid). 
A ^AJ fadan, Red tincture. A 

strong castle. 

A jjAs/trrfur, Food. Irapetency. 
A ^tJJfadaiclis, A lion. Strong. 
A OoJvi/otfirf, Crying aloud. 

A jj fazif Driving with violence. 

Alone, singular, solitary. 
A i_$<i\ Jj/oioJa', Separately. 
^ J far, Splendour, power. Beauty, 

elegance. Justice. 

A ji farr, Flight. Examination. 
P \j3 fara, Again, opposite, ortr- 
agaimt, above, open. 
\j3fra, A wild ass. 
p yL+)^j3 farupesh, Before, in pre- 
sence of. The forlorn hope. 
A e^j/j/ra/, Sweet water. 
A Ji\ji faralar, Before. 

A, Cheerfulness. 
, Large, ample. Cheap, 
p &s~\j* farakhlm, To exalt, extol, 
p ^l/ Jirakhi, Amplitude, plenty. 
A tottering pace, 

r ^.Jkjj^ faradidaj, The Persian 

computation of the year. 
A j\j* farar, Disquisition. Firar, 

The mouth. Flight. 
p $jj\ji faruroy, The hind head, 
p j\jfarai. t Nearly synonymous to 

\j , and often redundant. Fir az , 

ascent, declivity. Above. Back, 


behind. Opposite, hindering. 

Again. Near. Together. An as- 

sembly. Entrance. Progress. 

Blood. Open. 

P &&JI/* i To discover, release. 
f JrJuj^j , A raiser, planter. 
A ^Jy/aras, A kind of djte. 
PA fj^^ifarash, A moth. Clay. A 

thin bone. 

p U>^i farasha, Horror, trembling. 
A <LS>\jifaroha(, One butterfly. 
p \J* ji far ashy U) A cherry. 
P (jA-^i^j , To tremble, to shake. 
A \J*\jS f ar <*. s .> Clothing. Strong. 

A ^jAjSjiraii The mouth of a river. 

A garment, covering. 
A \s\jjira(, Endeavouring to get be. 

fore another. Outstripping, 
A &\j3 fara/at, Preceding. 
A &\jS , The top or declivity of a 

mountain. Solid. 
P %\^faragh, A cold wind. An 

empty place. 

A %\ysfaragh y Repose, idleness. 
A J\j3 jiralt. Departure, icparation. 
A ^sitijfwairisy Strong and thick. 
p jjsc\jfaramraz t A spring. 
A <j~J\jJ /urcnJ5, A strong man. 

The cnicf man of a town. 
P ^j^/aratran, Copious, opulent. 

* y.&f"ratt:?z, Fringe, edging. 

A *Jfe' sj faru/tam, Collection, con* 
junction, contraction. Together. 
p CUjJ , The warp. A cobweb. 
A AjZ^fartakhaty Becoming eaiy. 
A Uj^s /or/one, A maid servant. 

* cuJ>jjjj /ar/u/, A decrepid dealing 

ld niaa. 

j j /riV, Splitting, looting. 

Teaming, Cutting in pieces. 
.. jU^J Jirjur, Compasses. 
A /*'?^/ fo'jum) The end. Utility, 

Happiness. Convenient. 
A J^f-y firj'ttzl) A curry-comb. 
A ,5:^ * A kind of garment. 
A ^y/a/'fl^, Gladness, wantonness, 
p J^J>-jS far k hash, Openly. Battle. 
P Jls^J farkhal, A ringlet, 
p t*jjfurkhat) A broad spear head. 
P jks^jjirokhlur, A seller. 
P ^jSfarkhaj^A. crupper; deformed, 

sordid, filthy. A bribe. 
A ^JfyJJarkhaji, Straddling, 
p j^tX- =yj , To soften, To dance. 
r !^>-j3 farkhash, A crupper, 
p <&JL>^, A sort of cake. Dragged. 
P jjLsyifarkhashur, A prophet, 
p c j<XjL>-.5 farkhashidan, To dance, 
p ^&~Hs-,sfarkha/n~idan) To beat or 

card cotton. 

p iAi^j , Happy, prosperous. 
P ^-ji , Pruning. A crocodile, 
p ^Jui-J farkhtdan. To dance. 
A J^i/arcf, One, a half. Unequal, 

simple, singular, unique, 
p \jjif arda y To morrow. 

A ^.Jlfc^j/ardaniyair, Singularity, 
p *j\Jji fardazeum, Relating to to. 
morrow. (Business] of to-morrow, 
p A^ffardum, Afflicted. 
A tr^JjJ , A garden, paradis^ 
A cybjyi , A topical remedy. 
A jjifarz, Separating. 
P Jjji far'iam, Worthy, befitting, 
p (Jjy/arzan, Wisdom, science, 
p <0 Ij^J , Learned,' wise. Noble. 
A i\f , A part. An occasion. 
I H 


p &>.jjjfarutjab) An eiema. 

A ^jj Bread baled, dough. 

A ^^furzul, Thick, corpulent. 

r AJjji farzand) An offspring. 

p i^J-JjjSfar'ianf;, A yaung by. 
. P Xj/sfarzah, A green herb. 

A (j^s faros, A horse or mare. The 
knight at chess. Pars, Catching 
(prey). Killing. 

p LJ j , Destroying. Worn' out. 

1 -\~ijijirsah, A wide country. 

A ^{^3 furs an, Cavalry. 

A ~ijfarasa.{~A mare. A hump. 

P ^A[I~>J farts ladan, To send. 

p f^~sjif arts t ugh, A swallow. 

A ^j farsakh, A parasang. An 
hour. Perpetual. 

A <s^s Dispelling grief, See. 

p i^jfarsud, Old, inveterate. 

A ^ji , The finest red peach. 

A ^j fir sin. The hoof of a camel or 

P u ^^fursudan^ To be torn, worn, 
wearied. To rub, trike, lesicn, 
torment, urge, detest, corrupt, re- 
pent, congeal. 

P (^^^jS far sib, A large beam. 

PA (Jffarsh) A bed, cushion, mat, 
carpet. A wide field. A large 
court. A lie. 

P <OUuu^s , A rafter, a transom. 

P 4X1J , An angel. A prophet. 

A &s~*jsfarshakhat, Striding. 

A ^fjifaris, Cutting, cleaving. 

A jl^j farsad, A grape-stone. A 

A t/^J farz t A duty, divine com- 
mand. Cutting. A shield* 

A Lffji , A trench, harbour, hinge. 

A >jjir~ak]i, A scorpion^ 

A ^ep jiriim, A large old iheep ; 

biken horned ; toothless. 
A ^jifarzi, Skilled in the law. 
A l^J/aro/, Greatness, plenty. 
A Jb/sfirtah) Broad (head). 
A. <Ljjl?y , The tip of the nose. 
A AtiOjSfurtum, A boot. 
A ^J^j/ara/ir, Obstinate. 
A ^i farat, Derived. Produce. 

Excelling, climbing. The head of 

a family. Ready money. 
A cj fartat, A bow of one piece. 

JFarota/, One large loue. 
A fj~.~sfurt.ul, A young hyena. 
A tejyi far twa), Crafty, craftiness. 
A ^y/ary, Derivative, productive. 
A ^jifargh, Amplitude, capacity, 
p j^yi farghur) Moistened. Kneaded. 
p ^ ^3j[i.jSfargharidan t To moisten ; 

to mix (leaven, ice. ) . 
p ^[^ifarghanj, A vine-yard. 
P &)(.ifarghund, Mixed, kneaded. 
P gjfarghqj, Joy, gladness, 
p ^.ifurghul, Dilatoriness. 
p &*jj farghand, Stinking, 
p jj3farghu, A vine lopping. 
p (Jjlz-jifarghol, Silent, 
p (jjjy/ar^/toy, A sparrow-hawk. 
\j\ijifarfar, Loquacious, light, 
p (ju^s fariftan. To deceive. 
A f?.ifarfah, Soft ground. 
f jjfarfar, The partridge. A fan. 


p tf^farfarah) Levity. Hurry, 
p ^i-ifajfanj, An aromatic reed. 
A jjij* furfur, A servant. A fat 

p Aijfarfah, A crane. 


t ijVji farfahan, Purslain. 
r J^ ! j* ffirfir, Odori ferous. 
A JJ// ara ^' Trembling. A measure. 

An interval. 
A (jy />Y', Separation, distinction, 

division, discrimination. 
A ^Ijy , Wind in the belly. 
A &~>si , A kind of lineu. 
A tojifarit-afj Scattered verdure. 
A ^/ar/'arf, A calf, a bright star. 
* ^xJy/rtr/'cta/, Leaping violently. 

Twisting the neck. 
A cl^j/flra/-, Limber, loose. Rub. 

bing. Hatred. 
r U^/* ^ ki n( J ^ beverage. 
P ^J , To pluck, gather. 

u l et a canal. 
To dig a canal 

to fields. To destroy. 
i- i&^jfartandah, Old, worn. 

, A mandate, order. 

A \^j farmanjy The leaf of a tree. 
p jj^jUj^nnanyiZM, A mandate. 
p ^lA^i , An order, commission. 
A ujfurun, An oven. Under. 
r jlj/i/rtr/mz, An ignorant man. 
p (j~\->j3 fur nds, Careless, indolent. 

Decrepid. Delirious. 
P (J^j* > Wisdom, knowledge. 
A ^-jjifarinby A mouse. The grain 

of a pomegranate. 
P f ^ : i/ The end, the extreme. 
r clC^j , The night-mare. 
P *rsT j /ora/y w, The night-mare. 
P Aijifarand, The reins, a bridle. 
A *\jj Jirandat, A species of bird. 
A <LJ^i , A saving womtn. 
A ^j^/crrwit, A louse. 
A (Jj^furnul, Bad, corrupted. 
r ^I^/ farniid, Demonstration. 

p yyi/ormp, Saturn. 
p *J afarnah, Malediction. 
p (j,j3 fnrnl, Rice and milk. 
A j jfarco, A garment of skin. 
p jjifuro, Below, under, downward ; 
low. Down. 

i, Fine fox fur. 

p i\ yj/arier, A beam or rafter. 

p CJ*.^ /aroze/, Much, many. 

A ^j^/arajfl/, The skin of the head. 

A beggar's purse. 

p (jJj^J fafulan^ Humble. Lowly. 
F s&Jjji , Hard, pressed. 
P C^J^JjyJ , An end. term. 
p JjJ^J/arorfjJ, The lowest. The 

first summer month. The western 


A jjjSfarur, Flying (woman). 
p j^i/rtraar, Separation. 
p Jjj/aroz, Inflaming. 
P Jj^y/arosaf/, Jupiter. 
p **3JjjjJ > A kindler. A polisher. 
A fj-jjifurus, A horseman. 

A &+~i)jSfurusiyat, Horsemanship. 
A ^jji A seller ; selling. 
p l^jjji farosha. Selling ; a seller. 
p (j&jjsfarosklan, To let down. 
p s&J*j.sfaro!,handah) A vender. 
p ^j^-i^y faroshtdan, To sell. 
A kj J/wru/, Outstripping. 
A ^jjjfurugh, Splendor. Beauty. 
-J , Retiring from a herd. 

w/-, A woman hating her 

p aJuUjyi , Broken, fatigued. 
p *->U J , Base, worthless. 
A JJbj^s furuhal, Ingenious. 
p tzs^jifarohikhluh^ Agreeing. 
p <uiAji , Hanging down. 

* ii) 4 *-*?./ faroKffan, To abandon. 

j jrJuAjyJ furohindah, An angel, 

beautiful, polite. 
r sS+kfjifaro/ildati, Ingenious. 

* xj farah, Repose, good-nature: 
dazzling, beauty, a shade. Abun- 

r i&i^farhad, A cutter of stones, a 

digger of mines. 

p \>j far/i iinj, The mouth. Sleep. 
P U-^ji , To teach, polish, tame 
A &&jfarhadj A handsome youth. 

A lion's whelp. Compact. 
T \^*~+bjS farhast, Fascination. 
T ^J^bji far/tangt, A preceptor. 
A ijrJ/ara', Cleaving. Feigning, a 

lie. Finishing, travelling. 
Ljjifari, Well done ! bravo ! 
r jU^i/orjwJ, A cry for help, cla- 

mour, complaint. 

P C r ~j^j/are&, Fraud. Confusion. 
4 Xjjsjiryat, A lie, a fiction. 
i , Small rain ; dew. 
, Illuitrious. 

P &v m jijirekhlan, To be equal, well 

bred, skilful, disturbed. 
A AJjSjarid, Precious gem, a pearl, 

A ifjjy fartdat t A precious stone, a 


p S^jifaridah, Pride, conceit. 
p ji^ji , A sweet grass. A calf. 
P yy /arm, An herb. 

A &-jy fartsat, A lion's prey. 

riS) One who does any 

thing alternately with another. 
4 L*=ij^ > Well notched (an arrow). 
A &oJ i(/ 3 furizat, Au ordinance of 

God. Tythes. 

A j-Jji ? Wide, stretched out. 
p \y^j> fareflan^ To deceive. 
A (JH>.jj/r^, A troop, corps. 
A u-^^i/arK-, Ripe (ears of corn). 
P j tJjSfartvar, Just, right, true. 

A ji^?zz, Retiring. Starting. 

* jjJ /-ar, Spacious. Torn, rag- 
ged (garment). jPizir, Splitting. 

A P ji/ozt, Fear. Assisting 

A ^c vi /w'jay//, One vrho implores 

p ^iljjifaiiidan, To increase. 

P c.^ ;J/'^, Increase, multitude. 

p i -j fiiza/i) Deformed, nasty. 

A j ^ fa~-ir, Flowing, receding. 

p ij/fl/, A lie. Sordid; unclean. 

A ,**i fajam, Sickness, affliction. 

p ^ jj. *i fujdrtdan, To provoke. To 
quench thirst, seduce, fly. 

A jLJ/rwat/, Corruption, malignity, 
vallainy, war, horror. 

SMf, Yawning. Reins. 
, Wall or paper lice. 

p >U-j fasum, The crane. 

p jjls^jjiglait, A loose gown. 

A (Jz^jfuslat; A pine-tree. 

A +ST 3 fin-hum, Large-breasted. 

A ^f'tokh) Fracture, violation. 

A ^Lsr'/rt.yiAr/iw/, One unable to ma- 
nage his own affairs. 

A j~j fasr, Explanation. 

P i^~J , Jelly. Frv/rd, Hunting. 

P ^j^jfttsurdan, To congeal. 

A ^ftJ , Foolish. Blunt (sword). 

A dLJLJyi/feuif, The Citron. 

A i^L-i fas fast, A kind of ganae. 

A (J^ifusal, Very wicked. 

A JC*j/c5/w/, Remaining behind. 



tendril of a vine. 
p <*L~J , A history ; similitude. 
p c ^i s , The herb flea-bane. 

id, Ambitious. 
i , Sarcasm, jest. Cream. 

rtw7dan, To hold or 
lead (a horse). To thrust, to repel. 
A *\~ J faslh. , Ample, large. 
A -r-J/o*A, Weak. 
A iA- 9 fas'td, Corrupted, vicious. 
A o< ~. i fasts, Weak. 
A J3.~j/a.?i/, Nail paring. 

A <J- J , Intent upon villainy. 
A iJr J fusjl t A. palm-tree shoot, 
p *LJj/a<r>/a, A herd or flock. 
P ^JLJ , A particle of similitude. 
A Uo/<wAa, The breed of cattle, 
p jliiywAar, Compression, 
f ^jjishui' duii) To press. 

A (J&LsfatJubash] A thief. 
A lij fushagh, A kind of herb. 
p ^Uii^.vAaH', Scattering. 
p (jJolli , To scatter, ventilate, 
p (jJ^-iJ /.'*//;</, To squeeze. 
A ^Ji*LJJishJish) Vapid wine. 
A Uij , Diffused, dishevelled. 
A JJLj /<w/Y, Pusillanimous, lazy. 
A ^iiJ fushush, Scattering. A 
milk-maid. A boaster. 

A j^ /aj Separating. Purulent. 

Whizzing, weeping. 
A Lii/tfyrt, A grape stonCi 
A A^-UaJ/a^aAa/, Eloquence. 

A jUaJ/awarf, A bleeder. 
P ^yLj/a.ira/'f, A skirmish, 
.va/, Weaning. 

Pressing, rubbing. 
A U^ii /&$, A mouse. 
A ^Ifcai /astjiw, Bare headed. 
A Jx-ai , A scorpion, a miser. 
A Ju&aijlsfasati A clover-grass. 
A 1^*0* fosl, A section, chapter. Dis- 

tinction, decision, time, harvest. 
A ^ufasim, Breaking, bruising. 
*. Jj*3J/M5H/, Departing. 
A &SA fasayal t Temperature. 
A g^sjfasih, Eloquent. 
A ^-r^fasikh. Unfortunate. 
A tX^ fasid, Bleeding. 
A (j*^> fosis, Purulent (wound). 

A fountain. 

, Weaned. A judge. 

s , A family ; kindred. 
A +* M 2ifasim, A battle-axe. 

A fjesfaz:., Tearing asunder. 

A LiJ/ata, A plain, a court. 

A --Udj^'//, Ignominy. 

A ^oto^fzaz, A frtgmcnt. 

A JLiJ , An every-day garmnt. 

A ^ILaJ , A remainder, exuberance. 

A Liifazzat, Gravelly. Silver. 
A ^ faith, Blushing; reddtning. 
A 1st? 3 fdzhat, A pale white. 
A ^ fazkh, Breaking, bruising, 

tearing- out. Pouring. 
A u&asfazaz, A part separated. 
A ^olLai fuzfaz, Convenient, easy. 
A Ua,giaJ fazfazqt, Conveniency. 
A J-^is /oz/, Excellence, virtue, 

science. Increase. A gift. Grace. 
A ^Laj/az/a/, A remainder. 
A ^iJ/Mzua>, Spacious (place). 
A }2J > Ignominy. 
A ~*sJ fuzukh, Intoxicating wine. 
A Jj-is , Exuberant, excessive. 


A ijy fir-Mi, Proud, presuming. 
A fsifazy, Sweat. 

~i* Jai'ikh, Pressed juice. 

"'") Fresh water. 
J, Excellence, perfection. 
A lkJ//a, Flatneis of nose. 
A jlkJ //a>, Split. Flat (nogtd) . 
A ^Ikj/u/ari, A mushroom. 
A /UsJ ,/?/*, To vcean. 
A Jfj^cafulanat f Understanding. 
A ^fatah, Breadth of head or tail. 
A J!*, A great fire, Large bodied. 
A ji fair, Commencing. Creating. 

Splitting. Breakfasting. 
A -Li Jitral, Nature, creation. 
A ^^JaJ/o/a^, Flat nosed. 
A *Lj fa/m, Weaning. 

A ,-^2J> Perceiving. Wie. 

A JsJ-aifitnat) Understand iag. 

A .k Jb/uA, Large bellied. 

A j^i fa/ur, Breakfast food. 

A ^^-jkJ/w/Ms, Dead. Flat noied. 

A ^riks ///?, Cracked in the back. 

A nki/a/zr, An unleavened masi. 

A if-lai Jittjs,, A large hammer. 
A *-ki/a//m, Weaned. 
A i*JLi/a/MJ[, A kind of sea bird. 
A ykifa/tn, Intelligent. 

A iai/azz, Roughness, barbarity. 
A ^ellii/azaza/, Inhumanity. 
A icillj/azata/, Disagreeableness. 
, Base. Fresh water. 
/, Acting. Elegance. 

/, Nervousness (arm). 
A J*J /at/, Acting, doing. Fit/, 

An action. A verb. 
A ^J^J^tS, Actual, operating. 
A *xJ/afcw, Brawny, plump (arm). 

A lover, a mistress. 

A \xifaghu, Crumbs of bread. 

AjUiy?g7icr, Penetrating (blow, Xcc.). 

r u3(xJfaghat, Foolish. An im- 
postor, scoundrel. An enemy. 

p ^UJ, Deformed, shameful. 

p ^{.Hjighan, Complaint, clamour. 

l, Perfuming. 
Openin*; expanding, 
p ^ii jc, An idol's temple. A 


A jjAxifaghlas A fool ; foolish. 
A Jvfagim, Kissing, kissed. &*xj f 

A sweet breath. 

p teJtifaghand, A leap, a dance, 
p ^t^j, Bashfulness, anguished. 
A +jxifughu/n, Expanding (a flower). 
p jlfcii fighyar, Sc'.iolar-like. 
P ^Jj^Jitfaf'iadan, To breathe upon. 


A lis //-a, Breaking. Tearing out 

the eye. A date. 
A ^*\&jfulaht, Rose-coloured. 

, Striking. 
Mac, Breaking wind. 

A <J^lw/o/'/'ato.^, A water bubble. 

A jj'JiJ /#/<#, Delirious. A bird. 

A <UfeliiJ fakahai, Learned in the laws. 

A JP fak-h, Flourishing. 

A ^s&fukM, Irascible. 

A AMfaltad, Certainly. 

A Jii fatir, Back-broken. Fakr, 
Piercing. Poor. Anxiety. 

A \^u faliara. The poor. 

A gJuJi/frai, The vertebras. A neck, 
lace. The greatest beauty of a 
speech or poems. A crowd. A 


segment, a part. ^ 


A i^SjfJ fuira , Lending a camel. 
A ^Ju/a^a-J, And so, in consequence. 
A ^.sls/afo, Undertaking. 
A liO/afa/, Only, solely, no more. 
A jJJJ/fl/-i^ Boasting, worthless. 
A J&fatlt Fanning. Hilly. 
A Jij/a^/w, Seizing with the teeth. 

Fakm, Important (businesg). Falttn, 

The jaw. 

A fj)&futus, Dying. Killing. 
A zifalu& Yellow. A flower. 
A /jAJ falum, Weighty (affair). 
A <Us ,/?//{, Knowledge. 
A al^Jii, Learning. 


, A poar man. A reli- 
gious order of mendicants. 

^ii /tf^ir, Broken or pained in the 

back. A water channel. 

isi Broken (egg). 

j Unloosing, Liberating. 
Aged, decrepid. 
AJ&./I/G/', Lame. Afflicted. 
A cL/l$o/af/f, A pawn, a pledge. 
A &&s fatahat. Cheerful. A jct, 

A iij faMat, Relaxed. Foolish. 
A Jj, Thought, advice. Care. 
A cL&J/a.ftf.:', Disjointing, cramp. 
A A& jfa JIM! | Repentance. 
A L-o-Xi falqyfi Why then, so much 

the more (or less). 
A <uj/a/i$, A stammerer. 
P <Uli/ag-a/ia/i, An abortion. 
P U JC^, To throw away, lay aiide. 
r j\&fagar. Called, wounded. 

A Ji/otf, A notch on a sword.blade. 
An army put to flight. Destitute. 

A Jj, A species of water lily. 

A ia //</, Weaning. Striking. Un- 
dertaking a journey. 

A li fatal, An extensive desert 
without water. 

if, Grape juice. 

A ^/^ falajaram, So that, whence, 
and altogether. 

f ^l^lj, A sort of sling. 

A ^li futih, Prosperity, safety. 
Victory. Breakfast. 

A &>$jfaldkat, Agriculture. Fraud, 

p ...s-Ai fildkhin, A ling. 

p Jib/a/ad, A trifle. 

A Jiifalar, A kind of white root. 

,?, A boss- seller. 

i 1 C->\x-As Jalasang, A sling. 

A &U/a/a ; fa/, An evil, diigrace. 

A ijkjfulan, Such-a-one. 

p jftiLi fala&uh, Distracted* 

p t yftils falahin, A sling. 

A &J$jJilayat, Hunting for lice. 

A i^^jfalat, An escape, liberation. 

Fidat, Quick, swift. 
A y;bJj fatal an, Spirited (horse). 

A <dj/a//a/a, Unexpectedly. 

A J^/a/q;, Tears; a rivulet. Falj, 

Dividing; taxing. Triumph. A 

part. The palsy, 
p j-^fulj, The lock of a door, 
A le-% Wide-set (teeth, breasts), 
p (jU^- 9 fljan, Porcelain. 
A f^fulah, Prosperity, safety. 

', Immediately. 
A , f ^f falh*s, Greedy. A dog. 

p ^falakh, Commencement, 
p +sz* falkham, A lock. 
P ..jyV.vvsr 9 , To dress cotton. 


, A sling. 
P j.^M, Cotton seed Cotton. 
A jii/a, Cutting, Liberally. 
A j Jiiyz/ztt/, Camel'i livtr. A slice. 
A 'clj3jAj/o/irt//ja, And because. 
r j^jjllrdi) A knot. A wrapper. 

A^pj filial, The dross of metals. 

A thick man. 

A j^JlJ/a/as, Indigence, want. 
A &L-XJ Jilsafal, Philosophy. 
A Lij/a/a/, Unexpected. 
A fMifallah, Broad (head, fcc.). 
A JLJJiJ /a///, ja/, A hog'i snout. 
A jjj/o/at, Cutting, cracking. 
A Jsk fulfill, Pepper. 
A (j&i/o&zf, A fissure. The dawn. 
A JiJj///'C>n, Large, ample. 

lM, A prodigy, 
j /a/fl/-, Heaven, the world. 

Time. Fate. A wave. 
r dLj fila!;, One of the magi or 

worshippers of fire. Meat. 
A &Q* falalat, The whirl of a wo. 

mam's spindle. A sand hill. 
A jjLj/o/o/, Notched (a sword). 
A jjjtifi*, A mineral dye. A kind 

of dry sugar. 

A _Jols/rt/ar/flA, Thick, gross. 
A yJiAsJalanlas, Slave-born. 

A jli/o/a>, A horse colt. 

A e^Lj/a/w/, Narrow (garment). 

A _j!j //%', A writer, a scribe. 
A A>-yJ, Ground ready for sowing. 
A ^.li/a^t, Sharp (swordj. 
A J^Jj/w/u/, A notch, breach. 
9 *lj, The first milk after birth. 
A ^jfulhud, A stout youth. 
A \^i) And because, therefore. 

p te'Sfarilafi, A gun-match. 
A srJi/a///a/, Part of a tent. 

A (JMtUjftftbyf, A kind ofpeach. 
A fj^jjulil. Hair tied up. 
p ^Jj/a//w, Fiaud. Vaia, folish. 
A ami, Oral. 

A ^jfanh, Sciences, sagacity. Fraud. 

Delay. Adorned. A species, 


A t^jjana, A crowd. 
A Li /ana, Mortality. Bdie. 
A ilii/arta/, A wild ox. 

, Mischief Interval. 
t .,jk-!Uj ^7? (tTtclan, To descend. 

^ A wild ass. 

A JLjfanmttt, An hour. 

A ^jxJ funtuk^ A caravansera. 

A psfanqj, A princess, matron. 

Grace. Affluence. Dissimulation. 

Petulauce. Ugly, A serpent. A 


p \^iji>!ju, Yawning. Appearing. 
r ^\s\jjinjan, A porcelain dish. ' 
A tjs&j fafyalj Straddling. 
A <fcls\j fanjalalj Languid. 
p _ Ju^sai fanjidah . A disease. 

A y^^Jinhas, Large. 

A jkii/wrtArAwr, Large bodied. 

A xJste JMfkar^i Vai glorious. 

A ^jfanad, Delirium, A lie. 

A ^j^/anr/rt/-, A cash book. 

A ^*1JcJ| A sharp hatchet. 

A ^JJ^Ji A quantity wf dates. 

A j>JCJ fandash, Robust (youth). 

PA JAii /unrfw/ ; , A filberd. A bul- 

let. The lip of one's love. 
A &jfundut t An inn. 


9 JJcJ fandal, The cross bar of a 

gate. A washer's beetle. 
A ^J*X^J Jindtr, A large stone fallen 

from a mountain. 
P ^^ifandildn, Gain. A lie. 
A _ .xi, A dance with joined hands. 
ar^ A sentry house. 

A u .]*\9jinfo, Abject. Bilge water. 
A <fc.;.k-.j fantjsat, A hog's snout. 
A j_J /crrat, Riches. Fame. Fra- 

A jJui fanlat, Death. Funhi^, 

A mouse. 

hiiat t Podex. 
kur^ The anus. 

Agate. A night hour. 
p JLjfanldn, A falsehoo!, a lie. 
A cAJ/anon, A mode. A branch. 
p yj /anu, Fallacy. Repose. 
A >yo fanz(i) A branchy tree. 
A yjiJj A dance with joined hands. 
P Jyj/uTmd, Faith. Quiet, a pause, 

Deceived. Proud. 
P jjyj/ufju<&m, To deceive. To 

cease. To be sluggish. 
r jyjfanur, Apart, separate, 
p (j~yjfunus, A pharos, a lantern. 
A CJ^J //-, Persevering. 
p <Us/aa/i, The belly, maw, crop. 
A jJj^jfanU) A stallion. 
A <&~j fant&at, An earth sack. 
A y /a, ay, The mouth. Fa, Pho ! 
A C^Li/a/, Dying, passing away. 
A j^j , The viscera. The soul. 
A 'ij\fuwarat, Heat, froth, scum. 
A jjlji/ofeol, A igh. Fainting. 
A cyy/oe/, Death. Elapsing. 

A ijj/iiasa/, Madder. 

P rfj/oA A bathing cloth. 

A Juj3fu((tnj, Penny-royal. Mint. 

A _y/aiy, A body of men, an army. 

j^jis- j fazcjdar, A police officer. 

c/V>.y j The office of a faxjilar. 
A -y, Perfume. Flowing. Boiling. 
A ^y/a*A, See ^y. A hissing 


A jj/datf, Death. 
A ^jjSfawdaj, A camel litter. 
Ajffa&r, Heat. Spiling. Haste. 

Fur, Does, deer. P Of a dusty 

A ^y , farearan, Excessive heat. 

Streaming (blood). 
A i^jj f (Karat) Intense (heat). The 

top of a mountain, 
p ^jjtsfurdagan, Five days added 

to the end of the Persian year, 
p ^y/uraA, The waistband. 
A jy/ozos, Victory. Safety. Death. 

Faz, The cholic. 
p jy/wz, The mouth. 
p ^jf fuian, A dreadful sound, 
p t.SjjSfuv, Triumphal. 
A &jafutoh t A sash. Treasure, 
A Isy/aroz, Death. 
A %jfa&gh t Thickness of mouth. 
A icy, Fragrance, perfume. 
A uJy/w/, An ox's bladder. 
A Jiy /aw/o/, A species of nut. 
p yy/a/w, A little ball. 
A jy //-, Superiority. 

Above, more than. Besides. 
A tJlSy/ai0/'ar, Superior. Pointed. 
A <LJiy fateliiyal, Supremacy, 
p C$y/<2.<?, A vetch, a beun. 
p jjlfy/Jg-anj A kiad of drink. 
A Jy //, A kind of beau (whea dry], 
p ^ffulady Steel. 

'f, A basket, or pannier. 
A p^ifum, Pulse, grain. .Garlickv 
p Oifjafumat) An ear of corn. 

A Jjjifuut, Dying, expiring. 
A Sjsfa&ah, A large mouth. Fflur/i, 
Speaking. JPa/j, The mouth. 


A &&j3fu-ahat, The mouth. A word. 
A \&j3 fawhad, Fat. Near puberty. 
p Jjsi/oAtf, Saltpetre. 
A &L-j *a fuvsaysiltal) A mouse. 
A tjffuwayhi A little mouth. 
A <L ; /o/f, A mouth. A rake. The 
stomach. A form, type. 

A aj ////;, A stutterer. 
P &j\fahanak, A wedge. 

A f\3fah.haf, Stammering. 

A jftXgijaftdSogf, A prominence, on the 

breast of a horse* 
A j&pfuhdur) Flesh, juicy. 
A (j^ifohris, An index, summary. 

Catalogue. Canon, rule. 
A iligi fd'Jah , Managing well. 
A (jpfaM, Full. 
A jJ^J/a/fO/, Wide, open, 
p Jl^J ^ ibnifa/ilala, Vain, futile. 
A >! //;*, Understanding, science, 
p ^j<Xjl*j fa/imamdan^ To inform. 
p ^iJwKjJ 4 /a//nzc?aw, To understand 
A ^si/rt/jzra, And, indeed, but it is. 
f <i-^j fahulah) A bundle. 
P A^j fahah) Emulation, jealousy, 

envy. A bundle. Stuttering. $9, 

An oar. 

A ++^i fafitm. Learned, intelligent. 
* i-i/*5 hi iato, among ; above; of, 

to, with, for, by, concerning, not- 


i) My mouth. 

A <j /tfy, A particle of admiration. 

Returning. Changing. Spoil. 

A C^'Ui , A body of men. 

A i'LJ/flf/a/, Return, reduction. 
A JL3j%a&, A cavern. 
p y^fayar^ Work. The beginning. 
A (J&*& jigash) Boasting, glorying. 
p Jy&Ljjfyaff&t/, The rack. 

;, Copious. Bountiful. 
A JL? Jiyal, An Arabian game. 

^ p Fiyal, The beginning. JLi 
fayyal, An elephant keeper. 
A <&Ls fayulati Weak ; erring, folly. 

A ,Li fi-am, A cover. A multitude. 

A &*jjiyal) An army. 

A ^xJ, A carpenter ; blacksmith. 

A porter at a gate. A king. 
v *?fayj, A messenger ; attendant. 
A ^tlfsai fayjan, Perfuming. Am. 


A \sstefaylia, Large (house). 
A ^-^faykh, Dispersion. 
A Z^^faykhal, A platter, dish. Ex- 
cessive heat. 

A jStefaykhari An earthen ver.el. 
A *Xo/cfyrf, Dying. Walking pom. 
pously. Doing good. 

L Gait. Profit, Horsehair. 

, A kind of jug. 
urn, A white manna. 
, Pity, lamentation. 
| A jjjjfiroz, Victorious. Happy. 
A ~j*j,ijirdiaji A turquoise stone, 
p A^'^jtsfiroimand, A conqueror. 
P ^j^t -J, Corrupting. A wretch, 
j _J feridan. To walk ; to 



tfo, A peacock. 

zz, A nervous arm. 
f&~3 frtyshafy, A courier. 
JJLJ fayshd, The rack. 
^LijJLJ fayshushaty Weakness. 

h, The head, the chief. 
F1 7 in g> escaping. 
Jua-j fay sat, A decision, decree. 
^J-J fay'i, Plenty, grace. Swift 
(horse). Publishing. Dying. 
n-j/cg/z, Expiring, death. 
^..J, The beginning of business, 
u_(LJ /#/, A solitude, desert. 
^j ..... **' fqylasij, A collar. 
^^.j/ayl, Corpulent (man). 
i^^filj An elephant. 
^jsr? 3 fqylajah, Power, strength. 
^^jiL. f(tylafus, A precious stone. 
(J~zi fujjfati, An army, a legion. 
cL>J-J ./?//', A large arrow with a 
flat head. 

^j&Jfaylaluii) Papyrus. Pitch. 
A+jfaylam, A big man. 

t+ifayyim, A strong man. 
U.J f'ima, In that which, from 
that which ; so that, on which, 
whence ; why ; whilst, in the 
mean time, according to. 
^W-J fay man . A compact. 
itfa&fiiynin, Beautiful long hair. 
&~jfqj[nal, An hour, time. 

ind, A medicinal stone. 
uyui) Dying. Death. 
A, The mouth. 

A Ju-j , Heartless ; fire ; roasted, 
pusillanimous man. 

i/i^ Eloquent. Voracious. 
PA -& fay/iaj, Wine. A measure. 
A jfcM|P&Pr, Large, robust. 
Large, wide. 

j JK/, 21st letter of the Arabic, and 
24th of the Persian alphabets, ex- 
pressing 100 in arithmetic. 

A ^,.15 faz, A king. 

p c ;\j /a6, A sheep's ancle. 

A <Juli', An egg. A young bird. 

A (j-ajU liabi'i) A taker, astringent. 

A jlii /a*ic, Short-winded. 

A JjlJi, The future. Possible. Able. 

A <iubls ItabiTiyal) Skill, aptitude. 

p ijljj /-a6, Ability, power. 

p yU kabur^ A portico. The eaves. 

A ^-j:'li ^060.9, A handsome man. 

A L-'Ui Itabiya, Worthless, 

A J'ljj halir. Smelling sweet (meat). 

A Jj'U ftalil, A killer. A butcher. 

A *j'l5 l-alim, Dusty, blackish. 

p \J //', An oblong slice. 

A i^^v^-lJJ ttuhib, Vehement (cough). 

A JU-ljj kahat, The middle court. 

A u U-ls /-a/Jz7, Withered, dry. 

A j!j> /rf, Quantity, length. 

A ^t)U I:adik t A black corrosion of 

the teeth ; also of a tree. 
A jjlj /arf/r, Potent. Predestined, 
A r/~jU /aJt.?, A large ship. 
A *jU kadim) Arriving. The head. 
A <Ujlj, The first feather. 
A ^\i kadin, A queen, a matron. 
A <L j'i tadiyat, A small party. 
A JJ15 /a;^, Damning. Accusing. 
A itj Jli hazural., A misanthrope. 
A 4J j\j lutyat, A body of men. 
A jU Jar, Pitch. A large herd. 


F jli' /r, Snow or pitch. 

A Xj\J It oral, A small hill. A large 

stone. A she-bear. Horehound. 
A <-->iO karib, A ship's boat. 
A pj'J' tarih, Full-toothed. Pregnant. 
A <j~j&i Cold, frozen. Fish jelly. 
A ycjj juris, Acid, sour (milk). 

A bug. 

A f/^> G-aining at drawing lots. 
A ^iJJ /oran, An emperor. Karin, 

An assistant, a companion. 
A ijjju karurat) A wine flask; a 


t-ari, The appointed time. 

frazz, Satan. 

'6, A mercha